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"ronnie hextall" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

"Often. we see headman. Show the type of emotion after that call. Now i thought snap yo he lost. He went full full blown. Putter toss. I thought he case so so. He swung his stick. He's a pretty big guy and he's pretty strong right. Clutterbuck moves the puck away. He misses the puck and he ends up catching on the toll. You can clearly so clearly see when the stick hits the toll. It causes his skate to hit a rut and he goes down now. It's an accidental trip. But you still got a call at no. I thought it looked like you could trip. And a little bit before the stick him though so you while he definitely wanted to dive then. Oh no no no no. I don't consider it a dive. But i don't know if his stick was what tripped him really. Okay because i well then. It was just perfect. Time was in his shin pad. Dude you know. I think he hit him right on the to- i don't i i mean check the replay again. I thought it was the right call. And i just figured i bring that up now. One thing that we going back to game three trucks losing his goddamn mine. Too many guys in the ice. I think there was what seven seven guys that was that was game. Two wasn't joya talk. Well no because going back game. Three was wild for lack of a better term lack of a better term. More of a run. Run of a run-of-the-mill game tampa one two to one kind of controversial. What's his name. Brayden point scored the game winner. In the second period. Third period was kinda uneventful by way. Brayden point first tampa bay lightning the score a goal and six straight playoff games. He's been absolutely getting done. But yeah best game to. We had to actually very controversial things going on Brayden point was called for a goaltender appearance after he was shoved into allom off They ended up getting a power play scorn on that but then the refs did themselves. I don't know if they did it on purpose. But they felt the call tampa bay for a too many men in the ice when they scored so basically too bad calls offset each other so it all came out in the wash tampa bay winning the two in game two but yeah there were two like horrifically bad calls but they they benefited each team equally. So i at the end of the day. you couldn't really say team but screwed. Can i talk about a tweet. I sent out now. Here's the thing. I i gotta guess at least half of the people listening right now. Don't even have twitter. Maybe maybe less maybe more but it ain't the entire audience. We have on twitter. I sent a tweet out in that game talking about. If i'm barry trotz i would have refused power play. You know what. I'm talking about. Guys i i said he knows deep down. That goal shouldn't count. Character is what you do and no one is watching guys them guys. If you're not on twitter just know. I had hundreds hundreds of responses taking. I was serious. How the fuck do you think i'm serious. Character is what you do and no one is watching. There's twenty thousand foot the game and three million people watching on tv. This is my favorite response to a. Hey it's a businessman and it's the hardest trophy on earth to win. You take that penalty and you admit it was soft over the off season. Thought like he was paying the stripes off. He's a good coach. I'm still pissed off. The caps didn't pony up the cash to keep them this guy. Actually this is integrity not character characters. How you act when you get caught or not integrity is how you act when no one is watching characters. How you present yourself to people. I mean i don't know dude. It's just so amazing. Fuck around with people online. That have no clue that you're messing with them. Because for me to bring up what character means when a nhl stanley cup semifinals. Going on your the dumbest person in the world and not to mention you say when no one's watching when the whole fucking hockey world is watching the seven thousand people in the arena. People thinking that i'm serious. They buried turned down a penalty flag. Biz i just said point first. Tampa bay late in the scored six street. He actually was the first and seven street as well as the second longest goal goal scoring streak ever in the playoffs reggie leach good ten straight games back in one thousand nine hundred seventy six. He actually won the conn. Smythe is on a losing team back. Then so we're going to see keeps going tonight game five again. We'll be getting back to you later with alan by all right. What two goalies have won the conn. Smythe in losing efforts. Asu gear for the. Oh three ducks and around. Ron hextall eighty seven flies. Ronnie hextall stuck on that. What else what else. We got boys any other knows your soul. Good at trivia. We gotta get you on jeopardy. Zito is he. He used to win fucking saves at his old old jeopardy that when we went on trivia this year he didn't exactly light off to my man no fear there and in the moments he didn't execute when we needed them. I tell how downey was by. I was on your sleeve. I didn't put at the same time. I don't think i left in anything on the board. I mean the questions. We missed even if we got him. We still have lost. That team waxed thus good pro. And i will save man like i love jeff. Some of those questions a hod. Like if you don't follow baseball for those shirt and years that he has those questions but college football college basketball you clueless like down and get him. He was asking seventies and eighties baseball questions. I would have been meant. I gotta ask you guys. Have you ever had your name chanted while. I guess you're kind of out of the question. No offense Has your name ever been chanted in an nhl building. no college. College was actually. Have you worn a hat. Trick against yale hurricane riley's that was that was a way cool that when i had an a. b. you because it was during break so there was about three hundred people in the stands and it was thirty students chanting my name because me and kevin shaffer and other defenseman to defense and with a hat trick in one game business how they had me. I've always hated the ole chant. Because it's like the other canadian senate but they changed. They turned it into. Ira ira. i come to appreciate that while they were chanting patios last game. They had a nice little tune going for him. And that i'll tell you what the crowd and game three on long island was probably the quietest i've seen it. All play shots fired..

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