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"ross gerber ceo" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"ross gerber ceo" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Emergency citing the risk of the sometimes deadly virus could expand to other countries beyond the the smattering of cases outside China so far IBM whose names are been Christian as chief executive officer replacing the long time CEO Ginni Rometty Krishna is currently the head of IBM's cloud and cognitive software unit was a principal architect of the company's purchase of red hat shares are advancing now by up by almost four percent after the bell Amazon dispelled concerned about the cost of next day delivery by reporting holiday quarter revenue and profit crush Wall Street estimates stock is now searching after hours by just about eleven percent big move for Testor today after its earnings beat estimates shares up ten point three percent Tess was expecting a production delay in China so could that be problematic for Tesla the question for Ross Gerber CEO and corporate power sucky wealth management who was our guest right here on Bloomberg businessweek all matter for almost every company in America we're taking risk off everything the Chinese are saying it's a lie hundred times worse than what they're reporting world wrestling entertainment shares a major SmackDown for the stock there it's at twenty nineteen earnings came up at the low end of estimates of replacing its copresidents effective immediately shares are plunging right now by twenty one percent stocks higher SMP up ten up three tenths of our one twenty four of four tenths nasdaq up twenty three up three tenths ten year yield one point five eight percent and gold little change up twenty nine cents the ounce I'm Charlie palette and that is a Bloomberg business slash all.

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