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"royal swedish academy sciences" Discussed on PRI's The World

"Turkey is attacking Kurdish militias that helped the military fight Isis and Syria people say all politics is local in Turkey I say poltics domestic Ford Policies Domestic. It's a dangerous new chapter for Syrians who've already faced years of war it's very scary and nobody knows what will happen Marco Werman also today a cocaine trafficking trial here in the US where the defendant is the brother of the Honduran president kind earns are following this like it's the world Cup and on the Jewish holiday of young Kapoor Koogle is the dish to break the fast such an American expression of the dash to take a Kellogg's custodial end top noodle Koba with it and it is delicious by the way those stories and more today here on the world I'm Marco Werman you're with the world Turkey began its military offensive in northern Syria today jets were seen taking off from Turkey's dyarbakir airbase their targeting Kurdish militias inside Syria the same ones that fought with the US military against Ice this Turkish president wretched type air to announce the military operation on twitter soon after that reports emerged from inside Syria that the bombing had begun Osama Mohamed is a journalist in the city of Qom Shauwie in northern Syria he says the area was hit with artillery fire and mortar bombs earlier today who I know of the village near constantly is empty no there were some other strikes there and infamously no but he's cured the family the frayn's or the civilians they don't know where they will leave and flee to because all the areas targeted it's very scary and nobody knows what will happen. Muhammed says people there feel betrayed by president trump's decision to withdraw American troops from the Region everybody is waiting for president trump to have a new decision about Syria and forbids then you massacres and genocide against the people who are leaving care not only the Kurds the Arabs the Christians ZD's everybody knows see Syria Turkey's president says the offensive is going after terrorist groups including the Islamic state the Turkish Kurdish separatist group known as PKK and their Syrian analyzed the why PG most of Akyol is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington at your from Turkey but you're a critic of everyone how united is Turkey right now what is the opposition saying about all this well. Interestingly opposition parties with one exception that pro-kurdish party are also supporting this MOU a bit reluctant employees but they don't want to look weak on national security and the fight with the PK K which is Turkey's main terrorist problem is always popular inter she and it is a never ending war so it I I'm on the people that there's no military solution to this problem and this should be a political solution but now turkeys very hawkish mood against terrorists and therefore I think unfortunately it's a popular move and everyone statement that I quoted a moment ago the destroying the Terek corridor on Turkey southern border I mean is that a fair explanation of what Turkey's goals are here I mean to some extent in the sense that let me tell you one thing uh-huh in Washington in the West people are discussing about the Kurds in Syria or the Kurds in the region whereas I think we need more nuance I mean there's an Iraqi Kurdish region in northern Iraq Turkey doesn't have a problem with this too actually had pretty good relations for a long time the Kurdish group in Syria the armed group which is if the Syrian Democratic Forces Right now is an ideological affiliate of the PK which is fighting a terrorist war against Turkey since nineteen eighty when Turkish people look into Syria they see the state flag the same slogans the same photo leader Ajilon so there is a key case Thanh being created on the the border so that's a legitimate concern of Turkey that has not been rightly always understood in the past few years in the West however to think that you can enter into Syria create a zone which will be free from this and you can keep that zone that is another another idea and I don't think that's take a good solution that that will not achieve anything but I think president is doing this to look tough on terrorism at a time when his foot clarity's declined thing also he has this idea which is also I think concerning to me that Syrian refugees inside Turkey at least some of them more than a million of them will be hintz for to this quote Unquote Safe Zone that also I think is concerning idea I mean it sounds like everyone has an immediate plan and we're seeing it now going into this northern part of Syria long-term it sounds like he's kind of building castles in the sky well yes I mean nobody really knows what dysplasia Chee leave people say all politics is local in Turkey I say all politics is domestic or foreign policies domestic so I think a lot of people suspect that President Otto on doing this to solve two issues that people always have in mind in Turkey the refugees and terrorism so he will look strong on those issues maybe soon after that he will go for early elections to further extend his mandate so there might be simple to go calculations there as well so Mustafa what possibly then can be a long term goal of this operation because Turkey can't seriously hope to occupy a slice of a neighboring country with a hostile arm population over many months or even years right Turkey can't do this forever I think at some point president on will declare we achieved our goals they might be hoping to come to an agreement you molting Russia Iran and the Assad regime will whether there will be a big gain or not that depends but I think in the meantime you might have an election Turkey in President Alberto on it might do better than what's he would otherwise do do Turks worried that any of US could revitalize because they've been victims as much as anybody else vice attacks interesting there's less discussion about that I think people trust if Turkish military is there things will be under control roll the cast that can happen in the meantime I I haven't seen much discussion about that and interestingly isis is of course a terrorist group by finishes Turkey has fought Isis that's something people forget but on the other hand in the Turkish public consciousness still the number one Ariza problem in the world is pk most of Akyol at the Cato Institute in Washington thanks for being with US six batteries you've probably got a few rolling around in a junk drawer somewhere charged ended but today in Stockholm battery technology was elevated to one of the loftiest places in science this cheers Nobel Prize in Chemistry we wards development of listen I am batteries we have gained access to a technical revolution the Nobel prize for chemistry went to three scientists John Good Enough Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino for their groundbreaking work on lithium ion batteries lightweight rechargeable and powerful these are the batteries that have transformed daily life for countless people around the World Sarah snuggle up Lindsay is with the Nobel Selection Committee laureates developed lightweight partways or high enough potential to be useful in many applications truly portable Lillard onyx mobile phones pacemakers but also long distance electric cars as I mentioned the Nobel Prize in chemistry went to three N. among all of the two thousand nineteen prizes announced so far this week in Physics Chemistry and medicine none of the winners are women in fact with more than six hundred Nobel prize uses handed out in the sciences only twenty have gone to women add to that me to controversy from last year a sexual harassment scandal caused the Royal Swedish Academy sciences not to award prize for Literature in two thousand eighteen as the world's Rupa Shenoy reports the effort to diversify Nobel winners is slow going the group that gives out the Nobels holds a press conference the same day in announces winners to come to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences last year Canadian Donald Strickland one for six for her work on lasers she answered questions by phone and got one that male winners don't get you are the third woman ever getting the Nobel Prize in physics. What's your comments on that well okay I thought there might have been more but I couldn't think strickland was the first woman to receive even Nobel for physics in fifty five years I'm honored to be one of those women that last voice was Professor Ron Hansen secretary general of the Swedish Academy he had just announced new measures to improve the representation of women among prizewinners Hanson had sent a letter to scientists asking them to take geography and gender into consideration in their nominations at the Time Hansen told the journal Nature that he couldn't you more because of a covenant laid down by the original funder of the prizes Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite Nobel explicitly said nationalities should considered an awarding winners as Hanson emphasized at the two thousand eighteen press conference missing important to remember that the Nobel Prize is awarded for discoveries and inventions and those who receive it have made major contributions to humankind and that's why surprise now there's no way to know who's been nominated names of nominees are kept confidential for fifty years so at that two thousand eighteen press conference reporter asked Hanson just for a percentage how many women were among the total nominees Hansen said he didn't have that in front of him it's a small percentage that's for sure and that's why we're taking measures to encourage more nominations because we don't want to miss anyone his academy colleague Physics Professor Olga Bader added the percentages small because a few decades ago there were many fewer women in science so the number increasing steadily over the years but the number of nominations rather reflect the percentage is as they were say two or three decayed barking tide point but is it Liz Lodhi Joe Fred looked at exactly that Shelford is an associate physics professor at the Niels Bohr Institute the University of Copenhagen so I think it was like a dinner table discussion just by random that the they only choose men so she your colleagues used historical data and modeling to find out if the smaller number of women in scientific fields fully accounts for the low number of female noble laureates they published a paper about it the results Shelford says are clear even historically accounting for fewer women in the sciences women are under-represented among Nobel Prize winners with ninety five percent publicity there is a bias against women and there are plenty of the of stem women of color she's also a program officer at the National Science Foundation but these are her personal views she's talking about Lisa Mike Ner the Austrian physicist I who rankings argues discovered nuclear fission she fled Nazi persecution but refused to work on the Manhattan project to develop the atomic bomb her he made Auto Han was awarded the Nobel prize for their work in nineteen forty four and that's just one example I'm swear you can find throughout history and even how many other examples we men and women work side by side and the man gets the prize the Swedish Academy can't give Nobel's to those might have been overlooked their own rules don't allow posthumous awards women and people of Color are still under represented in many scientific fields and they don't arise as fast rankings points out that when Donna Strickland won the physics Nobel last year she was still an associate professor at her college despite her complements recent studies have suggested that women have been winning more awards but those awards often pay less or lower status and have to do with the teaching not research Franken says being a woman or minority in a largely white male field can still be daily hardship and take the I'm the I'm the health and wellbeing and then for somebody to say the only men scientifically advanced enough it'd be worth it off the Nobel prize just sort of adds insult to injury today Swedish Academy of Sciences as the Nobel Committee announced it's prize for chemistry to three men they didn't get any questions about women's representation among Nobel winners as for Donald Strickland the physicist who won the is is maybe the most prestigious of the awards to be announced in Oslo this week tomorrow the world's Caroline Bela reports on the front runner that's teen climate activists Greta Tune Berg from Sweden and she has gotten a lot of attention lately even musical tributes that's a moment from Greta tune burbs UN speed from last month at sample by fat boy slim he played it in his show over the weekend in Gateshead it's waking up and change is coming whether you like it or not thank you you're with the world I'm Marco Werman you're with the world women in Iran have a request and it's not a big one I just can't we just want to watch a football game not more not any political press pre-test not any in her life she plans to walk into a stadium and watch a men's soccer game I think it's a very very huge.

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