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"rowena corbin" Discussed on Today in Focus

"The peasants business running the campaign for the tourism cooled Isaac Libido he is former right hand man to Lynton crosby and very much seems to be in the crosby. I te mold of running elections actions which is safety first and having a small number of slogans that you hammer away over and over and over again we can get brexit done. We go seven days Brexit get it done by January thirty first and come out. Let's get brexit done. My friends get on with our P probably identify identify that with his campaign. Now he's got a small number of policies really that he's talking about all the time. Which are the twenty thousand police officers? We elite say the streets to be getting and the fifty thousand nurses which it subsequently emerged that not all of them will be new nurses qualifying beam thus retained his pad down the number of things. He's talking about a very slim number of things and that was reflected as well in the manifested through. She came quite late in the campaign again to minimize the potential for mistakes. Let's for sensible moderate tax cutting one nation conservative government. And take this country. Ford's thank you very much and it really honed down into these very few areas that he wants to focus on and of course returning people to Brexit and this idea uh-huh because after brexit done by January thirty even though of course it will drag on for years and years and years and have a in two thousand seventeen. The digital campaign for Labor was a massive thing is not the same this time round again. Yeah you've still got people in South side putting out very nice little slick videos and also there's a videographer. Who goes around? I'm with Cuban and takes little videos off him just launched on new manifesto. So I thought I'd take sixty seconds to run through his many. The policies of the mental is also putting out its own material of which is including I think more attacks against Boris Johnson. Johnson which is something that Jeremy Corbyn has tended personally to stay away from in that first interview. He did with him. He said they go wego high. But you've seen other senior diaper figures do that and you've certainly seen that in this multimedia material to say Boris Johnson lacks. A moral. Compass is like saying that the flat society lacks an actual compass to our we jealous in fact of Labour's incredible online out pope but they have made some changes in comparison to previous elections. They've got these two young dish leary's from New Zealand. Excellent and one of the hallmarks is shaky camera videos of Boris Johnson. Talking about his way. Like T- Varsha. I'm I'm good. How you what's been on your mind today with? The prime minister has been doing a lot of facebook life direct to the viewers type of many videos that spread across facebook. Good afternoon needed. I'm speaking to you live from my desk in Downing Street. And what media outlets in front of the line for interviews in the garden afraid not in front of the queue for major interviews have been the son which had a full absolute run through day on the campaign aim trial with or is Johnson. Day I I think genetic bunch late now I I. I sometimes succumbed flap Jax. We haven't been given a chance to have an in-depth grilling of him. But we've had a couple of questions as we asked him about his reaction to the London Bridge terror attack and politicizing it and which is what he was accused of pages by David Barrett. The father of Jack Merit. I'm GonNa Start Jack Merits. Let's father David Moore has said your response to the London. Bridge attack has been beyond disgusting and you also question. The Tory manifesto launch left the prime minister floundering. What was that about what happened was the conservatives changed their twitter handle from conservative? HQ to fact check UK's masquerading the fact is an independent fact checking and they go a whole heap of criticism including from Proper authentic fact checking organizations on twitter. South I'm afraid that the The twitter sphere is not really my My province but I what I what I can say is that I'm informed that don't the Labor have some sort of operation which is reinvested. Yes I was slowly taken by surprise probably because I was pretty sure he wasn't going to kill me for a question. They were sort of thrown off balance by the question. It's then started pretending that he had no idea what I was talking about. I I will. I will praise myself of the details of this but when it comes to as I say when it comes to trust import and then rambling on on about the content of the snark. There is one loose like the the hunting of the snark or the quest. The onset of Fermat's it's lost theorem more the riddle of the Sphinx. The Bermuda Triangle. He was like twitter. Look loud and the revealing thing is actually that. I'd also exactly not the same question a week earlier. Off Camera Sensing unexplained exactly what had happened. He didn't know what you did in terms of the media strategy more broadly. I mean I was amazed that when we tried item fail to get Jeremy Corbyn onto namesake's they said they haven't spoken to a single podcast so presumably it's quite traditional. Yeah I think is what tradition in a way. They've done plenty of those how's set-piece broadcasting's fees including of course that mom with Andrew Nailed it. Some Boris Johnson has dodged. Wouldn't you like to take this opportunity tonight to apologize apologize to the British Jewish community for what happened. What else I is this? I am determined that our society will be safe for people of all. Oh face I don KNAPP was aside Jeremy Corbyn he was tired. I think he can be a bit techy. He can bear defensive. Can I explain what we're trying to do you. Have you been given plenty of time to do. I asked you if you wanted to. He can also be Roy and warm and very happy to answer questions. I asked him a question last week at a press conference otherwise about brexit about Anti Semitism. And you know he owns a very robustly. But in that Neil interview you saw less pleasant side of him unfortunately that was the clip that then got shown on. Have I got news for you on the Friday. Night as a representation of Labor's campaign for that week Rowena Corbin and clearly felt stung by his under Neil interview. Not least because Labor for Boris Johnson was going to do as well in fact the prime minister. Although he's done head to head debates is refusing to do this despite all the other leaders putting themselves up for grilling that's bad. Isn't it bad for the BBC and bad for him is terrible really and an acknowledgement. That Andrew Nail is a very ferocious interviewer. They were furious when Andrea Neil had a popper. Ah Boris Johnson that went viral and has probably now been watch more on twitter. The actual program would have been. We have an interview prepared oven. Ready as Mister Johnson likes to say the theme running through our questions is trust and why so many times in his career in politics journalism critics and sometimes even those close to oh him of deemed him to be untrustworthy. It's just one of those things I think. The Tory campaign. We'll have taken the calculation that they can just get away with effectively because qualified people won't know Andrew Neil and the difference between him and other interviews. They might see him. Doing some debates awesome more softball programs such as this this morning. Good Morning Philip Scofield and Holly Willoughby although they were very tough on on Jeremy Corbyn and they did manage to get. I wanted to apologize for his comments about Muslim. Woman wearing full face veil being like letterboxes. I think what people want to know is what are we gonNA do now. What is going to be prime minister? Why would you say something like that coop? Industrial of questions at press conferences and he does take questions from a wide set of publications and I should also say you. You and I have both been at press conferences. In the past. I think where journalists have been booed or criticized and they've made a point at pretty much every 'cause I've been to this time of saying about about jumping. Donald said it very strongly the other day it's journalists job to ask questions and we will not do. I think it's dawned on them that that's not a very comradely approach. And he's not a great. Look Okay so you you know front the key for a sit down but you have got up close and personal with Boris Johnson in this campaign. I mean I wouldn't say that US us. Bus.

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