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"royal north amalfi coast" Discussed on At The Races With Steve Byk

"Trump king also so they'll come in and find shape. It's it's gonna be a jock trace this one because it'd be honest any any anyone can win this race. The grade three vigil the six furlong standard and here is super stonehenge Facing off against pink. Floyd but hardly topics i green light. Go good old green light. Go speaking of way. Burn jimmy jerkins And of course coming off of a run Pretty successful run with jerry door for as well To mike doyle who handles the stronach Horses but pink. Floyd looking to win this Early for what the third or fourth time in a row. It's been a long time and Unfortunately i think Father time might be creeping up on him and You know the super stonehenge turn the tables on them in. The jacques cartier has been fantastic. Hey i've tried to knock the source. Before and i just keep swinging so but We'll see what happens. I just think superstorm. And the now now i don't disagree and You know by teller will do right by pink floyd if it if it if it becomes not that not that eighty-eight buyer beaten four lengths in the in. The jacques. cartier. Means that you know he's ready for after care But you know is nine Let's talk about the oaks and it's a field that ten. I really good group and i. I've make half. This field is eligible to win here. Yeah Laurynas should be the favorite. Yep never run past seven furlongs so you know something to consider Jillian marie does nothing but win. And i've loved that horse. It's two starts and just a tough horse. She keeps winning curtains. Catch i think will appreciate the distance that one train really well the other day it really pointing to this race So it depends. How little pressure wanna take the raina Again another one. That just had said nothing wrong. I wasn't the biggest fan of the last word Baby is trying to keep her attention. because he was pushing it. A little on her but You know money for wrote coming out of a tree. So that's that one could be a juicy lit a price and you know open company coming against the restricted horses to be honest Something you can look at as well. I agree about money for row and and That's a affiliate. We got familiar with Via brian lynch Who also trades as Trains For the roma team and one horse he hadn't mentioned is the maiden. The violence maiden emily lean and This is a horse that is is inching forward inching forward with every start and with the added distances. Well i don't think emily impossible and is obviously going to come in here as a as a price i mean just got beat a neck in a maiden race that miss marie that breed hays runs the carpet diem philly I thought that Emily looked like she deserved at least a an exotic consideration. Yeah and and even more impressive finished second tar flash drive who won the selena And she's quite a nice source. So the you know the barn and you can tell by one at a two year old ran into the princess elizabeth and finish third there so the horses and that work was actually quite nice. The forty eight th street One of the clockers had turned to me and said you know that was quite a nice work for the source. so yeah. There's there's several in here that could win. So that's why it's a great race ten horses you might throw out and that's about it. Turn to the gray to royal north and a lot of familiar horses in here. And i just came from colonial on monday. Where michelle level had to she's going to have to regroup One of the steak one of her a handful now state runners but she sends change control up here for the royal north amalfi coast That the five year old mayor that you know certainly is more than credible. You've got all kinds of interesting runners that turned up in here I thought this was. This was an interesting group george. Weaver ships in from saratoga as well with lead guitar for the hills And the mcknight Genie's beep beep There's there's a lot of possibilities in the great to royal north. Yeah the to shippers obviously look very very tough on. Paper is for the local on stick with genie be Ninety four actually. I worked lady grace lady. Grace won this race last year so he can't knock her either. She went to churchill. charan in the new york against the boys here last two starts to run since april. Genie did work. this one. salting pechiney b.'s way For being the speed of the race and maybe genie beacon care them a long way but obviously a chain of controlling guitar. Look dirty very tough very nice weekend. I haven't even touched on the maiden races Saturday and sunday But ernie the so much steak action and high level stakes action at woodbine this weekend. one of the big weekends at the big oval and i appreciate the visit Thanks for having me and You know maybe we'll chat before the plate Yeah we see our biggest weekend and hopefully we can chat them. You got an ernie perry. Everybody and ernie's clocking report on the woodbine. Website will stay right here. We've got twenty minutes to fill out. We're going to talk to james scully. Papa morales and get some more opinions. It's been opinion fast on this twin spires weekend preview at the races and a reminder to Get to the website. Steve dot com and enter the big five and a chance to win an x three thirty john deere riding mower. James would.

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