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"ronald clifton" Discussed on We'll See You In Hell

"From childhood where do I start? I've told a few on here. Patrick Walsh's fag and comes to mind the girl sitting I watch saying that's the that's what everyone called me for. Oh, that's how it spelled on the thing. Okay. Sorry, girl sitting on my back, and forcing me to eat gravel at recess while. Everyone watched first day of kindergarten guy. Slicing my Thia with a broken piece of glass. At folks, this was the teacher. Force to eat worms by one Ronald Clifton. I could go on and on. There's a lot of embarrassing moments in my life. Childhood to the present, frankly, Candace York that asks who would you most want to throw cold spaghetti at? Such a long list for me. Mariah Carey's way up there. Not wouldn't make my top million. She just there was a time where she irritated the shit outta made like, but she's not like a holier than thou type. That's what you wanna hit with spaghetti times have changed. I just I used to have a bit about that. I would want to throw something Mariah Carey. It was during the Nick cannon years when they were showing people how they have like a candy store in their house red. But yeah, I guess she's kind of fallen off the list. Man. I gotta tell you fall off the list I and a lot of stages. I have really grown to dislike Molly ringwald. I think it really fucking sucks that she is toss in Hughes under the bus in every interview chance she gets an acting like she wasn't there on the set making these movies too. And that like it wasn't a different time. And that everybody was a little blind this shit back then because that's how progress works. She bugs me, man. She bugs me, I think that was a really cheap move. I feel like you actually hitting fifty year old woman with spaghetti though. You're not gonna feel great once you've done it probably know, and it would probably. Show the times have changed. Yeah. All right. Let me pick a man. I know who I would definitely throw it out. It's a real life person. I can't say his name on the podcast. Oh, yeah. I'm not even thinking normal. Oh christ. I know a lot of people that I could just go do it right now too. I have a number one so strong that I can't even really think about joke answers because I'm so focused on actually throwing spaghetti Adam. Now now that you say that I got a number one real that strong to who lives right in this city that mine does too. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. Okay. All right. Take it back about Molly ringwald. All right. Will you John went as will you consider coming to Madison? Wisconsin to do the live pod. Brought Zin beers are on me was going to say no until we got to that second part. Yes. We'll consider it always consider. It's a matter of supply and demand if we can make the show work there, we we will come to do it Madison's a great town..

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