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"rosita muffet" Discussed on WTOP

"Are the characters that taught our children that taught me and taught all of us how to be a friend. How to love people. How to read, how to be a good person. A recent viral video showed a life sized rosita muffet snubbing to black girls and only interacting with white children. His agent says in 1950s and 60s TV star has died. Leave it to beaver. Tony Dow played the Biebs big brother Wally. What's this, Wally? Has no official scout compass. I don't know exactly how it works, but when you start off somewhere, it's supposed to tell you which way you're going. I was 77 suffering from a recurrence of cancer post on the actor's Facebook page Tuesday, announced his death, prematurely. S&P futures down 12. This is CBS News. Find great hires fast with indeed. Their end to end hiring solution makes it easy to attract interview and hire candidates all in the same place. Visit indeed dot com slash credit. 5 O three on this Thursday morning, July 28th, partly sunny hot and humid with scattered storms, highs in the low 90s today. Good morning, I'm Bruce Allen. And I'm Joan Jones, and the top stories we're following this hour, D.C. police are investigating a pair of shootings that happened yesterday in southeast, about 200 shots were fired at the crime scenes. There was a deadly shooting last night in the Washington highlands neighborhood in southeast. Police say one man was killed, two others were injured and taken to the hospital at the scene about 90 shell casings were found by investigators similar to a shooting that had happened hours earlier just a couple miles away were a pregnant woman was shot and injured. Again, police recovered roughly 90 shell casings there

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