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"ronnie letterhead" Discussed on Absolutely Not

"So here. We are a little update. Bronco is what they say. In italy for everything i laura. We're in italy. Willie supposed to be here next week but because some of the shows got moved around i change that ticket real quick. Got an extra week off. So we came over here we popped down to. We flew to milano then. We went down to modena which is in the emilia remind your region and now we're up in the net zia. What jeff. He's giving me a look he's gonna come on the podcast here in a second so we're in venice a thing that i don't fully understand about italy is that they name their cities. One thing like florence is fed ends. But i'm like if it's florence and why don't we just call it. Fed ends a. You know what i'm saying like why don't we as americans is also call at ferenza anyways something. I'll take up with the prime minister. President i don't know what they have here anyways we're thriving. So what are we doing in italy. Well i was bringing jeffer- his birthday which is the twenty-first very exciting. So he and i had a little trip land and we're going to go straight tuscany that we had some extra days and here we are. I don't even know what i'm talking about. Because jeff is really bothering me while he's getting situated. You do podcasts listeners. Bring him in. He can help explain. What the fuck we're doing here without further ado live from italy his homeland but not really because he's from america but he is italian american talion the one and only the italian stallion ladies and gentlemen my husband. Jeffrey daniels how you doing. I know how you're doing because you're in a good mood 'cause pin stages when the football game and i sit in this hotel room for two hours. I didn't have to. I could have done things. But it's a little overcast. And i watched you watch penn state screaming like an asshole. Well first of all correction. They won about seven hours ago. I just happened to watch it right now. But also i just want to tell you that as much as you bitch and moan about me watching football and my theatrics it's great content for you so i'm happy to be here helping machine helping the machine. This motherfucker said. I've created such a monster with him. It's not even funny. He literally said you know. What would you say. I'm a content machine mkhonta machine. It's disgusting watching college football or any sports. In general i am a content machine new jeff. Okay i don't want you to ever utter those words ever again because that is the do she is thing you have ever said ever first of all just you living your life yes. Is it funny for sure. Why because you're a douche lord. I love you. You married a douche lord. I did marry a douche lord and you married a fucking rockstar. I did and i am richly. Blessed y'all it's just to me. I feel like. I said this on instagram. I need advocacy group for women whose husbands are just entrenched in obsessed with college. Sports professionals were but sports. In general it does works with z sports with z. It doesn't make sense. You're not the coach. No one asked you to chime in honey. You sat here with your ear. Buds in watching this game that aired eight hours behind us. You could just woken up. Looked at the scorn got. Hey we one. There is no fun in that. You are emotionally invested in the game and the outcome. There's children jeff. They're grown adults. They're all over the age of eighteen. So well penn state's questionable all right. Are you in the low hanging fruit. We need to stop this and move on but okay well yes we can move on but the point of the matter is you sat here and a gorgeous hotel wrote notes down a you literally wrote a letter on the chip ronnie letterhead. Who you going to send this letter to. They were some thoughts on the game as it was progressing. I'm sitting there studying film watching what's going on. What are you going to the boys. The group chat your boys who are all sleeping back in america right now. I gather my thoughts. Okay and get ready to disperse to the masses. We can discuss post-game reactions. Still your discussing the notes that you witnessed non-real-time after the game with your boys with the z. Well yeah because they all discussed it last night in the group chat and stuff last night but as you know i left my phone in the bathroom because i didn't want any surprises right so i woke up at seven. Am to p. And the first thing i did was look at the game at 'cause i wanted to know whether or not i'm going to have to deal with an asshole or an angel today and my biggest thing is funny. Is that your mood. Your temperament your general Likeability is always hanging on whether or not this team wins or loses. And i find that it's a jitney sekwa. It's an immaturity thing because said something goes wrong in life. You have to pivot. You were unable and it's men in general. I'm not just pinpointing this on you. A lot of men are not able to pivot post loss. Well in defense of myself and i guess i'm speaking for now the the entire male population of america which is something that you know. I don't want to do. But i feel like i have to do now. Me personally You see that. I don't get as upset about sports and stuff like that when it comes to professional sports because i am just you know the giants lose. It's not a big deal. Why is it not a big deal because college sports and the nfl are very different in nature. And the way they're structured. The giants can lose games and still make the playoffs and have a good season. Which doesn't make sense to me. How do you lose games. Still get to the end because it's just structured differently whereas in college sports if you lose one game you're vodka or two games especially the season is over okay. Also that's why the passion comes a lot more on saturdays than a dozen sundays. You're still an asshole about the giants. No i wouldn't say my mood is nearly as bad. What a giants lose. We're just used to that at this point. Only make a quick clarification is my safety and question. No jeff is not like raising marital hand to me. But it's the huffing italian puffing of you just around a lot of self loathing yes and anger but i don't understand because like i feel like with my job as a comedian. The only person i have to blame is myself but yet again also the elements in the crowd and you know if the bar was too loud in the lighting so there are a lot of other people can also blame. But i just. It's wild to me your reaction and how ih really fucks up your day when you had no part of it that's called phantom and being invested so okay well i hope my fans your fans are invest view the way that i am invested in you and and the state football so okay they have. They showed the same passion That i do for college sports all right anyways enough about this. Let's backtrack where are we. Were living our best life. Let me just tell you this right now. Okay we're in venezuela now and ben is kids a little bit of a bad rap okay. They're like touristy the foods that's some bullshit. You gotta come at the right time. I've always said coming to italy in september is the perfect time. Also i guess because a cove and it's not very touristy right now which is amazing. We're staying off not in the main area venezuela staying right across the water at the hotel belmont ship ronnie painful price not an ad. It's expensive as fuck so happy birthday. Jeff just so you now. Let's hear mealy. I won't eat for a week when we get home. Because this place is pricey but it's worth it for. My italian stallion who honestly has been a pain in my.

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