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"rosie mcmillan" Discussed on Talking Cancer

"Some really useful tips there from Monday Mark. Now this episode on practical support you mentioned earlier a law, which I want to know a little bit more about cuz it sounds very exciting. It's the perfect opportunity really right now to delve into the wonderful support on offer from the partnership between boots and McMillan. So tell us a little bit off more about that. Well, yes the partnership started actually in in 2009. I was there at the beginning seems an awful long time ago, but I remember being really excited about this partnership as a wage. Started together McMillan's a wonderful charity and as a pharmacist the whole organization got behind the partnership and it was raising money through doing silly things of colleagues up and down the UK you through all of our different stores, you know, I at one time a number of years ago. I I even ran the London Marathon my legs are still recovering actually eight years on thought it was but but we were all behind this wonderful partnership and raised a lot of money over nineteen million so far with her boots McMillan partnership, this partnership has created found deeper connections than just a fundraising partnership and and soon after the partnership started sadly, you know, I had a real close up experience of the power of the partnership. My father was just diagnosed with cancer a mesothelioma, you know a cancer the lining of the lung developed over many years through exposure from asbestos and and he was diagnosed in the birth. And sadly passed away the following March and he was he was you know, my hero. I loved him so much and and lots of other people loved him too. And and he had a quite a complicated life experience of cancer. It was it was painful and he was in and out of hospice and there was lots of lots of messing around and and I had been a pharmacist that point for a number of years and I dealt with people, you know affected by cancer on a on a day-to-day basis I guess but it wasn't until I was on the other side of that experience. I realized that we could do better as pharmacists as pharmacists teens Rosie just mentioned it earlier about the power of conversations and and I couldn't agree more that didn't like to talk about things. He didn't complain about anything. He you know, he didn't want to worry any any of us really but I do remember having a conversation with him about dying, you know, and and like I said Rosie said it's so important. Have you know many of our conversations when he was going through? This was was you know, I've had a good day or a bad day. And then occasionally we we had some opportunities just to talk a little bit about deeper and I value those conversations and I remember a conversation turned out to be 2 weeks before he passed away. I promised him something then that something good would come out of this experience that he was having. You know, I I saw how much of a difference that his Pharmacy made in taking some of the hassle out of his experience, you know home is it's a whole load of things to cope with when you go in through cancer and I I know the pharmacy didn't think that they were helping that much and having that much of an impact, but they really were so long. So we we took that away and developed this boots McMillan Information Program just to take this partnership to a deeper more connected sort of level and and and then, you know recognition Using that beauty and feeling good is important for people when experiencing cancer as well. So we then developed boots McMillan Beauty je vais a role as well. And and as of the end of August, we we have over 2,000 boots McMillan information pharmacist. We have over a thousand boots McMillan beauty advisors, you know, they fundraise they advised they improve local connections with cancer teams and connect Healthcare professionals too. And it's wonderful to see it grow. It's wonderful to be a partnership that is more than just fundraising because I know our colleagues really value their ability and to make a difference in people's lives as they go through their experience with cancer. What was your dad's name? His name was Grenville Grenville. Thank you very much a legacy a legacy and home. Such an incredible journey you and melon have had together. Just tell us a little bit about as well that the boots McMillan information pharmacists another it's a very specific role that has been created. What could what can somebody expect if they are hoping to have a chat or an appointment with one of these guys? Will they get extra training for MacMillan, you know wider support or pharmacist own know about medicines and can advise around side effects and what to expect but you know, there's there's other things isn't there, you know, the fatigue the I was fascinated, you know that how to look after your skin if you're going through radiotherapy and watch soaps to use and you know, we we've trained our Pharmacists and our Beauty advises to to help on those more practical different areas that perhaps wage who who are affected by cancer don't want to ask their consultant about that they fear or they hadn't and they remember later on, you know, our boots McMillan information pharmacist said there to answer those questions signposts log. The services they can get identified by a little McMillan badge that they were in in our pharmacies or if you go onto a boots.com you can you could find your closest information pharmacist for you to go in and have a chat to really do you need to make an appointment to go in Marko. I mean if you're there and you see something I didn't know that about the that's how you identify boots my billing information pharmacist by the badge. I didn't know that so that's that's that's great. That's great to know. Yeah, and you can you can go onto boots.com forward slash McMillan and and you can search where your local store is and we took you whether or not that store has a boots McMillan information pharmacist or a boots McMillan beauty advisor. You don't need to make an appointment. You can just go and see them and they'll be able to answer your questions and sign post on and off further advice. And and like I said, you know through the pandemic we've developed the roll into a virtual information pharmacist. Now you do need to make an appointment with that of course, but you go online to make that appointment log. And and then we will connect you with a a virtual pharmacist. Like I said and you can talk to them through an application and see them ask their questions. If you age afraid of going out or can't get out you can still have the service and and a number of people are finding that really helpful as as you know, they struggle getting out and about at this time. Absolutely. I used to I remember when my mom was sick. She was she was so concerned with her feet not being really dry and an uncomfortable and we used to be in Boots the whole time making sure her faith Comforts those things. There's the Practical things isn't it? The little things they make a huge difference like a huge difference indeed Rosie McMillan has got other Partnerships as well in place to enable people with cancer to get practical support. What does that look like? What else is there that it might be worth exploring. We do have lots of other Partnerships as well. We've partnered with Nationwide for example for over 25 years and off. So Lloyds Bank Bank of Scotland and Halifax and the joy of this is that this is how we're able to help people with one of those worries Finance is a huge worry for people going through cancer for for lots of reasons. So and has trained the staff at these Banks so that they actually understand the specific impact of cancer on people's finances. And so that being trained in that they can then offer their expert practical advice in relation to managing finances personal banking mortgage has credit cards. So again, there's more information about these Partnerships on our website. So please do access.

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