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"royal viking line" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"This. And the reason I know it is because I'm fascinated with cruise ships. Remember, my mom used to love the Royal Viking line robot can star row Viking, see ROY Viking sky. Nice. But that cruise ship that has the the measles passenger on it. That's a crucial called free wins. I just happen to look at the the title of the side of it. It doesn't say in the article here at actually does it does it does make reference to Scientology onset ship, and you can't book a cruise on that chip. You have to be part. I think if be part of Scientology you have to be invited. Yeah. And I think it's the only the higher ups in so insci- allergy to take a cruise four hundred and forty foot cruise ship owned and operated by the church Scientology. And then they said Scientology spokesperson was not available when they reached him for no. But it is a spectacular ship. They took an old old cruise ship and renovated from top to bottom. And it is amongst. I mean, it's probably one of those beautiful cruise ships in not outside outside still looks like an old boat. But inside it's spectacular. And one of the reasons why I might become a scientologist. Right. So I can get on that cruise ship cruise around with other Scientologists, it's pretty cool. Let's go. Let's here's the the tour of the free winds. It's pretty cool. Sailing.

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