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"rosie ries" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Sanders rap career. It's GonNa be a great chapter in a book. You know what I mean so sort of a chance to have some fun with some things but also delve into some issues. I tackle the designated hitter tackle artificial turf. I tackle the retirement of Jackie. Robinson's number is being a bad idea. The other one that I see in the area in baseball is I'm sitting here in San Francisco where our network is headquartered in San Francisco's crazy crab. Now a Lotta people around the country and around the world may not be aware of this aspect of sports. Tell them all about it greg. The crazy crab was one. That sort of broke my heart. Because you have to admit that in in In inspiration the crazy crab is not the worst idea in sports history. And it's not even I don't think in the in the top. I think number forty one on the list but the crazy crab was a mascot created by the San Francisco giants. They wanted they wanted to kind of outdo the San Diego Chicken so they decided to to create a mascot so they held a poll and all the fan about two thirds of the fans the poll they they didn't WanNa Mascot at all so the giants decide to kind of take this backlash in the momentum of it and create the first anti Nasqad which is crazy crab and the crazy crab that you can imagine the sort of a like a like a pancake with arms google is. That's kind of what the crazy crab look like and they all the whole gist of the of the mascot was the draw the ire of fans and unfortunately the fans really took to that mission and started throwing things at it and in pelting it with things and In the final game of the season the last time the crazy crab was the team mascot The guy in the suit was actually a fearing for his life Defense had turned on him so much. So from that aspect it was a success but the anti mascot clearly one of the worst ideas in sports history know Greg as well as I do that the national anthem is a very special part of baseball and everybody remembers Roseanne. Barr singing down in San Diego but you have a story in this book about when Carl Lewis. Attempted to sing the national anthem scratching. Spit incident will always go down as one of the most egregious in in sports history. But yes Carl Lewis before a New Jersey Nets game without a doubt the single worst rendition of the national anthem. Perhaps in human history He forgot the words. You know. He's Kinda got a speaking voice like a buffet and at one point he tried to drop it down to sort of this Barry White Baritone to kind of make up for the fact that he couldn't get any of the notes that added to the Hilarity The fans booed him afterwards. The greatest moment of that whole thing was that was that night on Sports Center when they showed the highlight. Charley Steiner. Who usually is a real stone-faced Kinda guy breaks up in laughter for what seemed like twenty five minutes as they showed the highlight of this thing? It's a priceless videotape. It might be the funniest thing that's ever happened on. Espn one of the areas. That I'm looking forward to reading in your book is called Moronic immediate. What your payment story in that area you know. Unfortunately that's another place where you find a lot of fodder you know the media winds up screwing up sports more than helping sports. That's where you find the Heidi game. That's refined Dennis Miller on Monday night football. I think pay per view. Boxing has killed that sport. But one of my biggest pet peeves without a doubt and you fight it in the more Arctic Media Chapter TV. Timeouts you know I remember going to. Sporting events are actually enjoying myself. You know not having to sit there twiddling my thumbs. So they can show a bunch of local commercials for car dealerships. Well I'm at the game. Tv timeouts ruined a lot of sports and Hockey TV. Timeouts basically given defenders time to catch their breath. You think back in the eighties when Gretzky scored all those goals. They didn't have that luxury in the area of Chutzpah and you have a segment called. Liar's a lot of our younger listeners. May Not remember about Rosie or Ruis what she did in the marathon. Tell everybody about that. Rosie Ruiz in the Boston marathon that is a classic case of a liar. Trying to pull a fast one out on the sports community rosaries The Boston Marathon. Abi She she's twenty six years old. She finished eleventh in New York Marathon. Then in nineteen eighty. She finishes the Boston Marathon in two hours. Thirty one minutes and fifty six seconds. It's the third fastest time in history for female runner But then there were some problems afterwards like the fact that she wasn't exactly tired and she wasn't exactly I dunno sweaty and then When the winner of the men's marathon asked her what her splits were. She answered. What our splits clearly. This was not somebody who had actually run the race and upon further inspection of you know folks found out. She took a lot of shortcuts. She actually rode the train for stretch of the race. She basically cheated the entire way through They throughout our performance if you're out of performance the New York marathon as well and You know sort of a sad side note to the story She wound up getting into trouble with law after that. But Yet Rosie. Ries one of sport's greatest cheaters and and and lying to win the Boston Marathon. One of the worst ideas in sports history and of course turning in that subway ticket At the end of the race was really her? Downfall is the greatest. The greatest part is that she actually claimed once they had video surveillance footage of her You know running off course that. She had been mistaken for a male runner because their hair was short. I like the area in which you write the adventures and Egomania and let's just talk briefly about a couple of all Cogan as a Thespian. That's one of the most frustrating chapters in the book number one hundred and one on the list and you know of the sports athletes turned actors. Hogan I think had the most promise I mean you remember. Rocky three is thunderlips. He was fantastic in that movie. But then it's the law of diminishing returns after that we get suburban commando and Santa with muscles and Mr Nanny He just couldn't recapture that rocky. Glory and went onto one of the worst cinematic careers in movie history. Let's talk about the top five briefly in the time that we have remaining. Let's start with number one the overtime shootout. That's probably the most controversial aspect of the book. A lot of people have have traded. Barbs with me about whether the shootout entertainment value should trump the fact that it's not exactly well you know hockey My biggest problem with it as the fact that it's a skills competition it's no different than determining who makes the NBA playoffs by ending games with three point shooting competition It's not hockey. There's not a single task completed to win a game. There's not a single defenseman on the ice playing his position. And I've asked commissioner Gary Bettman to his face we'll ever see decide the Stanley Cup. And he said no and to me. That's an indication that it's not even good enough to be put in the playoffs. And therefore one of the worst ideas in sports history number two on your list instant replay abuse not instant replay itself. I'm a proponent of some forms of instant replay. My biggest problem is its overuse like marking yardage football game. As if it's going to be able to tell a camera angle is going to be able to tell us something. That's five guys standing around. The ball couldn't tell But my biggest problem with instant replays when it's not used and going back to football pass. Interference is the single. Most important call. Referee can make in the game. It could change the complexion of an entire offense. If Dr we see twenty seven replays of at home but they can't review it on the field. And then you've got number three the coin toss. There's a fifty fifty chance. I'm right on this. I agree with you about this one. Oh the coin toss. It's like having a game of chance. Determine one of the most important things in a football game I mean. Possession of the ball is literally. What determines a winner lost sometimes in overtime. And it's a coin toss. It's like playing a hand of poker or like spinning the giant prices right wheel before over time. I mean why on Earth is this game of warriors reduced to two guys playing old maid basically and the fourth worst idea in sports history. You say is selling your legend. Yes selling your legend. I'm I go back to the Red Sox and Babe Ruth and that curse you go back to the net selling Dr J. And then they're in the DOGHOUSE UNTIL JASON. Kidd comes along anytime you have a player and you sell him to Arrival or an opponent just simply. Because you don't think you can financially compete. It always comes back to bite your franchise and I love this one. The number five one and I agree with you here to the bronze medal from ancient Greece. And the Gano. A symbol of utility. Absolutely we are real. Sports are about winners and losers. Okay you can give trinket the second place. But why would you give one to thirties? Closer to being fourth-placed in the first place. Why not have the aluminum metal pretends place? Then you know what I mean. Just give them all medals you know. Give them all a gold star. The my biggest problem with the bronze medal is that we are rewarding third place. We don't do anything else. Except for horse racing. No one's ever remember who finished third in March madness or finish third in the NFL season. Why in the Olympics do we reward utility? What is what is your favorite story in about a minute in this book. I think my favorite story in the book is is a real briefly The general manager of the Buffalo Sabres back in the the W. H. L. Draft. What draft back in the seventies Actually invented a Japanese hockey player and drafted him because he was so frustrated with how long the draft was taking and only a couple of weeks. Later you come clean and tell everybody there is no tomorrow. Suji Moto the Tokyo Catanha's I made them up and I drafted him and I'm sick and tired of these drastic and so long. I gotTA assume there's going to be another book in all of this because you're going to keep going and keep seeing these things in sports and you gotta run another one Greg. I hope so. Yeah what is it that you like about this book? And what do you think fans will take away from it? I like the fact that it's a good balance between the chapters. That really deal with some of the tougher issues in sports. You know drug testing Bill Mazeroski being in the hall of fame. You know things of that nature. It's a great balance between the ones that you can debate with your friends at the sports bar and the ones that you're just gonNA laugh to yourself about while you're reading this book on the bus on the way to work you know. I think it's a great balance between those two and the response has been really strong. He's got a great review in the Minneapolis Star. Tribune and people seem to really dig everything in the book and I really appreciate that great. Congratulations on it. It's a wonderful book. I'm going to take it with me on my trip and read it from cover to cover. We're GONNA make it a selection of the month on the sports byline. Usa Book Owner Take Care..

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