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"Right fresh from what? I'm calling rehearsal last week because I forgot to record. It's a brave new world unto absolutely marvelous comedian. And I'M GONNA say pop culture savant raise Callahan. Hello rely highlight yes. I am pop culture savant. That's what I let. I feel like I just have too much space in my brain taken up by stupid fats about celebrities and pop cul. I'd say it's just enough. Yes just enough and speaking of pop culture. I've had loads and loads of people sending me an article about the subject today claiming that he is now a cult leader who we talking about. A we talking about jared letter ACTA MUSICIAN. Supposedly a model Guy About town. And he's supposed cult. Jared Leto the Guy who looks. Like someone's bad drawing of Jake Dylan whole yeah. Basic never been a fan personally are a lot of people especially you know when I was young. Girls Light Oh my God jared Leto. But he's never really done it for me. Naar he's got the crappies and also I don't think he's got a sense of humor. He takes himself seriously at. Its ended all NAR so I had to go back and just familiarize myself with what he's done and I will say this is too good things about it one. He's very good ACTA. I'm GonNa give that as a songwriter. He's a fantastic actor and any gives a lot to charity super super rich but yeah because he's really rich. I mean it's like if I gave five dollars to charity right now. It'd probably because of how much how little money I haven't probably percentage wise more than he has given 'cause I'm not sure that jared leto has started a cult but will investigate that pile and the no pile but I think he's on the tipping point and it would just take something like a lead obita charity for to push him so on jared but I feel like he was just a typical like handsome actor guy for a while Bit of a hard like dieted. Everybody I think I didn't engaged to Cameron Diaz says yeah I white so who? She's dated Justin Timberlake and is it. She's still with one of the Madden's and Yeah. I remember that I saw Madden's alike. Baldwin's don't know where the edges are don't know how many there And who's going to be all right? Let's slam through your basic jared and then we'll get onto the cult stuff. I like that. He was born in Bossier City in Louisiana. 'cause like I feel like I could have been born in Bossia overseas. I I wasn't interview. Sorry to cut you off but this It was like an interview with him before he was famous that it was in some like E. entertainment or whatever. They're like an interview from the Archives. Jared LETO and he was getting interviewed outside like a nightclub but there are asking about like the popular dances of the time and he hasn't really strong accent. He's like Oh yeah you know Like the kind of dancing that they do. I didn't realize that was a Louisiana accent. But he's changed his accent on purpose over time and didn't you neely interview him. Yes that is correct It was probably one of my biggest of many professional cups that I've done Do top press record. Well I didn't even get to that point but The the pressing recalled thing. I can say that I did to Ruby rose in grant Smiley grand follies prominent Australian Day Jay and I did an interview with them and then I was like Oh my God and Ruby. Rose was like you didn't press record. Did you never be rise? I didn't anyway so 'cause I used to work in commercial radio so I used to like Interview lots of like bands and pastas and stuff. It was pretty cool and I write scripts for like a radio show But Yeah House. interview Thirty Seconds Tamaz. He's banned turing and then I dislike Ozzy my early twenties and then I just like posted on facebook about it. 'cause like back then we just saw that like Al personal facebook without personal facebook. We can say whatever we wanted on there and just be like released super unprofessional. You ended up basic era of facebook. Waiter slide I'm hungry and then you post that yet. Nothing funny about it just like just complaining. You know say the bitch your like are the ones that are like just do with some people right. Now don't talk about it and then everyone who kebe that kind of shape and you're right you're right. I don't want to talk about it. Just WanNa post about it and got some attention get attention so I posted on Was a cool job. That had now is like. Oh my God. I'm supposed to be interviewing like jared letter tomorrow but like I didn't even care like I was never into him like I. I don't even like jared ladder. Just posted that fired of that and then Auditor not long after my boss comes up in his like Yana Interviewing Jared leto. Tamar anymore and well because I forgot that the publicist that worked for the Record Label. That was looking off the giant Used to work at our company and my facebook friend. She at appreciate that end up being and then I got banned from doing interviews so and so you went straight by T. facebook and just went. Oh my God even more aleve. How much of an asshole? My boss is just annoying and I felt like some probably exciting anecdote like probably up but usually very exciting yet. You more exciting than I was going to interview him and I didn't. I think I learned to listen from that. But I'd like to blame jared leto somehow. I I never stopped right. So born in Bossier in Louisiana and Bossia and it's across the river city Shreveport have they share an all women's flat track Rolla Dhabi tame called the twin city knockers. I mean steady knocked his like I want so alike. I think I need to have a TESA sitting on. It should open thirty seconds to Mars shirts. Really feel proud of where he came from. Yes he was an Ala. A women's sport that's what he would do. That's right jared letter. Why are you dragging your feet on the old Rowley Dhabi? Yeah so he went to art. School like really cool. People like main did and like fine art painting. Fine him or me either but I did and I don't know I think Hedo that he really he. He gravitated towards the film school. Kind of thing. I can imagine him just like hanging out with these unique friends but like tolkien. A lot about all the amazing Jake's is GonNa work on but just getting started in like partying but not really that people would be like. He's amazing because he's attractive because he's yeah he's the hot guy. The Party Smoking Dariz token talking about on. Wa can have another one of my roles. Yeah of course you can have my loss via an always acting stuff so he started in my so called life. Playing Klay dines love interest. He was window. Narodni boyfriend in going to -rupt it which I just think I mean the star of The star of that movie is really the chickens under the bit. So pull pull jared. He's always a supporting act up. I feel like I just. I feel like L. interrupted his one of those movies. Detroit of the like Crazy Hawk. Go and then. She's like Oh. Isn't there a same wishy? Like CAUGHT SOLAR HAIR OFF. One of those is it. Engine DOTS with Angelina. Jolie's in that. Yeah she's Hot and light doing a whole like I'm a crazy hot gale and like oh I'm Gonna I'm crazy. Imminent cut all my hair off with like really blunt seizes but then looks really hot off towards the accident. Oh my God that was I was trying to. I was trying to act out now. I've got an adorable Picot. What's Woopsie I still up to make the hey? He kind of played a member in fight club. He was obliged blunt dude cold angel face which. I'm sure he loved. He played a heroin addict. Requiem for a dream with a really mucky on and he was an American psycho and he's got corn rows in panic room. I don't remember him from that at all so I looked up. Looked him up on the trial and oh he's never looked. Why Shaw Guard and that saying something else there would have been like. Oh my God that was again. Was that like when you could get away with a cultural appropriation. Imogene Lynn. Yeah for that. He won all sorts of awards for playing a Trans Woman in Dallas Buyers Club and then he won all sorts of people calling him decayed in suicides. squad when he played the and it was 'cause he does these hardcore method acting where he loses hates away or he I think to play Heron. He gave up sex for two months and donate so. That's like not giving up sex for a lot of people there like that. Yeah that's like a normal two months yeah but fit fit fit. I've gone full full methods like two months without sex like much. Like normal people like they. Maybe they can't get six for that. Make make giving up edgy. Might Toast for one day. That's a terrible. That's a really. It's a really good analogy. But even on this set of suicide squad. So hey he's idea of method acting was to everyone was supposed to call him. Mr J instead of jared because Jirka and hey played hilarious pranks on people like Sending costs members dead pigs. I know bathes use condoms and live rats. This why and there was. Isn't there a worse thing? The used condoms used condoms. Like what that's not that makes use. That's like a yeah. That's bullying and abuse. This is why actors get away with so much. She like they just all this. So eccentric is like nor that's psycho and no one should have to put up with used condoms being sent to them odds. Yeah I'm just sending you some of my chest up. Jeez because I'm just getting into character. Oh He's a dick yet his dig in. I feel like that says a lot about his personality I I just want to like I mean. He's like he's hooked up with a Lotta people as I said but think like Human Lindsay Lohan will on and off for awhile during a movie together about the that killed John Lennon and she was the love interest on white for that one so all that yeah he looked we'd maybe he wasn't having sex Lens Lindsay Lohan. Really it was. He was method. I'll yet he was just pretending to he was going back to to method. Acting will okay. So I don't know if you saw this dylan sprouse of the sprouse twins that will like childhood tain stocks that had like a Nickelodeon Linsey Lynsey these Dr Sar- He tweeted in late May twenty eighteen. He was like your jared letter now that you've slid into the dams of every female model age age. Twenty five what would you say your success right is and James Gone? You know who is no? He was like the director of like guardians of the galaxy. Okay off and He got cancelled because of saying heaps of problematic she'd on twitter up Yeah he responded with he sought at eighteen on.

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