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"rottweiler grand prairie" Discussed on NewsRadio 1080 KRLD

"And weather together about on the eighth coming up. How about them Cowboys? Yup. The Mike Fisher our Cowboys insider joins us next to talk about the game. Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. And it's seven hundred eight it's delays in northwest Dallas because of an accident. Let's it right over to Randy fuller. Northbound thirty-five Eamon Yana. An accident is blocking two left lanes. Thirty-five e backup is almost a Rio row, then a long loop twelve it's past Rottweiler grand prairie. Westbound thirty past MacArthur stall is still blocking things up in the left lane. Traffic is slow to chalk hill and oak cliff northbound thirty-five from loop twelve there are pockets of slow traffic to Colorado. And then it's clear in downtown from there. And that's it over to Julian Rogers with a look at an accident now in north Fort Worth they all we've got to on thirty five. Now, this one's in trouble area as it is thirty five north north Tarrant Parkway that part seems to get very busy right now the seven o'clock hour now you've got an accident blocking the left lane. We're backed up from bass would northbound thirty five at rip e that's a wreck in the left lane. So coming from I twenty we're gonna see a lot of gridlock there in south Fort Worth as well. Northwest sleep. Eight twenty roadwork wrapping in the right lane around Kobe drive. That's just before you get the lake worth. And things are still slow back through the lake worth bridge at over to Silver Creek road in fair park. Westbound thirty near first avenue there was a stalled vehicle in the left center lane that has just cleared Cylcing the residual from Jim Miller downtown Dallas near the end of the ramp from southbound Cesar Chavez to eastbound thirty. There's an accident slowing traffic there garland of plano, westbound Bush turnpike slows from fire, we'll Parkway through brand. And then again as you head towards the seventy five exit where there's an accident being reported on the shoulder. Thanks to Gary for..

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