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"russ brust" Discussed on Channel 33

"You know, those are his weakest answer by far among a lot of week answers is why don't you just run as a democrat. And he's nerd soggy about how he can't, you know? It's like why don't you run as a centrist democrat your day? You were a democrat. You know, why don't he eat? What don't you try to do what Donald Trump did to the Democrats? If you don't agree with their ideas is running their primary and try to you know, prove that your ideas are more popular than rank and file Democrats. But he doesn't really have a great answer that I mean, it feels like a very ninety s campaign. Does it not? I'm a rich guy. I know how to solve problems. I'm gonna keep saying like, I'm gonna point when they ask you. What are you gonna do about healthcare? You know, because of all the resistance you're gonna face in congress. And he keeps saying I'm just going to have smart people telling me what to do right, which is like a very Russ brust, bro kind of thing. And then also like I just have some kind of CEO know-how. Of how to get things done. I read this piece by Simon Molloy and media matters who was going through some of the greatest hits of centrist movements. Wooing the media. And then going nowhere. You'll remember the unity party and Americans elect also total class. We've now forgotten which was axios co founder Jim Vanda high reading about the innovation party that was going to have more executive Bergen chill Sandberg running the nation. Yes. How did that turn out? And what he taught what he talks about is how this how these kind of candidates are catnip to certain made men and women though, mostly men in opinion media, he mentions yahu is Matt by the Atlantic. Stay would from an ABC's the note, and that's all true. But don't we live in a media world where those people are less powerful than they've ever been. You know, like, I did I didn't know the note was still going. Honestly, I really did not know that I guess as a consumer of media was on. I just feel. Will the media? The political media set up now that centrists actually garner maximum skepticism instead of the loving open embrace of David Brooks, which carries as much weight. What do you think about that? Yeah. I mean, I think it's justifiable. Right. I mean, regardless of your politics, I think it's it means centrism is centrism is not a governing philosophy. Maybe it is maybe it's too much governing philosophy. But like tell us what you tell us. What you believe, you know, don't tell us what you're. What what what makes you like feel icky about the about the existing political parties, you know, about about their structural problems? I think that an and I mean, it's interesting just has you know, I mean from a from a liberal point of view. I mean centrism is is feels like, you know. Hazy night out from you know, last weekend that we're still trying to come to grips with and and and recover from. It's I it's all it means. It's it it just I I don't know it just it just seems like a really just seems like a very strange way right now to try to you know, to to try to make some noise, and especially you know, when when Mike Bloomberg is running as a democrat, who's a, you know strikes a sort of similar figure, but but he's you know, he's decided to go the more. He's decided to go the party route. And listen for you know, regardless of what you think about about Donald Trump's seriousness. You know, particularly was when he was running for president. He was a he was something approaching a public figure for many years leading up to his campaign, you know, a political figure and this just feels like just the I mean, the the the. The sort of novelty of Howard Schultz, just sort of underscores this sort of feeling of a lack of seriousness the fact that he's not coming out with any big platform ideas. Although he's, you know, eager to criticize Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris on on, you know, healthcare and taxes. You know?.

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