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Uxbridge Update - 3rd July 2019

What's on in Uxbridge

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Uxbridge Update - 3rd July 2019

"I know me too often awol welcome to this week sucks breach update covering what's what's going on around me oxbridge area this week that might be tennis on the tv but there's a lot going on around oxbridge this week let's dive in and find out all about it first off hey field hospital half that some a picnic on friday the face of july from four pm bring a blanket and relaxing the some while enjoying live music and food old price seeds tools royal brome two and a half field hospitals friday at seven pm pine would cinema plywood studios showing rocket man the story of elton john which was shown applying which studios showings on saturday and sunday at the back theater on friday evening bye bye baby is a celebration of frankie valli and the four seasons dating i mean he's one of the singers in the show and tells us more about what we can expect from the show so you could expect a high energy the performance of full very high energy lads who's gonna be on stage performing the numbers frankie valli and the four seasons and say you have not found behind us another four musician kate entertaining you'll audience as much as we can and powerless furry going three seventy three songs in about two among some of the songs that you perform okay so obviously a group of five bye bye bye bye bye settled the classics like sherry they go cry like command of the classic such as fat gain on contact my nephew and december sixty three tonight is it proper odeon supplement seats we we love say we we courageous not just we can is the chunk out of state saying along along you know that even after making a little with else's well that's what we'd like to say thanks david and enjoy the show thank you ever so slightly chat see elsewhere on friday evening the swan in i have no racist tribute band from nine pm cross picket rice slip up the rice social club bringing me old the eagles to the stage they've been performing eagles songs since two thousand and three showcasing thirty five e is ee goes material at the swallowed poppet hitting the sec is the jay fortyfive will be bringing his songs from collapse in the state wins the eagles santona van morrison hendrix i'm johnny cash out today the sake of july kicks off with be denim copied style just off i forty roundabouts a denim that's from nine am at bruce now university sports center on south today at ten am there's a lot of topsail i look at table to sell toys clothes and equipment or turn up and pick up some bargains checkout lots of talk still kind of the uk confined by exploration of barrel barrel whole talk on santa day six of july a chance to try out all kinds of bikes including recumbent price it goes on psychos on tandems that's from eleven i am and things are pretty busy down in barrel whole parking hayes own sense today it's also the hayes community funday from may day a free entry family day with music don't play sport and community stolz all sides church in long lay no tailing did have some a fight between twelve and three pm own sat today barbecue live steel band bouncy call so face painting toys games clowns cakes refreshments and the raffle hates the monthly outings will be in the mid term railway own sat today twelve to five but he just behind the coach and holds his pop in it come in i vote on saturday afternoon standby news fullest wrestling in the village whole richie is one of the wrestlers appearing on the day and he feels the same with more information on what's happening down there on the day is gonna be an afternoon of family fun you're gonna see lots had logs drop cakes body slams lots of showers and lots of screaming it's gonna be a fun event available at any age is it kicks off at three pm at the office billy joel tickets at just eight pound for adults full power cades or twenty pound for a family of four when you pray but on the door slightly more expensive so make sure you get those books and into sunday evening low civil live musical nova hitting the coral society i do like months is singing songs from kiss me kate an rogers in hammond stein love to sing choir or the compass theater with a summer come sit you'll hear songs from everley brothers the who simon and garfunkel and more plus some traditional no coral sky souls play the wishing well in hazel and sat today the six from eight pm the salty dogs band or east coach british legion club from eight eighty would then mix of soul rock pop and blues classics from the low sixty is under the swallowed puppet hitting the sickest track back spring pop rock and pop music from nine pm sunday seventh of july kicks off brighton early with a cop boot style middlesex show ground just off sway please roundabout seven i am stop bath the settlers it kind of five mile race starts at ten i am in sway please talk going tirona those keen rama's it's a family oriented by cried starting at one pm from bolt will sports legend stan approximately ten miles to a place of being trashed sunday afternoon check out these folks canadian denim way dj rasi seat will be spinning his vinyls sunday so in the garden from two pm six pm on sunday still own the brew they swallowed pub at hitting the sec is there'll be playing folk music some some originals on some covers two jumping foliage of thursday the eleventh of july failed be a place oxbridge folk clap form of folk music superstars he's been owned the road for about forty five years is a fake lead guitarist multi instrumentalist singing and a storyteller looking ahead now and there's a couple more dates with a diary south loons live his twentieth of july at south wins a sense with two stages of live music an expert auto show ac twenty first of july that's obey events of this week thanks for listening in sharing with their friends you're up to date

tennis forty five years twenty pound eight pound