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"roy e. frasier" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"I understand but I you know I I guess if people want nineteen sixty six Paul McCartney it's not gonna happen in twenty nineteen so now the we believe it yeah like thirty now the latest New Jersey news for men G. one one five dot com the jury must now decide the fate of one of the suspects charged in the death of a nine year old bridge teen girl who was hit by a stray bullet as she slapped twenty one year old the Roy E. Frasier the third is the first of four defendants to face trial in Cumberland County in the death of Jennifer tradio a construction worker was seriously injured in Franklin lakes when a large piece of sheet metal fell on him this morning the fifty nine year old saddle brook man suffered severe head trauma and was flown to a hospital his name and further details about his condition are not currently known drug o'malley of environment New Jersey is giving a big thumbs up after Trenton passed a measure that calls for more electric vehicle charging stations to be built in more electric car rebates offered he says of governor Murphy signs the bill that will also put NJ transit on a path to a lecture by all of its electric bus purchases over the course of the next decade with every bus purchased by twenty thirty two I've been electric o'malley calls it disappointing lawmakers did not adopt the statewide ban on single use plastic items I'm Jan Robison download our free app to listen live anywhere and get instant New Jersey news weather and traffic from New Jersey one one point five I want to.

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