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Jesus was a man of sorrows

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Jesus was a man of sorrows

"Last year up in Pasco Noah was so busy. You know trying to keep everything going and Excited he gets when things get a little out of kilter and So it wasn't but about an hour before I was supposed to preach I went up to north and I said No. I can't preach today and he wanted to know why now Z. Wilma SOX fell down. And tell you this but I went off from spraying in a left lane. Suspenders at home. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm not gonNA tell you but one aggie joke. You heard about that aggie. That went shopping down at macy's and you know they have escalators and macy's and he got on escalator and the power died and he was stranded for an hour and a half. I'll tell you brother Ronnie Hayes just went down the list yesterday every point. I've got he talked about it and what he missed by the Kurdish gate. Got this morning. So I'm here to say hello from Texas and that's all I know that right. No when when Ronnie started out with Isaiah fifty three. I knew that he was into my material. But I'm going to read the same thing. We're going to start in verse. Two who has believed our report or or he grew up before him. Like a tender plant unlocks root out of dry ground. He has no former coming in. Is that what you should look at him? And no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men. A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and his win one and as one from whom men hide their faces he was despised This is the theme of this lecture. The man of sorrows whom the Prophet Isaiah calls the suffering servant of the Lord Isaiah told a very bittersweet story of the son of God who would become the man of sorrows that he might take away the Sims world. The Jews completely misunderstood this aspect of the Messiah and this is one reason why they rejected him. And we won't look at this part of his nature. Jesus as the man of Sarah's and we want to look at those things that caused him to be classified as such and of course there were many things is recorded in the twenty six chapter matthew and the parallel passages as he went into gets semi. He prayed father. If it can be let this Cup pass from me. And this was the theme of the prayers that he prayed and guess. Emini let this Cup. Pass from me and you wonder just what it was to wait. You referred when he talked about the cup the Cup of anguish and Sarah suffering that he had to endure in order to do the father's will they're great number ingredients that were contained in that Cup brother. Ronnie named most of them yesterday. We're going to name some of them today. Not all of them. But certainly there was the ingredient of physical suffering and the exquisite excruciating pain through which he went as he went through the trials and was beaten and the terrible scourging Jehlum and finally having to carry the cross to Golgotha and then being nailed to that cross and lifted above heaven and earth are between heaven and earth and suspended their naked beaten until his back was bloody mass. All of this is almost beyond our comprehension and this was a part of that cup but it wasn't all because they are other man who have borne as much and yet they haven't drawn men as Jesus did and so there were actually many other things that have been that were added to that cup of suffering that he had to endure. There was certainly the shame and humiliation of the Cross and Hebrews. Twelve in verse two. We are told that he endured the cross despising the shame and do indeed it was a shameful thing and Isaiah the fifty third chapter in Verse? Eight as it was quoted in the Translation and acts eight chapter and verse. Thirty three it talks about in his humiliation is judgment was taken away and he was humiliated as he hung between heaven and earth and yet he could endure all that and he did even though it was hard. This tale was not fit. What failed his cup of anguish. So full there was the weakness the faithlessness of his friends. One betrayed them are betrayed him. And of course this was according to prophecy in the forty first psalm in verse nine mine own familiar friend in whom I trusted which did eat of my bread hath lifted up his. He'll against me one denied him and the rest fled in selfish cowardice. Hostility help to deepen the anguish. He felt that day. Inhale Hebrews twelve in verse three and the new American Standard He talked about the hostility of get centers against himself. And of course the treacherous Judas would be included in this as well as that hypocritical treacherous wickedness of the leaders of the Jews who were only too glad to get the age of Judas and this increase the pain Jesus heart soul as noble as his would recoil in horror at what they were doing. He loves these wicked unhappy records. Even Judas even on us in Congress he come from heaven been made flash in order to save these men and others like them and yet they were rushing impatiently stubbornly into terrible sand and utter ruin for they were obsessed with murdering the Lord of Glory. They rejected his love and mercy. Even as John said in John One in verse eleven he came unto his own and his own received him. Not but you know I tried to do. Just as great as that is the fact that there are countless millions today who had the same attitude toward this one on across that honest his hand and all these others that day his anguish was increased. Magog Behind Judas Naylor's was the awful form of the evil one. John Fourteen in Verse Thirty. Jesus said the Prince of this world come and he has nothing in me and indeed he didn't. He had nothing in common with Christ. He's had no hold over the pure innocence of this lamb of God who take away the sins of the world and yet all around Jesus. He used his terrible power with a senior malignancy in the Jews especially in their leaders and the gentiles and especially in pilot he wreaked havoc and he demonstrated in them that he was and he is to a fearful extent the god of this world. We are told in Luke. Twenty two fifty three was the beginning of the hour of the power of darkness the time of crisis when Satan was allowed to do his worst in this conflict between the seat of woman which was to bruises head according to the prophecy in in Genesis. Three in Verse Fifteen. We need to think about the impact of all of these things that the horror of deaths that any man would feel the humiliation. Shame of the Cross. The betrayal by one of his disciples the faithless cowardice of the others the hostility of senators against himself the deadly combat with the god of this world and all of these combined with caused great anguish and the strongest of good men and yet we still have to go deeper for the real source of this description. That's given of Jesus the man of sorrows or there was something even lower than this behind all of this and that was man San Manziel in the World San rose up against the holy one of God then hit him with all of its fury. You know evil man. Don't get upset. Over this end of the world. They rather glory in it. Even good men. Don't get as concerned as they ought to the holiness the incomparable goodness of Jesus was horrified at at its foul hideous. Enormity grieved at it shocking cruelty towards himself. And it's fatal and suicidal influence in the world he saw it as the basic causes of misery and ruin and death which is so much a part of life man's life and he hated it man especially evil man laugh at they. Ideas at San is at the root of all man's problems even Christians. Don't look at Santa's factually what they consider little sins with as much harder and loathing as they should. Maybe it helped to realize that behind all of the other things that we've named that caused grief in Sarah to the son of man. Was this one basic source. Cnn San not saying but my and yours. Sam's that we don't think are so bad little scenes sometimes we call him white sand as if that's not as bad as blacks in San is rebellion against God. We Don understand that price went to the cross that day suffering for myself and for the sins of all mankind aimed. Nobody could share his suffering. Not even his closest disciple he was suffering vicariously that is suffering for others and so we must do it alone and alone. He must do it. I think. One of the most poignant scriptures and all of God's word the Second Corinthians five in verse twenty one where. We're told that God made him who knows in to be sand. Did you hear that? God made him to be sin that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. Some people try to explain that away. They tell us that he was representativity. Sin For us. I don't know any place in scripture that allows such an understanding as this. I don't know anything that would allow us to take such a liberty everything in scripture points. To the fact that he was made sin for us doesn't mean that he became a senator for he did not ever sin but God put on here on the sands of us all and this is stated time after after time he would endured the wrath that God would have poured out on us water he was the sin. Barrer and it was this. Maso sandwich was the overwhelming burden that he bore in his body on the tree. I Timothy Two twenty four and this is why does that. He bore our sins and has body not in a representative Whitewater. You read that. That's not their people are Sam's in his body on the cross our own tree and we need to believe that. Because that's what you're saying. Sometimes we want to define these great mysteries gwyn sometimes they are beyond finding because they are great spiritual truths that are the beyond man's finite thinking and we can never understand the full import of these things but we need to leave scripture as it stands and that's what scripture says about it. Christ was burying my sense and yours and the sins of the whole world savoring from God and this was what was breaking his heart and the sixty nine saw him in verse. Twenty he said Reproach has broken my heart. I am full of heaviness. I look for some to take pity but there was none and for comforters but I found none and this was a prophecy pointing forward to his time on the cross. I don't believe that we can plumbed the depths of second critiques. Five twenty one is simply beyond our comprehension and yet oddly. We can know something about it if we could simply take it as it is. God made him to be saying that we might be made the righteousness of gone in him and because he was saying he was cut off from his heavenly father for the father is hallway and nothing defiled unclean can come before him and you know this is the only way the only way that Matthew Twenty seven forty six makes any sense when he cried out my God my God. Why has forsaken me? He was not hallucinating when he said that it was because God had forsaken Ame Church and he hung there alone for you and for me when Christ died on the cross in the Holy Father would turn his back on him. Not because he was a senator but because he was bearing San Three in verse thirteen which is a quote of Deuteronomy. Twenty one in verse. Twenty three is a Christ hath redeemed us from the Carson's law having become a curse for us for it is written cursed. Is everyone that hanging on a tree and beloved? The scripture is more ominous in reference to Jesus than any other person for it is in part at least a prophecy of how Jesus was viewed by his heavenly father when he hung on the cross while sustaining and strengthen demand all of his trials and everything else through what you went was the abiding presence of his father and now that fellowship was suffer severed and this is what he dreaded. This is what he dreaded. I don't believe we begin to value the fellowship of our father as Jesus did. I wonder if we can realize the what a great blessing and source of strength that is the fellowship of author but Jesus did and and he was willing to give up even this for you and me. Oh he trusted in God that God would deliveryman indeedy dead but still he had to go through this in order to receive his gory. How heavy with meaning then is the statement that Isaiah makes beginning in the fourth verse of the Fifty Third Chapter? Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows yet. We esteemed him. Stick stricken smitten of God and afflicted but he was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquitous. The chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes. We are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray. We have turned every one to his own way. And the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all listening to that last phrase and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of all it was based on that scripture that Peter made the statement in First Peter Twenty Four. He bore our sins in his body on the tree and he did it. Was that terrible burden. The sins of the world that crash Jesus down to his pier hard sin was utterly loathsome and heinous and now and guess Emini and the next day own Golgotha in a way that simply defies explanation. It came close around in an envelope ing him with its monstrous repulsive hateful nearness all of the world's ends from Adam and Eve's I sent to the last with which the last of living men chow pollute the creation of God. All of them came together. In one burden of accumulated horror on the lamb of God. That takes away the sins of the world as he staggered under that burden and fell on his face. Matthew Twenty Six thirty nine no my beloved that your sins put his face in the dirt of that Olive Orchard that night my sends put him on that tree brother. Ronnie described Alachua. Les How he was nailed to that cross and as you think of the exquisite pain through which he went remember. It was your sins that put him there and mine. All the Roman nails are the Romans nailed him. They're all right but it was because of me that they did it and it had not been for me and my send. It would not have been necessary. Listen bearer of the world hanging there for sins that I have done sins that I don't think are so bad. You really don't look at the price that had to be paid for them. Why did he do it anyway? We sing songs sometimes. One of which is. Why did my savior come to Earth? One of those verses goes like this. Why owned the? Cross be lifted up because he loved me. So you know I get very emotional when I think about this. I hope you do too. How do you respond to that? Love Anyway? The callously shrug it off. Or do you let the compelling Lov of the son of God move you to no longer live your life for yourself but for him who died for you and rose again so I can create teams five fourteen and fifteen the Sarra the suffering of guests Emini the crucifixion is told with a grand simplicity that is so characteristic of scripture and. I guess all students of God's worker familiar with this. There's no rhetorical embellishment of those great scenes of the trial and the suffering through which you went and finally his crucifixion or even semi. There isn't anything sensational written there and yet it is beyond all compare the most outstanding event that was that ever happened on the church at the same time it was the most hideous crime that was committed. They crucified him. He was the son of God. The image of the invisible God Colossians one in verses fifteen through whom the world's were made the Arab all things Hebrews one in verse. Two and they crucified him. He was and he is the radiance of the. Father's glory the exact representation of his nature. Who upholds all things by the WORD OF HIS POWER? Deborah's one in verse. Three and they crucified him. He gave himself to die. And the greatness of the sacrifice shows that tremendous a necessity rising out of the Awful Holiness and Justice of Almighty God and the terrible corruption and alien nation of humanity. The accumulated guild of the sins of the world was a burden that nobody could bear a curse that no one could remove except God himself in the form of this endless lamb of God hanging on across dying for those in the crawl shows the depth of our sin and Alien Nation Beloved. It all shows shows love that is beautiful beyond all other beauty that is wholly above all other holiness that is tender compassion and intent compassionate and intense above all that are selfish. Hearts can conceive when Jesus died. Death on the Cross was the most hateful horrible shameful death that a person could experience. There's an anything today that begins to compare with it. But the Lord most holy died there for our salvation and the glory of his precious. Love sheds an Ara of golden light around that tree of shame to Christians that cross or at least what it represents is the dearest of all things for eight tells with silent eloquence the blessed story of the surpassing love of our master and only savior. Jesus Christ no wonder Paul said God forbid that I should glory saving the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by which the World Is Crucified unto me and I unto the world know. Beloved Golgotha is not pretty for it speaks of misery and pain and speaks to the man of sorrows the suffering servant of the Lord who carried my sins of that dreadful hill and in the place of the skull. He who is the line for the world suffered and died but by his stripes. I am praise. God praise God by death. He eliminated the fear of death. And we know that through him. We will put on immortality and that day when he will transform the body of our humiliation and can into conformity with the body of his glory. Philippians three in verse. Twenty one thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift. Now I'm GonNa ask you question. How have you returned that law? How have you returned it by indifference? Disobedience rebellion or the immediacy of faith how you return it anyway Jesus said and I if I be lifted up from the Earth would draw all men unto myself. John Twelve thirty two. Will you let him drawing you to himself to give your life to him and I hope and pray that this will be the response will make thank you?

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