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"roy andrew little" Discussed on Audio Theatre Central | Exploring Family Friendly Audio Drama

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"roy andrew little" Discussed on Audio Theatre Central | Exploring Family Friendly Audio Drama

"About family friendly audio drama I'm Jaydee. And this is episode one, hundred and thirty seven. Unfortunately there is no Roy in no Andrew and no guest hosts today. you know we just wrapped up the Senecas a a short time ago, and our schedules were just so tight trying to get together again to record, we typically try to record the episode that will follow the cynic awards broadcast before. And it just didn't happen this year. We got a late start because of everything that was going on in the world schedules were just too tight and. You know it just didn't happen so. You've got me today, but you will hear Royan Andrew a little later on in a segment that we recorded several weeks ago and it is our picks for the top five multi part A. O. Episodes from the last decade. I'll tell you a little bit more about that in a few minutes, but you will hear from Roy Andrew Little later on they're just not here with me right now. And also Andrew is expecting a child right now. So the last I heard he is at the hospital waiting for that baby come. So we didn't expect him to be here. Well. We've got some feedback from Louis and I've got a bunch of audio drama tidbits that I wanted to share with you and. We're going to go through those here in a minute, and then we're GonNa get to that. episode discussion here in a little while. So. Let's jump into audio drama tidbits. Well first on the list today is holding esther now. For those who have been following the show very closely. You've heard US talk about that show and you've seen his post about it on the website. But. It hasn't been easily accessible to the public. And so we get an update from Cindy Findlay, who is the executive producer? Over, at River Cross who was producing this this wonderful fantastic show as you may have heard, this show holding esther received several nominations in this year sinica awards. A, but they've also produced another show called Joe Bridge which todd steed referenced in the interview that we did with him. Several months ago. So this show is also going to becoming now. Cindy let me know that they are in the process of doing a refresh of their whole website getting everything set up so that they can get these audio dramas out and available to the public. So that is supposed to be coming sometime mid August. So in just a few weeks, you should be able to get those programs and we will definitely be sure to let you know when those become available and. At this point, it doesn't look like they're going to be charging for them they're going to ask for. and you know our stance here at ATC would strongly encourage you to do. So if you are able because these are extremely high quality, very well made productions and just just a great ministry what the what they're doing with these shows over at river. Cross. So. Holding Esther Andrew. Bonar. Bridge. Coming..

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