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"roscoe ron elving dominica montinaro" Discussed on NPR Politics Podcast

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"roscoe ron elving dominica montinaro" Discussed on NPR Politics Podcast

"Three years old. I don't have no more criminal background. I work pay tax. I'm partisan. Why can they met me? Here. Why that might change on embedded, and we're back and joining me now is I Roscoe Ron Elving Dominica Montinaro. Hey, guys. Hello. Hey. All right. Well, let us just take a minute to take stock. I would say of the past two weeks because I think they've felt rather turbulent for a lot of people between the mail bombs that were sent to democratic leaders, and then the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue Dominica. You've been reporting about a new NPR PBS merit poll that focuses on this question of civility and one sort of top line result from that I found somewhat startling, but also really intriguing and this is that eighty percent of voters say they are concerned that the lack of civility will lead to violence. You know, it's one thing that in the poll people actually across ideological lines agree on that they say that they're concerned that that tone can lead to violence and some would argue in already has right. So the, but the issue here is who do they blame right, and who and that is starkly divided. And frankly, you know, I was going to say a lot of people are just in their corners, very polarized. I mean, but if we look at who people say, they blame more people blame President Trump than a Democrats and Republicans bickering or the media for how it's reported on some of the stuff how many per- like how large percentage so overall of forty percent of Americans say that they blame President Trump when you look at the media twenty nine percent of people say they blame the media for the lack of civility in tone in the poll. Do we also have a sense of whether or not people are aspiring to a different tone. Or if they do want this civility to be different than what it looks like right now, what they do say is that the tone three quarters of people say that the tone has gotten worse under President Trump, and that's significant because. It's far higher than when Barack Obama was president President Trump is a different president a different politician than what the US has seen in modern history. And he is someone who is known for name calling insulting his opponents and very personal ways. And when he talks about immigration illegal immigration is crime. And these criminals are gonna come into the US and hurt people. And that is what he is feeding to the people that support him to his supporters. And so they're getting worked up because they're being told the Democrats love crime. And if you've over Democrats crime is coming those are very stark terms, those aren't terms where we're all gonna come together that language is just not going to do the perennial question that people have an asking about Trump ever since he came into office, which is whether he created the these these conditions or whether he tapped into. Pre existing conditions that were already apparent in this country listening to the poll and who's to blame one thing is not in. There is the American people which we are. We're all Americans lay some of this is just a reflection of the people who were answering how I'm not saying that they're bad. What I'm saying is as human beings when these people are elected if you don't like the politicians, they are elected by American people the media, they may not be hired by. But the the media is a reflection. If you don't like it, you won't read it you won't look at it. You won't you can't take the the personal responsibility out of that. This is a reflection of America as a whole. Yeah. I mean voters it's a great point that Asia's making because voters do not reward bipartisanship in the fact, the matter is the more bipartisan, you are the more that you're seeing as reaching across the aisle and being friends with somebody or giving them a hug, or whatever that image is what goes on..

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