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"rupe company" Discussed on Deserter Pubcast

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"rupe company" Discussed on Deserter Pubcast

"But he's really relieved that Jeeves saved the day and he says, I was stunned by the man's resource. It's brain, I said, pure brain. What do you do to get like that? Jeeves? I believe you must eat a lot of fish or something. Do we fish Jeeves? No, sir. Oh, well, then it's just a gift. I take it. And if you aren't born that way, there's no use wearing. Tremendous. Yeah, it's turns of phrase, isn't it? That although I enjoyed the TV's eary's it never had say magic because this as much about what would house saying between the dialogue, it is. Has the dialogue. Phrases like there was a sound like a snail clearing its throat enjoyed from that book and describing a shock as I felt as if I had trouble. Bottom stare. That wasn't there. Evening more set of him that one has to regard man as a master who can produce on average three uniquely brilliant an entirely original similar on each page spare. I have to say, personally, I find a can't agree with Alan Bennett or thinks that econ read more than ten pages at time without fitting little bit sick because it's a little. I mean, it's so the workplace, so amazing, but it's a little bit like eating just the icing of a cake. I find sometimes you know, it's one short story is enough. I think the short stories are perfect that is carry on Jeeves carry on Jeeves lines PG Woodhouse. And now for a section cooled a moment of silence. Yes, it's designed as a time of reflection. One of those who are at work, each episode, our producer deadly. We'll provide some ambient background sound to which we can recent draw cells. And at the same time, pay homage to our brothers and sisters who are forced to labor. So what do you have for this? This time, deadly water. Some of Rupe company buys delightful background, lovely. And you recorded that yourself digitally. I see. Okay. Well, let's go a moment of silence. Should complete twin. Tried, I think. Sorry. Does this. About an hour. A now social media. Jingle for that. We know everything is jingle. Not everything needs. Oh..

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