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"rowen tapper" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"And traffic now It's two oh two I'm Becky Lynn here's our top story Arizona votes today is primary election day in Arizona and, secretary of state Michelle, Reagan says in a tweet that mirror COPA county should seek a court order. To, keep some polling places open, pass today seven PM closing time and that's because of problems that some. Valley polling places that miracle county recorder Adrian Fonterra's blames on a contractor be sure and listen for our primary night coverage hosted by Jim Sharpe we'll have that special. Coverage beginning. At eight, o'clock right here on KTAR news Senate majority the Senate majority leader's looking for the best way to honor the late Senator John McCain he says there are plenty of ideas to consider beyond renaming a building back in two thousand the Senate approved recommendations to add two additional portraits to the capitol Senate reception, room right, off the, Senate floor only seven senators in the entire history of, defensive Kouchner honored with portraits there this morning on the Senate floor Mitch McConnell announced, they he'll put together a. Bipartisan Mitty, to make the ultimate decision Well here's some good news if you're flying out of sky harbor airport for the Labor Day weekend KTAR's Griselda zetino is live in the news. Center to tell us about it a new report by reward expert finds Phoenix harbor is the fourth best airport in the US to get you to. Your Labor Day destination on time I can say that, whether is definitely a major factor it's after. The peak of the heat seasons Rowen tapper, with reward experts says another reason some of the major airlines with high-performance. Is fly out of sky harbor the report also finds Friday and Tuesday are the worst days to. Fly for the Labor Day weekend the best days when dance. Thursday before are typically fairly good the Wednesday after is also very. Good live in the news. Center I'm Griselda zetino KTAR news this is a horse of. A different color over the weekend Phoenix, firefighters were called to a pool rescue near twenty second place in Phoenix where a homeowner's Pat horse, had fallen into their five feet deep pool Firefighters came to. Help poice the horse out of the water the horse named cowboy had no reported, injuries.

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