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"roy morello" Discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

"Let's talk about the stock here. Because Meltzer would ROY Morello was eventually bought out by Vincent man, junior in hundred ninety two and attorney he got a ten year contract which gave him an announcing job in one and a half times. Preliminary money on every WB of house show, even though he'd never had to leave his home, which turned out to be a very lucrative deal. When the WWF was running close to one thousand shows per year, if you figure preliminary wrestlers in that era were doing two thousand dollars a week figure one and a half times that multiplied by three house shows tonight, and he realized that he had huge money years after selling the company when titan flourished, and it's eight heyday. Wow, that's a lot of money. Gorilla did berry berry. Well wrestling was berry berry good to him. Yeah. Mince, you know, little man asked him take care of a gorilla in Arne. Now, you know, they weren't staying home. They were they were on the road. They were working as road agents during that time and they worked hard, and they traveled an awful lot. But in here was the thing about traveling with gorilla monsoon lotta guys will go in to the town. And the boys are going to go on they're to want to go work out eat somewhere and get to the building. And then find the bar at night and drank all night and wake up the next morning. Go to the next town monsoon would look up. You didn't have internet. You didn't have all that crap. Then but monsoon would look into research on every city. He would go to what what were the hot spots. What were the things that made that city unique in as soon as guerrilla will get into town. He would go and investigate. He would. When he came to Houston. He went to in Houston at the time had this large pottery. Store in Pasadena, Texas, and as soon as grill gots down and called me and says, okay, come pick me out. We're going to go to this place in Pasadena, Texas. I want to get some pottery. And he walked around for two hours, just buying shit and had its clay pots. Sent back to New Jersey. He was crazy. But he go to San Diego monsoon went to SeaWorld. So he he enjoyed his time on the road made the most out of it. But I think after a while took its toll, and when he started doing a lot of the announcing and hosting the television shows for cable, that's when he started to slow down. But he still was going out and making the major towns and and doing a lot of footwork for Vince. Still an incredible amount of money in eighty five. He starts to announce and is doing it with Jesse Ventura. And this is probably the first time. I mean, I don't not maybe not..

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