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"ruben silveira" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"You know how excited i was here. Bobby i get to see raging bull. Install one alexandra in seoul to. She's pregnant by the way. She scratched out of the jaipur. I don't think they gave an official reason. I'll tell you i believe it was because of all the moisture in the ground she's going to stretch out though To a mile she hasn't run a mile in at least two years She has one mile race on the court. She does love belmont pucks. Perfect three for three at belmont including beating the boys in that grade one jaipur last year gets smoking comes in off a gate to wire win the seek again. He's won three times at belmont park. Including the great to hill sprints last fall front run. The fed trust stretches back out another one for chad brown fundraiser. To tell you. Daddy's to bang-up races for tom morley off the claim should be a fun renewal of the poker all eyes on the big horse though reasonable and simply put if raging bull comes to play. Then they're running for second because his good races are better than anyone in this field can handle and one of his good races was last time out in the grade. One maker's mark mile at keeneland Of course that he really loves. He proved that he's still can do it as a six year old. He proved that he can do it. Running without lasix. That was his first. Start without the medication lasix. At least in a long long time and it was it was really as good as any races run. I guess the biggest question. I have for raging bull is. Will he repeat that race now. He ran a big race off the layoff last year in the maker's mark mile Arguably or not. I'm sorry in the shoemaker mile at santa anita and i'm not one hundred percent sure ran as well the rest of the year. He didn't run poorly. That's for sure But that may have been his best so question is will. He won another big race After that big effort and the maker's mark One win one second. One third from four career starts at belmont. he's had excuses in some of the races. One of them you can see on the page. He had the misfortune of running against stablemate bricks and mortar bricks and mortar bricks and mortar back in twenty nineteen going a mile and a quarter and raging bulls. Never never gonna win at a mile and a quarter against bricks and mortar So i think he had a little bit of an excuse that afternoon one this mile though right up his alley there is plenty of speed in the race jet. Smoking is very fast raised. Looks like he's got some speed even front run. The fed figures to be forwardly placed if i rat ortiz can just work at a decent trip on raging bull. He's probably gonna win and he certainly seems to be in the right hands the do that. I want to tell you the other horse. I'm singling raging bull and everything on sunday. I'll tell you the other horse i think. Tell your daddy who's worked out a couple of really good trips going seven mile and then he got a half length. Akasa creed just missed last time to get smokin He's i want him. I liked his mile race last time. I mean i don't think he'd be reading bull but This was has been consistent. It's too stocks for tom. They've clearly been the two best efforts of his life I wanna mess with him a little bit in the exactness. Try and get him. Second kendrick musto on the sidelines. Lewisite is more than capable replacement. I'm gonna play at one eight. I don't play pretty strongly as well. Race number nine on sunday. Great three poker at belmont park down the shore monmouth gray three eaten town for the phillies. And mayor's going around sixteenth. little goes race. Eleven on the father's descartes A field fulfilled them here of twelve somme's multiple stakes winners in here. This is a fun fun race for a grade. Three my friend. It's a fun race in it's race where you're seeing some very talented runners who are going to be ridden by noose. New faces to them For the first time. I'm going to stick with the chad brown born number six. Nee lady i think. She's the most talented in the field. She's also undefeated two for two at monmouth park simply put i think she's been facing strong competition than what she's going to see on sunday. Last time out in the boat game behind harvey's low oil and lamiste i think both of those Phillies would be dominant and heavy favorites in this race She wasn't far behind silver civil union. My sister nat in the flower bowl. back in october so her good races maker the one to beat. I really had a toss up between her and number nine sweet by and by who Very rarely runs a poor race. To be perfectly honest. The writer change on sweet by and by is such a difference that that was the determining factor for me It's not so much. That i'm downplaying. Ruben silveira it's that iran ortiz to most people is a negative writer switch and that was just a tipping point. I would use both of them. Nee lady and sweet by and by in my place. But i'm gonna put me on top of time with his thing. They has to be on. All your tickets dylan davis going in. I made her my top pick but other one from chad counterparty risk. She's run pretty well this year. i don't think she appreciated the given the ground in the of grace last time I think she got a great ride in the hillsborough. I would use her a little bit. I would you speak to me. If some of the crease lamont Diaz riding well at monmouth. I think she'll be okay as well. And i won't be surprised if vigilantes way ran another. Good one it's wide open sweet by by she tied up. She missed a couple of races. During the belmont stakes racing festival the intercontinental in just a game tied up good to see her back in the entry. She always shows up. Like bobby said she really. There's one blemish on her card in the last two years on the turf always shows up with a big effort The rider turns me off though and xanthi from man. Tom walley great claim. She's a multiple stakes winner. Should beat crystal cliff. Vigilantes way last time. I would use her as well. I'm with bobby with lady name. Leanne is i mean. Michele leans best race would bury. These horses She was terrible last time in that jenny wiley though and i worry about the lease being a factor with her she did not run well off the lisa last time. So that's something. I would want to take a look at It'd may speak to me to summer speaking of some of my top To to focus on in race eleven. Great three eaten town up at woodmen. We got to be on sunday and trained robert tiller gonna join the equine form as well. He has the one and only pink. Floyd what a coors pink loaded cease four to five on the morning line to take the cartier for the second consecutive third consecutive year. It looks what a cool horse. He is great three at six furlongs on the all weather just a field of six they actually got five braids brave souls to try the king of woodbine. Well the king one by is coming off a defeat in the kennedy road in his last start that was in november He looks like he's working well for his return. He's a nine year old as you mentioned. And he's a logical one to beat. He's another one getting a different rider this afternoon. He's getting a rider that rides regularly at woodbine but since he rides regularly at woodbine and nowhere else he only has ten ten mounts for the entire twenty twenty one season. And he's going from two of the top yuriko silva and rafael hernandez in his last his most recent jacks to fukumoto hernandez injured. Recently up at would mine I think that if you're going to try to beat pink. Floyd this may be the spot to try to beat them. Horse finished in front of him in the kennedy road is back against him today..

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