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Zealot 38: Jared Leto with Rose Callaghan


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Zealot 38: Jared Leto with Rose Callaghan

"Right fresh from what? I'm calling rehearsal last week because I forgot to record. It's a brave new world unto absolutely marvelous comedian. And I'M GONNA say pop culture savant raise Callahan. Hello rely highlight yes. I am pop culture savant. That's what I let. I feel like I just have too much space in my brain taken up by stupid fats about celebrities and pop cul. I'd say it's just enough. Yes just enough and speaking of pop culture. I've had loads and loads of people sending me an article about the subject today claiming that he is now a cult leader who we talking about. A we talking about jared letter ACTA MUSICIAN. Supposedly a model Guy About town. And he's supposed cult. Jared Leto the Guy who looks. Like someone's bad drawing of Jake Dylan whole yeah. Basic never been a fan personally are a lot of people especially you know when I was young. Girls Light Oh my God jared Leto. But he's never really done it for me. Naar he's got the crappies and also I don't think he's got a sense of humor. He takes himself seriously at. Its ended all NAR so I had to go back and just familiarize myself with what he's done and I will say this is too good things about it one. He's very good ACTA. I'm GonNa give that as a songwriter. He's a fantastic actor and any gives a lot to charity super super rich but yeah because he's really rich. I mean it's like if I gave five dollars to charity right now. It'd probably because of how much how little money I haven't probably percentage wise more than he has given 'cause I'm not sure that jared leto has started a cult but will investigate that pile and the no pile but I think he's on the tipping point and it would just take something like a lead obita charity for to push him so on jared but I feel like he was just a typical like handsome actor guy for a while Bit of a hard like dieted. Everybody I think I didn't engaged to Cameron Diaz says yeah I white so who? She's dated Justin Timberlake and is it. She's still with one of the Madden's and Yeah. I remember that I saw Madden's alike. Baldwin's don't know where the edges are don't know how many there And who's going to be all right? Let's slam through your basic jared and then we'll get onto the cult stuff. I like that. He was born in Bossier City in Louisiana. 'cause like I feel like I could have been born in Bossia overseas. I I wasn't interview. Sorry to cut you off but this It was like an interview with him before he was famous that it was in some like E. entertainment or whatever. They're like an interview from the Archives. Jared LETO and he was getting interviewed outside like a nightclub but there are asking about like the popular dances of the time and he hasn't really strong accent. He's like Oh yeah you know Like the kind of dancing that they do. I didn't realize that was a Louisiana accent. But he's changed his accent on purpose over time and didn't you neely interview him. Yes that is correct It was probably one of my biggest of many professional cups that I've done Do top press record. Well I didn't even get to that point but The the pressing recalled thing. I can say that I did to Ruby rose in grant Smiley grand follies prominent Australian Day Jay and I did an interview with them and then I was like Oh my God and Ruby. Rose was like you didn't press record. Did you never be rise? I didn't anyway so 'cause I used to work in commercial radio so I used to like Interview lots of like bands and pastas and stuff. It was pretty cool and I write scripts for like a radio show But Yeah House. interview Thirty Seconds Tamaz. He's banned turing and then I dislike Ozzy my early twenties and then I just like posted on facebook about it. 'cause like back then we just saw that like Al personal facebook without personal facebook. We can say whatever we wanted on there and just be like released super unprofessional. You ended up basic era of facebook. Waiter slide I'm hungry and then you post that yet. Nothing funny about it just like just complaining. You know say the bitch your like are the ones that are like just do with some people right. Now don't talk about it and then everyone who kebe that kind of shape and you're right you're right. I don't want to talk about it. Just WanNa post about it and got some attention get attention so I posted on Was a cool job. That had now is like. Oh my God. I'm supposed to be interviewing like jared letter tomorrow but like I didn't even care like I was never into him like I. I don't even like jared ladder. Just posted that fired of that and then Auditor not long after my boss comes up in his like Yana Interviewing Jared leto. Tamar anymore and well because I forgot that the publicist that worked for the Record Label. That was looking off the giant Used to work at our company and my facebook friend. She at appreciate that end up being and then I got banned from doing interviews so and so you went straight by T. facebook and just went. Oh my God even more aleve. How much of an asshole? My boss is just annoying and I felt like some probably exciting anecdote like probably up but usually very exciting yet. You more exciting than I was going to interview him and I didn't. I think I learned to listen from that. But I'd like to blame jared leto somehow. I I never stopped right. So born in Bossier in Louisiana and Bossia and it's across the river city Shreveport have they share an all women's flat track Rolla Dhabi tame called the twin city knockers. I mean steady knocked his like I want so alike. I think I need to have a TESA sitting on. It should open thirty seconds to Mars shirts. Really feel proud of where he came from. Yes he was an Ala. A women's sport that's what he would do. That's right jared letter. Why are you dragging your feet on the old Rowley Dhabi? Yeah so he went to art. School like really cool. People like main did and like fine art painting. Fine him or me either but I did and I don't know I think Hedo that he really he. He gravitated towards the film school. Kind of thing. I can imagine him just like hanging out with these unique friends but like tolkien. A lot about all the amazing Jake's is GonNa work on but just getting started in like partying but not really that people would be like. He's amazing because he's attractive because he's yeah he's the hot guy. The Party Smoking Dariz token talking about on. Wa can have another one of my roles. Yeah of course you can have my loss via an always acting stuff so he started in my so called life. Playing Klay dines love interest. He was window. Narodni boyfriend in going to -rupt it which I just think I mean the star of The star of that movie is really the chickens under the bit. So pull pull jared. He's always a supporting act up. I feel like I just. I feel like L. interrupted his one of those movies. Detroit of the like Crazy Hawk. Go and then. She's like Oh. Isn't there a same wishy? Like CAUGHT SOLAR HAIR OFF. One of those is it. Engine DOTS with Angelina. Jolie's in that. Yeah she's Hot and light doing a whole like I'm a crazy hot gale and like oh I'm Gonna I'm crazy. Imminent cut all my hair off with like really blunt seizes but then looks really hot off towards the accident. Oh my God that was I was trying to. I was trying to act out now. I've got an adorable Picot. What's Woopsie I still up to make the hey? He kind of played a member in fight club. He was obliged blunt dude cold angel face which. I'm sure he loved. He played a heroin addict. Requiem for a dream with a really mucky on and he was an American psycho and he's got corn rows in panic room. I don't remember him from that at all so I looked up. Looked him up on the trial and oh he's never looked. Why Shaw Guard and that saying something else there would have been like. Oh my God that was again. Was that like when you could get away with a cultural appropriation. Imogene Lynn. Yeah for that. He won all sorts of awards for playing a Trans Woman in Dallas Buyers Club and then he won all sorts of people calling him decayed in suicides. squad when he played the and it was 'cause he does these hardcore method acting where he loses hates away or he I think to play Heron. He gave up sex for two months and donate so. That's like not giving up sex for a lot of people there like that. Yeah that's like a normal two months yeah but fit fit fit. I've gone full full methods like two months without sex like much. Like normal people like they. Maybe they can't get six for that. Make make giving up edgy. Might Toast for one day. That's a terrible. That's a really. It's a really good analogy. But even on this set of suicide squad. So hey he's idea of method acting was to everyone was supposed to call him. Mr J instead of jared because Jirka and hey played hilarious pranks on people like Sending costs members dead pigs. I know bathes use condoms and live rats. This why and there was. Isn't there a worse thing? The used condoms used condoms. Like what that's not that makes use. That's like a yeah. That's bullying and abuse. This is why actors get away with so much. She like they just all this. So eccentric is like nor that's psycho and no one should have to put up with used condoms being sent to them odds. Yeah I'm just sending you some of my chest up. Jeez because I'm just getting into character. Oh He's a dick yet his dig in. I feel like that says a lot about his personality I I just want to like I mean. He's like he's hooked up with a Lotta people as I said but think like Human Lindsay Lohan will on and off for awhile during a movie together about the that killed John Lennon and she was the love interest on white for that one so all that yeah he looked we'd maybe he wasn't having sex Lens Lindsay Lohan. Really it was. He was method. I'll yet he was just pretending to he was going back to to method. Acting will okay. So I don't know if you saw this dylan sprouse of the sprouse twins that will like childhood tain stocks that had like a Nickelodeon Linsey Lynsey these Dr Sar- He tweeted in late May twenty eighteen. He was like your jared letter now that you've slid into the dams of every female model age age. Twenty five what would you say your success right is and James Gone? You know who is no? He was like the director of like guardians of the galaxy. Okay off and He got cancelled because of saying heaps of problematic she'd on twitter up Yeah he responded with he sought at eighteen on the Internet. So Yeah and then in twenty fifth Dane I think he went on this He he said he took lots of ambient or something and Went on periscope and said jared enough failed school He was like Oh jarred. Rhetoric Sleeps with underage girls and he deleted it light and then also tweet from twenty twelve. He said driving from Vegas trading stories. About what a deep. Jared letter is That Sim stuff. And if you look off line there is kind of a lot of stuff about how jared letter should vein me to a long time yet. It's one of those things that like. Nothing's properly come out but if you go deep into read it in people's comments and stuff is a lot of stuff about him like texting underage girls hooking up with underage. Sorry my instincts on him. Were right but not that. I'm saying if any lawyers listening not that. I'm saying that he did do that. I'm just repeating what other people have said. That's right that's right. Although I will say and I will stand by in court. Jared litters the Dick yes I will. I insist that I will use the defense. All opinion and truth proved that he's not a week and I won't be able to do that. Bring out everything he's ever said and done and the jury be like with us. Sorry Yeah Goodbye. Saline reported in the newspapers. Add as jared leto always a decade. Exactly how this is going to go off. I just thought what's a gay and then I thought of a Rodeo. You know how the gate just slams open and in the bull comes out that but with the Dick all the I was thinking of like a chastity belt but like oh the office probably some really like a kink being young up lighting up. So then he's also seeing is somewhere ida he's actually been doing that for ages like thirty seconds to moths soldered in one thousand nine hundred eight. So that's a long time. That's like over twenty years pain in that band but they ought to get really big they get really big like two thousand five while I started working radio in two thousand and seeks. Yeah those already been around ages. Yes so they're songs will be at that time and they will like in the shots a lot in Australia. And did I remember that like when they started to get big all daddy seconds to Mas? Like don't go on. A bat is not jared letters band thirty seconds Tomasz. Thirty seconds to Mazi really wanted to separate himself from the ban and some things didn't aura. Job Lovett although it does back to the facebook paypal again. It's like guys Just before these interviews dots I just want to remind you that incredibly successful acting careers nothing to do with these band. Please don't mention my incredibly successful acting career at so many things are it's crazy. Yeah can we just focus on these one thing? I'm good at and not my incredibly successful acting career cue. I feel like when they came out that it was kind of like when Michael Romance with like a really big thing and it was sort of emulating. I think they have emulated similar tactics like the. Everything's very themed you nor line by line. Oh yes is a lot of eyeliner. There's a lot of outfits this like. Oh and second military sort of vibe. What like eyeliner hit cuts in the fans code the echelon and like earnings and named after an s will say as we go further into this eight. Bring back a lot of the themes of what they call the albums and the songs code and all that sort of stuff at researching these. I listened to and watched a lot of thirty seconds. Tamaz music video is and I don't want to anymore. I don't WanNa do that again. Ever snow good bad time. For Chew it is acting in the video gratuitous flagrantly gratuitous acting in full like it'll arpund like the whole clip ago for ten minutes and they'll be like an opening scene. It goes three minutes and then they'll be music and then the music will stop and it'll be like what's behind the door. No whatever spooky does not Michael Jackson and he direct so many of them music videos s some short films and under a pseudonym yes which pseudo bathelemy carbons. Because he's a doctor. He's favorite Dr Seuss Book. Oh my God he so Whimsey Cohen Is the five hundred hats of Bartholomew Cubans and people knowing that? It's him that it's just look you guys not focus on the fact that I can wins equal pseudonym climate. Directa as well yes. I'm very good at it but stop going on about it. Yes happens. Is the fake name. The director that just happens to be me etc. Asia in an interview. He said let the for the video for the kill he said it was directed by an insanely obnoxious Danish. Albino named Authonomy Cub. It's an funny also. I looked it up and it takes a lot longer than thirty seconds to get two months to say he's also a obsessed with like space obviously thirty seconds to Mars. The concept keeps coming up He to promote like one of Singles Code Apnea. He sent to space in space. X Dragon Captial Pot of Kaga emission But like I mean they didn't play this song up there. There wasn't like a listening party. There wasn't even anybody on the rocket like God. It wasn't even anyone on the rocket. And they like went to the Kennedy Space Center like for the launch indeed like QNA and stuff. Like I feel like who was doing. The publicity was doing a really good job they have. Whoever is doing? Their publicity is doing an incredible job. He's got a lot of businesses as well and so that the US talking about him being reach. It's kind of the head of fight with. Am I? Because I think I break the contract and they're trying to get out of their contract. Yeah it was a very basic like you're supposed to do five albums for all this money. And then they did three. And we'll like folk you am. I like either. I'm not an expert lawyer but that seems fairly cotton dry yet and record. Companies some ethical behavior in some sort of we earn new behavior. But at the same time. If you break you contract then you're GonNa get you going to get done Less you only have really expensive Liz. Because you're a famous actor millionaire just from that and then I guess you can find it. And he directed a documentary code artifact about the fact he bounced Legal Battle Cup so sorry the whimsical and Hilarious Buffalo. He's got a K. He's got three businesses that I'm aware of one which is called the hive and its digital marketing and social media. And they do all of that. He's consumers digital marketing and social media. Is He's Event Concert and Event Management Company which hold weight inches in wonderland today. Who Do they do events and stuff for me get thirty seconds to Mars right? Thank you for. Yeah Yeah and there's a streaming service that might lead extreme rains concerts and things code tae ask again ask again Who Do they strain these? Tamaz what man. Jared Leto has a good accountant. That's what I am thinking. You can watch exclusively on the streaming service. We owned advertised by these marketing company. We are here and it's a concert promoted by the concert company. We are in Kiel. Soy like invest in a lot. He's a tat Kim. Vesta like Ashton Kucher is also into that stuff now He invested in this company. That people from SPACEX started on to Three Day rockets. Like when he was one of people at like I only a few people in this one hundred and forty million dollars. He's back more than seventy companies in the early stages like slack spotify UBA and snapchat and he's friends with Alon Mosque. Which is not surprising. But we'd if you Google at this like a lot of pictures of them hanging out at parties and like along gives him good advice like he was like. I've gotten really good at saying. Nar lack eyewitness. I witnessed it with E-leong unit and I realized how important that was that we can do so many things. I'm not Special K Thought you could do so many things spot you know. It's important to say nor nor went to stop so that you can like focus on the right things like my incredibly successful acting career. My cult that I'm making he. He also said that Having a band is like a startup which is really waikiki. In like the record companies have venture capitalists. I'm like no. It's just like a business like yeah studying bandies like starting band and also when you do have already have a career and quite a lot of money. It's not at all. Let's start up. It's not like a risk autumn. No table why people think he started a cult because he keeps saying that he started a call and thanks. That's all we have time for the same lack so that it's like they've been dropping clues for ages in the music video a up for closer to the edge. If you watch it on UNSCREENED THREE MINUTES. Fourteen says yes. This is a cult in really big lettuce Directed that video. I'M GONNA say probably bothell Kaban was God also when you watch the music video for closer to the edge or at the stop. There's all these fancy tank of like. I wish everyone could just not fight and like don't regret anything you do. And then like people love that he's hanging out for some reason is lady claiming this. It's such an intense love that is like crazy yum comment by this lady saying that. She's playing the song to husband who is in a coma. This is in two thousand ten and people with the fought like what happened. That's really hectic. And then she did some updates He's awake and then the update which was in January. This year said they no longer to get up but he can so. We walked at his a roller coaster. She he was like fucking played thirty seconds to Mars for me. Two years wallows in Karma and the only way I would listen to it unconscious devastating so I took up that marriage. Countless of climate people have probably had that done to them. So thanks to the divorce. Jared let our. Yeah so okay. So there's this event Naquib Mas Island and they're promoting it and the older peaches alike. Like CAFTANS wipe CAFTANS. Everyone's wearing what and it's not the first time they've done it. It's It's on the Croatian island of abundant upon John Town. But they've done these events before haven't night they. Yeah they started as camp. Mas In Malibu and I think I still run that so an start in two thousand fifteen a bit. Mas Island is the one that had the recent flurry of articles saying We think jared LETO started a cult. But yes so he's been doing this cult shit for ages and so the three day inverted. Commas music festivals. They only band playing is thirty seconds to Mars. Yeah and activities in what is sports in Common Kava Rock and meditate and do Yoga Esi End. We need to also mentioned empty shape. Oh yes only two thousand. Us dollars Elliott shape to run camp. Mas Sorry that was like two grand or something and this has like we should mention as well. That recently Jared letter tweeted that. He was in a silent meditation for twelve days. And he like had just come out of it and he didn't know Corona virus if you might say loan mask you hear stuff exactly should have. You did the ground or like. He's probably should have sent you like smoke signals or something even if you don't have you find on the like. Londono headlong can be silent for as well. I don't think so like someone died in America from Corona on the twenty ninth of February. This was all while he was not at the silent retreat. Meditation place so I feel like he is just not paying attention. Generally or he wanted to a viral he wanted. He wanted to let people know that he'd been in asylum. Like sorry Wasn't just like ours. Sorry in a few nine about like I'm very spiritual Very unfair Jarred For the silent meditation from just from watching fleabag. Anyway definitely I didn't think he comes up with anything himself. A southern railroad it's all borrowed and he doesn't really Beckett up so he anyway we're getting too. I am surprised with Corona virus. That he didn't come out and start saying that it was the five Jay signals. He'll get one of those people. I'm not sure if you've come across them online. It's like the anti vexes ally not not yet it's five Jay signals. He'll come out that soon. I reckon I can only hope because I am going to keep an eye on him from now on a finger yet but so this the next Mars Island in Croatia is I think planned for August this year. Let's say if he has deposed by net but outrageou the Gulf from the website says Mas Island is a three night owning queasy festival experience on a private island in Croatia relaxing restore with Yoga amongst the trees. Take a dip in the Adriatic Sea. What midnight screening will go gaze at the stars and catch to intimate performances by thirty seconds to Mars? Mas Island is an experienced like no other tickets between seventeen hundred and seven thousand dollars. It says it's all inclusive but it Cape saying all the extra sheet you can pay for which is like the definition of not all inclusive and one of the one of Don's tattoos but there's four options tattooed has to be one of the tattoos that dic- which that's that's leaning towards year like coat one of them's like property of Jared Leto on I. Ninety nine dollars nine dollars for triangle. We did line through it. Which is the symbol all. These like SIM Symbol Shit as well. But it's all it's all such empty symbolism as well because I think he likes the shock value in controversy of appearing mystical and Kelty without actually having any background to it. You can do because he started thirty seconds to Mars with his brother Shannon. Who is the drama One of the activities a drum circle with Shannon later asterisk band activity sub- subject to change is a lot as a lot of drama circles. Says I downloaded the schedule Mas Island I've gotta say because you go all the sounds of fire fest elite but it's actually like super well organized and I do respect them for that light in August like. They've already nodded out like a lot of the details. So is there's a lot of activities. It's like kayaking paddle boarding snorkeling. Face painting Sern carving tie-dyed Blah Blah Blah is twenty eight opportunities across the weekend twenty-eight opportunistic kayaking twenty-eight opportunities to do paddleboard Paddle boarding peddling older. Like and then this There's Mas Trivia is one of the events and it's not about moss the planet the Planet Eddie Sickens Tamaz Knowledge in the Maastricht Way. Yeah AT THE PAVILION. Still not seeing seven thousand dollars worth no not at all but then there's like the full thousand dollar package in terms of accommodation like every step up they tell you things that have fate. You didn't that you go hang on what that wasn't included in the lounge area like this doesn't worse than that. You saw like four K. Gets YOU SHED ON SWAYED END ECON? And then the seven K package says the accommodation is completely waterproof and lockable way. What do you mean? The other one's not lockable and it also mentions that some of the inland away from the coastal flooding inside. Sorry sorry can we go back to that? Coastal flooding for a second out on five hundred dollars. We can almost guarantee you weren't get foot rot. Yeah you warned float away into the ocean and drown if you pay more money in. The Phoenix package doesn't have a price. So some of the add on activities or I think it's included in the AI. Pay Price is a buffalo covens limited edition. Print never seen before signed and numbered. You get to go to their soundcheck which amazing you know you get to go to. She'd version of the show. That yeah what the show is light up with less people. There's a private Dna followed by a private opening ceremony with the band. And an exclusive limited edition gift from Jared and Shannon. I don't take the used condom. Yes but it's restart like it's an old one saving it. So it's it's double used face. Fans would actually be like. Oh my God I would pay eight thousand dollars for that use condom. Thank you thank you. John they would they would days private family style. Dining list the meals. It's breakfast lunch. And do know offshore late night food and this and they name all the areas like walk on. Water Harbor and Oblivion Pavilion kings and Queens. Kitchen and kings and Queens. One of the album's songs Zan Medine SPA Forrest Yoga platform on this John. Rise Yoga at six. Am God this is after one. Am carrier key and one. Thirty am stargazing. So that's Hoffa. Now that's intense. He's very organized. Yes like Bain organized by Noti. Annoying Friend A. K. So we're GONNA do Karaoke twenty five minutes Yes I've picked all the songs. They're all thirty. Seconds to Mars. Songs them doing stargazing and then going to bed and we're getting up the yogurt six. Am It actually does sound torturous? Could call would be. You know you have to put yourself through all these difficult. Things like watching a thirty seconds. Mas concert watching another thirty instead. He's like all these pain. I'M GONNA be like such fulfilled person at the end of this. And that's an also now in the in the days of a self-isolation people groups of people being outside. It also sounds illegal and so it all post the pictures from the last month island on the Zealot facebook page. Because that's where you just I this isn't just an island festival This is everyone wearing the same cola and following. Jared LETO ADDRESSES. Jesus around and I. He's really leaning trying to dispel the courtroom is at all. He's trying to generate them and calling yourself a coat makes you cope. He's got his hair out and he's wearing the white long dress Kaftan thing. He's got his arms up like he thinks he's Jesus or lighten audit are. It's like a journey town thing or something. In all these people wearing what and their dislike on my God. Jared is lots of light looking up to this saen and praising the sun in the sky letting three hundred weeks and one guy. Yeah Yeah. Yeah there's like a lot of women and I think a lot of them are younger. So good faith All right let's go through the the yes pile the talk and the question is it a cow the yes pile. He looks like a cult leader. I mean video. Say It looks a bit. Like Courtney Cox did so strong. Take interesting I'll have to throw g dressed up as him for like. The Halloween is amazing. Hey talks a Lotta Shit? Like like cuddly does do. There was one of my favorites and this goes into will talk about the Echelon Unisex as well but when he was asked where the band got a name. He said it's a loose translation from a rare manuscript cold August. A poker fix written by an old harvard. Professor and Harvard Library gets inquiries about these and they see it like they've done in yet. They've done an online post saying okay. This manuscript does not exist. This guy does not exist. It's a really not ready yet. I ended up. Yes he would get away. We sit because it's like. Ooh It's part of mythology like he might have just been lying and got caught out. But it's like is it. Is it part of the game? Shannon litter even put. Well you know we like we like inventing these mythologies but when you look at it you know it's got a whole lot of young people e mailing libraries and that's good all my God. I'm actually Google it it. I quickly good good at is like an Faq section on the Harvard Library website. Like they've had to write these in. Faq Like I just looked this up and it's like have you heard about? I can just imagine the person it have. You ever heard about a thesis titled Anything Along The Lines of August Apocrypha fix near like we have received several inquiries about birth August end the L. Four ninety wing. We assume these references to the BAND THIRTY SECONDS. Tamaz and his explanations. Bama's have offered to the origin of that name which suggests it's based on a inverted Commerce thesis or in manuscript in Omaha professor in the rest of it. He's just going each note. That's funny we have also Switched Out Book and manuscript catalogs there like we have gone to great lengths and it does not exist anyway. It's so funny it's like end up emailing us a link to that on the on the FAC- page. It's so funny that have just got soy. Seek of thirty seconds to Mars for ends asking about it just went look. We'll put it in. Our hotline was just like a recorded message again and inevitably when they hurricane is a a quick flash subliminal message that says finally August fix so they made it out and it seemed like the booklets a couple of days so that just made up the sting but haven't done any is meaningless. Go So they do take money. And Exploit People like occult. Yeah that's that. You're not getting your money's with at Mars Islands and alcohol or drugs alab. They're like it's not a alcohol on the island but you are not allowed to take alcohol fit. That's like I didn't have maybe thirty seconds to Mars without paying off your teats awful. Maybe that's through that it's not a cult that specific beat of evidence because I called Stanton elect to get your high and drunk so they can see some do but others Completely dry but also then just they get people really exhausted which you would be. If you to one thirty stargazing up for yogurt six. Am make sense because that's only like four hours sleep. Okay right and another another thing on the pile. I feel like I'm going to be saying these two therapists at some point but I- trolled through a whole lot of song lyrics and one of them is telling ease in its some cold end of the beginning and the lyrics go. It's the end he today but I will build a new beginning. Take some time find a place and I will start my own religion yet. That's that's a big. Yeah that's that's could not be more like I mean also are accompanied with the yes. This is a cult Rights that is used on lots of like music videos and like on t shirts and stuff. All there's also they have specific Mas Island it's like what happens on. Moss island stays on Moslem Jason's yes then -nificant has learned to come back from Amazon. And that's what I is it. Oh far like the TV show lost something check. Can't remember what happened in that show but it was but I remember. Yeah I'm basically you need. You need to review. Show is but yeah speaking them. They do have they also sale. Yes is a coattail Asia. Yeah I think my favorite of match is is a shirt. And it's got these sort of cartoony picture the illustration of jared with a hood like Jesus cloak thing on and tease coming out of his eyes and four letters on it. Which is W W J Day? What would jared do? Uh Yucky edit like it fair the proof. He has long hair. And a bid. That's the that's the clincher defends. Okay so they called the army yes. It sounds some evidence Well he grew up in Louisiana Wyoming Colorado and Kenya. And so like he leave. Neil like air force places honorable at the born in Bossier city and the time to the Boxtel if force base and then Wyoming has some other air force base and then Colorado like has Colorado Springs all yet. Shane meant and the three other. Us IF we'll spaces one of which hosts an NSA echelon outpost not was where he grew up and get just borrowing stuff not really proved but just something. I found that was interesting. And he's makes losing we original and he said does these hoping makes me think that charities a Dick and they've got these video saying. What is the Chalon? And it just looks like a scientology recruiting video are because it's about being a family and it's a bunch of believers and but he said he wanting to be that he hates the word fan because it just seems so dismissive and he says because we have these cult these family these believers who understand. I see of eating. There was a name to reference them. I think if you think the word fan is dismissive then I don't think you should refer to people as cult members in I think. That's it's less dismissive than Exploitative I think so like I earned these people. Have you forgotten stock into a tweeted thing with crazy fans of anyone before nor but this might be the first time? 'cause there's like belabors like the crazy like tyler with fans of fucking mental yama like a couple of years ago. I tweeted something about Zulia banks and my fucking mentions. Were like fucking crazy after that? End It like you and you'll at ha ha but then I was like getting so I was getting really mad about people. It's just there yet. I in June fans like echelon seems pretty pretty up there yet and I did go on facebook to say if there was an official facebook page. Yeah and it was hard to tell because they are globe Biz Tens and tens of global chapters of the echelon is like a Swedish one and a Russian one is. It's that made me go. Ooh I'm uncomfortable. That's his cheek. That's okay I searched like jarred lettuce name and whatever a thirty seconds to mas on tweet up and then I saw I found the weight and this person said finding at Bolivian. Coup operator and propaganda Daza whose great grandfather also came to power in a coup by the way is part of jared letters cult who has ties with epsteins currently missing in action. Right hand woman Elaine Maxwell. I'm like WHOA. So then I like looked up these persons Twitter account that has like a blue cheek as well. Bolivia Jake and we'll of mentions off. Just like jared letter. Like on my goal jared letter. She's just like obsessed with jared litter photos with jarred Leder I couldn't find any any evidence of delaying maxwell or any of the other stuff but I don't know what that means but it was interesting. Puts it on the pile right conspiracy theory stuff. I think that sought to put it in the call pile as a K. On the no will you. Have you got anything on the yes pile just like a all wearing? What the CAFTANS Bothell me carbons thing that same slot Kelty The fact that he likes to wait Ryan Burrow tied onesies in good climbing in Joshua. Pray now that will. I mean? That's something addicted to use. The advantage of you know like if you compare it to five festival like also organize. Fi. Music peasant. Very disorganized is very well organized. It's well organized to organized. Like I think it super lucrative. That's the thing I reckon Hayes. Just it's like he's redeeming occult. He's he's not. He hasn't inserted anything but he's just he's writing the opening and wouldn't take much yeah. It wouldn't take much for him to just flip the switch. I guess it's like if you're making people do things against their will. Is that what? Which which jared could jared if he told the Sean to put a mosque stick three two s them. Yeah they absolutely would. I'm sure I can think of a better example but as a pinch so on the no pile of is it a coat. I think off any trainings. One is that is no real deterrent to leaving. Yeah you could just you know. Stop buying albums and that would be a considerable relief. I felt like what about getting off the island on a frigging vote to get bit. We can't just leave the island. That's the whole point of islands in main feature is hard to also talks. I tried to fire the island from the mainland. I think about that. He's Higgins Island on a pointing out the ferry yet one of the bright all inclusive things. Just kidding you have to pay extra for the high speed jet boat. The other one takes four hours. Four hours Tamaz Island. The second thing on the no pile is it. It doesn't seem to be an actual beliefs. Jim Except just love the band and believe everything that jarred says and the third thing is that I think jared letters just a week. That's conclusive evidence very conclusive evidence. Thank you I was GONNA has like. I think my one main bit of evidence that it isn't a call is just like I mean. A lot of bans. Just ream the offense. For as much money as they. Can you know what I mean like? This seems like a heightened Extreme version of the main great access. Pasta that you get like when a Popstar does a tour you had. I will sell those things. Now it's not just rock up the white behind the Geoghegan get an autograph. It's like all you pay for the light guy and they actually always call it something fucking stupid as well the Justin Timberlake tour in the mid two thousand the justified all access. Postle what F- finer like Brittany's circus like pod auditor fucking like and then it costs like fifteen hundred dollars but yeah excess Alexis to. Yeah the Brit pit you get in the pit and you get your own cocktail and then you get like main great before the show and you get to like get one. Further and one autograph is just like an hundred dollars. It's like that basically but it's even more expensive. I will add one more thing on the Polish. Well is that just maybe thing that I mean? Coats generally operate in sacred and Norway. That jared would is capable of doing anything in private. Hey He's a narcissist any needs. That attention fought publicist name tension but whale. Like odds Kinda jerk. It's like hiding in plain sight like no. We're not really a coat. Yes made it same jokey enough that it's like all it's not a cult. But that's exactly what he would want you to think because it's so obnoxious. Tom Show I thought I would be show. I would thought it would be no but I just think he's. He's a cult in waiting. He just loves the controversy of I people even discussing it brand of some random. That's a bad cold. I like to look up. Read it for things and I think this reddit thread sums this up a lot like do we have answers. But the red at posts said people who have been to jared. Leto is Mas Island. What was it like and this one comment and read dinner just said Sheet. So a you got and it was eighty percent voted. I mean this other celebrities like August quickly some people that would rather have a Col Brittany Spears and John Legend out. Sign the sheet up today call in a second. Rianne up beyond say Lindsay Lohan Out Bay. Oh I mean. She had that like Greek Beach Club. Which is that like a cult kindle Jenna or kyle whichever one the lip kit. That's basically a cult isn't it I think. The the whole Kardashian Empires pre-accident halfway there. My only random is that jared reckons that offense sent him a seventy e and he posted a picture of it on instagram with the caption. Are you listening? And he reconciled poked. He punched a holiness and tended into a necklace but when he posted the picture a lot of people were responding with. Oh that looks very very much like these really really popular brand of stage prop e you can get out really so. There's a good chance. He just made up a story that a fan had caught there. You're often sent it to him all my God. That's like really lame it's soil so land so he's probably he went to OSCO. Serve like that that Van Golf. He knew what he was doing. He was here he lands on Great. I'm tired of looking at him and listening to him. Jared letter like I hide it in before He ruined my Korea and all these stuff about him and Osu hate him. There's not one good thing I learned about him now. I Rode My. I sprained my muscles. Rolling them yeah so I think anything left to say es I do not like him in a House. I do not like him with a mouse. I do not like him Sam I am. I do not like these boring men. Join a cult thought. Join a cult. It's not a good idea Join Jared Lettuce call. He like he sin idiot and he does like cleanses and stuff and silently. It's not good. It's not healthy just yourself and just meditate but like not in the way that he does but just practice yourself. Habit not not considered letter politics comprehensive. Thank you very very much. You're welcome you've been listening to zealot produced by me Joy Thornley. We've no help from buffalo new covens. My Co host for this episode was Rose Callaghan Recording Remotely. From thirty seconds away further rating an obscure manuscripts. We just made up can be found on the zealot. Facebook page and music is by the everglades. The John Legend of Short cout themed jingles though Virginia Cope.

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