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"ross dante pettis" Discussed on Big Blue View

"Are we going to see you. Know some splash plays from from zizou jewelry. Are we going to see anything from carter coughlin. How much is lorenzo. Carter going to do. I mean he. He sat out friday's practice. Joe judge hinted that there is an injury of some sort. didn't tell us what what that entails. Any probably isn't going to tell us either. So we'll see if carter does much of anything see if carter coughlan ken. can impress. See what What i he. Oh denic bo brings to the table. It'd be interesting to see you know which edge rushers also another competition to to keep an eye on is of course the competition for backup wide receiver spots john. Ross dante pettis. Cj board austin mac. The newly acquired damian willis's in that competition now David sills kid who was really really impressive. A year ago. Who had a chance to talk to A few days ago Please make sure you check out the feature that i did on sills at biglou dot com. If you haven't done so already sills is also a guy in that competition and appears to be off to a good start in training camp so and again you know once we get to pads once we get to really competitive situations. That's when we start to get a look at players who are standing out players who are falling behind the sort of stock up stock down kind of things that we really haven't been able to do or look at thus far in camp. This week is also going to be interesting. Because in addition to matt pert. Who's back we should start to see the return of some of the injured guys. Some of the guys that have been on the coverted list could area's. Tony has been off the cova list for a few days. But we really haven't seen him on. The field would expect to see tony. The giants first round. Pick get some reps at least an individual drills early this week and get back on the field. Get into some team periods as the week goes along as he has the giants. Try to find a way to fit tony into into their twenty twenty one offense the young man for a variety of reasons between shoe issues and not being present at voluntary. Ota's as and and leaving practice early during minicamp. He's already missed a ton of reps early in the season. Tony needs to get on the field. He needs to stay on. the field. needs to get comfortable you as an nfl player. Get comfortable in this offense build a rapport with daniel jones so that he can become a useful part of the twenty twenty one giants offense. There are obviously gadget plays that the giants can run for tony. You know the quick screens. The jets sweeps all that kind of stuff but it would be nice if he could do more than that. In addition to You know part return kickoff return if the giants choose to use him there as well but it. It'll be nice to see tony back out on the field this week so so hopefully. Hopefully that happens and You know we get some of the other injured guys back soon as well. It would be nice to see ocean's immunised get out on the field fairly soon. Don't know if for when that might happen. don't know what might happen. Also in terms of some of the roster moves. we haven't heard yet You know the giants have added several players Looney being one willis being another veteran linebacker. Todd davis perhaps the addition of running. Back alfred morris coming as well we haven't necessarily heard what what corresponding moves. The giants are going to make. I would assume that we will hear most of those on You know throughout the day on monday and we'll keep you guys up to date the best we can going forward with with those moves as we will with with anything and everything to do with the giants and training camp also guys wanted to talk a little bit about About the giants offense. We know how bad the offense was a year ago. Thirty first in the league in points scored nowhere close to good enough to be a representative. Nfl caliber playoff team. We know how much emphasis the giants put on on upgrading. That offense kenny golladay. Kid area's tony kyle. Rudolph bringing in devante booker as a backup running back on adding john. Ross doing you know. Re revamping the offensive coaching staff especially around the offensive line. So a lot has been done in there was a lot of There was a lot of consternation. I guess is the right word on friday when the offense struggled against the defense in an eleven on eleven period. And listen you know. It wasn't great the balls on the ground too much daniel jones through a bad ball over the head of evan. Ingram that gut intercepted by logan ryan. He and of course it's okay god. He threw another interception toward anger. I'm here we go again with that nonsense which happened way too much last year but look the giants defense. The secondary is very very good. It's very talented. Most of those guys already have a rapport. Most of those guys have played together even newcomer. dorie jackson. You know has played a lot with logan ryan so he knows so so. There's some chemistry already there. The secondary is pretty well established. It's one of the best secondaries in the league. The giants are really just putting the pieces of this offense together. They're really just building the timing building chemistry in building the things necessary. You know to to run a competent quality passing attack and on friday. It didn't look great. You know obviously i was. There didn't look great. it looked sloppy. The as i said the ball was on the ground. Too much there weren't enough completions. The defense dominated the action on friday. But but i'm not gonna flip out about that. It was one practice. It was the first competitive practice of training camp. I really competitive eleven on eleven period and and and it didn't go great for the offense but it's you know it's so it's a starting point look at it that way We'll hope that things get better. Hopefully this week will see some signs of improvement but really the idea for me is to see a little bit of improvement. Some steady improvement in the timing. And how the offense you know in in the timing in the the chemistry with daniel jones in the wide receivers. I'm looking at those joint practices coming up against the browns and the patriots in a couple of week weeks and by then. I really want to see some progress. I don't wanna see the giants..

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