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"russ carl" Discussed on The Higherside Chats

"And the glimpses behind the veil that we do get from people who have and ease sort of a. What's the worst that could happen scenario and for my money a guy like dr moody makes the worst. That could happen. Seem far less severe. Or my name isn't russ carl would funny. That he heard my name as russ. I wasn't going to correct them until it came up. But the man is seventy six years young. It's really no big deal. But as i was saying. I know we did some shows looking at pretty radical opinions on cova and a lot of that material still stands. I wholeheartedly agree that we have much more control over our health than any of the vested interests are saying sherwin press. They might admit to it. But it's never part of the twenty four hour news cycle the messages more. Go on keep eating junk food but just wear that mask and whatever you know but if you're circle is anything like mine then you do know people who have had a sick week with no smell or taste. of course. that's no big deal but friends who have lost grandparents colleagues who have lost family or people we might know who never left in icu. And folks dealing with that kind of loss they don't wanna hear about pcr tests or the dangers of ventilators. Or any of the coulda woulda shoulda stuff. So i've been thinking about the isolation that i've seen because of fear and uncertainty and how long it's gone on a full year. When are you gonna come out of hiding. You know but also the loss that i have seen in my circles lately and when you deal with the loss what's left but to deeply contemplate what the death process even as because it's not end and it is unavoidable so maybe society doesn't wanna talk about it. Maybe the system is best served by everyone being so scared to die. That the live inside forever. If you hear out people like dr moody and you do some exploration of your own you can reach a place where you know consciousness survives. It makes loss a lot. Easier ended encourages fearlessness. Not full-blown recklessness but fearlessness. Which is what. I think we need. Maybe it's just that for me. My thirty six th birthday is next month. Many of my friends are also in their mid thirties. And i'm realizing that covert or not again not trying to say this is a huge cova commentary but if you've been lucky enough to escape any real tragedy or loss up into this point you're probably in the minority and in a certain sense you're probably do. It's in the range of human experience. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except explore the clues breadcrumbs as to what that process really is so i set out to do a near death experience..

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