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"ronald griffin" Discussed on Section 138

"Tae oskar hernandez has broken out. He's an amazing hitter at the time that they signed ronald griffin to an extension he. I don't think laura's grill. Junior was even in the outfield yet. I think those a season. They signed him at the beginning of the season that he went down to the minors transition to the field. So i i think that hindsight is twenty twenty and if you're in that situation look at the deal maybe it's a little bit questionable but knowing what the blue jays new then it's not the worst thing in the world of course now it's a little bit of a mistake but we can live through. We can trade him. We can get someone else pitcher wise for it I want to wrap up our conversation now with one last thought from you guys. What do you think would capitalize the perfect offseason for the blue jays. Right is it. Complete now are we. Are we happy. Just walking away with tyler. Chat would robbie ray kirby eight and george springer 'cause we got the pitching somewhat. We got the fielder. We don't really have infield help but that was never something that had to happen. Can you walk away from this offseason. Being happy if the blue jays make no more deals or do you think they have to make another deal and if you do what deal do you want them to make. Who do you want them to go after. Well i think the off season is probably ninety percent complete. I've said like. I said all through the offseason. I want them to acquire a starting pitcher. And i still think that's what they need. Obviously with tyler chadwick kirby. It's very good additions to the bullpen. And those i'm happy with. I'm not at all complaining about those that the same time i still want some type of third starter or second starter depending on the quality of the starter they choose to come to this team and i know a lot of people are gonna say. Trevor bauer is that a possibility. I mean to be completely honest. I think the blue jays and they'll be active in pursuing him. Do think trevor bauer will pick the blue jays. I mean who after today. Maybe he says this team actually looks like it's going to be very good but you gotta think he's also been very vocal on social media about how how how much he's been talking to the other teams that have also been pursuing him. So i think you might end up seeing jake z taiwan walker. Type deal where he fits. The blue jays needs is going to do very well for the team. But isn't you know. He's not the george springer of the rotation. He's he's the guy that will basically do what he's asked to do. You know who knows maybe something like twenty sixteen where they signed up and everybody was angry about why it wasn't david price and we'll has ended up being an ace for three years. So who knows. Maybe that's what we see. They do need a starting pitcher. And i'm going to if it's not trevor bauer. I wanna hold that possibility. Still in my mind but i think for the most part..

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