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"ruben rowen" Discussed on Gamer Talk Podcast

"I just hope there's some dual side light sabers. I like her switchblade. Lightsaber that was cool as neto held a lot better than carlos funky as lightsaber yeah. It look bad ass as look like it's going to be dark but you're probably right jones disney. They're probably just making like a dream and so this is the last one yeah it's not gonna dark still unless they ended that way. I don't know ah news yep. It'll be <hes> interesting definitely definitely interesting any other any other horrendo- random random <hes> yeah i wanted to <hes>. Ask your thoughts on the whole hulu disney plus thing. It's it can happen in all of the m._c. You star wars shows that are going to be on disney plus. What are your thoughts. I mean i feel like i'm not super excited about any of the shows to be honest i <hes> we've been in this world where we have daredevil in all these other superhero shows that are episodic and eh. I don't know if it's something i personally want <hes> because he got han solo. You got wanda vision. You got <hes> doing a solo show show. I thought they were no obi wan obi obi one so i i don't know if it will be ones if it's like a true jedi jedi episodic show where there's light sabers and not lake fucking <hes> what was that movie between three and four ruben rowen like one of the best movies only because the i mean it's it's it's a great movie but when i watched star wars i want lightsaber battles djeddai and said you want the whole actional. Yeah i do light show a new so if it's going going to be episodic and there's not going to be very much in it than i could care less wanda vision screw vision but i'll watch elizabeth olsen any day. I mean there could be some good ones but i just feel like it's going to be so much time. Consumption not saying it's a bad thing i'm saying i don't really really want to dedicate all his time to all these fucking disney shows that could potentially have something to do with movies. Maybe just a tiny bit as i don't watch that many t._v. Shows so. I guess that's where i stand.

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