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"This is one A.. I'm todd's Willik in Washington the historic impeachment trial president trump began with the swearing in of senators six Democratic presidential candidates debate in Iowa. Virginia tips the scales els in favor of the equal rights amendment. But will it wind up in the Constitution and Major League baseball hands out punishment after the Houston Astros cheated during the two thousand seventeen season and playoffs. It's the domestic our news. Roundup joining me in studio to talk about the week's top headlines carol-lee she's correspondent with NBC. The News Carol. Great to see you. Jonathan Tamari is national political reporter with the Philadelphia Inquirer. PHILLY's Fan. Thanks maybe he is. Maybe he isn't and neutral professionally neutral from Billy Emma Green from NPR NEW YORK. She's a staff writer with the Atlantic. She covers politics and policy and religion. Emma Emma great great to have you things for having me well as I said folks. The impeachment trial in the Senate has officially begun the charges against the president of the United United States abuse of power obstruction of Congress. Chief Justice John Roberts was sworn in on Thursday to preside over that trial. The house impeachment managers enters walked the articles of impeachment across the Capitol to the Senate in a rare ritual. This week the Washington Post called it. The world's slowest missile heading toward the Senate floor the speaking of those impeachment Managers House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi name them to do the job of prosecuting. This case in the Senate Carol who who are these managers are there any surprises there. There were There seven house managers A couple of them were expected. Obviously Adam Schiff. WHO's chairman of the Intelligence Committee? jerrold Nadler Chairman of Judiciary Committee Hakeem Jeffries who's the leader of Democratic Caucus and then there were some who were couple of freshmen Ashman Sylvia Garcia. She's on the Judiciary Committee. But she kind of came out of nowhere surprise she's and the other freshmen is Jason Crowe who's one one of the quote Unquote National Security Freshmen. That were elected In the last congressional elections and and then you have a couple folks who stood out during being the questioning of the during the house Hearings and the VAL demings Is One of them from Florida And then another person who another congresswoman who worked on Who Actually has a lot of knowledge about impeachment who worked Nixon And that impeachment was involved in the Bill Clinton's impeachment and and so you have kind of this this mix and you can see what the speaker was aiming at which is some season folks As well as some of the younger folks to try to give a good representation Asian of her caucus. Emma does this team. That Pelosi has chosen. Tell us anything about how the trial might go. Well when Pelosi announced her choices for the impeachment managers she really emphasized that she selected people who had courtroom and litigation experience. Who would be comfortable in that? Let's setting because the people she selected the burden of this entire process is on their shoulders. They really are the seven people who are are responsible for making the case before the Senate the other thing that she really seemed to emphasize but didn't make this quite as explicit as that. These are Democrats who represent the future of the party. The represent the makeup of the party they come from all over the country from Texas and Colorado California New York doc and they also represent different ethnic backgrounds different points of view from within the Democratic Caucus so with those two pieces the courtroom experience the answer and this diversity. I think Nancy Pelosi was both trying to make sure these were people who can bring a strategic in for the Democratic Party but also symbolically considered represent who the Democrats are now. We also learned earlier today. HOW PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GONNA stack his legal team? We have pat simple on the White House. Counsel Jay Secolo uh-huh trump's personal lawyer wanted his personal lawyers a Ken Starr famous for Bill. Clinton's impeachment Robert Raya former independent counsel and Jonathan Tamari. A lawyer named Alan Dershowitz. Yeah we've heard of him. I mean he's obviously been a hugely prominent attorney for a very long time. Now up to the durst GONNA do for for the president on the Senate floor. Well I mean. He's been one of his most outspoken defenders for a long time. Now and he's a guy who is we know the president likes people can go on TV and make the case in a compelling way in that medium and he's someone who's been doing that for a very long time and He's a combative. Well known. litigator gator and and look the President Lakes again people can go on TV and he likes famous names and Dershowitz checks a lot of those boxes. Carol the question of whether there will be witnesses in this trial on the Senate floor there are forty seven Democrats in the Senate you need fifty one to do anything and that means for Republicans could would compel the Senate to call witnesses Mitch. McConnell has said he's not interested in many Republicans and we'll talk about more of them have said they're not interested what Republicans are now l. saying something different about whether they would want additional witnesses or additional evidence well it seems that the Republicans at least have a are unify a a unified front on witnesses in the sense that they're not going to support witnesses. Vote on witnesses. In the first phase of the trial island they would kick it to after opening arguments which begin on Tuesday and where it goes from there remains to be seen Susan Collins put out a statement statement there are some Republicans who have said that they are interested in hearing from witnesses particularly John Bolton former national security adviser and perhaps now at least on the democratic side. love Parnasse. The associate of Rudy Giuliani Susan. Collins has said she is interested in hearing during witnesses a sheet checking the polls back home. What she's doing that's making her break with the rest of Republicans? Well she has a history of this also I mean. She supported witnesses in the Clinton trial. Roland then voted To vote voted to it. And and so she. She's that there's that piece of it and then there's also She is looking at her election. And she's not the only one I mean. Mitch McConnell this is all a political calculation by the majority leader on you know trying to balance his caucus. Doc is in the sense that there are some who really want witnesses. There are others who it's just not gonNA be politically beneficial for them to take these sorts of votes and then there's the White House and they've been all over the map on this. The president has said he wants a trial he wanted to show and now he's saying he doesn't want that And so I think Susan Susan Collins is looking back home as are several other Republican senators. Now when we talk about witnesses in new evidence this trial is about to get started as new evidence is as emerging and it did this week. Democrats released text messages. voicemails photos shared between left Parnassus and indicted Soviet born businessman and Rudy Giuliani. Trump's personal lawyer others were in those exchanges to Parnassus was working hand-in-hand with Giuliani to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden and this week left went on. MSNBC talked to racial motto and told her exactly what he was up to. What do you think is the main inaccuracy or the main lie? That's being told that you feel like.

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