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"rufina ginsburg" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"He's opposed to a wall, but potentially in favor of an enhanced barrier. Okay. Does this strike you that this is absolutely idiotic? It is absolutely idiotic choir. Of course, it's the same guy who last week said if if you put up a wall, then they'll they'll come dig under it, it'll go around it, or they'll bring catapults the image of them lining up in order to be the next in the catapult to be tossed over the wall. Poll. Quick choir went on by the way. I'll be on that to say more outrageous things. But again, they have the fifteenth. Original state of the union is tomorrow, you hear it here on talk radio six eighty WCBS a pizza instead of hill. Pika morning Uber. I wanna guys a little about something a little different about that to do with this with is with us immigration business. Sure everywhere up to me. Long time ago. I would add some investigators in Central America. Readies caravans is starting who are the people who are organizing these caravans and telling the people that they're gonna be taken care of all the way to the border. Oh, well, that's pretty easy to chase down. They they've done they've done. This all ready? The money comes through George Soros funded organizations. Should be prosecuted. Yeah. But I mean, you have to walk it back up through a couple of show organizations. But yeah, the the money is coming and the and the encouragement is coming from local agitators in Honduras, Guatemala who are being funded by George Soros funded organizations. That's what I've un- under under. But then George Soros needs to be prosecuted. Well, yes, he does. At any democrat politicians that are helping him along the way with this thing or should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. You know, we have a new law about putting in nine eleven after nine eleven called the Patriot Act where they can say they can basically like up anybody indefinitely who they think might be doing something wrong. I mean, this is this is insurrection. This is a this is damaging easy. The safety of the country. And this is good. This whole thing that's going on in the south down on the southern border. This is no different than some some somebody dropping a bomb. Well, it's a crucial bomb. We have caravan after caravan. Apparently, there's another one going to be at the border within the next week or two no-one beyond that. It's I don't know. If you've heard the phrase, cloud Piven, these two theoreticians leftist through this is an effort to overwhelm the system. Crashed the system by overwhelming it and this. I mean, it is what is so we are decision. The only way you're gonna stop this thing. You've got to go to the root of the problem and deal with it. Yup. Pete. Thanks for your call. For one zero WCBS six eighty Mike is in Parkfield, Mike, good morning. Morning. This ridiculous law that was just passed in New York regarding what they've calling Wellman's reproductive health rights. Has absolutely nothing to do with that. And it was passed for only one reason because they know that other liberal states, we'll try to follow suit. They know that other people will file suit against this law claiming that it is nothing more than legalized execution of h how every one of those states will say the law stands, and it is a valid law. A Benchley this will go to the supreme court the second the very second. It's a now that the supreme court will hear this case the media, and the Democrats will say, and I quote, see we told you Donald Trump, and Brad all work going after Roe v. Wade. And of course, this this law is not simply a reinforcement of Roe v. Wade this law is an extension of to the Roe v. Wade accepted limitations of either twenty or twenty four weeks viability up till a forty week span. So there was a full full term pregnancy. It's infanticide. I mean. This is the rich in which the Democrats keep pushing this country and. It is what it is. I am very frustrated by this. This law was enacted intentionally to trigger a supreme court case that they can claim Donald Trump and bread cabin. All are going after row. Wade when this has nothing to do with weight is about legalizing the execution of children, Mike, I think you're running this. We talked about this extensively continue to do. So and thanks for out of your voice to Bruce Elliott show. Talk radio six eighty WTVN, by the way. And you talked about the supreme court. Remember the big stink about a year ago? When Malania Trump was like out of the public eye for six days or something like this. Remember, their me the swamp media media's going crazy Malania she divorcing Donald Trump. I mean, she's living in New York. I mean, this whole phenomenon. Is there interest not peaked at all by where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Seriously. You would think that somebody would be doing their very best to find out where she is in what kind of health is she? And whether she's going to be able to return to the US supreme court, or if she's on her deathbed, there doesn't seem to be any infrastructure whatsoever. In the swamp media for funding out none whatsoever. I find that stunning. I mean, even if it were. Antonin scalia. In the exactly the same situation. Would you figure? Somebody would be interested. You say that somebody would say it's been a couple of months since we've seen this guy wonder where he got to. She can't she can't attend the. The supreme court sessions as going on. She reads, she's say she reads about what is going on. And there's some thought that she's going to be able to vote in abstentia. How do we know? What's hurt? Spirit Torreon kind of thing to say, but quite seriously. We haven't seen Rb g. In quite some time. Except for her movie. Or is that a TV movie? I can't remember it wasn't something caught my eye. Like oh, gosh. I want to see a movie about Rufina Ginsburg. It wasn't. It wasn't second. On fire. But I personally, I'm kind of curious are you? She's a supreme court Justice. Should she be replaced? Any time the next couple of years it's going to be by Donald Trump. Which is something. I think the swamp media dreads. So for them. This could be a weekend with Bernie's scenario until January twenty first two years from our two and a half years from now. We're hoping that a democrat will be there. We'll see Howard. He's done Virginia. He's next up on talk radio six eight and call I have conc- state number. What is Obama a member of the state Senate voted in favor of post? Of the child or late term abortion? Yup. Number one number two is north of was tech with directly involved in the following. When. Hillary was on the verge of being indicted for the emails. Was involved in. My wife, Jill induced to run for eventually failed to the Virginia state. She received a hundred seven hundred thousand dollars from Clinton. And also we call him and Terry. Bill Clinton board. They gave her seven hundred thousand dollars. She is a wife of Andrew by tape. And after that McCabe. Decided not to bring charges against the question is whereas involved look it up north of which are one convinced Joe might came to run for that often. But north even though he wasn't covered at the time. Was it was north Germany, Bob and therefore her husband, Andrew McCabe? Cancel any indictment. Hillary clinton. Look it up interesting history. Thanks for heart appreciated Bersell show. Talkradio six eighty WCBS. Mm. gets something serious for his weekly visit or internet guru delegate, Nina Mangione, good morning. Yes..

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