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"South and east right now, 45 in the district as well as Frederick Douglass and 45. Thank you, Amelia. It's 3 52 now. Argentina's Senate has passed a law legalizing abortion, becoming the largest nation in Latin America to do so. Today's vote is a major victory for the women's movement there that's been fighting for the right for decades. Abortion will be legalized in Argentina up to the 14 week of pregnancy and will be legal after that time in cases of rape or danger to the mother's life. The vote followed a marathon 12 hours. Senate session. Data in Argentina show more than 3000 women have died from clandestine abortions in the country since 1983, Argentina's president says he will sign the bill. Traveling with an emotional support animal in the New year could become more limited as one major airliner says it will not be allowing them on flights. Following the Department of Transportation's decision to not require airlines to accommodate for emotional support animals. Alaska Airlines announced that starting January 11th. They will no longer accept them on their flights. Ray Prentiss with the airline says the animals just aren't trained to be in an airport environment. We have seen incidents of animals misbehaving it on on the airplane moving down the files. We've had incidents of emotional support animals attacking service animals. However, he maintains this does not apply to train service dogs. These air animals that perform a task like Alan for CBS News, Portland, Oregon. Fireworks, maybe part of some people's plans for backyard celebrations to welcome in the new year, But many consumer fireworks are illegal in the area. Any firework that explodes, including firecrackers, cherry bombs, salutes and Roman candles are illegal in the district and throughout northern Virginia and suburban Maryland. Sparklers are prohibited to in Montgomery and Prince George's counties and the city of Alexandria. Handheld in ground. Sparklers like fountains are legal in D. C. All of the Northern Virginia counties and Anna Rondo, Calvert and Frederick counties in Maryland and held sparklers aren't permitted in Howard and Charles counties. Dick Uliano w T o p News We'll check money news for you. Next. It's 3 54. All right. This is Mark Stewart, president of Regency Furniture,.

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