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"ross horace willard" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"You ever listening to Charles Lawton Norman Carbons, adaptation and production of Sandberg First of an American village e based on the works of three great modern writers. With Mr Louder than the cast where Hans Conrad while he man Residues mccambridge Dick Ryan Joan Lauren will ride. Joe Grandba- Lorraine Tunnel Bob Bruce Norman. Field Ross Horace Willard. Jong Franklin Parker Harry Bartell, Edmar and Earl Robinson. Bernard, Herrmann composed and conducted the original score. At the same time next week CBS. We'll bring you the second program of an American trilogy Carlin's production of selections from the writings of Thomas. Again with an original score like Olympia has prize winning Bernard Hermann. The ionized these big John Program was cancelled tonight in order to bring you the previous broadcast. Big Town will be heard at the same time next week over these stations. Let the CBS the Columbia Broadcasting System. It's up to the minute coverage of the invasion of western. Europe. CBS World now brings the latest news development followed by reports by its correspondents at home and abroad. I for the latest news dispatches here is John Daly. Here is what we know officially about the progress of the invasion of Europe at this moment, the second communique from Supreme Allied Headquarters issued early this evening, eastern wartime told us that our forces succeeded in their initial landings, and that fighting continues. Our landings were affected undercover of a heavy air and naval bombardment. We know officially that our naval casualties were light, much lighter than expected rather than Roosevelt, told his radio best conference after noon today, eastern wartime United States naval losses where to destroy US and one landing ship for tanks. To rear admirals of the United States Navy would have bought cruises which took part in the naval bombardment, which preceded the landings Rear Admiral Alan Goodrich, Kirk, commander, of one of the Task Forces Watch the operations from his flagship the cruiser. And Rear Admiral Morton L. Deo was in command of the cruiser Tuscaloosa in American, battleship Nevada pace. The thousand allied ships that made up the striking ARMATA. We know officially to modern. The thousand troop-carrying planes and gliders dropped allied paratroopers and other airborne troops behind the German lines in France. The airborne phase of the operation met with what the Allied High Command described as unexpected success and prime minister Churchill told the House of Commons earlier in the day, but I'll parachute. Troops seized the number of vital bridges before the Germans had time to blow them up. Churchill gave the only official allied indication of just where our troops landed, and how father have advanced. He announced that allied invasion spearhead penetrated the railroad town of Khan nine and a half miles inland, but reports from the German indicate tonight that forces pushed inland from seven and a half to ten miles at key points along a sixty mile front, and the radio said where thirteen miles inland one point north of come. While the official reports are happening, but meagre in detail we do know from the request correspondence and allied pilots who flew over the battle area. That I'll progress appears to be good in every area. We know too that there's no German counterattacks up to this time. Although such attacks are expected momentarily at eight PM Eastern wartime the German controlled Peres radio that an important American naval. Squadron was cruising off Chevron. CBS correspondent child culling would reports that we have already taken some German prisoners. He saw them line up at the end of one of our beachheads. At the same time, the first wounded men from the invasion front have landed back in England and about them. We have this report. Despite their wounds, many were cheerful and smiling. To round out the unofficial reports in the invasion, the London Daily Mail seven dispatch from Stockholm, but Adolf Hitler is expected to make a speech soon from somewhere in the west, where he said to be personal command of the Anti invasion operation, and that's the best news we've had today considering his record debate as commander of the German forces in the field. Now a picture of American fighting men, and how they react in battle by one who has seen them in action. Here is Colombia's war quarter when Reynolds. I know nothing about the mass strategy of war, and it would be presumptuous for me to try to guess what will happen tomorrow or the next day, and I have no idea tall to the final outcome of this most daring all military operation. But I do know Gi Joe. I saw him in action in Sicily and Salerno and I know his reactions. I, know his hopes and his fears. I know that he has been looking forward eagerly to this test. Just as he wants, looked forward to playing and a big high school football game. All. He was a bit nervous about it, but he knew that once it began. His nervousness would leave. It was tough. The Gi Joe Crossing the channel last night. Because, he knew they were enemy minefield that had to be crossed. Then, sitting there on the deck of a ship. Had nothing to do. Nothing to do but think. It was a chaplain. Every lodge ship in the invasion Amada. Chaplain was running during the Sicilian invasion during the Solano operation at Anzio. The G. Gi Joe doesn't want. Any sermons preached to him just. Before we goes into battle. He wants a pat on the back. Sometimes he wants to talk. To unburden himself. That's what Gi Joe did last night. That's got talking with the Padre. And it didn't matter much. What faith the Padre belong to? All chaplains wear the same uniform. And there was only one God at the front. and. The invasion fleet mid the enemy code. Now Gi Joe tightened up. Examined as M, three submachine gun Catholic took it apart, but it together thing it is clips Savannah Munition. He kept telling himself that he wasn't afraid. Telstar once said and Warren piece. Every. Soldier is afraid that he will be week at the decisive moment. Telstar was right. G. I O. G. I joe felt that way. Well. They got near the enemy coast. Nervousness increased. Maybe, he lit a cigarette, then tossed into the deck when an office called sharply, but that out. And, then it was h our. It was tumbling over the side into a waiting LCI. Himself because there was a slight swell, and he grin weekly at his pals indistinct in the same dog. They all spelled as he did. was like that high school just before the kick-off. then. The boat started tug Shar. Wasn't much opposition as I went to show. The boat grounded a few feet from the beach and Gi Joe out keeping his gun high over his head. Adjusting steel helmet. The German, modern machine gunfire opened up. He! Had the bullets whistling past and he ducked instinctively. And he laughed sheepishly. There are no foxhole meaningless channel. He surged fall within the Cold Water Abrasive. Many hit land. Sappers attached to his company dashed ahead to be sure that we're. No mind. Now suddenly, the nervousness left G. Joe. He looked cooley ahead. And when he saw flash, the automatically lifted as Tommy got an sprayed clip of bullets. Now, his long training tone. He did things the right things instinctively. Avoid booby traps and.

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