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Kim Goldman on Confronting OJ Simpson

The First Degree

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Kim Goldman on Confronting OJ Simpson

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That's custom some designed to fit your home so if you want safety on the go in the car when your kids are at school you can get it all at the a._d._t. Go up s._o._s. buttons. It's brought to you back a d. T. s. degree. I the first degree degree and i think you know for people that are so quick to tommy to get over it. How how mike i'm looking at him like the u. Slip mcgruther throat like i don't know how to put that in its place. He was imprisoned and easier but now he has full access. You know l. that's hard to it's hard to escape that welcome to the first degree that true crime podcast that you might end up on my name is jack vanak. I'm sitting across from alexis linkletter and next to billy johnson who has a fancy little watch. Today billy looks good today. Maybe it's because it's we're actually recording this and the data atheist and sun valley. We usually see billy and his like vampire. Sell the darkness lurking around melting right. Now i now at is quite hot. But what day is it billy. It's happy national poets day are there any others isn't doing anything. It was like national senior citizens edison's day. You know what's better than poets because you don't love. Our seniors. Belly loves the poem. I don't love the l. Power just playing devil's advocate advocate without but i was voted class poet in high school <hes> i know you've talked about it before yes but last week my first book went and stores and while it definitely has a very goth poetic title chase darkness with me inside it's about me solving murders instead of writing goth poetry and of course. I had to thank you ladies. These and i would like to give you the i would. I think alexis you should read it more than than billy. Ask what i did. Introduce you to billy jackley rude so let's see to alexis linkletter for helping me sore in jack advantage for keeping me grounded. That's right always here to knock you back. That's right my geology of bringing back down. I relate to you guys so thank you. We love you more those very sweet. It did not have to thank me but i'm glad you did. No i think you should should think honestly if i didn't think alexis i know it. Would i would of heard for it not that not that that's the reason why did it but yeah alexis would be giving you shit forever if he didn't think or a very emotional person i would have woken up with a horse head. Absolutely we what god if reference and i give night dessert i give back. Yes exactly all right well. That's enough of that so let's turn on the lights. Let's turn your anxiety because this could be in in the answering machine of ron goldman june twelfth nineteen ninety-four ron ron ron ron and bonehead. It's almost ten from debating. If i'm just gonna drive over to your house or not want to get moving here probably at about ten fifteen. He minutes calling iran. What's up derek twenty after ten wake up around you. What are you doing all right. I'm gonna finish fish watching the show and i'll probably get over later ron where are you. There's eleven call me as soon as you get up thinking we'll start heading over there in a little bit all right later hey ron. This is stuart. It's about ten forty five. I just those curious. If you wanted to come to work today so talk to you later bye iran it's patty. I know your work so leave a message and it's twelve and i know it's probably really busy. I don't want to come visit that would be great paying spy tehrani steve. I don't know if you're looking at what's going on. Today was a coincidence oversaw obviously run ron. This is jeffrey. If you're dead men you'll hear from above i love. I just heard on the news right. Now i think cross and i'm hoping it's not you run around town like fast wildfire trying to get a hold of your parents. Love you man take hey ron. Dot com hope you're doing well because i was just watch the news and they said they found they found somebody dead named ron goldman over brentwood on bundy. I'm just like fuck. That's how you feel calling back. Let me know you're okay so we're still doing well. You run. It's trash. I was just calling you back and i wanted to see if you're okay okay bye heireann. This is is kelly <hes> pity call me. We heard something on the news and i just wanna make sure it's not you call me by as soon as possible anytime tonight. Okay okay by ron. This is kimberly. It's monday night. I haven't talked to you in a while. Heather burr just called me and said something happen to you. There's something didn't happen to you. Call me back. I need to talk to you by just wanted to hear your voice from wartime. I'll for him in terms of what you just heard. We got our hands on the transcripts of messages left on the answering machine of ron goldman on june twelfth nineteen ninety-four which was the day of his murder. Those were not the real messages left by his loved. Ones as those were not available also we had them recreated by friends and family of ours who are willing to do that for us to try to paint a picture of the sense of urgency felts on that day in how things moved from concern to panic to horror. We are discussing the o._j. Case today but unlike other other times the story has been told. We're focusing on this episode on ronald goldman. He's been referred to as the forgotten victim many times in association with this case and we really wanted to educate everybody who thinks they know everything about the o._j. Simpson case a little bit more about ron goldman and his experience on june twelfth nineteen ninety four. It was a sunday in los angeles. The gay pride parade was happening along santa monica a couple of art in west hollywood in the third game of the n._b._a. Finals was on t._v. People were heading to the feeders to watch counter reeves and sandra bullock alec deal with a bomb on a bus in the movie speed but a little after ten pm on a quiet street in the l._a. Suburb of brentwood to people bill would be murdered. What happened that night. In los angeles would become one of the most talked about crimes in the history of not only the united states but the world the first degree exists because we wanted to tell stories of crime through the eyes of someone who was one degree away from the murder and our guest today. It's quite possibly the most recognizable. I agree history. She has kim goldman sister of ron goldman. They're more crime shows and podcasts than ever before but if you do search for the names ron goldman and co brown on the podcasts up surprisingly nothing really comes up and we understand why people think that they've seen it all they've they've heard it all and the investigation into the murders of ron goldman and nicole brown are probably one of the most analyzed crime in american history after the kennedy assassination so what is new that you've never heard before even if you're an expert on the o. J. simpson case is really a deep dive into kim goldman's perspective. She has a new podcast called confronting o._j. In which she essentially is talking to everybody involved in the case and interviewing them like what went wrong. How how did this return inoculate verdict in sort of piecing together picking things apart and interviewing the people who were directly involved in not just that outcome because that we learned is kind of something that was beyond on anyone's control but we are looking at a process that kim is going through and you can follow along with her honor podcast and it's just been incredible and there is a lot of evidence from the crime scene that wasn't presented in the trial in this episode we are we're going to focus on the crime itself in chronological order including all of the evidence that has come to light over the last twenty five years in addition to that getting into the experience silence of kim who the goldmans weren't connected to o._j. This was a complete imagine hearing the news of o._j. Simpson and my brother what yeah <hes> like. The browns nicole is married to o._j. This was just like a cosmic shuffling of the deck like i always say in just the shock and horror of having your family implicated in this unwillingly has baffles me to this day so it is going to be a completely new perspective on this case in the last thing i'll say before we get started is that we're operating under the assumption that you have at least a cursory understanding of the case. You know what the outcome was. In in the trial. You know the impact it had you know that he's guilty even though he was acquitted so i say this because there's no possible way to go over every nook nuking cranny of this investigation of this case of the emotional and pub culture toll it had on the world so that being said we're we're ready to go and please don't crucify if we miss anything. There's just no way to get it in an hour even to okay. Are you ready for your next. 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He leaves his his apartment and walks the five minute track to mesolithic restaurant four thirty he clocks into a shift. It's six thirty during his shift ron runs into his friend nicole brown simpson. She's their kids and family to celebrate her daughter. Sydney's dance recital aside all they say a quick hello wrong. It's back to work. Nicole eats dinner and leaves nine thirty three wrong clocks out of work and starts his closing duties at meslin anna nine thirty seven the cole's mother judy brown calls mezzaluna to let them know that she left her glasses there during dinner nine forty-five nicole calls muzzle luna about the glasses speaks to ron who insists on dropping the glasses nicole's to save for the trip of picking them up ron ron hangs up with nicole takes the glasses and goes home to take a shower and change. He leaves his apartment and drives the six blocks to nicole's condominium. It's now just past ten ron walks up to the condo at eight seventy five five south bundy drive just a half mile from the muzzle in a restaurant. Nicole's condo sits in the center of three other condo's. They all have a small private courtyard right at the front end to enter each one of them from the front. You have to go through a gate now. What we're about to tell you is a mixture of the evidence that was presented at trial and the killer's confession that was presented in a manuscript for a book. It's iran walks past the other condos and arrives at eight seventy five. He goes up a short ten foot brick covered walkway way surrounded on both sides by lots of foliage and presumably rings the buzzer at the gate be let in enters through the gate in season a coal but before ron can give her the glasses a figure appears out of the darkness and ron recognizes the man anyone in the entire western world would have recognized ignites this man he's wearing a stocking cap and gloves and his wearing all-black the man hits nicole knocking her out ron steps in to come mm to the aid of his friend in split-second ron is in rescue mode. He's thinking less about fighting more about trying to make sure nicole is okay but in that split second the attacker hits ron with a punch on the right side of his face ron falls to the ground rana's six but one hundred and seventy one pounds but the attacker is a big man six one two hundred twelve pounds and he's built like a world class athlete. He's built like a guy who could rush over a two thousand yards and a single n._f._l. Season the attacker butts refer to him by his nickname o._j. O._j. produces a fixed blade serrated knife and place it at ron's neck picking him up off the ground. He's now grab bronze arms and put them behind his back and he is holding the knife at his throat in. He's talking to ron. You think you're tough motherfucker. He says the knife right at ron's throat. Ron tries to free himself from o._j.'s grasp his arms pinned so he starts trying to kick his way out with o._j. Holding his arms from behind ron begins to lift his legs o._j. Moves the knife away from his neck and starts to established in the legs over and over and over again to get him to stop he turns them around and begins stabbing ron and the abdomen chest <music> neck and face this surprise attack the knife wounds the speed and ferocity of the attack too much ron is not going to make it but he kept to putting up a defensive posture in the attacker who is wearing leather gloves loses a glove and the struggle and because of the loss glove he actually cuts his own hand on his own knife during the attack as you stabbing wrong. He also lost the knit cap he'd been wearing o._j. Thrust the knife into the left side of ron's neck cutting his jugular ron falls backwards into the corner of the courtyard between two trees. He dies within seconds in the attacker o._j. Is now a killer o._j. Now goes to nicole was lying inside. The courtyard orbit the bottom of the steps heading up to the condo o. J. picks up nicole and holds a knife to or throat from behind just like he did with ron. He thrusts rests the knife into her neck cutting so deep that he nearly decapitates his ex wife. The knife actually knicks her spinal cord with the blood no longer reaching her brain. Nicole also dies within mere seconds. The frenzy is now over o._j. Possibly discovers that he's missing a hat and one of his loves but since the courtyard is so dark he can't find them and there's a lot of blood on the scene in the darkness. He doesn't realize that he's left. A lot of footprints blood has now around ten fifteen two hours later to nicole's neighbors find her body and they call the police and the police find that there are two bodies in front of nine seventy five bundu once the police arrive on the scene in the sun comes up this double homicide hits the news but wanted for it one one eighty seven and westville eighty effect named arthur chaim nicole simpson and the man found with her had had multiple wounds. J simpson has not been seen since he arrived late yesterday at his brentwood estate family members and friends stayed with him through the night and continued arriving today. The police forensics team began a search of the crime scene and o._j. Simpson's home investigators removed several pieces of evidence from both properties a blood-soaked glove according the los angeles times found that o._j. Simpson's home and believed us during the killings a second newspaper reports. The matching glove was found at the crime scene. Police refused and say anything about hoping investigation or the nature of mrs simpson's relationship to ronald goldman the second victim so this is los angeles. One of the victims here is the wife of celebrity the athlete who was very loved so to say that the media latched onto this and ran with it is obviously understatement anyone listening to this would know doc <hes> what a lot of people don't notice is reporting on ron initial reporting on ron. It was nicole brown simpson ex-wife of o._j. Simpson and a man dan or he was an anonymous man for unidentified man. You got to understand like the confusion of of ron's family. This caused a lot of confusion because even when they did start say ron goldman. That's the name in los angeles. That's pretty common ron goldman. I bet you there's at least two hundred of them. So then it's like doc you move to that couldn't be my ron goldman so the reports of ron's murderers spread and friends flooded his answering machine with frantic left-field messages some of which we heard at the top of our episode and they were hoping this week it's gotta be different ron goldman but there were more than fifteen gene messages the day after these murders on ron's machine in the messages left before the news of the killings depicted a popular her guy one caller asking him to pets. It got people asking him to go to drinks and dinner to play softball. I mean he was a very very well liked person. You could tell that from something as small as his answering machine. You know my brother he he was very he was very optimistic. He had very positive outlook. You know he always thought that i was daddy's angel on and so we had a lot out of competition by competition with me and i mean that because he thought i was like the favorite kid i just was more studios. I was more focused <hes> i was probably because i don't want to get in trouble. I was more responsible for the two of us but i was envious of his care. Free like energetic way that he looked at life like my brother wasn't isn't a book smart kinda guy. Though he did o'kane school he just he loved life like he just wanted to embrace all. I was probably a little bit more hesitant because i had rules. I was supposed to follow so i think i envied his approach and as he got older and you know when we moved to california he just he soaked up here. He just really brother was like a geeky kid. When we were in chicago and came to california in the san like we always said the sun kissed him if you know what he just blossomed into this gorgeous man who just like started working out and he got tan and he just found his found his voice here so this double double homicide hit the news really really hard <hes> but despite that the goldmans didn't hear the news until five pm the day after the murders so patty goldman who was ron goldman stepmother was just enjoying an afternoon at home when she got a weird message on her voicemail machine and basically glee it was the manager of mezzaluna looking for ron saying that he didn't call in for a schedule and it alarmed her. It's one of those things where it's like. You get one of these calls so and so didn't show up here emergency contact they call the number and then when she called him back he just jam looking for ronnie didn't calling for a schedule. She scolded <music> at him and said why would you call me and worry that. I thought something was wrong in the manager apologize. I'm sorry i'm just looking for ron yeah so our later ron's father comes home and and he's walking through the door and patty <hes> yells at him fred hurry up pick up the phone. You have to talk to somebody. Something has happened to ron and the call breath was actually from the coroner's office. The woman asked fred. Did you hear today that nicole brown simpson has been murdered then she said well. I hate to tell you this but your son ron was the other victim and with those words their lives were changed forever and their lives were changed forever and one of the first things that the police and the goldmans probably wanted to figure out was how do these people how did ron end up there so how exactly did ron nicole and o._j. Converge on that night ron goldman was introduced to nicole simpson by mutual a friend at a starbucks coffee shop two months before the murders for awhile ron and his friend didn't even know that nicole was o._j.'s acts ron gradually became pows the coal they'd work out at the same gym she let him drive her white ferrari which is tight tight tight and she invited him to our table at the renaissance where she dined and with a handful of friends on thursday nights their relationship was platonic but it wasn't perceived that way in the media because there was a ton of speculation that made it seem like they were involved in a romantic relationship not just ended up not really being true and it was completely unfounded. People just speculate which happens all the time people draw conclusions about women all the time where it's like if someone's killed with someone you assume something is going on but people had a difficult time believing that a twenty five year olds kind of hunky guy in in a single woman driving ferrari could be platonic friends so many jump to conclusions about ron. He was a waiter and he was a sometimes model. His driver's license photo he looked really really gorgeous is head was looked. His head was cocked back. He was wearing a bandana hit amazing hair in these images circulated in rumors spread in an instant the world had created its own ron goldman a character that smooth talking tanned intoned and they may <unk> judgments about that which were unfounded and we see this often in many cases. You don't usually see it happening men so this is kind of unique. Where are you know they meet these assumptions about him. In broadcast that all over the world but wrong was a really fun guy and he actually also appeared as a contestant on a dating game. Show called studs in the show was hosted by comedian. Mark decarlo and golden was introduced as a twenty three year old tennis pro. This was two years before the murders and at the end of the episode ron was paired up with a young woman named diane. Hey ron goldman the twenty-three-year-old tennis pro. Give a big hand for coming front. We'll start with you. You make a good impression on the phone with a woman <hes>. I guess i don't like to talk on the phone so i'm kind of blind to the plane going be ready to eight. I'll be there be there okay. We asked what a <music> what their impressions were of when they talk to you on the phone ron and here's what they said one of them said rough wild and oh so sexy in this guy is mutual macho date with folly ali shit. Oh come on say right right paul short connie connie constance. I said this guy is mu much because when i talked to him on the phone he had deep voice like a mansion. Good how this guy better be hot with personnel. That radio personality was great or you. Just kinda china like you said straightforward on the phone to the point and akaki hearing that clip of ron is such a incredible glimpse into who he is just a guy who's twenty-five twenty-five he's young. He loves life. He's he's confident. He's having a good time but now we have to get back into the reality of what the goldmans we're. We're facing in the days. Following ron smarter ron's autopsy was conducted two days after his death onto fourteenth according to the report he died by multiple sharp force injuries including the following a sharp i wound to the neck doc left side with transaction of left internal jugular vein multiple stab wounds on his chest abdomen and left thigh multiple incised wounds of a scalp face neck chest and a defensive wound on his left hand. There are multiple abrasions on his upper extremities hands also believed to be defensive wounds from the autopsy also indicated that the injuries were incurred heard before his death so kim and ron moves from buffalo grove indiana after their father fred and their mother sharon divorce in nineteen seventy four after spending a brief time with his mother ron move to southern california to live with his father and kim in one thousand nine hundred eighty six you know my dad was awarded sole custody of my brother and i in the seventies which was crazy you know that wasn't in the seventies for a father <hes> <hes> and i i think as a result of some of the the trauma with my birth mom leaving some of the things that occurred and and my dad being a a really dedicated working father my brother and i were left. You know it's probably negative latchkey kids. I mean that's what we were and you know. Get both keys your neck and we'd walk home from school and <hes> we just took really good care of each other out of out of a necessity but also because my dad just created a really loving nurturing torturing home on the my dad came home. We've did our homework and we made sure we ate dinner and he chapter homework. I mean it was a pretty disciplined home. <hes> but my dad's big mush pot and he's the big love and just was really supportive in encouraging but we just had had to get business done so i think there was a lot of brother just making sure that we were taking care of each other taking care the house making sure the dog was fed. The cats fed like you know our chores were done and but oughta that we just grew intensely close <hes> because we didn't have anybody else we didn't in have an extended family that we were super close with it really was just the three of us and i think that was that was just an amazing the situation that we were in <hes> than my car accident happened our car accident. My brother and i just you know just deepened our connection because it was very tragic. Check on. I don't know i'm just i feel really lucky that move that my brother and my dad were the people that had the most profound impact on me. I just chill really lucky for that. I just i always did better with with with boys. I was like a little rough ahead all the hand-me-downs you know but he just he was very much my protector and he wasn't embarrassed by me year ashamed of me and i love hearing his friends talk about like i think it was jeff president who sad you know we sometimes we run away that you were there like your brothers like now. She's sticking around and it was just always looking out looking over shoulder making sure that i was in in close proximity which didn't change as we got older. I think it's so sweet i mean we've talked about her podcast in this episode already and just the fact that they we're called three musketeers and they have like a little modern family where at the time it was super unusual for fathers to get custody of the kids in this way and the mom was kind of absentee and kim talk so lovingly about just this warm amazing environment curated which is so nice. That's wonderful and you. You were crying when you were hearing him talk. I can't even listen to it. I know it's too emotional. Yes sir ron gets to l._a. And he has dreams he wants to get married. He wants to have a son and he also wants to open his own restaurant and the place would have no name. He said he liked. He wanted to be like the rocker. Once called prints spreads the restaurant would be represented by a symbol the egyptian which is the symbol of eternal life yeah. Why do you think that simple like. Do you think you know the story of the tattoo to my brother had a tattoo of <hes> you know with his friend lauren <hes> it's a symbol of eternal life. I don't know if he thought that at the moment or if it was really because lauren suggested and he's like i'll do what i don't really know but he loved he loved his tattoo <hes> and my dad not so much <hes> but <hes> you know i love that he embraces the point that the outlined his business plans. You know there was a shape of an onc in the business plans plans for the restaurant and then their walls. Would i mean it was like it. Just it spoke to him. I think he kind of grew into it and i think i. I think that you know that it kind of speaks to him to that. He's opened that he wasn't so headstrong uncertain things that he's gone just just kind of open to life happening and and being welcoming into the things that were around him ron surfed. He rollerbladed played volleyball on the beach. 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I am obsessed with it. The vat fit fun box six retails for forty nine nine thousand nine but it always has a value of over two hundred dollars so use coupon code first degree for ten dollars off your first box at fab fit fund dot dot com. That's fab fit fun dot com and don't forget to use our code first degree for ten dollars off your box. They think something worth mentioning is that when you hear ron goldman you hear the o._j. O._j. case you think of an old older victims yeah. I never realized how young twenty any five was until i was an adult well also when we i mean we're seven. I think when this happened twenty-five seems like this old dole and now at thirty two anything you know so young and he was just just figuring it out and he had plenty of time. That's the time you're a waiter. You're figuring it out exactly it wasn't literally until just <hes> probably the last year of his life that he found his calling and what he wanted to do and <hes> you know he was ready to come to my dad with that information and he was just kind of stepping into the next phase <hes> but at the end of the day said this million times my brother was the last couple minutes of his life released sums up. Who was he stayed to help you stayed to fight. He stayed to protect and you know as much as is. It pains me that my brother wasn't more selfish that night. It wouldn't have been him to run so so we're going to go over some of the broad strokes that explain the variables that lead to convergence of these three people these three significant people in this case on that night so o._j. And nicole met nineteen seventy nine after he divorced his first wife marguerite and this is interesting. I didn't know this. I think jack did when i brought it up but they had a young child that drowned pool accidentally the same it year that they actually got divorced so that was a crazy year because he had already he'd been dating nicole for two years when this happened yeah so imagine the chaos of all of that so nicole and o._j. Actually got married in one thousand nine hundred five. They had two children sydney and justin and there were years of domestic abuse and their relationship was super contentious rollercoaster up and down. They divorced officially nine hundred ninety two but through the entire duration o._j. Was physically abusive in there was ample ample proof of that and after through the divorce o._j.'s abuse towards nicole continued. He spied on her. He broke into her home. He stalked her. Which is what happened on the night of the murders. There were many calls where she's like. He's breaking down my door. It was reported that he watched her have sex with someone else. When she was dating someone knew he would just let himself into that condo into that little gated area whenever he wanted and on this particular night ron doing a good deed was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We took you through the crime up till when the bodies were discovered here's what happened and what the evidence suggests happened after o._g. Flees without his hat or gloves he goes back the way he came in around the side of the house down a pathway in between the house and the flowerbed he exits through gate in the back which leads to a driveway and an alleyway with no street lights while leaving the gate he leaves three drops of his own blood from his wound on his hand on the inside of the back gate the way. I see you know as an investigator. Ron is a hero for defending nicole but he was also a hero for fighting back because if he doesn't fight back o._j. Doesn't lose the glove a fan and he doesn't cut himself and because he cuts himself the blood the blood comes out and all that there and what he's doing there is he's giving in any other case in a case that if it happened right now is a slam dunk but it was just so screwed up because ron fought back o._j. Lost his glove and o._j. Cut himself and he left his blood at the scene. Karan's heroics resulted in physical evidence of o._j. Being at the scene o._j. Walks across the driveway which leads to the garages for both nicole's condo and the next door neighbors and he walks up to his ford bronco <music> which he parked in front of the neighbor's garage behind a hedge before he gets into the bronco he removes the dark colored track suit that he was wearing which was now all covered with blood while doing this he spills a bunch of change on the ground he shoves the tracksuit into a bag along with a knife and gets in the bronco and turns his mission inside the bronco. He smears the center console three times leaving three stains of blood all three containing a combination combination of ron nicole's and his own blood from his hand. Would there was also a fourth staying on the console that contained the blood of just rhonette o._j.'s and and again this is what ron was able to do. It was not only able to place o._j. At the scene but by fighting back and causing that wound he was was able to not only leave that o._j.'s blood was at the scene but o._j. Left a combination of ron cole and o._j. Himself leaving no doubt o._j.'s the killer and i go back and i think for so for me during criminal case the d._n._a. Was really like the moment for me. I mean i i didn't have have any strong opinion of guilt or innocence. You know walking into that trial. I don't remember feeling that i remember that the the the science was like oh. You can't argue with science on the science girl so i just i i've joked about it the poor robin cotton you know she was the the dna expert she just was so yes i like her like and so now you find you get someone more animated you get someone that has a little bit more critical when they're explaining liles and you know all the specifics that just kind of go over most of our heads. The dreary didn't get it. They just an even when you looked at the board that marcia put up that said you know one in seven hundred billion whatever the you probably have that more than me but like the statistics were so overwhelming that it couldn't be anybody but him they just didn't they didn't get it. Yeah you know and so i said how can you. How could you not doc it. I mean again you know it makes perfect sense to me but there are people that just wants all planted many many people when you hear o. J. simpson what they <hes> <hes> get taken back to is the moments they were watching the slow speed chase with this bronco so this bronco it plays a key role but not everything having to do with this bronco uncle made it into the trial in fact a lot of the evidence having to do with said bronco was held back by the prosecution so in this bronco that o._j.'s escaping and he transfers i drop nicole's blood onto the carpet under the steering wheel he backs out of the driveway into the alley and starts heading towards his house on rockingham he drives semi carefully down the alley at first but then he starts to gun it once he gets back onto bundy which is kind of a busy street. He's headed to his home which is about two miles away and on on this route boulevard and there's a big center island on this particular street he blows through a red light causing him to almost hit volkswagen beetle being driven by a woman named. Jill shively joe slams on the brakes. No j. swerves and ends up on the median. She said i. I felt fear that anger anger. I mean the self entitlement. Why was this person driving like this. They had to be drunk. She looked at the man in the bronco. I knew it was a football player right away. The guy began yelling at the car in the westbound lane. That's when i realized it was o._j. Simpson i just seen him in a movie naked gun thirty be three and a third now even if you consider yourself very verse in the o._j. Case you don't know who jill shively is now. Jill comes up a lot in in kim's podcast so essentially she witnessed o._j. Speeding away from the crime scene on the ninth in the timeframe that the crime occurred and she was going going to be a witness for the prosecution and marsha urged her not do any media interviews anything that could undermine her testimony because it was so valuable so jill ended up doing interview and getting paid five thousand dollars to do it completely discrediting. Her and marsha also hurt some other information that she was calm and who's not reliable the ball. She's a woman who interviewed on our podcast and you know jill told kim in his interview you know marsha. Marsha told me i'm the reason that o._j.'s free. I'm the reason that the case was blown so this is significant. You're very clear in that. There's a there's a lot of people that you can pin blame onto but ultimately there's the blame for one person and it's the killer and and that's that's it and then you have the smokescreen of the trial and and and there's a lot of other people that you can kind of pin pin little bits of blame to but you don't do that which is kind of amazing because you know it's not cowardice though because i mean after twenty five years ears you can't have that not you so you're talking to people like when you were when you were talking to marcia clark and marsha did not allow allow the testimony of shy vely and charlie is the woman that apparently said she had almost run into ajay because o._j. Was driving without lights ran a red light on saturday and bundy to not allow that when when there's so many other people that are saying she should have allowed that because that places him at least near the crime scene how you you were very gracious in that i think i i've said this for for twenty plus years that you know marshawn chris and and the prosecutorial team sacrificed so much to put this case on and what they endured professionally personally the only people that are advocating for my brother so it's really hard for me to find fault in their decisions because a prosecutor persecutor be. I don't understand all the evidence <hes> see. I wasn't in the room at the time. I don't know all the information. I'm sure there's things that marcia is still not going to reveal <hes>. I'm sure there's things using jewison example that we still might not know so somewhere in the middle again. There's probably more of the truth and as you go through it and then you get to the jury and they're telling you really made a difference. It's not worth so worth me getting angry. That wouldn't mattered so. Let's give back to the events unfolding what happened after jill shively encountered o._j. And has bronco o._j. Ends up at rockingham. He it goes into the house sees leading blood everywhere gets into the shower leaves. Bloody socks gets into a limo and then they drive to l._a._x. At l._a._x. He is seen by a witness throwing away something out of a black bag. It was a little zipper bag he said and he just zipped it a little bit from the bottom just in the first hand to given the bag and he was pulling items out of it and putting it into a trash can and for those of you who don't know rockingham is his mansion that was on a street called rockingham for so when we reference rockingham that's his estate in in that area and then he takes off on his eleven forty five american airlines flight to chicago to go to the golf outing and o._j. At this point is is presumably setting up an alibi. He was not wasting any time getting on a flight to chicago. You know you're you're the one victim them family member. That has been through everything. You've you've heard it. You sat through nine months of a trial more than anybody else really. You've you have the stomach for it but does it get. It doesn't get easier but what is it. What is when you're dealing with the minutia a new show of the evidence do you how does that are you able to separated at all fan rochelle from the emotion now and uh-huh yes or no. I think that as i as i've matured in this process i i've always been really able to recognize it. My heart mind don't always coincide <hes> i think now i'm frustrated with people that that only choose to see bits and pieces of the evidence the answer don't understand it or or read those stupid like dark web. Weird websites make no sense at all. I mean i get bombarded headed by emails from people that should see the crazy stuff that i mean so all the conspiracy theory thing yeah but they just find things. I'm like that doesn't even want even talked talked about coming up with this stuff but so. I think that that part of me is frustrated because i don't wanna debate the case with all these years later. I don't have conversations about out every single piece of evidence because you either believe or you don't at this point. I don't need to try to convince you of a time line and convince you of all of the d._n._a. Convince you of why brothers hair and fiber were places it. It shouldn't be if the killer wasn't the killer like there's certain things that i i don't. I'm tired of some of that. <hes> you know my brother was air. Quoting my brother was drug addict news sleeping with a married woman and he got what's coming to him like that's steph. I'm dealing now more than on people arguing over the merits of the actual evidence because i don't think people care about that anymore as weird as that is <hes> because it's gone it's gone from <hes> and even almost from the very beginning it went from science to emotion right if you're like me and you cannot get enough off of true crime podcast. It's kind of a bummer when you're listening to one your favorite podcast and you have to wait a whole entire week to listen to a new episode but that's all about to change with this amazing. New podcast called today in true crime today in true crime is the new daily podcast that takes you back to the big events and true crime that happened each day in history every every single day. There's a new episode and whether the crime is infamous or just plain interesting. There's a crime story for every day of the year. Here's some examples august thirty first eighteen eighty eight jack. The ripper commits his first murder. This one is relevant for today's episode october third nineteen ninety-five o._j. Simpson is acquitted november nineteenth. Two thousand seventeen eighteen cult leader charles manson dies so today and true crime is podcast first daily true crime podcast. You no longer have to wait for weeks to get your true crime fix with new episodes each each day. You'll never run out of true crime content again so follow today and true crime for free on spotify or anywhere that you listen to podcasts so we know that the trial of o. j. simpson was the trial of the century in the mass media coverage it received but just these these homicides themselves i mean the shock of families the vast coverage it was receiving. It was like nothing else truly the there. I mean the fact that everybody in our country was getting such. An intimate view of what was happening has never really happened before. It's never happened before before this and he's never really happened before this. It was the they would call the trial of the century the lindbergh baby trial that was at lynn baby trial then it was this limited baby trial l. was happening before before cable television for television before anything this was seen by more people than probably will ever be seen ever and not only that so so we were not the trial at this phase. I mean we all know what happens in the trial so we're not trying to set up any sort of twist at the end but the the the slow speed bronco chase really set sets a tone and it was ninety million people. I think watch that from their homes. We all in this is kind of a big theme in our podcast. We watch these things in horror on our t._v.'s. He's and then we turn it off and we go to bed in our life kind of goes back to normal but in this particular instance this media coverage that was has mis characterizing ron and sort of kind of commanding america at this time like this isn't something the goldmans could turn off and it's so in a jewish tradition you bury somebody but you don't unveil a headstone until a year later in that is supposed to mark the end end of the grief. This grief has never ended for the goldmans <hes> but in this ceremony which was is hugely important in the jewish faith breath it was it took place on like a sloping beautiful hill at the foot of a pine tree in beth olam cemetery which is jewish section of valley oaks memorial park in all of ron's friends and family in all these guests attended this unveiling in it was a granite headstone and avail was lifted from the small grey cemetery marker and it was inscribed with the words loving son brother and friend ronald lyle goldman july second nineteen sixty sixty eight june twelfth nineteen ninety-four fed goldman broke down in tears will speaking about his son his wife patti goldman stepped up and put her arm around him near the grave stood a large arrangement of yellow and blue flowers. A miniature american flag was placed near the marker so although ron was officially laid to rest his headstone unveiled tribute paid at a burial ceremony. This is not where his story or the goldman story ends not even close and i say that in the proof is in the fact that we're talking about it here today. In that ron goldman and nicole brown's murders reverberate you know the lack of justice in oggi's he's acquittal reverberates it upsets people it gets people so impassioned angered to this day and it's been twenty five years so so there are a lot of things we heard in this episode that really make us feel like shit but i found something that i think is a nice way to end the discussion about ron goldman so we were all trying to get to know ron through this episode and i found out what ron did two nights before he died which sort of comforted me and it was the last friday of his life to ron date with a model he has been seeing in her name was tiffany star star according to her he was brimming with energy that night they went to dinner. It took a stroll through venice each and they looked at the ocean. They walked by boutiques on main street in venice and they were just having an amazing time in los angeles police that he really really loved in one boutique window. Ron noticed a metal. Which is the symbol that was so important to him. He was going to have the restaurant he was going to open in this layout. He had a tattoo of one of these on his shoulder. It it just really embodied who he was. It is an ancient egyptian symbol for eternal. Life and addictions believed that one's earthly journey was only part sort of an additional life. The onc symbolizes both mortal existence in the afterlife and the goldmans also had the symbol etched into his gravestone on in this symbol isn't appropriate metaphor four ron because although his life was stolen and cut short he lives on through kim's very obvious v._s. Passion that she has forget attaining justice for her brother and for confronting his killer you know what's interesting just about in this conversation and it's not anything negative towards the two of you alexis injected because the different generation and so i think what was important for me about doing the podcast was to level the playing field because would you may have been able to witness from in terms of how the case has been perceived what evidence you know you. You've been watching the fictional b._s. <hes> it was important for me to to make sure that i added some facts to the story to make sure that that i was in control of something that's been out of control for me to be able to turn turned the corner a little bit on something that i think has gotten so far away from what the case was originally about <hes> and so it's been interesting that i've there's a whole new generation of people that are interested in this <hes> and for people that keep telling me to get over it you know i i struggle struggle with that because it's out of i don't get to <hes> and as long as he's alive and as long as people still have strong feelings about our justice system and about him in this case i got to figure out a way to work my way through it on this is a huge part of my life and i didn't ask for it in even if i'm minding my own business one day because i'm sitting at a basketball game with my son or something my phone blows up because of some stupid crap on the internet like i don't get to just completely escape from it <hes> this whole concept of moving on and getting over it and closure it just doesn't exist when you're someone who has suffered loss whether it's high profile or on a traumatic way lost seats with you and you figure out a way and some days you're better at it than others and i think it's discussing people are saying you to get over it or probably still the people better like inundating you one hundred percent a hundred percent. That's saying and i think that you know it you know i i won't we did oprah a handful of years ago in the if i did a book came out and an oprah told me to find closure and i just need to move past or whatever and then you know within weeks. She said that that would be her biggest. Get to get him as an interview and i'm like kate. You just told me to get over it. You just told me to move on and you're you're pursuing an interview with him. Like how do those two things reconcile with each other and i am. I don't cite the process. As much as i try i to figure out a way to stay above the fray and i try to find balance and i had someone some lady. She's a big tiller lover. She sent me the other day that you know she's a mother. She should be at home mothering like what so. I can't be an advocate. I can't even the passionate about things. I can't believe in victim's rights. I can't fight eight for what i believe in because i'm a mom like what better legacy from two to teach my kid be a role model to teach my kid like and since when people do both in a double murder on its own is horrific is terrifying beyond words in the implications at these murders in the residual effects were immeasurable. Possibly the only thing that rivaled the impact of the murders themselves was the trial the verdict and what came after in that is what we intend to cover in part two so this is the most analyzed crime in american history other than maybe the j._f._k. Assassination so what did we learn today. Well i think a good question would be what did we learn today. Yeah and i think for me. I can't even talk about the case anymore but seem kim in person. <hes> resilience is possible and i think i mean imagine carrying this burden for twenty five years like trying to get your your brother justice. After you saw his killer walk free i mean she's the picture of strength so i think what i learned not giving attention into the case that has been gone over a million times but to kim and her podcast and what she's doing. She's healing through this passion. She's she's keeping your brother's memory alive through this passion and you know what she's condemning o._j. Rightfully through this passion and i think it's so amazing yeah and she's tried to do television shows and she gets cut down at every turn and then she turned to podcasting and that's why i love podcasting because it's striking out everything and it's the saying you you know what it's just a person and their voice and the listener and the truth and that's while and she can say probably for the first time time ever exactly whatever the fuck she wants to say especially to him directly and if he listens to it or not it's getting it's getting sad. It's getting put out there publicly the lesson oh he'll listen to him. He's too obsessed with themselves too much fucking narcissist so i mentioned this briefly before this was our tribute to ron and ron story ron went through ron's heroism kind of the untold unknown facets of ron and it is really important for us to do apart one standalone episode for ron but there are a million things that we learned as far as what happened in the aftermath of these murders that will blow your mind even if you think you know everything about the o._j. Case so that is all coming up in cart to so until next week. If you guys have a first degree connection please email us at hello the first degree podcast dot com. Please don't damn alexis anymore because because she's getting overwhelmed with the flood of d._m.'s. How does it feel to be famous lexus <laughter>. It feels really bad to be famous mostly because i'm not ought to be it's mostly that instagram overwhelms me. That's why i'm bad at it so d._m.'s are just you know not the most productive deductive medium for me emails good. I'm at the office. You can always give me an email right shooter an email <hes> also go to the first degree podcast dot com and get yourself some her little merch photo shoot here sometime soon and billy you wanna pug book time sure it's called chased me and i and i'm on book tour right now. For the next forever. Go see billy in your city is all over the place all over the place but until then remember remember only you can prevent serial killers and keep your friends close but not that close every car comes with its share of stories the ding and your bumper when you nervously picked up a first date or the luxury package you got after a big promotion or the mileage saved by riding your bike all summer good for you by the way and while you can't put a price tag on your stories now with truecar you could at least find out what your car is worth when it's time to sell or trade it in it's really really really easy. All you do is go to truecar simply. Enter your license plate number and watch hire cars details. Just pop up then answer a few questions. Do you have navigation and a moon roof. That's awesome so watches. They bump up your value. 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That's one of the reasons words words such strong economic position. The brutal heat continues across much of the nation. One hundred thirteen degrees yesterday in phoenix for college students injured in a shooting at a block party near clark atlanta university. A crowd ran for cover. No word on whether anybody is in custody eighty people now known dead in that that suicide bombing at a wedding and kabul afghanistan and islamic state group affiliate says it did this. I'm rita foley.

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Steelers Touchdown Under, Part 2: This is no week to bungle the AFC North

Behind the Steel Curtain

30:06 min | 4 months ago

Steelers Touchdown Under, Part 2: This is no week to bungle the AFC North

"Introducing built to last a new podcast by american express. I'm elaine well. And i'm excited to host debut season where we will be deep diving into the stories history and continued legacy of small businesses that shape american culture through these important conversations will hear how the black business leaders of our past have inspired. Today's black owned small businesses and communities. Join us for the debut season of built to last on spotify apple youtube or wherever. You get your favorite podcasts. And we're back on steelers touch down on i'm not payroll and on joined by. My co host is always mocked giggling off on the side right. Now you can't hear him he's doing. He's on mute now. He didn't say that was a really gonna touch down. That i was really good one just a good one all as one of your best. I can undo. I kind of do ratings anymore. Get in trouble. I will do anymore pairing concert and yeah. It really wasn't about and i'm thinking well. I think we're talking about this. I think we're talking about the bungles that's it that's the bungalows. This is no way to bungle the afc north. So if you haven't you went ever to join us to pot one where we talked about a couple of different actually interesting things. Not just that game last week against the buffalo bills get back. Never listen to it Some cases there but if you miss it The this week showers. You would have sand. The description is this is now. Wait to bungle. The i of seen steel steals these wake have a primal pechiney to take the afc north. They've got to get it done. They've just got to get a donald fries on concern. Mock in your perspective weight is winning. Start with the steelers this week. When instance by Having a completion of a drive. I do not care if you go sixty yards and you're gonna feel at least you went sixty yards. If that happens to be that you run the ball. Three or four times and runs you have samuels Whoever it doesn't matter at this point. I just want someone to run that ball and i wanna see them fee in the in. The bengals said an abortion them back. And then we're moving sticks. It comes out of phones where this happened. Catch the ball. That's what they want. Unquote mrs really unlike scientists. But that's what they paid to big ben's had to throw it had to catch it as a team unit. Get the ball rolling. Offense needs to step up. Take control the game in the defense feast. And that's that's how they would make. Football games will mark a hate to disappoint you. Animal steeles fans out there that think that the inner russia this week because in their previous game against cincinnati bengals in wait ten they rushed for a total of forty four yards. Last week rushed for forty seven. In fact he in fact we might not say as much rushing online me in the game plan. You know what it has to be a few weeks ago. That sling five wad. Some certain point. You're going to make ego to try running game. it's big. Ben is not my homies. E can't either way is pocket presence is good or is not dictating. Feel the way has been last few weeks. The rotten keeps the defense honest. So they're not gonna run the box and gonna. Yeah you're only going to throw. It doesn't matter because they can. They can second guess the run in bonnets. It's on the bengals. Get to the line bellies trying to think we had for lunch and he doesn't know where to go. That's what it feels like with. This is running game. Like yeah i like. I saved a few weeks ago. We have a fifty round in touch. Maglev here can. We haven't had that song long. I can't remember the last time they went through lawn and running back corner. Snell satellites safety. This is it. So the longest rush of the season is james conner fifty nine yards. I don't think that was passed out of the backfield data cloud how to the denver yet and sent. I don't think we even get fifty nine yards the first downs yet. But that's it was the end of the game in two blocks in donaldson That was on adults inside mcdonald. Donald came round or something like that that happened but you serve right like i mean even mcfaul into we keep talking. That didn't even get a hat loss. Wake he's longest russia the season's twenty odds like he has in bergen hundred yards yet. He's played nine games. So i mean this is the thing and this is the game like you. The defense the pittsburgh steelers. Have you going up against maybe brandon ellen. This week maybe this is running the clock out or certainly using your taunt effectively to run that kolkata. Even if you're not actually running the bowl to allow to allow that win it it. It's not that difficult. This game plans not that difficult. It's working up and actually doing. That's the difficult part is appointment in. Here's a good question. Do we need big band moana center with with derek wok and have some credit bodies of move that along around so he can run the ball because we all know when it's when big venues and shook out They pretty much run that halfback drone. They run a. We'd toss to the riot and it doesn't go anyway at some point you just have to if they're in the eiffel nation or they're under sense and that using what they can spread out to be taught in which it doesn't matter you got a little options to run the ball. You can run. The academy is high is because we don't apply for borat we we just watch it. But how do they solve then in the slack. Channel news lately plant what. I don't understand right. Is it to rush the bowl. Ron ron ron or light rong short pause. Ron may play action. If if you're gonna give them full down run pause play action. Or ron ron play action. We know the ben doesn't to white black. She likes to say the defense frontal. Even if you're running game he's awful one not even try the play action because at the end of the day most teams noted that steals caught. Run the bowl. So they're gonna sit everyone in the bulks. And then you've got abram going over the top you could have quite going. You could move jews around back to the slot. Where he's actually you know he can do a bit out of the slot as well and suddenly like you can. You can actually put him on the back foot like element of surprise the reality is you only one or two in a game changing situation to either get that one. I first down on youth. A. m. three or something or it might even get you a touchdown you know when you're in the other on the union opponents off so phan aon like let's get mom is like what can i do. How can they diversify. How can you play under center or a bit more equally. Heck we ain't going to be a play action duck. And i think the that dave setting the sky groceries. Even if you're not even gonna play that well in tim's running the football just running a couple of times anyways so they'll be thinking she might actually run it. The missile began to known as well as the bengals is to get your head raw and start running when all throughout the week when all is into all students come regency And even on the steelers up and stuff like that always makes me wonder how like what is wrong. You know that. What is he. He's gonna whole wakes prepare. Its use drugs lovely. Who is his guys in there. And he's like all right. We're gonna do exactly the same as we did loss. And it's gonna to work how you haven't he hasn't gone this current more and that that does things like Look right is dealing with the chase. Do and i understand it taken the breath. You won't get fired up quite frankly randy's not randy's not an offensive coordinator pure plain and simple randy fake now. He's a quarterback coach that easy not position because he ben roethlisberger quarterback coach. And we all know. The ben runs the offense. Everything's built around round. It's benzoylecgonine it's ben's wide receivers. It's the bowl million times. I didn't get layover peds. Come back in the football than you live and die by that ilbo we live. We lived and died by that. Oh by law sees reality like as soon as went down that season like we got the playoffs like it was it was out in week. One i don't mean to be negative nancy over here but that's that's a reality of it. I don't obviously they've his point now where. The creativeness might have lacked creative in southern tim now but they've been effective at what they needed to do to get the winds and they've had a good day fence another step when the stills scoring points on the season and actually covered this really well and a good morning awakened addition but the steelers were relying plays catching the ball and then was yards after the catch it was making plays was using those guys like joan catching the football always bathing. I defend quite Deceptive spayed and you're making those type catches in stretching the field juju. You're making you know is really important. Though down catches or catches over the middle there. Couple wants to washington. Abraham was making you know he'd have three or four catches a game. You know an average of twelve to fourteen yards but no one. Everyone did exactly what was asked of them. And we go. Those wins now when people struggling when okay wins and you raise a good point mark. This is is the weight that deals fans. If we're ever gonna say randy land needs to come out and show something yeah. Many listeners waters had a really quick slow. This down at tom walpin shroud and funding ads. Difference listen to this are ready land. Pinga he runs the born offense. Everyone knows remains and dog knows what's going to happen. What the defense is gonna figure that out now. Why can't figure out that they're going to see that offense and then do something completely different with with what defense he knows. You're gonna get for the running game. Don randi at get davidson sense. Doesn't it headset for it. Listen to this white woman. Lie on the futures or dump. It mocks headset. Did like toll. Money just needs Actually he caught using. He does have a little microphone. Little mouth pasting. Mid-count use it with the way we have to record. But i mean this is the thing like i think. Jeff smile confident earlier in the week. But we're talking about canada. I think yeah. He was on his one of the wet strides. But he's doing that matt counter. The reality was that not count as being born into this deal is taint not to be the offensive coordinator for ben roethlisberger. He's brought he's been breeding to get it right for the next quarterback for the pittsburgh steelers have and when we con expected in ben's naughton enjoyed a lot of those cases that canada's brought to the table but this is what egos dots to call into play and we get with is for hours in one of the things we they like to center on. This show is what it would be like if malkin. I was sitting with the listeners in sports bra. That's that's the energy in the same that we bring to the table so one of the things. You do warm. Sometimes in those situations is like eager. You egmont ben martin wykes and i know. I'm criticizing quarterback with Knees the steelers multiple super bowls multiple playoffs future hall of famer. But what's the point in coming back if you don't wanna win one like you literally said everything in that four pot dot com series about winning and kayak for the guys you said it will thrill the press conferences that you had these savings off two wins and coming back for the guys like pounds in those than binny's notes guys to cast your inner. What have you hiding shoulder. You can suck it up and try something the little different. If that's getting you the win like a. You're really like what's going to happen in five years time. You really gonna choosing one. You're gonna sit there ones you're tied and you've got you your jacket and you're going to be like well you know we probably could have won that although on if we been douglas fight or you're gonna have the same ego and go you know sewn says photo like adding throat world that game but we never gonna win whatever either way eastern that superbowl so you can choose not to do it and you're going to have an e you can have the same outcome you can choose to do it and you might have the outcomes that you had earlier season. Yup i completely agree with you and you is awesome points. The reality is and why ben's day and he's another analogy thoughts. And i hope in my mind but the reality is they're playing football game. Ben roethlisberger had throat. He's bowl and you can't tell him how to play the game with his ball. Because if you do you'll take his born. Hi this offense. Is ben ball. So that the do ben wants to do and tomlin one sit him down and benching various three peaks. Just do it and it's coming back to the run game to that is the no one around them when a positive and we we live in. We've been i guess certain point but yeah it's very crazy thing is the thing i don't understand is like last year. We had these. The defense unit was just as good as always this year. In fact diener then. Statistically there was some of that was you know a lot better right. The thing that really said lost you that the offense let them down and particularly like every time i turn around the football i get smashed in the box and drives would stall out and then. The defense is constant on the field. Were stalling out again. So ben can complement. Defense away likes right but if the defense is constantly on the field you're never gonna it's gonna get tied the get worn. We've already sent a number of injuries. We actually can't afford that to happen. We do need to use the clock. We do need to keep the defense off the fewer fresh. That's going to be so important in the playoffs. So i totally. i'm really sticking undestanding. Zach saying moc on its benz bowl. Go home but then a lauren is not going to win. The pittsburgh steelers the super bowl. He sorry he's just not like you know. A lamar patrick mahomes. Maybe but they still have to throw the ball to someone. They still have someone blocked for them. They still have to have someone. That's going to get the ball back. Full them when they're off the field. The defense is what will get and we Many people many of the contributors on betas save on the website and on the focus of talks about as others deal is different contents thoughts. Whatever they are which would have talked about the fact. That ben came back from these defense. So through the defensive favoring give them a breath that starts is like with fourteen seconds like they're on the field for fourteen moon seconds or competitive austria compared to las g per drive and feeling. We're doing it with the law straight games and he's gonna make better decisions with the the other the other deception he threw against washington. That was wasn't there wasn't in the enzyme. Yeah that was a bad. But you know the other thing that i don't feel like i've seen as much and these might be counter. Cummings game. I don't feel like i've seen like the no hurry offense enough. You know like. I feel like in says some if we a bell at that brown for that but like after being first downs. Sometimes you'd sort of saving the offense and try and capitalize on a really tied defense. I feel like they haven't really used that as a tactic she like. That might be something you could try against the bengals this way. Where like does that. The first down immediately like thai up all fence that they're trying catch their breath. You'd make another big play. That's when you might run. The football lack do do a sway. Or what have you. I just wanted to as it back to creativity. What was matt elliott. Ju what can you do. That's a little bit quirky a little bit different. But strategic the same time this game in predictable they're going to the bengals shot and the bengals any given sunday mentality but if you'll predictable than this offense is gonna struggle again and the only way i guess you get around that if you show them apply a doing this hard so they have the energy the enthusiasm et going gonna run up and hit someone in someone's gonna block someone and put them on the dirt like it's like either going to show you imply and run that ten tons of your opponent's orbits leaky and be more creative than trying to catch them off guard because at the monitor showing play and the defense already knows that they have them all. They're going to stop and we we've lost makes the bills. The bills took care of them. Made them one dimensional. The bengals make the still is one dimensional and we count possible. We're in we're in big trouble and if if you jump on that facebook at kuna two minutes in the first quarter down by nine points role boy won't be pretty sought. It's any given sunday but at some point. Just gonna he's gonna man consented his daddy. You run the ball into the touchdowns zone and celebrated team and doing next driving out full team s seals. Some reason why we seem to lie on the points we just seem to keep teams hanging around and the chiefs amon of attained ravens in april ravens. If they could play six quarters wouldn't stop. They put on one hundred points weight on the end of that. We have you seen our team. We decided we'd seen apply to what we need. And then we get in trouble a little bit yet yet. Totally knock this week just really quickly one player on the steelers that will win this game. Pittsburgh steelers player on the bengals. That were win this game for the bengals offers. Let's start with this students for win. Hey let's put on was pulling. His eastern is a veteran. He's been the air quality is now what's running game because we know the south pole is putting on kara and yeah. Let's see if he can. I answer expect him to get a lot of yards of. Let's see if he can at least take ownership of the offense and for the bengals. It's this is a very similar game. June a jaguars game with the jacolin have them. Pretty sure it's brandon allen or raw finley to convey on. They wanted eight interests side. One of the who turns up as quarterback as the play. A good game against the defense are in the right guy because often spiced now Good gang defense schools in points. Keep it in the game but if they can do that. I have a chance to win. Because they're at their home. The other dogs have been talked about. Being one of the worst teams Does the ownership the bengals to win. Also we not because of the draw as apply And bruno down. Roy finley in would would to see and yet steelers have not lost. I looked at the stats since twenty thirteen in bengal territory. And this is the game. We just gonna man. That's it lets it the may. It's if patrick way nate. These team names a couple of turnovers him they need. They need to change the momentum. Change the vodka game. Spur on that offense. Give them a lead. They can actually start rushing for border protect and then they can throw it out of the top on the bengals side. I'm gonna. I'm gonna pick the like for like i mean jesse bites heroes up to play like. He has a lot of the season for the bengals. He's going to make life difficult for bandini. Ben's going to throw in in the way loss way while you know when he tries to throw that bid for the jessie bates obey the doing making plays so familiar. It's it's really much free safeties and what they're doing it the back here because if they can shut anything down along foam bowl it's gonna it's gonna put pressure on either of these teams around the football if they do that. Many if they don't take advantage of this lack lost at the moment offense. This could turn into quite a game that is going to be pretty even and we don't want that on that side. Just be based on some of the Even gaza and the bengals can can put pressure on bannon taking the sectional tournament vol. And if they're doing is swing. Rats offense defense organiz. What's going to happen. The whole world was going to happen is can drawn predicted. then we're go to our selves in quantitive. The game where. I think in australia into the stealing her adult stain and the six dollars if they can even at school board a little bit and take the lion put pressure on ben because it not a final on the bowl. This is the game that tunes and bengals. This is such a crazy game to understand. What stakes actually that. I'm saying the giants baker browns and we already win the ice that would change the identity of the standards. Well exactly exactly now to wrap up the show got usual segment. It's slain the slang knock. What's that ozzy slang. would the. You would like to teach listen this week as we go up against these game that we just can't afford to bungle are well actually bungalow. This life i get it stuck. I'm but as you're watching this guy. He's still nation and christmas coming up. Everyone's a tree. I want you to see one of your mates own to be and it's not. I'm half indian. Food have been looking at one year. Ask them really degree. And i respond with. What do you mean. i haven't been in university and then you say to them. But i'm pretty sure you went to university of a nursing home blunder. I haven't heard that one in a long time and so hard to do either online loria steeler nation but yeah we wanna end up the same one manson. He's been stuck on the beef at two and a half hours. And you just asking me if you went to university study nursing. Well mine's a little bit different is that i went phrases. Well i didn't go over the would mines as like literally ivy of ago right all the gar which basically means to try something You have it. That's what the steelers have to do this way whether it's rushing for bowl whether it's you know you're playing creatively whether it's moving those those wide receiver around into areas where they can catch or whether it's having thrown that depot up despite what i said about jesse bites pain game changes the for the bengals but just out and have it go. You know like we talked about hijacker. When we've talked about the word before or having hot steel. Just wait just have go avocado. Av adygei love in record eleven. So that's it. That's you're pretty much gonna say we can't crack at night. Have a crocodile. We can't lose to an ice and lose this one This is not my prediction by religious. One my antonio brandy for the rest of the you guys consett but that everyone did. I'm gonna can't wear many more just on seeking loses one and we just kind. We have to wrap up the division knock. What's your prediction. Then for this way my ball connection again is going to be very clean and simple. It has to be again with the running game. And i really just want to see this game. Turn in an. I've been wanting to throw the football. Let's put it out there. I'm going to say one. Hundred and fifty yachts internal for running anka. Who gets it if samuels up. Benny snell cone. Whoever mixon of these back soon can write ray this they need to give the teams idea. What's going to happen in the playoffs. And they can say well. We can run the football. So hundred and fifty yards is my minimum else steelers to me safety nostrils get a site. He this week safety. Yeah they'll do like it was located the site the our inspires. You rent the enzyme. Yeah i can do that. That's what i ain't getting allen. I didn't think he'd be on special teams. Are they going to get alan in the running back. So they'll get them in their own end zone so don't put like berries gonna accountable. Eddie yards coffee corn upon Maybe we'll bring out very member of berry dairy. He's right season minutes. I mean honestly like he's he's performance. This season lack event. He's been punting an offie wakes. Yes sir sorry does bring up now to wrap up the shire Dustin colquitt had twenty before he was caught had twenty pounds for eight hundred six two yards. How long fifty nine. And he average odds papa of three point one set up forty three point. One jordan berry has forty to hunt so the seasons romans double and hayes kick them for eight hundred. Seventy yod sartre e sort of double. But he's kicked an extra seven hundred and fifty odds if you would double dustin call quits has a long of sixty two long three yards and averages one point seeks more yards per punt which is actually quite a bit if you think about the that two yards world you know what it means. He's consistently kicking four football. You know i'm painting it back and equally in this deal is defense that set sort of short fields as well Sorry still offense when have set those short fields through and through defense phase before that the position before that. I think that's made a difference as well. It will kicking it you know. It usually kicking united. Said he forty yards minimum our in an our in hoffa further on evenings the opposition off. Sorry that's obviously going to affect your putting punting numbers but seven years. We set a couple of weeks backing. Let's just hope it continues. Let's just i. We haven't put them on him and he doesn't shank on this week now i don't want to Is on the twenties. And he's putting quote. Well yeah just lost. Few games offense moved the ball that maybe average comes down a little did Yeah these shirts it's been it's been quoted. The interesting show. I must have and i'm still dennis and allies. We all have a bloody vernon it's been horrible. Denounce ryan on. Yeah it's it's definitely pretty sticky. That mocked that does this week showed for listeners out bed that's another one in the books as well as we continue our rookie season any final comments for the fans out there as they get ready for a game we just come for the bungle. Pretty much have you sleep. We just have to win this game. Amanda amanda what is ground lose. We win the division folks. Learn mentality and team l. We have to display football on. My prediction was one for two yards. Overall. you conscionable ever advocate what you said. I don't know we just gonna play hot. Dave says that's a feeling. I think we get like white end. That's it that's it. I've gotta talent to play by play hod conway gutted steelers.

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The South Florida Morning Show hr 4  2-26-21

The South Florida Morning Show

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The South Florida Morning Show hr 4 2-26-21

"In south florida morning show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on newstalk eight fifty. Mtl well look the friday. The mysterious nine to ten hours underway in south florida morning. Show there's gender. There's diener i'm bill and guess who's on stage right now in orlando our own wonderful governor. The do ron ron ron santa's and the stage. I guess it's the highest. The regency is where they are. Okay because Fox's get somebody on the ground and they just keep on sending out tweets The the funny part about it is the theme. America uncanceled while there you go The according to the fox news reporter. I don't know who it is but he said everything's spaced out. There's only four chairs in a row. Everything separated guests have to have their temperature check before they get in and he said he has seen tons of maga- hats t-shirts and memorabilia. So it's already there. The governor opened it up and his first his opening line was welcome to our oasis of freedom. Yet is do ron ron. We've all said now for a couple of months wh- standing ovation for the do run. Well we'll get somebody from that in a little bit here when they start to post it but we talked about. He needs a national presence. Put him on the national stage national. Tv a little bit more even though a very popular governor because of our how well we've handle everything down here. Well here we go is exact opening up cpac on a big day on friday before the weekend. Yeah this this would be and his his. As he's walking off the stage he did donald trump. he pointed to somebody you know how to. The president used to point to people in the audience. He just got to do the collapse. He didn't do the club and no dancing. he also said florida. Got it right. The lockdown state's got it wrong. It's true exactly right. I would like to go see what the rest of the transcript is but The the speakers. Today he's followed by. Senator mike lee from utah. Then scott walker from wisconsin. The governor there. Oklahoma is ted. Oh it pam bondi speaking. Yes then ted cruz mo brooks. Tom cotton's there today. Matt gaetz rick. Scott josh hawley. Donald trump junior closes it out. Apple is rick scott speaking. Yeah all right. Right after matt gates and marsha blackburn. He's bri the less dynamic speaker on there when he's up. Go get pretzel but still yeah. Oh my god. I like madison cawthorn to there to all the heavy hitters from the republican party. All the ones that. They're all there and i would imagine that descend is going to be there through the weekend to at least on sunday to be there with the president i would imagine right. I would assume. I mean there's there's been so much speculation that in the event donald trump does say he's running in twenty twenty four that Brian disentis would be as vice presidential candidate. He loves to santa's so i don't know this san to but whereas where selfish want him to leave as governor. I don't want him no. We sit with all the work. He's gotten done a florida. I don't want him leaving here yet. No i really don't either do i. So he's got a state one more term in the meantime. The current president is going to texas today and governor greg. Abbott is going to be one of the tour guides. i guess he says Yeah i'll be there with the president biden and i will you know. Show them all the damage. Well okay. that's what he's gonna do and then we'll justify why he needs so much money in federal aiden things like that so it's nice to these going to see what happened to texas. I think he could have been there a lot earlier. but i i would assume its security issues may have played a role in. No electricity played a huge role. So at least he's going at a bomb syria. I though well. There's that which i which i understand. I was going to be quite honest with you. When i saw what i said. The biden administration just bombed syria went. It's a misprint. Somebody's lying to me. And that of course they went back and they found all the tweets that criticized trump in two thousand seventeen that own. Not only the president did biden but also jennifer psaki. It came back to bite her so today. It should be interesting when somebody says you You know all upset. That trump did this. Why is it okay now. Because you know peter can ask her that question. He'll be all over it. Jen psaki is going to have a rough day in the white house press room. Yeah they deflect. Again i could. What was her tweet. David available two thousand seventeen when that happened. Her tweet If you give me two seconds. I'll have it me. I remember it. Because i was reading earlier to basically in in summary. She said whiles while syria and assad is a brutal dictator and several people. They still are a sovereign country country. And what legal authority does trump have doing airstrikes and then someone right after that said. Hey girl gets. You're going to double back circle back to this today. Aren't you like and then biden. Was all upset with donald trump. Said he's a radical impulsive decisions endangered our troops and make us all less safe so it was okay when he did it. But when trump did it was making us vulnerable old tweets exposed. Yeah you know what. Just don't tweet things you know. what else apparently. Here's another a little bit of crecy on this. This is okay throwing some missiles at a facility that apparently had an iranian back regime. Yeah whatever nor critical they were though blowing the head off the world's leading terrorist criticism trump actually took for that so true so true. We were cheering actually over here. But the you're right. He could took a anytime he combined anytime. The guy did anything he took grief like. Come on please wait till you see and you know what this former president has still rules the republican party or still rules that side of the aisle. Wait till you see the the welcoming. He gets on sunday when he shows a cpac orlando is that that is going to be surrounded by a sea of trump. It's going to be crazy. And fact in texas we were just talking about Biden go on their. I still can't confirm but nobody's denying that it's not going to happen. So apparently the presidential planning is gonna land in houston and venture out from there. Okay trump twitter is is swearing that there is a huge trump train presence. That's going to be there to greet them really throughout the streets of houston. I don't know whether that's true. I don't know what they're talking about. But i wouldn't shock me. What now wouldn't shock me either. And if that happens could be wherever he tries to go domestically for the next four years now. Well you know well. He doesn't venture a lot. No he doesn't get out a lot. It's true they they call him. These zoom president. The and that's going to be his title other that other one that stole the election but it's either one by the way when he gets To texas. He's not a he's also going to go to the johnson and johnson johnson and johnson plants there And greg abbott is going to push to get. The vaccine approved credit for the vaccine. Yeah yeah virus lease. Give me a break all right. Let's go local for this one. Because i can't believe it it's lantana throwing stones at lantana here but there's some kind of mishap. There's no possible way. Any one individual anywhere should rack up one hundred sixty thousand dollars worth of parking tickets on her own property. Oh come on how do you. How do you get a parking ticket on your own property. Your name is sandy martinez. This is a story from our news partner. Wbtv channel five She's she's hooked up with a. I'm sure it's a the institute for justice and they held a press conference on her lawn. Chice away she parked vehicles in driveway resulted in more than a years worth daily fines. Now even just at a year. You'd think that that's excessive. Reckon up that much. How much is it. A day to fifty. Oh my god. How about that. A lot of money. We've got gotta go to her for a second. She'll explain a little bit. This is my property. I should be able to park the way i want. It all started in probably about twenty thirteen when they started nitpicking. Every little thing are you can't have your shut down. You gotta pick it up you. Can't you gotta paint the house. You gotta do this. You got to do that okay. She's hr way. Oh absolutely oh yeah. She's lived there for seventeen years holy cow and they just started in two thousand twelve. Two thousand that's a long time. It's been eight years this has been going on. Oh my god and she says it's obviously excessive in finding a she's parking on a section that she says belongs to her anyway. so what does she like. You know the i you know. There's the the sidewalk and then like maybe a little berm and then the road is she parking on the sidewalk Possibly i don't know but one of attorneys here says for the harmless offense a parking her car partially on her own front lawn. So you can't park on your front long. Get this get the background situation right. She's tried to reach out to the city back and forth finally gets through to this town development services director. Who said alright. Alright alright. Let's work out. A deal will not the down to twenty five grand. God oh yeah that's That's working with her. Five thousand no again and then. They said they said all right. It's back to one hundred sixty. I can't news for you regardless of whether or not you think this woman broke the law. One hundred sixty thousand dollars is streaming excessive. Come on let's be. Let's be honest. Inland tan is not looking real. Good right now. I gotta feeling by monday. We're going to be saying this woman's walking just because it looks bad. Talk to her. We find this lady. What's her name. Sandy martinez did wow. I mean they post the the the this certificates and everything in the fine. My goodness come on just insane though. Etes it's stupid is what it is like goodness. You got people running. Look at what. What state was it yesterday. Released two guys. I think it might have been massachusetts. Bill no offense to guys that in two thousand one each of them killed a cop god and they just released them. I'm like why is releasing these people who've it just because fayed already. They were good prisoners. Oh my god get out and good behavior. Whatever killer out should never be out. What was her last name martinez martinez. Okay i'm looking for all right. We got Do speak in texas. Because the president's going there today we had a feel good story. The turtles that they saved off the beaches and they took him to texas am was a big force behind this entire thing. They're saying they saved like every one of them really absolutely the ones that froze their the lizards. They go like they look like. They're dead but they're actually like in frozen well the run freeze them all at once and putting them back in how sweet kind of scary when they all became unfrozen at once could for them kind of weird or that coming up more of a preview of the president in orlando and update updating the public's vacs portal to. It's all next the south florida morning. Show this gen bill. Keep it ear. Stuck eight fifty south florida morning. Show this gender diener and Some good stuff at all. We got it all covered for the continuing saga of mr potato head on the blog. The whole thing and the update and the whole story. Amazing crazy you know what it incensed people. More than anything in the world. They said they were going to discontinue mr potato head make it just potato head. The world went nuts. This is the one. I think this was the one it ended woke. Nature cancel culture You know wow. It was crazy. I think it well. I think you're right. But you know what i at first. I thought okay. This is this is like i hop in the i hob campaign that they had but it just so happened to be on the same day that congress passed the equality bill for the lgbtq in. I'm like an boy that would be a bad thing to do ya. Yeah the timing would have been wrong right thinking okay. So maybe it's because of that. And then they changed their tune rather quickly actually lasted about twelve hours. But the outreach so they were gonna they were gonna neuter. Mr potato head it was just going to be a generic gender neutral at. Don't think they were kidding. Though because i remember the looking at the announcement yesterday woke up from anapa. I'm like they did it. They just neutered mr potato head and they tied it into the social issue. And all this other site. So i don't think it was a marketing. Gimmick i think they really meant to do it well messaging while an and well. The messaging backfired on them in the world was not ready for a gender neutral potato head early this early this morning. This is how this game because diener goes half kidding but are they gonna have to change their name from hasbro to like has person or has been raped because it's hasbro brothers brothers. Through that process he finds the actual tweet this morning. Updates he goes. Oh my god. I have an update hold. That taught your main spot. Mr potato head isn't going anywhere. Wow while it was announced today yesterday at the potato head brand and name a local dropping. The mr a yam proud to confirm the mr and mrs potato head aren't going anywhere we'll remain mr and mrs potato head all at once. The one america was back You're right they're gonna do is and what they should have. Just announced at the beginning was in honor of it being equality day for the lgbtq community That all the new mr potato head or potato head. Whatever they're gonna call it. Kits will come with multiple parts. So you can take and make to mrs potato. Hits a mr or mrs potato head or to mr potato ed. So it's fine at everywhere right exactly. That's a good. He's smart way out of it. I'm telling you the backlash was even more than you could see. It you could feel at people. Were talking about it. Facebook social media. But i think what they heard in that company inside those doors. Oh my god yeah. There was a backlash. There was a lot of backlash though They finally i said okay. Mr mrs potato. Ed live on but you know it was funny because in the original message. They didn't even talk about mrs. she was gone. She was just written out. Everybody's felt so bad for her. I'm talking you an pair of shoes and you're angry. Angry is angry. I imagine how they had the tobacco track like this in the same day. That's really teach this in business cool. They really should yeah. It's you know when. I took one business class. It was all about fedex and how they went. He went bankrupt three times before he finally figured it out. So this will be how not to mess up your company and it's not. I know the criticism is like what is it. Were you upset about. It's a plastic toy. Yeah but it's symbolic though. And i think this comes on the heels of all the other cancellations and all the other. Whoa kness and all the other. I think i think collectively. I think people snapped. I think yesterday and might have been. It might have been you know. Don't mess with the might childhood toy. No it's just that simple things been around for seventy years. Oh yeah because we always say right and we always say when. Is it going to be enough. Winter people finally going to stand up and say to stop worry we. We've had it and it was mr potato head. Don't i thought it was going to be like a school. Issue right insurance thing mandated. No no it was. It was a favor toy enough good for them. I'm glad one finally one. I just hope these these. These companies corporate america pays attention to this because there will be a backlash really there is. We've seen it. It was almost as as extremists when new coq hit. They said they were getting rid of co. You're too young. Get rid of coca cola. They introduced new coq. The world went wild because new coke sucked then. We want our own coke back. Door ended up killing her off. The new coq. Don't mess with it is. That was that was amazing. They made fun of it in stranger things. All that's right. Yeah one of the kids like you know because it set in the eighties when the kids liked it and the friends were teasing and said. You're the only one who likes. That was nineteen eighty-five was it. I remember the backlash because something. What do you mean you get rid of cocoa. Kick coke coke. I don't know whose idea what. But that's like saying that's like saying in one thousand nine hundred five. We're getting rid of new coke because it's not does represent equality. They think that's what's driving people nuts. You know what was their reaction to them during this rover silly toy. That's exactly what they were saying. Well i mean look at what. The theme is at cpac. America uncanceled i. It's it's it's you know it's it's just the extreme opposite everywhere you go. They're canceling things off says hired of it. Stop it people go too far. It's like we all understand. We want listen. The everyday american wants equality to. It's not like we're saying. Oh we're better than you or we don't care about that segment of the population. No it's just like we can do this ourselves. We don't need corporate america changing everything or cancelling things to try to tell us how we should act like we. We know how to act. That's what it is. I think is that you know inc's deciding morality. That's what i think. People are rejected us. Yeah i think you're right and we don't. We don't like to be told how to live through you know. And that's why we don't like the masks. They go away to see you later bye. Well we've got a good story on top of a good story a very happy ending for the hundreds of i thought it was thousands of sea turtles member in texas with the cold. They all had a scoop amal up yet while they were they froze right and everyone thought they were dead but they free so people were picking them up and throw them their cars and then they brought him. What did they bring him. The san antonio was at the convention center somewhere. I forget where it was all over the place they convinced. I know the convention center held like six hundred of them so they were thousands of sea turtles that they kept warm inside. Here's a guy from texas am cdt. Ten thousand seat troubles that have been called. It's a historic event. We've never had anything like this happen. I was more than that. What they don't even hundreds ten thousand. The only thing i saw was it. I think it was the san antonio. Forget what it was but they had like seventeen hundred turtles inside the one convention. I remember that. And that was the picture showed. I didn't realize was ten thousand of them and then that night with the lights off. They all came back to life. Scared the hell out of the it. Sound like it's a night at the museum here. Imagine ten thousand trolling i. Apparently yesterday they released thousands of them back into the water is what they did. It was a really good rescue. Effort was a great rescue. Great again you go. Celebrities animals come far before people people Yeah exactly there's still people like without power they're like carols we gotta save the turtle. Yeah exactly and that's exactly what happened. People care more about animals and isaac. It's because they think people should be able to with the exception of maybe the old elderly and the young. You should be able to take care of yourself right so but the turtle. That's frozen can't so. I need to step in ten thousand of these at once. All happy celebrating at the beach. Magnify that by ten thousand. That was our. That's an actual turtle voice our favorite tools. That's our favorite by the way that turtle who saves the species. Yeah that was hanno assim right. It was him. He turned hundred. Nineteen the other day total. Study still going speaking of what they're doing with cloning. Oh to there. They think they on the verge of saving species that are endangered. Cloning boy jurassic park. Well that joe save all seen it at some. Japanese scientists is trying to make a woolly. Mammoth but the point in trying that for a while this guy's been somewhat successful. But yes they're they have their. They think they could use it to save species that are endangered. It had to be japan. They known even own disaster movie but twenty twenty-five we're going to have traffic reports. We have a woolly mammoth on ninety five causing delays. Don't they pay attention mothra godzilla. Wasn't it god. Watch your own movies. Believable we've got Public's vaccinations site is back up and running. We'll talk about that and good vaccination news with the Triple j the johnson. And johnson jab. Okay let me ask you a question. Would you rather tell me what your salary is. Or how much your way. This is a interesting social social logical conundrum. Yes and we'd like these coming up next these south florida morning show gen bill. Keep it here. Stuck eight fifty w. f. t. l. self little morning show welcome to friday gender diener bill currents get news again less than a half hour away so a lot of that's going to be In anticipation guess cpac is underway again governor onto santa's opened it up today and everybody's just waiting for trump's speech on sunday with that's going to be like hey what's going to be great drawn to santa's though had i think the line of the century when he opened it up and said welcome to the of freedom i was like. Oh sh- swing against california and new york and michigan and every other state. That's been shut down for nine months. That's his defining story. No matter what he does running for in the future a or leads. Anything it'll be. The non lockdown states had it right. the lockdown. State's got it wrong. Here's the irrefutable proof. And that's it and no one can figure the it's killing the left because they're trying to figure out. What is it that we did that. We didn't have more deaths. We didn't have more hospitalization and and they can't figure it out. It's driving him crazy. And it's a disentis has proven them wrong time and time again. They attacked him every day and still do but he had it. He played this exactly right. Exactly right never forget. The things they were saying to. This man is killing people. Oh that's right. Laura won't listen to science Oh really okay right. All right. Speaking of science the good news and boy. This is on the fasttrack. So the johnson and johnson Vaccine today the fda panel get together. They're gonna to meet and consider and by consider. I mean approve. Yeah usually and usually whatever. The advisory committee suggests and approves the entire. Fda board will vote in its favor but you said they've got millions of doses like ready to go right now. yeah so they said At least the report. I heard they said if it's approved and they are assuming it will be by this weekend by monday. They'll ship tuesday. Three million doses would be in florida. And that's just our state. I don't know how many others they have. They said by the end of march one hundred million doses would be shipped at a lot. And that's a lot of exit would cover a lot. And so i mean that would probably may and it's a one shot deal. So unlike the pfizer or the madonna. One you get one shot and that's it so it's i think more people are going to be excited about that one however it weren't goes it seems the governor had said that would be the vaccine that's going to go to the walgreens the cvs in possibly doctors offices and clinics medical clinic fine so for the average person like that. When we want a shot we would just go to. Our doctor would call up her local. Cvs or walgreens make an appointment see. That's what's going to happen to. I think the johnson and johnson overall years down the road. That's going to be the one. That's going to be most commonly given i think well i mean it again. Do you want one shot or two shots. And that's like they no brainer. It's like everyone's gonna say one. I don't care for ten percent of active. Give me one shot. It's true though way way less concerned about the well it's only sixty seven percent effective. Nobody cares they want one shot. It's the selling point of this entire vaccine. That's what everybody you know is talking about when just thinking well that and and as far as an administrator goes over the person who's going to give you the shot it it's gotta shelf-life again. I think they said like three months. It was like ridiculous. It doesn't have to be in subzero temperatures stored and The side effects are far. Less than what madonna and the pfizer vaccine have proven so far. So i mean. Put all those things together in. I would wonder if you get the pfizer vaccine of the maderno one. Okay member we just talked about in california. They had all those people got a vaccine that was hadn't been stored at the right temperature was ineffective right. And i'm thinking i'm gonna give me two more shots because you screwed up and you didn't start right this you don't have to worry about it being stored right. I mean that. That's that plays a big role in my life. Sure it does so. I know this is how it would happen with me. I'd have some kind of reminder. I would forget about the second dose until that day. I'm like oh my second. Go stay. I know how i am. Maybe maybe the pharmacy or wherever it is that you got it they called you or the public's calls you just to remind you like the day before it over shots more how can they call it. Many people though. Wow said half a million only just old people vaccinated allow you know if they are only looking at one hundred people a day. It's pretty easy to do. I guess if you start in the beginning of the week and say hey on friday. Don't forget you gotta come in. So i think it could be feasible and maybe it's just an automated system. That doesn't some old people that can't get they can't get to the second shot you know or sadly not joking forget about us so choppers a kid. I'm trying to remember where he was. They just made is in chicago. he's fourteen years old. He's he's grandmother. Didn't know how to use a computer so he helped get shot in lineup to make the appointments right well of course then his grandparents go and tell everybody so. This kid is singlehandedly booked appointments for like one hundred and fifty people so now. He's like a star in chicago and it's because they just opened up. Because i got four screens going at the same time for sites for computers. Because i eventually get everybody in. Oh that's great so that's a nice thing so if parents or grandparents who don't know what they're doing you may want to help like dinner deal with you. It's a nice thing to do. Get kim credit by the way another nice thing happened. We talked about nasa a lot this week and last week because of the rover landing on mars today. The washington headquarters of nasa will be renamed in honor of the first african american female engineer at nasa. You may remember her. As a monet's character and hidden figures. Mary w jackson with calculator She was the one who was standing outside the engine when they when she went and got her master's degree. She fought the school to let her take it with all the men good. That's who they're going to name it after what is i. Don't wanna criticize nancy. Because i loved nasa. But what's taking so long to get these women honored like you don't question the still want to know about that move. Yeah right movie. It was a great movie. I think they all want an award for that. Didn't they at least one who's good. It was it was a great. Even even kevin costner was good in that you know as the jerk boss you thought until he took down that sign that women's in the blacks only bathroom sybase like i love this man. You go and like yeah. He wasn't stupid. He knew where the smart one was in the bunch. She was brilliant. That girl I forget her name. That's good at doctor was. She was incredible well as now. She's got a building. An aim was before though. Who the taken down right exactly those. Those recent name change john. F kennedy's more. I'd say good for them. But you're right. What's taken nasa so long to honor those women all right. get to your hypothermic uil hypothetical. Oh yes social conundrum situation. They asked a number of people this question. Which would you prefer to tell other people and this would be your friends strangers. People you work with how much you weigh or how much you make. I always got to go to the vice. My dad always gave me. it was. Don't ever tell anybody how much you make or who you vote for okay. Diener kind of blew the vote for part of what do but he's he's right about the money they don't ever talk about money with people so i and i also have no problem talking about weight. I guys don't care do we. Is that thing with guys not really. I mean unless like it's something that you know. You really actively work on like for me. If i get over a certain threshold wanted minute because fallen off the wagon of my plan and my you know things like that but otherwise i even even if i fall off the wagon and i go up waiting about. You've i mean. How much weight have you lost in the past couple of years owing a lot at my height like forty pounds. Yeah i mean when you first started here you're like me you were chubby. Great chelsea this now. Michigan's got that chubby kid. Yeah wasn't really chubby. But i mean into what he's lake now he's like a stick now he's in great shape. Thank you we look like. I look now when he started putting your way round it was i would. But that's okay. I'm bill though. Definitely wait because you know what is which one you least embarrassed about in my mind and wait is the answer all see. That's one of the reasons overwhelmingly. In a survey eighty percent of men. Sixty three percent of women said hands down weight over salary. Yeah i see even either way if it's if you feel like you make too much or too little you don't really want to say it for both reasons zakho. Well you never discuss your pay at work. Because what if you make less than the person you work with or i make more than the person you work with and then you put yourself in a bad position not never. You're right your father's right. Never talk about how much money you make. Plus it can only benefit to you talking about your salary not can only go wrong. I mean we've all been working together. We've never even off the air and casualness cushion have talked about it. I've never no now. This is not my not my biz edition. Talk about money anyway. Shouldn't remark about other people's money. Just right alone really can remember when when i when i was dating my second husband it was. I can how much to make around. None of your damn business. Tell you what i make. Good you make you make enough money for all of us. Just keep flying damn planes right. Wow i get offended when people ask me that question your business shut up next. We'll find out how much money jinping. I'll tell you what we find out in the break. You know what. We didn't talk about an and granted. It's a couple of days old. I wanted to talk about it yesterday. But you know the guys at jet propulsion with the mars rover. They have a sense of humor. Oh good they. They sent a special message to mars. Have you paid attention to these These by the way or incredible panoramic was incredible. Stuff that they're getting they're just they they really. It's amazing like i said they take better pictures. Three hundred million miles away than i do with my phone on earth. they really do In all right we'll make it a science break. Okay they figured out why those zoom calls incredibly exhausting they have. Yeah oh okay i miss. This is a reason. I guess okay. I think it's who you're talking saints. It's the subject right or maybe it's coming up next florida morning. Show keep it here. Self-loading morning show news talk eight fifty w. f. t. l. There's diener i'm bill. Cairns get news in about ten and a half minutes look right yeah pretty good. Carry the one carrying all right. I give you credit close in the for friday anyway right. We get the vaccine site open for public. Haven't checked that out yet. Diener had great success this morning logged right on. Even though i didn't need to be so you can get on. Despite the fact that the public s- vaccine site was co was down for days. That's amazing. I can tell you this again. Right now. As we speak you can still employment. It just tried right now if you go to publix covid vaccine website. That's a far cry from last week. Wow boyfiend before. It closed down because of the storm. Wow i mean i mean you guys you remember. I was usually waiting an hour and a half to two hours could get for an appointment. Now i go on and click forward. And i can book an appointment right away. That's amazing that's good. We've got A lot happening over the weekend. You're going to see a lot. Even before the president takes the stage at cpac in orlando. there's gonna be a lot of heavy hitters in In florida for that whole governor onto santa's open it up today. Yeah it is. Opening line was welcome to the oasis of freedom He said We are not a lockdown state like the rest of the nation he he trashed a few others in but i and the funny part about it was we. Were watching it. We didn't have the we didn't have audio but we can watch the video. And the teleprompter died on them right in the middle of his speech and had to go back to his sheet. And he didn't miss a beat always gary a script just in case good for you do run red line. By the way got a standing ovation from the crowd. Yeah me and then he got a standing and then he pulled a trump at the end. When he was walking offstage he started pointing to people in the crowd was like he's got the truck he's got the trump action down. Probably be there. Sunday to i would assume guard presidents in texas today. He's going to meet with the governor. Greg abbott and texas looking at the the storm damage. And really just talking to people who brought a power for ten days. Greg abbott's a huge supporter of this johnson and johnson vaccine. So they're gonna stop by. I guess it's a johnson and johnson plant. I don't know if that's where it's made. All of them are made. But they're they're going by some johnson and johnson facility. So that means that the fda advisory panel's going to say yes around two o'clock this afternoon so and then the fda will say yes monday. It'll be approved tuesday. We get the shot. Perfect one with what. I've done bang bang a boom bottoming. Or what's the nasa news. This is pretty cool. Because if you're a nerd you figured it right away. But when the rover landed on mars it went through all those stages one of the final stages was when that supersonic parachute came out and it slowed the rover down from going twelve thousand miles an hour to like an hour but then it landed but while it was open it had a pattern on it. Well all right geeks figured out. It was binary code red and white. Yeah it was binary code in translated. It reads dare mighty things which is the motto for jet propulsion. They had a sense of humor. But if you watched when they were doing the landing and they were showing the jet propulsion of i guess the headquarters the ground zero there it that mottos written on the wall right next to jet propulsion labs. It says dare mighty things. I guess they can tell too because it will twist around. Obviously when you're you know they're trying to land something they can they could see. By which design is there which directions facing which and all sorts of stuff. I don't know it's pretty wild genius. I tell you they're they're wonderful. So how's my zoom. Meeting gonna kill me other than a modest zoo. I hate those things. I got love if you to do them everyday. Bless your heart. Will this ties into another story regarding zoom meeting at. I don't know why that's happening. Or maybe we do now. Scientists at stanford another genius as figured out why those zoom calls. We've all been on him last year. Or so freaking exhausting. Because we don't like maybe okay and and it's usually work related so that would do it to you well as it lake. You know screen fatigue kind of thing. You're staring at a computer all day. Kind of it's how you're staring. It's an extreme close up of everybody on the screen. It's time to really. It's what it is. it's like you would never normally. I would never talk to you face to face this close like you wouldn't screen call here right here if you're on for an hour or two. It's like exhausting. Here's why it is. Oh something's to intimate. It does one of two things. It triggers the party. Your brain that makes you want to fight or mate. Oh gee somebody's you're gonna say fight. Fighter flee okay okay. There's there's nobody in this building. I look at and i wanna meet with. I'm just saying you wanna fight. And so i am so enraged but we have an explanation. We've all asked this question. Remember the jeffrey toobin. Oh yes zooming with toobin incident. That happened Maybe a triggered a response in his brain did not want to holy cow and happen and by the way that i know thing and this guy was a teacher ed aid in i forget where he was and some school system and and they teach Special education classes in this guy did not zoom was on in front of all these kids and so some strict some reporter shows up at his door knocks on the door. Guy answers the door and says you do realize what you just did. He goes and he was the guy who was like. I didn't know the kids were there. I thought it was awful. I mean he was really apologetic. I'm sure but i'm thinking with peace of mind. You know what there's a bathroom go use it for god's sakes or wait she's going no whole point was to get you going now. It's getting good. God what is wrong with you. A little self control for is a gross right done. That's more worrying. Gonna go read about mr and mrs potato head. 'cause they live. We will be back monday morning at six o'clock have a great weekend. Thanks for listening. We hope to on monday. If you thought you had to travel far to save at the pattaya bangkok pastries parents take another look with two times. Total points at grocery stores. Your same kitchen can come with. Mark levine's sapphire preferred from chase. Make mark what's yours bellowing up to one dollars in purchases per month from november first twenty twenty thirty twenty twenty one subject to credit approval. Car chase bank. Na member fdic.

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# 395 - Tour Bus Quarantine: NOLA to LA

Bertcast's Podcast

1:11:15 hr | 1 year ago

# 395 - Tour Bus Quarantine: NOLA to LA

"Hey guys brand new podcast. This is the podcast we did on. Hey My My Net flicks Special Hey big boy streaming right now on the platform check it out. Teleprinter spread the word. God bless America. This podcast we did in quarantine pulling in on the tour bus driving from New Orleans to L. A. In the last two hours of the tour bus of this is our last two are forgetting or indeed this when we got pulled over by a cop. You'll hear Ron skip pulled over by a cop and And by the way it's just US talking. This is before anyone really knew. I think what's going on Halston. You've listened to it right. Yeah there's a lot of unknown your show just got cancelled. It was like everyone's used like weird. It's a weird podcast. So it's a little bit of a time capsule a look back in three weeks to go when we didn't know what was going on to know that too now. I'm going to listen to podcasts. By the way it is Tad bit inappropriate at times. If you have a sensitive area would not listen to this. This is If you've never met Ron this is ron to a T. This fucking wrong He's driven other like celebrities and artists around. He talks about getting pulled over like them. Yeah it's me Dave Williamson has got a podcast called meet Dave M. E. E. T. Dave My cousin Andrew Parfait. Who is Trevor Our tour manager for assistant and then we're on the bus driver and so the audio will be touching from here here and there. I'm sure for the most part. It's an old school. Podcast back laid in studios. And we just use zooms. And we just held. Mike's this is a throwback no moss. The old school podcasts that we used to do so. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you've takes your mind off Of the stresses in the world right now and without further Ado Ladies and gentlemen. Today's podcast on the bus quarantine from New Orleans Los Angeles its debut. Williamson Bert Kreischer. Andrew Hobson run the bus driver and Parfait we are in the bus. It is day three of our three day road trip. We started in New Orleans. We found the show was cancelled. And then we drove to San Antonio then LAS cruces which Krona via Cronin virus definitely destroyed that city. Oh Super Walmart was very alarming. Looked like an already in it and then the lady sneezed. When she was checking me out she turned her head in sneezed. And it's still airborne lady man. I'm coughing these days is like here in the N. Word it will get. Someone's attention for sure coughing. You're like easy brother unless you're good like Parfait covering up where you cough and then you go acid reflux. I said resources so we have an infected krona virus patient with US covert nineteen. Jesus Christ you ever thought about changing your ringtone to something maybe not as racially charged housing all right up to Parfait we please take the mic up to Ron. Sit next to him. Remember that he's driving. He's on the phone now ron's Holder does mouth. What do you want man? I'm up here trying to do a job this more than the more dangerous things we've ever done. Yeah it's all on the podcast you on the phone Ron. Y- I'm on the phone I know how to do. I'm talking to JEN JEN. Okay well we want we want we want unfiltered Ron. So beat she. She's from Murfreesboro Tennessee. Right now ron's giving someone a shout out. What's her instagram handle? All right you got me okay after what you want who? Let's start with. Who got the virus I on this bus gave did made? What are you talking about? Three months ago No like when we were in New York. I don't remember that at all. And if they've got it first then he gave it to every single one of us. Yes and then parfait has been harboring this virus. But I had the sniffles in new. Not a cough. Doesn't matter you had the sniffles and you haven't had a cough yet. But I have had Dunkin Ron. You actually had a cough. That's actually know was probably the full on our offer you're right it wasn't hours 'cause gave gave him some. Oddballs Cup at the Knicks Games. That is true beer that is true so though it goes back to being my faults in the middle of the corona virus soared grabbed from behind and start splitting beers. You remember that that was your cup broke. Was Your car at the next game and Dave Goes Dave goes hold on. Hold on this is buzzed. If talking sideways hold on hold on hold on hold on. We're GONNA put these bears. I got this and then he reaches behind his chair and grabs a company goes here. We go and then go. What's that he goes? It's yours I go. Why would I put my cup behind my chair? And he goes. I don't know I don't know he did that and I go. I was trying to keep everyone from drinking out of cups. That weren't there's and in the process you gave you a Hobos cop who just left behind her. It was it. Was Burt finished a beer. And then set up behind them on the ground voice. All right boys you drink this beer. Split it for you. Yeah that's true when we go to the movie one bottle of water then I split it up by your vitamins that no that no the the packet the big bag. I'll take one. Yes we've been loading up on Bytom ines. We are pretty certain that no one actually has the crowbars except for probably GonNa tell you. I feel great except for the fact that I woke up in the middle of the night sweating worried I had a fever and it just turns out that might've meant was closed. I was I wake up every morning and I say not today Krona virus not today you look you look at the I look. I look myself in the mirror and I go not today. Kroto virus not today definitely Andrew. You just begin the my Jesus scariest one. And he's got he's walking around like Donovan Mitchell Rudy. Gobert just infecting. Everybody we've been doing the What is it the hold? Your breath challenge ten seconds. And we've all been pretty good. I think it's a good plan that If we haven't given it to each other yet that were the final thing we do is passing a Mike around a mixture. We all talk into it right now. You know what fuck leaving these Mike's on the bus and then Listen It's been a nice John. We were able to do some supply shopping and grocery shopping in grocery stores at work. Quite as crazy as. La's we spent. We spent five thousand dollars on hand sanitizer and toilet paper. We've just filled the bus up with hand sanitizer toilet paper down a little bonding. We did some cook in got the shooter fireworks. Think the theory behind the toilet paper panic buying as I think. When everyone goes in shops at the same time they buy necessities until the papers the number one toilet paper in water than everyone feels like they need so just the fact that everyone was bion it at the same time creates panic then other people freak out and go. I gotta get it before it's gone and then it just becomes a hoarding and then it becomes a whole Whole Avalanche I want I I last night. I thought if I out of toilet paper I'm grabbed these purple yacht rubber gloves and just put a rubber glove on finger. Shut out of my asshole get it ought cleaning up Dick Oilrig out for me. It would be a good excuse to get rid of t shirts. I have so many. I wouldn't go that far but I don't understand why people wouldn't stocking up on soap but fact if you run out of toilet paper all you gotta do is jump in the shower. Wash it out. I'm surprised the day industry hasn't jumped all over this with some marketing. Just like A. You wouldn't be in this problem if you had one of us so far society. Why are we wiping her ass at all Exactly I was down. You know this is felt like to me. it's it's like a hurricane season. Kinda you know. Except it's the whole fucking world. I know but this is what it's like when you all of a sudden find out hurricanes coming and everyone annex. It's sad because I think as a kid from Florida whenever a hurricane was coming. You almost got excited. You're almost like oh we're going to be off from all lawn chairs in the pool and then and then when they really hit. You're like Oh this. Oh people die hoops a hurricane party that bad davies survived a religion hurricane. Yes sorry taking vitamins. Hurricane Andrew Man in ninety two. That was No joke that was the kind of stuff where so this is. More like On the front side but Andrew. Pass it back to a major hurricane. It's more like About the aftermath. You know it's just like going out and seeing like oh now how do we survive? You know it's crazy. What what's this has really overwhelmed. The Kobe Bryant thing What do you mean I mean this? This is probably the biggest news thing of our. This is bigger than nine eleven. I mean this is the biggest thing since then. Probably this is weird is like A. I don't even know how to quantify it but this is like a nine eleven but with the nine eleven thing kind of hasn't happened yet. It's all after effects of nine eleven but no nine eleven but it's it's so different because like nine eleven or natural disasters all reactionary. This is like Fear of what happens if it affects your family definitely like it feels like the weeks after nine eleven. Yeah but with no initial shock of you know a faith based charity flying a plane into a building and and we have been completely isolated. I don't think I'm curious to see how people bill they've signed up. We're we're operating on a level level because we were in New Orleans and then they were like all right. Get the fuck out and we're like let's just drive home. I wonder if maybe we. This is like the best way to jump into a really cold. Pool is to not be in it when it's goal but to like kind of ease our way into it by kind of being a little bit off the grid. I mean we're just leaving your wife and kids alone to deal with it on their own. That's the good call my opinion just leaving our fan. I mean I think that you know you can't do everything for them. You GotTa let them develop some survival instincts on the first to see what my wife considers We've got enough groceries. Yeah I'm cookie. She's like oh no we're fine okay. Remember I'm outside in New Mexico? I can grab some thing. I know I got into a little bit of. I snapped at my wife when I called her from Walmart because she was like snapping to me like it was like regular grocery shopping and I was like check already told you I bought Turkey and no one eats it I go. We're going to be eating things that we don't normally eat eating survive the next couple of weeks. Oh should I buy it or not? I told her I said about seventeen pounds brisket. She goes why we're never going to eat all. That went. No no no. No that's how it's operating now. We're going to eat all that. Yeah that's how it works. We're GONNA eat brisket shitting fucking brisket on brisket briskets truly one of the more efficient Things to cook. Because it's so big so price per pound you can get a lot out of it and you could cook it and then freeze half of it and then you know. Eat IT for a couple of days and then you know week or two later. Thought out and have it again. You don't have to utilize back days. My wife went. You know it's crazy. My wife went through the freezer the other day and started throwing stuff out why she goes. Well it's from two thousand eighteen said. Yeah but it's been frozen since two thousand eighteen. You can still eat it she goes. It's not good and now not the time to their stuff out. Oh my God I had a dream and cheated on me last night and I fucking was a horrible person. The you know there's going to be some stories out there that come from this whole experience where it's like a husband and wife likes that happens and they're getting ready to split up but then they have to be quarantined together so they work it out the days. Lotta Relationship House wartime. Did this'll be 'cause everyone's like. This is like day. One day tale being like oh. This is so much fun. I'm just GONNA hang out with my girlfriend and watch shit on net flicks by day three. You're going to be like Yeah it my my with the right person anymore. You're like the wrong. I went the wrong person. I'll tell you what I saw two things this morning when I was scrolling through facebook and my text messages and stuff one. One of my buddies is already losing his mind. He's been over two days is like I'm I'm losing it my family and then I saw a poster Milady and Wuhan and she was trying to outline the good. You know and all this and she's been isolated in our apartment with her husband and kids and she actually said she goes I. I thought it'd be sick in my family by now but we actually have never been closer. We really learned how to like. Give each other space and have fun together and get through this. And she's like it's really brought us closer together. I guess it could be done. I can't wait to play We play a game called a I. Forget what it's called off in my mouth. High heels sucks is my kids are teenagers. So they're just GONNA sit in their room Rooms the whole time not gonNa build a fort or doing anything. Fun unplugged the router and be like. Oh why FIS out we should. We should get. Outta time where you plug it in just like like all right guys we're gonNA save our rows and tell them that the government's mandating to save energy like routers. That's the thing that's the thing that's if that's if that like no no professional way Ron Ron. Okay we're GONNA ceron thinks is giant hoax to bring families together. A what if he says what if by Christian right and they're like they would've orchestrated it. Mike Pence Mike Pence. I can't understand how this isn't jump. Starting the economy. Everyone just went out and spent a ton of money. I wish I'd opened a butcher shop because everyone all the places I follow on Instagram or like where sold out to meet that their cows and I will go in. I think there's GonNa Affect us now. Are hunting cows? I'll tell you what Rogan's fucking set. Yeah he has freezers upon freezers of meat. He's got twelve chickens. He's got a garden. He's got everything all buddies even got freezers cooked up generators. He's got there's nothing but we'RE NOT GONNA lose power hopefully not like if if if for some reason we lost power in Los Internet. I think that's when Shit goes down but I. I don't think that's going to happen if we start losing that stuff. It means things really bad where it's like. The people who work at the Power Plant. Like this thing got so contagious. Like we're not coming into work. I think the interesting thing about traveling across country while this is going on is seeing different pockets of America reacting way. Different later this I. I'm curious to see because we haven't been in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a shit show. Yeah yeah anywhere with that dense population. It's all escalated but we were out NOLA. The night we were in the we were in the French quarter. The night all these restrictions went down and it was just like people did not give a fuck people were still partying new. We're still partying. Oh yeah my cousins are in New Orleans right now. I just kind of tax from my girlfriend being like you have to talk to your brother. That's so selfish. Them for partying on St Patty's Day Do Well Hey I'M GONNA go to the Bahamas if I can get out of here. I think I'm GONNA spend a week in La get some stuff done kind of see how it all unfolded leave the country You see the lines at Dulles. I think we get fucking eight hour. Wait in Chicago O'hare to get into the country. They're testing people for Corona virus. They walk in the country and they're like definitely spreading. Everyone's got that so now they're all with faulk overall cheeseburger anyway But I think we could fly private in fly straight in and I did the lesson the this is a great time for me to teach Georgia how to drive on the highways a hundred percent. Yeah George Is Gonna. Really get her drama. I'm thinking about having to drive to these podcasts tonight. And then wait for me and then drive me back I. It's GonNa drive me to do fighter in the kid tomorrow. Yeah way for me and then drive me back. Have our dress up like a chauffeur animal. It'll it'll be like that movie She wouldn't know what's the what's the movie. What's the movie with Eric? Stoltz and she. She's an the one girl his best friend. And she's a socio for driving. Miss Daisy. No come on this. Is Eric Stoltz license to drive? No Eric Stoltz D- Did you see the the Juicy the trailer for Tom Special before they color corrected it. I see everyone making jokes about it on. Instagram fucking hilarious. Oh my wife's on the phone. What's up baby doll doing good? We're pulling through the windmills. Yeah we you. We're like three sixteen. You folks Georgia Georgia. I'm thinking this week. You work as my personal chauffeur was just after her. How her school works bill? Even on how her schoolwork she actually has to be like up and online at eight. Some teachers are teaching like virtual classroom online so she doesn't absolute freedom all day salutes. But we don't really exactly know what the likes that makes sense your we'll just get a mannequin. We're GONNA really if I'm getting word to act for the camera please. No Hey. What was the name of that movie with Eric? Stoltz Lianne where he had his best friend was the girl. We ended up fall in love with given the earrings to her. Some kind of Jesus. I'll can't buy me love all right. Well we are There was not if it was written by him. Addressed by somebody else really famous like on the Howard Howard toys got over shorts famous German crow. Okay all right. Well we'll see we'll see in a little bit. We're doing a podcast. Are you coming for you? I don't know where. Where are we going? We go say my house we're going we're going to my current house. Okay so the NANRI parking. We're that good to know. Okay all right I love you Yeah IN THE DREAM. She cheated on me. I was and I found the guy and I just wanted to ruin his career. Career was the comic. No no I can't talk about ozone some specific. Yeah and all and so and then I thought why didn't the guy whose daughter like they allegedly Jameis Winston rape that girl in college right. Yeah if I was that bother I would have got. The Group of friends found him one night and cut to his fingers off of his right hand. And now we're even like that's how that that was where my brain was last night and I was like why didn't like so because he's not a sociopath. What you're saying is from your dream you crack the real live by drilled. I took a a drill and I drilled into this guy's kneecaps don't mind beaten into his hands. I said I'm not sure if I've ruined your career but I'm pretty sure I have good luck and then Thompson girl was there and he goes club his foot go. What misery debates and. He's so he's just crush it so we can never uses foot again and I went. Okay I think I think I know who this person is you know. Don't bring it up so Yeah and so it was it was it was really bad and then I and then I had more dreams where it was. I just kept having dreams where own and Liam was like. No we can give other people animals and they can give us animas. We're not allowed to let people puts off our ass. Babe I choose like leads. I went but that's different. So they say big rainstorms. Coming to La. Yeah like all week lot not GonNa make this any easier though. Oh I love it. I I just couldn't go hang on my man cave. Get some writing done. Get some work done fuck it slowdown the promotion for the specials. Been all killed doing. I think we're still doing some podcasts. Yeah but like we were GONNA fly to New York and fly to fuck in Indianapolis. I'm still thinking about flying private to Indianapolis to do Pat McAfee show. Yeah did not never. A bad idea were But a lot of people are going to be sitting home at streaming some other businesses. That are going to actually the grocery store business and the Streaming is there any other businesses that are going to actually benefit from this in gaming video games? Video switch is GonNa fucking blow up people are GonNa make so much money on twitch if I knew how to do twitch twitch Count Right now oh did? I had a crazy nightmare last night. I just remembered what about Stern overboard on a boat like a big boat or God and it was at night thinking about the ocean at night. You're Fox though. Yeah because it's just darkness so in the dream I found a big big barge of plastic trash. I climbed on top of it. I rested there. And you guys pick me up Sirocco but when we would back to civilization everyone was driving golf carts on the road and that was like this is weird water when we saved you like me and Burton. Speedo IS ON Paddleboard no. You guys know you guys are you. Guys were drunk. And you're like the captain like look talking doll. Jeez right there the fucking bars so when I was seventeen years old me Sean. Hooker self-care announcing came in the Zahra went down to Anna Maria. And we went fishing off adopt. Came into the house down there. Stay up staying at his house Dalek. A bunch of beers got some weed and went out to this doc. You couldn't fish on the dock but if you win around on the other side of the Bay Shak was. They couldn't see the you're fishing so we all just went out fishing and so we're hi we're giggling and all of a sudden we hear help me and we look at each other when I did that. Were so high. We start giggling like no one did it. We couldn't believe Alabama. Aw Sat down and who the fuck needs browsers so we hear. Help me and we start. Giggling gets one of us is doing this. There's doing it and no one would admit to it. And so then then we started doing it to each other. We started going each take turns trying to figure out who did it. And we're we're we keep hearing this and that and now we're doing it louder right. So highest were laughing hysterically. We keep going you also. The boat comes up coastguard. He goes. Have you been hearing someone yell help me and like okay. This is way too fucking for Israel. We've been fucking with each other and the guy goes you sure 'cause we got a distress call of down watercraft and we can't find it know went now like wait. Hold on. He's in our heads. just hang on for real anyone do that for real the first time. Everyone's like no like we did hear that. We've been hearing that. The best our ended laughing hysterically and he goes out and he finds the fucking guy brings the guy back on the boat to the doctor. Us guys like thank you so much you saved our lives and we were like just looking at each other like Yup. We're heroes what made me though because you talked about getting done overboard now. I often think one time I will be in a raft. Set out to sea by myself like I feel like that will happen to me once. That's kind of why I want to do that. Catalina challenge thing because I just want to know that I I want to know my my ability is I have this obsession with having to swim for survival for a long time. I just think it would be something. That would pasta. Dave would like to swim from Catalina. That's a long beach as people do it. It's all like something. I just came up with the thing that people do. Not a lot of people know maybe once a year someone tries it and they get it all like Like a certified or like someone has to be there to watch it happen to make sure you don't cheat but it's a thing. How far do you think you could get in that Andrew Fucking fifteen minutes in that. I can't do it. Open water ten minutes swimming as long. It's a long time when I was a kid once. I'm in mind you. We were in very good shape back then. We were like teenagers. You know we went There's a place Over on the way to keep us gain right you would walk over the bridge and this was actually after Hurricane Andrew so like all school was shut down. I was one of the first times went to go. Hang out with my friends and we're walking back. One of my buddy's house got destroyed so his parents got a condo on brickell. So we're walking back over the bridge and then we'd have to walk down to his apartment is or looking at it we're going. I think it'd be easier just to swim across. The abyss came back here instead of walking all the way around and so we were all like arguing about. Who is going to get to do it because it was going to be so much easier. So we paper rock scissors and me and this Guy Titus Woodham one and so we gave Joe McConnell and our other buddy are sneakers so that's they had to walk with our speakers in our in our closing her stuff and we're the ones that got to swim or we've got about halfway across and digging. This is a bad idea this way for us. We're on the middle of the channel. There's boats zoomed by on like this is real and I. I turned around. I was a stronger swimmer. Titus and he's like behind me away all Fox's tough for me I know it's GonNa be really tough for him like well if I don't survive. I can't save him so I'm just GonNa go so I made it across in then Was just sitting there huffing and puffing on the dock and then just kept an eye on him to make sure he's GonNa make it by the time we got to the dock. The two of them were like we've been sitting here for thirty minutes waiting for you like it was way faster to walk. We went when we were in grade. We were in Greece When I was in college. Twenty two and my Buddy. Wego we with this kid tim. Tim was diver Olympic an Olympic but a state college diver And he was like. Hey guys want to swim out to that. That DOC DOC. Like seemed like reachable. Gas sounds great so we start swimming and I go to we go. What about sharks and we chose to salty for sharks out here salty? Thirty he goes. Yeah the Mediterranean salty for sharks cool. That sounds legit so I swim. Swim all the way out to this fucking dot halfway there. I'm like this is far out to the dock and realize we gotta swim fucking back. Yeah and they just left me. They just were like go ahead. Good luck I kept going up for me like I can't. I can't slow down man water in general but the ocean especially man. It is no joke did it. There's amazing Story About This dude we knew this guy and his wife were Is the boat captain. He was actually the Cook. And she was the captain Their husband and wife and they worked on this yacht at this island. We used to go to in the Bahamas. A Lot. Right so This older couple that new on a neighboring yacht. We'RE GONNA make supply run back to Miami and you know those are valuable to be like. Oh yeah go do some grocery shopping and come back here. He's come back later this afternoon. So it's the old man and his wife it's Danny is the dude from the boat right. The Cook and that it was The pilot and then the old people have their little dog and The the plane Had engine failure and went down in between the Bahamas and the US right and they immediately You know Any showdown got his dive gear and stuff out of the plane and got a couple of life jackets but they were out to sea for a couple of days and the o the old man and lady both died Danny had to drown their dog in front of them. Like when it first happened because the dog kept trying to grab onto them and it was going to pop. All their lifejackets drowned her dog. And then The the old the old man died of hypothermia and Danny had his dive year and so he left them at one point. And say you guys all stay together when it got dark. He could see one of the channel lights blinking blinking. And the night so he could kind of have a little bit of Barings of the currents can come this way and that way so after like a day and a half swimming. He made it to this Island where there are mining it for some sort of minerals or whatever and he told the construction people. This is where you'll probably be able to find them. This is exactly what went down. So they sent out the rescue straight to there and they found the pilot and the pilot was just being swarmed by sharks so they plucked him out like a in the nick. Time did But yeah unfortunately people died. Jesus but I mean I can't even imagine that just not even knowing there's a ton of sharks at the marina now because the temperature has gone up over the past couple of years. I truly believe that sharks are becoming more Not Invasive but it's the they're not adhering to the norms that they have in the past the past couple of years we've gone spearfishing. I've seen more and more go there. There were sharks while we were spearfishing. Yeah were don't worry about them. They're not going to bother you. I'm like I ruined a birthday party at the marina wants leading ruin it but why ruined. We had to turn back around because some of my dead but were my friend. Elizabeth Baca rounded out about the very dubious Marina del Rey captain Almost killed us just by fucking tip in the boat over but anyway we pulled out outside the marina and it was a bunch of people like just sitting around on beanbags. That was pretty drunk and I was like. Oh come on. We've got a three story boat here like somebody's GonNa jump off the top and everyone just liked me like yeah you should do. It and I was like fine so if I did it I think I I. Yeah I yelled off as a go. 'cause boxers super smart check. She went to Virginia's all are like Super Smart. Uva France and I'm just dumb Penn state over here so I'm like fucking I'll do it. I jump out the top. I think something like never stop. Partying shop offers some Bart Simpson. Yeah well I was making fun of because I was making fun of the all time but nobody was really partying. I land in the water and the like as soon as I get up for water. Everyone's like you need to get back on the boat. You need to get back on the boat and I'm like fuck you guys. I turned around. It was probably like to like maybe like a football yar football field or to fulfill. There's a couple of great whites their big fucking fish ward. They're all fucking eating What's IT called seals sales? Yeah you can see whenever the wave crash would see. These baby seals go. It looks like it's GonNa rain today. Yeah it is going to raise the next week. A lot of survived Andrew. That was as close as I got but I could never fuck it. Open water for that extended amount. It's probably xanax. Refilled ahead. Spend some time with my family so I quit drinking today. We'll see long freeman. I support you I stocked up on beer. I'll just take all this beer and all this liquor since you quit. No no no no no hold on. Just keep it for you to pump our brakes there. I wonder what the wind situation looks like a Gilson's if everyone started buying expensive wines. Yeah the liquor business is definitely doing well for sure but I don't know because all the parties are closed like I got all my bullets. Shotgun teaser. I got my Taser. I got everything. Come at me Bro. I wonder if I should. I ended up getting that one. The one I got is on the circumcised one. So let's say let's say that they stop domestic flights right. Yeah and I decided I want to go to the Bahamas and ride this thing out. Do you think I could put my family in a car and just make my way on desolate road? Kind of like how we've been doing it. Maybe like I like camping. State parks or something and make across country and four or five days. You should get your bus licensed drive. This back hitch a ride. With Ron. Ron. Let me know when you're leaving to go back to Tennessee and then I'll rent a car in Tennessee. We're being pulled over shit. This is a I. I know. Maybe we should start rolling video instead of audio. Forgotten pulled over our. We don't have any drugs on the stele legal here that remind. We just wanted to see if you're black out in front of you see what you trevor. Quick off of the driver's seat is he pulling us over on now is about a fifth of butterfly. Yeah all right. That was a close call. Close call kind of curious to see how we learn about We made we made trevor while all the drugs. I've always been curious about Cops with black guys. I would love to be like sitting sidesaddle to see. Just how disrespectful the Compass Ron and then me stick my head up and go how you doing Sir Goes Oh what am I. A pitcher machine outside machine. We did he steal this bus. You guys being carjacked blink twice. If you're in trouble we couldn't even flush stuff of we needed to because the legal here. Yeah let's get. Yeah I don't know not savvy with not like we have anything on the bus anyway. We got rid of mushrooms. We got RID OF MUSHROOMS. Edibles and and some. Yeah Yeah we have no but we were in Orleans gave. Someone gave US Mushrooms Strand Edibles. We're not sure. What kind of drugs was they? Were just back sealed with no label. And they're like here you go try this and This is GonNa be good you think so. Andrews editing so parfait. What's your plan for? The for the lockdown given the might to parfait part phase. Real name is trevor but we call them Parfait because one morning hung over. He insisted we go to McDonalds to keep breakfast. All fucking staff bucket. We haven't had McDonald's forever mine as well and we'll order like shit and we are. What did you get trevor? And he goes oh I got a parfait. And so now his name is Parfait. We'd been searching for a nickname in the second. He said that we all looked at each other and went parfait who is driving in front of you. This fucking Shit Show Ron. They're not in a rush. Okay gotTa Shit Shit Trevor what's your plans for the lockdown kind of change. Just sit at home Netflix. Workout sleep. I'll tell you right now is a great fucking drug during this lockdown. Going to sleep at six o'clock at night don't eat dinner lose weight work out in the morning. Did I better lose weight over this? I mean you can't you can't get in shape or at least I have some positive in your life when you've got nothing but free time. What trump said okay? During this lockdown you can fuck other couples. Who's the first couple of you call? Okay not that's not I was going to go with I- There'd be a cup of couples that I call just tentatively be like. Hey man what are you doing this week? You guys see the news. Have you guys call? Oh breakfast sandwich down Just sit down and write era. Just workout need freedom. Chet eases fucking Okay Parfait I'm on that Everything's fallen Rome. What's wrong what what. What road is this? Is this a sixty ron? Why do we choose to take the sixty is a dicey ride in a fucking SUV? Liliana tour bus. You're good Ron. You got nerves of steel just yet again the birthplace. What is the what is what is the? What is the tour bus? Hey Dave Kimiko go hold on my with Ron got it got it. What is the tour bus drivers trick for shitting while you're driving ron? Here hang on. Let's not distract to any bucket road. There is no trick. You just stopping. Shit Yeah you guys want on the bus. I pull this bitch over. Go put a bag in the toilet and do my thing so like a bag in the toilet and you shouldn't go back at that. Sounds like the trick for taking. That's what you WANNA call it. How many times in your career have you had the hot bag? Hundreds hundreds I mean I. I'm alright if you have to do that. Everyone else no. I don't want him high hot bagging it out a man who walks around when no fucking underwear on now that I know that hot dog and it's an option I think we that's good information to have. What else put. I've been hot back in. It was seaman tissue. She taught bagging it. Doing our core. Geez man being in an earthquake hurricane vessel trying to get home back to port. La's roads Suck Dick like the best roads out there New Mexico's right. Am I right guys? Am I right there? I don't get carsick. Oddly enough look back. I pulled over hot bag it. Can you imagine? Are we going to fit under this bridge? We don't fit under this bridge but you gotta get enough speed up. Everybody hold your breath for ten seconds. We have plenty of room. Hey what's the what's the rule they make about? They make bridges of certain heights. You can't traffic certain goods out of the state Oh yeah man. I've never heard about that in my life. The on an yeah. That's the joke I now. We're getting pulled over serious. How does that now? We're getting pulled over for real. Yeah just we got off the fucking shit show part of it and you got some shit goes down. Maybe we're getting. Maybe he's just a fam- maybe he's going to escort you to a toilet. It's what's what's frustrating as navigation doesn't realize you're getting pulled over it's like hey you're get back on the interstate. You're like a astle. It'd be so funny. They're pulling over just because they're fans and they take forever with one's gotTa Shit sure there's something we need to play by placing the vehicle getting pulled over right now. Ron Is exiting the vehicle. Does come on the bus. I is a handsome okay. What sees Oh fuck out you. You're my son and I are both on. I if I had a chance to like. Let's can fix her side. Woke Brooklyn must five. They will find a restroom bouncing sixty Qena. If you ask me why I was if I was totally talking to give you an S. word. Ooh ooh the tree limbs out flow or if you're either way we're going to a lot to drop it and that. I didn't think we got gas station or something off. Thank you so much sir. Have a great day you to stay thank you. Oh Shit. That's fucking awesome. We're doing podcast. We pulled over van. Okay clipped out real quick. That's fucking great nick. And we've got all that audio of it to how fucking funny fucking flipping a bitch. Ron Holy Shit. That was impressive. Yeah yeah well. I guess the hype that the African American community has made about copses and all that corrects. What's good guys? As a matter of Georgia's or fe did not do. I thought he was saying to. My statement are just. How fucking funny is that did you? You weren't doing anything wrong though of real really what would happen. If you've got a ticket you get out of jail free for that because he pulled you over and you didn't do anything wrong and he just wanted us. Next time I get pulled over. That is fucking awesome well. All's well that ends well hog is this is what happens when you ride around the fucking country with the machine pulled over by cops for no reason run. You shot me with you all the time. Think of all the random stops you'd get out of is that is that ever happened with any other clients Ron. You've been driving buses along time. Yes happened to me. Several Times on the bus over faulk. That's going to be scary too much in. Go and to me with Gong Marley that Marley brother did you know about. And we had all get out and sit in the desert on I fifteen in between no no no did they pull you over because there are fans ahead. No that's what we were asking him pull over over. You're pulled over several times. Do Dog just legit pulled over where they looking for drugs? Once they figured out driving your Calvin broadus. Yeah I murder was the case that they gave me the do you have any. That's let's say you're driving through Alabama and I'm not on the bus and they pull you over and they go jiminy firearms or drugs on the bus. What you say you say no and then what did they go? Do you mind if we search your boss. What he say yes. And what and what what he normally just go OK cool. It's not my coach. Say That again it. You just stand farm not my coach. I can't allow you to search something that's not mine. You can search my common areas. Which are the driver's area in the bays? I'll tell you that our mind but I can't allow you on the bus like that because I'm I just can't do it so some detail you old law. Go get a search warrant okay. We'll go here search warrant then. What about going over the border into Canada? They're pretty tough without. I'm not asking real easy unless you're just an asshole. I mean I've taken bands across and they never even have to get off the bus customers. Come out to the bus. Look look into password to where they are less than five or six minutes. I had a problem one time because I told him I was just going up to go camping. And the guy was in Winnipeg and I'm like all right I'm doing shows the So when they hear back up there with Ron and they pulled snoop was new on the bus when they pull you over. Yes he obviously marijuana. Yes and what did they? What did they say One guy wanted to search the bus IE winner. Got The tour manager. He told them No. You can't search the bus. Go get a search warrant and guy just kinda harass them for little while then they let us go a while. Note to self still doing okay. Shit we're getting off soon too so you can shut okay. Yeah I'm way with used to be that way with relationships. Said he want he just wanted a threesome. Said he wanted an easier on easy off and I said Yeah. That's your like burnt. We heard it. I know I'm just going through. How bad do you think this fucking targets been? Banged up owes our seven roundtable dress barn. That transport has been fucking. Yeah has everything. Everyone needs trousers for the pockets like this. He had a friend of his great to hear that. Rossum tinfoil. At Ron Ron Ron Ron just said that this is all conspiracy. Because there's an asteroid coming close to the Ron believes there's an asteroid a friend named Father love brother. Love was that his name brother. Love's brother Love's do you. Have you ever heard of Eggleston up with Ron? We can talk to Ron a little bit. Hey Ron have you ever heard of this Co-leader brother love the Black Guy? Pretty sure no never heard of a pretty sure anything like Jim Jones yeah before Liam Jazzy Jones. He used to be friends with Jim. Jones and Jim Jones learn from brother. Love Brother Love. Oh okay brother. Love's father same thing professional wrestler Father Divine. Ron Is the guys they've never heard of father divine operated. If this doesn't Balk Ellipse bad time to have one of those as a recreational vehicle onto a neighborhood they're like Oh God we're going down at. I don't know my cars in the fucking dealership. They better be opened for me to pick it up tomorrow morning. Father Divine Father. Divine is a podcast. Can't be bothered of mine. That's what that's what my friend he I have. A buddy is going off the wheel Stephen off the deep end with all this. He thinks that all the grocery stores are going to close this week. And then people are gonNA start looting and I talked to him two days ago and he was all I came animal prepared and then now it's like I'm cleaning my gun. What if what? If a an asteroid's coming in to hit US I would suck you get our minds off of it. Do you know how pissed? I if I spent the first week of this quarantine doing my taxes and all this bullshit stuff and then asteroid hits us. When I could've spent a chillan or fucking porn stars. I think you need to call him a girl for me. You hooked up before. They ended the warheads. All Right Christy mack here with Dan World. We're GONNA shoot a porn we're GONNA pay for it. We Are Higher. You and his we shaky malls. Avi You'RE GONNA pay for. I Know Ron okay. Housing Yo pocket me and this mouse in my pocket pay for you. Kristie mass when I've tossed as love made Ron. You'd be doing us a favor. Oh most definitely every stroke. I'd be like this bird. How this is for Birdie boy? This is because he's a such an honest man that he did this itself but he put the task on me up. He bestowed it on me. Father Divine would be proud if alleluia father divine priests Interracial marriages and community integration. He denounced racial segregation. I think that we'd be doing everything father divine. We'd be picking up where he left off really when you think about it would. It would sounds good to me. Make the call all right. What if the government decided that the world would be better if all the races were mixed right all become one race? Ooh This is a great question and then and then they call your house and they go. You got to pick that you and your wife. We're GONNA fuck tomorrow. What are you go into mourning? They outlaw outlaw eight. Why would you pick Asian but you can only have interracial relationship? That's the only one you're allowed to have first off. Easy chicks or hot second off lands not attracted to Asian men. Bang Bang in and out of there. I'm happy liens frustrated. She comes back to me. Going well was a good for you. And I was like Asians aren't known for having big Say That I say male funny just women do or maybe maybe Dick the microwave Iran. What race you pick Ron White? Women wore my forty anchors on my mother fucking new. Also they wasted. Oh God I could settle down with a nice little. Black girl is fun. What are you gonNA put a dog? A dog leash owner in a chain around. The House explained to me to me. That was racist just the wording. Okay what would you do? Andrew Speaking Scandinavian Scandinavia. A Nice Little Viking girl. I wouldn't mind Indian finding talk. Kim and Ron Fuck you. She smell like curry fish. Curry sauce. Her that's just not any anyone needs curry. Smells like curry curry for some went to Russia. Strip club They had eaten curry. And I'd never had Korean my life and I was like these women's smell fucking horrible the whole time every one of them. I say curry backs back stage. And they'd all you can curry for dinner and I was like these women fucking wreak. I'd never had curry and then cut to. I'm dating Leigh Anne. I'm like twenty eight years old and we go out on a second date to Indian restaurant smell or even the first time I go shut the fuck up. Smells like Russian horsman here. She was like what I go. Gurry see once again. You crack the code years later did you're you're very slow super sleuth solving mystery that you plan like years in advance. What was I? What was the joke? Oh the joke I wrote. I did Bill Byrne I wrote of a yelp review like nine years ago and it paid off. Oh yeah you should as Seattle off. I did Anyway I wonder how we can turn this. Podcast into more of a politically correct podcast. We're going to do a what that's never going to happen with me around. I'm not politically gonNA say politically trevor. Talking wait what do you think? I'm not an Katyn. Pc over here sees. Why are you serious all this shit? You guys talk. And I just said doesn't mean like nice little girl anything I said girls and you're a driver back on the run girl. Nice little South American check out like a fucking pedophile. Nice little little pill. Does he really meaning when he said that run looked? I can't believe I won your old nipples now fully form of. Here's fairly girl fucking are gonNA have to some of this. My career ended. This is a good thing shows the next thirty days anyways. Thanks Ron like Al It'll blow over. It's GonNa be hard to make a fucking splash in the corona virus days you gotta be Krona Katie or the hand sanitizer. Boy Guy bought seventy five thousand dollars for the hand sanitizer in Tennessee really. Yeah and we can't sell it. No one will buy from them. Because everyone's like fuck you. I don't need it. I wash my hands just like spite him trying to make a buck guys just trying to make a buck other job today. Fifth let me get in the pool. I'M GONNA GO Whitney's House I'm going to a PODCAST GONNA tickets ZANEX and I'm asleep like there's no krona virus is what's our thirty day goals as far as getting healthy and getting in shape. I'd like to get under two hundred twenty pounds. Would he say up there? I want get below two TWANI. I want my I'M GONNA go to the doctor the first. I'M GONNA go get a scheduled cardiologists appointment. Make sure all my levels is a hot lava. Make sure all my levels are good. And then I'm GONNA start a fall tour that's GONNA fucking win. Wrap up this tour and then do a fall tour and then dependent. But I'm sure I'm going to do another January tour. I'm sure I'm just waiting for the rest of my life here. I can totally attest to someone who's been with Bert. Basically every week. You've been with me almost every day since June that. You have not had a break like this. This is just a question with his time off. I don't know do you write. Not onstage feels like you right on stage no not be great is I'll get August material ever this month w what the girl said was hanging out with the fans hanging out with them. The last time I had this much time off was I was thirty nine years old and I was and I I got. I got something got moved from Travel Channel and I and I told the end. I'm going to take a month off and take a month off I twenty one days off and Before I went back to work and I didn't drink for twenty one days. I got so fucking skinny. Got So fucking skinny. So I'm going to try to eat super super super healthy workout and not drink and then I figure at the end of the month feel good. Look good go back on tour. No one will see me fat. Hopefully People Watch your special. I might shave my head. I was thinking about shave my beard just because I don't need to go anywhere. Eneco my hair and I'm GONNA be doing on auditions and stuff all right. I might as well just buzzed my hair. Let it go back out here. I was thinking about going to trim tonight put a I was thinking about the girl shaved my head over. Corona virus wishful thinking. What if this turns out so well for everyone from here on out errands? Like fuck it. We all take April off. Yeah that'd be great every year because everything. It's like a Siesta fucking get back. January just got done doing the fucking holiday thing. You'RE STILL FUCKING TIRED. Valentine's Day you're like faulk fuck fuck party every weekend. Lazy Abra Lazy April. I would love it shape real owner. If I could just get a better could just probably just my car and driving a play golf in certain places. I'm listening. You can play golf during this right. I mean they can't stop you if they're closed you. Just go out and play. That's gotta be the lots of great loop. Hobart yeah there. You're socially distancing yourself you're playing do yourself wait? Wait wait wait wait. I'm definitely doing that by the way. There's a par three on my house and I'm sure they're shut down. There are pretty parks and REC. But they can't stop me from just walking onto the words are the park shutdown. Yeah in in In my down so we can get a hike definitely playing golf every day. Yeah why wouldn't to do? I can't swim because the pools are close. I go what am I gonNa do to stay in shape? It's GonNa go play golf every morning. Nice little walk fucking six in the morning. Drive out play golf. Yeah I'm GonNa get so good at golf this month wonder if that kind of like that almost seems different rain every day. Oh Yeah I'm GONNA go on. Bike rides great bike. Yeah me too. I got it from the clippers. I'M GONNA write it down to our super safe to ride bikes. No one's driving. Yeah they're either need that or need a scientists to come up with that earlier this weekend. We talked about a drug that would put everybody to sleep from month so that this thing could just run. Its course it's like that Chris Farley sketch on snl comatose. What's a great sketch Chris? Farley in order to avoid getting the flu Chris Farley drinks an entire like huge tub worth comatose. It's like Nyquil but it knocks you out for like three months? So he wakes up with all this hair and nails or super long and his wife in the sketch. It's like one of those great classic. Snl commercials sketches. She's like honey. I tape the Super Bowl. He's like hanks I tape. I would love would you? What if they said Hey How about we just put you under for the month. Yes I would love that I would love. Because that's like if you've got a good dream going Think about that. 'cause like I feel like your dreams are like you sleep for eight hours. But what have you have the dream where you get thrown overboard that you're talking about earlier? Stuck in that fucking. I'm just going to ride this thing out. I'd rather be awake did that. We're having opportunity to some fun stuff this month. Yeah I think it'll be fun. It'll be interesting spending with my family. I wonder if I wonder if what at what point people start going so yeah it looks like it's clear enough. I'm going to go to Hawaii. Yeah I mean what's the it's it's gotta be. Fourteen days is the is the real. Push number fourteen days. It's either GonNa be it's GonNa start declining correct. It's the what did they think the curveball flat. Now after. Yeah. It's dark to think of what could happen if things get fucked up if that that curve really because this could be a thirty. We have a lot of at risk people in our family and ninety nine year old. Grandma Yeah Huh Latina I we. We saw that one coming not a nice little Tina. Oh I I I apologize for whatever I did. That was wrong I was I was being progressive by with your like Ron. I didn't even really want to try to impress you. Ron Fine Fuck it. I'll go with the Latina. I wonder what happens when we post this video. This cop and then like stay places like so. You're pulling over people because you're big fans them on no no. I think I might have another diet beer. My cousin was going to bring his whole family out over spring break. We're going to all kinds of fun stuff that's done. What's that my cousin was in a coma? Bring his whole family out for a week where we're going to have get our boys a surfing lesson. You Still Get surfing lessons. I know but there's going to be fun to do like their cousins and stuff you know and We're GONNA go You know dislike whiskey tastings and go to Malibu and all this stuff plan. That's all done. Yeah the shit show Dave what are you? GonNa do Hunker down hunker down. And maybe I'll try to get my wife pregnant this month. Good luck with that. I went to the doctor just last week and got confirmation that my swimmers are done. What do you mean 'cause I got? I got me last year. I just never went for the follow up appointment and make sure that it took oh cigar and I are going to get a second me on to bears one cave together. Yeah all right. I got Dr for you if you need it. Yeah no we know this dude Up IN UP IN. Cameo what you're GonNa do it like you're gonNA. They worked at a gas station. He's got got pretty. Sharp knife are great. He told us that he can do it. You don't want to you. Don't want an infection doc. It's not the kind of thing you want to do as a stunt in a studio get an infection in your balls super easy man really but They told me you should get a bag. A bag a piece and just alternate for a couple of days. You'll be fine. So addicting back appease exactly. Yeah you take the bag appears you put it on to help with the swelling and stuff so then Like a week later we had a birthday party. My House and one of the kids took a baseball bat to the head when the kids were playing in the backyard. So my wife Freaks out. She runs in the first thing she saw in the Freezer. She grabs the bag. Appease goes out and throws it on the kids face and that My youngest son looks over me and says dad. That's your ball bag. Don't tell anybody we could just never invite Riley over house ever again. The bag was as a bag. I had on my balls for three days. Is this where we're dropping? The trailer is where Ron's dropping deuce. I gotta get my supplies out of the trailer. What's your supplies toilet paper some groceries and saw let's hit pause on this and we'll come back and we start driving again. This episode is brought to you by the machine.

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eps.023 - David Schwartz - Litecoin Foundation Project Director

Bitcoin Radio

50:38 min | 1 year ago

eps.023 - David Schwartz - Litecoin Foundation Project Director

"WHAT'S UP BITCOIN radio. It's your man Joe. Blackburn are and I'm coming at you today. New podcast special guests Mr David Schwartz. He'll be on here shortly to talk a little bit about likely foundation man. We got the project director. Will you know he's going to interview with me today. And you know we world crypto conference coming up as I've already had Ataman. WHO's the CEO over there and you know I'm really looking forward to this event. It like Vegas blockchain. Week is getting really really like you know. It's just everybody's getting excited. I'm talking to folks got a group Chat Rolling. It's just it's just going to be a lot of fun. I'm also looking forward to the fortnight tournament that the Light Coin Cup. That's coming on and then you know that's. That's one of the reasons why I wanted to get David on. I WanNa talk about you know what's happening. I Love I love the idea of the blockchain integrating into the gaming. You know sphere so you know this is a perfect opportunity for me to just talk a little bit about gaming and you know just to kind of Brag on although I'm. I'm not really a fortnight player. I'm playing in this tournament and I'm going to talk a lot of smack. I'M GONNA get my twitter game role in. I'M GONNA find out WHO's playing in it anyways. That's that's a whole nother topic. We'll get get there soon. Nevertheless we got David coming on here project director as noted and I'm really excited to see what what David's going to bring to the table here today. I think there's a lot of things that like clean foundation are doing and there's a lot of maybe you know. I don't want to say misunderstandings but a lot of unknowns I mean they're doing a lot behind the scenes and they really you take care of that that project and so many different ways but from an outside perspective it's kind of a really unique relationship and so we'll ask. David a lot about that side note. It is as episodes keep rolling in. I put out a tweet today about asking you know if you've got a project. If you have a person at probably should you know on bitcoin radio that you found really interesting or a project that you think awesome you know. I'm I want to hear from you. Get them to send a email JOE RADIO DOT com. You know that's what I a US only for bitcoin radio correspondence and you sit to me and you know at least start a conversation where you can always connect me on facebook. I WanNa talk to these people that are making a difference in the space. It's really special. It's really important to me to highlight. What's what good is happening. You know we hear about all the negativity well. Let's get it. Let's let's move past that if we can hand right. Let's find the projects that are actually performing all the projects that have been built from twenty five twenty six thousand two thousand seventeen well. Their products is coming to fruition right now right and there's a lot of great great things happening anyways but if you've got someone who you think would be awesome. Come on. Please give me a shout. Let me know be happy to at least engage in conversations. No obviously oh no no hard feelings. There's no no strings attached as far as whether or not we are able to do something you know but let at least be introduced you know it's great to build relationships anyway all right so moving back over like foundation with David Schwartz. I'M GONNA go ahead and bring him on now what's up. David Mann welcome to W BTC man. We're bitcoin lives the man. Oh Man. It's my pleasure. You guys got a busy month coming up. Don't you yeah busy is probably an understatement and I it well David. I'm really glad to have you on a We were introduced by Jedidiah Taylor friend of mine. Co decent bet and you know he was able to connect us for this opportunity and I was really excited about getting getting a chance to have you on in that audience to hear from you so let's go ahead and start. Who Are you. Where are you from. What do you do to kind of. Give us a short spill real quick yeah so Dave's towards the project director for the Coin Foundation. I've been in that role since about exactly this time last year so I've been in for about a year I've been in Crypto for about two years exactly so it's kind of interesting path. I've taken to get to this point volunteered at foundation for about ten months prior to getting picked up part-time is the project director in I just help out with a lot of different things that are going on on the slack channel that we used to keep everything moving along and then also partnerships that come along along sure and then odds here there yeah the as I noted an introduction. You know there's a unique relationship there that light coining like quin foundation have have with each other. Can you give us a brief overview. What the Light Quin Foundation actually is to like yeah sure so it's a nonprofit organization so we're based out of? Singapore poor and it was it was brought along probably about two and a half years ago after a lightweight association. A sort of a defunct association was brought up there are some ideas on how it could probably the worked out better and so charlie a re Franklin Richards and a few other people decided to create that Light Coin Foundation from there and it is kind of it's grown organically so there's no there wasn't any like political start out with or anything minus those who are contributing at the time and has gotten to the point where we have a little one hundred something volunteers on tears around the world mostly everything is run by volunteers the board directors. Don't get paid anything there's three people who get a paid a small amount. It's more almost like a symbolic amount versus what most people get in other positions within the crypto space but that helps you also see who's really dedicated aided what's going on with. Linda project itself and it's really there to help with the the promotion of awareness and adoption for the coin the CRYPTO currency itself come on that's really foundation for sure and you make a good point. I love highlighting that you know just like coins decentralize forecast bitcoin. It's not like they have a CEO. Although a lot of people obviously associate Charlie Charlie Lee as the he's not he is the the I guess the Creator later and he's like but there's a lot of people who've gone into to where Queen is today and and obviously you know with with them setting up like foundation. You're obviously Selena really high level spot and you get to do a lot with this project and clearly you. Have you in our in our minimal time to get together. You know you're you're a smart guy. We we have actually similar backgrounds rounds. You know we're both veterans. You know we both worked in some fields after our service and I think it's really neat to Kinda. Get your perspective on this because I relate to you so much now with that being you said you know tell us a little bit about what's coming up for like foundation. Obviously I mentioned you know. This is a busy month so so what so busy about it well we have. We have the light coin summit. It's the second the second annual coin summit we're having at the end of October the twenty eighth and twenty ninth October actually and it's at the starter Varda what's called blockchain beak which is being run by World Cup Okon and evolve events and they asked us way way early in the year if we wanted to be involved in that which was actually perfect because we were trying to figure out where we even wanted to have the second awesome yeah and so they're like look. This is what we can make. I mean that's all you gotta say it it was it made the choice a lot easier. Let's just put it yeah so we ended up picking up that and and we think it's going to be a great event and we were able to really capitalize is on last year. Because last year we had in south San Francisco. It was a great venue in this perfect for a brand new one but we really wanted outdo ourselves this year and we decided to to make sure that we had two full days of really equality speakers. A lot of a lot of different things going on the space is really matured in the last last year all right so most conferences conventions really talking about speakers that are already within the space. people that are visiting are mostly sleep within the space already and so it just becomes regurgitation. The location pretty much just changes right so we wanted to make sure we were doing something a little different so we have you know we have a lot of great speakers and you might have just seen on twitter like literally right now. We just came out with the announcement that we're going to have Ron Paul as a as a keynote as well so we're really excited about that. I'm really excited about that and as I shared with you in in private right after that came out. I was like Whoa Ron Paul. That's like my hero especially in the space you know and Ron Ron Ron Ron Paul has been a a really huge ambassador for bitcoin and cryptocurrency in their credibility and legitimacy so having him. They're having him speaking although he he is well known in the space. I mean this guy who's all over. Fox News all over. CNN At times you know you know giving his opinion on world events and people take him very seriously. You know a lot of people. Do you think he might be a little bit crazy but if you're in bitcoin. You're a little bit crazy or if you're in Crypto your little bit crazy to begin with known since a lot of respects but I love what he's done for that credibility and I cannot wait to hear him speak at the at the summit now now with with this whole thing going on with the likewise summit. I actually wanted to back up. A little bit is likely foundation responsible for the a coin. I guess just the sponsorship partnership that Y'all had that one day yeah yeah that was that was a really really cool thing that that's amazing and it was. December it was like Middle December and we have a guy's name is lear gash eat. He's kind of like a community manager and he works for the parent company of the UFC and happened dimension. Yeah happened to mention that that he's K. I think they just came up with an opening funding for this next. it was a thirty two was supposed to be in. Las Vegas. John Jones ended up having a few things come up so they moved into Los Angeles but he's like. They have the spot open. Are you guys interested in maybe getting into that and I said yes I mean the guys email and I started talking to the Partnership Guy over over there and we had we had a deal ironed out basically within an hour and a half and half the day to finalize the whole thing it was great it it just fell into place and that really lifted us onto this launch pad where we're at with a with marketing outside of the crypto space which like Mary mentioned earlier here this whole regurgitation the echo chamber that we kind of have going on such a long time. It's hard to break out of that when you're metality is always about trying to grow it from within what I believe. In in the foundation believes that we've gone to the point and crypto where we can now start expanding outside of that space and just let people know that we're here and what what we do and how that works and so after that you have see event man we had a I can't even tell you how many pro sports teams all kinds of different organizations nations. Get a hold of US and start asking of course naturally. Some of them are just after your money but some of them are actually really curious. I know I had conversations at one point with a with a pro basketball team and they were so you know kind of went through the the normal say pro basketball team do you mean the NBA Yes. Oh Wow that's cool. Keep going sorry Dr Yeah Yeah well we didn't we didn't end up doing anything with them because they're one of their main sponsors bank solvency a C sponsor that happened. I was GONNA ask. Was that what the bank was actually like wood. They were excited man they wanted to do it. I was going to go out for a game and talk to them. Everything was going great and then they just kind of put the Kabosh look at especially because I can only see this getting bigger ever. Just need someone just to like. Carry your briefcase or look cool or like introduce. You please give me a call. I'll be happy to do that. Okay talking in most parts so that's an open. That's an open offer. It's there for good and so you just let me know if that ever comes up right I mean I'm not necessarily expecting it but if it happens anyways but I didn't the Miami Dolphins Avi also. Do you know didn't they have some some where all their concession stands are actually taking like now. The concession stands are but they have a fifty fifty raffle that we were able to okay okay okay to cause that to now accept BITCOIN and Bitcoin for fifty fifty raffle believe that starts this weekend we've been advertising with them since the preseason amazing yeah so one of the reason why I want to bring this up is what I love about. What like Coin Foundation With Coin Foundation is Don. John is as much as obviously you have a you have a a a goal of making sure that coins name is out there but it's bringing another level bowl of credibility and and true legitimacy to the public as you said and so. I have a question about something I haven't really considered on a high level. Because you really made made a good point when you said you know we've been so focused on you know inside the crypto world you know and the or the UFC opportunity allowed this to actually extend us out into start start seeing a little bit broader. How do you mark. Are you marketing to these people as an actual currency like us this pay with this or you're not gonNA buy it. I right you gotta understanding and have an incentive why not just use cash or how is this house this marketing plan. You don't have to obviously into too much detail. I'm sure there's competitors who will be listening. I hope so at least well actually I hope they are listening because the you know that recipe is very very integral at least for us as a currency right. I'm doing some some projects projects that maybe they're not looked at much currency as they are a token for a project or something like that but for US specifically we've even had ticket ticket companies who have talked to us. I think the biggest misnomer is that it's it's a some kind of a payment processing right so without getting into too much detail. one ticket company was asking me questions and I'm like I I am. I didn't necessarily get in an argument or anything but I just I tried to make it very clear to them that I don't see anybody charging saying the United States dollar to be used to pay for something and light coin is a currency soul to charge organization organization to have a currency doesn't make any sense now if it's a visa or mastercard or something totally get it right visser's. They're trying to get the name out there but they're still processing the dollar the not processing the visa whatever right and so they also awesome having berries and my coin has employees right so how do you how do you do that. You don't have anybody charging the dollar or the the euro or the yen or anything like that to be used on their platform so I think that's the biggest thing we struggle with is obviously every I mean. Companies are in their created needed for money. They're trying to make money so if we physically we don't we don't go to anybody they're all coming to us right so the UFC she thing really opened a lot of doors for us. I technically I don't ever have to go out and ask anybody if they would like to have us be a partner or to us. The BITCOIN are likely although we've done it if enough people coming to ask him about so I use it now as an educational because after you know nine months of this and having to constantly explain to people what like coin really is going back to that one basketball team once I started explained to them. Look you have a lot of foreign players the plate for you and so for them. They have family back home. I mean how beautiful would it be if you were to even pay them a portion of their pay a encrypt oh so they can send home and they're not paying all the wire transfer fees. You're not paying all the wire transfer fees you go play around the world you can have things. Don Unlike coin bitcoin whatever and you're saving two-thirds on just transaction fees with like visa MasterCard alone or wire transfers there is just like wow this is amazing right and that's when they wanted to jump on right away and they're like this is this is a really cool concept and then it gets squashed but well yeah but that moment's coming you know where not just you know where hey maybe we might do this. It's going. It's only a matter have time. Look how far we've come. Can you imagine even having a conversation I know you haven't been in the space as long as a lot of people have but you obviously have probably been hit with sue Nami the of crypto currency information and experience over these last two years but I I mean I remember just two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen and if it was just mentioned on the news it was a huge deal right. I mean even if it was bad. We're like oh my gosh. They talked about bitcoin today. It doesn't matter exactly what Gosh Gosh or I mean that goes for like two. Obviously I fall back to bitcoin because it's so safe you know but the point I'm making is today now. You're actually having conversations with professional professional sports teams. You haven't professional athletes who are asking to get paid in this and you know I remember Matt Barkley. He got denied by the by the bills but he did ask for some of his salary in Bitcoin. You know obviously like you said there's GonNa be a team. I kind of want to guess. I don't know if obviously you can't say the name but I wanNA guess if I had to guess I would say a team in Texas. I'll just leave it at that. Am I right man not even close. I mean there's another one I maybe maybe the raptors because is a lot of foreign players. You said okay well anyways so northern chain okay fair enough can keep can. I keep going. I mean I'll I'll get it right. Boy Milwaukee Bucks Oh man that's cool. Yeah Yeah Ned Great. They had a great season this year and be really good exposure because I got a little young young stars on it would have been perfect too because they wanted the time with with them getting into the playoffs and everything finals yeah. I was crushed. They should have been there but like I said if ever happens and you need someone like a hype man or someone to introduce you whatever it might be. I got you okay anyways moving on all right so let's get back to the summit. I'm really excited about this. You have like you said you know. This is the second year. How do I go I was was it a success. What what. What was it like last year yeah so you can you can term it a success in the fact that everything went well? All the speakers were supposed to show up basically showed up the turnout was was good for I turn out you know the funny thing is you gotta be really careful not to drink the KOOL aid of the of the the project or currency your urine because you think everybody knows that that you know you have this great turnout. Everybody's GonNa be really excited and so on and so forth but in reality the most blockchain conferences are very broad and general nature and so you're able to get a larger turnout or a larger her sampling of sponsors so we learned very quickly that like going being a bitcoin first of all and second very specific and what our conference was about what you had to work two three times harder to get the same kind of return out that you were expecting the game just to kind of you know basically break even or whatever but as far as like content offense and and turn out and quality of speakers and sponsors. I thought it went really well and that's great to hear I really like the the concepts substantive ideas that I've especially on your website with like foundation lightweight found Gates Foundation at the foundation one is like Coin Dash Foundation Dot Org going into Vegas this year. What are some of the goals. What are some of these you know. I guess you know things that people can anticipate. Should People Wanna come this year especially if they weren't there last year all especially if they weren't there last year we have like I said we're we really kind of reached out past the crypto space. We have a panel and day to that. has pro athletes is on it that are in the crypto right so ben. Aspirin the UFC fighter will be there CJ say policy plays for the Chicago fire of the major league soccer. He's going to be are there. we have land in castle from Nascar. He's GonNa be there tie. Atkinson used to play for the dodgers. He's he's going to be there as well and we have vested artist list. We have Mexico crypto friends there we have Caitlyn Long so anybody who really studies were bitcoins going in the space in general Caitlyn Caitlyn long has been a great advocate for cryptocurrency and for blockchain companies and the state of Wyoming and that's kind of spread throughout the United States now she'll be there will be there just mentioned Ron Paul is going to be so. There's a lot of great things going on but the cool thing this year in between twain the end of day one and the after party so the after party starts at ten PM and the first day of speakers ends at like five in between there from six attend we have we believe is the first gaming tournament ever to have the winnings given out in crypto currencies and we call it the Lightning Cup series and so that's actually being brought to you by by my own company cornerstone global management and also in bet and World Crypto Khan and so the foundation's involved in that too but but we're the ones that are kind of put together for them and that's in between right in between say again. I'll be a both and I will be at least one of them. I didn't get the other one but that's okay. I'm not David sneakers right so so you get to hear all these great people and then you can go straight to that to get some quick dinner and then you show up at this gaming tournament where you have four battle royals that go on and then they have finals on top of that and then you go to an after party where you can talk to like you can talk to Charlie League and talk to Ron Paul and talk the pot you can talk to whoever's there all that's included in in in the in the coin summit ticket right and then you have day to right after that but if you don't want to go to the summit you can pay forty five bucks for for the for the the gaming tournament and the after party and still go to those so like you're showing up a day early for world crypto con- you can still go to the tournament to stay forty. Five five bucks pulled nights worth of entertainment for you right there. yes would be a lot of fun. I think his name is Jonathan Jonathan Abram. He's a first round undrafted Oakland raiders. He's going to be here. He's GonNa be playing with the same same location. You are a let them know. I'm coming for all right but I'm no. I'm working on my. I've been working on my name. I'm coming. I'm not great fortnight player but between now and the four-night tournament I will have put together other. I think you know Iraqi style training regimen to get me prepared for this. I'm really excited. I think this is a wonderful way to incorporate. You know a a a just like just like a avenue of where crypto currency can fit in really easily and really quickly and I think about this fortnight runs all these tournaments every week right and they do it on their actual game and I'm just now looking at this again. We're looking at back at fortnight because obviously term and I don't want the truth be told I'm practicing not to win and so I don't look really stupid right and I'm not the first one eliminated because that's going to be Jedidiah. I hope he's playing really coming for him. Abrahams part of that generate either you or Michael nyc. He told me today that he he he's going to be so awesome man. I didn't know he was a game. It's all about it and then after I kind of explained some of it. He was like crap. I'm GONNA practicing and and that's how I feel like. I just don't WanNa get wit. I don't want to get my butt kicked in front of everybody right anyways but you know I actually have a gaming facebook group to it's not as big as Crypto coin trader but you know there's several thousand people in it and you know I I obviously really enjoy at least what the space can provide cripples but it's can provide for gaming and I don't know why Bitcoin in Quin aren't the you you should reach out to forty nine. I mean if you guys probably have some. Oh Yeah. We've tried a couple times to get into the gaming space the problem the problem with that is some of them just really aren't comfortable or or know enough about cryptocurrency crazy here. Whatever you hear in the news and the news. It's not always positive and so that's that's what they pick up upon us so they're kind of like well. I mean we're interested but I think we're going to wait a little while the only way that she would be interested as if like took a big Gob of money and you threw it out right and then they'd okay well that makes sense now yeah of course of course I was interested I mean why wouldn't I be as complete science and again. You know I think this. This is going to be a really fun experience for a lot of people a lot of opportunities for for some publicity you know when you get a tournament four-night tournament. Lightning Cup you know and I it just all. It's all really let me let me say this to I mean this is a common obviously and not to be overly complimentary which I have a tendency to do at times when I get excited but you know I think about bitcoin and Bitcoin fits and really liked coin is really far ahead of Bitcoin in this in this case because they don't Oh have the same team going out. Actively promoting actively looking for sponsorship actively looking for opportunities to be integrated into a payment system or prize is it. I think we'll see like when really take some steps forward specially s payment processor or payment processing but as a payment opportunity goes for people as the currency as it. Is You know I mean. It only makes sense to transact this way. You know there is an entry and exit issue for a lot of people but you know bit. Pay At some point you ah bit paid somebody else who comes in and does it right which is going to allow the so much more ease of use for everybody. Somebody's going to do it right and it's all coming together. We're watching can unfold before our eyes and you guys are in the forefront of this fight of this of this really this. You know this credibility issue that I keep bringing up is that it's just not out there. People aren't seeing get being used. I remember when apple pay I like. You can put your credit card on your phone and you can just wipe swipe it over the thing and it works like man. Someone's GonNa semi just use my applegate what I've never heard of anybody apple pay getting stolen that way or us and not to mention the fact that you know even though I thought it was dumb at first it took like a moments time I am of seeing a couple of friends of mine use it. I'm like wow this makes complete sense. Now I get it right and I can't wait to see crypto in coin among others and of course I'm unbiased bias on who does it. Whoever does it as great. I'm rooting for light coin an absolute fact you know and I don't want you to obviously take the wrong way but I hope you guys are the ones who do it. I think you have a wonderful wonderful team and there's so many years now seven six seven eight eight. Oh my gosh yeah yeah. What is it twenty nine hundred. I appreciate it though but you know that's interesting. I was just talking to somebody about this the other day. It's really hard for light coin to do some of the things bitcoin is on Bitcoin was the first and they have a huge very very loyal following sure a lot of people built what you see now like companies within the space they built it around bitcoin right and and it's hard heard something in some in some ways yeah and so you do have a lot of people early on who really love Who and still love light coin as well because they understand the properties behind ended and the point behind having it but it's still it's still this thing where like even now whenever we have something that we end up signing a deal on an and promoting like coin. We always always have bitcoin long because I mean nothing's here without bitcoin and Bitcoin is is the is the flagship than you always make sure the flagship is out front right and then you just you just tie your ship to that but it's really about promoting the space general and making sure that every EV- everybody's succeeds bitcoin succeeds and so absolute truth yeah I I think like wings in in a really unique situation on the space obviously as as you noted bitcoin standing there as the king you know but like little prints like the son of bitcoin right and you know like coin is probably the second can biggest established brand name only to bitcoin right being being the first and it's so much more I mean I'll take the theory in which I still love it there. William I'm so proud of metallic and what they've created over there and they're going to figure this stuff out right but it's still like that's like coins doing something completely different than what what theorems uh-huh doing and you know for light coin. You don't need anybody I mean. Of course you need some developers. The system runs itself because there's rewards and there's so so much going on right now. With with the potential of just you know people talk about use cases well the number one use case we have is what just currency just exchange range of wealth one way or the next. I need to pay for something or hey look. You Owe me ten dollars here. It is and the easier that becomes more sensible that becomes the more people were going to use as it as it continues to save money but really if you think about it who benefits the most the big the big companies that are that are transferring a million dollars. There's a day or tim million dollars a day when they start really using the blockchain the way it's going to help the most if you can cut how much cost a year down they're. GonNa do it. It's just a matter of time. It's happening is coming and that's why. I'm so bullish for just crypto in general but the coins coins Bitcoin the ones that are going to that are already established. The people are going to flock to as the name brand start coming up in like ways right. They're just barely behind bitcoin as long as we keep working on ease of use for both introductory people people that are already in the space. It'll it'll keep coming so I mean if we can find ways to you know like with the Internet a lot of it. The workings things are in the background right. You don't really need to know or care about how that happens. You just need to be able to use it and it's getting to that point so I think if we can get to the point where were her dollars can be changed into cryptos without anybody having to go to an exchange having to do the middle part themselves. It just happens that that would be a great way to show ease of use and then just it automatically goes on to something that you can utilize even like simple things is like going to Europe right. I want to take vacation. I'm going to Europe yeah. You know I don't WanNa have to have I mean you know two thousand dollars cash on me at any point right obviously. ATM's uh-huh make it where you don't necessarily have to but and this is obviously no disrespect to Europe but you know Europe's not exactly the safest place to go carry around cash. I mean it's it's notorious for pickpocket hip pocket and people who steal and rob you and I've had several family members in different times and given you know they'd go there a lot and so they expose themselves a little bit more than and they are tourist heuristic tours things but nevertheless you know what I think. CRYPTOCURRENCY does the absolute best is there you have it and it's not going anywhere. Even if someone steals deals your stuff you still have your coin or your bitcoin and your wallet. You know what I mean your your keys or what keeps you safe anyways all right moving on so let's talk about Charlie Ro Quick Charlie's his involvement in the foundation. Obviously you said he started it up. Help started out with others but how's he involved yeah so he's the Managing Board Director so many times when when there's things having to do with financial decisions or things that may impact impact perhaps the foundation more than I guess the current because the currencies the currency right so he usually ends up having a as sort of a final sand some of those things along with the other board directors and and they really just kinda. He's the guy standing you know at the front of the ships during it because you know I mean it's not it's not the decentralized currency so for it's his way of being able to take care of the baby without actually being in the center of everything so he gets to sit back. He brings in people like me. He brings in marketing director's. He brings in other people. It was so weird when I started with with the foundation because the idea of you go in there you find you find what you're able to do to help and you just you just do it right and so I don't know how many times at the beginning you know coming from a military background or whatever you get your orders from somebody but what I learned later on when I became you know a a noncommissioned officer and then it became a senior non commissioned officers they the the the leaders that come to you and they go. We want this and this to happen. We need it to happen by tomorrow and I don't care how you do it. Just get it done right and that's kind of how the foundation is there like look as long as you're not doing anything illegally immorally unethically. If you need to get something done figure out how to get it done figure out who you need to get it done with and you go and you do it right and it's a beautiful setup but it took me so so along get used I would go to Charlie and it'd be like hey. What do you think about this. Do you think you know maybe we should do this or that and he goes. What do you think and I'm like well. I think it should be the awesome will do it do it then. That's really cool though you know and I guess it just goes to show like this space is different and I agree with the and I've not in this same situation but I know what you mean. I've been in the environment what you're talking about and it's very alien for me right. It's very it's almost uncomfortable in in some sense because I'm looking for at least approval or looking for some confidence like hey yeah this is. This is how I would do it or the person before. You did a great job when he did like that or she did it like that and I understand. That doesn't make sense to me just on it's not my nature but regardless of that you know Oh. I think it's really awesome. Charlie's got wonderful reputation in the space and I'm so proud every time I see light coin pop-up. Ma or the UFC and you know with with what you guys is a bill in what you have going. I cannot wait to see what happens at the summit. I'm so proud that Brown Paul is going to be there to speak for you in front of everybody and all the panels etc and obviously to hear that you're actively trying and and putting yourselves in positions to be that that you know that really well respected and well known you know currency cryptocurrency. I mean the brand light coin is very strong and it is absolutely you know in the forefront of people's minds when they say crypto you know and again as not bitcoin will probably come first out of most people's mouth but like coin. Is that baby brother or maybe the sun or the parents are well however you. WanNa say it you know like coin has established itself and I cannot cannot believe how far we've come just to see on a UFC Matt light coin on their you know so great jobs going from my perspective. Thank you yeah sometimes. It's it's disheartening when you when you see we really don't use the bitcoin named to further ourselves. We really actually tried to do our own our own thing and and then try and have have a bitcoin come with whereas other you know unfortunately sometimes projects try to Bitcoin to get into certain sure sure I tried try to do the opposite so it's refreshing to hear that because we do put a lot of hard work into that well Dave. I think that that as far as like when goes it's decoupling coupling that you know that presence that it has to have bitcoin next to it I mean even coming in you know as someone who's really involved in the space especially on a social level. you know. I look at it as as whether or not you know it's Bitcoin or whether it's like Coyne. I'm just crypto right. It doesn't matter to me and people don't recognize cognizitive even myself included at times you know how big of a deal that is for someone like me or a organization like foundation. That's doing everything it can not necessarily get away from bitcoin because that's not what you're saying. I don't think but it's more so you know to prove into establish yourself to these companies to these people as it's you got to understand that you know unfortunately the people in the space. Don't even understand it at times right. It can be confusing and it's not natural to what we're used to write. You know what do you think like coin strategy or what is the like win strategy four four branding itself separately from bitcoin. I think the easiest way to to say this is throughout throughout history when everybody nobody as a whole sort of see something valuable it grows exponentially in that value and then when that happens people have always had a tendency to hoard that they don't don't they don't use it for normal things right and and psychologically I get it and it took me a while to understand this but there's it's going to happen happened the same way with with anything whether it's gold and silver right and I know a lot of people hate that whole comparison but literally I love that comparison I love it because that's exactly what's going to happen with cryptos. There's going to be I mean I firmly believe at some point that bitcoin will be considered some type of a global the reserve currency where other currencies are pegged against it right and when that happens. There's absolutely nobody in their right mind. Who's going to use that for paying for a coffee at starbucks books right. You're going to have to have something else that is almost exactly the same that people are comfortable with that they can utilize in the same manner but not feel like. Oh my God I'm giving up up my my grandkids savings or something like that or something that I'm GonNa use the pay off my house and that's where like coin comes in because it's so similar. Miller and like you like you mentioned earlier with the the work in the development that's done at its. It worked so well that it's boring right and so that's what you want for currency. You want something that works so well that it's boring. You just don't think about it and I think one day the other day I made a comparison Persson on twitter about how psychologically if somebody has a one hundred dollar bill and then they have one hundred dollar bills right for whatever reason when they pull their wallet out and they look at the one hundred dollar bill they don't reach for that to pay for something they reached for the one dollar bills even though they say they have the same amount they'll still reach for one dollar bills and that's like coin is like that one dollar bill and that's easiest way for me. Sometimes explain that the people you're not gonNA use a hundred dollar bill to pay for your three dollar coffee. Absolutely you know so many people forget that when we're having this conversation they're thinking about one hundred thousand dollars right and that's the exact opposite way of how. Oh you should not you David specifically but everybody who's involved in the space should be look the rise of the value compared to the US dollar that will happen organically. Lee and naturally being used right. If the rarity starts to increase. You're going to have the hoarders whether you're bitcoin whether you're like when we have them in every single project essentially right very very few very few projects. I know have any any investors or early. ICO buyers that didn't get in for more than likely the profitability factor now that being said that's not what blockchain was created for blockchain was created for means of transferring from Point A. B. Some some sort of transactional action will then and I love what like win has established themselves as I think that was a perfect comparison. I love that analogy of you did a great job with that and I personally personally I absolutely not I'm not just saying this. That's exactly how I like to explain it to people what you said about bitcoin Venezuela today. Hey I just saw a post you know they literally are considering using cryptocurrency and Bitcoin the Maven said like coin in there. I don't know if you saw our article. I do know that they use they've been using only bitcoin and Bitcoin for remittances coming into the country for a while. Yes so obviously Oh you know this is the first country to kind of watch their economy fall apart and the age of the cryptocurrency on a large level where this may be something that actually steps in and backs the value of their of their next currency or becomes their currency in some capacity some point and also like if I'm going go pay for gas and I'm not going to go take gold and get my Chisel Checchi. Get that little piece of gold off and here's my thirty dollars for my gas tank doesn't make any sense and bitcoin slow slow. It's designed. I think it's better when it's slow. It should be easy to use. I think bitcoins value is that as the store of value and what you said about like coin although it's eventually going to change because I think like coin will be similar to Bitcoin in the way people view it as that silver you know. I mean maybe even so. You never know what can happen yeah. I'm just really excited to see what he's doing. I'm a huge fan of white coyne. I'm a huge fan of Charlie. Tell him I said hello and see if I can get give me that. Follow on twitter follow to get man. I'm just joking. You know I worked for him for a while and I still hadn't gotten one and I was like even ask that on twitter. I'm like what does it take to get a follow from you and he goes quality posts and I was like hey you can use you can use it as a excuse Houston. Maybe get it now be like hey look on his podcast and he was like he's like. How do I get this Charlie Charlie. I gotta get this follow man like I can't be sitting there and then my man Charlie won't even follow me and then you can put it in good work for me underneath. It's going to spam. I'm going to go into slack. I'm just going to write Joe Blackburn like fifty times at seriously seriously as Joe all right anyways okay moving on well winding down here David. Did I miss anything anything that you might want to address before we hop off. Oh yeah so I was. I was mentioning the fact that you know We have a company that we started John. Kim and myself started a company called Cornerstone Global Movement and we've partnered with a a bunch of different companies within the space and we're going to actually try and solve some of these views thing so we have a we have a program. That's coming coming out was called. CPI three it's a crippling pain pension plan and so we're going to start with the United States but we already have connections and other areas of the world world where employees are going to be able to get paid in Crypto and it'll be able to go to any wall they want and you know Will you know eventually. It's going to be it's going to be I can't even explain how grace can be but we're very very excited about it and we're going to be speaking at World Crypto Con as well about that and we'll have some of the people there that are helping us out to make this possible and so that that'd be cool to that's incredible you know and as has much like I hate to keep bitcoin. Don't hit me when you see me in Vegas but you know Bitcoin was the first mover and that brand was established and it became well well. That's I mean I look at lie coins progress in this and you're the you have a unique position your established Brandon cryptocurrency. It's clearly going to be around for some time. It's going to be around forever honestly but you know as long as there's enough believers and it's got such good strong name that you the first mover in that industry man becomes a different day yeah communities phenomenal mandate we use the flex you know flexes speed. NAP like coin above I mean they just blow everybody else away with the community using using the speed Nafta pay for everything baskin Robbins whatever you know Z. GonNa movie absolutely well. I'll tell you this. I'm proud for what you've done. I can't wait to see what snacks can't wait to play Enlightening Cup and also I can't wait to see everybody. They speak at the at the summit. I think it's going to be amazing and clearly you guys have been doing some incredible work and put a lot of effort and ultimately it comes down to this. You guys have a wonderful community as you just mentioned and I can't imagine anybody being in a position without the without working so hard and so diligently and it's clear it's lightning lightning lightning network like coin or you know Dash. There's so many different things happening but established brands have have they don't have to worry. You're working hard and your scale. It's coming and I'm proud of Bitcoin. I'm proud of Coyne. I'm proud of you several coins but it's so nice to see what's happening from the inside and being you know privy in allowing the audience to kind of get an update from what's going on with like when. I think it's really great so thanks again David. Thanks for having me on appreciate it of course now before you go. I do this lightning or I do this. Lightning round this quickfire you know and I I think it's it's a little bit fine but it's supposed to kind of you know highlight who you are as as a person and give some people some relate ability and you know there's some similarities from our backgrounds but there might be a lot of differences in how to answer these questions sure. I like to be a little bit. You know you know. I'm a little loose in how I think. I'm okay with like playing with you. Know the the weird stuff and so we're going to start with the weird stuff. Do you believe and these are essentially yes or no questions. Feel free to give some small answers but do you believe aliens have ever visited planet earth. No no no best that simple no. That's a great answer. There's nothing wrong with that. You've no. I think you're probably wrong but I'm just joking. Favorite Shoe Brand Shoe brand wow now. I don't even know we're GONNA shoot. You got on right now. Some generic shoe from Germany. I have no clue brand awesome awesome. Who's your biggest influence in the crypto space and you can't choose somebody from Quinn. Oh okay you can you you can but you also have to have somebody else all right so well. I mean there's the standard Andreas of course pressure but I would have to say now now getting into the space as a as a business person in as much as that goes takes a lot from as a person or whatever and I still WanNa talk about how this works and stuff but I think Samson mile is pretty cool how he's able to balance and his life and everything absolutely being in that in that world favorite movie of all time you can. I do allow to answer this question. Okay so field of dreams classic the. Hey Dad you wanna play catch thing because gene guy. You know movies where guy can actually like crying. It's Okay Fair Kevin Costner. PT Anyway you know just kind of a you know just distant enough but you're still there right yeah. He wants keep going so. It's just one or would you. Do you have another one. You want to throw uh-huh probably something goofy. I guess like Ace Ventura. I fact that they're so are you in baseball baseball football teams and teams MANSO. We're talking the brewers Bucks Man Wisconsin Badgers Yelich is awesome packers. All of them doesn't matter. I'm a braves fan so it'll east and I watched Christian Yelich L. Let you kind of just like be okay for the MARLINS. He goes now. He's like forever like what is this guy doing. He's on fire. He's GonNa win the batting average he's GonNa win the batting average title this year and has even been playing for the last week and a half and unfortunately I hate that he had that injuries is horrible the brewers they just they they they turned it on at the end without their best player anyway congratulations Wisconsin Badgers about them whipping up on Michigan all my all of that was awesome. I was a coin mentioned mentioned. I was trying to watch it in between but I love the Wisconsin teams because they're they're basically they're all blue collar right so the badgers have to try and troop from from within many times at least when I was younger and now they've gone to the point where they can recruit anywhere in the country but they let walk on's some other walk. Just you know Jj Watt course walk on. I did not know how bunch of yeah so many of these guys are just amazing that they bring in and they're able to just work their tails off so holding in Wisconsin. Nobody wants to go outside the show up for practice and look you might have the next Michael Jordan whatever from Brady it's just cold anyway all right. We'll look I hopefully that was not too personal. I hope you enjoyed your quickfire there but look at once again. David I appreciate you coming. I'm an now I appreciate having man anytime out of the great of course and you know we'll we'll discuss more once. We're in Vegas but I'd love to make sure that we got a chance to highlight the the the whole lightning cop and obviously playing but there's some things that we can do obviously I'm. I'm down for it so anyways. BEC- radio you know what to do data working find yet they can find me at Daddy Cool Nineteen ninety-one on twitter nice and also have any anybody else or any emails go INFO at they were interested in. Maybe getting a ticket how would they how would they find. Oh yeah sure for the summit. It'd be like Coin Summit Dot Org and I'm trying to remember exactly where the the Elaine Insurance series was but if they go on the world crypto con website they can find it under events absolutely well. I can't wait to go a folks listening at home home. If you're not going to vegas you're wrong and you need to get on a flight and get your about up there. We're GONNA have a lot of fun. You gotta you gotTa go to the conferences you gotta go the these the summit come and meet the folks. If you WANNA take this space seriously. There's no better way to both have a vacation and have an education at the same time. It's so much fun to see these people. The space is still barely small enough. It's not going to be like this for much longer but the space is small enough still were you can go up and you can shake. Ron Paul's hand you can go shake Charlie's hand. You can go shake David David Schwartz his hand right and these are special moments that you're gonNA miss. If you don't go in engaged in now this isn't for everybody and I shouldn't make it sound like everybody has to go but if you love the space and you see a future you might as well arm yourself with the education and the knowledge in the know how anyways until the next time bitcoin lives take care of the crypto space. If we don't who will you are not answer. I'm doing my part David's doing his part. Who's doing your part now. Let's see let's. Let's do it unless you obey until next time. We'll see the way radio.

Mr David Schwartz US cryptocurrency UFC Ron Ron Ron Ron Paul Coin Foundation With Coin Foun Charlie Charlie twitter Las Vegas blockchain Charlie Charlie Lee bitcoin director Joe Blackburn CEO basketball Light Coin Foundation Coin Foundation
No 102: PC Big Brother S3E1

Podcast 42

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No 102: PC Big Brother S3E1

"It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and the life few onto live c._b._d. Medic target your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online and at c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It was at this moment. He knew damn son. Where'd you find this joist. I dreams i now listening to the world's most popular inaccurate and sometimes squirrel jay telling if pop culture history it's podcast forty two on the folks in iraq subroto s._o._l. That's all i'm gathering late. Wait what when somebody barges it. You and i are going to be the first to go well. You might be the first to go. Oh definitely the first means uh-huh betting just get outta here you on the other hand not going back to the door. You can't even see what's happening. I would probably shove you that direction in that way it wow you're gonna costanza me totally speaking of costanza somebody it's time for podcast forty two. I'm christopher devos. I'm sabrina pierre. Jail tros as of right now. I'm laura how old you really ditch me. Somebody goes through that door the himself you cannot fit with your back to the door. I am so glad that i'm learning all this tonight of all episodes. I remember number that way peeling back the curtain jails chair is closest to the door in the podcast room and he sits with his back act two it the most vulnerable position well only for you because we're over so many for normal people sitting anywhere in a room is fine in all honesty. I actually need your spot my spa yeah. Have you ever noticed. I still sit with my back towards you because i have to face the door. Somebody were to come through the window. You walk through a window. Nobody eddie oh yeah he he goes through anything annoying man cool in all fairness laura or myself would be the worst case scenario for for kool. Aid man owned oh well. This is one of my favorite episodes we do. This'll be the third year we're doing it. We are playing pop pop or pulp. It works either way but we're actually blaming pop culture big brother. It was pulp because i don't like popa might warns teeth. What if it was like. Pulp fiction does exactly it. Pulp is like a fiction in the thirties. These and i will have a royale with cheese well. I still don't like pulp in my own way so if it was the thirties you'd have a book inside your o._j. So that makes sense. That's really weird fairness. I just don't like o._j. Not ever since the nineties i it opened up the beer cooler who rain all right okay. What did you bring us. I'm here to cover up today so we got from goose island. It's their s. p. F. green it is sunscreen. It's a passion fruit. Ale will right off the bat the labels zero while they changed their marketing. It's very bland now. All i'm losing my hat. It is super bland. Why would you want this. This looks like a like a generic. Mary kay product like a lucky beer cookies market now and almost looks like a can of pepco business now not picked up his move. It's mine lotion. It's pink. It's my signature 'tricolore yeah. It's my signature color but it's not a good pink. It's a like a doll pink. Columbine lotion pink no columbine columbine lucien like a bright. I can't <unk> abysmal arguing over the shade of pink right. Well we can continue arguing over the shade of pink and the taste of beer at the very end of the show. What is what is it from subic millions at something in bashful. I haven't seen steel magnolias. The color is blush and bashful. I think that was the last movie olympia dukakis ever made <hes> touche. Was that a good or bad adamou new link ooh jail <hes>. It's a good one for now. I sip good all right so this is how how we play our pop culture big brother game wanna read out the instructions. It's probably going to be as clear as mud but one inch. We start playing it. You'll be like okay so for the head of household will have a it'll either be. It's gonna be like the show if you're unfamiliar with the show so it's basically like survivor but in a house and if you're unfamiliar with survivor <hes> let's see what the amazing using race. It's like the amazing race but on an island and they starve to death and you don't race oh so it's like deadliest catch. It's like the deadliest catch but not in a boat. You're not catching anything and you're probably not going to die so it's not like america's next top model. It's actually exactly like america's orca. Stop model because there's a lot of people in big brother but and they're snarky but there's not a guy standing over you who is kinda biting his lip and going my husband faceoff. Yes it's kind of like faceoff except there's no makeup and while they do get naked on both shows but <hes> it's more blurred out on big brother anyway. It's a reality competition set in a house else. They have competitions. They usually have it's either divide up into strength or intellect competitions. We're going to do that to pick a head of house that have houses in charge charge of nominating to people to kick out of the house they have a power of veto after that and that's a chance for somebody to save themselves from being kicked out and then and it goes down all the way to one last person whoever the final person standing on the show wins five hundred thousand dollars on the pie you in a tic tac is it an orange tic tac ooh gluten-free banana tic tac and it's been under my bed for two and and half years when the minions came out so let us introduce our teams who wants to go. I i vote laura all right my name. Everyone has five people on their team seems pretty awesome and we're gonna win. I have napoleon ryan. He's pretty cool. <hes> might know what did not going to lie this without originally conquer a short there you tell what your team persons famous for even though should be obvious but you never know there might be a space alien or baby listening to the show is unfamiliar. Okay well for all my peeps at area fifty. One napoleon is a french conquer who ran his way in here. Yes he did. He narrowed him and his way throughout the warriors. He was known for sticking his hand in his shirt contest singer. Yes and he's a piggy. He has the he likes to watch us. Ally the i may or may not have been watching bill tastes expletive into and i picked that person yes so my next one is the war odin sun god of thunder. He's pretty strong amazing amazing <hes> although he has had a run with depression and his gains points it's okay still amazing and then i have robin williams i love him. He's funny a great personal. The guy i think socially he will take my game far. Yes yes speaking of depression. That was mean chris but accurate is accurate. I i just thought that was really weird. Segue wrote them and think of it that way. Maybe it's like a horrible person terrible job well. I'm gonna get the letters yeah you hold on. I have to look at melissa again. We know who's getting voted off. I go timber in. He's pretty awesome weird. I i love him. What does tim burton known for. Only makes the greatest movies ever build houston really you didn't leave what mars attacks like l. martin tax speaking of our area fifty one peeps like ed wood and and what's the vampire one dark shadow shattered pat and beetlejuice in nightmare before we don't talk about his disney remakes. That was good see it. Oh oh good yeah. I have a thing about disney remakes right now and then of course only the best schuyler sister in the world peggy schuyler. I'm not sure what but she's famous for except for being the sister-in-law to alexander hamilton she's famous for being one line one song work and peggy she she went crazy that is true because she wasn't known for anything except for you know been amilton sister-in-law and peggy all right well. I'll go next. I picked for my five people people. I picked colonel sanders who's known for making fried chicken and having a beard not goatee <hes> he's also so known for being played by many different people anymore and his head is really big in his body's very tiny. That's true. I saw that <hes> <hes> george costanza played colonel sanders here. Just recently. I picked also picked steve harrington. He's from the show stranger things. He's the guy with the hair. That always gets beat up. He's the guy ad that was supposed to be the jerky guy and then ended up being like everyone's favourite care. I love steve my next pick. I hope he wins. I like him it on your but i really went on how this competition i get eh. He needs to win something in life. He's pretty is my sleeper pick for this. There's a two year old tick tack on the line. That's what i in here and then my third pick is the reverend run simmons one third of one of the greatest rap groups ever run run d._m._c. Oh i thought it was the b._c. Voice i said one of the greatest beastie boys is up there as well but wren dmc had a huge hand and the beastie boys career so they're just a slight slight bid little bit over the beastie boys number four for me. Is i g eighty. Hey i don't think i really have to explain that one. Everyone knows who are aging there could be some a my alien peeps and area fifty one or a baby listening who does not know i j._d. Is and therefore used the aliens would definitely know who i e. Eighty eight is because he's one of it now. Will you tell her it's one of the greatest bounty saudi hunters to come out of star wars boba fett no idea he's really tall skinny robot looking one that looks it's like he has a lantern for a head. Yes he has no lines in the movie and he only has z role. No he doesn't do anything stand and he's there standi. He's about he's got about. Maybe six seconds of screen time. I'll put it this way <music>. I don't even remember him in any of the movie expect even after kris explain to me who he was and how great he thought he was and having relaxed star worth. I still don't remember him in any of the movies. There's rumors that he's going to be making appearances mandatory in the t._v. Show that's going to be on disney snoop plus ooh. Yes unconfirmed rumors but he be making his boss going to be there too because that would make it. I'm not sure if the whole planet is full of bounty hunters but i would think if that's the theme of the show that all those hunters should appear at some point us well in untrue disney history. Take whatever they say. It's going to be the general idea of what they're doing and take it all out but this is jon favreau and i think he'll stay true to like the history of star wars. I think they'll probably say john. You just do what you think is good. Hopefully that's what they're going to say yeah okay. Who's your last one. Jack black who jack black actor musician <hes> jack black extraordinaire he was in jumanji on june one half today shis d yet one half of today's d. He is allowed fat guy intonations the any movie that he's it now. He was pretty good. He was very loud and jumanji. No awesome job and jimmy carter lumber being very loud in mars attacks. Ah i like the muppet movie. I think he's very underrated. He's one of those actors who you really like are really hate because i couldn't have to ido oh but i totally thinking the original movie what you said it not. The muppets yeah the muppets all right sabrina. I have chosen. Mary poppins practically perfect in every way. Even though i had to lower string score you did because she's a regular person and you gave her a strength score of twenty three. I even know we're only going to ten because she's magical put sh- if she's very thinly perfect and she's not lifting anything over thirty pounds sounds like erin. She'll lifted a table. Okay with the magic doesn't count as magic for strength all the way now that we're discussing this. I do have to think about or no no no. Thor is is naturally strong but she carries that bag full of all that stuff show house in there. That's pretty <hes> no. It's all tiny teeny tiny marble size. She has to blow it up that means. I am shaky right at you because honestly at this point point if she's magical. Why didn't she take baltimore. I didn't have to sit through all those movies too for that. Let's put it this way. Mary poppins then. I think she did he. He go to hogwarts she probably did. I believe you gave mary poppins. Stronger scores then some of jails wrestlers on his list the my probably has he has zero confidence confidence. We'll see how this plays out for. Mary poppins miss piggy. Who is she missed. Miss figures one of the kardashians yes the kurdish pitch khloe before the plastic surgery. Uh-huh missing letters are coming our guys. I'm not affiliated with this. Show miss piggy <hes> career at the frogs girlfriend karate chopper extraordinaire uh-huh that i've got ron weasley harry potter's best friend was brilliant. Can we talk now. Ron ron ron ron weasley and then tina fey <hes> who is a comedienne median extraordinaire. She was the first female head writer fresno. Amy poehler is holding up. She wrote mean girls. I really tried the hard cases. I say that nobody can see how hard i'm trying not to laugh yeah and then last night lisa's gilda radner who was actually the first person cast s._n._l. She's also a comedian extraordinaire. The original cast of us know and married to gene wilder i could but i believe amy. Poehler colored did have a big hand in tina phase saturday night live career because they did ask cat together. I think amy poehler was head of ass cat. That's what it's called. The dan and tina fey don't care they performed under her if i remember right but it could be backwards <music> but i think they gave me polar was one of the heads of ascot. Let ask it's an improv. It's a long form improv game where you tell l. a. story but slinging our long story. It's <hes> it'd be incredibly hard. I couldn't imagine doing it. Are you ready. I'm ready all right so i brought the in my opinion third greatest frontman of all time to the house because you know right after david really roth and freddie mercury. We're getting axl rose whose that's right. He's going to welcome everybody to the jungle and take them down to the paradise city. I'm gonna watch you bead read. That's right foul by the greatest super villain of all time lex luthor your son yes superman yeah. He's gonna run into fences anthony highlander that can be only one then. I'm bringing in the self-proclaimed best in the world for professional wrestling but he's here here within oh into m._m._a. Record punk. He hasn't fought since <hes> no he's done to emma matches and he hasn't wrestled in probably four years. Wow then bono's big brother. Four knows sports bo jackson is going to win at all because bono's he's gonna gonna win and then the big threat of the night the original american idol because she's gonna take it all kelly clarkson so as we were arguing earlier and i think i forgot to mention this but each character's assigned a strength score a social score and al intellect score and their one out of ten and that'll help us determine who wins what competitions all right well. Let's start week one house. Everyone gets to pick somebody from their team to compete every or head of household at random mouth bucket gonna roll a dice to see if it strength or intellect competition. It's a twenty sided dice. One through ten is strength. Levin through twenty is is intellect. Hold paper like the world series of poker like what i picked. Yes nobody can see what you picked. It is a intellect competition as an eighteen is rolled. I have colonel sanders competing with the intellect of eight. I have tina fey with an intellectual nine. I have axl rose with an intellect selective seven robin williams with an intellect of nine okay so to see who wins head of household is going to be your intellect score plus a random score generated from your twenty site dice already one too so combined score. That's a fine score of intellect eight and a roll of twelve twenty for sanders. I ruled three. I know i have. I rolled an eleven so i have eighteen gays ready. I roll although once and so glad you didn't take jerk because it'd be weird it right now. What's funny is we did a practice ronald colonel sanders who has very low scores all the way around and he won the practice round as well. I feel like this game is ranked colonel oleanders. Here's is the seven herbs and spices master other guys. I'm putting colonel sanders up the i can't together yeah that'd be a week player is clearly one to already started so make sure you put on your guys back in your head of household bucket and now colonel sanders gets to nominate two people to be put on the block. One of these two people may be kicked out so we're going with number one. Mary poppins coming and i am. I'm gonna take shots. I'm gonna take big shots and big moves. People who i think are going to hurt my game and dominated so colonel sanders yeah. I am putting up thor no. The lawyer is depressed than the corner. You can't do that to store seriously saliha. You're so mean equally now. I'm no threat can't even rolled so now the war mary poppins have a chance to take themselves off the block how we're going to do this is checking my notes. I because we changed. We've tweet the game a little bit <hes> each nominee can pick one person to play for them and then three people will be picked randomly to help so thor. Who would you like to play for you. I'm going to have peggy play for me peggy. Yes yeah that is not who. I thought you were gonna pick yeah so this is in conjunction to yes. Authorities gonna play a._m. Peggy is going to play ms piggies also gonna play as picky and actually list as in tradition with pop culture big brother are we are tweaking the rules on the fly so we just need one random person from the fishbowl. I think head of household should pick that. I don't think so colonel sanders is terrible person toy really everybody. We should get colonel sanders out. Hey stop conspiring already. I'm sorry the players oh yeah. Let's get pop. Pop pop is overrated. Everybody playing in the veto competition is mary. Mary poppins thor peggy miss piggy colonel sanders and gilda radner. We're now going to roll to see if it's the spring so it's pretty pretty much sabrina his whole team. Yeah looks like it yeah man. Lose your whole team. Just let you down yeah. They say that in the nicest way possible right now it's going to happen. It'll happen to me to later. It's okay so rolling to see this as a strength or intellect competition and it is intellect to figure out who wins this competition it's going to be everyone's intellect plus their social. Don't roll the dice. Nope okay. I have to do math now guys got your mouth got my math. You got all my mirror. We adding again so it's what mary poppins ms piggies and gilda radner cz yes. You have to do a lot of math because all your pizza. I have three people gilda. Radner wins with eighteen where we were going to announce. What's the scores beat you to it. No 'cause it out policies but we're taking too long for me. There was along post scores for scores for mary. Poppins is seventeen four sixteen piggy piggy. Colonel sanders is sixteen and gilda eighteen eighteen gilda wins the power of veto so is gilda. Gonna take anybody off the block or leave noms the same now. I'm taking mary poppins off taken. Mary poppins off the block which means colonel colonel sanders can now pick a replacement on the block and is that at random or is that just however head of household gets to pick okay just like the t._v. Show you'll go back in all right. Can you put somebody else really strong because i don't like the. I don't want to go home. <hes> really cool guy. I am going going to pick. I'm going to pick and think idea de cinco use one of my own people. I said he's also really strong and i am going to pick <hes>. This is a tough because so early. I am going with miss piggy. It's like to that. That's not who i thought he was going to pick here. Do you think i'm not saying jimmy. I i can't show is called a whispered so now what happens so now. I can't vote as house jail. L. decides yes. No who's on the block is okay so yes oh actually to decide by sore. He's too strong ogg. That's not fair if i would've loved mary poppins sup- it out too. It's true so now you take four out of your bucket throws might as well throw online on the floor now. No no no no no next. We're going for colonel. Sanders was not the plan for now working with you not be one of those big brother career say. I'm gonna try to let on your hand can't make funds for live. Hi is this is how you're gonna treat me all alone. In this house i would have kept him around except he was a threat to my beer cooler. The true had his own beer doctor strange with providing it of course i couldn't find thor in the fishbowl. That's that's because it was his time to leave camp. Come back. He's back in the house. Everybody i tried to next year probably need help but to try to do all those little little tiny things that big brother does for chances of comebacks and stuff but <hes> have to really think about it for next year so it's time again to use to put up. Who would you like for head of household random draw from your head of household. I have steve harrington from stranger things. I have gilda radner kelly kelly clarkson. I have a second it can be doctor. Strange used time they they come out on your goal he just he refused to go and he doesn't leaving out here. He's god of thunder and rock and roll robin williams sabrina role to see what kind of competition asus at the three that would be the strength competition. Did you really pick robin williams. Okay all right so roll. Your died to add to your strength score. Steve has five strength plus. My fifteen role for twenty killed her abner s. fifteen now she was a foreign she rolling levin kelly was a four but she wrote a fourteen now. She's in eighteen eighteen. Hey robin williams is a five. I rolled eighth fifteen so twenty twenty all right so we'll do a roll off. I have ten at sixteen. Hey you are head of household mandate. Uh-huh why throw somebody guys. I'm getting for colonel sanders time around nominating colonel sanders understood win <hes> no. I'm gonna also nominate lex luther. Not mary poppins. I was just i'm going to say i was getting ready to pull mary. Not mary poppins vow grudge holder here from from sanders. We all know if mary poppins was in there or would still be in the house. That's not very odd so now we're going to play for p._o._v. It is it is colonel. Sanders lex luthor lex luthor robin williams. Somebody pick somebody you get to pick someone. Can you get picked up randall. Yeah yeah we pick somebody is robin. I didn't from your axl rose axl rose and reverend reverend run and then i pick one from the physio. I'll forget the rules each round to everybody knows hit. Every this looks looser. He's playing twice voice at a repick tactful. Ask ron weasley. Hey that's me run ron ron weasley all right head of house- roll your dice ac- what competition we're playing. It's a four four so it is a the strength competition. It's your strength score. Plus your social score. Oh boy i'm in trouble. Just gonna read them down. In order that i wrote them. Colonel sanders. I has twelve lex luther fourteen robin williams fourteen axl rose thirteen seven-run has thirteen and ron weasley fourteen fourteen so we got a three way tie roll of the dice get they got three. I got twenty twenty eighteen eighteen so ex-oil you win. Are you taking lex out. You're not taking colonel. Well why not he makes great chicken he does but you. You can't colonel sanders out of the house. Yeah i know but i'm not kicking my son out of the house this early. They pick a second nominee to put on the block. I g eighty eight the two people up there now. I can't believe you didn't pick who i thought you would. Mary poppins well. Neither i or laura can pick since i have two people on the block it is jail and dance sabrina hillary and the vote now that there's people loading boat. We'll see if they vote the same or if they vote w we'll get final say if we tie yes. That's how it works writing it down home now. Just go ahead. You go first colonel sanders you really. I guess you're cooking in your own meals in this. Honestly i'm going g-8 either way chew gum. It really didn't even get a chance to do anything and he's my strongest character. Just really wanted more the chance to kick somebody of chris who won the p._o._v. africa laura now axl rose rose p._o._v. What's p._o._v. san for again. Actually wouldn't it be lex luther because his was higher power vida. No eleven fourteen selects whoever it is important yes lex luthor when power of veto tokyo v. so he took himself down by by egging me a second official. This'll become easier as the weeks go on the head of household tina fey bo jackson napoleon colonel sanders. The human got liquid on your microphone over here all right jail l. roll see what competition were playing one. It's a strength strength competition gray man of four a good role one time i have strength of four plus a roll of ten for fourteen. I have a strength of five plus a roll of seventeen for twenty to you have a strengthened nine with three for twelve and i have a strength of four with a roll of twenty four eight twenty. Oh great. I'm going home again. Then polian is head of household yeah he liked waterslide ride from going in the dire room crying the first week everything that's because she wanted the random or hookup hookup by the end of the show is going to be my showman all right who he put up on the block. I am going to put up mary. Poppins already the grabbing sure you were and bella jackson bo bo jackson. I wasn't going to mention that. Jail wins wins every year. I'm going to say that the rules have changed this year. I can't ah i can't play the way i used to. Yes expect the unexpected like they say on the t._v. Show or in my case. I have no idea what takes so so mary poppins and bo jackson can randomly pick somebody for their team. Okay ron weasley. Lex luthor pinhead of house can randomly pick from fishbowl. Axel rothe will look at you jail stuck in the house in your favorite. The odds might not be in my favor all right head of house role to see what kind of competition we are playing. I have no skin in this game whatsoever. I'm completely out one one so it's a strength competition in your strength plus your social okay all right napoleon ten. Mary poppins fifteen bo jackson seventeen ron weasley fourteen lex luthor fourteen axl rose thirteen bo jackson is taking himself out. That's weird. That means changed polian. You need to nominate somebody else. It can't be i g eighty-eight ortho or but it can be colonel sanders. Yes it can be colonel sanders. I am going to <music> nominate miss picky so we have on the block mary poppins and miss piggy that takes sabrina out of voting and it takes laura laura out of voting means to me and jail okay. I think we might say the same thing yeah one two three mary good because because i already marked her up. I would just like to point out at this time that we all lost somebody except for k. l. It's week three yeah. Well things happen sailing. Keep an eye out for him. Who won the power veto. Belle boat jackson bono's ohno's veto. You do realize i'm gonna say bo bo knows veto every week. You're going to say bono's every week. I'm going to say bono's until he's he's no longer there until you can we can. We vote them out next week. Please gunning for bow and annot colonel sanders don't onto don't mess with my colonel sanders colonel sanders darkhorse this entire thing right now all right week number four random pick for head of house- i did colonel sanders get kicked out no no not yet colonel sanders it colonel sanders. Nobody else picked anything. Gilda radner seattle punk right laura role for competition one now. It's a seven seven is strength and really get it rolling. Well numbers guys. I have a strength of four plus a roll of sixteen for twenty. I have a strength of four plus a roll of one minks five. Who is your guy gilda radner. I have strength of seven with a roll of five for twelve and a strength of five with a roll of fifteen for twenty. Oh it's a roll off between me and you. We're not good at this sabrina. I would like to point out the very poppins lasted longer than both laura and chris characters because you all wanted to get rid of th- war. Let's see who got rid of. What what team got rid of eight. I can't remember my best players more it. Let's go with napoleon on the block where napoleon he's so cute. You never know how to spell napoleon. It's the ice cream. I don't know how to spell the crate. Anybody gets that ice cream the strawberry. I always the last one to go yeah and who's going to be good for my game to get out of the house. I will go bo jackson well. There's both bo knows the laura and j. l. You can pick randomly to players to help you out and robin williams. I got 'em punk doc and ron. Weasley is the other one so we have colonel sanders the polian bo jackson ron weasley n._c._a._a. Punk all right so the competition is going to be a intellect competition is year intellect plus. Your social bono's this doesn't look good is bo low on intellect bo strong uh-huh scores. You can say okay colonel sanders with sixteen polian sixteen bo jackson listen thirteen ron weasley thirteen and see. 'em punk thirteen guy. Who's your second guy. What's robin eighteen eighteen eighteen really all right robin. Do you wanna keep nominations the same or do you want to take somebody off the block taking the pulling off the block of course that's weird. Let's see whose team hasn't had anybody also under yep. Somebody has a stacked tea and we're going for it. Oh go for it. Yes famous last words. You may be swayed me here or you may not be. I'm going see punk told me that all right so i cannot vote and j. L. cannot vote leaves it up to the ladies spo- jackson or see. 'em poke now when we do. The competitions strength is strength and social so an elected elected social. What how do we get no. That's only for <hes> the view yeah so how does that. How does that work you add them for the they're going to be strengthened social or reluctant social okay. That's a weird question to ask this far in and i was just curious. Okay who won the power of veto rather than lions. I got going on here. Okay all right ladies bo jackson or see. 'em punk. I'm going bo bo jackson by pipo knows he's done it. You have persuaded me with your words j. l. I think you're correct who has a stack team. They look looking over there but i'm looking over there. Uh but i'm looking well. I know i'm going after next anyway. It's me no. I know which ones i would go after next but i don't know if everybody else knows who they would go after. I know who i'm gonna my goal. I actually don't know who i'm going after next. I do know who i'm going there. I am going after next week. Five live head of house- who ruled the last ice for the head of house- laura six. It's a strength competition. I have steve harrington. I have gilda radner back so rose and timber all right. Steve has a strength of five plus roll of thirteen for eighteen. <hes> gilda has a strength of four plus. A roll of twelve four sixteen axle has a strength of six plus a roll of thirteen eighteen for one thousand nine hundred and tim burton has a strength of four with a roll of three for seven. Oh it's like you didn't even try brian. This is going to mope over here in cornerman. I believe that makes the winter yep. Axel is going to nominate nate. I'm surprised axel showed up on time for the competition. We started late enough. It's okay axel is going to nominate robin williams uh-huh and gilda radner interesting all right so robin is with lauren gildo is with sabrina so you guys can pick for p._o._v. if you hand the fishbowl j. l. so who's all plane. We we have axl rose. Robin williams. I pick napoleon gilda radner napoleon tina fey tina fey and from the fishbowl steve harrington steve. Steve steve is flinging his hair round going. Yes i got picked for something yeah but he's he gets beat up does get beat up so jail you get to roll for what kind of competition we're doing the fifteen fifteen that would be intellect going to be the laura. It's going to be the i for intellect doc plus the s._c. For social. I thought that was just the line between the two maria all right excellent thirteen or fourteen fourteen fourteen robin eighteen gilda eighteen napoleon sixteen tina seventeen and steve has a thirteen so it is a tie between robin and gilda roll the dice fourteen eleven gilda takes herself off the block yep. I'm putting miss piggy and so it's up to me and on the block is miss piggy and robin williams. I am going wean with. I am going with miss piggy. He had already moved her to the side. I i almost picked robin williams robin. Why did you give me a dirty look. That's how this game is played on big brother all right head of household week number or six. Oh i've got a new person in this time. Not a nude person person sanders returned. Take i pick jack. Oh really his new. I have a ron weasley. Kelly clarkson and robin williams <hes>. I'm robin williams is showing up a lot all right sabrina role for head of household competition eight eight. That would be a strength six. Now this goes out. Jack black has a strength of five with a roll of fourteen for nineteen gene. Ron has a string of seven with the role of two for nine. Kelly has a strength of four with the role of six for ten robin. Williams has a strength of five with a roll of eight four thirteen. I believe i went jack. Gonna play the air guitars. He wins. Wow now we're gonna go with robin. Williams robin and we're going to shake it up. We we are going with what go go you own. The black lex luther correct zoro's scratch irate. Jail and laura pick people to play for you. Okay and fishbowl are right. So we have plane jack black robin williams axl rose lex luthor lex luthor and the polian napoleon and peggy work angelica <hes> work work elisa and peggy. It is a strength competition out okay all right. Jack has a total score of fourteen robin. Williams fourteen axl rose thirteen lex luthor sore fourteen napoleon on ten and peggy twelve so three roloff is the three roll off twenty three. I got sixteen so jack is going to keep the nominations the same sabrina so who's nominated robin williams and axl axl rose axl rose that was quick quick way to keep one of the strongest people around around yeah but she's a bad roller. Hey terrible role as doesn't mean anything about the rolling terrible. I guess i should just went with my original thought on what to do for you. Now you like what did i do. You know how vengeful i am. Yes my scene jail. Get really upset at this game with james wasn't it. It was and nicole call because they try ganging up on me all right. It's clean out the fishbowl real quick and we are into week seven. Let's remind everyone who's kicked out so far so far. We've lost four. I g eighty-eight for some weird weird reason the strength of tan hannah. That's why i got picked off mary poppins because she's perfectly kicked off in every way bo oh jackson miss piggy and axl rose and so far it looks pretty even <hes> it looks like jails jails taking the biggest hit no jail sabrina bow take sue biggest hit so far so let's head of household week seven i pick steve harrington ron weasley lex luthor and i'm in a work work with peggy peggy stern she was she was a floater now. She's starting to come and play some more well yeah. She didn't want to get lost. You pick the challenge twenty that would collect interlocked all right. Steve has an elective six with a roll of ten for sixteen. Ron has an intellect of six with a roll of nine for fifteen lex luther as an elective nine with the role of five for fourteen can carry the one well who on twenty one. I had a we're doing intellects never mind yes nineteen clearly not very smart. I have an an elective nineteen. She was a six with a roll of thirteen for nineteen. That's fine. You're just looking at the wrong number. I was really big. Numbers piggy wins since oh work work. I nominate angelica out of and then she's playing. Who are you nominating. Who's actually in the house. I am actually i am going to nominate colonel sanders why he's done nothing gene. I'm sorry it makes me laugh every tie cooked chicken and hello off color southern jokes and where pressed white suits suits and bolo ties said talk about his plantation yes well. Maybe it's his plantation. That's getting him in trouble and i'm also going to nominate jack black. Why jack black has been playing music every night for everybody while he's got tickets to his next movie for free for you. Listen listen. I just don't want blood on my hands. <hes> not on my eight eight so jack got colonel sanders and well. I got to people's pick one and the head of house- can pick to where is the fish bowl we have plane for power lex lex luther and we also have playing for vito tina fey so in the competition we have colonel sanders steve harrington jack black peggy lex luther and tina fey head of house- role to see what competition we're playing. It is nine. It's a straightened straightened nine nine minutes a strength competition out of your strain plus your social so here's a weird question. Why why wouldn't he get to pick since he has two left he told me to pick to. I was just wondering like how we came with the. I don't know i don't know okay guys. Is it 'cause. I think it'd be two stacked pick. No that's fair. I was just wondering how we came to that. Damn colonel sanders but he was nominated is elliot's nominated then lex luthor and tina fey all right all right so colonel sanders has a twelve steve errington has thirteen and jack black has twelve peggy twelve lex luther fourteen and tina fey thirteen lex luther. Would you like to keep noms the same or no. Let's change it up i would because you're dastardly and i'd like to take out colonel sanders. Oh thank you. I'm a little extra spicy the <hes> extra crispy under your bed tonight <hes>. That's the only reason why he did that. I don't know about the chicken. No it's not i have. I have a theory here. I think i am going to remain on gilda radner all right so we have jack black and gilda radner on the block o that leaves jail all with the choice in your hands alone. He's looking at the stats. I am unfortunately it comes down to social because other than that they're pretty much the same aimed minus one digit like there's really one number off of it and i think that social unfortunately gilda because of her perfect ten sociability is what scares gares me in eliminations already moved to the side but numbers wise. I think that they're both pretty even and that was a tough one. That was lex luther that one the p._o._v. right. Yes it was week number eight yeah by the way who does everybody have left on their team. Raanan tina have lex see 'em punk and kelly kelly. I have jack black colonel sanders steve and run and i have napoleon tim burton robin williams and peggy heke speaking of run. That's who i picked the rather than run so i didn't think he was ever gonna show up. I thought he was just playing behind the scenes now time very much. He's been a floater so far he's been laying hello to you say laura. I'll have converted. I got kelly ron weasley ron weasley speaking of people playing in the background. I feel like this is the first time we've really seen him in a main main head of household challenge no he's been in the last three through the challenge. I haven't really written his name down the ones i'm jan you guys put i. I believe it's your turn to roll for competition okay. It's an eleven that would be intellect all right the reverend run has intellect of seven and i rolled a seven for fourteen iran's gonna intellect of six. I wrote a one for seven. That's that's a very weasley thing right there what he's been rolling so rally intellect of eight and i rolled a twelve while tim burton has been elected eight and i rolled one for nine <music> so jail. You're in control again. I'm sorry kelly really clarkson. She is missing independent self-sufficient. That's right all right all right. Kelly who's in your target. It will be robin williams and jack black. Jack black is giving you the eyebrow right now. I know there's going to be like it's like physical comedy by by the end of it so robin and people to help with him fishbowl police and fish bowl to jail sabrina so kelly had a household robin williams who'd you pick we packed napoleon nice who jack black jack black that got steve harrington and from the random fishbowl. It's the m punk though he can't play now he can't he's still in. I'm sorry i thought it got kicked out at some point but he didn't. He survived. No bono's elimination. You're only using that he was well. It's not my fault. He threw it out out there. So kelly you get to pick competition eleven so intellect intellect competition so intellect plus social aright right. Jack black has a score of sixteen steve. Harrington has a score of thirteen kelly clarkson seventeen robin and williams eighteen napoleon sixteen and see. 'em punk thirteen robin wins. Ravin is going to take himself down. Weird eared all right kelly who's going up in place of robin tina fey tina fey j. jack black on the block yep. It's down to you between tina and jack. I'm in the same vision. You're like their numbers off by one you know i'm a i'm gonna go jack black so so. I think that was a smarter decision. You know that's my character is based on what's going on. It's that same development right there great and looking at the numbers for who's around. I had more characters in the pot so it was better to get rid of me. Even though that's me <music> jail if you could grab jack the fishbowl all right this is chris in laura and <hes> in our new format. I had decided that we were never going to do to parties anymore but guess what what this episode ended up being so long and i told everybody i was going to release it as one episode but now it's two episodes. Ooh i'm not a liar. It's two and a half hours long. You told everybody was going to be one nine and tell everybody is going to be one on our no one episode but it's two and a half hours long married two episodes yeah. It's longer than endgame mm-hmm now. It's <hes> oh it's close to being as long as endgame no not even with all the pauses in it it still super super long and i took out all the pauses so we're leaving off at week nine and we will resume it at we tend and find out who is the winner of pop culture big brother season three. We'll find out if jail jail is still as evil as he was and season two and season one vialli sweetie. I didn't spoil anything. I think i can spoil. No don't spoil have to listen to the second part and it'd be one so yea but that's what lord <hes> see. I watch. I watch big brother on t._v. I just watch. I just watched the show. I don't watch the after dark and i don't watch the life feeds. I just watched three episodes. They they do a week and laura watch it with me but it's not her favorite show but she'll watch it with me because she's a good wife like that but then then she would rather read about the show as opposed to actually watching the show. It's the strangest thing ever. They tried to spoil it for me at work today. I had to leave the room because somebody at work does what you do but they weren't. They watched the live feeds which which spoils the show as well but it doesn't you're still. You're still reading ed or watching it. You're still following but you know it is. It's like going to the back of a murder mystery book and reading the ending and then going to the front to find out how the ending happened how you got to that point. Now you gotta take the journey. It's all about out the journey. If you say to them well yeah it takes like four months. I think for big brother yance dance very long time but at the end of big brother you get a banana tic tac yeah so you can find us. All all the podcasts stuff were everywhere <hes>. If you'd like to email us you can email us at podcast forty to show g mail dot com. <hes> speakers acres br the best place to listen for us personally. It's free for you. We get some money and if you'd like to call us our number is three two one two eight five five one two and you can also text us to that number as well part of the pod fixed network. Check out. All the great shows there. There's i take snowflake fourteen shows on the network. Maybe twelve or fourteen. There's a lot there's a lot to choose from and they all have a chris. They don't all have a chris. I feel like they all have. We actually lost a chris show. Oh no yeah more good than is no longer <hes> recording at at this time they might make a comeback and then most still have a crisis and there will be plus chris right now. Minus occurs that said and we could rename you chris now my name's laura and i'm chris so catch pop culture big brother other part to next week to find out who wins will jail take the crown again for third year in a row or will it be me and it's all about me or will it be more. I never win any but we'll see maybe this time. Stay fresh cheese beds. The all celebrity voices have been impersonated toiling. All conversations may or may not be one hundred percent accurate accurate as well. We have attempted to provide you with the facts as best to our knowledge through the help of a case of beer some old man that tells stories down by the river wikipedia the -pedia an old homemade youtube documentaries do not use anything you hosting this show to write a book report with you will get a bad grade a really really really really bad grave just like all of our hosts dick when they were in school. Music was provided by clay. You can find more efficient at kramer dot dot com. This has been a podcast forty. Two production look loop waited be in me. It was a podcast more shows like it. The network you guys are from big brother. Canada and i'm derek from big brother sixteen we are here to teach you how to win big brother and who better to learn from than the winner of bbc sixteen. We'll we'll see. I don't know the first thing you need to remember is it is a marathon not and if you're overweight lose weight in the house you can run faster and longer. That's what you love. It allows slop how you pace yourself in the house. How did you just sorta like keep the pace and remain sort of chill for as long as you did. I've seen people on the password that this is a long term thing and they get in there and they get rattled by one or two things and they start to jump to conclusions and make accusations that they shouldn't. I'm from mistakes and i realized that if i stayed under the radar these people who are going to cannibalize each other and when my time came do it had to do win which wouldn't be for weeks and weeks down the road. What if you know that going into it. You're already had of the game number two. It is very important. If you want to win the game you have to make the right. Alliances says so. How did you decide who you were going to be. Most loyal you know sometimes people will be dead giveaway as you can tell within a matter of minutes based on their conflicting stories whether that they're gonna be truthful or not so you get those people out of the way they're not going to be. You don't want those people for the long term. Then you go to the people who were there to agree time but also by them telling us different things <hes> you know relying on you for information as you're relying on them you start to develop a report and then the final part of business intuition gut intuition no that where you pick you have to ride with until the end regardless of what happens and you can't be a flip flop and know that regardless of what happens you went with your gut and you got to be confident with your decisions speaking of these alliances and these social relationships at the end of your season. You seem to have a very good relationship with almost everybody in the game. So what would you attribute to you. How do people sort of form those bonds and you got everybody to trust you and probably take a final no matter what happened first and foremost and we have to remember knbr big brother's a social game. It's a social experiment so you want to try to find common interests every single person in the house. You wanna cut anybody off as a possibility of working with in the future because there's a saying which i won't say but you gotta watch. What is it the asterik kicking today because it could be the one you're kissing tomorrow. So you have to be careful what you say and like i said you wanna find a real common when bond based on real interest with each and every person so that person feels they have something that nobody else has and as time goes on those people that you are weaker relationships with you and get rid of and keep the stronger ones but never one tunnel vision. You never want to close the door at any possible alliance or relationship because like i said down the road you could need it next piece of advice on and how to win big brother is you need to be super adaptable not just in your social relationships but sometimes you literally need to be a physical physical chameleon. Oh hey you're cool. Do you want to be even the light. How can now listen the obviously want to develop relationship. You wanna it'd be adaptable. You wanna make sure that based on whatever twist may come. You have a plan in strat plan a._b._c. n._b._c. And if all else fails change everything about you including your your appearance because that always right the so impressive literally put on a pair of glasses and to let a little facial hair come in and you're like one of the cocaine's just rolling with the youngsters yeah if you wanna create a character you actually believe in it and there was a long part of that show where i literally believed i was the parks and recreation coordinator the hipster dad who loved rockin beanies wearing glasses even though they didn't have a lenses like these ones don't but nobody really cared about that so yeah wherever works for you to make more of who you want to be in that game do it and if that includes losing weight loss in a beanie rocket out but own all the way to the end until the votes casted then then you can tell them what you really broadcast gonna kill you for saying cast it. Oh yeah it's cat's gas. I'm sorry i still love you. Freak out last but not least is timing timing. It is so important in that game to know when to hold them knowing full them and no one to cut some of your closest allies right. It's all about timing. It's all about numbers right. You want to make picture that whenever the voting is coming that you have the numbers to get out who ever you want to get and keep whoever you want to keep but you have to know when to do it. If you start cutting your lines members too early we could result and you being going from the majority to the minority and that's not what you want to big brother because once they're gone most of the time most of the time they're not coming back. You want to make sure that you're cutting your lowest players on the totem pole when the time comes so that even though you're cutting this person you still have the majority of the numbers to the next personnel. You don't wanna get overzealous. You don't wanna do too through early because if you do you could be on the block and you could be absolutely don't play with your emotions. Don't make any irrational decisions really think it through and always make sure that you in the numbers majority in that house the thing so much time in too much time listening because i'd be remiss point out. There's some luck involved. You gotta have a little bit of the four leaf clover the horseshoe up your to get this done because honestly it's some of the things you can't control how some of the things are twists. Some of the things are game decisions some of the things that just happened to for your way. It's hard to win the game without a little bit of luck so just know going in there that you know say a prayer to the gods question newly winter. I never be on the block. I think so that is insanity that is why they call him the best player of all time in big brother history because hel hello well do you win the game and never once were you on the blockers seen as a threat or a target even though you were slipping and sliding win and five five thousand dollars and stuff and you know all the frank is hoping learn something for all you guys. Do you want to get on big brother. Get on big brother. The idea is to to win it so i hope we've given you some solid tips and then you go up there and kick some acids and thank us later. I want some of that money too if you do the home depot's making it easy to turn your favorite moment into the perfect color for any room with the project color app upload any image then discover the colors and painting match. Now you're swiping liping. Click closer to everything you need for your next project. 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038  Gloomhaven and Designing Epic Games with Isaac Childres

Nerdlab Podcast

1:03:29 hr | 1 year ago

038 Gloomhaven and Designing Epic Games with Isaac Childres

"Hello Fellow adventurers and welcome back to the NERD lab where we transform our gaming passion and learned homered like a boss. My name is Marvin and I'm an ambitious game designer on Mike West to develop a cooperative fantasy card game for this podcast. My vision is to take you with me on this exciting journey together. We will explore the secrets of different game mechanics and reach the next level as a game designer in today's episode of the Web. I have a very special guest for you. His most successful game comes with seventeen impressive characters almost almost one hundred different missions and many many different enemies events items and other challenges so it's no wonder that the whole box of the game waste waist over twenty pounds and some people would even say the game has a hidden dexterity game mode because it's really really hard to get all of of the components back into the box after boxing them just because of the boxes filled with so much great stuff. Personally I've been playing the Bass Campaign for over over a year now with my playgroup and you still have a blast. Whenever we played the game during our game nights the guest I'm talking about is of course I say children's and and we are going to talk about his worldwide? Hit Clue Haven. Welcome to the show. Isaac I'm glad to have you I Yep Glad to be here. So today we want to talk about The design process of gloom haven. Which I'm sure is or was a bit different than for some other games just because it's such a large and comprehensive game but before we start talking about gloom haven we would like to learn a bit more about U. Isaac? Can you please introduce yourself and tell the listeners how you ended up in the industry at all sure yeah. So I'm Isaac I own a company called Their Games and we've published Three titles so far You know most successful being Glenhaven Glenhaven but we've also done Four door and founders of glenhaven expansion England even forgotten circles But Yeah I how I got got into the industry. I assume just like anybody else you know it was a hobby For a long time you know I love playing board games and then you know one day I sort of got it in my head that I wanted to design something and you know kickstarter was sort of a new thing at that time. So so Started designing this sort of heavy economic year game called four jar and after yeah over a year of work put up on kickstarter and did really well and so then publishing games ever since yeah. That sounds awesome So when you start to design clem haven what kind of games inspired inspired he went. Where did the idea for gloom having really come from Sure I mean it was obviously inspired by other dungeon crawl games names you know I love playing dungeon crawl type games just like a I really love. You know the theme of that you know. I grew up John. You know. Sort of like typical fantasy. RPG's like video games like Dragon Quest and file Asi and things like that and then you know played and Dnd In high school and college and Austria that period. So you know just you know the concept of running through dungeons killing monsters is always you know captivated me And so I started playing Dungeon Crawl Board Games on the center. Mice mistakes Things like that and and You know it is felt like they were a little too random for my taste. I'm also like a heavy euro or game player like the making plans and you know very little randomness sort of succeeding. You know my own decision making ability And so we'll play these games and just felt like dungeon. The dungeon crawl John could could do more could could cater to more. My tastes and be more are about decision making and and things like that. And so that's when I started designing gluten and Inclu- haven even you you have a lot of cards in the game and so the question would be where they also some technical card games that inspired you when you when you Design Clue Haven Card Games. I mean yeah so well I mean all of the Games I play. You know even just Your Games have lots of elements that I think are important. Even even like a Greek Lens of having minor improvements in occupations at the beginning playing them over the course of the game are major nights. You know sort of deck billboard food type thing Where you know your deck of cards is like abilities that you perform over the course of Stuff like that I would say. Probably more of an influence I don't play like too many. Like strictly like Card Games. Outside of the deck builders and the mechanic that you really have on your cards is Is Very interesting one and and it was for me when I started to play the game. At least it was for me avenue another novel idea to always have to pick two cards and choose the bottom and the top ability entity of each card. Because you have to abilities Top and the bottom one How did you? How did the idea for this Came to your mind when when you design the game so there was this. All television show called tabletop death match which was put on by like gum. The people are dead cards against humanity. They had like this kind of like a reality show where they brought on these people like pitch these games to them It was kind of interesting but One of the Games I think Africa visits the first second season. But it was a game called rocket records which I've referenced when talking about this before And I don't think the game ever actually was published but I saw like during the show. It sort of had this concept. I guess what you're talking about like sort of a more like card game like tactical thing Like a two player game where basically like one person. They're like fighting on a rocket and one person turn try like crashed the rocket in one person trying to get it to its destination But it had that the similar mechanic where like each card you have that like an ability on it but also like a a distance and so you can either play lead for as one or the other And maybe you played two cards at a time. I can't really remember. I think he did so. You're pushing the rockets some distance. But then you're also performing affirmative action. And I I sort of latched onto that. You know as like multi multi use cards where you know. You're you're playing to at once like one for one use and one for the other Those are the origin of the idea. And then once they sort of apply that to sort of more traditional dungeon crawl mechanics of like you have a move in an attack on. Let's see where it all came together and just kind of flowed from there. Yeah I really liked the mechanic and I'm curious On how the design approach really W- also was was there in the beginning always immovability and an attack ability Because in the in the end there can sometimes be also an attack ability on on the On the move part of the card so was it strictly separated in the beginning or in any face during your design or was it a bit more open from the beginning I mean you know. That's the general idea. Right as you have a move in an attack Very fairly early on like I think like the brute was probably the first character designs And may like it has low at one cards. I don't think it has any attacks on the bond but eventually he starts now he does he has Spur Dagger Right. Yeah Yeah so I guess even from the beginning sort of playing with that you know so it wasn't strictly it moves on bottom attack on the top it was You know just more move type stuff on the bottom and more attack type stuff on top they you know just making all the cards unique weaken having all these different abilities than yeah some some characters might be better like performing attack on the bottom and the top So yeah all just sort of feeds into the flavor of each character. You're how how it actually plays out those that this actually not your Not Your first appearance on this podcast. So in episode twenty. Two of this podcast. I asked fourteen of the best game designers What is the one thing you wish you had known before you started your journey as a game designer and the answer that you gave really impressed me? You said The most important thing you learned is to ask for help And because a Doing everything on your own walls for crucial for you And I would like to know how the design protests of the game for. You was really Did you did you start off loan and at what point in time did you really Ask for help bend. Whom did you ask Sure so I don't know it was more like You know I'm I'm good at doing certain things and not Greta doing other things right so Like for so game design is is sort of I guess like what I excel at and content in creation so so the process of just creating gloom haven. I mean it was. It was a long process And it was very tiring during And and I did you know there was some help you know. Obviously play testing and stuff like that Those needed needed. Because I think even within like game design. You know there's might be people who focus more on concepts or like I said the content creation or or developments like there's a lot of different things that even go into a game design Inside I did have some help off with development and play testing and things like that as well But I would say like the the mean idea behind behind that was just just like you know also putting this up on kickstarter in sort of trying to run a business Trying to do marketing and all that other stuff that comes along with running a business and then also you know Doing graphic design and all the art work. And you know like you know making a board game is not just about the design and so sort of recognizing that I needed to reach out subserve get help help with all those other things So for instance like when I was creating four door you know initially I thought I could just do all the graphic design myself like you know I I can. I can make a card. I know what that looks like You know that just ended up disaster so you know just Reaching out to graphic designer and starting getting help with that like you know it can just speed up the process a lot like if you just early on can recognize what you're good at what you're not good at and try and find people who will help you do the things that you're not good with so you said it was was a very long process. How long was it exactly? How long did it take for you? To Design Gloom Heaven from maybe the very first initial idea to Let's I'd say the delivery of the first product. Yeah I started working on the game in earnest I think like the beginning of two thousand thousand fifteen when I started graduated from from Grad School and decided to start doing where game design fulltime. So so that was the project I started with sat down and started making it and You know within that I You know probably like five or six months. I sort of had the the core the core gameplay down pretty loans you know and started creating creating the characters you know obviously like the first workers sort of created at the same time as the as the game mechanics because you needed characters the play through the game But then yeah started after the five this five or six months started creating more contents in Coming got a lot more like the campaign elements trying to figure out what all I wanted to include in this game to sort of. Make this big epic experience And then that content creation ended up lasting. Probably I don't know a year or more You know sewer. There wasn't much game design. It was just like I needed to come up with like ninety more scenarios. Fill out this world and that the vast majority of the time And then I ran the kick starter I think in the first started like October of two thousand fifteen and then sort of had the two run that over the course of the next like eighteen months constantly updating people on the progress and eventually I think around uh-huh like June of twenty eighteen is when I finally finished Getting all the files together and sending them to the printer and then There was a lot of back and forth with the printer just because of a so big Sony components and so then it didn't get delivered to people I think until January two thousand seventeen so it was about like two years from when I first started working on it to win. It finally arrived. And what state did the game have when you started your first kickstarter campaign so so how many how many characters does do you have. Because you said you it was it was another. I don't know I remember eighteen months between the first campaign and delivery so everything already there when you started the kickstarter compaign or maybe only four or five or six characters of them all or maybe only the two or three campaigns so what was the how how are your enduring. The design signed process of reinventing started the first six. Yeah I mean I will admit that like I probably should have waited until it was close to being done before I started that kickstarter but I had kind of run out of money and needed needed a kickstarter continue like pay my artists and stuff But I think it worked out well so essentially the I think a fifteen of the seventeen characters were more or less is done I may not have some of the higher level abilities for some of them And they still needed play testing. But it sort of you know creating the concept and and most of the cards The only two characters that weren't done at that point where the lengthiest and the CRAG hurt would sort of recreated during the kickstarter starter campaign Because people wanted more starting characters and so you know had all these other characters that plans in already figured out how to like introduce Later in the campaign and I need more starting characters I decided this rate some new characters for that on so I did that. Actually during the kickstarter campaign And then I I would I think like well. Yeah and then I'll there. Was this a lot of content. That wasn't done so at that time. I sort of running through a campaign with my play test group. I I don't remember exactly how I we'd gone with that but yeah it was probably probably like less than twenty five percent of what was actually in the game at that like big and the ends like in terms of the scenario that recreated Because I was basically just like creating scenarios as we went through that end up having to go back and fill in the gaps that we didn't explore So yeah there is. There is a lot of dismay console needed to be done. I think like all the monsters had been made because we'd sort of run across all the different monsters through what we've done But then there were some new monsters and some new bosses that recreated during the campaign as well as I had Backers like contribute scenario ideas as well and so I decided to include some of those in in the in the scenario book and those required of new monsters and bosses that I wanted to create so so yeah maybe let's Let's stay with this scenario design for a moment because I really liked the idea of user generated content in the game And I also enjoyed Loyd most of the The rated scenarios that are in the in the base game. So how really was the process for you. to Colette some of the Bekker's designed parts of your game was it How did they deliver their ideas working closely with them And would do you do it. Again Yeah first of all I definitely do it again. I think yeah I think the the more creative minds you have working on projects you know the the better it's going to be people will cut you know approach approach your you know your system from a different perspective and you know there's always a chance they could add something unique to it's The that's worth exploring So during that kickstarter based I just kind of opened up a threat on board Game Geek was just like you know. Here's the rules for creating a scenario so You know just like just have at it pretty much and so people would posts. PDF's and stuff of of the scenarios ACR- like in that thread Anheuser Dan as they go through them. and sort of message them privately and maybe give some suggestions on how they could improve things sir. You how. This thing doesn't really quite work within that system. And maybe they can change that and so some of them modified their scenarios based on based on that feedback initially just sort of pick the best ones But also because of like how modular glenhaven is. Yes I mean there's sort of like a you know like fifty one scenario campaign that sort of very closely tied together but then you know the other forty plus scenarios are just it's side side concepts And so it's very easy to dislike. Take the scenario that someone had made just kind of based on whatever Laura they latched onto in the game. The didn't have anything to do with the story. I was creating over here. That no one really Have the background for anyway. Because like you tried to keep things spoiler free But they could just create the scenario that I could take that and just sort of tack it onto the game side quest. You know maybe you maybe you find it based on like a city event or something like that And so it was kind of Nice that way people creating site content Without having to know like the whole intricacies of of the story But Yeah I mean to people in particular like really helped out and sort of went above and beyond on that Marcel was big help In creating a lot of the side scenarios and he he he came onto the process like even before. KICKSTARTER launched Helped lot with some of the The personal quests. They're sort of like these tier. THREE SCENARIO ARCS Helped with that. And then Matthew Summers who I think I've met like during the kickstarter but he got very involved and so he ended up making A A big group of side scenarios as well more than just one so both of them were a big help that sounds awesome And when you design one of the scenarios on your own what is your. Does your process really look like how do you start to design a scenario when And what is what is the difference between a very good scenario and vet scenario for you. I mean I think think of a scenario. Ken provide players with interesting choices. Like within. The system is built else You know basically like interesting choices on what to do with their cards and it's not unbalanced thread so it's not too easy or too difficult than I. You know I think. That's what makes a good scenario Sort of where I start. When creating scenarios areas is is really with just the story? I guess you know so it just depends on what I'm trying to do. So if I'm designing scenario for for You know the specific step in the overall campaign Then I'd start there deserve concepts you tonight where where the characters are fighting and what they're fighting and whether it's you know they just need to kill all these enemies of any performed performs on specific goal So you know this too. So use use the theme in the story to come up with like the live the broader elements of of Napoli out in goals and monsters and then sort of work from there. If there's any other interesting interesting things I can add to the scenario to make it you know just difference or more interesting And then yeah just serve concept out like specifically where monsters should be placed to like make interesting spatial situations and how many monsters I should be was just kind of based on numbers Each monster has a value. And you know scenario Oh depending on how big it is should have like this this amount of value of monsters Then once that sort of all generated that I you know easily easily play tested a couple times. Make tweak numbers here and there based on mother too difficult or too hard and Yeah pretty much I guess. Play testing and balancing must be must be really a challenge for for complex game like this with With Brian Player Collins. Of course Did you have some kind of Measuring stick or measuring mechanic that used to balance silence items or monsters all also Like an excess spreadsheet for example where Each item has some kind of power level indicator so some kind of key performance Number Four for each item or so for each month. So that you and that you know that you that you can either place three Three of those Munster's was Or five of the others to get the same the same kind of challenge for the playoffs so we have key performance in identifies. You're gaining. Yeah not so much for items I probably should. I like the power of items generally just kind of like eyeball how powerful it is and then like Assign like a value based on that but In terms of monsters. Yeah there's definitely Sort of a number metric I use so so most monsters are on a scale of like point. Five difficulty to to difficulties like a point. Five monster is like an emperor or a snake or as like a two difficulty is like a Dongola. Mur Cave Bear And so yeah I just kind of and then you know. There's there's an elite value that's basically double the normal value Um Sa- as I'm creating the stats for monsters. Ends in some cases like the ability deck will factor into that as well so for like cultists. They're they kind of weak. They don't really do much. They don't have a heart attack but the fact that they can summon a skeleton which is like another like so Like value on monster but the fact act like they can also summon a living bones which is also a value on monster You know it was in their ability ability deck means that like they don't have to be strong they just are basically kicked point. sponges Lee. You're trying to kill before they create more annoying monsters. Um uh-huh so factor and things like that I just you know so I tried to like look it. He's monster and compare them to all other monsters of that same value and then I also have different values. Rights to like a appoint five value monster should be half as powerful as as a monster like delete version of a point. Five should be about the same as as long as a normal level. One Monster or value on monster so Yeah I mean I just sort of you know initially balanced everything everything off of like the four starting characters and like the the. The bandit guards bent archers in the living bones which are sort of the three monsters in that first scenario like played through that scenario a lot or like made a lot of balancing decisions based on that and so then everything that was created after that was this kind of like compared to the those values and tried to just like keep within that same balancing zing space. I think this is a very good advice to start with. Maybe a handful or even less Things that he would like to balance For example the monsters here in your case and then you kind of kind of based a basement or base point that you can then measure all the other mothers against so that is that is really really helpful for some designers out there I think so I also like the coldest and holiday I designed because they are they add a little bit of. Push Your luck mechanic to the game because when you fight them you always Think if they don't draw some incurred I can. I can afford to ignore them for one more on just one more on. They will not draw this card. But if they summon you push to electrify I am and what I also really like with the with the monsters. are how the the living corpses feel because because I mentioned this several times on this podcast already Because it they really feel like somebody's like in the like in the movie or so Because they are not very fast and the strong but typically you can you can handle them if you keep them away away from you and but sometimes I don't know how many cards and Dick do this effect but sometimes there have a better initiative turf and they surprise you and it feels really like and then they even they typically Stunning or something. Like that. And you I feel like you you have pushed electrify and you. You're in a situation which is rounded by them and you cannot go away and you only because you're stunned for the next one one round of time to To find a way out of this this misery and this really feels for me like a like a typical invasion something moving so we had to create time with them. Oh Yeah I mean I think Yeah Obviously Important Harlem Monster designed as is sort of the medically You know trying to figure out like what what what they would do. Like what A lot of that has the in the character design as well. Well right like creating these ability cards. That really feel feel like that character like how that character actor would play and and then the same thing applies the monsters so just trying to create that the deck of ability cards that that gives gives the proper fem- so the monster or the character I think is very important and when you talk about the the characters and the belling balancing there so was your intention to to balance all of the characters I can be played or was it more like Your your core idea to to make them feel different and do their own thing. So because it's a co okay. Maybe do not even need to be completely balanced. So how does what. What's your approach of balancing the the the characters Yeah I mean again Just trying to keep things similar to the baseline and I think for me like the baseline was like the brutes. You know has very basic abilities attacking moving Compare all the other characters. I created to him but at the same time yeah everything is every character is is doing such wildly different things. You know That at the end of the day. There's really no easy way to compare And then kind of just comes down the the play testing fessing. You know taking these characters and putting up against these monsters that you kind of you know like how the brutes and the other characters did against those specific doc monsters in Salt Lake. You WanNa see how these new characters do against them trying to adjust them to wear. The difficulty feels the same But yeah there are so many items. There's so many different card combinations or something different character combinations You know especially when you talk about like enhancements moments And stuff like that like yeah eventually becomes Kinda gets away from you a little bit and you just kind of do the best you can. Yeah see I like at the end of the day like not everything is perfectly balanced and I think that is okay because it's a CO OP game And it's it's it's close enough outside of like a few edge cases that should probably be fixed at some point. uh-huh that Yes things things feel balanced guides for the character in the Internet created by the players and most of them most of the characters have some kind of Dominant strategy that is at least advice. Vice in these guys How do you really feel about about that? Is this something that you that you know our okay. Hey with or something that you want to work on in the expansions may be by Making sure that there's maybe not dominant strategy four for each character also or would you advise people to to play. He's dominant strategies or experiment. More around with the characters. So how do you really feel about about this This sometimes dominant strategies. Yeah I mean dominant strategies especially when you talk about specific card load. Outs you know you at this. Current level too. And then his carnival. Three I yeah they're not greats just in the sense that like they they're it's like removing choice from the player. You want to give the player as much choice as possible. So yeah if you have uh-huh level where like one card is dislike strictly better than the other car than than right. That shouldn't be the case right. That is the case as long as a designer like I should present players like two equally liable choices that they can they can yet so they can make an actual choice on when they level up So I think that especially moving forward with like designing running expansions and stuff like that that has been a bigger focus so yeah make sure that there are more choices like there are. There are less instances where one card has clearly better than the other when when you level up so because I think that is really interesting and I think that is definitely definitely still viable for classes and maybe maybe one strategy or one like car load out is is better than the another overall but like there are still lots of options that you can have for the characters even in the base game So yeah I mean so some people you will some person might like right strategy guy. That says I'll definitely do this. Because this is going to create a more powerful character but Be Off your interest is just is Mike exploring the game and having fun with it and not necessarily you know just like playing on plus three plus live difficulty because you have like the most powerful character and I think there are a lot of interesting things you can do with characters in the game in different ways to sort of build them out. I don't know if any sense yes. Of course it makes sense So maybe just one one note because you just mentioned it the The difficulty level that you can I am choose is also A method to to fight the Differences Impala of characters. Because if you they have a very strong combination of characters that work well together and that may maybe very strong you just have the the ability as a group to increase the The lever the difficulty level. And so I think the game was really in a sport in which it does not need to be completely balanced but that's a hint For the other for the other aspect we talked about one thing that was often mentioned in these guides has a dominant strategy is healing versus damage. And many many people ride that you should always prefer some kind of damage or disabled abilities not over healing for example but when we played We one character. I don't want to spoil him now but He really focused on on the healing aspect the character and we hit a great time playing with it And be also You the player of the character was aware that is not the dominant strategy. But it was really what added a lot to our to our group in our situation and We had a lot of fun with so I can advise Might've is for the players would be play around with the characters and Don't don't always follow. The the guides ended dominant strategy. What I what? I what I've done before before the interview is I asked them the community for some community questions and actually some of the questions asked already off from the community and I received a huge amount of question so I already have to apologize for the people that send questions and end probably not will not be able to ask them all of them but one was regarding the initiative on on the characters. undercoat taught section cuts so The question really is what Was your design principle for designing what initiatives to put on each action cards so For example Summons are always late. There is usually this what you want to do you. I want to have them late. Be Stay alive for the next round and the bath that only lasts for Ron Ron Ron. Ron Typically very have a good initiative so very early in around but most of the cards it is not There's no view well spreadsheet identified by me or by others Where the initiative value comes from though isn't his chest A measurement for you to balance the carts are. How did you Decide what kind of initiative is on each card Yes good question so I think sort of baseline you look at any character Like part of creating that character is sort of coming up with kind of like an average initiative value. Right are they like a really fast character you know like the Scoundrel It kind of comes out at theme but I mean also slow bit like how powerful their abilities it is our as well is generally like being faster is better um the not always Are something like You know the Crag Hart who's I like one of the slower characters That's not strictly focused on something Yeah so the cracker like a one has like one one nineteen initiative card but then pretty much all its other cards are like above thirty I think And some of them go much higher than that. But so I mean it's it's coming up with like a sort of A. How fast is this character in general and then from there Yeah like you said like there are certain abilities that will generally go at the start of the round if they're like around effect or at the end of the round there some things like that Thank you like healing generally comes later in the rounds but not always And like higher movement abilities abilities are usually like faster like lower attacking abilities there. There are some general rules but they're not always followed and especially like about giving that character sort of spread of initiatives around whatever their averages And you sort of eyeball. It's on occasion or most of the time you know so it's like yeah this card I feel. It should be like somewhere within this range of initiatives and I use kind of like pick a random number within that range more or less And Yeah like if two abilities feel similar similar especially like when you're designing higher level cards you know if the start is sort of a replacement for like this one card of the no probably have similar. Initiatives gives me the replacement will be like a little bit faster So yeah it's kind of coming up with an average sort of eyeballing where things things should be than deciding on specific numbers from there. I don't know I don't not sure I have much more of a method that okay so when it comes to the to the classes and maybe also the items do you have any plans on. rebalancing Sam or are changing them For future print France. For example on. Do you think of the of the game more of a finished product. I bet you do not really want to touch the future. I mean yeah. That's a difficult question because Yeah alike especially after like the first printing came out and then we did another kick certa and then I did a second printing and I I did try to rebalance things and there are a lot of like mixed feedback from that. You know people move from sprinting. Didn't like the fact that now they're Kurds. Were not unquote official And so after that Kinda like shied away from tinkering with the game and between print runs Because Yeah I mean there are definitely things I would like to change. But it's just a matter of like being able to change them in the right way makes everyone unhappy And I think there are ways to do that. And we're kind of like exploring that at the moment So any obviously obviously you know there's The possibility of like an like an actual second edition or something like that So I mean there are lots of ways to go about it and do it directly and I think like if if the words to be more tweaking There there would have to be like like better supports or people with the earlier edition earlier. Printings which is I think. kind of like where. My failing was between the first and second imprinting was that I didn't offer you know like deck of like replacement cards or all those people with the first printing. So you know there. There's a lot of like things to way And you know so it may happen at some point in the future but if it does I'll make sure that you know it's Everyone is treated correctly brick on earth. Some things that I would definitely like the chains that are still. Oh you know like I said like these edge cases that are that are Overpowered and should probably be a bit Things like that but but you know it's it's hard james of. Yeah but you could. You could at least I mean do not use them expansion for example these kinds of mechanics or abilities that you don't like if this is possible and does not really mess around with the with the entire game shirt a good example of that S- Writers like instant kill abilities like a lot of people have problems with instant kill abilities and I think Oh said like an AMA like I'm not too happy with them either Ends any our planning on like moving away from that an expansion And there will be he similar things but they will be better balanced especially like at higher levels right. This was actually a question from From the community so Do you have any plans to with the which mckinney to replace them and willing to share it. That's the question Yeah Yeah I mean yes there I have. I have Things in mind that I've I've been testing with But Yeah I'm not ready ready to share it at this point unfortunately not so talking about expansion saw the game has developed quite a bit after the the first the first printing There was not only an expansion. There was also a digital version of the game. So how much have you been involved in the digital game digital game Being developed by you know a video games studio flaming foul and I we had a lot of meetings. I don't know it's probably a year ago. Oh and they were sort of planning out what they wanted to do with I would like I would say like I was generally just kind of like a consultant on the project. You know so. They any changes to the game. Like they've always gone through me. I mean so. For instance like Enemy right were in in a board game like you have to make all the decisions dozens but when you're playing a video game. Obviously that video game could make some decisions For you like the some of the more mundane Decisions and so yeah. The the video game can fully control the monsters and how they act. And you don't have to worry about any of that when you're when you're playing the video game So stuff like that like how to implement monster three. I and things like that like all of that was discussed And then obviously like this adventure mode that they're sort of working with Further early access. Yeah our stop the campaign with its assertive like these randomized dungeons. We sort of talked about how that would How that would go and ran everything by me with that of it has been more of like a consulting thing where they say? These are ideas what we WANNA do and I sort of say Yay or Nay Yeah and that's pretty much goes you know running by all the artwork by a meet and make sure that it's fits within the theme of the world and I'm happy with everything so Sia there's just like consulting on it. Do you plan on using any of the data that they acquire from from the game For Your a future game designs for all changeable expansions for the for the physical version of gloomy because for them it's way easier to To to play test the game I mean they have a number of player then they check staff To acquire the data so audion yes. I'm not sure the they will be in the position to do that for a while while plates assing existing characters you know for like future you know if we do do a second edition or whatever. Yeah example I mean you you could you could see that maybe you could use some use it to identify dominance strategies to if because you could get a very easy statistic to you. See that Maybe this level three card is picked eighty five or ninety percent of the time You would know which card you have probably two to Nervo to buffalo bit. Yeah for sure. yeah data could be could be helpful Yeah I think I think it will still like be awhile because we still need to get like the full campaign implemented in all the different characters So yeah at some point in the a future once once they're like out of really access Then I think it definitely will be a good tool for really getting data base and there's also another digital component to the game or maybe component is not the The correct act. Were the the cream heaven help so I would like to to know what you think about it. Is this something that you if you come map out with a with a new version of the game or a new expansion Would you may be included to your package already. So the Glenhaven L.. Perhaps is I think it's a great tool. And and a Lotta people find it very useful you know. So just in in reducing setup time because it handles all the monsters and everything everything so you don't need to hold them all out and Sir Yeah I mean I think it's a great tool Ann's ends. Yeah recently we've sort of licensed Or come up with a licensing agreement with them because they sort of wanted to The monetize at least a little bit to sort of help with their costs and whatnot. And so we sort of came up with an agreement with them ends you know yeah. We're happy for them to sort of move forward with the expansion content as well and include that in the APP which I'm sure they will be. They will be doing like as that happens. And we'll provide them with all the files before hands You know to make sure that it comes out You know as quickly as it can like ideally coinciding with the actual release the products But I think that was sort of all happening like we were talking to them around the time. That forgotten circles came out so we weren't able to provide them with the files for forgot circles ahead at a time that I think they implemented forgotten circles yet. Are they still working at. I don't I don't know because I'm still blaming the campaign. I have not been able to finish it yet. unfortunately we cannot play too often again. Rupert we are we are closed. We are closed. I think maybe three or four campaigns are missing. I don't know but definitely I don't know if they have have implemented but we're using it for the base campaign and really like it. Yeah I think it's a great APP and I'm happy. Happy that they are able to sort of keep it. Yeah and it. Sounds like an awesome partnership I should you have made the and From the emotional perspective it must feel really create that you see so many so many people creating these kind of ebbs or these custom classes and stuff like that or posting their house rules and so it must few create for you as a designer to to. I can see that people really use the system that you have created to come up with their ideas Yeah I mean that's sort of. Yeah a big part of why I made the game. Is You know as sort of like a system that people can add onto and change like however they want you know like a role playing game. I was kind of surprised that like the the number of of of APPs that popped up. 'cause like I WANNA I released the game like a I then released on like these Contents content files so that people can make their own stuff and I didn't realize like how many apps this would be developed from that because I was thinking more of a custom scenarios custom classes within all these people sort of took all those assets and made these APPs with them to which yeah I think was was great and I think it really helps sort of build the community that sounds awesome. Yes and You recently announced Charles of the line. So do you want to tell the community about it and what were your intentions of Designing designing this new game. Yeah yes so. Jazz alliance is really exciting. Projects for me We kind of came up with the idea like earlier this year. I've been playing around with the idea of like a more. You know mass-market friendly version of the game But never really flicked like how it would actually work out It's like earlier this year when I started thinking about it some more and previously ed kind of like approached it from from actually changing the mechanics like dumbing it down into like a card game or something like that but it's never felt right But then I just sort of like started thinking about it You know the the main cause like sorry. Ah I can sit down and play Glenhaven with with pretty much. Anybody like even if you don't even if you're not Gamer like I can teach you gloom even get you playing it Like relatively simply like you may not be able to understand like how the monsters move but like if I just give view hand of cards until you play cards each around one for the top one or you know what action one top action bottom action like people can get into that and they can sort of relate to this. You know this board where they've got this character in there fighting these monsters. It's all like pretty simple. I mean And so when I started thinking about that and just like the main. The main barrier of entry to the game like isn't necessarily the game play. It's just like all this other stuff around it and if we can figure out a way to to the lower all of that then it would be possible to to give the people the same game experience but just in a more approachable format so You know the first thing is just like reducing among the size of the box and reducing reducing the price Into something that looks like a normal game that you would pick up in the not the giant behemoth that scares you Sale looking like a forty thousand dollar price point In any in order to do that like we'd have to reduce a a lot of the components on I think like a big breakthrough there was like deciding to play the game like in in the scenario book itself like it will just print out maps and said of having these map tiles and then we don't need all this extra cardboard for all these map tiles on that also reduces a lot of the setup time which is is like another thing that people are always complaining about how long it takes to setup game And so he can reduce that by getting rid of all this cardboard and then just having like fewer monsters fear scenarios people will need to be able to set up so And then it's really just how. How do we teach this game people right because I mean it's at the end of the day it's still the same mechanics like somebody at the table will after know how to run these monsters which which is kind of like I feel like the most complicated part of the game So that's what I've been focused on. These last few months is as is creating like a tutorial for the game. So He's you sit down and you open the book reopen the box and like the first five scenarios in the box Sort of walk you through like very slowly like how to play the game and get up to a point where you're like actually playing just like a normal game blue haven so like the first scenario you start out. You've just got like six cards. They're very basic observer like very basic moving attack abilities. And you're fighting monsters. Who just like move on spacey drowns? An attack they don't even have like an attack or a ability deck. They just do the same thing around and assist like what is the. What is the minimum Adam amounts of information we can give people like play something that at least resembles glue haven and that sort of like the first scenario so they get so very very very basic concepts down we move onto the second scenario and we serve add a few mechanics and player out those and then so he goes through like five scenarios like this up until reserve added everything into the game And I think it's it's been pretty successful so far tweaking around with things. That's it's a that sort of the the concept of the game is just like. How do we reduce all the barriers of entry so that more people can can get into language language? Yeah that sounds like a smart move from a business perspective and I also really like the the idea of having a very Toyota for the game. I think this is something. A lot of games could improve on I for example. I really liked how yawns and did it. I'm there were a lot of a different card deck of cards and on top of them. There was a stop cart. That don't open this car. This pack Or don't shuffle this because it is pre-ordered to To explain the game in as a as a tutorial ah I think they did reach up teaching the game and when it sounds like you are in a very good way this well. Yeah hope so. So but when you designed for me it's always always difficult and though it's the same for other designers China's well if they came up with some kind of ideas kind of mechanic a character A scenario whatever and it becomes their baby they become come really attached to it and your job in the last months must have been hard for you because You you had to reduce your Cora game by so many components and stuff so was it more like feeling like killing your babies that really love and we're not able to include into the the new product or was it more like and creating this This release new and exciting product. I think it's more like the second one. 'cause we're we're not the 'cause this is it's entirely new content right we've got four new characters in twenty five new scenarios like it's it's I don't I don't consider it like you know chopped up version of gloom haven. I consider it to be a completely separate thing that I'm able to to build from the ground up just with different design constraints And so to me like that's that's interesting. You know creating this. This a new thing feels good. Doesn't feel like I'm destroying anything. Great and yeah. I think we already talked. Worked for almost an hour an hour more than our So we should probably come to an end soon but I have one more question With regards to bloom haven. Is there any specific designed space that you would like to explore in the future for the for the core game yes And so that's will Yes so we're working. I'm working on like you know a proper sequel to the game as well. which isn't which isn't doesn't Josh Allen? It's it's something else that will just be another big campaign with in another big box. That is Geared towards people who are fans of gloom even like grants on. I'll definitely be exploring new mechanics. And that's that's awesome. I'm looking forward to it. Cool so anything that you would like to to share with us. Maybe the advice that you want to give designers that are also approaching very complex. Game anything that you want to to to give them on their way yeah man. I think we've already covered it right but I think the most important thing especially when you're sort of thinking about designing some big epic thing right is is still have to start small right like I took that first scenario the four characters in the three the monster types and you know I just worked on that for months you know refining the the core game mechanics And then you know only once you've you know done the small thing perfectly. Should you add onto that and and grow into whatever you're trying to make thank you for this Credit Vice Isaac and thank you for taking the time to to come to the podcast just as my letter. Eight letter to have you. UH-HUH MM-HMM

Glenhaven Isaac Mike West John Ron Ron Ron Austria Clue Haven Inclu- haven Glenhaven Glenhaven Africa U. Isaac Marvin Colette Adam Toyota Grad School China England Greta Sony
No Filler Sidetrack: Lazer Guided Melodies - Spiritualized's 4-Suite Space Rock Masterpiece

Rock N Roll Archaeology

42:43 min | 1 year ago

No Filler Sidetrack: Lazer Guided Melodies - Spiritualized's 4-Suite Space Rock Masterpiece

"Hand A A and. Welcome to no filler. The music podcast dedicated to sharing the often overlooked hidden gyms that fill the space between the singles on our favorite records. My Name is Clinton got my brother Travis with me as always and We're hunkering down dude. We are staying indoors. I don't know about you. We we gotta talk about the Virus Man. We can't just pretend like nothing's happen. Yeah old podcast. This is this is day two for me for working from home like mandatory remote working. Yep and part of me likes it. Part of me is already getting stir crazy. Little bit netted metoo. We're trying to like just get up. Get out and do a lap around the neighborhood or something like that. You know once a day just to to leave but then every time because I'm super paranoid Anytime we pass somebody guaranteed. I just got it just by walking that guarantee. Well the dude. If you if you see someone coming your way just this crossover to the other side of the street. Yeah but this is not walking trails and stuff. There's no street. Oh Yeah Yeah. We did that today. We were trying to get out and hike because you know I live up in. Washington is plenty of places gown. Seclude yourself yeah. Yeah but you know we're GONNA pass at least three or four people more hiking. I mean they look. Here's the thing if the person's not breathing on you I doubt walking past them quickly as going to amount to anything but they do say that it's airborne you know it's not just through touch so yeah yeah either I stay indoors for the next eight weeks and Hawker down or I let go outside. Yeah well either way. Yeah this is crazy. You know as far as the music industry is concerned. Everybody's last week when they cancelled south by southwest and Coachella. That's when I think everybody started to to pay attention because like the coach L. has the epicenter of music festivals. And if they cancel. Something's going down man and then of course. Nba All the all the major sport sporting events. You know canceled their seasons and stuff be a as far as music is concerned it. Yeah it's crazy it's nuts man. One thing that's cool The Seattle symphony is streaming performances. Live online and I saw that to major Band are playing livestream. Concerts like coldplay just keith urban. So that's Kinda cool. It is cool man. I like that anyways. Yeah I got all the free time in the roller now did I'm temporarily laid off. My restaurant disclosed like every restaurant appear and pretty soon. Happy Restaurant in America's seems like it's going to be closing the doors for a little bit. So yeah you know. I wonder what's going to happen too fast. Food restaurants. Are they gonNA close because right now? I'm just seeing a ton of advertisements on facebook and stuff for like you know what a Burger is basically like. Hey can use our APP to order ahead. And then we'll just hand you the bag out the window like they're really trying to get creative with how they're trying to encourage people to come back out you know. I mean they're they're they're still doing drive through service which makes sense each just. You don't have to go inside. You just grab the food and you're in you're gone but obviously all it takes is one one fast food worker to get the virus and then well upset and yeah and they're going to still go to work because they don't have any other choice while I'm hoping Hoping they're doing what your restaurant was doing. Where they're requiring you to to take temperature when you when you sign into work that day clocking. Yeah Yup yeah. That's what they were doing before before we closed de and that has been coded. Nineteen talk with the twin. The twin brothers. Yeah I mean we could be having this this little weekly chat here for the next two months or so at least yeah man anyways So last week we talked about smashing pumpkins and their debut album. Gish and for the sidetrack I was just kinda looking through trying to find like influences for the band or You know some billy. Corbin's favorite bands at the time. And he mentions. This band called spiritualized as one of his favorite bands. I don't know about you but I've never heard of spiritualized night at like. I haven't even read that name before as you know I got it. No that was. There is a band called spiritualized. Yeah I had never heard of major. Never never heard anything about him definitely never heard any songs from them so they are a experimental space. Rock dream pop band. Space Rock is mentioned several times when people talk about spiritualized so I I went ahead and just press play on track. One of their very first album which came out in ninety two And Dude I was hooked right from track one. And it's just one of those moments where it's like all these years are could've been jamming this album. All these years could have been enjoying this band. He can't how did how did I Miss Cantrell on that? Cue How did I miss him? Hey you know what you found him now and your jam now. So I need to know. So the album called laser-guided melodies and again it came out in Nineteen Ninety. Two the cool thing about this album. This is one of those you know. We preach it all the time on this podcast. This is a press play and listen to it all the way through. So it's twelve songs and they all really flow together. Well the way they originally released this it was on it was on to LP's and also this was in the the CD age so the way they did it was if you look on on the back of the of the album cover. The songs are kind of groups together and they're color coded so basically. The album is four suites and each chunk of songs as about fifteen minutes long. So if you bought the CD it was only four tracks on the CD. One track would have the first three songs track to would have tracks four through seven and so on so. I mean but now obviously they. They split them operate now. Now it's all split up and if you buy the LP tracks one through three or and read trucks fourth or seven her green so that's like side a It's pretty cool. And what's great about it? They they really are separate vibes and overall sounds they really is four distinct styles. It's great my favorite section would be tracks four seven which I play a little bit of step into the breeze for the intro. And we're going to outer out with Ron. Both those songs are single so I didn't WanNa do them as like the main song that we're GonNa play but yeah again. It's it's a really great album. It's just it's one of those that you just need to give a listen to to really appreciate it's very like like. I said ambient at times There's a lot of moments in there. That sound very like velvet underground is a song called run on here that I said GonNa play at the end. And he actually like Barros align basically from the Velvet Underground Song Ron Ron Ron and he kinda phrases at the same way and the song so to hide it. Nope definitely not. He's definitely a big Lou. Reed feld underground fan Anyways man this is sidetrack. I want to keep it short and sweet. Let's just back and play us on I might play a couple tracks here just a little bit. Give you like a sense of a couple of different Sweets and how they sound. Let's play track to this. One is called if I were with her now True Yeah I mean you definitely like you said it's it's it's a movement you know like kind of reminds me of our conversations about progressive rock with. Yes Oh yeah totally or even better Moody Blues Right Right. I record that we that we touched on days of future past. Was you know it was just like this? Had four different movements. No yeah it's cool dude like and that was just one song it so I wanted to play the majority of it is because you know it. Kinda had that little silence in middle and then it completely changes Really really like experimental stuff for sure. do this is just another one of those great examples of how all the different things that were going on with rock in the nineties. I feel like the nineties may have been like the first era in music where so many things are borrowed from from previous generations. As far as I mean like all the different sub genres that that rock stems often forms from you know nowadays with this like you can hear influences like the velvet underground you can hear I hear The WHO in quite a few of these songs especially in the second movement. Do you WanNa know who I heard when I listened to some of these tracks? What have you ever listened to the stone roses before now? I never heard him did big time. There's a few tracks on this record that that have some some heavy Debut record stone roses. Fives will they came out in the eighties. Sound okay to to the point. You were making about How the nineties was perhaps like the first decade that hard borrowed from previous decades heavily. Just need time. Now that's why you're hearing the nineties come back both in fashion right now and music because you just need that time. To where like Oh. It's it's cool again you know. Yeah with nineties. You had as far underarms of rock and roll. You had essentially three decades to to to to pull fry outcry at least two. If you go sixties and Seventies. Yeah. A lot of nineties was about trying to get away from the eighties That's what the grunge music was all about. You Know Yeah. Yeah so You know going back to. We've talked about dream pop. Before and and with dream pop being synonymous shoe gays This is definitely a lot of grid shoe. Gaze Dream. Pop kinda moments Pitchfork actually back just a couple years back a list of the thirty best dream pop albums of all time. They put this one at number eleven. So yeah so I want to play just a little bit of another song just to give you a taste of kind of the changes in sound and vibes between each suite. We're GONNA jump down so that was at the very beginning of the album the first week and I'm going to play the first song that wraps up with the fourth sweet so this attract tin. It's called Angel Cy Sir Skittle tastes to that one. Good stuff man. Yeah I go back to saint about stone rose again A little less For this song definitely more More VELVET UNDERGROUND STONE. Rose like you were saying but Man I'm trying to put my finger on another band that they can't sounds so. When did this recommend again nineteen ninety-two Ninety two? Yeah there's there's there's a ton of stuff going on but what I was trying to think of as as If I hear any Smashing Pumpkins in this are as far as like is it. You know especially buckets is already gashes already. Happened but Yeah because he said that these guys were a big influence on him or the fan of them not influence You know but but Corrigan's a fan of this band and I you know I don't remember when he was quoted as saying that but yeah this is this abandoned that that he enjoys listening to and I can see. I can see some influences to I feel like they both have that soft vocal delivery. There are moments in the song that that are. You know just in that she gave pocket just like with with smashing pumpkins. And my bloody Valentine and all that stuff but again like each you know the the the four suites of the Moore very different which is on purpose so the two in the middle. We didn't really play too much of but again I'm GONNA fade us out with another song from the from the second suite which is a lot more just like straight up more rock and roll like a more upbeat kind of stuff but Yeah that was a few tracks from laser-guided melodies dude. Give them a lesson man and give it all the way through. It's it's really really worth as a good two three lessons to really appreciate and I'm GonNa dive into you know. He's got a ton of albums And I'm I'm kind of curious to see where where he goes with it. And you know if you really sticks to this kind of sounder iffy if it Kinda turns into anything else over time anyways so that's that keep it short and sweet Now Travis the SEGUES GONNA be brutal just brutal but a lot of people have a lot of free time right now. Free time good brother a little idea. He just turn the lights down a little bit. Maybe we're talking about maybe two candle Barry White and you know. Get smooching with Your Bill. It smooching with your. Maybe you need a little help in the in in that arena. Maybe like you know what we got all this free time. Let's spice it up. Let's get some toys you know. Let's try out something new in the bedroom. Now's the time to even better free stuff. Free stuff for the vetere. Free stuff is awesome free stuff to spice up your bedroom as even better even better my friend. We're talking about Adam and Eve dot com hugh. That's what we're talking about. Yes did it's just a click away. You don't even have to go to a store. I'm trying to stay indoors so Cuba we can You know if you go there you can select the most any item anyone item for fifty percents off. And then Adam and Eve loads on the free stuff now. Do you think the the put the word load in there very. Oh I hope so. Do absolute so hop on Adam and Eve dot com. Pick out something. Nice. Throw it in the cart. And if you type in no filler in the Promo Code Adam and Eve we'll give you fifty percent off of that item and they're gonNA throw in one sexy item for him a special gift for her and third item that you'll both enjoy and they're gonNA throw in six free spicy movies to help you get in the mood with their boo plus free shipping more. Do you need especially like you said right now? What else are you? GonNa do man Dude. It's time it's time spice it up. That's Promo Code. No filler at atoms. Backup all right. So we're not you know it's time for that the the beloved segment. It is what your time heard. Let you go first time brother. What you've been hurting lately. All right you WANNA do something out of left field here okay. But it is honestly a album that I've been jammed quite a bit lately and I don't think jamming is is the right word to use and you'll see just a second. So by OS fear. Have you heard of them or him? They think it's just one person and I feel like I've probably heard advisor songs on my day. I guess the best way to describe him it very similar to loss all right so it's ambient And he sort of uses you know field recordings that kind of thing now. Does it have like those kind of cliquey. Now beat out. You know what I mean. Now it's more Ambient it's yeah. It's just straight ambient Bavaria Lake. Don't know the best way to describe it but so the guy's name. He is from Norway. Nine. I'M NOT GONNA Process Right Q. Jere Jensen because biosphere and The the most the ambient just the umbrella of ambient he falls under that but mostly it kind of drone drone ambient. Okay Anyway He. He put an album Or He did a soundtrack for this movie called. Insomnia came out in nineteen ninety seven so hey at least. I'm staying in the right decade here. I don't know if I've mentioned this before and I feel like we've really only talked about ambient music on our lawsuit episode really anyway. We're just GONNA play one track of this. I feel like I mean I like to listen to this kind of music all the time. But if you if you like to listen to music that reflects the the current situation that you find yourself open just being a human on the planet. Right now This music can. Can I give you that sense of of you know doom impending doom? Yeah impending doom. So we're GONNA listen to This is actually a very beautiful song. Actually but it's very second track. It's called Lounge Lovely yeah the vocals in that I've always like stuck with me like I. I listen to this a long time ago. Who knows when the first time I heard it but like I always hear that particular part when her vocals come in for the first time in my head. And I'm like I gotta go back and listen to this record because it's great anyway Ebay. Recognize the guy on the on the cover there yes he was most recently in the film or the TV show noble on. Hbo was he in one of the Black Mirror. Episodes watch all that very possible. Yeah He's not being credited as that. But that's the thing that could have been one of his kids but yeah his you know I don't remember his name. But the guy that plays pennywise in it. Rebid is reboot. Yeah one of his kids. So 'cause one of those You know all of his kids act. Anyway it's just one fans like the it's like the frigging Jill Sheen machines. Yeah she needs the fucking Warburg's anyway If you like that kind of stuff if he likes dark ambient music. That's one of those records Play the vocals aren't featured Very prominently it's only one or two tracks have the those vocals. The rest of it is more of that just kind of Dark Moody Ambient Music. I personally really enjoy listening to that stuff when I work Yes I know. It's dark and you could be perceived as like depressing and stuff but I don't know I just like it so anyway again that was a ambient artist named biosphere and that was His soundtrack for the movie insomnia. Iq what she got all right so Last week on my favorite radio station K. XP I feel like they're playing more songs. That Kinda tongue-in-cheek about you know the Kobe. Nineteen situation that refound ourselves in You guys have been have been living it for a few weeks longer than most of up in wash- within the last few days I've heard don't stand so close to me by the police on their And I heard this other song by this band. Called the Falcons of fine dining never heard about this band before. It is clearly a group of people that work in the restaurant industry that decided to form a band so they albums called. All you can eat. It came out in two thousand seventeen. Here's some of the songs song names track one open bar track for tip pool ticket time IHEART. The hostess does like a like a like a joke band. Yeah and I know you hate those kind of bands. I know I know you. You just can't stand him I just don't I don't know I don't find it the larger no I mean I I understand I get it. I just I think weird Al as don't say don't you dare say something you're GonNa Regret I was GonNa say Weird Al's the only one that I've ever really really listen to but that's because you know You know it's weird al. Yeah but other than that. It's you know it's not clever. I love him. You're not you're not fucking FI. No it is clever. Roy Disagree however anyways This song is called. Wash your hands. And it's clearly a Is loosely based off of a divas whippet. Anyways let's play a little bit of Wash. Your hands look at the young tax burden the twenty second kid. I mean I never never been more timely great great advice right now greeted by yet. So do you think that they you know. This is the moment that they've been waiting for for that. Well like I said. The album is about working in a restaurant Insurer it was humorous hearing that on on the Radio. I doubt you have actually listened to any of the other songs right. Oh I listen dude. So do they do. They follow elected. A sound like a different. Like you said this Kinda nods. It whip it a little bit like all the songs do that. Yeah Yeah there's another song here called corner which is something you have to say manure working like you say behind or corner if you're coming around the corner So you don't bump into people with trayful food as you're going out of the kitchen or whatever But yeah it's very heavy heavy rock. So yeah I think every I haven't heard the hobby but they borrow from a lot of genres and bands. Do just one of those weird al type bands anyways. I heard that last week I feel like I had to share it sets you know. Wash your hands people. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Stay inside and Jim thome tunes James some tunes and also Adam and Eve dot com Promo Code. 'em YOU WANNA get spicy all right. So that's it that's our sidetrack on spiritualized and Next week we're going to cover stone temple pilots and their album purple. Yes that's going to be. Let you handle that. One brother Yes. That's why I'm excited here. I've I've listened to the three So yeah you know it was either their their debut or this one in a chose this one because it to me. My favorite one of my favorite songs from the nineties era is is on this on this record. And that's interstate love song so I wanted to see what else is on this record that I don't know because like we said we'd like to talk about the songs aren't singles. Obviously that's the whole premise of the show. I can't say that I've actually listened to this record all the way through so I did that a couple of days ago to prepare for next week's episode. I've got a few good songs to cover here. Q sweet excited man Leah Anyway That'll be next week in. We're just GONNA continue our leisurely stroll some iconic nineties bands and Did I'm I'm pumped man? This is my favorite decade for rock music. I think totally I'm excited to all right. So hit drives at no filler. Podcast DOT COM. But we're else. Can you find us in this wide world of? Webb's well cue. We are part of the Pantheon podcast network. It could find us there. That's Pantheon podcasts. Dot Com where you can follow the main pantheon feed access to all the Great Music. Podcast content that they have on the feed which includes our episodes. Drop once a week As well as many other great podcasts all devoted to music basically. It's just a podcast network devoted to sharing and talking about music so we are very fortunate to be part of the Pantheon family. I mean and what better time than now you know. We're all sitting at home if you're going out you're probably just gone on a leisurely stroll in trying to keep your distance. Hop on the Pantheon podcast network press play. And just listen to all the great music podcasts. That are in the network or just nasty. Just go to episode one and we got hundreds not hundreds. We haven't reached two hundred yet. But we've got over one hundred episodes and our catalog now press plan. James says music with us all the time in the world. I know you do. Yeah the funny thing is like if you wanted to If there is a nineties band that that you are hoping that we talk about We're not gonNA talk about them because we already talked about them. I'm talking about allison chains. Those are very first episode. Y- on dirt Was that that's like one of the only nineties albums that we've covered so far. Rian River right right but yeah I think I think so. Go BACK AND LISTEN EPISODE. One if you do you're going to hear some alison chains But yeah it is worth noting that Not all of our episodes are on the Pantheon Network. If you want our early episodes you have to follow our show individually And again you can. You can just find us on itunes. You can find us anywhere. You find your podcasts But yeah if you want to To See our show notes for each episode go to no Filler PODCAST DOT COM and we list out track lists and any sources that we pull information from like articles interviews. Sometimes we'll post videos. If it was a video interview that we watched be APP anyway. That's that So yeah next week we will talk about stone to pilots nineteen ninety four record purple. And that'll do it for us this week. Yes so again. I'm going to fade out with the song that kicks off the second of the four suites on spiritualized laser guided melodies The song is called Ron. So thank you as always for listening everyone. Please stay safe. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. My Name's Gwen. My name is Travis. I'll take care boo. I know. Hey everybody this is Brian recent host of the podcast side gym which is now a proud member of the Pantheon. Family of PODCAST. I've been a freelance entertainment journalist for twenty five years now and I often end up in conversations that go off on tangents suddenly discussing someone's outside passion or hobby something you didn't know about and it leads to revelations about their character and about their life outside of their art. I've often had to cut those details out because the story had district word count for a specific focus to hear the entire folks of the podcast is just on their side. Jam Or side Gems for example Alison. Chance Frontman men. William Divall. Spent some time talking to me about reading history which led him into talking about his public school education and how it was so terrible in high school that he actually managed to get into a private school for free to his life. Could take a different course in this series of podcast. You're going to be hearing my interviews with musicians of all different backgrounds from John Ras Talking About Everything from surfing to collecting antiques to stargazing. I hope you enjoy side jams. Please tune in regularly and have a lot of interesting guests in store for you.

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EP 109 Creative Healing with Katie K May

Make the Grade with Dr. Steven Greene

39:52 min | 2 months ago

EP 109 Creative Healing with Katie K May

"Welcome to make the grade with the success. Dr steven green. You'll discover actionable strategies to help your student to reach their academic goals to excel at standardized testing into planned for the college admissions process painlessly. And now here's your host. Dr steven green all right people. It's thursday. he know what that means is thursday. Education live dr steven green hair special. I am so excited about guess. I get excited about all my guess but he got to be honest. Everyone's while the guest. Who i just i just think is so awesome ends bring so much value and to the world and katie is here tonight katie. Welcome how are you. I'm excited to eager. Thanks for having me. I listen i am so happy you can make time in your schedule. Them get back. I'm already off. I'm already off script. Let me play with the dog for years. the over. that's not the here's the theme song. I'm all out of sorts here so thursday night. Education life is all about providing parents providing our listeners ways to maximize education experienced in the classroom but some art. Sometimes we need to deal with our fiscal health or mental health or emotional health our stress levels all this stuff. And that's one of the reasons are acadian. She used background in this. And you'll learn a lot in the next twenty whatever minutes and if you wanna make a comment wherever you're watching this on the livestream type in below you may have hit the stream yard dots facebook just to get active but it's all good. It is all good. Look we got our first comment. Ron ron ron. Hello hello hello So anyway okay. Let me just talk about a couple of things number one. There were some big announcement education world this week. The ats the kind of being big elephant in the room in the education world announced no more essay on the sat no morressy dossier for you and no more subject tests. Now the se doesn't surprise me. And i could go off on this for twenty minutes for not going because we got more important fish to fry the subject. Do a little bit and i think the reason for the subject tests were a piece. The proliferative pecan taking. Ap's really made this subject tests a little Kind of took the luster off of them but the lack of se on the test. Nobody really cared. I mean let's be honest to college. Admissions people didn't care and that's really the main thing. Why did you take the sat's get into college so it was not helping you not helping you. So that's a big thing in the macy gray world. Everything's running beautifully. It is midterm time. Every school has midterms some bagged him. That's okay if you need help with midterms reach out reach i am i'm scheduling helping people take advantage of the on demand service iva service now. In case you don't know. Eva question submitted. Email will answer it Ace ace synchronous -ly six billboard about that katy six word big. We get over three over three here. I get excited anyway. and also last thing is i'm lost and of course if you're out there if you're a parent you're entrepreneur and you wanna learn how to project what you do live or you wanna make a class. I'm setting up a workshop to help people by popular demand. Couple of my clients asked me to do it. I said why not spread the love so katy came may let me tell the world a little bit about you okay In addition to our incredible hairstyle right what shade of blue at royal blue purple purple. Love it. okay. She's the owner and clinical director of creative healing. Okay it's a teen support center. The three locations soon to before it three locations in the philadelphia area for those you listening outside the area their team of specialists offers individualized and group thirty through for tnt for self expression support skill building with a focus on the electrical behavior therapy. Dbt and we might have to explain what that means. Trauma informed practices and lgbtq. Affirming care learn more at creative healing philly dot com so officially katie came in your answers about twelve thousand people in the studio here. They are ecstatic so let. Let's just as a way of introduction. Why don't you just tell people what you basically do. Because a lot ways you can help teens but what do you do. what did you do in your world. So a mental health therapist. And i devoted mc us working with adolescents and the teen brain as relates mental health. And so i do my specialty areas working with us. Who have some army yours are suicidal out. So i really. I appreciate working with the irish population. And i have a team of therapists of all devoted their lives working with adolescents. All a variety areas. You mentioned like depression. Anxiety trauma schools dress self-esteem identity exploration across the board. If you're keen is struggling. We have specialists in that area. And i think that's important to note because teenagers are not children and they're not adult so they really have a unique brain that still forming in having the knowledge of that office is important. Just in terms of how you're treating that is supporting higher involving the family in the process too. So here's a question. I'm a parent. I got a teenager. She's saying right by minor. A little bit older i lived. I'm done. i lived through this. But anyway i got a teenage and there are there just seem a little off right. Do i say well. They're they're being teenagers they're moody. It's normal how would i know without being an alarmist or going off the edge that that maybe it's time to seek some professional advice right. I'm not talking like you know. Super super heavy duty therapy. We're talking your the port. So won't be a trigger the parent would be able to use to say. Listen maybe i gotta notch this up to somebody who handles this professionally. It's a really good question and one of the things. We talked to parents a lot about at the beginning as is typical teen behavior. Or is this cause for concern and so part about his. Educating yourself on or being aware of what is normal. Tv like being in your room. Warren isolating more being your table with parents getting frustrated with peers not liking school. Sometimes these are all really normal team things like being a little more emotional at times really normal teen experiences but it. It's really when it goes into that. Extreme that extreme rage on this side of it. That's like. I'm crying every day. Making statements like. I don't think anyone likes me. I'm avoiding school for days at a time. Avoiding social interactions. So it's a sustained period in the extreme would say like if there's two weeks of your team crying and expressing their hopeless in that they themselves that would be I think another of prompting to reach out and just say like hey therapist pleased. Is this something that you think is treatable. I'm always a fan of airing on that side of just like asking seeing what's up seeing if it's a match freeman meeting criteria for treatment. Because i'd rather be safe than than be stressed for a long period of time and what's the entry point. It's not like they show up and they go into some laying on a couch and like your charter them. Obviously that's not where this is but how what's the first experience like for the teen because obviously they're gonna be somewhat timid it were but it's it's it's it's it's not a comfortable situation to go into something like this especially if you're out of sorts but what happens when somebody walks into your center so whether it's in person or online we are now that i should eating west apparent together or the little art to get in the way about alessi's when it's slow build. I mean there's a concept in therapy. And i'm sure in like a building report and building trust and so we're not asking filter deepak secrets in session number one. It's it's more about a day. Is the day we gather information. You get a sense of who. I asked questions about me. And i'm gonna ask some questions about you. And so its initial assessment and formulation understanding. Is this the right path that we're on here and if it's not at the end of that process you were saying this is actually what i'm senior. What might be helpful. Most of the time were saying one hundred percent confident. I can help you. This is what we do every day. You're in the right place right now. And that generates hope and a reason to come back and keep working on moving towards that life that they wanna live in they. Love is so. You're you're sort of a group you do therapy but it's also sort of a place that teams can develop relationships with other teens right so explain that a little bit because i know a little bit but what you do but other people may not. So how does this work. What's the dynamic of groups are one of my favorite parts of what we do. I know there's some people that will never wanna group in. that's okay. We have individual services. They have faces well but the groups we have all different kinds of we have a dvd groups. And i can talk about that as we have our team talk groups which are really a space for teams to come together to talk about what they're experiencing to get support validation accountability from their peers. We haven't lgbtq group in social anxiety group and we apparent groups. We have all different kinds of groups in the main night behind. Them is a few things so for. Ddt groups that are group's the idea is that you learn better in a group setting than if this one setting where your your your thoughts and your ideas and your everyday stressors veer you off. The path of really learning odyssey new skill and so each week were abusing new skills. They're practicing them together whether it's in a game like way or an interactive way. It's really fun. Engaging creative and then they have homework to go practice that feel out in the world and so each week built on the nazis where they're coming back and say here's what i try. Here's what worker didn't work and they're any coaching and feedback from the group leaders under appears in that process. Was somebody come to your center weekly twice a week every day. What what is there a. I'm sure individuals to degree. But what's the typical protocal. Typical protocol is once a week individual. And then if indicated once a week group on top of that an is very individualized. There's some to you know come twice a week. Once for group wants individual there are some clients that are graduating out of individual treatment and they love staying connected to groups throughout the rest of high school. because it's such an important support as for them and there's some variations of that as you start to make progress. It's pulling back to me. The other week in our goal really is to work ourselves out of a job so at our senator. We believe that treatment doesn't have to be a long term thing. It's really help you gain the skills to be successful ineffective in your life and so that means helping you be as independent as possible when you're ready to do so so we're not trying to keep you for four five six years a typical and it's probably safe to nine months. I would say the you're you're dealing with this on. Am emotional were but you're not. It's not a tutoring center. a A place to worry about how you doing the test the next week. What what what would you say it is. The is the desired outcome is just feeling better about themselves as it a social comfort. I mean it's hard to measure because we're we're both an imperfect sciences right. Oh how does somebody know when they've quote unquote graduated out of your system. Is that needs toward interrupted. Is that for them to decide or something like you. Would you discharge them. I think it's a both end situation anytime. We're taking in a new client doing an assessment in those first four sessions really consider like pre-treatment and assessment an evaluation piece conceptualization. We're developing what we call targets. This is what we want to see increase or decrease so that we know that therapies working and that they are on track and so there's different ways we look about one is that we do on assessment surveys. We're measuring a depression. Anxiety and stress on usually every other week where we can provide graphs and charts for parents to really see like what's happening in that process. Were very big on data driven treatment and then the other way we measure. That is being really. Are you so armee less. Are you going out with friends more. Are you her. Crass donated less. So we're really measuring the tar against the identified or what get in the way of living a life that works for them so there's a bit you establish a baseline and then you measure against the baseline you said it. Better say the words. I gotta somebody's talking in my ear. I got to produce. I heard a rumor. Yes i heard a rumor somewhere. I don't know where that you are doing a workshop just for parents as well yes. True or is just was just a rumor out this guy. So it wasn't a rumored in okay. So what what's going on with that. Because listen i know this. I know this nakamura help that. If the family and the team is not on the same page will not work as well and it may not work as all at all so i guess i would suppose devotee and comes into your center and you're doing great work with them. They're feeling good but then they go home. And the parents aren't supporting it or they're not reinforcing the mechanisms or the behavior or the whatever. It may not work on. I mean at work as well so hot. It's so so. How do you bring the parents in. Tell us about this parents workshop. What's going on with this. I've been reading this workshop monthly and it's a free workshop for either parents that are in the community or parents who have teen at our center in the main idea is this in order to create a perfect conditions or change for our teams. We need to educate the parents in exactly xactly what you said what to reinforce how. Respond big behaviors are big emotion. What not to say. What's the foundation of knowledge that they need to know to make therapy work or to create harmony at home and so this workshop is ninety minutes focused somewhat on education and just like with our pin groups. There is a component of practice. Enroll that you're learning new skills. You're practicing them. You're getting feedback. And you're asking for support in this process. And i've gotten great feedback from parents that has been really helpful to get that foundational knowledge to to create those perfect conditions for their teams at home. And i recognize that ninety minutes short amount of time for the length of time that you may have been struggling so we have an ongoing parent group that that parents can opt into if they want continued support in the process. So you're kinda getting every angle which is what you need to do. And i also heard a rumor. Gosh we before. The rumor was too little station break. This is education life. Thursday my guess. Kk k may creative healing philly. Maybe soon to be national. You're gonna have to rename creative. He'll usa nopal. It's unbelievable great. We're here every thursday at eight all things education. The goal here is to give value to parents and families to help you maximize your education that we're talking about your emotional mental health and that goes that goes like this hand in hand with education sometimes a happy child a well well-adjusted child and we all try as parents. But it's going to probably be a better student. So i heard a rumor. I was talking to somebody. Talk to somebody to talk. somebody else. said katie k. She's written a book right. Well yeah i got my finger on the pulse when you do a show like this you got to know what's going on with your guests right. Yeah you know. I can't come up here making stuff up so anyway i got it. I know. I know you got a lot to talk about with a book. Right try got eighteen million things you could do. Maybe a four books right. was this one about. Yeah so. I am reading a book and it has. It has been a life goal of mine. Have been a writer since i was a kid. And this book really inter- weaves personal story as what. I'll call a troubled teen. You know the reason that. I do what i do. Now because of where. I came from and who i was and one eight provide the base of support for teens in a way that i didn't have it growing up and so i share some of my story but a bigger piece of it is how parents can respond in different ways to help kids teens manage those big ceilings without them becoming self destructive behaviors because again. That's my passion area teens So harman's suicidality really. How can we as parents could save. Make them feel secure and not just like random general concepts. But really what do you do. How do you dig into the Make things better at home. Because that's the ultimate goal is do. We live in harmony and a life that we love and meet this work together so the book is sort of a journal ish kind of exercise. I so it's in a way. It's sort of therapeutic. Right alert so Hopefully it'll be out soon and act of i. I mean listen. We're both businesses where we you can sometimes get attached to your kids you again and when i say kids. I'm in your client's right. I've heard lots of custodies. I'm really rooting for them. I want them to succeed. I want them to bring it together. You know you work with them. You work with them and then right. I can't go take a test for child. Can't go take an sat for child but the goal to give them the tools they need and then hope around me hope mitt but like sort of open a positive sense that you've given the foundation to be able to independent as they sort of sail the seas of life so to speak. Do you get the wraparound like i. I gotta tell you a story the supermarket which is an adventure in this day and age to my wife was cooking something. We were missing something and you go to supermarket bias or whatever so. I grabbed my mass. Got my goggles got my whatever. I got my disinfectants Standing in line and with a mask into anybody anymore right as you probably but and is a person behind like. I know this person's familiar. I can't remember who it is just about to check out putting this stuff in a bag and the guy goes. I think you were my biology to our ninth grade. And i was like. yeah david. Whatever his name was. I mean they was dave trying to protect confidentiality anyway. And we started talking. It turns out okay. This was so long ago so long ago he graduated high school graduate. college graduated. Medical school just got done a residency to become a cardiac surgeon zeh. I know it was really super cool. And he didn't like gushing lee. Say well like. I all my all my success to what we did but he did say you know i remember you work working with you and really helped me with biology in ninth grade and the also helping with sat's and that's one of the beautiful things about what we do in education and counseling. Is you can really have an impact on people. Not because you want to be impressionable. But because it's what we do and sometimes it wraps around and we could very tied up in these things and sometimes it works the opposite direction. You put all it into something that doesn't play out but is there. Is there anything you'd be willing to share. Maybe a story or a case study were. You've you've really feel. This was just a super positive thing that happened. Yeah so the closest thing to that that i can share is getting emails from science who have graduated and gone to college in telling me that they've gotten a four point. Oh and they have a friend group in the closing connected when they're away at college which is always our goal at them to that level of independence and then when i wrapped up groups that we'd see i've seen them from rush manure through high school and they're getting ready to graduate and go out to college some of the feedback. I've heard an it makes me choke up to talk about it as things like. I didn't know if i would make it through. High school and being in group is part of what got me through knowing that people were eating for me. Every week in that care they would care. If i didn't show up is something that got me out of bed for the day. Or i felt like i could be myself in group and dress in a way that a little more adventurous than i might at school because i knew people would accept me. They wouldn't judge me. Think i can't take credit for providing those things because a lot of it was the peers within the group. But i think those spaces are so important those the the seasons where where they know. They're not being judged where they can be authentic and chris than and learn to light themselves better because they're noticing that other people other peers are meant for who they are not. they're pretending to be. Do you ever find. There's like a word a syndrome in in psychology and education where patients become almost dependent a little bit on their providers. The use it up a safe space right. I stood up a safe space. We have a kid comes here. We work with them. It's a safe space. But it's a bubble right. We can't protect them from everything in real world and Do you find a kid sort of graduate. And then maybe need like a booster that sweet would say it where maybe they come back just once or twice a couple years later 'cause they weren't get reconnection or something like that is is that happened to is do allow that to happen in your situation. Yeah i think it's fault. I think we can alumni kind of it. There is such a thing. Yeah we prepare our teams for the world and we do a lot of exposure therapy where we're not protecting them for bad things happening but helping them realize that they can handle it if something bad does happen and that being said a lot of our teams go off to college come back on a winter break and spring break in may even over the summer and check in or get a booster session where i've had clients come back when they're twenty two and just deal with the difficult likes thing right now. Can i just talk through it for session or two. Because i'm the last relationship. They add therapeutically where they talked about those things. So it's helpful to have that history rather than trying to give all that to a new therapist just recession or two. They need and i think that's that's the benefit of areas that it is such a flexible process. We use systems. We use evidence based here and we have structure but it's a principle within that we're still people and we're helping people in at the scene for everyone was talking about sort of the elephant in the room trying to get people together. Which is this whole. Cova experience right. I got to think it's impacted what you do to some degree because you can't just throw twenty people in a room and to say hey go do your thing right. Have you gone virtual of you. Just what did he do to adjust and as it and part be. Do you feel it's as effective as you were able to be face to face so we are completely virtual right now and we have been since march back office. Status to be determined at this point is working. We continue to get new clients. I've had to hire to meet the demand of teams that are struggling in kobe. And we have four groups than we had in march when we went virtual so in terms of supply and demand. There's definitely a demand for us so we've been meeting that. Virtually i season real pearls in the in the process to like being able to see someone closer face to face when you're not sitting across the room from them you catch more nuance you catch a tier that you might not call from across the room on the couch. Similarly in our group settings we all of our groups are online. You can see everyone stays at the same time and so as a group leader being able to see everyone rather than scan the room missing something someone over here is doing is really helpful in connecting them in the process. I think for the work that we do on especially working with teenagers. they're comfortable mine there on facetime like it's it's natural to them and so it's it's okay for us to So interesting so interesting. Katie green peeling it to start your business. One day just said. I'm going to help teens. I mean was that simple. I have a journalism degree. i went to school to be a writer and then i had a surprise pregnancy. Which led me to at of wanting to do something more meaningful and give back in a way. Like i said that Made sense to me based on my history so i went to graduate school while i got my master's degree in i started my career in a partial hospital program so working with really high risk teens in a lot of acute behaviors and it was a great experience to learn quickly about a lot of people that were struggling. And so that's what really learned that the team community is what resonated with me. And that i was i was good at connecting with them and i think on some level on it just it just worked in a meat sounds so i knew that i was unbelievable at some point on that greeter are we rule also have kids that are not great about roles they can still be successful later and so what. I went out my own business. I just really focused on because it mattered to meet in this things grew from there. How how long has this been. I started interviewing is how many years old. Yeah two thousand fifteen and then as a growing group practice in two thousand seventeen so we've been around a short time but grown a lot in that time. Okay is there anything we haven't talked about you want to talk about. Is there anything. I think i got all my notes here. Folks i i take notes sta vet. We just hired two amazing family therapists. We haven't had previously so not only. Are we doing teamwork now. We have the whole family involved in the process in the end just a different way of working families together. So that's been really exciting for us to add that service into so somebody wanted to reach out. of course there's a confidentiality and all that right will assume that. What would they do. They would email you call you. Go to your website. What would they do the best. The best thing to do is go to say because it has all the different services in teams that we help philly creating feeling comrie creative like billy dot on every every web page has a form fill out a form it goes to our office coordinator. You can schedule a call. It's an easy process. You'll papa someone personally who will match you to the right kind of therapist for what you're experiencing. It's not just like oh. I want wednesday at seven so cheap wednesday at seven. We wanna make sure that you have a specialist for what you're experiencing our intake office will match you to that specialist and get you on a schedule. Where do you see this going. Some point you have twenty centers mean. We start specialize in ten books. We're katie going to be in five years or whatever. I mean you're young. You could be doing this thirty more years. I love working. And i am -ticipant doing this thirty. Plus more years we have three locations. Now i know you said almost four will have three. Locations told to philly will collapse into while still impressive. Honestly i have to think more on the future of creative yelling. We have such a an expert specialized team that to grow. That really means that. I put a lot of effort unintentionally into making sure we have therapists that meet that expectation that level of competency. So we'll see we'll see where things go but are you looking to bring more professionals in. Do you want to address. That yours is to have some more therapists. Anarchy what we're really open defined as again like people who are passionate about working with the teen population. I've loved to have someone who specializes in eating disorders and dvd work lgbtq. All the things that we do we d- bt which we that was in your intro. And i asked you know what it is but i think maybe the audience may not but thank you for asking that. Dvd stands for dialectical. Behavior therapy than from therapy. It really is It's the balance between acceptance and change. So what it means is finding the balance between extremes extremes in thinking extremes in behavior and coming back to the center and finding that balance so it's rooted in changing your thoughts that also like zen practices and it's really what they call a third way psychotherapy practice arm helping people with extremes thinking extremes behavior find balance again. I think the shortest lag can say it is there. Is there something that gives you. Particular joy like there are certain type of child or teen or certain circumstances. Really really just resonate. Maybe it's a person's close to a you experienced personally or you would be willing to share. Is there just one thing. That really would be like the ultimate kind of greek day for you for me personally. My favorite kind of team to work with is like a creative artsy teen. Who maybe feels like. They're not good enough for. They haven't found their plays like that. That theatre kit. That black sheep. Who is whether life is worth living and deepened side. Knows it is but really hasn't found their place or the confirmation that they need to keep going and so they're motivated to find that life worth living and they need some skill slum away they're not like the crown or the popular kid jock or whatever. I i'm not as plugged into the teen jargon as you may be at this point. I'm still stuck in like nineteen. Eighty five I don't know like my wife is huge fan of the show. The voice right singing competition and the kid who won was like fifteen. He beat all his adult is unbelievable singer but they all are and even he. I think he would have been a great patient or patient. I guess you would you. It was like a kid who basically said i. I wasn't a lot of friends in you. Know i was like the kind of artsy kid. In a world of jocks and stuff. And there's nothing wrong with any of this but you know when the majority's doing one thing and you're in the minority feel isolated and unaccepted and blah blah blah. I like. I like the misfit toys. Like all the teams who feel like they don't have their place somewhere else. Tend to find each other and are groups and feel really connected on. That's amazing to see happen. Connections item growth. They start hanging out. They start understanding how to form like trusting relationships too so the the lack of commonality is the commonality. Well like that right that somebody write that down. Birthday users katy k. May i wanna thank you profusely for coming on tonight. I it's just you know it's funny. I've never actually met kate. We've worked together a few times. We've been kinda shared. Podcast guesting and kate was one of my guests on the back to school workshop in september and we only live like three miles apart right something like that. We're not far from each other but this covid world you know. You're lucky if you can get to the supermarket and one piece but it's just like ron said you're contagious. Your suzy was great. i love. I love positively. You're helping so many people. I don't want us to be like a love fest but but what you're doing is really needed work and you know you know if it's the old saying you know if you love what you do you never work a day in your life and i've really get that feeling from you the you're just happy being with your tribe and surrounding yourself with like minded people and fuelled like you're bringing value and bringing being people to a better place when they show up to when they leave which is really what we in the education counselling support face. What more can we really ask for. I mean look we gotta make a living so we got to put a little bit of money on somewhere but this is the stuff you can't you can't price tag right for sure. Yeah it's awesome. Let me ask you one last question. Just totally off. you know. we're completely off script here. I mean we had a script anyway. You know i. I know you're you know you've got certain goals and stuff but is there anything you haven't done yet that you really want to do like do you. A big goal for two thousand twenty one even talking business l. You wanna like climb. Mount kilimanjaro. Don't like that. You wanna share harrison goal outside of traveling which is will happen happen One of the things that i've been doing is like cross training and retraining in just increasing my strength as are a human being and so i don't know have an end point for that but i know my personal goal is to continue working on myself. And that's something that we at my center. We all everyone that works. There has their own personal goals in personal development and emotional work. And i think that for me. Now it's time to ask holistically to become stronger as a person physically to match the the mental strength that i've achieved in my lifetime. Thanks from the quote of the year. I love you i said it but i'm i love it. Thank you ron. Well look. We're always working on ourselves right and there's the old saying you can't help others less you working on yourself as well if you're not in a good place you can't project that education live thursday. This is the fifteenth education life. Thursday can you believe it. yeah. I'm shock next week. I honestly don't remember on next week. Which is really sort of shameful. So i'm gonna look it up right now it is. It's ken myers and bussey ron. You're out there. If you wanna come on education life thursday you are more than welcome love to have you on. Ken myers next. We can as a great you know ken. Little katie Ken has a great system. it's he does. He does leadership development and along the way to do fundraising and he's got great reviews. He's in a lot of schools. Is going to be my guest next week. And maybe we will. Have ron shapiro on sometime. Ross got a cool business too. I'd like to showcase This is all about providing ideas techniques. Sorry ideas techniques skills Resources connections for parents and families to help you maximize your child's education in your mouth child's educational experience that's why we are here so That's what we're trying to do every week. In between if you have any questions or comments drop them in you can always reach out leader and myself arcadio. Get back to you You anything you want plug. I know you've got your parents works. When's the next next hair workshop. I believe in february seventeenth or once a month on a sunday. If you go to create appealing. Billy dot com. It's the top banner you can sign up there on the whole page. The only other thing. I'd say there's people from schools listening part of my team. They're amazing have been going. Virtually into schools undoing doing a free student stress management workshop of spaghetti refused done it at three schools would be happy to provide more students in middle or high school. If you're adding that are stressed or they need more skills to manage the challenges this year question for you. Those appearin have to have a teen in. You're center or sent one of your centers to come to your parenting workshop. Now it's open to the community yet. I strongly believe everyone needs this information. And so it's it's anyone who wants to win is willing to engage in participants is allowed to show up as long as you're a parent. It's not as face for professional development but for parents to interact. How safe states awesome all right. I think we've done enough damage for one night. I hope you can come back on again. Kate i love. I love confrontations and really appreciate what you're doing what does the audience think. Studio audience approves new. See if i get one other thing here. I've been trying to get better at my technology but a it we go. Oh okay arbiter by listen. We're going to wrap it up. You tend to get little this this. This is hard. This isn't the easiest thing to do because takes a lot of energy to do this and You know what i'm really trying to do. With his his showcase the people who are are generous with your time to come on and try to share their knowledge and and case pregnant four hundred or things she could do right now. But i really appreciate the time and i hope people reach out take advantage of what she's doing. It's tremendous parenting workshops. Sounds good. I mean i'm a parent i might just pump in and we're back here next week. Kenmare is gonna be really good kenza ken. Maybe this much less enthusiastic. Think he's a little more deadpan but he's really holiday. -able don't token i said that just says the whole world so anyway that is it. Let's get the theme song to pull it out. Katie thanks again. Have a great night have a great week. Good luck with your new center. Keep me posted cleese at some point. Let's do this again and we'll roll ahead so here we go whoops on the wrong page. I got out of my script. We need to make the grade theme song air areas thing everybody next week for in between have a great week. Take care of yourself so you can take your others kidding if you need anything we'll next. You've been listening to make the grade with success. Dr steven green. If you enjoyed this episode. We shared a subscribe for more resources and support. Please visit make the grade dot net.

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The South Florida Morning Show hr 3  11-12-20

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The South Florida Morning Show hr 3 11-12-20

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Get free shipping and save sixty four dollars today on a breed and health kit with promo code. Dna at embarked vet dot com south florida morning. Show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on news talk eight fifty w. Mtl we are not done yet. This is the showdown of also fall right. There in order gen senators kelly leffler from georgia and our very own marco rubio from florida. They're both in georgia like a rally. Because all part of this recount that they're doing up there and audit is a very very tight with the control of the senate wrestles georgia's hands to senate races. That were headed to run off so it should be interesting if they're still going to be a runoff after a recount. Whenever it's within a certain amount of votes in each it varies in each state but Whenever it's in a percentage of a certain amount of votes they they are go to recount. So that's what's happening in georgia because biden won by such a small margin but now they're actually doing it by hand. They just showed the poll workers. They take the ballot. They look at it. They make sure it's legal if it's legal put into one pile and if it's not legal they're putting another pile and then i guess maybe then they they feed it back into the machines after that i would guess so. Here's the important part here. I know that you're saying it's a recount. Fritz better in a headline is what they're telling you is also an audit. So they're they're running everything through again. They're damning each one of these ballots to make sure everything's on the up and up and they showed to the people in on each one of them they. They had a pile on one side of each anderson. So i i'm wondering if the pile on the left if if it was a biden trump thing or it was a bad ballot versus a good ballot. You know they didn't. I don't know how they were. You know dividing them so if it was the bad ballots. Were just as high as the good ballots if that were the case so it should be interesting to see how many thrown out. Because if you believe in in michigan we heard from a postal worker and he had other. He was begging other postal workers to come forward. They were specifically told you roundup every ballot you find in. This was after midnight on election night. You ryan you find everyone. I don't care if you can look under the coke machine. Go find it. And we're going to hand stamp november third so they would be legal dash in most cases that they wouldn't be legal so it would behoove them in michigan to do the same thing. I don't know why they're not. And i think it's heading that way i really do now. We've always got. The bliss is the court cases and affidavits or people. There watchers that were thrown out of the polling place. And that's really bad. I get that you know right. And they were threatened and he found ballots here here and there. The real stuff is going to be the technological stuff. Don't you think more information is coming out about this demeaning and i think it's because with people there's always that human error people can be bought. Oh yeah you know that's already can be bought to say yes. I was told to throw away all the trump ballots when they weren't but when it comes to technology if there's a glitch somewhere that's that's logged somewhere in the computer system so they have a way of actually seeing proof that this was tampered with. Unless they're really really good hackers and if some of these anecdotal reports are correct. The we've heard from various people can't really name that the president had systems in place. People watching for electron of voter fraud. That may be why. He's so confident he posted again yesterday and it was a couple of times that i saw it on his twitter page. It says we will win and all it does is it. Scans one of the crowds of like fifty thousand people as rallies saw that so it was like what does he know that we don't know and he's done it every day since he made that announcement wasn't monday. We had that tweet that he said he put all caps. We will win right so in every day since then so for day for for four days in a row. He's been posting the same thing. I we have learned something about this president. He traditionally not post something. That doesn't come to reality and for the first time talking about the electronic voter fraud part. He's just general fraud right well. This came out yesterday. This boarder i guess. She's bad helped out with the trump campaign in the past. This madison's your soto. He must follow her. Otherwise i don't know how we saw the tweet. She just said very randomly in the middle of the afternoon. What we know about dominion not directed at him. She just asked the question right. What do we know about dominion. He gets hold of her tweet. He quotes it responds. It attempted to alter our election got caught. It means reciprocally talking about this. One voting tabulation system. That's been under so much scrutiny. So now he sees specifically saying dominion and then he says it got caught which means they have proof somewhere along the line system was tampered with right and if in fact it is true what they believe in in how you explain. It is if it was tampered with and there was a quote glitch. That glitch took ten thousand votes from trump and made them ten thousand votes for biden right. So it's not just a dump in one bucket. It's take from the other one right now. It's a double women and that's what they're all alleging. The trump team is alleging that that's the consistent thing they've seen in all these tossup states with alleged electronic voter fraud that it's an automatic percentage going from one to the other right or noticing a consistency in all the thing that the glitch the same throughout the system in every state. That's what they're saying. Oh interesting and is a lot here so people will say well you know are they gonna recount like you know North carolina where the president aury one or in a florida. No because we didn't use these states didn't use the dominion system. I'm not even sure if it was used in georgia interesting. I don't know that i have not heard. What have you heard diener. Hey guys what's the word on the street. It's kind of my own conspiracy theory. that's totally. that's okay because they don't probably get time for something else. Splitters day time for conspiracy. Nothing else it it. Just kinda hit me yesterday. I don't know if this is wacky or not. But i started thinking we've mentioned before how bad and blatant cheating was and of course the media's running cover saying nothing to see here you haven't proven anything right but if you look into it yourself for a minute you can tell that there's a lot of cheating and we've said before man. They're so bad and cheating. They weren't even trying to hide it. And i thought you know what. What if they wanna get caught because follow me here. Volvo gina's eight now worried. He's thinking i noticed this was bad. What if they always felt they were going to lose right. The woman was going that way. That trump was going to run away with this so they set themselves. We're gonna lose but let's go ahead and cheat to win. We know we're gonna get found out because there's so much evidence against us right at the end of the day that we can't keep it under wraps so sure will win it first and then trump being president but from there at least we can say he was president elect so to speak and now we can divide nation even more rights. This and that right at at least that could be in their minds. This can be our play. Let's at least put ourselves in this position of power and then move forward from there to try to. We're going to see legitimize. Trump's second presidency right so that they can present the the psychological operations. There are two presidents a power play. Yeah is that too much. I think. I think that's part of the plan but a really thought i. This is what i think happened. They saw the numbers that were coming in. Because let's remember. All of this stuff was coming in after midnight. Yes all of this stuff right when they either you know Set the program switch ready to go or send into thousands and thousands sometimes tens of thousands of ballots in the middle of the night in oregon and in wisconsin by the way they freaked out. How many vote. Trump's up to seventy three million votes right. It's like almost ten million over what he got in two thousand sixteen right. I think they panicked and they over cheated. I really think that it was overkill. Is what they did and they got sloppy but the backup plan was always to de-legitimize his presidency anyway. Yeah when they're calling them president-elect biden which isn't true By the way your theory there's a grey alien on the phone wants to talk to you about it. I think that's a little far fetched. I've maybe but you know what then again. They're calling him. Joe biden president-elect and he has his own office as the president-elect office there was a view background stanchion behind him that said office of the president elect. They actually are creating something that doesn't exist. It's not a thing that doesn't exist okay. If you're a biden fan all the power to ya. I really don't care who you voted for. He's not president elect. The electoral college is not said anything. No one is certified a vote. They're recounting in georgia. Legally he is not the president elect is not stop calling him that maybe but he's not loses a bite to write. Backside is oh the fall will be tremendous died. This is why get ready for a lot of mental illness. If this thing gets flipped maybe they knew. Wow all right well on the phone. Spiracy theory took our time. We're going to have to talk about turkey's in the next segment. And i'm not talking about democrats this time like real turkeys for thanksgiving you when you okay. We'll talk about when you cook your first one. Think about it okay. We got that because that's what people are doing this time. We got that in the latest on the the audits in georgia. That's going on right now next morning. Show gen bill. More news rapidly approaching that bottom of the hour. What are you working on right now. So the two of the three minute Charged with the killing of ahmad. Aubrey remember. This was the kid that was running in the neighborhood delays they they shot him right there and like track them down and was all on someone's cell phone cameras that person was also arrested but anyway They are asking to be released from custody before their trial on bond. So we'll see how that goes by the way i was going to get you a falcon bear in addition to the he bear. So you can listen to voodoo doll. I have no interest Bear now say lockup your mask on stay away. You can't touch it in the back in the day it said clip so there is not a foul g bear but i think we should invent one. I think we can make a lot of money now. I don't even wanna know. The guy exists in his own baseball and nasal swab enough. And he's like a porcupine so yeah exactly. That'll be knit harsh. Y'all okay we appreciate that news coming up with you in about ten minutes. It's news talk. Eight fifty w. f. t. l. florida morning. Show jen's there. there's diener bill. If you don't think social media spies on you watch ten minutes ago. We talked about the trump e bear. I went and looked up the trumpy website now. I have three ads for the trump era. My facebook feed. Because the cookies thing that you're interested in it is like bang. Yeah sound like he's listening data. They're spying on me. So we hear you're interested in a trophy bear. Put your credit card number in here and proof of vaccination no see no. That's only with ticketmaster. We'll get that coming up in a little bit Later closer to home. Well this was a big development. Yesterday i think the looters and the rioters in the paid protesters. Oh i'm sorry. The peaceful protesters they know what's up with this too. Don't expect a lot of rioting in florida if this elections reversed and trump wins because the governor has drafted new laws to shoot looters. You know what i think. This should be passed in every state. Because what these boys are whatever. You wanna call the mar but they have done to. Major cities in this country is absurd. It's lean right now. That's mostly peaceful now. Remember was it was it. Was it in recently. Was it new york. Remember they had it was live on. T. o. chicago. We watched it live on television. They were breaking windows and walking out of stores with appliances. I'm like you kidding me and no one to stop it. Nothing says social justice like a new big screen. Tv like come on computers laptops. There was one. I some they carrying out a washing machine. Well like come on. You gotta wash the antifa riot gear for the next riot i was like so you know the do ron ron ron to santa's passes yesterday said i love this man. I love this man. He's drafted new law. That expands the stand your ground law which we have in florida which is a strong and it defines looting. You gotta start there right as interruption or impairment of business within five hundred feet of violent or disorderly assembly. So that means if i have a business say you're in a plaza and in the parking lot of my plaza. They start burning down cars or like attacking cars with baseball bats and other objects. I can stand outside my business with a gun and wait and if you try to me if you try to if they try to break into your business. You're shaking you shoot them. Yes you can. Okay Descended is has to be passed of course but he also wants to make it a felony and i think this is big block. Traffic during a protest offer immunity to people who accidentally kill or injure somebody. Who's doing that you know. What cam lock st. There's another issue there in l. What not only hefty have to fear for your life. If you know. I i always go back to the poor young girl. Who's got a baby in the backseat. And you know all of a sudden surrounded by a bunch of these antifa so boys beaten on her car screaming at her that they're going to kill right I if it were me. I would tell my daughter just floor. Just get out of there. You're driving a five thousand pound weapon. Use it but you know you just can't go run through a crowd. I mean you have to show fear for your life exactly right that they were going to attack you and they have but there are other things you just think they shut say they shut down ninety five. We talked about the ambulance situation. But what about the cop situation. What if right off of one of those exits off ninety five. There was a bank robbery. Going on in the cops couldn't get there because they shut down on ninety five right well remember. We had that story in new york. The ambulance couldn't get to that situation. Person died florida tech. It's it's not you don't that is that is assault to block a major road. Any road whatsoever can't do it and expect the worst thing you know what the bad people know that. Try and florida. What's going to happen now. While wasn't grady judd. We'll shoot you if you come here. Yard memory held up pictures. This is the protest. This is a riot. Act this riot thing. we're gonna shoot. Shoot ya and we all have gone. That's right everybody in this county has a gun. Wow all right well okay. No forget days away from thanksgiving. Now we love thanksgiving but it's apparently and this is the season of surveys as we always say it's so true more people than ever in this country with the small get togethers. Were all beaten down into to try to cook a turkey for the first time ever speaking of nine one one. Keep that handy hoof boy they you know what was the first How old were you when you cook your first turkey. I don't know twenty. Did you call it. I called my mother like every step of the way and that was a bad call because she didn't know how to cook a turkey. Call my grandmother psych. Okay so what. Do i do next and grandmother said on the phone and make a reservation to a restaurant now knows what they're doing but my mother was useless. Cooking god lover But i i literally came out. Okay shockingly but i always bought one of the butterball ones with the little thermometer popped out. So i knew it was cooked because not not accurate as mike kitchen. Little with the red little red thing you push down by a real thermometer. See if you want to get some salmonella jen's turkeys little shoe this year mom go down the medical examiner a bar. That police doesn't remind you. Catherine turkey tastes alison as it looks. I think we're all in for a very big treat. You save the next week lart. Okay eddie expect to see more of the georgia ricotta audit. It's happening right now as we speak and stop throwing your children do not an actual sign in school and france. It's making world news. Do not throw the children over the fence. Please tell you why they came to be. And it's all next south florida morning. Show geno bill next update and a half hour. I'm karen curtis stay connected with these anytime at eight fifty. Wt l. dot com. Thank you so much karen. Thanks for staying on top of all that with real news and trust us. It's a lot to swim through the fake news stories these days. There's a lot of information out there. It's all this information not easing with. President elect joe biden. That is not a thing. Every yesterday i literally shut everything down. I was like i'm done. I i watched all mark movies guys. I had to give up. You're just as informed as somebody watching cnn all day. It is information the let me put it this way. Speaking of president elect joe biden as he calls himself as the networks column. They created a sign that said office of the president elect. That's not a thing how he was behind him speaking today. That's not real. What is it with these people. Wow come on. it's if he's presidental okay well he becomes. President elect electoral college says he won the presidency. Anyone the vote. Then it becomes official. Isn't that makes certified. It may very well come to that but until then start you know what they say. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched. I would love to see this thing get reversed just just to get even for all the nonsense. They're doing right now me to a just just to save the nation and election and terror integrity to stop this deal but i. I truly do think there's going to be a level of derangement out there. That is going to be so frightening really because of what these networks have told people. They're flat out lying to them. So when if this is reversed and there's still a possibility it could be. Their minds are going to break in half. That's true they've get ready to begin with well. It could is that. Why the ron. Ron did what he did yesterday with expanding the stand your ground law absolute get advance of writings. They already prepared for rights in case if a trump win before the election day boarding up windows and big cities they were ready for it. Because it's not the conservatives. Writing is seventy three million of them out there. They're very mad this morning and has not been one broken window. It's just but if this was reversed what do you think would look like. Oh god oh please right. Oh the chicago would be on fire again. Speaking to reversing things. The audit is on in georgia. And now this is interesting because includes two runoffs for two sentences seats one of them involving this lady Senator kelly leffler are not done yet. Marco rubio from on the ground there. You know the showdown paul in his. This apparently is a true audit. They're going through every single ballot they showed people and and i don't know how they're breaking it up. Either they're putting you know biden winners on one. Side trump winters on the other or bad ballato insider bad ballots on the other. If that's the case the two poll workers they just showed they are literally remember the hanging chads. They take the ballot. They hold it up. They look at it. It was just like watching the hanging. Chad thing all over again and then they put it in a pilot of the two right of them or to the left of them. But i just don't know how they're separating them i would assume it is bad ballad good ballot and if that's the case the two people they showed each pile was like the same size. Well i don't know a after everything that's happened with poll-watchers getting tossed from philly in detroit. We be an uproar. That same thing was happening in atlanta today so Pretty sure that there is a lot of is in the process this time in georgia well true and if this were the other way around trump was ahead in you biden was asking for all these recalls. It'd be riots going on everywhere. Cheater trump is. Oh absolutely no. And but joe biden isn't a cheat. I'm sorry if i told you talk to my brother again yesterday. The one in rhode island he goes. I see guys do realize he wins. We're six months away from him wearing different colored bands. I said what are you talking about. He because he won't because kid trust himself and he's going to run the united states. I was like okay. He did call a lid they did. They're still doing it by the way he called a goon. I say it and well you know what got kamala sitting in the background there all right. Well let's go from georgia to arizona. Now this was interesting. The president about i'd put it at fifteen minutes ago. Just responded to something. What did trump tweet way. More active on twitter last two days so he's responding to something called arizona's central politics blue checkmark people. Okay it said. Biden's leading. Arizona keeps shrinking but not enough for trump to overtake him. That's what they said. Trump responded this morning from two hundred thousand votes less than ten thousand. If we cannot at the total votes cast we will easily win arizona. Also so the question is how do you get an audit. Is it by state law because in many in all states in an varies from state to state but there has to be a percentage of a margin of victory. So if it's a one percent margin of victory they goes to an automatic recount right or it's a two percent whatever. Whatever the percentages georgia rule right so it does arizona fall into that category. It might. that's one of the states. It's all the states in question. The tossup states that have legal challenges formerly filed by the trump campaign these but these are legal challenges donald force a recount not one. That'll say because the vote so close recount him anyway right or in this case hand recount them get tossed the ones that are bad. It's just it's i again. I go back to. What if i were. Joe biden and i was going to try to win this election. What i not want to be there. And say recount all of these states that prove that i won farance where you know what's changed in the narrative. Exactly what you've said but it's coming from the democrat side this time. There are some advisors out. There saying listen if you think you because you don't want to go into these four years clean more than almost half. The country thinks you're illegitimate true and in sorry. This isn't like remember that. None mike resit break from the from the the the cryan lives for the last four years and trump. That's a lot different from fraudulent president. True if he even if he wins farren square. He's going to be hated by seventy one million people right. there's there's because they all voted for trump. They're not gonna like this guy anyway so you already go into it. Even if it's fairly done so why would you want to go into it. Knowing that the seventy one million that are already dislike you and maybe ten million or twenty million. That voted for you or to call you the same thing. The fraudulent president right. You cheated your way to the top and you're only creating more anger now. The media seems fine with that. They're fine with a split right down the middle to divide people now. That's what that's what all this messaging is. Why if if this is reversed in trump's favor if they do find enough evidence to get this done in an audit everything and he comes out on top in several states and gets the election. It's going to be nasty 'cause all these riots so-called peaceful protests they're all going to be sanctioned by the media and they caused it in your right and i can think of two or three of my acquaintances. Who will call me up and say he cheated so he could win honestly cheekily outlets if then those people are dumb. Sorry they just aren't they're dumb. There's a few. There's a lotta low information people out there that believe that because the media tried to coronate a president that that it is so these not even president elect yet even scary. How many young people don't even bother to look into a story. No they see the headline. And i'm talking anywhere from eighteen thirty years old. They looked headlines. Say oh he's president-elect though either doing a recount because trump thinks he cheated. Well he didn't cheat so he's gonna win. That's what they're told by social media and that's what he believes that's what they're sheep. Do you know anybody who who would throw their kids over offense. Yes most parents. I know i could think of at least five and i one of them well especially with the school in france. It sounds like it was a strict rule to get your kid there on time. So what are you gonna do if you don't you gotta get them over. Well this is what happens. It's an avion that's how you say the avion France they have it's an elementary school and they had a strict rule. You have to drop off your kids by eight thirty if not apparently the gate that has a six foot fence attached to it locks immediately in case. They're asking for trouble so you get there at eight thirty one. You can't get your kid in because you're a minute late because the gates already lot. So apparently a number of parents have a hard time getting their kids there at eight thirty one now. Are they back to work in france or are they still on lockdown. They must be back to work right. I think they had another lockdown. I don't know well anyway. What is happening is with the appearance. Who were missing the deadline of eight thirty when they get there at eight thirty five like this is ridiculous and they're grabbing their kids in their tossing them they make it sound like they're tossing. They might be climbing halfway and like dropping their kid over the fence catapulting over. They're throwing their kids over the fence so they can get in school. It's like that scene from wolf of wall street. The thing is this gift okayed. They're built to be thrown like a lawn dart. They're top-heavy dr to their bill for accuracy lawn dart but anyway it's the it's the these signs posted on the fence that are like done like by a five year old of this this parent tossing. This looks like a sack of a child over the fence that says to do this. Did we put it up at eight v. it's a picture i think it was. Somebody's job to illustrate that picture of a baby get thrown kid getting thrown over. Looks like a baby. It does just eight fifty. Wfan dot com. Go to our page. It'll it'll give you good laugh and we got more in the audit and georgia coming up next but this we can go to concerts again. Hey if you prove your vaccinated come on. That's next these florida morning. Show gen bill. Karen got more news. It doesn't stop and this is real news. Not the fake stuff like the networks are pushing. You got that top of the hour so difficult. It's like my gosh. You know you try to tell the truth and Facebook puts a big thing on your thing. But did they say anything about cnn. Reporting the jared. Kushner telling trump to concede which is not true. We have jared kushner would be telling trump to concede. Cnn reported because how about that like cnn has sources inside the trump administration. After all this right it's just amazing so We haven't seen what we saw trump yesterday. But we haven't really heard from him except for tweets in a week in the longest. We've gone without seeing or hearing from mbh drew which is interesting because you makes you wonder what's really going on. But he's more active tweeting last night and this morning though interesting is right yes stephen. I think what that comes down to is legal battles. They don't want him out. Say anything that hand right because you're so much litigation happening right now and all these different states payroll apparently that eighty seven page Pennsylvania lawsuit is a really good read. it's very interesting. Put that up at the website actually seen route that. It's pretty wild because it's on so many five different fronts of alleging voter fraud bet. I witness accounts with the affidavits right the technological stuff. We're starting come out now about About dominion here. You've got just the letter of the law like let's take that pennsylvania lawsuit where it says no. You can't count ballots after midnight on election night. Abs- still confused. If it's post dated on the third. Can you count it after arrives or is it. You know i i. I don't think it's uniform. I think it's you can count. But it has to be in. But they brought in the pallets of ballots after midnight. You can't do that here in palm beach county. You can't count. Your ballot has to be in. And that's it it's count. It was counted on election day. That's how we knew that night out it's supposed to so but they extended it in pennsylvania. Which is the issue. But they did that illegally because they went around the state legislature. And i think the faces of the lawsuit but now they've commingled all those ballots so we don't know which ones came in late and which ones didn't well. This is supposed to be checked so we should be able to see justice alito. Said move him. You know separate them. But i don't know if they did that. It's such a mess. You leave you with that mess that hand off and then you get back to the uniform issue that the president talked about. It should be the same in every state in the nation. It's just that simple threatened. You wouldn't have these problems exactly like you might still have cheaters. But we should know where they cheated. The individual you know lawsuits near the affidavits kayleigh. Mcenany was on hannity the night with literally hundreds of them in your hand and now got two hundred. Twenty thousand absentee ballots here and there. That's the philadelphia thing that's big. I get it but you know what the biggest thing of all will be that they're going to have to push to get reversals this technological fraud and i think i really do believe the administration had people looking at this very closely on election night. Well if you can prove that this dominion program which is a computer program that ties all the ballots. in you know it does have a paper trail. However in every single state that used the dominican the dominion program. they created a paper trail. So there's well that paper trail reveal that there were glitches or their problems or is it something hidden inside the computer system itself the program itself. I don't know but now for the first time like erin was talking about you know. Now he's tweeting a lot. President responded direct to dominion allegations scheme in late late last night. What did trump tweet is. Madison just soto. Big political person had tweeted out during the day in had seen it when it came in just randomly. Not to anybody in particular. Just what we know about dominion. She asked like what is it. How does it work right through it out there to the world trump responds. He gets a hold of this re tweets it and respond by saying it attempted to alter our election got caught question-mark. Wow now that's a direct pretty much an allegation. While in other words he knows somewhere that it was tampered with and the results were skewed because of it. That's what that means i. So what state is it maybe multiple. I know 'cause they're in. Sydney powell says the trump attorney. It's thirty states this things in and let me guess. All seven swing states. That are still in question. All use the dominion program. Well we know michigan and wisconsin. So now maybe those will be the two that that. Maybe that's why they've been hinting. That those will be the to. That'll be easiest to turn because they will be able to find voter fraud with with the program. I don't think he throws on something like that in the form of a question unless he know something. So we'll see it's going to have to wait and see it's please into. I'm so sick of listening to liars. I really am well. We got good news here we do. We can go to college again soon. If you could prove you got vaccinated or have beaten corona virus wow with written proof documentation from the government. I would be certifying this. i don't know. is this from ticketmaster. Air coming up to the plan reportedly working on a system you'd have to either prove you've been vaccinated or test negative in advance to even get past the gate so the system would be most of us buy tickets online right. Where iran line you putting your credit card number finalized two tickets for so and so just route. The number of your corona virus vaccine certification here for final approval or upload upload. Yeah they documents that you got it. Traceable verifiable proof. See you don't have the covid and you know what this is going to set the ground rules. That every business in america will require the same thing. Can they legally require this though. I i don't know the artists can. And i don't know ticketmaster represent lake a luke combs or you know An elton john l. a. If elton john says no one comes to my concert unless they get a vaccine then i guess ticketmaster has to abide by whatever the artist ones. I wonder what the responses to this. Because they're going to be like come on. Well is going to be another barrier to getting some more money on the road because they're all taking hits well that again. A lot of them have made more money in quarantine because they've released new albums right. That's true. Bruce springsteen and was a bon jovi new album to a bunch of people had new album. So i don't know but that means everyone's going demand that you get a vaccine if it comes to pass. I don't know what an anti vaccine do boy this to be interesting. That's going to be the best century. There's going to be a supreme court there. You're exactly right. We got the mysterious nine to ten hour kicking off next. We get all kinds of things to talk about. We'll get in. I on the georgia office but more importantly now you can find out what your cats talking about. What's the more important issue the cat. Yeah maybe i'm saying to next south florida morning. Show this bill. She go people. 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"South florida morning. Show with jennifer. Ross in bill adams on newstalk eight fifty. Mtl so magic taking a flight trapped in plane from utah to washington dc. How long is that flight. Oh it's probably going to be. I don't know three and a half hours. And i don't know how long you heard it. But you listen to this clip. I had was at least a minute and a half now. I don't know whether after drinks they pick that up again. That was what mitt romney faced going to washington. Dc for the joint session of congress. Today they found out he was on the plane and they let him have it. He was live. That really was his plane. That really happened. And you know what it is. Proof of how frustrated half of this country is over the cheating scandals with the elections. And that's i mean you're on a plane. These are all american. People just attacking a senator. Did they have to move into the cockpit. I don't know. I'm just amazed he flied. They fly commercial. Had no idea surprise for that. I give them credit. I will give them credit for nothing else. I'm just surprised it doesn't have security at least one security guard right. He you know. I thought i thought all senators you know when they went public like that that they had somebody that too. Well then again. Remember mitch mcconnell elaine. Show getting attacked outside where the come around to that restaurant and then he had to go chase down the people. Yeah if only known at the time. I would have cheered on the people who attacked him. But that's a different story. Because i there's very few people on earth i hate more than him but it wasn't even the nicest part of the flight the worst part of the flight for mitt e sitting at the gate. You like we all do the row of chairs. You got your laptop on your trying to kill sometime. This lady walks up to him just right there. This is crazy and cell phone video one. Don't tell me what to do if required by law to so i'm standing six feet away. Okay i'll tell you what i'm gonna go out and do it because i want to have a chat with you. Why don't you supporting president. Trump or president trump is giving update on the scene. Because he can't see it if you didn't see the video he's trying to scurry along and wrap up whatever trying to go somewhere at this point and dating over. He's like you know speaking. You're not departing him. Do agree with this four. And i suppose than are you going to support him in the the fraudulent votes why not just a reminder much look good chance of my remarks congress which is today right so that means matt gaetz was right that means the never trumpers gonna have a lot of time to speak because they have the power in the in the Gop two hours per complaint or per You know d. Sort of whatever whatever they do not certifying the vote so so when they hit say georgia and matt gaetz stands up along with eleven other people and other Representatives that could maybe ten senators. They say we're not going to certify the vote. We don't think the college do it. They go to separate rooms he said and then they spend two hours on each comp- was at point or each state during they complain in each state. So that means people like mitt as you said you're going to hear his comments. He gets the shootdown the objections to stopping this fraud. They're going to get just as much time as the true americans in the senate. It's a joke so this is just a this is just get the information out to the american public. I mean if if they can prove and they can show like in layman terms. They can't bring geek and who's going to talk tech. Speak and lose everybody in the right. You've got to break it down. But if they could break down and say here at seven fifty eight on election night. Joe biden game thirty thousand votes almost instantly the same time. President trump lost thirty thousand votes. Right now look at this little grassy. That little glitch. That's where it happened. That's what it looks like. You know on the hard drive of these computers. Or you have a general margin of the room and you say at this point in time. Iran hacked into our system aided by china and they affected the votes. There's gotta be something way bigger than anything we've heard before. Well we can only hope and then at that point do we actually have. Does he have and we really. It's sad that we don't know. Does he have the support of the vice president of what did trump tweet. You make this. What you will is at pressure on pence or is it just reaffirming what he already knows and this is like a you know a statement of confidence vice president. Mike pence comes through for us. We will win. The presidency states. Wanted certified mistake. They made in certifying incorrect fraudulent numbers in the process not approved by the state legislatures which is exactly right. It's where where it goes do. So will it be the plan like we said well. It will Pens kick back to the states. Decertified like pennsylvania. Wants to don't know i don't know it's a big wildcard can only hope that He has a backbone on. He actually does something about it because if you watch this race in georgia last night and he didn't think something shady was going on then. I don't know what's wrong with you. Oh we're gonna shut down was at fulton county. Which shutdown i. We're gonna stop was. Dekalb chatham county chatham and then it just went on from there that that's when you knew that this was just taps like oh eleven o'clock at night we're tired we're going home. We're going to shut down. There should be a law. You can't go home until every vote is counted believable. And you can't shut anything down. Let me go home go home. You do your job and you count. But we know why they sent him home. Obviously wow i was like it was crazy like and then all of a sudden twenty thousand extra votes for warnock over like wow. Where'd that come from magic. Yeah that's badge. This was a little mini november. Third is what we saw last night in georgia and we knew it was coming. That's the most maddening thing and these wimpy stupid useless feckless spineless. Republicans did nothing. They don thing. They didn't nothing to stop this. They're useless. i hate them more than the democrats. We can see what happens to begin only hope. So you know is. Is mike pence the last hope. Yeah pretty much and then to get it. The hope is the states. Because that's where lies where all the power lies anyway. That was the beautiful system that the founders set up when they framed the constitution. But you gotta get it to the states and that's up to vp. Mike pence if the one good thing about today is it's like it's like michael corey on. Today i settle all family business. At least you find out today where he stands you. Find out where. Everybody's everybody comes out of the shadows today. at least we're gonna know. Does the letter from pennsylvania to mitch mcconnell play a role. In what pence does. Today i would have to. They sent a letter. Which talking about is they sent a letter to mitch mcconnell it it's basically a decertify letter doesn't mean it officially but it means we want more time because we don't think the presidential votes could could should go to biden basically the one decertify. That's been one more times that speaks volumes. And what's wrong with these other. Senators are other representatives when they present this this witness they all this evidence today that the republicans have in regard to how it was cheated. How can they not agree. With what the evidence they're looking at. That's what i. That's what i try to get out of brian mass yesterday. How can you look at it yet. The guy sitting next to you or the woman sitting next to you totally now as just because you're going down party lines. No no i mean. They're looking they're crooked. I mean they're on the take this now right well. I'm just saying but that many of them are on the take this like ten senators come forward fifteen hundred representatives. Yeah that's what we learn. It's crazy. I mean look at the foreign. Look at this porks. The porculus stimulus package soga. They stuffed it in there. Assuming the president is a lame duck president so they get. it's not foreign aid to pakistan. It's a really what they're into. Its the dummy company. They set up. And they get a bunch of funds and the kickback. That that's what they're that's how they're on the take. Some of them were outright compromise china. And then you. I mean this is. This is what the trump revealed all all of the corruption. That's why they hate them. That's why they want him out. The question remains is pence part of this swamp or not. We're gonna find out. It may be really really bad or may be good but it but if if trump winds up getting in for another four years does he have any power with a a socialist controlled senate and house. Mets gonna be scary. What can you do all executive orders. What do you do is it. He just day. Lame duck president for four years. Unfortunately you're right. I don't know when are they gonna call. The warnock won one race when they call the other one. Now they're saying just took a big lead. Yeah before we get off the air. So george has gone so the senate's gone i don't know sh- we'll find out but again everything gets revealed today should be interesting big day for governor rhonda santa's yesterday though the public announcement was amazing and love the. Do ron ron any absolutely shutdown. Cnn reporter live on the air. It was great wildlife. We get their heisman trophy winner too good for him. I let coming up next the south florida morning. Show this bill here. Rapid-fire news that version of. It's coming up here pretty quickly bottom of the hour karen sad as a shopper. Macy's is closing more stores. You're going to shut four hundred twenty five in the next three years but amazon's buying eleven more planes so deliver your packages even faster trying to put fedex. Ups out of business now. What it is. That's what they're doing. They rely on them. So now. if you're on your own fleet you don't need anybody else. Deliver packages jessica associates. Going to rule the world. You can throw them out. This is a little parachutes. Yeah on drones. What is happening said about macy's though. Yeah yeah they still have the macy's day per i doubt it right probably won't have yeah and keep the ship one two years from now the amazon parade. That's right that weren't coming up all right. Thanks karen we'll see if a rapid fire news at seven thirty you at that is she has all the news we get to chime in. It all comes together. Stick around for that. These south florida morning. Show there's jenna bill and diener over there just to get out of the swamp for a quick second even though it's one of them for most important days in washington. Dc in american history. This was big governor. The do ron ron ron. Insana said a big day yesterday made the announcement about public were. Shopping is a pleasure as where you might get your vaccine. Yeah he announced it for three companies right. In the three counties in the middle of the state marian hernando and citrus counties They will be giving out the vaccine at the public stores. There and you call public go online. You gotta make an appointment in for people sixty five and older buddies in a heavily populated older community. I mean all those three counties more the villages there and then you just go up and it's a lot of retirement centers makes sense makes sense. Do you think you know with the success. And how he handles anything it. They're pretty adept at it and their delivery system is incredible. I mean they've stayed open during the pandemic and fed half of this country so You look at how they do things. I would assume this is eventually going to roll out to all of them pretty quickly to most likely. Just look at their distribution system. Right you know there's almost always running Excess a lot of them through it makes sense. And it's it's i don't know i know. There's a lot of controversy about retail stores in them. You know opening throughout the pandemic and everybody had to close knit choked out small business. I get that but this is where they probably make up for it. Because this will this will vaccinate. A large part of the population is make sense. You're probably right because everyone has a public snap. One member the whole ad campaign it's my public's yeah you're right and everyone says it my public zip so that's big While the governor is making this announcement he was attacked by a An activist posing as a journalist. Her name is rosa flores. She works for cnn interesting. Here's how it went. What has gone wrong with governor. What is wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we've seen phone lines jammed websites crash a lot of demand at the end of the day. Use me signed me if i could finish. Michael just said what has gone wrong. So i'm answering the question if i could complete that it by the way. What in the question did she not complete. What's that is the question. He starts to answer it well. He blasted read more from there. So you got to give a speech going to answer. Ask a question you ask the question. I'm going to finish my. You're giving a speech. You ask the question to ask you. The you're gonna ask how many questions you get three. They only got one question. Why do you get three outstanding. Wow now you may be thinking well no. You should've just let the reporter speak understand. Something he knows exactly who she is. And you really get before you got there. Yeah you really get a feeling for what she is. They're not journalists. Their activist is what they are. They're their leftist activists who have a microphone and you got an understanding later on when she played the piece back to understand exactly what she has. This is how she set up the piece but an hour later and actually aired. Why what has gone wrong governor. Rhonda sentas wouldn't even let me finish asking my question. Take a listen. What kind of a journalist would say. That wouldn't even let me ask my question. That's not a journalist. What it she was right. She had an agenda. She wanted to get her agenda out and she was going to give a speech. But what else do they expect him to say. Why would these systems be clogged. You know how many people sixty five and older live in this state go to arizona. You think they're not experiencing the same kind of situation when there's a limited amount of vaccinations and you know the first responders and i health care workers are going to get it than the the older people. So it's like stop. He just announced the best distribution plan. Any state in the union has announced governor. What's gone wrong. Let me finish my question. Shush horrible horrible people. Trump was right when he said that. Your awful people. They're not they're they're not journalists journalism. Gone there. they're like many of my facebook friends. They just believe in their agenda. And whatever you say is worthless in urine idiot for supporting trump. what's wrong with you well It looks as though both of those senate races are gone. They're going to the leftist in georgia. They did it again. So that's that's pretty much where that right now. It goes to stopping this deal in washington. Dc literally. Millions of people are there for the protest in still coming in. It is huge. It's they say it's going to be the largest protest ever in the history of the country taking place in washington. Dc it's a. there's a lot of. There's a lot of people there right now. As you mentioned it's crazy and the president is going to speak to the nation from dc on the ground At eleven am. That means. i don't know what like eleven twenty. Who knows what type. But we're gonna hear it for you. You know i this is. This is what i envisioned. When i sit in the shower i heard that trump was going to go. And he's he said he was going to show up at the rally and i'm thinking what was that phone call to the secret service when he goes you know guys. I'm going out in front of these millions of people afternoon. Higher this morning and eleven. You want to get things ready for me please sir. You can't do that Lake hell i'm going. Figure it out. Click can you imagine being the head of secret service and having to worry about the president's safety in the crowd like that or even when he called for two weeks ago ten days ago. When did he call. He organized this yeah. He organized the protest What was the reaction there for the secret service. What are you doing wild. Well they call them the national guard right away. So yeah that's true. It was the mayor of Washington rough last night a lot of violence on the streets. The president said basically in so many words antifa domestic terror organization. We're watching you very closely. And i would imagine they. Would he called for this gathering. I assume in place to crack down on them. I would hope. I don't know well you know you can only hope to that. They are the mainstream media. Doesn't blame a trump supporter for every little. You know you know practice. They're going to have on a street because you know they're not going to say it was a it was a democrat that started the fight. Well they still will. I mean that's how it will be portrayed voted out and fortunately yeah i know that though. Now it's it's i bet you there's a million plus there and there's not one problem yeah. The last time. One was a couple of weeks ago three weeks ago remember when they all ended on and then trump showed up. I remember what was that that remember. He showed up in the the beast and he stopped and he was waving to people he drove through. He was in his way somewhere. There was another one during the daytime and then peaceful garage getting was great nighttime came and they came out like jackals and they didn't attack strong healthy males. They attacked women. Children and old people in families antifa did what they did is what they do. I got a feeling. I think that might have been the last time that happens because like it or not. It's just reality. We're not calling for this but people are gonna fight back now. I think he's come. Yeah fortunately that's that's the point we've read. You know it's boiling it really is. It's like the it's raid at the top. It's going to pop one of these days soon. So yeah we'll find out we'll talk about that and a lot more in We didn't get to the heisman Story but i'm sure. I'm sure care it's going to have that rapidly. Think here roll were this bench rallying rapid-fire version of news coming up in just a couple of minutes stick around these south florida morning. Show this jen. I'm bill seven thirty time for jinnah bills. Rapid fire with karen curtis on news. Talk eight fifty. W. at t l its rapid fire. Karen has the news we chime in this version. I is it hyperbole. I really think this is one of the pinnacle one of the biggest days in american history. I really do. I don't think it sounds like that's all hyped up but so much is coming to ahead today so much. This is what it is now georgia. Then we came america. Well they took georgia. We know that that's done. So the republican incumbents in georgia in the senate runoff race on the brink of losing. Or it's really not clear. What's going on in georgia because guys were watching along meet and dekalb county. They're still counting as right outside of atlanta. And then chatham last night they stopped and they're going to start to get an aide so i don't know what's going on. Was we saw twelve soon as we saw in. Even the president said in the twitter account. Here we go pausing the county where they're done tabulating for tonight they'll be back in there you go. That's why it was a mini november. Third that's all it was and is it convenient that both areas are heavily democrat and also to cobb. Don't forget still does not hasn't produced the chain of evidence or whatever for all of the absentee ballots that were put in drop boxes in the presidential election. We never should have been got to a runoff craze. This was set with the most maddening. Thing of all this was in the sixty. How many days since the election sixty author here. They said they were going to do it again. Did it's still whippy spineless. Republicans did nothing all. We're really watching it. This time. Suri are good job really good job. Einstein's definition of insanity this during the same thing results. We'll see we'll see what happens but right now. They are projecting that warnock has beaten roughly but the ossoff race too. Close to call saying it's cnn fox of the same thing it's fifty point two ossoff to forty nine point eight for do but you know ninety nine percent and but you know what that doesn't really matter anymore. The numbers all they have to do including fox get on there and they will call it. Yeah for ossoff. And even if they find purdue votes it doesn't matter because they'll say well he's just trying to steal election. He's just trying to steal. It doesn't mean we already because we're the media. We decide elections now. We decide the winners. Don't they count the military votes on friday. You mean like the ones. They threw ever like trump in november. You can trust that two chefs tie guys so if you wanna see an interesting video on the blog eight fifty. Wt dot com. We have the one from earlier. Talking about with mitt romney. I've got both videos up there by the way the terminal and the airplane as tastic. I'm no mitt romney fan. But even i felt a little uncomfortable for the guy. Josh holly's wife with a newborn baby he wasn't even home right but the other one You know relating to what you're talking about from last night. David produce numbers dropped thirty. Two thousand votes at one point on happened on. Cnn msnbc abc the video that we have up is from a and you see in real time can happen with trump in numerous gets on election night. Passed it in real time right now. His numbers dropped thirty. Two thousand like when i went through. This is how this is said. And how corrupt or elections across this country are now. I went to bed at eleven. Fifteen and david purdue was up one hundred seventeen thousand and i said it's over lost up one hundred seventeen thousand and a new he was. It was over yet because they paused the pause the tabulation and they knew they were going to find more all. They need to find out how much he's behind and materialized fake mail in ballots. And there you go. That's what it is today. Vice president comes through forest. He's a great guy city doesn't come through. I won't like what as much vice-president have the power to decertify the election. President falsely tweeting. It's not false. Yes in the constitution. It says that if there was a contested election do electors situation. That we're in that the vice president as the president of the senate has the ability to send it back to the state legislature in a contested election. It's plain and simple wind to you. Do it on the fly. Oh sorry. Oh i don't know i mean even here. That statement from two nights ago with the president the tweet from last night. You know if if mike pence does the right thing now is that to put pressure on or does he already know is he. That confident that the president tweeting that out. Here's the sad thing we know what we're going to find out. We'll find out and dc's anticipating violence of the pro-trump rallies. No no no that. They don't throw stuff through windows and anyway There's a lot of He's going to have something at the clips are going to speak president view ellipse which sits between the washington monument and the white house in the south. But it's passed the south lawn of the white house then the ellipse and then another part in the washington monument. He says As if thirteen hours ago. I'll be speaking to save america. Rally tomorrow right login. Said at the ellipse eleven. Am that means. Like eleven twenty. I think we're gonna carry that for yourself so doors open at seven. Am the people lining up now to hear him speak. But there are literally millions of people in still coming into washington dc right now. It is huge. it's an. It's a big open fields. So the question is does. He walked down the south lawn and just across the street. Just curious split the bible So coming up we're gonna talk about how the covid vaccines will be available to you a publix time now for your eight fifty w. deal traffic and weather together. We have the crash in greenacres. Crest haven boulevard at jog road also another one in boca at potomac road at military trail. Not tomic divers alert weather chilly. This morning th really pretty again and they can up in the forties and fifties. I think it was forty at jen's house and also it's an continue through the weekend. This gorgeous cool weather. With our highs in the seventies lows in the fifties today high of seventy three currently fifty three degrees and clear in the palm beach is back to rapid fire. Absolute karen always brought to us proudly. We're proud to have them ozo- to echo drycleaners. Great local company featuring free pickup and delivery to they are great to make it look good and feel good more confident to ozo- to usa dot com. Check them out all right so back to rapid fire governor onto santa's after he totally dismantled that cnn reporter He says the covid vaccines will soon be available. For those over the age of sixty five at publix pharmacies in hernando citrus and marion county. We do more initiatives like this. You're going to start to see it go to publix. You're going to start to see it. Go to some of the sites that the states helping with so unlike other states. We're actually giving the vaccine to people sixty five over thinks. That's the mosey is. He's right yeah. I think it's a great idea. And so if you. I had a lot of people trying to contact us yesterday with help and trying to make an appointment you go to our website. I have you just clicked on the link and you have to make your appointment via email. But the governor's asking health departments also set up so these people are having problems. Sixty five older. They don't how to demand. Well it's true sat back no but a lot of them don't think it's a relative the gotta figure like john was seen before this is gonna be in most at least with pharmacies later on the long end remember. Public is in south carolina there in georgia. I mean right you go way up the coast and inland. So i mean they got thousands of stores where they could distribute vaccine publix where vaccination is a pleasure to new logo. Gives you your groceries and goes to can gives you a vaccine. Karen can help you with your bags. Bearer arm walk you out your car. Give you a shot teasing nine. A lawyer for jacob blake disappointed about the decision yesterday. The da in kenosha. Wisconsin said they're not going to charge. The police officer remember the video. The viral video of jacob blake. Who was were trying to arrest him for. I think it was domestic battery and he was walking away from them to his car where they found that he had a knife. And so the said that the the officer could argue self defense but The attorney for blake says disappointed with that. It takes twenty seconds to watch that video. The proper cloth took them over four months to find a reason to ignore it. Well i wouldn't reach into a car for a knife and not expect to get shot down to the simple fact. Bill and karen cop tells you stop. Stop pretty simple. Put your hands up hands. Up hewlett norm faced. The you know the problem getting shot. I think there were a lot of opportunities there to not get shot. You know what. I mean stopped. The other thing is. They're not charging. Jacob blake either but What the washington post yesterday did see that an unarmed victim on arm paralyzed. A knife is not a weapon. Now okay make sure and bring mining tomorrow. Yes no the knives are already out a eighteen year old. Kyle rittenhouse accused of killing two men. During protests over the police shooting. Kenosha is pleading not guilty. You got yeah you gotta gotta jail on bond six cases selfish because they get shot while yep has been there no was it a stupid move yes. He's a seventeen year old. I don't think thirty seconds of the future. All right you into some lighter stuff anyway. Hefty taylor swift. Four folklore is number one the number one album of twenty twenty. She's done it again by god she does it every time. They say that she can't sing very well. That's true you're not the average voice. great songwriter. Though yeah okay average voice. What about this voice on itunes jaw. So is this surprise. Why am i getting through what they say. Great news now. He can run for president unfettered. I am ready. She will get custody of everything because they're gonna say he's mentally incapacity watch. He's not though for way too. He's gonna dish. The t on the whole kardashian clan really resonate if he does he knows. Oh my gosh gonyea man. That's rate is a lot of you. Got a lot of power moose. Either one went after taylor swift with one because he said beyond so. We'll i'll let you finish. He took award out of her and she didn't deserve it. Say the got so college. Football's highest honor went to the heisman. Trophy to alabama wide receiver. Devante smith who weighed a buck sixty when he started with alabama. He's like a little pixie. One hundred seventy four and gained much weight. I know what he may so speech was in a. What if you follow your dreams. Everyone told me. I was too little by little guy but look what i accomplished so good for him. I loved his speech. And here's his keeps summary indoors so On believe with he's one of those players you know if you're even if you're a casual fan just watching a game in the background and he pops out of the screen because he's so fast. Yes incredible yes he. He's amazing those little fawn like legs. They highest state is a break he paid. They faced the tide phases. Ohio state monday at the national championship at harvard. Stadium in miami But there's some talk. That ohio state wants to postpone the natty. This yeah wait your dear coach their his girl his daughter. I'm getting that but it would be used for your she just acquired alabama's chance of wet. It's bad it's bad karma. Get them but they want to postpone my birthday. The eighteenth and due to cove it was no nick. David's daughter called bs. They said it was an attempt to get let the injured. Qb justin fields. He'll really his ribs. She put this on twitter then. She had to take it down and apologize twitter. Man that has a slip and slide to controversy. Stay off the to believe sabin. Let's his daughter at twitter right. You'd think so kidding. She took a written out of the will for that. Click these things. She's wrong now. Yes i think she's absolutely wrong. Ohio state isn't giving up anything they wanna come and take names and rewrite history. Wouldn't it be better to wait a week for justin field dribs to heal. I think it's crock. I think justin feels. I think he's carrying yesterday. Is fading me on on messages yesterday. They really don't came models. coming back. lawsuit is sabin. Made his daughter ten thousand pushups and she as cherokee run up the stairs. He let her drive a rolls royce after wedding onto the field. Really i'd alabama. Yeah he has no control twenty. I don't is that the one lincoln kiffin allegedly. Now we're going down the rabbit hole that that wraps of rabbit notice. I haven't played roll tide yet. But you're not going to okay. That wraps a rapid fire. What great radio cupcakes. Well slept bow then. Memory yelled at him on the sideline because of oh yeah link kiffin left. Yup i never knew and she's married. What juicier than the kardashians. Tanya trust me married never bothered lane. Kiffin full time in boca raton. Okay all right. It is a massive massive day. Forget about georgia. That's gone but the stop. The steel rally be protests in washington. Dc the president's going to speak. We got more details on that coming up on. Oh and you can eat your christmas tree no you. Can't this lady says he's crazy expert. You gotta listen. The experts generally shown me. I'm an expert to next south florida morning. Show is gen a bill. The south florida morning show. There's john. I'm bill diener over there to karen web news top of the hour. It's like twelve. Maybe eleven and a half minutes away and little programming note here. I think we got a confirmation. It's tough with street. Reporters correspondents especially with an event is big as he stopped the steel protests in dc but Wto p our sister station in dc Nick and elliot's a correspondent he supposed to chime in with us. It's at some point around eight thirty three. When i say guy but it's a tough call because you know well it depends going on as i know the president says he's gonna at eleven o'clock he'll be speaking at the ellipse which is basically a fifty two acre cleared park south of the white house. There is okay so he can literally walk out the back door. Walk down the south lawn of the white house across the street and walk into the ellipse. So i wonder does he drive there or does he just walk. I think there'd be no walking done is thanks teasing nobody. I mean it's going to be so many people you're not gonna get lord absence just yesterday. It was like two pm. Yesterday the amount of people. I saw the streets sparse this morning people. I don't know where they're staying. Because apparently they blocked off aleta streets already. But they're expecting not thousands of million people at this thing like the biggest gathering ever. This isn't from dc officials not the trump administration the biggest gathering in dc ever when the president calls for a gathering like what was it ten days ago. He gets it a while and like you said he's going to speak. He says he tweeted this out. Even had a little map of where the ellipse is he. Oh speaking eleven. I wouldn't expect it to be eleven. Sharp he never shows up on time. Yeah you get figure. I if you've ever been in washington. The president travels even if it is a block or in this case around the block to the backyard They shut down all the streets. Yeah and they do it extremely efficiently. Because they they're used to. They've been doing it for you. Know hundreds of years moving the president around so he'll probably just zip around stop. They'll drive into the ellipse. Drop them off at the stage. Can you imagine though being the secret service when he called for this then he said i'm gonna go out there and i'm gonna talk to all these people and they're going where you're going sir. Man you know. 'cause remember i mean. Just think when they when they after the inauguration and the president walks down pennsylvania avenue and they get they stopped and they get out of the car. And it's always you see the secret service people start going crazy. It's but take that crowd. Multiply it by one hundred and now he's going to be sitting right in the middle of it i to ask but the best at what they do. Thank god thank goodness. So he's going to speak at over. How long you know. I would expect rally Kind of tone for this thing because it's a it's a massive trump support. Greta obviously for this entire thing now. Not only Patriots from across the country gathering. Dc the politicians have to get into for the joint session. That's going to happen today at one pm. Right including one mitt romney to the long flight from you from salt lake city to dc. It's got to be at least three hours right. And he listened to this on is on his plane the whole way. Oh my goodness that is from cell phone video from confirmed mitt. Romney's flight to can you imagine but just imagine you're on the plane and you get a baby in the baby. Just fill leap. That were people start chanting. That'd be like shop. That'd be pretty rough. Well then wouldn't feel bed with baby cries thinking boy. If you had to take a flight that lasted three and half four hours long it takes. I'm assuming it's a direct flight and you had to listen to that for four hours. I'd be like get me off this plane so he has to listen to that. That wasn't even the worst part as he's sitting there at the gate. All do not line of brown chairs every airport in the world has them you plug in your your computer. You just to kill time waiting for the flight. This lady god lover walks up to commit asking him questions and the first thing he says of course. Put your mask on six feet away. Doing best down. Don't tell me what to do. It's required by law this erm standing six feet away okay. I'll tell you what i'm gonna go ahead and do it. 'cause i want to chat with you The biggest fan of like harassing people like this peacefully asking them questions. I got to give her credit. But what amazed me the most about this whole encounter. She could walk right up to him. He was totally alone. I don't have any security. you don't have any be with you. It was it was weird. I guess if you're a senator or you know a representative you get used to it. I don't know She did have some questions for him. Why aren't you supporting president. Trump president trump says. You're not supporting him. I do agree with four. And i support them. Are you going to support him in the fraudulent votes this. Why not does your mother much richer. Get my remarks in congress which today which means Matt gaetz was talking about this last night too. And he's extremes right if mitt romney gets a chance to speak and he's not supporter. Don't expect a strong case to be made today because the never trumpers mostly republicans are getting just as much time to shoot down any evidence they present so this is going to be kind of useless. It just it. Just comes down to pence. it's and and whether or not he's going to actually say. Hey m senate it back to the states and they can decide now. The good news with that is well. We don't know which way going to go but last night Pennsylvania said a letter sent a letter to mitch. Mcconnell right said who senate yeah just as a formality. Because i guess they had to send the letter first but it's huge right and they're basically saying you know what mitch we need to do something. Because we're on the way of decertifying the vote for the presidential election in pennsylvania which in case means trump went end up winning the state. So i if that's the case do the other six follower and maybe the other three four however many states you wanna throw in there. talked to congressman Brian mass yesterday. He told us he's gonna say. Don't accept the electoral votes From three states georgia pennsylvania. And i think with the three. They don't even have the vote. I think it's going to be a dog and pony show just comes down to pants where there ninety kick back to the states will say does he. We know what we're going to find out. How does he do it after all the the sort of all the senators and representatives saying that they think the electoral college decertify the vote. Is it after. That can't be at first because he's got to be able to say well avert evidence and you know okay we're find out now. Let's get to the important news. Like didn't take a christmas down yet gus. Actually it's epiphany today isn't it today is supposed to wait till today. Today's the day yes. Well there's good news. If you have a real tree still there you can eat it. I'm not eating. Treasury can artisan baker and cook in the uk named julia Drink she come out with a new one. It's called that. Eat your christmas tree all kinds of recipes. So you might have to when you're working in chinese gulag after the communist party is taking over our country so i'm just trying to prepare. You did you by the way to anybody. Take their mandarin lessons yet. Okay well you might want to start out your gulag name and a not eating my christmas. Yeah i think you're going to have to dry little needles on everything listing. Okay and i'll you let me know how that goes. Okay i was gonna go today. Let's find out i. I don't think he knows anything until we were all gonna find out together. We'll get the speculation. Hans von kofsky elections expert from the heritage. He's gonna talk to us next so see if he knows anything on. It's coming up next south florida morning. Show this bill.

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To Play or Not To Play


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To Play or Not To Play

"Welcome insulate sedition. Espn AFC here on ESPN. Plus on Dan Thomas Sid Lowe with a little later on to talk about plans in Spain to get lower league at going sooner rather than later. Meanwhile we take a trip down memory lane we miss the Gabon. Coffee took Chelsea team. That won the Premier League back in two thousand and five and whether or not we give outside enough credit. Craig on though will be here in a moment to talk about the announcement. Today that the Premier League are still very much committed to finishing the two thousand nineteen two thousand twenty season. They met today. There was speculation about what they will conclude. There will be a vote though on. May the eighth to decide how they will go forward but they will not be following in the footsteps of Francois of course earlier in the week cooled off their season. Now I want to bring your attention to tweet. Craig put out just earlier today. Talking about the return of Premier League saying county a feasible parkway for the primarily sees. It it's only to try and play the gains in the current climate. Scrap the season and concentrate on the twenty twenty twenty one and a way forward financially for all involved. Welcome in Donna and Craig now Craig. Why the rush? Why do you feel it should be stopped now because I think we're at a point where we're in danger of amongst other things disrupting the following season as well and you know you mentioned Franz? They've made a decision. You mentioned Creamy. League are not going to go down that road. I would say at this moment and say I think it may be inevitable that they will have to go down that road Wednesday scrapped. The season I don't mean void. This season placings in regards to points per game where we are now. I E Liverpool champions. But you know as we speak. No there's been over twenty seven thousand deaths in the UK. Dan An analyst twenty four hours more than seven hundred more deaths alone so clearly will not get talk with us and Britain is not the only country on for the Premier League to be well. I think it's still playing but I think realistically Suppo- Next Season for the safety of all involved and even if that was to be the case and potentially play and tweak in September I I still think rush I still think that's a dote but why the time line. Why can we not say July? The first for example get things back up and running. Play the Games over the week to three matches a week. Then we're GONNA catch up. Why is next season a priority over this one? That's only done well. We know if we're GONNA be able to play by same GONNA be contracts as well. We're going to transfer window so many things defendable on top of people losing the light so I think that's damage has been too problematic has been too severe. There's a lack of getting a handle on it. No matter what governments will tell you because people are still dying an alarming raped and I thank you for the forward then the next few weeks. I think some somewhere down the line you got to make decisions. Some countries and I think inevitably the Premier League and others may follow Don. What's your thoughts on it? I just think it's a little bit hasty if we make a decision now. I think we've got loads of time. I take every single thing on boardwalk. Craig said and it's actually to argue when you talk about human lives. Being lost is is try and put forward as a sport possibility but I think for the Premier League that they're doing the right thing they're trying to wait like everyone were were living in this pandemic the moment hour by hour day by day and things will change it will may get worse for that to maybe then get better. We don't know that stood. That's the climate where live in so the premier league like any other industry. They are trying to put plans into place for whatever happens down the road. We don't know how long that's going to pay so I just think the first of May is very early. As you said Dan in your question to Craig we could leave it. Another another month or two This no rush really. We don't have live by the guidelines of primitive. Starting what normally starts next season could be put back by two. Three four wounded. Might be the case. It's a really on scenario. We find ourselves in and it's going to take a lie ahead to get together the right decision but you know it's pointless rush into a decision today where we constantly reward. Liverpool illegal not go down. Whatever scenario if then INSA- to Tom Ramon SAM or two months time? We then find kill of so. I think we have to be a little bit more patient. Nobody wants answers now. And that's just the world we live in but we have to be more patient doll. You're putting season. Black pretends to three or four months. You don't even know if you're going to be finished season you're disrupting then two seasons. At least you've got the euro next summer. All sorts of logistical issues not entail rather than just doing what other countries have done and say we are going to finish the season Unsporting Mirror on points per game here. This is not fair scenario. Liverpool are going to be champions and all people protected funds. Have a problem with that. But you know from from a neutral point of view. I don't I don't think we should be relegating teams and say well how can you do? And then not relegate teams. I think galaxy of the relegation is way more complex than giving team at the other end. I think primarily GonNa Leagues be doing is trying to negate the lawsuits. That will come and they have the will be some. But they're going to try to get as many of those as possible and I think the Premier League for example could be inflated at least for one season by two teams from the championship. And we have five or six teams been relegated next season to get it back to twenty teams for that is just where we are at the moment and I think to make a decision and I don't mind them. Wait another couple of weeks but I don't want to wait another six weeks but I think decision will have to be made certain of a problem with finishing this love to see it been played. I as much as I do not want to be caught. Shar but as Warez unless a magic vaccine POPs up in the next four hours as best things not go away on. The two seasons on People's Health at risk is way too big a challenge. When you take this on the Chin we need to have the priorities of everybody involved at stake here and make the correct decision and I try and disrupt two seasons and get some games played behind closed doors and put people's safety at risk. It's just it's just too much happening. Something that goes on and logistics is not my forte. So how'd you try and do it brought? We've got World Cup. A Winter World Cup permanently coming up in twenty twenty two so maybe you know maybe you could use that and try and try and shift the dates and as I said logistics very hard and trying to get your head around when games and shift in the World Cup. All of that would actually happen. Dot has to be shifted the Premier League at some point in a Winter World Cup as GonNa have to come up with something in two thousand twenty two when the welcome goes ahead. So I'm missing. I'm trying to be positive. Drag your heart. Actually you know all the point. I'm just trying to be really positive. I'm trying also be patient and at the same time I'll still go back to what I think the privilege stance is there like any other industry. They're waiting for the World Health Organization and the government guidelines to try and then give them the right there on what to do going forward. Don't stand on Craig's points of view regarding Liverpool's champions Champions League places as it is and then relegation doesn't exist however it would be. What leads them West Brom. Who would come up? It's very hard. I mean case in point we just go up piece lot. I mean the busy was canceled near the week and awarded title. Now the team that we're in the second division royal eleven points clear and they will go into the air busy now. They're putting a legal case for to start and say this is not right so I think the easy part has given Liverpool title. I think that's the easy part however I think all the fans would probably used against Liverpool not mere mediator. Because it's it's it's a tragedy that were living in a moment but probably site a live bullet. He didn't really win. The tall to the season wasn't really complicated. Warrior was and then you go into the into the teams in the bottom three. I mean you can't relegate teams in the bottom three Aston Villa come to mind. They're sitting in the bottom through the game in hand. They win the bottom three and safe so I just I just think for that reason and not only that reason but these are reasons where were mentioned in the legalities of it it would just be incredibly messy and hard to deal with on a possible deal with. If you're just going to award Liverpool a toddler teams that are in the position. Chummy Zeke and your upper leagues and then relegation spots. I think it's very very hard to try and solve. The trouble has done. I wish we worry too. Much other funds are saying about got tatum. And I've seen all on on social media the nonsense with Asterix and all that it's not it's not the most important point of course relegation. Champions League places in Europe League plus they are important you know financial as well but the issue and promotion is really the issue. Here is not just the primarily right because if we're talking about playing these games we're talking about then relegating these teams right and this narrative. I'm talking the teams. Don't get relegated. Three teams came up. Come up and then we dilute the division back to twenty year after if you try and play these games in relegate these teams Lake Villa late late ball and clubs. That's fine. That's fine but then you have to have all the Games Championship. Keep on uneven key. And now you've got all the Games and won so that the whole thing's moving evenly in the logistics so that's a heckle football so we're not just talking about the premier league because of the primarily play and relegate teams. The rest of the leagues are going to have to follow suit. There's no other way around. And so therefore that's one of the main issues. It's not just just primly really problem. It's a problem that felt all the way down to non League football. I think for that reason alone. You put forward a very good case for for that reason alone. That's why I don't think we should rush into stopping the league now. That's why I think we should give it the maximum amount of time as we can. And that's why I'm pretty sure that's what the Kremlin. We'll be thinking. Let's not be hasty. Let's not counselor season now. Let's try and white as long as we can and if we have to wait maybe another month or another two months maximum or three months whenever then so be it because as you said cry people lose live so it's not an easy easy decision making that's why it hasn't been made pretty called primitive will do the right thing amongst office. We haven't really talked about the players guerra coming out and giving his reservations about returning to action. I'm just intrigued. A few applying Silk Craig. How much would you be on board playing tomorrow? I prompted a probably would save US flippantly but you know I don't know if I'm not putting words in his bed. We're kind of old school and not win. Would probably you know with unreasonable publishers? Almost I saw the quotes from your hair. And he's not alone and he he is the other issue done the as I said no matter. What governments around the world say? We're still not talk for this. You've got polar DEBA- event is who's a partly tested positive for best four times we we can test people. We wanted a moment. But we're really doing all we go ahead and his sons and Sam's what we nor but there's virus and who's Willett combat an antibody not crystal clear. That's my point. That is my point and all that stuff there's a waiting process but as an alternate and understanding and so if someday that can be positive three or four times been tested regular who the hell knows what's happened with these grounds. Even with games played behind closed doors the so many factors that that's why I think it should be clear the primarily and making a decision saying we tried were best to finish the season. But it doesn't look as if it's going to be possible to. We'RE GOING TO TAKE OVER RESOURCES. We're going to try and soften the blow as much as possible for older leagues and all the clubs as best as possible but it will never be totally unfair and we're going to move forward to hopefully next season where late August September we can make a star and as I said earlier in the show. I think it's even debatable. Last word on this on how would you feel presenting action would be bucking a happy? I'm like Craig. I'm old school a I would wanNA play. I caught imagine why would be doing in this. Lock down the players are trying to keep his as they can but the old school of me would say. I would want to be back as quick as possible chance. Thank you very much more from Craig and Donna. Of course on Xtra signed. Today they'll be answering your tweets. You can check that out over on our Youtube Channel GEICO PRESENTS. Not again another voicemail from your roommate man so I was in a rush to get to work and I love the back door open. Kaji shut I lifted wide open. While you're there could you also turn off the oven and all of the burners? My mom never let me use the oven. I wonder why the Geico Insurance Agency could help. Keep your personal property protected. Like if it's your roommate's first time operating in oven visit. Geico DOT COM to see how easy it is to switch and save on Renter's insurance ready to play. That's the front page of the Castle on newspaper. Spor optimistic stuff. Regarding the return of Liley he gets to live with us from Madrid said. What's the plan? The plan is a series of steps to lead us to a position which clubs can start training in the next week or just over that the plans to start with at least on Monday and Tuesday of next week there will be a series of inspections training ground. Make sure they comply with leaguers protocol and things like disinfecting in things like access in terms of the way that kits laid out the terms the way that the players have access the training grounds and how those entry points stucco. There's not too much coincidence of players with each other. Then after that the hope is they'd spend a couple of days doing tests to get a very clear sense of what position they're in what players have have kind of what level of immunity which players. Maybe still have the virus. You can did. They they've had and then from there. The hope would be that they could starve. Individual training sessions and it's important to stress individual training sessions at the club's training camps on. Either the eighth or the eleventh novel is just before the weekend or just offer we can. Now the reason why this is different to Lowe's previous states that have been set to those previous discussions of when things might happen. Is that for the first time? Now we're in a situation which lie Leaguers Protocol. More or less fits we want. The government is planning to do the government's being talking about a reduction of the lockdown into terms of relaxing. Some of the rules allowing people out for example. This weekend for the first time spy will be allowed out of their homes and do exercise and that has explicitly talked about the position of professional athletes. And so for the first time we're now in a position where what the government is saying. I'm what big sporting institutions in particular in this league. We're saying is broadly instead and so as of next week assuming no problems the net fruit of all days. This should start to get moving. Meanwhile we're hearing both sides. Aren't we the arguments when it comes to play has written and they saw from Patriot? Markelle here the boss learn amid fearless. And I'll take the risk of playing. It'd be the same as any worker. Meanwhile Valencia's Gabrielle. Police coming out on instagram. Saying we will play when no one does it out of fear and when we have complete guarantees that there are no risks. Both sets of rail opinions said this does contrasting these two opinions from Gabriella from from Avon market issues. It tells you the do not feel the same way you know. I think we sometimes forget this. We tend to talk about. Footballers footballers one but you're talking in the first vision. Every single class twenty-five plays twenty clubs in division has a lot of footballers and they offer the same way in particular. The context here are different. Valencia with a club at most hard hit by this. They had a series of test positive because nineteen they were the ones of course we went to Milan against Atalanta. Atalanta play against them. Messiah behind closed doors so that sense of sensibility towards this is different in each case. I was thinking as well but they actually as far apart as it sounds like I think the question Mark would-be when when Gabrielle talks about complete safety the ability to be absolutely certain that no one will go well. There's no way anybody in any walk of life. We'll get ill but of course. Part of protocol is designed to prevent this. Because they know that it's one thing to get started. It's one thing to try and get things back training but of course if that process is halted at some stage of that process boobs apart some stage than the season won't get completed so it's not enough just to start. They need to be as complete some of those guarantees. Some of those safety checks that Gabrielle wants. I think probably will be put in place said. It's the first time we've had you on censor example France cancel. The lake won't be playing until September Germany. Though more optimistic Premier League still very much in discussions in Spain. Looks the general vibe about the return of Lalita. Well it's quite difficult to judge style. I mean executives. You're just being shying with Recreation Gabrielle. There are different points of view and immediately off the announcement. I think was a sense here. Inspiring the okay. This is coming here soon. Now if giving up the chance sauce by we'll give up however pugnacious however determined however bullish the president of the League heavier as and he's been incredibly bullish all the way through this. I think most people think that he's being unrealistic. That he's of course doing this. Out of desire robin necessarily reality but I think the fact that two days later the head of the Government Pederson Schiff announced a series of de escalation policies. A fourth stage plan to come out of lockdowns go towards what he's describing his a new normality and the fact that that fit we've leaguers plans the fact that there was then a task force meeting between the consequences which effectively the sports ministry with the League within the federation with the players. Union with some clubs with a whole series of sporting bodies as well and there was an agreement that most of what have been proposed the government could happen are they shifted people's mentality and I think people think okay. Actually this could happen now. That's not to say that everybody's behind it. Everybody wants it to happen. That believes this is the right thing to happen because right now there are far more important but there is a very definite sense that the curve is going in the right direction. There is the beginning of an opening up on lockdown and the football can be part of that now. Nobody doubts that when and if returns it will do so behind closed doors that he won't be quite the same thing but I think most people now believe actually at the very least they're gonna try to attend training if those processes can be fulfilled properly. Then I think there's a certain optimism. Now that La Liga's plans which is for the competition to start by the middle of June can actually go ahead. I know what you're missing. Say during all of this is a good old comparison between two players. Let's go for one and that let's see one at Madrid. Focus Chris. Carlson of course put out this list. Top Ten players under the age of twenty finishes junior coming in four Jau Felix. Meanwhile very much in the bottom of that top ten is that despite SC Fan. Did you see that thing? It's a famous. I'm going to sit on it. I always think when you saw when you starting ranking. It's problematic but I must admit I think there's probably contradicts what many people would say because I think there's been a huge excitement about Alex actually on this season's performances. I think this is. This is justified. We've not seen Enough Gel Felix. There's all sorts of question marks over that's because of him because of the structure because they'll kind of managing the Diaz in the irony is because the lack of freedom as had all the difficult adaptation. There are some doubts about Vinicius as well but fundamentally I think reside in he's he's kind of ability to remain calm in the penalty area. He's finishing ability but he's tremendously exciting. He goes at people he's relentless he keeps on playing he. He's prepared to Ron Ron Ron again and people on and there's no doubt that's being pressured them. We saw it back in September. I think it was when he broke down. T's because the pressure of being on him so much and I think while there are flaws in his game is a kind of a role talent. They're very exciting. No doubt the GEL Phoenix has it as well but right now in the immediate future I think is legitimate to happen is just ahead of jail show. Thank you very much talkers. And Calcium by the way and joins Gavin Gills on the latest version of the podcast soothe. Defend his top ten. You can download that now. Would you believe it's fifteen years this week? Since Chelsea won their first premier league title and boy did they do it in some saw. Let me just very some stats at you. This is the most points in a season ninety five which is only broken. A couple of seasons ago by that Body Odor side won twenty nine games in that campaign. Twenty five clean sheets. They can see the fewest primarily goals. Just fifteen in the season they were undefeated tore home. They just lost one match all campaign and they finished twelve points ahead of awesome. And what we go to remembers. Welcoming Gavin Don. This was an awesome sight that we're invincible. Of course going. Agnes's thought if they season Chelsea came in and sometimes we forget how good this team actually was. Yeah I mean I don't forget it because that's the team. I cover closely as well as year. Before I mean entire Abramovich era obviously Abramovich come in all guns blazing the previous summer. They actually finished second the year before under under cloudy day not lost their head to head against Arsenal had. They won that they might actually wanted that season. How they're not throwing away the semi final against Monica your before they might have even won the Champions League and we have a different history now but but it'd be that was the basis on which Marino bill and Marino just took it to to another level tremendous signings check and robin had been signed year before but of course arrived That Summer Carvalho at the back and of course. Dvd Drug Upfront. Really making all the difference that season. Don't why do we have the? We talked about the Manchester City and seeing that brought one hundred points. Obviously Majesty Nine Hundred Nine Thousand Nine hundred ninety nine the invincibles of awesome this thing. We're out there all. They certainly were our worst at the time and it was a difficult one. Because you never quote quote was sure. It's a juvenile Abramovich and Josie and Chelsea. We'RE GONNA gone kick on him. Being is as good as what they were because were still looking at lots of money not been strong for many yeah also been strong liberal in the history and you always felt as always a pleasure begging would come back one day but the Chelsea side my recollection would just big strong men. I mean terrific football as I mean they could mix it whether it whether you will you look back at the invincibles of Arsenal year before and I was an early. I was looking at the two sides and they're very similar. If your refund you can argue a case if deodorant. If you're Vieira fine you can argue the case. Makalele if you like Sol Campbell. You can argue John Terry and the list goes on by the way but I think maybe the invincibles were a little bit more stylish. I think MS system for fall two with Lemberg and Peres a little bit. Easier on the eye will come. I think what Chelsea they were two four three time and they were just dismantling sides for FEMME. What breaking all records you said. Don keeping clean sheets fewest goals conceded. They were incredibly tough to be my recollection standard and the tunnel next to these guys at the majority of them were huge. They were on that day as the reckless suggest. Nearly unplayable not one game gabby made a good point in that you grew up owner. The players that came in during the summer all of them pretty much new to the primarily this somewhat to that myth that oh it takes time to adapt to English football. It's a very different style. This scene came in and hit the ground running and destroyed the defending champions her invincible the season before. Yeah I mean look this whole thing about adopting and style you know those those differences which were very stark in the past. I think are diminishing year on year. I think the fact that marina was was new and Real has his critics these days and I can surely among them wouldn't want to take you screw things up but people forget just the impact that he had in that first season that Chelsea side yes. They hardly conceited anything but they wore you down and they played some really really modern attacking football at times you know the way Damian Dauphin and an rn robin out wide way. Those two guys combined the way the way. The full box also also helped the runs from midfield of Franklin part. It was so much quality in that time. And there's such attention to detail as well you know people often forget about about. The invisibles is that that was an outstanding team but that was also team that drew. I want to say I think. Twelve Games That season this Chelsea team went and then they really they went there. They went for the Jugular. And and most of the time they beat you. They went the whole season. The only lost that one game don't what was it like you mentioned before it just gives us a little more detail going up against this sort of team. Yeah it was. I'll take you back to the year before the invincibles going back even one or two years before that when you play against the very best arsenal side you stood in a tunnel and my star next to probably Patrick. Vieira was playing against him. And you think how can I try and get the best that my apartment that I cannot trying running into the channels way doesn't want to be well. No you could do that. What's He GonNa do to me? What can outrun me is probably physically stronger than me. Probably better on the balls trying to come up with things and you look along the line. Evacuate Astle side and there's eleven of them now you fast forty year. And it's almost like my recollection of that sees no that period was awesome Bengal hot the formula to be and to take also to one of the best of public size of all time on almost within eighteen months so that formula in the band and he went for the more diminutive players need tried to make them Barcelona ask and Josie came along one man that must give a quick mention too is cloudier run year because he was building this Chelsea side. Just before Josiah come in and Josie went and not been and it took off for a bra in the big plays land pod was already there in Alexa. Terry Bradshaw dropped bunny at Makalele. An opposite just went and got not formula of Arsenal's snowed replicated over short period of time and took this Chelsea sides. You know to greatness. It's it's bizarre really how we don't give this Chelsea side. That won the top four zero five a lot. More love really. Let's not forget as well gap pretty much the decade leading up to this season. It was a coin flip. Who's going to win? It unites at all so those two had been so dominant. Yeah that's right until that point. Only three teams had had won the primarily in in the previous thirteen years. One crazy season of of of of blocking winning and obviously They were very well. Pat Growth with Sutton and shared not otherwise it was basically a monologue from Manchester United. And then those two tremendous arsenal double winning sides So the fact that Chelsea could come in and shake it up I mean younger viewers will remember. Obviously the impact Manchester City had wouldn't when they came in and then through enormous amounts of money and quickly sort of hit the ground running and assembled a team. I don't argue. Chelsea did that quicker than Then city different circumstances of course By from from year. He's first season where he'd been there before but You know all of a sudden. The team were huge competitive to obviously Marino's first season where where he just went in and he built them and he took them to To another level and really. I don't like it when people bring up. Sort of you know they. They talk about winning mentality and metaphysical stuff. I like stuff that I can see and measure but there is no question that there was an intimidation factor to that Chelsea team and a winning mentality and attention to detail that really made all the difference up once. They got rolling the momentum. They built really really hard to stop. And let's not forget. They also reached the Champions League semi final. Where they eventually they lost to Liverpool one nil and aggregate with that goal. The so called Ghost goal that just Marino still complaining about today Gamma Cody and Don Hutchison. Thank you very much now. We're GONNA take tomorrow off. We'll be back in forty eight hours time for the next edition of the show. Be Sure to join US this year to go to our website. There's plenty of bonus material over there for you. Tween joy one. That's just dropped Adrian. Haley chance at cloudy Arena and Josh Wolff about the new Franchise Austin have see. Who's on our website? A series of quizzes including all Sarah Battle between gap Malkov absurd. I call it a battle but really it was one way traffic taste. Cristiano Renaldo is one of two players. The score a hat trick in Syria league and the Premier Li. Who was the first ballots incorrect legal? You said the question so quick now to make one. I'm GonNa Gamble and guess that it's Alexis Sanchez. Good Gamble worth the gamble to one. Just a terrible showing overall by ropes. And Somehow I'm sure he will be able to blame arson. Venga phase miserable performance. So that brings us the end of today Sherri. Thank you very much. It's a gap and say to have cool so with us. Stay tuned for more to Craigie. Dawn is they stay on. Sounds your tweets and extra time. Thank you as always feel tweets address a couple of things? I would dawn and Craig Craig. What's The relevance of the two booms behind you on the mantelpiece? The wife for some reason lakes those aluminum and she had them upstairs. I saw put them there just to finish off the buckshot. There's no there's no reason to it or just a few things around the house just women's March. I thought it might just be referring to what you talk. I sleep. Meanwhile done. What's this you know. I Don I mean this is two weeks in looked really. Do something that is like. I don't know it's just one of those. It's one of those mustache. Be As my God when you sit. Milk owner off too right. Don Who will win the trophy? First Spurs Tino. Oh Poetry Tina all day long. I don't know what's going to natural. If he lets hope. Paci Tina Windsor Newcastle Te Create a Newcastle Fan. Yeah be interested if he gets a job if he takes it you will be a door. Adana where top number going down to be honest thaw signs anti months ago where I could see of hot. Wait with top getting close to the got to jump sleep final regular team in the top four but I worry for them Not huge amounts of money spend. It might be inevitable that they sell some of that top plans going forward so my answer would be Chino to mention. How are we supposed on out you? Hey Everton neukolln live opole these plateful but there was only one team. I stood on the terraces and that was new. Customer Student Gallagher and underneath the scoreboard from the age of seven. All till about seventy so Newcastle's My mic club. I'll tell you one thing. Imagine Yeah to Don wants the truth. Dawns this show while she's less than Divine Morrison these headphones and the other side of the coin is We we cut done show now. Then we're going to. We're going to unveil the biggest Tomko and Scottish when you look. What's behind him? What's behind Hutchison? I'll explain that. Craig is Alan Shearer's shirt from the Scotland England game. Let me just move to one. You'd never can say that you know when they said to me only swap percents. I'm so disgusted. I couldn't even think about it but you were. You were all these while you were thinking about. When we lost the England was going to be five years from now. I can't I can't because he signed it too so it's worth absolutely nothing. Too Harsh. Best wishes Allen. Cheer Up Well People Coaching is. I'm not selling it and I'll put my Scotland buckwalter next week. If you guys played today would you take a chance on playing for a club like new car so assuming you have at least five years? They're assuming you'd have at least five years depends you. The manager is and depending what your feelings are like Alan Shearer Newcastle Fontenay went to Newcastle after winning the Toddler Blackburn turned down big clubs in Europe including Monday night because he's an absolute legend so the hometown poll would be strong. But depending on who you're ragent was in contact with the clubs that will oppose Craig. Yeah I would great. Great support fantastic. Stadiums always agree atmosphere. They're always loved playing James Park the something about the tones This is with one big club in them and you know I absolutely. I shock up playing and Well maybe just ask book. Don't ask him about this is going to be. This is going to be from your phone or account. Can you describe your emotions on scoring that famous? Wembley go against England but it was divorced murder because I don in to the dressing room afterwards and I saw Alexa Craig. And all the boys crime because aggregate we lost two one book. The emotion of scoring the goal was. I mean it was just. I always liked don. I always liked the heart and the tough occasions. I like being in the lines Dan. I used to love playing Old Trafford Downfield when you when you were against it and we will to kneel down go into that game at. Wembley and and I'll and I'll say it in Kronos stand via a pre show is to mine. We absolutely batted England on the night. I mean we should have went by three or four David. Seaman was pulling off saves after saves of sites. We should of robbed that game but stolen the goal. Obviously give us a massive lift and give us the momentum in the game and I was actually planning not before I know never planner of celebrating but soon discovered it the Scotland federal way beyond the goal to the right inside and I was actually going to head for them on. Just jump on the fences and go nuts but all are substitutes. Were warm enough going up and they saw stopped me. Some celebration looked quite weak. What tell you the emotion inside? May I'll never get that back again. The adrenaline was something else. Accan- account confirmed now and I'm going to confirm the I disappointed as was I was not trying and address from room at the end of the game however however as well as we play then we'd be England and we did play brilliant not night. We might have my one more. He was chasing share a room before the end of the game. Say Can I can I? Can we swap out? Did you not get David? Beckham's ready no no. Well you asked for minor refused all right there. You go keep it off. Cape WITH THEM. And say Oh. No I don't would you have sought that Gulf Craig's going the World Cup way? Yes yes because I would have played in the world. I didn't get that with Scotland Another kid The World Cup's come to mind to eight and six Italian ninety lows with the World Cup's book for Craig to go to a World Cup. Scotland and skull. I always thought that golfing and he did. You play any different positions on the field when you were younger Craig. You Play Ball Scotland. That's a very different position. But mentioned that before Scottie Pippen. They're looking at it actually Today we don't Mark I was. I want but I tell you strangely no I played more possessions professionally and I did when I was a kid who knows it just played middle of time. It wasn't until off. Scotland started playing a plate. Filled Balk at teams played left-back actually came on and the Euro Ninety six game against England. Wembley their game. Gaza School Dot Greek Kim on black nut game by a police set half Scotland. The played sweeper did that for as well. So Yeah Shift a boat professional career in different positions. But never. I never did that when I was a kid. No Don I think like why Craig Reedie. I think when you're young you just play and you know depending on what you all. You might be the best. Plastic tend to be either in the middle of the Hawker Front. You can contribute to score goals but like Craig. I was shifted everywhere. Being another four hold a bit field flappy. The number of suboxone evidence a number ten Sundays the plan the right right onside. Commend Bagram sooners. Actually when he got a little job and he was trying to find a position for me because I was a young lad with low to heart and looked at Taco and quiet voice just not adding opinions of on the pitch. It didn't mind getting stuck in so he's trying to find position form and he said to me said adults was a midfield player. I just don't see it and you game. He said I could probably see it was a right by you like a Taco decent stock in so he said to me said. I'm going to play in a reserve game this week. And if you do it right back in the Reserve Guy. You'll make debuted weekend. So this is one for the old viewers so the reserve game was not known forest away and I played against a guy called Franz call. Auntie absolutely ripped me to shreds and Graham after the match. Just look to make quite calmly and went right back. He was rough. It was. It was this much-touted boxing match between men. Seventy Craig be the favorites in this boxing match between Dan and Seb because we had this discussion the other day. Because you know obviously a couple of guys that you'd look if you look at one hundred pounds hall. Sorkin way you know what I mean is like I could see I could see you. You know Sli- also could see Russian endless always. Does you know always the fiscal flight. And I could see all I could see you. Just wait doc in precision undetected web. Start we then an uppercut so I'm going to say I think you would be. He's done Russia and Matthew. So I'm going to say you just think it would be a terrible terrible fight. No matter what happens that is it that brings us the end of today's extra time. Thank you very much dawn. Enjoy that mustache next week of the Staley's next week. Yeah thank you very much Craig. Will you go back to your bose? We'll be back of course on Monday for more of this until then goodbye.

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Hour 3:  Phil DAmato, Tim Yakteen, Stuart Simon, Ian Wilkes

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1:08:28 hr | 1 year ago

Hour 3: Phil DAmato, Tim Yakteen, Stuart Simon, Ian Wilkes

"The ATHOL races with Steve Vic on Sirius X._M.. Radio all right the floor plus days got that all right twenty six thousand eight hundred seventy. Let me six. What's that ex how many racist you could have bet last summer? UNEXPRESSED BET haven't signed up for an account yet. What are you waiting for on top of all those Races Express Spence given away twenty five million X._p.? Rewards points would promotions at Saratoga del Mar and more plus express splits fun in the Sun. Handicapping Tournament Features One hundred twenty thousand dollars in prizes including cease to the Twenty Twenty Pegasus Benton Championship. I know thrown a lot of numbers here but he's one one five hundred. That's a sign bonus. You could get when you sign up burks bet so let's recap twenty six thousand racists five hundred dollars signing bonus hundred twenty thousand dollar handicapper tournament and twenty five million rewards points. Hey this man just adds up express bit. Is your way to play. 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The University of Louisville has a legacy of excellence for more than twenty five years of equine business education classes are taught by industry experts in state of the art facilities located in the heartland of America's equine industry the the University of Louisville equine business program when it comes to horses we mean business for More Information Visit Business Dot Louisville Dot e._d._U.. Slash equine the on Sirius X._M.. Radio follow coming up toward eleven o'clock here on the East Coast out on the West Coast. We're filled the motto is coming up on eight o'clock and Phil D'Amato getting an early great at stake win the del Mar season boys hero the Eddie read yesterday fell congratulations. Thank you so much you know this is this is really a fun horse and horse that and really the division out there continues to be intriguing seems like everybody takes their turn but this is a horse that has had some big moments won the kill row so he's a great one winner seems like he kind of goes in and out of form to I mean that he he has a tendency to you know to kind of get out and then the working back in talk about going into yesterday yeah you know I mean he was actually you <hes> last year early on or through the middle of the year it was very consistent for me. Running some some really big races in that transition period you know from three to four and he showed me he could take that step in and <hes> I just think towards the end there by the time I got to del Mar last year I had a tired horse <hes> Goo good horses they always good in the mornings but in the afternoons when they'll tell you you know l. how much they really have the tank and <hes> you know he he came off a a really subpar performance for me last year desire rotem and and the just thought was best to to give them some time off and and <hes> we did and he's comeback as good as new you kind of waded into the year in the spring and that included a trip up to golden gate for the San Francisco he ran kind kind of kind of evenly didn't have much pace to close into then came back in the shoemaker and actually ran a sneaky good raise in the show. Yeah I think that was the the indicator there that he was anna rounding into his own mm cycle he he was short on me going into that <hes> race at Golden Gate but I knew I need to get that race in order to get get him started off and once I did I just see steady improvement with <hes> <hes> you know ever since the playoff race in and really big effort at Santa Anita and <hes> proved best <hes> yesterday what's interesting about him and I'm looking at both his P._p.'s P._p.'s C._F._p.'s with buyers and I've also got his third graph sheet here. He has gotten pretty much got to a certain level and this is not this is not unusual for already Schiller's and he basically has stayed lead in terms of figs. He is basically stayed. Within a certain range has he changed it all physically because now he is a full full five year old mature horse yeah he he he's bigger and stronger <hes> <hes> now and I think he's a fresh horse you know and he's actually styles kinda change too. I think earlier on he didn't mind being up a little bit closer to the pace and <hes> <hes> in the last couple of races. I've seen that he doesn't mind relaxing a little bit more and giving me a bigger finish late. <hes> and you know that was kind of on display yesterday. I thought that was visually his most impressive race. <hes> <hes> egos were some nice horses in there and he's me he kicked away pretty good at the end he did and it. It's it's notable because in his wins today they've they've been more or they've been more narrow and for him to you know for him to run away from a you know very solid field top to bottom pretty notable this. This was a good sign yeah. I'm excited and this whole campaign campaign. This year's been devised around if he was good enough what she's showing he is to to have a fresh horse Breeders Cup time and <hes> you know probably looking at <hes>. If everything goes right maybe another two two more races races and then the Breeders Cup. This is a mile and in eighth and I don't I don't he hasn't been beyond a mile in Asi no no. I don't believe so <hes> he he's based on the way he he he was cruising yesterday in his late on down the road and you know presented itself. I I wouldn't see why not to give them a try a little bit further but but <hes> I think going a mile till it'll mile and a he's GonNa get just enough pace to where I think that'll play a little bit more to to favor with the his closing kick. How tricky is he to ride? I mean you've had you've you've basically had guys come on and ride him for for sets of races including <hes> disarm. Oh who certainly at del Mar as good as anybody Nakatani the same way Rosario certainly put on a show when going back to I thought the Saturday we'll talk to Tim reacting and a little bit you've had Giovanni Franco. You've had a rat Ortiz of Flavian Pratt <hes> with the opportunity yesterday. He's very straightforward. I mean he's one racist for me coming up the rail. You Know Clinton horses. <hes> you name it. He's Kinda done it. He's been closed these come from behind. He's just a warrior and I think the key with him is whoa. He's <hes> you know when I have that that <hes> fuel tank going at one hundred percent he's and he gives you everything he's got. He get enough to compete with the best of them and and that's just in Canada way. We've trained them this year just just finding the select races having the master plan to hopefully get him to the Breeders Cup and and so far it's working out well and this was this. This is what seven th seven career win nineteenth starts and he also if I'm not mistaken. What how close does this get him to a million? He's he's knocking on the door. I think almost nine hundred thousand and earnings so <hes> depending on the steak on the next on the on the intermediate start he's GonNa he's going to be a millionaire yeah that that'd be really nice and and if I could if we can get them a couple of great one wins to to make the multiple grade one winner then you know maybe you'd have a chance <hes> further on after after his racing career and <hes> but but one step at a time and and come out of the race in really good shape as very happy with how does this morning so. I'm excited to keep going well you also. You've also got a notable a notable ownership team in here that I got I got a reference and of course the savvy stable that <hes> it really has emerged and now as having sustained success. I had Eric Johnson on last week because he was he was one of the people that was doing the Saratoga del Mar opening day double and an E._J.. Gets awesome self another steak win and I was still there was he's still on hand. He was there he he's <hes> he's definitely got the hot hand across the country so we we don't mind that at all well and of course Saul and the problem problem was he couldn't be both venues in the same day yeah no all all really good supporter. I mean all those guys and when you get them together. You know you've got that <hes> that good luck mo Jo with all those guys you know it's really makes everything fun when you win. Tell who's rocking Robin the Rock and Robin people kind of <hes> they've their friends with <hes> with Mark Martinez Eh and they join in a lot of the Gubbay racing partnerships and some other partnerships as well <hes> good people and <hes> they're lucky as well <hes> they weren't with mark with <hes> with fault I believe in some other nice sources and and <hes> just <hes> we all have a good time over here in del Mar well and there's also a guess we should reference to nothing wrong with breaking through and getting the first win of the meat. have it'd be a great to yeah. No we'll take it well definitely take it kind of <hes> of little bitter sweet. After after <hes> almost got the steak <hes> the the day before but to break through and I'm in this this race I love this Eddie read and Pratt Ni- we've cut really good luck in this race and and developing cement sources and and hopefully we can continue with Bowie well and you mention almost winning the daisy cutter on Saturday we should touch on S. Y.. Sky And just grazed me as wi-with Drayton Van Dyke and beaten just the just fell what about a little less than a length short of painting corners the Peter Miller Altamira and slam dunk but <hes> I thought just grazed me at a big price rain right yeah you know and that philly she was coming off a long way. I think I'm looking forward to seeing her run next time because I definitely definitely think she'll improve for that from the outing and be a force on the grass I I really liked her action on it and and she looked like she handled it row against them Nice Mares and and hopefully we've got a nice one two punch between her and that's why got to stay with just grazed me for a minute. Here is another product of grazing. WHO's got to be the Bluest of Blue Collar California stallions a nick Alexander Zander home-bred can't say no and she'd been going into this yeah? This was four year old debut and people may not have noticed. She had three wins three seconds last year in six start so she's never been off the board in her career. Seven starts yeah that sires has been really really really good to me with along with the zone or Nick Alexander. He's craisins. They do anything dirt Turk short long. I one the Miller stake a couple of weeks ago with the with the graze in Philly Name Ruby Bradley <hes> and you know the the list is is long hand. You're you're right. He's a blue-collar Kinda horse but but <hes> uh when you get those horses by grazing they're always seemed to be you know sturdy horses that withstand the the test of time and and just get better with age now. He's he's the new unusual eight yeah I'm hoping soon and get a bunch of next to Asians in the barn coming along so hopefully <hes> maybe maybe Andrew del Mar but more like Santa Anita getting them well <hes> I certainly I certainly was going to quiz you on on your two year olds. Let's look ahead. Let's look ahead to this week Wednesday. What are we got missed mischief with kind of clever spelling an Irish bread in the seventh <unk>? Yeah I think she's GonNa run a good race. I I had her and I'm still learning about her last time and they're running long and I think she might be more of a late running sprinter and that that race she ran last time was was on paper looks pretty Blah but <hes> she was four wide the whole I turn nothing not for anything that the jockey could do but but a horse to her inside was blowing the turn and and <hes> just kinda stuck her for wide for the first you know maybe three quarters of the race <hes> but but she's come back chain really well looks like there's a lot of speed in there. I expect her data to come running late. We'll take it <hes> we'll take Phil D'Amato's week <hes> by day Thursday lucky Miss Jones with Martin Garcia in an allowance yes she. She's a Philly I think she's on the improve but we figured out what you wanted to do. Last time <hes> she shown that she liked the grass and <hes> I think just by maybe Tuck in her in and come with a late run that that seems to be the style that she appreciate and the way that track the courses plane here at del Mar.. I think that'll suit or style well. We'll keep going. Let's go to Friday and let's see let's start with the let's start with the maybe we'll start with the maiden side pocket charger Aaron Greider aboard in the fifth yeah you know she she showed me some improvement <hes> second time out the I'm kinda limited on options of where runner <hes> she's she's bread to keep getting better with age and go along on the grass so we'll see I expect her to take a step forward but but we'll see if it's enough to compete with with the best of them. In there but <hes> I mean she's trying to well state breads. Also as the feature on Friday the seventh race had del Mar Mile and a sixteenth on the grass the California dreaming what a view who and transferred to you and I know that was that a sale or because I know that I know the Kenny black finish the relationship but I think I think it's the same ownership <hes> you know the they just kinda change things up in the business path that they were going to take those owners in. I'm coincidentally enough. I can't even black his <hes> one of my assistants at Family Emily Right now so <hes> I've got a really good person there that knows what view and and has definitely helped me my team along the way and getting ready to run so it's it's going to be one of those. It was where <hes> fee runs well which he showed a really good breeze on the grass the other day <hes> we had to give <hes> I'll definitely give Kenny and <hes> my my staff over there are a lot of credit for but he training very well and look forward for two to run in him well and this has to do with olding old English Rancho has has kind of wound down there a part of the their operation right yeah they just restructured the way they they <hes> <hes> start their their horses and training and it was just kind of one of those things and I've been fortunate enough to get tonight sources from and also you know luckily been able to add Ken Kenny onto my team which I title is a is a nice asset excellent horsemen and how the great opinion you know when it gets on the horses well this is this is a series for those that haven't looked ahead to Friday. This is a big time race and actually sugar in here for Peter Burton written and his team and you've also got the hunted for Balkis Brando the bartender hard hitter boy. It's this is this is an interesting lineup. It's like everybody's big horse and everybody's everybody's Barn you've also got acclimate <hes> for the for this one's running under the the Johnson Trust which which is part of that whole that whole right yeah no all tied in there yeah another the horses doing really nice on my goal with him is the del Mar handicapped <hes> but <hes> they don't really have a perfect prep early on in the meat to to lead to that race unless you have allowance condition so I'm going to Kinda use you just this race to keep him sharp bullying. We're GONNA try to win but but <hes> this is like is good of property to get to get them to the dumb or handicap and I think at that that distance that's what he really wants to do the <hes> Ron as fast as he can and as far as they can so but he's doing real well well and I can't help it also turn our attention with you to Saturday and the horse that you're running at Ellis what's going on. <hes> how many how are you keep up the Kentucky. You know I've got I've got a dozen out there. <hes> and it's just it's just a nice way to to be able to to you you know about your horses around and have a little hall in the Midwest there the money's really good <hes> they're very <hes> onell chain of friendly over there in Kentucky and and you know when you have a good kentucky-bred uh the those persons over there between between <hes> keeneland and Churchill and even Kentucky downs or they're pretty pretty strong and now the person's had good too you know so so kept the string out there and and you know probably will be even a little bit more active when Kentucky downs comes around to move forces around and have the opportunity to on racism makes I like it. WHO's running the string out there good for you? I've got an assistant him Josh floor <hes> been with me for for a while does an excellent job <hes> trained with under some really good horsemen and <hes> he knows the Midwest really well and <hes> very happy with with how everything's going over there well just looking Barbara Dollah and this is for gavee a three year old street sense Philly that remember I kinda remember from last year given given the company she kept including running it the the likes of Hollywood girl and more and grill in her debut so she's she's been a little unlucky at the entry box in terms of the company. She's kept yeah. You know. She's training really well. I thought she was GONNA run. Well last time the pace scenario race over here del Mar was really weird that they they went and like you know going a mile on the grass it went in like one no nine at one and and cheese cheese mode and it just Kinda was one of those things are <hes> you know it was just wasn't her day in in in the midwest they don't seem to Kinda and on the grass you know have those kind of pay scenarios where you know I'm looking for more you know three-quarters GonNa Mile and the grass in one eleven one twelve and and I think that Philly gets fractions like that to be on or near the read doing that <hes> she's going to be much more effective. Well you talked about your two year olds <hes> other than the ones that you told Jay Primm in about <hes> who do we <hes> who should we be watching for Phil from. I've got a lot of Nice two year old phillies and I'm hoping debut at the very end of the del Mar meet <hes>. I've got a nice pioneer the Nile Philly I've got a lot of cup a couple CARPI. D._M.'s <hes> their their names are cocoa kiss. I'm sorry cocoa cookies and then the other ones Carpi Vietnam and then blue sky baby is the is the pioneer the Nile all out of <hes> obese sales. <hes> has two year old and <hes> they they've all shown a lot so <hes> I'm looking for and I have I have a nice school insensitively to name <hes> gold-digging but but <hes> she she probably won't run until Santa Anita gold digging and cocoa cookies blue sky baby and carpet. What was the carpet second Carpi Vietnam <hes> V. I. N. U. N. and she they're all they're all pretty precocious? Forward-looking phillies we give them a little time to <hes> relax after the sale clear their mind got going on them again and and <hes> but but I've started to breed them and I really like what I've seen some well in the car deums. <hes> look like they're gonNA. They're gonNA pop <hes> we can go back to conversations with bold lane and Bo Bo expected big things <hes> and of course Carpe Diem was raised on his farm and and Golden Sense <hes> absolutely hitting on cylinders <hes> so you got the couple of a couple of good first and second crop stallions and fell. We are looking forward to senior at some point over the summer you you got anything you come to Saratoga all with anything you know like to but but <hes> this year it just looks like I'm probably going to be more much more in California and and also in Kentucky so you never know well. We're expecting <hes> to do something at Kentucky downs so maybe we'll see you. One of the one of the big conduct downstairs definitely filled D'Amato everybody and obviously now breaking the ice horses were run good but <hes> the breakthrough comes yesterday in the kind of race. It's fun to win. The Eddie read always look at he reads. Look good on the resume. The motto folks. Thanks a lot Phil D'Amato folks. We're GONNA take a quick break. We'll come back tim reacting going to join us and we'll talk about Saturday and the San then Clementi and Stewart Simon from north of the border. He's got this is one of those horses that is winning steaks and nobody knows about her summer Sunday. In the Royal North I think is one three three or four straight and one of my favorite under the radar stallions silent name silent name gets runners. Let's run into the last forty five on this Monday back after this. I operations with Steve on Sirius X._M.. Radio Amazing achievements Pennsylvania breads on the world states. Thanks to find city unique Bella and shamrock rose P._A.. Joins Kentucky as the only state in the past decade to breed eclipse award champions three straight years add that to our unmatched incentives plus. Our Resource Development Fund can only be used to support P._A.. Breeding waiting erasing why breed anywhere else this is Brian San Fratello go to P._A.. Dot Com and see why Pennsylvania is the premier place to breathe him race Moore spills dot com as a cost effective tiny saving painful relegation benders rated to degenerate electronic English own vendors who can pay through horse bills dot com for just fifty cents turnouts working the minutes with are easy to use have our team takeover your bookkeeping or continue to do it yourself monthly subscription corruption chuck on video tutorial on the dot com to chat and get started today for free or spills dot com toll free number eight hundred eight nine four six four three learn the business of horses in the world's world's only accredited equine business program the University of Louisville Equine Business Program. The University of Louisville has a legacy of excellence for more than twenty five years of equine business education classes are taught by industry experts in state of the art facilities facilities located in the heartland of America's Equine Industry the University of Louisville Equine Business program when it comes to horses. We mean business for more Information Visit Business Dot Louisville Dot e._D._U.. Slash equal. Why is accreditation important Horton in aftercare thoroughbred aftercare alliances standard of accreditation and grant process provide donors with confidence that their contributions are allocated in the most effective manner D._A.? Accreditation is only awarded after a complete review view of an organization aftercare cannot be an afterthought for the industry to learn more support. The mission visit therabreath aftercare dot Org. Hey what's going on Mikey here and I'm GonNa tell you about an awful from Oh my good friends at express. Let's be honest. We know you love playing the race but you can't always make detract. Sometimes life just gets in a way of a good bet well. What if I told you about a place we never miss it and you start with house money? It's crazy right. Well Not Express Bet you first hundred dollars are on them. That's right sign up would express bet dot com using Promo Code X._p.. Radio better one hundred bucks and they'll deposit one hundred bucks back to your account the very next day hey bless you could get an extra twenty five bucks if you use Express Fund direct deposit you see what I mean house money for the racist. It's that easy. CHECK IT OUT AT EXPRESS BET DOT COM to learn more and don't forget to sign up Promo Code X._p.. Radio YOU'RE GONNA eleven and that's <hes> Mikey guaranteed must be eighteen years older in twenty one years old and certain states opening account with express betton reside in the state. We're such activities legal void where prohibited national gambling support line eight hundred five to forty seven hundred no back to at the races with Steve on Sirius X._M.. Radio we're back up the races and about twenty plus it to our threes bit of fast-moving morning which certainly was expected with so much wjr to even the abbreviated Saturday. There's still so much to go over and we'll continue of course tomorrow but right now more from the weekend and del Mar particularly the San Clemente Tim Yaqeen acting joins us and I took particular interest in the San Clemente Saturday have the new beat Bic N._H._C._d.. Online qualifier and I tabbed the race. I thought given all all the cancellations would depend on del Mar and boy depend on Tim Reacting Joel Rosario and you you come out ahead and absolutely confident ride by Rosario on mu-chou the unusual. Tim Reacting joins us. Were you a little nervous how far back he had the WHO accepts only nervous because that hasn't been her style <hes> and <hes> you know we knew that there was quite a bit of pace in the race but I mentioned Joylin the Paddock Joel writer with confidence. She doing great <hes> but that wasn't really what I had <hes> inferred to do you know make one run with figured that you know he would break away from their see how the other speed <hes> came away from the gates and find himself a position. Possibly you know ground saving trip and make his move when he deemed necessary. Ah You know we've had so much <hes> to catch this year with Joel and George Korean. We've been very very lucky George Joylin making all the right moves for it so we feel very fortunate well and and there's a lot of things about this that are notable you mention George Krikorian and I always I always think of the Kirkorian family we always think about Hollywood Hollywood story and and everything that comes out of that that side of of the Krikorian program but this is a cow bread and for for Macho Macho man it's notable cow bread-winning <music> a great at stake certainly notable and obviously I think it kind of sent a a real flare up tim that that she's she's got a lot to offer. I mean if she's going to be that rateable rateable and tactical. There's probably give you the confidence to do any kind of thing with her. Yeah I think when you when you go into a race <hes> with affiliate or a Horse Eh tactical is <hes> she demonstrated from being able to to perform on the lead. Come from off the pace or come on come completely out of from out of it. <hes> you know nothing. <hes> is going to predicate to him do be it could cantrall compromise in that regard from patient area because they can you know just run the rate the way they they themselves when did the decision and talk about the the the decisions to put her on the grass and now it's three straight wins including a great at stake and the Calcutta oaks going back to February right all along. We hope that <hes> <hes> she would really excel once we got her on the grass. We were trying to stay with the State Bid Bread Program and early on in the year. That program was mainly on the main tracks and she performed well but she really. Really hadn't performed to the level that we <hes> what we what we were seeing in the morning. We thought she would be doing what she's sort of. Come into herself <hes> so when we ran the race back in January Mary <hes> the track was pretty deep and she'd really shown that you know it was time to to migrate over Turkey because <hes> when some of these forces when any sort of have their head thrown away from them and they're on deeper service they really sort of get swimming and grace ace and so fortunately we become right back <hes> after that allowance race or no she ended up running for <hes> we came back in the Calcutt oaks and <hes> she's able to show that she really was deter affiliate that point that's sort of story unfolded well <hes> You you win this and between the between the ride and her getting up the way the way she did. I'm sure keep the storm Oh and and <hes> that group thought that they were home with Apache Princess <hes> how how sure were you when they hit the wire that <hes> you had the nose down coming into the lane. I didn't know if we're going to get there but <hes> a once we got close. I was getting pretty confident. Competent in as we got to the wire <hes> I think Joel pretty much had eddie measured so I was confident confident once we were at the wire that we were in front <hes> Appalachia princes in <hes> mutuel unusual leaves <hes> mid each other more than one and you know as you mentioned it was with another feather in the cap for the cowbridge program running one to actually in that race that's true and that's a great point about Apache princess who who were self that made the transition from the dirt over to the turf and that ride the that late move at del Mar that for years watched a sore do that hat <hes> Corey Nakatani most recently Drayton Van Dyke does a great job understanding the pace and when to move del Mar and Joel certainly had his time out west this was this was a very clever maneuver by Ron Anderson who's maintaining some of those some of those winter mounts in some of the winter contact vold that in actually <hes> you know having having them the opportunity to to bring Joel back on Muccio. I'm sorry bringing not at all bringing Rosario coming out to ride <hes> this weekend yeah that was <hes> that worked out really well for its he was coming out to ride Kathleen if John Sadler and we were fortunate enough to to get Joel in the irons ridden governor yeah. This is third time on her so we were pretty confident when we're able to get him that <hes> you know didn't make a good team again for us <hes> yeah and this now that he gets this kind of win. Honor gotTA figure Ron Ron Ron's not gonNA lose touch now right he's going to he'll. He'll keep you on speed dial. They won the CALCUTT together. The Calcutta folks so he's <hes> he's two or three aboard mutual unusual tim you've you've had unlimited start to the to the meat pretty good pretty good way to swing. It's action it is it is <hes> unfortunately my way. My barring has cycled <hes> we were sort of a little <hes> lacking in the injury boxes I part of meat that ugly things we'll start taking up <hes> you know as as you know Barnesville cycle in and out with their starters sorted and a few more starters <hes> right before the delmore more meat so <hes> hopefully you'll see <hes> quite a bit of action <hes> coming up here towards the end of the month now and <hes> into in August and <hes> it's always nice way to start a mean with uh-huh <hes> with a win especially with the swim so we feel pretty fortunate to start off outweigh when speaking cal breads and steak winners <hes> when's cordiality. When's the next opportunity for her cordiality? We're GONNA give her a little bit of a breeder. <hes> she had a pretty strong campaign this winter so <hes> we'll you'll probably see her back in action and November all right off until the fall <hes> how about <hes> how about some <hes> about some of the other of you mentioned Kerr core I talk about the Kerkorian team and big buzz. It's funny we just we just talked about grazing with the with Phil D'Amato and and here's the Krikorian House <hes> stallion mister big what's going on with big buzz okay well. <hes> I got big score <hes> and big score words <hes> he's coming back in great shape we gave him a little bit of a breather <hes> this spring and he had his first three actually yesterday and you should see him in action <hes> first week I think at the autumn meat and <hes> Santa Anita interesting all right so <hes> that's the sibling right. That's that's Bhutto's that that's all out of that same year right not unusual. Ah Yeah not unusual yeah. She's been a green <hes> great broodmare for <hes> for George and <hes> that Nick obviously has worked well on the <hes> the mister big side you know he'd ventured out and got a macho man <hes> out of her and <hes> I think we've got a kitten joy down the pipeline. That's going to be coming out of our so we've we've got a few <hes> that we're going to be looking forward to well okay. I see what's happened. Big buzzes now big buzzes with has George moved him. We we moved him up Golden Gate <hes> to get <hes> get his confidence buildup trying head <hes> a little bit of <hes> weaker condition and <hes> you know he's run some good races up there then. I think what you're going to do what we're going to see here is we're going to see big Bush. <hes> joined actually stretch out and get into some long races to possibly where you can sit a little bit closed on the pace and <hes> just continue to to Gallup along so <hes> I think that <hes> Georgia's planning on running big eh towards the end of <hes> the month year that we should see him in the entry box within probably the next week to ten days very good well how about how about the two year old front <hes> Tim why we got you what <hes> how do you look luck when we're gonNA see some two year olds you know <hes> I got a few two year olds and <hes> we're just a little bit behind on 'em where <hes> some of these other stables might be a little bit ahead but <hes> quite a few of the ones who have the pedigrees are just a little later in maturing so <hes> we got our fingers crossed and <hes> GonNa see what materializes <hes> in from Georgia's standpoint George had a very active active year on sale side so we sold quite a few that actually being mentioned <hes> mister big had his first <hes> Calvin fall come out of the box running <hes> <hes> <hes> the Brockbank team was able to buy him last <hes> September. I WANNA say here at del Mar <hes> August they as a yearling and he put on quite eighty show in the calibration allowance <hes> the other day winning by seven length so his name is big return so we're pretty excited about that because you'll see <hes> mister bigs California crop started appearing quite quite a in <hes> the caliber program hopefully migrating on the open company excellent excellent well. Tim always excited and happy when I know I'm GONNA get a chance to to talk to you and congratulate Rachana on a success and this one awfully nice and especially because I jumped aboard for our for our contests for the the N._F._C. Online qualifier and <hes> she kind of she kinda jumped off the page at me so I was very pleased and we'll look forward to catching up with your later in the summer. Well I look forward to it as well. I was talking to you so don't ever hate hesitate to call on me when we have something to talk about about and good luck with your <hes> competition there that I love it yeah. They got me yesterday. They came back and the Mandela Mandel. That's one thing that every horsemen in California ah you have all been beaten by Mandela at one point or another so I joined that company yesterday right Tim reacting everybody learns always great tim reacting and you can follow Tim and you can follow Camilla Milly Ball Mrs Yaqeen Camilli acting and Tim reacting. They both are on on twitter if you want to latch aboard tim does a terrific job. We're GONNA go from the West Coast to north north of the border and in the same way that that Yak Teens Philly is is now streaking the same could be said about Stewart's Simon with the silent name Phillies Summer Sundae who won the royal north and stored congratulations <hes> Good Morning Good morning thank you I the light to catch up with you and this is probably another one of those those horses that is winning races one after another. Nobody really knows about about yeah. The why under the radar sometimes I think a little bit <hes> but <hes> yeah he's nights Villi that these an awfully good grew right now I there have been banging the drum about silent name for ages and it we had just a year or two when the Edina team had sent him to Joe McMahon and he stood in New York for me. Maybe it was just one season and then he went back up to Edina north and I we we were Breeding Mirror to and I would've loved to have gotten to silent name for people that aren't really paying attention to to pedigree <music> silent name just gets runners Stewart and it feels like <hes> she's the latest success yeah I mean he's been such a solid sire and I mean had no thought like they only been stakes winners here. He's add some some good graded stakes winners have win places like down and eating Gulfstream and around the around the country so yeah you just really solid fire. I think we'll well you are now looking at a a multiple graded stakes winner and she wanted I asking go and short and it the Henry Win and now this now this royal north victory in how good is she and and what what are you thinking about. She's now reeled off three straight ninety mid ninety buyers. We I right now. We're we're we're definitely looking at <hes> the masters <hes> impress Kyle Ohio as a kind of a target races have been for awhile <hes> she'll run wants more up here <hes> in think it's third week of August in the C. Way and then probably hopefully everything stays goes well onto the masters and from their rule will see what direction will go to our keeps going from there well and the Masters Press Kyle has really become a you know an important prep for the philly and Mayor Sprint and the Breeders Cup and of course the question becomes with with this philly a can she dirt and you did try her in the Beaumont and it looks on paper steward like like that didn't go well <hes> is there more to it than than the surface or the you just feel like you're going to have to keep her on synthetic and turf. I really maintain. She's trained so well vol medals in the wintertime working and in Finland and both times I tried or on the dirt there was other circumstances that vendors are running them gays and I know it lips that way that they're not really like dirt that I tell you train so while on it that I I really liked to try again somebody on it because I've not not convinced that as as much as it looks like dot on her form so I we'll have to make some down the line I guess well certainly you know certainly coming out and heading toward the press kyle masters which is a great to and has been a steady supplier supplier of philly and mayor sprint not just competitors but winners <hes> I think essent I think maybe four I think there's been four filling our sprint winners out of there right it. It and you don't even have to win it you can you can do what you can do. John Kimmel did and be second <hes> with does seem like it's been a real stepping stones the Breeders Cup race in the APP well this this philly not just the three straight wins but she's now seven of nine and talk about the acquisition talk about <hes> and Bill Scott who who bought her and it looks like she was just a tremendous bargain at that Canadian sale <hes> back in September of sixteen. Yeah I feel like train for or against ten twelve years since I've moved to Toronto here and <hes> from the West and and you know he just him as white for general people at the train for and then very <hes> very patient whenever you've had a voice at prime out with S. and build without Fiat Year maybe couldn't make it very sales to get look out of a few of Egypt numbers and they went and the sale and I actually <hes> settled on her after I looked at her and water and then happy with their well. I've just if she if that was September the fall sale of sixteen that was she was a wheeling she was actually yearling so I don't know if Mr Headwaters hearing okay all right well yeah all right. She was born there. We go fifteen. She was born in fifteen sixteen. Oh good okay I see now and seventy two seventy seventy two thousand seventy two thousand Canadian after ninety five okay all right so still that's still a bargain she yes for what she's turned out to yes and she was who did who did the early work with her. As a as a young worse <hes> she was broke up up here <hes> in the fall and then went to Ocala for the winter <hes> Julian weeks <hes> Hatter Erno. Oh California for a couple of three months and then she came back and when the when the weather got better and marched back to me here it would bind well for those that those that didn't notice summer Sundae yesterday yesterday and it certainly was a summer sundae. How many how many times in your experience <hes> Stewart have they cancelled up there for for for warm weather for one way? I think I've Jack Benny for ten years now and there was only one other occasion where where we have to cancel for for heat so doesn't happen often but it has happened well. I know I know on Saturday morning. They cause I tommy <hes> masses asset had sent out a a tweet that that about eight o'clock they were they were convening and making a decision and they went ahead with the Saturday racing and now I think we're I think we're ideally we've gotten past this so so we can. We can go on with the go on with our summer. Talk a little bit about what else I mean you. You had a yet a nice effort. <hes> I know you fell short and in the Ontario Colleen the other day that was what Thursday or forefront <hes> that was actually Saudi Saturday okay yeah yes she. She's a nice philly sister. Peacock that we we bought as a yearly in Keeneland September sale for pretty good bargain price and she had been undefeated here at Woodbine until that day and I mean at at the she didn't get an ideal trip as far as being chased along on the lead by a long shot ninety two one shot but certainly the winner is very nice Horsey. You can see can destroy. She's legit but yeah sister guy. I think she'll beat. You'll pretty good horses going a mile but I think she'll be very very good horses up to seven furlongs so I think she's GonNa be no continue to be a <hes> up and coming star sister peacock third <hes> to seek and destroy the Chad Brown Chad Brown is the actually you can. We call the Chad Round Barn seeking destroy is good nickname for the barn because they seek out these steak spots and they destroy everything she wins. She wins the Ontario Colleen Saturday. I gotta ask you about one of our favorites that we haven't this last time I talked to you. <hes> what's what's next for York coming out of the highlander yeah right now. We're just kinda regrouping with York than <hes> <hes> he grabbed a quarter pretty good in his last race in the highlander and so we're just trying to regroup and with him. He's GonNa Breeze this week and we're going to work out a schedule. <hes> you know there's some there's still some good sprint races later on the year here for them so yeah we're just kinda regrouping with them and <hes> but he's doing. He's doing fine. So how old is he. He's he's <hes> five actually all right yeah sure if he was starting to starting to get along in the tooth talk about the also had a maiden winner on Saturday. I see street sapper yeah. She's a Nice Ghost Opera Philly really that she's would stabilize on that. She's just been steadily improving and she's a real gutsy Philly. She kind of had a you know a tough overland trip and and still got up to win. I you know I think she's the best of her is still yet to come also also just what last in the last ten days or so in other chiefs would maiden breaker <hes> that Nigon Spin <hes> looks like affiliate now that <hes> you know might might take a step forward after breaking through right yeah. She'll run kind of all day long on the grass your you know we're really looking out. There's a restricted canadian-bred state here on August attempt going a mile in the quarter so that's what we're going to be shooting four with hers. She's also a young unproven philly right now. Got Quite a few phillies that seem to be going in the right direction so boy that's all we're talking about phillies other than <hes> Yorktown but <hes> what about some two year olds <hes> when when do you swing it action with your babies yeah I just gotten one or two just kind of up to the racism <hes> I I think I have a few decent babies but they're going to be a while the typeset <hes> you know aren't coming into hand sound right away but later this summer I hopefully <hes> we have some more come along that are going to be going to be future stars well and clearly with with just as we've mentioned what three there's three recent maiden breakers you don't you and your clients is certainly chiefs would have been around a long time. They're not they're not an outfit that is you know trying to break records. <hes> getting horses to to win I out. They've got a long-term you know more of a longterm mentality doughty yes they're patient and as our most of my other owners are to that it's <hes> you know year you look at the horses career on the long term and and <hes> you know try to do what's right and <hes> and <hes> you know for their their career overall and and also a lot of the pedigrees that we either by chice would breeds are for you know running longer distances and and little bit later maturing hype forces so they just they just make you way. You're on <hes> you know you gotTa do do the right thing kind of thing well Stewart Simon has been proving really the doing the right thing <hes> on a regular basis and the last couple of years and certainly <hes> you know with with the kind of stock that you now have access to Stewart your prove out how you know how capable you are with the <hes> with a picking a horse out and developing it or getting a good horse comes your way congratulations again and look forward to talking again soon all right well. Thank you very much Stewart Simon and this is a nice. This is a really nice philly summer Sunday and you just heard about another few and of Course York thin already established type where he ripped through two hours and fifty minutes we got about eight or nine laughed and perfect opportunity to close out the morning. We started talking this morning about Mary Lou Whitney and the legacy that she leaves and the horsemen we didn't get you talked to nick today but we'll have the first this conversation with the horsemen within Wilkes who in recent years had the opportunity to train for Mary Lou and for John Lean obviously everybody in the in the game fans and pours players and the breeding community community everybody that has any interest in in the game saddened by Mary lose passing <hes> view and Tracy <hes> really came to enjoy being associated with her. Thanks these things I have me on and yeah I have to <hes> it is sad you know she's Fe- special <hes> special lady. It wasn't wasn't a downhill always about the WHO who's come first. When did you did you I connect with her and <hes> and when did she? I start sending yours. That's a good question someone the died in you know it's been you know are coming to a short time part of her life and just at the I would say it's probably being six or seven years. Maybe <hes> you you know I never looked it up. Just enjoyed it and taunting supply when you haven't done well and it also you know when you're when you're winning steak races of for any owner but D- You're talking about your conversations with her and the opportunities that you know that you had to kind of get to know her I mean obviously was late in her life and in her career as as a breeder owner yeah you know it's so enjoyable to watch a race. You know I'll just even just win a race for at Saratoga and just here the people you know chanting. Mary Lou Mary Lou Mary Lou that's it it's unbelievable you you know and and it could be just a claim rice but they the crowd is just so so happy for and you. You know you don't win all the time your race in you and you she say yeah that's okay. We'll get them next time you know and she she was very very humble about it. <hes> will love loved horses. Come closing <hes> would come come. The patient would love that that was that was her. I wait. What's your ranks when they come closing and I'm just thinking about about Birdsong? Who you know most most notably you want some steaks with her and and I it occurs to me that I've got? I've gotta dig. Take these pictures up. I I told Tina the other day when I was looking for the pictures I was there when when you guys one in Florida when you won the hooper and and I think I was there when she won the Alysheba right she was was on hand that day when Joe yes correct yeah that. was you know tremendous. You know that was give it a lot of thrills. You know <hes> you know. He wasn't the sound supposes but he was you know he he was a fun on court system naturally gifted horse and I'm just looking at his record and half a million dollars in earnings and the five steak wins and of course one of the you know one of the one of the sons in this case of bird town and if I'm not mistaken. Did you in Carl run against bird town in that oaks in two thousand three. Were you in that race Steve on a broke up only sorry this this talk about Birdsong Birdsong of a son of bird town. I've trying to remember if you if you had a runner in that oaks that <hes> when when when she won the oaks with Bert down we were in there with <hes> a feeling for my Boston Gal that we beat beat the town to stop before keeneland and she got revenge on us in the in the oaks I that's I don't know why remembered that that that you guys were were in there and that's funny so so you you know long-term you end up being a beneficiary ficiary <hes> from a product and of course bird town. It's part of that great story of her requiring her bloodstock Sunny Whitney's some of the old some of the old stock that <hes> have she reassembled out found mayors that that came from her bloodlines and she she gave a fresh rebirth to the the whole Whitney name and and those wonderful colors the eaten blue and the Brown yeah. It's a you just can't explain it. You know word con you just Kinda. Put it into words what Mary Lou meant to to the game and what she meant to me and Tracy. You know just a whole how things just so much fun you know. Just she's a legend. She is a legend that <hes> that's fair enough we today we tried to capture a little bit for everybody. The <hes> certainly anybody that's a fan of the game and they they know the name and and they know a little but we heard from Nick Harrison the backstretch we heard from Michael Each Saratoga and his perspective about what she meant to the town and and you and nick and Rinaldo abro and and Mark Norm Cassie <hes> you know she gave you know she gave people a chance <hes> <hes> just a fascinating. I I hate to say throwback because that's Kinda trite but what what she represents is <hes> is that special brand of off of owner-breeder in the sport and you you've been associated yourself with with a lot of those types whether it was staffel and of course oh my gosh from Fort Learned Mrs Wisdom. This is another I mean that isn't necessarily as as high a profile but <hes> you know certainly has that same kind of <hes> yeah that same kind of background yeah and just want you know this is something Steve <hes> this visit local though I go to know no here <hes> this friend here in Saratoga you know she's just a local doesn't go to the racist or anything but she's Mary Lou what she's done for the city Jones. I WANNA WANNA go to her. You know because he's Don to this city and helped you know it's priceless. You know so people just saying that. That's that just explains that it. They are very much a very much and the scene I I was down in in New Jersey but <hes> they say the scene at Saratoga was really moving when when the announcement game that <hes> that she she was gone and <hes> well I wanted to we'll get to nick tomorrow morrow but I wanted to add a horseman side of things a quick quick review of of yesterday some thoughts about the Philly Yours Steve. I don't have the greatest I'm concentrating on leaving the <hes> the connections the connections not great <hes> yesterday <hes> champagne tell you there. I'm back. Yes you know I'm here. I she have paid anyone anyone yesterday and the coaching club. I'm trying to listen and <hes> focus on what you're saying. It's not the greatest all right. You know what we're up against the break I catch up Suny and I appreciate the visit all right okay mic in Wilkes. <hes> I was GONNA ask about Champagne. Anyone and <hes> fourth yesterday in the oaks of course Goran continues on undefeated. There's there's chat <hes> I think three of course going back to Friday that unbelievable circumstance that left just the three Jad Brown trainees in the Lake George which was all right it was a little strange but congratulations to Popova our friend Paul and Regal Glory the Animal Kingdom. There's Louis is again so Sayas with a great couple of days Thursday Friday then into New Jersey on Saturday Saturday still tons to do SL- a lots of recap from the weekend the big upset in the caress yesterday mummy new and by the way Mike Welsh and the clock or team the report yesterday yesterday mommy new was right there right there at thirty two one said razor sharp and if I blew it myself <hes> that that was I missed the I missed that I missed her opportunity. Thank everybody in Wilkes Stewart Simon Tim reacting Phil D'Amato Johnny de Grandpa Johnny. I guess we call them. We got is GRANDPA. Joe Grandpa John Now Mike Beach Nick Garrison replay tomorrow sixty nine back with your life lots to do anti surly.

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Kirk Minihane Finally Talks To His Dream Guest: Brandi Love

The Kirk Minihane Show

1:51:30 hr | 1 year ago

Kirk Minihane Finally Talks To His Dream Guest: Brandi Love

"Any questions about my greatness answered definitively last night. If you watched a bizarre like unfunny Weird Blind Mike Periscope prevents this just I don't even like I don't even lieven did you do we have this Davor no so so weird about like needy and it doesn't make them off that way in the replay so that we didn't like the Audio is fine during the Oh. No I think if we stop in mock it it'll be plenty remarkable. Don't don't worry. I listened to it this morning driving in his what really yes I was this I was I was disapp- I was disappointed. Honestly really yeah it was not. I'm surprised I didn't think I don't I didn't think anything like why. Did you think he'd coming down. We'll stay like this. Just stay like. Let's it just fucking. Stay like this. I don't know it just it just seemed like you were looking for some applause or some. Oh No not at all. I was more previewing the anything or no no no no no brain thing was like six minutes in and it was all about your little did yesterday so I talked about that. You're like you know. Sometimes I'm just sitting around thinking the general public and understand this wonders to inside the fuck on my show. That's right up. I mean Jesus. I can't win you. Tell me to do more of those. I do more well. It was supposed to sort of like a hey of free from energy and you know I understand that but the blind Mike like intercom mobile that I was kidding around. I said it will be better than the day. I have a child get Mary. I think you're enjoying this this little not which is fine. I appreciate that you're officially gone now yes. When did you find out yesterday yesterday and still they still use the phrase parting ways? They wouldn't say they fired. You got to legal move on their part. I'm pretty sure yeah. Did you hear from anybody at the company that all other than the no other than I thought the woman yesterday and that was a Jeez I dunno it's over what Iran Iran historic goal covered the herald they have you think I was thinking that I find the Wifi is down. Wi Fi is down because of the weather. I don't know I assume all options unavailable. Okay you'll be able to be sent out alter find a way where at least recording we are live okay. We find okay great so unfortunately can't hear that riveting periscope by Mike. It's bad it is a sham excellent. I didn't think it was that crazy yeah. It was just he. It seemed like you were constantly looking for something to say. I don't know soloist maybe yeah may that's probably true sort of a where was your size up in Maine. He said he doesn't have great Wifi. Go by himself to. I don't know here's a girlfriend or a I think he goes mentioned once. You're burying the lead. 'cause you watch the replay so literally doesn't count the live aspect of what he did was a fucking train so I saw these so I saw the comments. That's not my yeah I mean it was also rainstorm. Meanwhile the studios have Wifi Yeah Right. What am I going to do like what was the boys the issue I didn't see it was like sputtering periscope does every time it's a lot fucking sold it was it was eight minutes straight? People were just bang. That's how long I did a Dave. It was eight. What do you mean if I if I did it for forty minutes? It would have been forty minutes straight. You have every like it went from. I don't even know how many white five hundred people in there and just kept window into one more content tents than I know jumped forward a couple of times during we haven't so we have absolutely no why we're going to do something that we're GonNa do that. Thing anyway doesn't matter we're talking about. Apparently he said this one is connected head. It's hard wired in hardwired. Yes yes okay. Great actually listened to <hes> we'll roaming real quick so get Roman dot com get tremaine dot com get Roman dot com you get your wife's for five dollars for the first month five dollars for the first month. Do it right now your best sexual experience ever we can attest to that <hes> get Roman dot com get trauman dot com they ship into your house discreetly or to your office. I know plenty of people like Mike you know they don't want the flowers or wipes absent to their house. They brought to the office right more discreet a little more discreet. That's right <hes> GET ROMAN DOT com. It's these commercials now all the time I another one again last name and throw money around like crazy. We're happy for that. We're happy doing well. We're happy that the Kirkman hand show <hes> listeners <hes> podcasters abused get Roman dot com slash kirk for five dollars for the first month for this experience. GET ROMAN DOT COM SLASH KIRK BOWMAN DOT com slash Kirk on listening to Cookman has a podcast guest for Kirk Minna Hain who is apparently a derelict of some kind kirkman hands no one more controversial right now on the sports talk world. I'm talking about Kirk many thug aw yes well. He is white hot say something about Kirkman hand because I like him. Kirk is like sports genius who everyone hates fuck it so I feel like we're in as weird. This feels as feels like a strange short so we have no wi Fi <hes> and we have fifty minutes already in the bank yes so with Brandy love who was excellent who <hes> we tweeted out yesterday. I saw the video. I guess the video got a lot of us right. People are excited answers the long question. I Guess Brandy Eddie love sending a video. The ME is nine times more popular than somebody eating dog food with <hes> with an outfit on no no no he made you he gives you. How are we survive without him? The last couple of weeks we haven't even mentioned his name and yet it's very Israeli listening. It's odd so a toy locked this thing or what because it's the keeps. This thing keeps frigging slipping like what's that I mean it's fucking annoy. Let's stick of Peking pointed lock this thing or what what's going on. They're trying to adjust my own sake so I'm not slumping down with the fucking day is that good should be walked. What a help okay great awesome? He'll be miss. The services provided here where we're coming down to the end of the colony and era whether the run it's been a really has been historic. People forget the first guy I even know if you're mixed one of the four point my favorite it was funny I was I had my uber driver this morning. Throw on my favorite station and I don't know if you're gonNA believe this but a woman called in no not really start the show a woman called in and said Hey Kennedy I think <hes> my husband's cheating and I'm looking to hash this out on the air. I listened the Open Anthony this stuff you talked yesterday. It was pretty funny yeah but I mean if you will go back and listen open doesn't hold up just like the language they use and Shit like seriously that point yeah. I mean you know that yeah. They're saying things you cannot say anymore right because I would. I don't care what cheer he looks like right but the but it was just funny to hear them I so I knew nothing about. I know nothing about these. These two astles other than their fucking not opening Anthony Carson Johnny Carson Kenya fucking can assholes but I didn't know they were like new than I thought they grew up here whatever I didn't know they were new market so they play for ten years now. That was thinking about us. I've been here for ten years motherfucker know she said Yeah I didn't I told you that I think where she was like. He kicked me out of my studio and I was like I've been here for ten years motherfucker now you the Piss me off again out of her studio yeah. What do you think I went in? There was like what did she talking about. I don't know she doing that like I'm trying to like. I'm the crazy girl or she serious. I mean she was Syria kind of a little both fucking. What did you say nothing about that? Yeah I was I was like I don't know I mean he's always been good to me. I don't really know what the oil psychic partner well not not officially aside sizes and by the way hands I need to one of her bosses was helping you out with the entire time. Her boss I couldn't using could've been a nicer guy. fucking frustrates me yeah. It was fun. They're playing the they were literally doing a segment. These two shitheads heads this on the radio or they're talking. Look reading texts of all places they can go leaf. Peeping a real segment wasn't a I'm like I do a segment like that. Make Fun of it and have like but they were doing like in this guy what's Carson Yeah because Eli I keep asking this is because a Carlson Mackenzie. Show Guy who likes coup confronted me when I did the felber thing yes assaulted did the solvent he did sexually assaulted me <hes> so I always think it's Carlson's Carson Kennedy Right. This guy car was literally like we have a text up like really liked. This text from four zero nine. Six as in Leominster is nice place to pick apples and then like. I don't know if that's his thing if it's a bit that he's constantly doing. It's the morning radio is so fascinating to me I. I don't know I did it for a while but like radio generally I was driving this morning. I did the same thing I was driving in. That was done with your thing so I'm like I'll flip around and just I just want to hear what's on just want to hear what Nina what because I never listened to it. Basically that was on the air sound like what am I against that put on touch ritual our main competitors for what I was there. They were talking about sharks and Cape Cod. It sounded like there were two different studios for all I know they were and then my old station was talking about Odell Beckham Junior and then they were it's rough now. It's weird as even when Jerry was still on. I would throw that on the morning has anything I missed any talk about news news and Shit now. It's like if you want anything current. That's interesting. They're not gonNA find you have to come here. I mean that's so I don't know I flipped over. I didn't hear them. I actually forgot to listen to them but I was flipping around a break or something and it was all that it was just blind Bachelorette and fucking nothing of anything yeah. It was weird straight and I'm sure it's like that everywhere and so someone messaged me that another entercom station like the T._J.. Show on amp or whatever yeah yeah they do a bit where like the Guy Calls his nephew and asks the nephew for news and the kids like ten years old or something like that and he was like that's hacked to and I agreed with them but I was at least that's originally the war. The roses thing is like completely the pre packaged lazy doesn't take any effort. They'll send it to you. So I ask you dave to play any sound. Can you do it. I can't pull anything up sweep nothing right now so we can't do anything why are leaving here. I'm kidding like what are we going to. How are we going to do this? Weather's in crazy I mean we can't play the were worthy. Roses sounds from other cities. We can't do anything download some yesterday. Oh that's okay so you have some sound you can play looking for new sound like what you want me to the other day you want people all day were sending us stuff from around the country New York and Chicago and California true yeah so I mean I was just I wanted to hear it from another. I didn't listen to a purpose and wonder react to it here. We three of war of the roses from another city kiss ninety five point one with those are friends. From where do we know whether we do not it's like Kansas or something five point one plus years with the war of the roses tyler color. You think your girlfriend's cheating on you. Why do you think Kelly is going astray? Hold on. This girl isn't even like she's given up. Why do you think the cheese what are they? She has that she's like off. Fuck God Jesus Fuck. I gotta did you this again. We all Kennedy. She's into a man Oh yeah she's. She's got the roses. She's got the script. She's got the avid I'm from just got the whole thing so full disclosure. We're going to have Casey Smith. Do what what exactly she was going to play the key the listener she's in scorn girlfriend but she wasn't going to Casey right she was going to be whoever could be Casey from New York hypothetically speaking to create a mind ah even made an intro for let me hear the intro. You have to keep it local. It can't be New York to be Maldon. Let me let me hear the I did this in my car in the mornings war. I can't speak about that. One real listener found that even one unsuspecting victims. I had a good thing going on thankful. I got twelve smells free rose completely free on those actually about the COMP- lowers for my my lady. It's the roses on in the mornings exclusively on Barstools Poor Insert Casey. It's good in the sense that that is exactly what I mean. That's exactly what do your apartment or would you do. I heard Aww podcast producer did it from his car parking lot good good we have Casey joins us. would she be willing to join us later on the week. If the Internet works here sure okay the Internet now working with a factor in this correct yes okay not Casey. It'll be some random person my girlfriend did you reach out to her teller. We couldn't do it too yes. She hasn't responded quite early for we'll tell her that the Internet's down in this ten barstool that's true though she was in fairly early today I was there. I think she goes in early and no one else does pretty much. That's kind of what I it's hard. Worker seem to be the VIBE. There are let me hear ninety five point one our friends in mind and it's working fine on my phone. Are you share your Wi fi. You're not just the cell okay. Is there a difference. Yes didn't even know that watches on the Selman extend lately. We've been there for three months with I'm super serious but at the same time it was my birthday last week and he didn't even call me for it. It's just been a weird distance lately. She's seeing someone else in the side or something. Have you heard or seen from her since then what really interesting where's her. She's up pretending to work for flower company then I I want a phone company or whatever so what does the premise of this. She just randomly calls like they see. I don't understand well. They're talking to the listener. I listen to calls them. Oh let's go this this listener sure does want to do it independently and privately the screen no no no no dude on the Airways anymore real life disintegrate excise what role to the roses playing this. She offered Free Rose Zack so they'll call her now calling rob the one thing I've found about these bits no matter where they are on the country they do not stray from the script pretty exactly good and so three months very new relationship the whole point of war of the roses assist to catch someone cheating. Are you in fact exclusive. I mean again three months. I mean that's are you actually in an exclusive relationship. Have you moved furniture as we saw very there yeah of course well. Let's find out if there's something else going on. Here's the implant asked who she wants to send the man package too but it's more important what they put on the note that might tell us a lot okay all right shortfall looking for Kelly Kerry <music> Hi Kelly. This is Jennifer flowers for you. How are you today Fine Hi? I'm great well Kelly. I have your name and number here for the future just for them. If I did I would do a little. You know. Maybe be mixing. Hey An extra twenty are so bad I play an extra twenty five bucks and having to alive call just to interact with each other interrupt each other a little bit but the thing is they have to do so many of these they just don't have time. I know I mean I would just say maybe just so you know what do we don't know where the station this now. These people all sound the same to they just all sound like a radio. People are so weird going here the rest of hey contest and I have a very romantic man package for you to send free of charge to the Manulife. It's got cigars in it a bottle bourbon a tie and the hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on let me hear this package again in Charlotte where does she says she's calling from flowers for you. Okay so why is flowers for you calling link this this person woman cigars cigars bourbon and dress socks. I hear your personal media tag contest and she hold on hold on so she wanted social media tag contrary. Why did this woman participate in this contest? Don't worry so she participated caught so sub a fake contest as well allegedly. There's a lot of work to this and I have a very rude man package doc ID for you to send free of charge to the Manulife. It's got cigars in it a bottle bourbon a tie and some dress hold on. She said he very romantic package that cigars shit faced cars put on Berlin order of suit Dr suburban ties in socks. Who is this idiot? She's fucking dumber. Who is is this I well? I was telling my girlfriend the other night I was hey baby. It was an APP. Listen to the night. I've got plant view. I'm GONNA smoke a cigar while I'm drinking bourbon and I'm going to sit here and nothing but a tie and dress socks you have someone in mind. You'd like to send them to. I I have a man in my life. Nobody that maybe you may remember just a few short moments ago. The gentlemen told you he's not sure where they stand and their relationships when she maybe sampling Bourbon or either these calls all day. I'd be fucking hammered. Let's do like how Oh my God go ahead. Are you sure there's nobody that maybe have been dating that. You'd like to send them to flowers for US radio right. No I listened to the show interesting interesting so you know how worthy roses work so this guy this guy said to her her interrupted while she was talking which show you talking about. She would definitely say the specific showing market ninety five point one kiss this. Is the radio show right now. They're playing the character where they're aware because it's so popular I've never seen that they're still popularity of it. They can't not acknowledge in the air heard it only in this market of Christ's in the in the ether. It's in existence right. Everyone's talking although you in fairness to her you would think if every day hey someone was getting caught cheating by some random flower company we're probably get around. It's probably true but you know how wore the roses works. You know if there's somebody else on the other line but you say you don't have a boyfriend so who would be your best. Guess who's on the other line thinking that you're cheating on them and no she's a slot. How many guys dating we did ask this person? Listen if you were intimate with him and he said you guys know each other very well. You didn't call this person for their birthday. Kelly is remarkably does during this. She's interrupt breathe now. She's a cough radio station. Let's get this over with it. Is The act is here because I'm a woman I am really promiscuous. I'M GONNA list of bunch of guys fucking and you're gonNA mock before go girl yes. He go go ahead. Let's go introduce Tyler Tyler Tyler. What's going on uh-huh Tyler? Pause Oh tyler. Let's try in the guy again like you know we again Bill Smith you are station great guy. He'd be like all right. NOPE try one more time a little bit more energy. It sounds a little try wartime picture that like Oh Tyler Tyler. It's so great acting they like this tyler is a real character. I've had up to here with him. This car that Kennedy who fucking got you fire basically call me the biggest asshole ever lived or whatever they do this fucking dumb shit every day every day. Fold me on twitter by the yesterday. I don't know I couldn't tell me so. I don't know if she I don't think he was falling before so I don't think she's going to I wish choose quiet on social media right yeah because I'm sure people have tweeted. She tweet anything but she was taking a pretty good beating yesterday. Yeah you're doing the classic either. She tweets something out from a passive people. Go you hate blind people that whole thing I think it's Gonna I hope that sticks yeah. I just didn't like I like people taking your looks in Shit because I think it's his like her. Work is so lazy speaks for itself. Make Fun of that. Show sucks care what you know I betting. I don't even know what she looks neither do I it's true. It's all right folks say do we have we Carson Kennedy stuff. Do with this or not the reunion yes. What's the reunion was okay? This is Carson Kennedy. The reunion and happiness sunshine cheaters what another cheating Kennedy Summer Favorites Tsk required writedowns. Nothing sounds like Oh. It's underwear the roses thing yeah yeah come on other. They had a separate sheet of evidence to seven years and uh-huh suspicious that my husband might be cheating on me first of all I grew up in Southie. Maybe very good British accent Meryl Streep. I think my husband's been snowing some seven years though there's there's a bloke I've been dating game soaks tie and some Seagal. Is this the package from Kansas. Oh I'm sorry in Boston yeah. Hey what's going. Oh sorry yes. It's going on yeah so I'm doing my voice now right. Which radio station is this? Oh my God I mean the terrible voice again for one thing things have not been going very well Carson squash he went to senior High School Union a few weeks ago and I made a since then he's been exchanging emails and doing some things on facebook with friends from high school and I believe one of the people he's exchanging emails with his sweetheart taught spent what five year was your ten year reunion minute there. Some kind of flame was kind of US Kennedy salesman shoes still there attorney reunion. I shouldn't Kennedy Energy like her and she's you can tell the evil which he did. You care which symbol she's fucking AASHEIM. Sorry guys the fucking drip Huck Kennedy puts effort in doing it sucks but then effort because the laziest terrible but she says guys just like fucking zero like what does he saying so. There's is dating someone ten years the reunion. Let's say route to let me your this if you on the line. We have a foolproof plan here. Okay Kennedy is going to try and entice him with a dozen red roses given the chance to send them where every once and hopefully he sends it to you. They really do do this every day. They'll show can there in on the joke that by the way we're doing it every day now but they do it every fucking day and they don't like you were saying yesterday they do not break. Don't give them that's just get my email yesterday. Oh I give you the whole rundown on how to execute this perfect. It really shows you how prepackaged and lazy doing this bit is because they're like it's called war of the roses which is a movie reference to a movie. That's a little older so we think the name is still timely but don't reference the movie. This will date your sex ED. I can't get your right day. My fucking Internet's network. Do we contacted Ho should stay out of the fight over here this okay so you have the email before we do the so what's I've been see this email my barsha email or my other one other one okay. I checked my own yeah so let me see so what is the US this from this is coming from a radio executive who sends out those prep services that guy so he is telling everybody so it's it's been around a while in the name of the feature taken from the movie of the same name is a bit dated but it's still works just don't reference the movie that date will show you in a negative way. Many shows continue to have great success with it including Ryan seacrest Dave Ryan Mojo in the morning and Detroit and Jagger Jagger and Christie to basically what they're saying. Is everyone already does this. This is as hack is get so if you want to join the party. Come on it how to set up. The war of the roses set up a new situation each day. This is it's not like do we did you couldn't couldn't figure up enough. You need directions to how to do this thing you call the acting victim posing as a new flower shop right offering to send a dozen roses to anyone they choose you just need to know who to send them to and what to put on the card. After the response from the victim revealed that you have their partner on the phone and let the action again there's no mention of legal stuff and how they need to okay hold on. We got there good obey. The was be careful to avoid violating privacy. He was and wiretapping wants. That's something you know what I do. In your country in most places it is illegal to put someone on the air without their permission if you're not sure check with your station attorneys most shows doing this feature US actors. Ah You said that this guy this is not only safer legally. It sounds better on the air yes. There's nothing scripted bit Tracy Johnson God yeah I just had to deal with people like that once in a while they come in and be like this or you know. Don't you try more <hes>. Whatever more segments more promos <hes> what's the fucking word I hate this word where it's <hes> neopets? They've another word for it it <hes> Don trademarks for show stuff basically show bits trademark show stuff benchmarks benchmark love benchmarks which do want you to benchmark stuff like touch numbers to townie jeopardy's. Don't I don't WanNa do that. Just fucking fake to me. You know so so you need to WanNa do like I don't know enrich sell it but like if they want to do it then it might be funny. Whatever doing that wouldn't sound? They also kind of make fun of two shows her dead serious like one hundred dollars Kennedy like you know they so they never say these are actors and no no okay okay neither will we we do know of course that's. I think a chance you in Casey Smith fucking well. You know she's going to be upset when she. She finds out that you're fucking somebody else or you're upset can imagine you're upset when she finds what's the dynamic I think it would have to. I mean it makes the most sense that it'd be cheating on her of course yes. I know so I think so but the key for you you need to understand and you need to stay out of their fight. Oh absolutely I mean they're times if the common down and redirect stuff that's important just sort of you know and I think there's a chance that you know so. I'm calling Casey with a unique package. I'm calling Mike. Who am I calling? You're calling be calling me. I'm calling you yeah right yeah so it'd be Mike Yeah right you'll be. I'm calling Mike. Hey Mike I've got the terrific <hes> cigars for you know we got flowers. You're GONNA set because you're sending somebody yeah right and you'd be sending them. We think to your girlfriend Casey Smith. Oh didn't even occur to me that that's why they did this. She has to send them to the guy. What a what a fascinating fascinating but they know but what I'm saying? Is You just caught up to this. What I'm saying is that they couldn't change the company? It has to be a flower company but they say like Oh. We'll send you cigars Rand Ryan. No one's GONNA flower flower flower place frequently value there is I'll get some roses tobacco. I usually get my socks as you grab like six pair. Socks flowers get Outta here. I always say the girl behind the counter hate just. Could you just put the socks at the front takes. I don't see well. It takes me while to get. Why did you hide the ties you like? What kind of flower shop is the size of the best part of this place say this great? Sometimes I call one eight hundred flowers and I said well. I'm looking for the ties. It is so dumb replying now <hes> Charlotte is the British one now. This is the call the moment I think the good morning please speak with Ron Ron Ron. Hey Ron my name is shelly. I'm calling from your wireless. schone seems like she sticks Micheli. Oh this is Kennedy okay. I this is Charlotte. Oh Yeah Oh sorry we went back to Kevin Okay so Kenny sticking to her her phone thing. Everyone knows show. Everyone's familiar with this is a dozen. The good thing is so much humor involved which I like. Wouldn't it be great though as you like you said. I bet they're gonNA answer. Wouldn't it be great if they're just like molly didn't answer. I'm sorry I you try again tomorrow so we're GONNA miss on this one good. I'M GONNA preface. That was not a sales call. I'm not trying to upgrade you or sell you any new phone so just relax. I am calling however from our Customer Service Department Hartman. I WanNa thank you so wait back and relax. Don't worry when they're doing that. So that guy said okay. There is always the producer hitting the button where he says okay well. She's talking yes I. I would assume they're doing it kind of live to take. That's my guess okay so that she can talk over him a little bit doing studio so she's doing it. Live live to not with the actor understand that but she's doing. It knows what they're going to say so she gears her questions not only does she have a script. They're also playing quyen that sound back towards this up priest totally produced hundred percent okay being a loyal customer in the way we'd like to do that. A dozen roses free of charge. How does that sound to you completely free of charge hold on hold hold on hold on hold with you all the way here but I'm paying anything for this? I don't even service charge or I'm going to say I'm no. I'm not playing your fucking game by doing it. He uniform with these free roses. I no what's going on that old game done this before. I've gotten off this by phone companies before. Clearly one of my girlfriend's is on the line somebody else don't even try this not even that I've been offered free roses before I know there's a hidden fee somewhere. Are you sure it's completely free. Thank you fuck with this guy. This guy. This guy will ron is on this guy will sniff. It wasn't ron the name yesterday to what do they changed the names ever shelley and Ross the laziest fucking show ever this laziest show ever. I go back to the studios. We're bigger than ours. We did fifty times the ratings they did there see those bigger than they get mad when I go in there producers booth when they're not even the fucking air. I was not even that but when I went into tape with you it was around eleven or noon they're showing ten. What are they still doing there at that a time they weren't even like how long does this take five minutes? I don't even know there's amid a midday. Host was there and she seemed very nice. I forget her name. She was always waving. I didn't bother her. She's not going to show Golob was music. She seemed very nice. I forget her name. I think it was it doesn't matter who gets a FUCKER S. I realize it's difficult to understand. A lot of people have a hard time with it but they are. It doesn't seem that difficult interesting. What does she talking? What's what's difficult understand? The roses a free well in a way it is difficult Michael because okay what's ball random. Call thank God you thought again we can't do today. You'll see we call nine numbers. Nobody answers the phone you did but that was it I I wouldn't have. I didn't know it was we've got no strings attached sounds good. Yeah I get no catches great so I need to know the name of the person you would like for us to deliver the roses to go to anyone be great girlfriend. Send it to you can never he never random. They never randomly send these fucking. This girl was sheathing. He never just would say you know what I'm in trouble with. Maybe they'll send some flowers right. If you're if you're cheating in your girlfriend that is the and flow I would imagine it seems like a good. They never put the but yet these guys every there so fucking dumb yeah I mean what are they doing they want to they're gonNA get caught. I know you can't Fuck Carson Kennedy in the bring you down but I like that I can send them to anyone as if she's going to be like no we'll give you three names. You can send them to your mother your spouse or your best friend so we we have not yet. You've dug in quite enough yet. We've heard the same call into different stations right eye. That'd be tie worked. I doubt long time yesterday I bet you it south. It's has to be there. I bet they separate them enough. Whereas if like yesterday's call it's played in Kansas or whatever it'll be in three weeks or something so they don't do it doesn't seem like a bit that would have existed a pre internet immoral as it's been around for? I know but like it seems like now like I don't know seems so there's a good chance that they're not duplicates because every station could have their own voice talent potential the guy that open anthony talked to Said said he does different calls every day so it might not be they might call each market every day like the same voice is on different stations right. Yeah Ron is probably calling eighteen stations to this so opening anthony got run on. I'd like to talk to Ah I looked for. I reached out to a couple people that I found the yeah no response yet. Keep working on it okay so she okay so. Let's hear what this can go to anyone to Mickey sure okay missy and now i. I just need him for all right. Thanks for helping me remember what it feels like. I knew you would cheat on way amazing how that accent goes in and out when you're when you're angry. Who's this person consistent? British accent is this sounds like my girlfriend British use son of a bitch you fucking sort of bitch. What the fucking doing enough to fill? You cheated on me you what what is called hold on a second hold on a second run yeah. This is the man on the nineteenth walk with my wireless provider. I thought it was just a simple man talking to a phone company about rose. It's like I do everyday guy pays bill every and he wants to be rewarded like what the fuck like now getting this shit I still get the roses I've and how they can sit back. Talk to my wireless provider about free roses as I always do and now I'm being ambushed. Yes this is Carson and Kennedy with mixed four one. We have your wife on the phone Andrew. WHO's missing? Are you kidding being defined relationship. I also like I said yesterday. The angered party is remarkably composed with other people are talking they managed to do I give them credit. They're good radio radio personality. Wait for Carson and get the call. Let the air breathe and then they attack again they never they're only angry at times which is an interesting tactic. Yeah and it's not like you know they always WanNa wait to hear Oh. It's mixed one of four point one. I thought it was mixed in another words. I want to six seven good. You know home anymore and you could you been faithful devoted to you. I didn't even offer like I've sworn on the radio uh-huh and stuff like it never gets beat. They catch it. It gets drops pretty. He'll beep things like doesn't really work that way. It's strange if they're able to producers has the finger on the trigger very good here. She is very good yeah. I didn't even what what are you talking but I didn't do anything everything. You know what I'm so sick and tired of this. I'm just GONNA hang out missing from now on reunion he goes from. I have no idea what you're talking. I couldn't even Fathom Adam. You're talking to leaving his wife. She says one word and says that's a marriage over. I'm hanging missy. We miss gets this guy in twelve roses like not so bad now. Do they still get like is the is the act now that doesn't get the roses or does she still get them well. That's an interesting question. The risk of all these roses you might as well. He really wants to stick to say hey guys enough's enough here. I need his information to send those the need to address phone number just in case we need your credit card on file. We're not GONNA charge you. We said we'RE NOT GONNA don't never subtle either like these. People never leave okay. Thanks so much thanks for being here for me. Helped me out. It's always base. It's very sexual innuendo fill they find it's very strange. Yeah almost they WANNA get caught. Yeah it would lead to the reaction from somebody on the other end of the phone. Yeah and I always think it's like immediately if I if I was caught cheating my first reaction would be all right. I'M NOT GONNA hang up. I'd like to settle have this out on the air. Let's let's asset. Let's let's let's make this official will get a divorce here so you're Tracy Johnson person who sent the email says you know they can use actors but you'll have to do that. You don't have they ever not used. It's possible okay so here's the way you would do it. If you don't use actors actors to tell the call and say hey we're going to call you from fake flower company and off your free rose in Iraq and say that you're cheating on your hypothetic. Show could be so popular that somebody would want to try to catch their own boyfriend in that type of Sich boyfriend also has has to know before he goes on there right. You have to tell both parties have to know that's true yeah so there's no essentially you're an actor issues with like telling guests like things that they're going to talk about to be got spended issue founders which we even cheating on your the guest today move on from the past. Oh Mr Mr Dershowitz Hi. It's Kirkman. How are you hello pretty interesting thing? You've been looking at your phone bill. It seems like you've been paying your bill pretty consistently here here for the last year or so. We'd like to send you a dozen roses. Is this talking about the Boston Globe we could go yeah we could get one of the accusers on and he said what am I on the radio. We got your Dershowitz. Let's just have it all right here like enough of this bullshit. Let's just do l.. We with US Geoffrey Geoffrey Free Hello. How are you love the random like that? It makes no sense. It's safe enough that you can put it in any context like these lines like oh wonderful say anything. That'll be the reaction it'd be. I love to hear one where they slipped up with like a bad at it where it's so we found you are cheating on your wife. I'll terrific. Thank you so much. We we found that you've been even sleeping around and your this terrible guy free exactly yes totally free got shit. Let's do it again so the so carson can they will do us again. Tomorrow and Thursday respect the weird way. Let's talk about I guess they announced the WHO the person is at the mixed one of Four Beach House so the pro- probably a lot at what the mix one four beach. I don't know that is oh. It's a big I guess <hes> Shawn Mendez is going or something all. They have like a concert beach house yeah so that'll probably take it most of their time. I don't even know they have time for those are tending like if you're like Carson giving a fuck like the Shawn Mendez singing somewhere. Do you believe it God. That's gotta be rough. It's got to be rough Geez. It's just a weird existence especially Carson. Maybe like at least Kennedy's like into that music. Maybe kind of hurt demo they play music on that. Show they MO- yeah I mean they talk for like fifteen minutes and our semi they do this. I assume I'm just guessing because I've heard music radio music. They do pop culture stuff at Taylor swift dating and they do <hes> can't beat Kennedy and that's it. That's a show yeah. That's not repeat that at nine and then the done did send us a picture on twitter account issue see this. This is Craig Center says she was interviewed in the improper Bostonian she did. One of those question asked Oh I saw this question answer things and what makes for good radio they ask Kennedy her response realness honesty. No bullshit what we do on our show is our real lives like it. You know we wouldn't be ruin. Someone's life on that's real. We really do that. We don't make up the we talk about our real but every day they do a segment is completely fake yeah so the guy who does this story like obviously didn't listen to show either because he would our the fucking shitty assize boss told them to write something on you. Imagine like I know that stuff works there also the number one sport show in is that a joke they must be kidding right. I would assume sets although no in that open anthony thing right <hes> they have a classic parody song. You may remember when the song what does the Fox say was a hit I sure do you want to hawks that very obviously lent itself to parody song a couple months later when the Red Sox were in the twenty thirteen shock say you guessed it my friend so maybe they they have the finger on the pulse of sports fan play the funny the opening Anthony Ones won't we should tweet out for the show account yeah yeah okay good. They thing we're like somebody on their show said they were dolphins fan in they didn't even Kennedy's of big doll. I was the name handle it Komo Patriots town the bricks the two thousand nine one Kennedy's features much more heavily. Yes I noticed that can they took a beating in that. I don't know who's hoping that the much more night who is the one who is more Anthony's a lot funnier and voices and abrasive one. Who's like you know saying like he's going all in probably opie okay if it's less funny but more Harley unfunny comedian to Jim Norton? I liked norm but he wasn't funny there they said he was. I like gymnasium but they were like he's draw. I think it was drunk from night before something oh no he doesn't he isn't during thirty years. No no whatever it was he was he was often though I do like Jim Norton Yeah but yeah I think I think they the different comedian in studio for that though possibly if Norton's out they have yeah whatever it was it was it was pretty entertaining all right so we're GONNA try and line this up for later this week. I mean Oh sure okay. I don't know anything about what are you talking. Don't worry about okay. Don't worry about <hes> okay so that's uh-huh any anything else. WanNa play from the stuff or no no. I want you to Roman them. We do enrollment what about okay because we enrollment again. I GET ROMAN DOT com. Get your main dot com. Go Right now. GET ROMAN DOT com slash Kirk. Stop Stop stuff fucking around. Let's just do it right now. Let's get over a Senate to me. Send it to the show account. Let us know using it like get Roman. No using his at Roman is that the twitter can't get wrote. Get Roman go to let get Roman though as well that helps us helps you guys helps us to our show every day without ninety six commercials get Roman dot com slash Kirk and you make your sex life better cleaner longer-lasting more enjoyable done. Everyone's a winner for five bucks. Let's do it get Roman. DOT COM SLASH KIRK GETS ROMAN DOT COM SLASH KIRK GET ROMAN DOT com slash kirk five dollars for your first month of use all right. We doing brand you love right here. Oh Yeah let's let's <hes>. Let's play so I did the Barstool gold. Whatever last week I guess we go today? Is that right now. I was asked to guest on most. I said Brandy love she found out about reached out to us was happy to do it. We've tried together on in the past. We'll talk about that after and we're talking about the life of the interview as well. You're going to enjoy this. <hes> brandy love joins US right now. It's it's it's finally this. Is You know every once in a while a young child dream come true and it's finally happening. I just on Tuesday I was asked on Barstool who my dream guest is. I said Brandy love three days later. I guess a week later for taping. Who am I talking to right now brady dreams? This is like make a wish for for podcasters. It's unbelievable actually happening. Okay now. You're making me nervous. I'd hate to failure. What's going on? How you do so you? We talked for second before and you said Bas- basically what you told me was you got absolutely shit. Face completely hung over right now right basically. Is that it that that's a lot more fun. I'm totally not hung over because night. Drink Tequila bounceback super fast. I'm a professional Tequila drinker but it was a little bit routier evening than we anticipated because it was an arts terry event so you know sometimes you gotta throw curveball make it a little more fun than actually was. What is your a five million? Things have fascinating but with your life cycle on twitter. You're awesome follow so so so what is your basic schedule with job versus life again we were when we were messing back and forth the show do the stuff. You said you have to go to L._A.. To do stuff do you just go out. Shoot like a bunch of stuff back to back then take a bunch of time off and do it again or what's so what's a basic brand. You love month like for example. It's it's always interesting and I enjoyed that we we have two different companies. One is in the real estate side of things and then of course the adult company within adult company. It's so multifaceted which keeps things very very exciting. We have the cam life camping were always shooting content for my own stuff on porn hub and then there's L._A.. And through the two years because of starting new companies and what you call life you know that thing that we try to balance I go out to L. A. Only three times a year now and I go for about three weeks and when I'm there for those three weeks it is a I can. I can swear right. Yes say whatever you want okay. It's truly a fuck ifan. I mean it is like I shoot every single day. I might take a day off every eight to nine days and then I come home and go back to work doing the other things enjoying my family in quote unquote normal life so do the years. It's worked out to be a really great schedule of balancing adult life and normally buy in the middle of that Fuck Ifan. Is there any point where you're like like um I just wanted to. I just wanted to go back to just WANNA go back east. I'M GONNA go back to the house. I just want to look at the you know. Just enjoy my point. Are you at the point in your career where you're sorta like I'm just I'm sick of this shit. I'm sick of fucking random guys who I don't really really no and that's kind of weird are you. Are you because I mean look. I'm GONNA say right now. I've said this before. I'm GonNa tell you right now. You're you're the Meryl Streep of Porn. You're better than Merrill. You're better by Meryl. Streep could never do a stepdaughter seeing forgive forget. I said that you are you are the greatest I am saying this to listen to me right now brand new okay listen to me because if you've heard this before you're the greatest actress who has ever lived ever understand what I'm saying. You're killing me right now. It might seek certain I'm I'm dying for him by the way Meryl Streep also gave plants. Let's get standing ovation at the Academy Awards so she's an Asshole so forget her you are you are not compared correct correct. I can't think of an acting you're you're. You're sears step. Daughter scenes are the greatest acting in film and your Intros to these scenes are what you do best. That's the way you I mean the sexist great but the way you tell the story before the best ever. You're the best ever at it. Well see I appreciate the fact that you actually might be one of the I dunno eight percent of people in the entire United States that watch porn. How about the world that actually give a shit about the beginning of the story? I am hearing more and more thank you that people care about the story of course the four playwright. Why can't so when I scroll through if I'm on wherever right so let's say I'm looking for seen in a minute I click on it it straight fucking right away? I feel like I've jumped into some weird thing. That is not like I need. You know what I'll say. I need to be romance a little bit like you're like you're seeing like the scene where you had with the where the <hes> were your. I forget the the the the name of the world. I think it's called black or something. Is that right. That's so so it's your your your sister in the scene right is you're talking at the beginning. You're in your room. You're putting on your outfit awesome unbelievable fantastic and then the sister goes to the mall which is a bad move move on her part. I have to say in retrospect probably left meal the sisters in the wives and the why are they always so dumb in these scenes I totally irrelevant but make things easier. I guess so that's true boom right away. Honestly the best storytelling ever Dickinson self if you've got to have his grave cannot write a scene like that. I'm kidding. I love it but the point is my question was anyway. You get bored doing it long way of saying. Do you get bored being in L. A. Doing this or do you still really enjoy the experience. Now you know I honestly I will always as miss home. I'd love to travel because I'm I love my family. I love my friends absolutely enjoy where I live and I'm an east coast girl so heading out west. Is You know I figured out my places to hike and I've got my handful of friends answer that I really enjoy four five days in missing home but I don't. I don't hate what I do. There hasn't been a day in my career fifteen years going that. I've Gone Dana Sucks. It just sucks for living that I get paid need to have sex with professional fuckers. I mean how can that job so for for me. People judge I take my ridicule by I take Shit every single day and I've learned a smiling go yeah I. I know my life is better than yours so John if it makes you feel better on twitter. You're not afraid that tell somebody to go. Fuck themselves which I appreciate. I guess I think it's great and I'M GONNA guess you've received more penis pictures living person. It's just guess no might be a few out there that have received more because I do make it very clear. Fuck off club rules break a role. I half the time by start to open the picture. You're just you're gone. I delete you now. People say that comes with the territory your Porn Star for God's sake you. Should you should know you're going to get Dick. Pic Swell Touche absolutely but there's a time in a place my private snapchat. You can send jerk off pictures. I don't care era awesome. I don't find the public forum the place to show everybody how small your penises or how unattractive your penises or maybe how grotesquely large it is it's just for me. I made those rules because it just seems like the wrong place. You know what I'm saying no certainly do. I didn't bother me. The most I think honestly is if I had to do a sea knight the kiss a smoker. I hate smokers that that that to me would be would bother them. I think it might does he. Do you ever have to I think so. I think I'd almost rather blow a guy than a guy who's smoking kiss me. I I hate it. Have you ever you've ever dealt with somebody who just got you know be. Oh awful breath anything like that or no why you know it's it's interesting again because I work in the realm of the adult industry really are all professional true. Every people really go to great lengths to be you know smell great. Everybody's got their mouth which I mean. It's pretty awesome. There are those people from time to time that are let's call them new. Maybe they don't have parents that taught them hygiene or whatever and you know I've more than once had to take them to the side in the most polite and maternal way explain certain things but I swear to God fifteen years that's happened. What's not so bad? It's not bad at all number one and number two smokers. I don't know a single smoker. If we're talking about nicotine brunell going smoke sweet and honestly I doesn't bother me but I'm not a smoker at all. I don't smoke anything so even with that though they're hitting their with their mouthwash and chewing gum so people are pretty conscientious of one another. How long so let's say you do a like a scene like a scene? I'm I'm watching. Let's say <hes> any basics that you do. How long from beginning end is that scene? Take Days at twelve hours as it is it. Is it just one take I mean how does it obviously different camera angles shirt. It's that's a great question. I think most people are curious about it in its its bizarre. There's no there's no magic number. I mean vignettes which are like just the scene. That's thrown up on porn. How or any you know website those can take anywhere from four four to six hours force? The least I've ever been set and sixteen is the longest I've ever been onset. God sixteens outrageous because those are for features where the producer will want every single seen all the different actors to be there and you might not ah they're eight A._M.. And then you're seeing nine P._M.. So you sit around all day. It's very annoying. That's why I really don't shoot features because it's a waste of precious time in my opinion so most honest to God most are normal day nine to five you. Can you can plan on being set from nine to five. You're smart though it seems like you've figured out that the businesses just changed fast and you need to take control of your own property stuff. You're talking about filming your own stuff. Getting your own channel like you just can't be obviously obviously what it was fifteen twenty years ago. I find that the businesses so interesting now because you can get so much of it online I mean I'm sure nobody statistically right. Nobody buys them anymore right. Well believe it or not there is still this is why love about the last great generation. Oh I'm GonNa Miss Them. They still do by porn. They still like the they liked to have in their hand the D._V._D.. They like the covers in some of the people used to literally by V._H._S. are now buying D._v._D.'s. They we believe in supporting let's call it the arts you can laugh but they believe in supporting their favorite actors and actresses and things like even porn hub okay so everyone knows you can go to porn up and get free contact right but they even porn. Obvious gotten to do reaching out there getting content from the content providers meaning myself and others as well as what they've basically brought together and you support me we'll kirk on their type in brandy low find my profile decide to join fan club which is not pro content but it's my content that you can only get exclusively at porn hub. It's cheap twelve bucks fifteen bucks twenty bucks whatever and that's where that's where so you can choose to support us now. I understand and I know gonNA piss off a bunch of people but anybody under thirty five is like why the fuck would I pay for it. It's there for me fine well. There's stuff there for you to you know but we're we're trying to you continue to support the adult industry in the few ways that we can because honestly it could go away. You know really because it costs a ton of money these these producers out in L._A.. It can it can cost ten fifteen thousand one dollars to produce a thirty minute video. Do shoot all these the the the price of you actually shoe that in your actual home the stuff that I shoot yeah well I have I have I have a studio right. Okay very well. Now I can that we're empty nesters which is a whole nother story but we never have shot in our homes. It's always studio and we like to do you know road head videos and those are wherever we happen to be eh out in the woods. I mean the world is our oyster when it comes to street. It's got to be strange. Being Brandy loved though just it's different than being another any other celebrity if the guys you know oh you talk to guys all the time who like masturbate to you all the time like you're you're talking to them right now but I mean like hello. It's I mean it's got to be strange like it's just you know and you know people are looking at doing this. Also this weird thing. I'm sure some people don't want to talk to you is also a stigma sort of weirdly attached as well. It's just a fascinating and you're also by the way kind of brandy love but you're not brandy love right to you know what I mean. So this sort of I mean you're not you're not you know when go to go to see a movie with their husband or whatever with your buddies you're not brand you love. You know what I mean. So there's this weird. The must be a strange existence in some ways but at the same time I actually always am. I totally respect what you're saying. Thank you for saying it. 'cause you get that but you also have to understand that most don't right. Let's let's go to be kind of scary. Though at the same time to I would think though well I wouldn't use the word scary what it does. It does force you to be on your game at all times. You know you think you're under under the radar and you look like Shit. You've got a ball cap on and you're just wanting to go get your coffee and for people grab you and they're like on. I can do a snapchat. We please take a photo and I'm not going to be a Dick and say no. I mean if it weren't for them. Knowing who I am. I wouldn't have awesome career that I have so you learn very quickly to just suck it up to discuss with the territory. You're naive to think that your privacy is available because it becomes extremely limited but that's okay I mean I I knew what I signed up for. Of course there's those moments and barstools would would may not remember but you have those moments of limitations are thrown in your face like taking your child to orientation for college those moments that you wish so desperately could stay true to yourself in your family. Those are gone and it took me a moment. When I saw that posted the moment wit? Oh 'cause I'm very protective. Of course what parent isn't force. Luckily Luckily for me minds exceptionally smart and she thrives in a unique situation of having the parents that she has and she's earned herself away into a big ten school. I mean big twelve Pam. Both she got into schools. I could have never gotten into and I and you know it. Just it would have been so nice because the school really did welcome her. I mean they know exactly who she is. They welcomed her. She wrote it incredible essay on who she is. You know come up and say hi welcome to the you know the family sit down and have a normal conversation that would have been so classy but instead. I understand their young put a snap a picture to put up for trolls to make inappropriate comments. When that's supposed is to be such a great moment you know evolving as I said anytime you evolve kids addict move? It's just there's no. There's no rate way is just the Dick move. There's no upside to unexpected kirk kind of those are when you put your head down in Ugo. Humanity sucks right true true is there and then and then there's those other moments where people do something so fabulous and you're like Oh. I still have faith. People are good decent this by the way I have a psychic not quite a co host you'd like to his name is blind. Mike Blind Mike. Who's WHO's WHO's blind legally blind and I believe actually prove the old theory Brady I think actually went blind masturbate into so many times you can actually go blind? The parents always told us it happened yeah. He wanted to ask you something so go ahead. I I feel like I one of the first my first regulars really God. How does your daughter deal with your profession with class last with grace? I'll be honest with you. I mean having to deal with it since probably seventy eighth grade which was mind-blowing because where people's kids parents that they're why shouldn't say thing because I don't know a new guys started but where we're the parents that these kids are comb typing away watching stuff that they know who people's parents are anyway. It came around eighth or ninth grade where we had the conversation. 'cause somebody come up to her and said Hey. Is Your Mom Brandy love. You've in her comment back. She held had pie and she said she said that's my mom's business. Not Yours literally as a little kid. I think that that was that was a lot and she's such tenderhearted kid and so loving that she's she's not fighter wider came home. We had a long conversation and she says you know what mom and Dad. I don't care what you do. I love you guys. You're amazing and if what you do makes you happy and you're successful. She said that Your Business not mine and she is maintained that attitude and when things happen she just looks says that's none of my business. That's my parents. Business walks away why I find it so interesting like it's it's. There's the stigma now in I've seen happen. I've I've seen happen with with with <hes> adult film and everything where these feminists Wanna weigh in to me. There's nothing more anti feminist than giving some of these shit for being a woman who's WHO's adult woman making a clear choice who wants to make a living I like. I don't understand why anybody has an issue with that. It's always doesn't fit their agenda. Let's be clear right started the Fire Way I. I've never like you know the sort of better than attitude. It's like you know this person wants to do what she enjoys it. She makes a lot of money. She's smart. She's make sure she safe like who the fuck is. Getting hurt and people are enjoying it. It's all I've never understood very very very. I couldn't agree with you more and those types of things you know when and when everybody should have equal rights and everybody should have equal pay and the feminists come out and they're pissed off about everything and here I am a strong independent woman who made clear choices for myself and my family and we're crushing it and we're happy happy and I've been married twenty-five amazing years and have really well adjusted brilliant happy kids. Who the fuck are you to tell me that I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing? When you run around preaching about female empowerment to me it makes so opposite of the word sense? I can't even put my head around it yeah. It's as you see on twitter. I don't do not what's ailing so let's be honest like so. I'm this stuff. I like about trump this stuff if I don't like about trump but it's a scary time in America to even say it's almost a hate crime to say you like Donald Trump and I give you credit like you. You don't fuck right. I like this guy. He's by president feeling like fuck off and you have to deal now. As we know with real will ship when you do that. Oh God I've had death threats. I mean for real and the thing that's so funny to me. Is that this in in my years. I've I'm old enough to have seen several presidencies. Come and go and the thing don't you're right this time. Is this time that we're living in is extremely bizarre. I just think that because for thirty thirty five forty years the the Hillary not getting in blue the heads off of everybody who thought that socialism was finally here. They've been working at it for a really really long time and trump just cut him off at the niece. So of course they're pissed off the thing I don't understand every presidency has its people who voted for the president people who didn't but as a country we've always come together and gone okay. He's our president rock and roll. Let's see what he's got. This one took it to another level. Everybody who didn't vote for him lost their fricking minds and that is where I get on twitter. I just lose lose it because it's like I agree with trump. You don't like this country. Get the fuck out. There's a bunch of other places you can go. No one's forcing you to stay here. Do you think you judge Moore for being a porn star or trump support. It's a good question. That is a phenomenal domino question. Go Mike Mike Seriously. That's probably that that takes the cake right. There and I can't say that I know for sure but what I will say is I certainly feel the wrath of the West and or any any anti-trumpers more so today than I do about being important star. It's like that got set to the back now. Now let's just hater because she actually supports the President United States and that I'll take that I'll take that grab a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich kick my feet up then starts smash trolls. That's totally cool. What's the oddest oddest fan interaction you've had? I mean there's gotta be so I mean I can pick one. I mean there's got to be something that's just I. I can't even imagine how creepy it can get. You know what it's funny because there's a lot of people that think things like exotica or the avian or the X.. Biz conventions were all the fans. Come out and hang out with us. I get those all the time hi we're guys like aren't they creepy and their smelly and they're all over you. I don't know if I'm lucky but I think I think I am. I'm lucky my fan base is incredible. They're they're so respectful they they come up to me. Sometimes conversations like you said but I'm prepared for it. I check off you so often and they're looking in the face. That's what you know you go okay. I kind of figure that but now that now that it's out there you know <hes> I don't consider that creepy. They're just expressing their sexuality in their amongst adult stars were if there's ever a place to feel safe and like you can talk about anything to me. That's it so I don't. I don't really get creep creeped out or having issue or good. The oddest one honestly was I was at the airport with one of my little ones and I could tell that this pilot knew who I was totally fine. You know we're a little model. Wink like cool. I'm with my kid. That's not the time to come up and you would think you wouldn't think you had to tell people this but so he comes over to me with the little folded up note and I'm thinking the hell kids looking looking at me like well. Actually she said Santa Fan. I'm like oh Jesus again. She's cool. She's very cool. She gives it and I'm like. I don't know I'll read that later. I opened it up a couple minutes later looking the right. I read it and he says I'm really a big Fan. Could I get a signature and a photo. It literally was a little like passing notes in fourth grade. Kinda note in this man was older than me. I mean he had to be in his early fifties. I'm like come on man. I'm counting on you to be a gentleman really and you think that weird but to me it's strange. It was a little bizarre. Are there any so I used to do a thing on the old show or go through different categories onto Galore in say the ones who would freak me out the most. Are there any of these things like look if anybody if everything's legal everyone's have age God bless you go for. Is there anything we look at these things. Some of these porn worlds and you're like that is really fucked up. I mean there's some stuff in there like I've seen catheter porn. I mean I mean it's just it's just it's just I the human human mind is silly. You seem you're obviously fantastic. Looking you get some somebody with you as well. I prefer more. I get protective of you. I don't like it was on the penis in their brand I I do. I'M GONNA say I'll say I get upset. So if you're doing your lesbian scenes I'm on board but you know the the scenes with these weird like I can't. The human mind is such that people can get off. Some of this really weird stuff. I don't know like nine months pregnant. It's just the I don't know it's a strange world. Well you know it's it's one of those things that sexuality literally is like snowflakes Tro to people sexuality is going to be the same true now. I'm in the adult industry. I hear in see a lot and I've I've always been teased. I T's myself about being Vanilla porn-star I myself I love sex. I love the female form. I enjoy the excitement of what I do but I I mean I don't do. I know sorry everybody. Hey Don't do the twenty person gangbangers. I've never done an anal seen. There's things that you know you've seen on twitter if if you happen to see who do we don't you do in waiting for you to do that. Is the debt is the ultimate following. That is the ultimate for some reason brandy. It's very important for people for you to get a penis in your ass for some reason I'm not sure why these people need us in their life I mean but only what ten thousand women who've done it before but they won't they WANNA. I seem to destroy. I'm not interested what so what's what's the game you have you ever. Do you even like an endgame of mind. You have an outdated or you. Just GonNa keep doing this or do you think in five years ten years two years or you just you just joined the moment well you know I truly am enjoying the moment. It's taken fifteen years to get into this. I call it a group where I'm working with the companies. I've I've always wanted to work with. I'm working with the top talent all in the industry. I'm having such a blast in its but it does get harder for me because I do want to grow old gracefully. I'm I'm taking care of myself. I have my regimen. I you know I I do what I can keep myself looking as young as I feel on the inside but when you work in four K. their pictures I see and I go oh hell no you know and I started thinking to myself once the end game but I also love how being in the industry does keep me up it. It said every day you know what I mean. It's kind of like what I think. Married people and our people in a serious relationship should feel about themselves everyday wake up and look and be the best you can look in. Be You know how many people you know that have been married five years and they've gained thirty pounds. She collar hair off doesn't wear makeup anymore. He doesn't bring flowers. When you work in this industry people think it's nuts not saying for everybody but we always are striving to look our best for one another and for what we do so it's a win win right? If I retire. I might just fall apart. I just say by the way I think I thought Howard Stern was a total asshole. You all those years ago. Oh my God and I thought he was as nice as I've ever heard. Him could've rips me. Were saying well. Maybe it was fred. I remember watching it and they were saying that you're butter face and all the ridiculous itself yeah come on it for but for Howard come true nothing he didn't. I was waiting for an rip apart my buddy he did he made fun of my hair. which when I look back at the video it is pretty funny? I mean as long time ago hairstyles I can laugh about that the butter face whenever Dr Not Everybody's Cup of tea. That's cool was your intro into the when did you start. When did you go from whatever you're doing to this? That Howard Stern I believe was two thousand four and that's the same year the brand you love. Dot Com was born so that was I. I was very persistent. I knew that Howard Kinda like you guys have an incredible audience and impact and I just knew that my God if something's going to work and put us on the map APP of an industry full of people it'd be it would be Howard and I just literally now you're GonNa Laugh but it was snail mail back then sure letter every single Tuesday every single Tuesday without fail and it took literally literally three weeks and I got a phone call from Gary and I I'm driving down the street and he's like hey. This is Gary from the Howard Stern show. I pulled over. I was shaking. I'm like this is a joke. No it wasn't I was out there in New York Week and a half later in the Guy Mike I was curious you were talking about equal rights earlier and I notice my people aren't really represented in Portola want blind people. I was curious if you thought there might be a storyline between you and say like a young young blind guy with a lot of spunk like maybe you're his <hes> his aid but you realize there's something it's almost like it's almost like a porn version of the miracle-worker short where we're hinder you like sort of like yeah. You're blind. Instruct that that could work is a spark between yeah. I think that's an awesome storyline but you know blind Mike. Do you know anybody with those characteristics. If you needed someone okay okay. I'd watch that I would watch that movie. Actually that is not it's not a bad scene. You must have production stocks. How do you have any involvement whatsoever in the story lines you ever pitch and you ever see a girl that you like for example and be like Oh? I want to work with her. Here's a storyline or you just kind of get sent the thing by the producer and go do it oftentimes. It's it sent to me. There are many companies that I've shot with for so many years and they know my so well that there won't be a scripted brandy. This is your character gopher. We we know you're good at impromptu and those tend to be better scenes because they're more natural. You know you're not trying to remember lines but but the the scene I've actually been part of the writing are my sweetheart videos. I've done three features with them. Brandy loves girls Brandy Looks Mills and brandy loves girls to those all three of those and there's a fourth one by the way coming coming out in September. Stay tuned I wrote with the director he and I wrote every single scene and it's so it was so much fun the fans with my help when I mean by that as I put up the names of all the women I wanted to shoot with and the fans voted in sweetheart kids actually took the time to take in all the tallies and I shot this next feature coming out in September showcase. It's all women that I shoot with so it's really really amazing. I mean and I'll be watching any call back to see what you think of absolutely promote away anything else you want to promote well when we were talking about content that you can produce right things being ripped off in the napster of corn and all these types of things one of my favorite things to do is spending time on my private snapchat which you can get snap Brandy S._A._p.. Brandy with an eye and that is daily content. That's live. You can't rip it off. It's definitely Lee me. I have one on one interactions with everybody so everybody out there. Who knows what snapchat is understands? It's like the most raw amateur authentic content 'cause you're shooting it rate now for me to my phone to you. We'll give Sir an example is something we might see there to titillate the the audience on the other day well as last week my husband drove me to the airport and we were getting frisky and I shot the whole hand job to finish on the way to the airport and then I sat there and I chatted chat with them with my fans run on the snapchat so that's a good example. We we go hiking in the woods. All the time things happen you know hiking makes everybody Randy doesn't it always has sure all right so things like winding down at night. Set the phone up have sex. We have a good time when I'm out in L._A.. Like I'll be out in L._A.. August first of fifteen I'm always shooting getting my my the talent that I'm working with that day. They do interviews to get naked have make out sessions. Those types of things are all on my private snap in anything else you promote away. This is your shot here anything else you want to promote or no. Absolutely you know you guys know but if anybody out there who doesn't my instagram and my twitter are randy underscore love my my you can always if you guys don't have my flesh late. I'm going to be very upset with you because that's the most alternate way for us to okay so I have I have I have to I have to say the flashlight talked me into it because I'm a little it makes me nervous because I feel like I'm GonNa. I'm feeling after one use. You can't really yeah I I believe me. I'll get it in two seconds if you can you assure me it is just just sort of walk me through it well. There's a reason is the number one mass batory toy on the market and has been sense. It came out. It was such an intense. I waited for ten years really I've. I've been offered many other toys and I I wouldn't do it because I wanted to flesh late. It is the best entrust me one use now. You'll have it for years. Thing's amazing. I sat in a chair legs spread being molded for an hour when they literally literally paste this. I don't know what it is Goo- Kinda felt good but they put it all over you and you sit there and you let it I don't know settle sure they peel it off and that it is so authentic every every every wrinkle crinkle line you name it. It's there it's identical to me and the best part is we spent a lot of time putting this leave together. which is I helped? Pick the texture on the inside so when you when you slide your Dick and their first of Oh put lots of Luke makes even better Klay with play with the outside because you got to warn me up you know just sticking in there so warm me out put the Lube on and on the back of the flashlight is a little knob you twisted which you decide the suction you you can make it simply smoother so it's nice as slow steady stroke stroke or you tighten it and it it's like there's a suction yeah neier getting why don't you why don't you give the audience a weird way what they want you do that for your bud as well and then then then you're all set I already did you did you can you can get the you can get the to pack you get both ends this. You're smart on twitter valiquette so stupid you don't Wayne Allyn like but I do my flesh and you can beat the shit out of my and I'll still be smiling well. This is this is great. This is everything I wanted founded. This is fantastic pleasure. It's been a few years in the making has well yeah so brady. We got you know I think it was last year. We're going to have you on my old show in Boston and the radio station. No I think I swear to God before year. You might be right you might be right in the fucking program. Director was like Oh you know. She's a poor in my argument was exactly that I'm like well. She's the point Buddy Mike. She's a fans. I know you know we got. We actually crazy guys love her. All we have guys listen be. You're basically telling a woman who is clear your mind no drugs and alcohol. She wants to make a living your shaming her like fuck you like and she's proud of herself. Like why would we want to talk about that. It was interesting. I could tell you are so pissed off. I think I think you and I chatted that morning nine in the morning. I was ready to go and I'm like something's not right because the car was supposed to be here right and and then I got this call from you guys. I'm like oh my gosh so pissed. I knew that wasn't going to go over well. I was pissed. It was not you guys know what was happening but those are the very reasons Kirk. Did I do what I do. It's perfectly legal business. It brings nothing but pleasure to people I love it. My family life is amazing. I don't understand what people's People's issue is. Whether you know whether they were raised that it's dirty and bad and then they go jerk off in the corner course it just seems like yeah. It's such a such a hypocrisy. What's the weirdest thing like everybody Matt? Essentially everybody masturbated but yes still still. There's this weird stigma around like it's like we all like you ever. You have a desire. You have a release you clean up. You're done like what what the what am I missing. What the fuck am I missing? If you figure it out we please tell yes aside. We'll do a scene where I'm the professor I teach you I was yes. I know that's true student. Yeah my mind my scenario. You're never like yeah yeah. You have to be the teacher that's true. We'll do that that in your blinds. You're you're you're famous blinds. Here's apply Mike. Everyone's going to be great work on that one. Thank you so whenever you're in town. Obviously come on by and we'll talk to you very soon. I hope I love that. Thank you so much. We'll talking. Thanks again by I mean we can react to it now right. We might as well Dave Yeah. I mean could have gone better now. Oh goodness I two great questions in to real bombs but other than that we're very well ejaculate three times did I did did twice swipes on before there. was that satisfying for you. Though it was a longtime come it was well said it was but it's also like I knew there's a sort of thing where we we did a couple of porn but I knew that's not what she is. She's really smart in funny a ball breaker she would fit in great and that's why I was frustrated at the old job because that's exactly what happened so it was the middle of all the madness was actually it was originally couple years ago but the thing was supposed last year and the Marquette and who is the general manager of the middle of the after you before because we promoted people were going fucking crazy yeah <hes> I remember because you know guys. This is weird guys like Porn Stars. I haven't heard hotpoint the season points. You know like I know they. What's your face just broke the barstool record for views on Youtube Leeson Odor? No no no no Danijela something. <hes> people like people at least an was a huge hit like if you're on the joke in brandy as you found out is totally if you follow on twitter. I'm a few Mike debut. Oh yeah she's in on the joke like crazy. <hes> and I knew should be a massive hit with us and I knew would do a lot of a we did right there which is sort of she's the just sort of the way that. The culture is you know porn. Star on people are GonNa get mad and that's why I feel that so anti female it. It's just archaic theory really like she's. She makes she makes exa living. She has an agreement. She pays taxes. He's a person she doesn't. She's not like this. I think everybody thinks I what they think. It's dirty and you go in these movie theaters drugged up or something that are not they're. They're independent contractors and you. I mean talking to her her. How smart is she? Significantly Smarter Than Malcolm Averni not even close. That's true that is true I by the way she loved her idea. I know I think we might have production. We might have to have a record at some point in opening to that seat is interested. We're GONNA want that surprising call. We'll we'll do that missile whatever you know. Where does she fit in in the world of Kirkman hand? Where does she fit in? What do you mean as a show participant should on three times a week? Okay she. Whatever she wants to call is relevant questions objection I mean she she how awesome if she lived in Boston should be great? Ever whenever she wanted forget that she's hot. She's she's just cool. She's but even if you're like a young girl or whatever and into that kind of world than I think he'd do a great podcast or something that she is an interesting person she is but it's it's surreal. It'd be like talking the Bruce springsteen from a weird way. It's surreal during her voice like talking to you feel like you're like in an intro to after it was cool. I don't know how I'm going to go back to watching her. I don't think I can now. I have too much respect for but that's what do you mean by that you should she doesn't mind if you watch that's true that's what she doesn't want to all right. I'm afraid to are getting oh you are getting that flashlight and you're going to have anal sex with it. Okay on the air. You got to Boston on the air. Yes why why jump up particularly with that interview or no I mean I thought it was interesting that she gets more shit for being a trump supporter tonight and she does. There's no because remember followers are all like her followers all love her from horn summer politically different I think yeah but then there's also the people that search trump and just respond to ruin you know but I do think I'm sure I don't no no this will ask her next time. Maybe I can't believe there's not been some issues somebody your life who's been meetings uncomfortable for her. In terms of a stocker hsien even like with how like I asked about the daughter and it was all I'm sure there was saul sort of a negative when I was kind of a shitty thing I I agree. That was a few months ago. You see that she her daughter was going to college orientation day. It took a picture of her in there wasn't Barstool Barstool repopulated and somebody. I don't know whoever tweet about it I mean <hes> but posted about it. 'cause I talked to her. When I was trying to get around initially I want to have around the first week and she was like well didn't Barstool do this and so we talked about it and I'm with her on that like I do fucking hate that I you know it's one thing if you're some asshole in your whole the pictures if your kid hit up fine whatever but from parcells perspective day that's what they do so I sent her? I'm like this. Just I mean that's just life. That's the way it is and she. I mean you heard I mean she understands it yeah but it's funny the think like you know she's her. Name is not really Brady right love. I mean obviously and she has a husband and kids in like everybody else earned her husband going hikes and they fuck at the top of the mountain. I mean it doesn't do filming is crazy in two thousand nineteen like the the amount of stuff we have to accept like you just tweeted the article the other day day about how like they're banning matt the will man caught your Murray our our buddy of across the other station the Boston tweet a Berkeley is getting rid of the word manhole so you have to be that accepted but like when it comes to bring you love is like all that Smut that she produces can you believe can fill right and if brandy love came out and said I'm you know <hes> <hes> endorsing A._S._e._C.. Let's just say she was a complete liberal. Yeah like this is a woman's got a huge platform right. She got this huge platform. People love her <hes> and she's a professional national businesswomen's meter really successful living A._B._C. wouldn't go near that right Hollywood but of course she you know she shoves fresh. Trump hasn't honestly I trump. Is it'd be great. That's wasn't asking I ask if she ever was pitched. I forgot port one of those terrible parodies with a guy I do it or not but she stays away from those movie parodies never and they're always over the top silly Teddy Titi Bang Bang or foreskin bumper Schindler's fist. These are not good movie randy love scenes. You believe could happen that that is her. Appeal appeal tried to explain it best I could she it. She is the best ever at intro. The interest is the best context got me too. I need that sure that how did they have you. Why isn't for how do you how is the phone your face? When you're doing it you use a phone and probably this length right yeah? It's interesting to film that Senator You can't just turned on by any time. It was turned on by that. I know I sent a little chemistry jealous. I I'll be heading right home after this tonight. You know you should do a c with her like that. Oh no you'd be willing to do it. One hundred percent your girlfriend will be okay. I thought you were GonNa have me because my voice very goofy and old and so I thought maybe you'd have you talked to a sweetheart go to so we so we wound up so they want up. Canceling at the thing I fucking lost my shit like I fuck and flipped out almost didn't go to work the next day one rescuing it because I had written a parody seen that she was going to do with Mutt right in our producer of doing it as which is kinda funny but like it was going to be funny and she was totally on board excited choosing to come in. She's promoting. She's frigging businesswoman. She's taking her ass. You know and they're like no. We can't do it like fuck. Fuck you fucking assholes honestly like that imagine that like it just Tim Wakefield could come in and sell a fucking but if you any other woman where it's like oh her read it but you can have Chris Curtis read it right yeah but like anyb- anybody you know <hes> Jordan's furniture guys on the come in because it's a sale ailing like oh awesome great yeah. Bring them in right but it'll be shitty radio we we don't care bring him in. Oh it doesn't matter brand you love with a thirty rating and it's you know the feedback we're GonNa get for this is going to be massive but by Murchison when like no that's true he would not not well you think he would maybe well yes but has she said the people who wag their fingers the most in that world these Republicans who hate the gay people but get busted you know and so yeah Craig's like everybody everybody I remember when you I kinda talk. Talk to your friends. Among you realize we're all doing this. Everybody Jerks off yeah statistically some people don't I guess but you I mean everybody watches. People aren't fucking business trips or people were home alone people do they jerk off in women masturbate. So what's the same you talking to your parents. Folks thinks about your dad jerking off play Mike Statham sure as jerking off somewhere God knows where it who knows we're doing Steve. Robinson's parents not go then those they've never done any virgins yes. What's his brother's name Ben Ben? That's how long did you forget that very very low Clinton Brandy London we should can. We is brandy do stuff for us her so she a big Dave guy she knew as Dave Cohen yes censoring the interview I didn't I didn't like the sentence signatures occurs she loved you can be funny that I just do random stuff once in a while Basic Fuck Ben Rob Rob you just dump stuff like asking you to take her clothes off or any sort of being on the joke. That's all it might help audio medium so I would say for sure follow her get promote subscribe. She's a big fan of us and she's awesome funny in on the joke. I could not have been happy with that. I was concerned that she was maybe not better than I thought it was going to be. Yeah definitely interests no Dave. Do you hear much of it or not. I only heard the last half I thought was good. She's great great and typically like you said when you when Howard Stern Porn Stars on or whatever I'm just again because it's throw Baloney other interesting yeah and she was sort of like we're going to SP- achieve jump right into it so we'll talk about some of that you know. I don't know how many times to like to you know. It's the biggest dickey so you know I mean. She's she's been there right. The anal thing is interesting. Though that remains the great brand you love mouth boundaries that's true. I wonder everybody's GonNa Price so I don't know right. Here's the question how much for the cost for you to do it. That's Howard Stern remember they had Scott the engineer is GonNa do it ain't for me with Oh. Yes boy contract yearly salary for cockroaches. Parse Lewis Dave porn or will be doing anyways my son contrary willing to do have throat would ruin have anal sex with benefits in for contract. Does it look if the guy even matter look no just the idea throw right although Benenson throw right would be better log onto news real ride. I would do it for the content yeah Ah yes dependence and would make a lot of comments best fucking in. They're going to slide in right no but throughout it'd be fun he'd be like that. Yes is so Alpha Yeah Yeah. You're my I fucking. I'm doing the fucking you're taking the contract yeah from soft the hard no time but is it from fucking absolutes yeah. It must fucking savage savage after that so you're saying you're you're considering it. Yes okay should put an email Mike. I know I lifted. I wanted to leave some dignity. By the way there was there was the mic talking brandy love who was like a little look like a little nervous a quieter though that's what I was referring to where I threw in a couple real bul. Did you see this so wing about blind Bush. Pardon what the slap you to shut the fuck. She's talking about something Mike I can't. I'm twenty seven like shutting trying to make myself. I always wanted to do the whole thing. I have. My say anything just sit. There actually actually asked the by thing was really good. Who Trump was good? You did a great job bank. Thank you great job. Well done say worth so you get paid for Tom. Brady love of the day picking people. You've talked to the last two days Malcolm Laverne Brennan. Yes I mean what do I hear that that's trump. I mean really last well. Whatever day no I'm not trying to trying to bridge? We're GONNA have this on Tuesday. Yes excellent. How long has it been so far with this? What does the whole thing Oh? I think you're at fifty minutes. Maybe there you go excellent day off Tuesday. We'll just keep talking to show now Yeah No. It's going to happen to Dave what's going to happen Tuesday. Do you believe this Davis a master. That was just talking about that the best. Let's just talk about it. Now has Tuesday now hasn't happened yet. Oh can you trump. Oh my God might even though the trump thought saying give me another trump. Thank you had a great one the Other Day oh I did you know that he has his rand. I'm Paul Rand Paul stuff. I can't believe but brandy man she gets and I like that but I didn't WanNa get to into the political. You know she's super passionate about it but it's funny that she's before a twitter. She's literally fuck you that people. It's I think it's because she doesn't care about alienating or base because she knows that they can affect jerk off. No matter what I'm amazed with the Shit you can put on twitter suspended for you know what I mean points Ratchet Horn. I didn't know you could do that. I guess you can't do that but you can't tell someone account you. Can't I'd say you also get suspended for saying the name. Bruce Jenner on twitter suspended that right yeah. Oh yeah is it one of those things where it's like the code she get suspended for saying Caitlyn instead of Bruce Jenner whatever anyway all right so brandy was awesome awesome fantastic and she's going to I think be part of the she reached out yet Davor now. She has not responsible tell retailer we loved it and welcomed the Komo and anytime promote the shit out of it for sure is obligatory apology. Sorry sorry always expecting it to be Shuzo petty. I said at least thirty minutes okay not anal though knowing she's opened. Everything seems like you why don't so you're more likely to have anal than brand you love if the contract is right. Well okay wave the right dollar figure. I mean if you get your own podcast to Oh happens on you. Pick your own podcast in this email well so I I've done a couple. I did a couple of demos for Barstool in December. You left that all you want kingpin pediatric. Can we hear this US wait. Did you say in December Stephen Having yes you do your line. Why is it different than finding but then they're not bad he does not embarrassed by what was the you should essentially it was essentially what I did trash okay media but four bought like focused on the world of borstal? I've only got so bad idea like gossipy kind of show and I had another idea. Is that not exist or no every show basically does that hyper folk not not that much this part my take to know the now the daddy girls do you have seen we do a little bit yeah. K._F._C. and the idea had was for <hes> like a stanton the world of stand up comedy in that. That's a good idea to bring in community. I've got ideas baby by the way I heard cafes. I heard Kathy Griffin by mouths probably already up. I heard the calf Kathy Griffin interview with the K._F._C. in case him vital happened okay it was they did a good job. Good asked all the questions. I thought they did a good job she was she was actually pretty good sport to hearing it though I was like you know what we would that really good interview with her. Really say seems seems almost like <hes> Kelly. Martin says it's our world now our world we can do what changed. I just a phone call with me experience in New York where that works Yup I was. I was nice to her. Though I shook her hand seem like the most it wasn't that you're so kind. I'm always nervous. Come on no thanks who brandy love but it was a blast. I'd do it again anytime Emoji Emoji perfect good big. Oh awesome thank sprint. Thank you great awesome so what change honestly that she you'd stop texting her. She doesn't care about you. God go on skirts. What change nothing? We just had a conversation. She sits just said listen. If you just want to deal with yourself just go to okay great causing issue over since okay who caused an issue that the email caused an issue right right ultimately ultimately you are correct so then what are we doing right. He's tried to bridge the gap. That's okay they job bars people together. Thank you my right like I think brandy love could be in fucking Mama Mia but could meryl streep she she is good actor Camaros Meryl Streep Fuck Stepdaughter. No it's not even the conversation yeah. I'm with you on a good porn. Actors are better than real actresses yeah because they have to be so versatile gift act and just a range of emotion. That's what I'm saying. That's that's what I'm saying all right so that was good. We we're done right. We're done but we're not done Tuesday. I can't predict the future. I don't know where we're at right. Sounds good all right. Support comes from landscape who is number one in men's blow the belt grooming. 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I don't even worry about the lawnmower two point Oh skin safe technology so the trimmer will nick or Sag your private area. I mean come on manscaping. Accents are done thing of past <hes> Trim on your faces using your balls at stupid it's gross or not doing that manscaping crop up preserver and Anti Chafing Ball Deodorant and Moisturizer Bald Yoder Mike you already put your on your armpits. Put on your boss Party twenty percents off and free shipping right now at the Code Kirk K. R. K. Immense gape dot com. Oh she's a right tools for the job. MANSCAPING DOT COM with the Code Kirk twenty percent off and free shipping. That's twenty percents off with free shipping and MANSCAPING DOT COM use code Kirk K. I. R. K. Manscaping Dot Com so there you go brady is going to be ahead. I think yeah I think it's GonNa go. Well and people are gonNA react to. It should be part of the family now. That's not and I you know he's already talked about it. I forget what we talked. We cover all right. Let's do it again. I wasn't brandy great. I reached out to brand yesterday and I we're GonNa see if she wanted to be the character okay on the war the roses and she was very interesting. I'm fighting off Casey Smith really yes why we've used her. She was going to Turkson Keiko's. I didn't want to be nice becky. I want to wake up call. It's ridiculous but she's getting part of. I think she's GonNa be part of the family. Yeah she can be part of the world new undersold me up to this interview. There was a little work put into getting her on. It seems like with the women we have. What do you want me to say? Congratulations little work. Thank you emailed you oversell but earlier earlier in the week emailed someone who deemed you and was like you want me. I don't know how that point yeah sure it wasn't yeah. What do you think you did exactly? How much had her on two years ago? She was going to be on the show last year. It seems like we've got quite a roster building up with the women interested in the show for when a day with William Benenson that's Pretty Love Casey Smith who would with either one of those women consent to Sexual Intercourse William why not why wouldn't you donnas like that and then and we find out we call Ben Johnson and say William. We have a chance now for dozen roses. I would love some car who is this who is sending no to William. I would be William Benenson Best Patriots coverage in the business. <hes> Williams a woman. You're sending the notes to. I don't have a woman in my life right now kirk. I like to just send win. The William face as covered did not as the fuck weymouth thought he loved me or is this is this is my wife as my brother on the phone Benaissa's slipped away. I I didn't say was bothering. Jerry now moved on and I don't know what's going on with him. I saw him react on twitter to the news. Julian broke his thumb and he just said that. Everybody said he just kind of said he broke his thumb. It was let's all pray for Julian very strange not really sure what that's about so we we gotta get them back at some point. You've never met him right no not when he was in your in you know you spoke new via D._M.. And it's always very Kurt Oh really <hes> he's not show to meet with Mexico and good to be D._M.. This was when I mentioned him doing his podcast. On blindside PAS oh negotiation okay spirit and no I'm interested ahead. What else do we have for the rest of the week and coming up or no no guests on the dock? Oh actually the transgender guests can prerecord tomorrow if we'd like to she she she would like to prerecord at nine thirty nine tomorrow. That's fine. Eh One nine thirty tomorrow. You know the story law. Mike yesterday was interesting. Yeah I mean I guess I'm curious to see her thoughts on it. Yeah that's all she handles it be curious to see how that goes and Ricky <hes>. Is it survey survey yea. He tweeted about it yesterday and got up I saw I thought you can say record. Your face was going on but we can't have obviously we google. We can't do that. God forbid he goes on you know some other show. Oh I got ears. Guys sorry the text last night from K._F._C. uh-huh. Can you guys help them with this drunk or not so I looked up this morning. He texted me here. It is let me see last night nine forty three P._M.. This Oprah Shit is wild. The Malcolm laverne thing. Maybe Oh okay okay. Well did fucking like three days later I mean I guess he just listened to it okay. I was like I got. I didn't even see those reading. Whatever check this morning is like holy? Shit probably saw the tweets that Malcolm upset because he referenced Oprah and every tweet right yeah okay yeah so but I looked up I was like holy. Fuck like Oprah to Jason. Kill somebody she's working for Barstool massive Oprah Story. We can't get through this important stuff like wore or the roses and brandy love anything so that may okay that makes I was confused yeah. He's trying to listen to podcasts promoted the rainy love thing. I saw that that help you. That was very nice new out. He wants something there his there's a clancy F._A.. On Blind Mike Red face. What's going on with positions? I don't know I gotTa Talk to my boy Muggy Fowler. Did you talk to follow yesterday though the uptight. You don't need to talk to Mike Fowler anymore. I feel like you need to talk to somebody else. Who am I going to talk to anybody but Mike you follow how is GonNa do you hear anything going on like? Did you talk now knows we are okay that makes sense. I was confused that doesn't make sense respond. What the fuck you tired of now because I know who who is the seat doesn't get up or another guy doesn't get up early right so fucking Texoma four forty five and be like what <hes> so once I looked up? Maybe he meant something else or I was corrected. I don't fucking though I'm glad we got to the bottom of Mr. Go all right so we have a bunch of other. Should we're going to get to this week. I would like to at some. I would like to talk to Carson Kennedy at some point. I'm sure that's GONNA keep reaching out and we can always show up right always knocking their door. Maybe what are they going to do. Nothing you get up David. What's clicking you? You hear that I heard it but I don't know we've intern coming in her. Walk right out the walk right out the door. Wrap this baby. What should I stay in mentor them? Yes lead you do and we are. We talking this morning. I walked in. I told you we were testing the Oh that's right. That's right so there's no there's no pre show conversation to their. No no no just right to work. You might call download visitors H._p.. Yesterday on your periscope. I didn't think about that really wow. Why not I wonder I don't know I'm sorry do what you have to next thing? Wow next time just only to Steve's back will start getting on the outside all okay great yeah. Maybe weird having Stephen here. Who strange isn't it yeah? I mean like we kind of forgot. What it's it's going to be a different dynamic now as you'll be okay yeah I wanNa have on you know whoever Marianne Williamson pay enough all kidding aside fun with the Kennedy stuff tough? Let's get back to real political talk. Do you see in two thousand eleven candy tweeted that she liked this. Get into this. He'll try to kill L._P.'s. You'll adverse silliness but turn nothing from him for week Really Yeah I. I haven't either but I assumed you had. What's he gonNA? I mean he's I don't WanNa bother me. There isn't his honeymoon but let's just get nothing to say. He must be so bored by now and it's a long time now. What over two weeks yeah I mean I know it's I guess it's not for me but like when you see that it's like oh the coliseum calcium all right I've seen it? They're going to do now the train you're in the fucking car another flight and other hotel more shitting your bag move onto another place like Oh God and Steve Seems like that. He doesn't seem like you would enjoy something like that. No stop and smell the roses. This is Kinda Guy. He was coming in today's the K. misquotes guy. No that's tomorrow. It's a different I wanted to get to figure out if they have a little worried about the cameras quotes guy like the job he was doing until I saw like he quoted us talking about him and then it was like hey no need to suck my Dick Cock one of the things I hate the most win like these parody accounts break character yeah like we don't want. We don't care to play a role humor me. Nobody I I saw yeah. He did some like God and there's something last week where he's like when I started this. I was just a boy with WHO knew Eric Nardini would foam. You've done even that you're absolutely have a hypocrite guy. Expect you to make fun of me when I do it but I'll tell you what's valuable service. I enjoy it is that it's out there. I mean you know he's he's. He's good. He worked hard. He listens everyday clearly. I'm getting a lot of people we'll be if I may give myself a blowjob for second. I'm getting a lot of people or tweet I K- I I'm listening every day even yesterday Monday morning. I need my Phil. I listen to all weekend caught up. I liked that appreciate. Let me just say I'm very appreciative. Audience I am I took a turn just about two weeks ago. The show stride is my yeah. I think so we've added a lot. Dave could forget that joke now. It's been nice true to talk about things. Robinson's not contacted you all no surprise. I know all right so I'm sure we'll punish it to get tomorrow. I want to hear the feedback to brandy. I'll be curious. I'd be curious if it'll be in the negative feedback I mean I'm sure there will be curious if there's something that you never know. This is something that people get people. I know the interesting to see your first time right there. You WanNa WanNa get to know where a little bit wined and diner. We're going to be combative with her. It's not the kind of guest she is. She's not but man she. She'll talk anything. She really will sorry so we have her. We're taping the other thing tomorrow the interns coming in what are you going to be doing now. I'll be on. What are you going to be doing with his inter? I'm just GONNA shoot this year with them. Show him around talk about you. Want this person's specifically for video right. Yes yes imagine talk about the discipline on his interns. Come into Kirkman and shooting shit with you. Don't WanNa into yeah. Maybe we should tracy. Johnson email like these are actors. There's actors you believe this. He's clapping his hands together. Kirk signing for me took a picture days like yeah. You don't understand like I emailed twenty six. I've been stop the guys. Give me a lot of shit from the phones but it's like hey it takes a lot of work so let me show you get internetworking speaking of which the Internet usually works fine at red thirteen studios dot com today's a <music> anomaly I understand the weather is is dire by fucked up some sure somebody would come in and fixed route thirteen. It is not read thirteen. C._E._O.'S DOT COM fault at all go to read Thirteenth Studios Dot com today to find out by the way like you know. I'm hearing any the thunder rain or anything in here. It's Nice it's right here cars pass by its very distracting very very distracting red thirteen yeah what would happen in the war. The roses of a car went by what does that. Where are you are you? Is that a radio studio. You tell them as well like I'd say one time lettering three times just just you know bring who is this. What do you want for me? Is the Kansas City station. What city mine take the girlfriend? What's her name my working with her again? Jesus Christ the one with the British accident shitty accent then what are they do that well. They take those Red Thirteenth Studios. I would happily talks at happily. Be An actor in those do that for free for scale right thirteen DOT COM CA. Tom Brady M._T._V. Kirkman a hand. We know all this you go there. It's great situation sounds good easy. Done walk in walkout not gonNA bother.

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Blankety blanked in my blankety blank

How Neal Feel

2:08:57 hr | 1 year ago

Blankety blanked in my blankety blank

"The Bach Dam back. Hey everyone happy. New Air is twenty twenty. We gave you two holiday episodes Although all those people didn't expect them. So downloads were lower than normal. I don't know what people were like. No podcast during podcast. What they do? It's not true. People are just with their families. Not No I mean. They're not with their families in the whole time all right. You don't WanNA listen to your friends on headphones. When you're families would saying that you don't want that we we both went uh Vacations of course no surprise Bianca. Did she has to have. She's a travel blogger. Doesn't blog tell me. Where did you go into Mexico City? Okay well so it's cheaper to fly in five from Tijuana China to Mexico City. I can't imagine why go ahead anyways so I went to Tijuana and then I went to Mexico City for like six days for the New Year and then I came back and then I caught a Mexican flu. Got Something. It's also because you're eating with with your hands not a lot of washing stations. So so you drove to Tijuana Tijuana cut the plane from Tijuana to New Mexico City and then hung out Mexico City. For six days linking back. What city would you compare? t one to t quander Mexico City Tijuana Not WanNa Because I can't picture any I can't believe they have an airport what it's functioning actioning city. I'm asking how cared okay. Have you been to no no cities you've been to. I'm trying to think. Oh you've been in Asia. So Chu Ching my g go to gym. I know it's a little rundown and a little scary little danger as but for the most part everyone just kind of keep you have uniforms breath who the people in. Oh yeah they have. Uniforms is a little. It's a little wonky but I mean it's like three hundred dollars channels open animals in the airport now chickens no okay. There were chickens. Listen one day. We're GONNA fly to Tijuana No. We're not we're never doing. I'm thinking fuck yourself not getting fucking Tijuana for what we say. We gotta Dr Seven hours has ever been to Tijuana just no visit. Never why it's fun. I don't know I mean I would like to go get drugs eggs. Oh Yeah I did that too. Would you get Lati- for my eyelashes. That's a pill or a dramatic no it just like you put it on your eyelashes road to make him grow. I don't put on my allergies. I Rose I got. I got sick so I got some medicine there and then my friend gave me her last very strong sudafed and she was like you can have if you bring me some ZANU. Expect that was like define sale. I got her some xanax. Can you get. I don't know I got the lowest amount I'm not good at pill can you get the Mo- I mean. Could you get A. Could you get like oh the biggest business. I mean. The biggest thing down there is Viagra Cialis. Your people buy them. It's about like two three dollars dollars a pill they're everywhere there's mascots everything's blue and then they'll come back to America and sell them for twenty twenty dollars a pill and but they could league when you go through immigration. Do you have to declare it. Are you supposed to. I think people have their ways of getting it across. They don't they you don't control everybody. I mean I but but the amount of Iowa's questioning the guy at the pharmacy and I was like what are you sell them like like Viagra by a long shot so and I asked him who buys Viagra the most and he was like Gringo dudes we got the least powerful we have. We have we need help. Could go yeah of course I could go. You will has the best joke about Viagra Viagra about Viagra cialis which is he's thinks he's she's GonNa Hook up with a girl and he has a Viagra and then she says something shitty tomes he's like. Well I guess you don't WanNa rock say goodbye or rock-hard Dick but it is like it's just a little insurance but so you take the pill and then immediately of a harder. Now it's like thank you take the pill and then if you get the Dick was aware wolf like wool. Oh like changing. It's like it you just go like from not hard to hard it. Just speeds the whole thing up so it doesn't make situation it doesn't give you a boner if you're if you're stimulated it the bloods right there. I thought it didn't work on people who didn't have erectile dysfunction function. Or maybe you do or don't I thought. Erectile dysfunction is a weakness of that muscle that keeps the blood in the penis that might be. It's true I just thought it didn't work if you didn't have a problem no it wouldn't. I mean everybody I define problem. I don't know it works. It works on on fucking everybody that a guy would say like my digs to healthy. I can't take it while he took it. I don't know what the it's the male version of chicken cutlets basically. It's like got a lot of guys take it and don't talk about it right. Even guys in their late I would assume guys in their twenties. Do it too. So there's actually no limit on how much you can buy in Tijuana Tijuana. We right there Did you and you unlimited unlimited. It was weird grows kind of we'll know I'm like I have other shit. I WanNa get like what mode Daffodil the drug that I take. Yeah and it's wage cheaper there. I'm sure it's so dirt fucking cheap I mean Latifah's I think it's maybe maybe fifty dollars sixty dollars in there. It's I I don't know nine. Damn how many has got to you really fucking she. She let me know we go to T.. One eight two and a half hours away from here from right from your house. See I always de but seeing the hiccups tuneup hours away. Everything's and Diego Diego. But San Diego acts like it's close San Diego San Diego if with no traffic is two hours. Five minutes gets with no traffic. But there's never no traffic so it's more like three forty five four now it's not again. I've done the La Hoya comedy. Comedy Store Seven. I went to state my lived in and went to see Sun. I mean I have driven. La To send you a lot. I've never it's never been four hours from me but go on a Friday. Yeah if you're going on Friday probably awful I need you I need. Then we'll fly Tijuana write checks. He can't can. I went to my beloved Asia. Tell I I feel like doc. I'm overdoing it. I think I'm I'm just burning myself out because I'm running out of places to go Went to Manila People were cool. went to the mall on Christmas Day and then and it was like a stadium it was was like a soccer match. It was so packed with people. It was insane Hamels air. They're fine just like a mall It wasn't like a it wasn't outdoors. No chickens and And then it was fun and then did a show and Manila which was fun in like a basement it was just? I love doing those shows because it's so grimy. Yeah and and they're so so grateful you're there and it was fun and then added showing Bangkok the next night and anyone that went to the show I want to apologize for. I wasn't great. I wasn't bad but it was. I was jetlagged and I licked literally. Fuck jokes up like I was kind of like fucked up. I just wasn't I wasn't I wasn't myself. It was still fine. Like guys were like not dudes. That was one of the three best shows we've ever seen here and I was like who were the other. The two Gina Yash Array. And you last year so it wasn't as good as my show the year before. But it was still not doing so bad I came in. Ib Myself And and then went to pawtucket and to the beach and you went to h well I went to the resort and I got. I did a day of like tennis I played tennis. I'm not bad attendance. I love I know We played croquet tennis and it was is too hot and sunny and I think I got like heat stroke. I had like I. I was sick for a day. Like Hainan nauseous. And like I've probably got a Migraine and even though I didn't have a migrant and I kind of was like not bedridden but I was like wasn't full strength you like this is why I don't go on protect attack me. Yeah it was it was it got too wild. Was it legitimate. It was insanely luxurious where I wanted to take pictures but I couldn't. I want to take that. You didn't send me. I'd it was too. It would have been too crazy. It was like those pictures I sent you from from from Yeah Insane. Buffet unseen face out the out the the the peninsula and Bangkok. You're on the wizards great great. I went to the same massage. Place every day like Lotus. Or I don't know what it was called but I got the what's APP number of the woman named Fiona I remembered. Her name was Fiona because she's the owner she eh. She owned the she owned the the massage. Way So went there went out took like a cruise dinner cruise. That was really fun It was fucking good time. You feel relaxed how you feel in real real relaxed Bianca. Yeah I'm I'm don't know that I'm ever very stressed out there. You get you get stressed out in very short moment selectively stressed out up for like half an hour and then I'm back to normal but I'm fear Ius I did get the areas over there over because I'm doing a commercial and they didn't. You didn't get a thing. I it was just like a manipulation thing and they didn't she didn't know I knew she was being manipulative and basically when the if you're a producer on anything the the number of people think the biggest temptation tation is stealing money. The biggest imitation is shading information to favor. Yourself or to make the job easier to make and so there was some information sharing going on. No No. That's not what's here's a sheet. My producer didn't even realize she was doing it. I was like I and I know it 'cause I used to do it. Why would you do it? 'cause I wanted to get the outcome I wanted. Kim May contain remain in control of the remaining control or make the job easier. Like we can't get that location. Meanwhile we could just would whatever painting is okay. That was the only time we got mad. There's only one time name pop and Viagra's Yeah it was the only time I have when it right now on. We know. They're on the property though. If you need one you want me to sell you want for twenty so those were vacations and flew in luxury. Of course I travel well like a time traveler like a space time traveler. I travel in like put me in the dock and I fall asleep On till we get to the place I flew back from Hong from pook to hear two flights fifteen hours. I probably for eleven and then came home and slept the weird. 'cause yeah you falsely with cookies in your hand I think that one time when I was is he so asleep just staring helmet. My Body wants to my body doesn't like it. I have very bad insomnia. I've had it since I was a kid I. It's very hard for me to fall asleep. Are you tired during the day. No yeah then fuck it. Then why do you even need it. You don't need sleep. I think I need less sleep than most people I go to bed late. I wake up early and you're fine. Yeah Great Oh yeah so sleeping on the plane I watched ad Astra is that good. Here's what Ad Astra tre. There's more action than I would've guessed not a ton but there is more action in it. They sold it like a contemporary applauded. Sort of meditation on fatherhood and all that which it is but there's more action it's like space travel and like a couple title space fights. It's not bad. I'll say that it's not amazing but it's not bad it's I'm going to go with pretty good dolemite and here's what I thought of Dolemite. Pretty good it was montage. The movie movie like what they're saying we can't make a movie a movie. Montage Saint Anthony Day. What now yes? I need that what I need the film what We get a little energy which you were afraid. He didn't have. He did have yes. He did have energy it. I just thought it. It was a really easy fun movie. It's yeah because it's just they said we can't make a movie all right. Let's have a movie montage. They said we can't get distribution Asian. What let's have a disagreement so I was just a bunch of montages that went? Well every montage worked. There were no setbacks and the backstory of just like would be like a picture of his dad and be like you fucking piece of Shit Right. It's just nice to know that. Check things he's GonNa work out. I wasn't going to die You know when he died. I watch parasite on the plane. Yeah Tony Getting we. Of course of course you had to legally Yeah I like. I like Korean films though. You're weird and randomly violent totally. They're very unique. Yeah there's just so there. John Wiser like whizzes comedy. Who It's got shot like Omni but it's lit really really nicely and then something funny happened? Really nicely you'd noticing. How'd you like it? I liked parasite my my my criticism would be that. I don't feel like they nailed the satire higher angle. Well enough meaning. I understand again. No spoilers I'm not going to spoil nothing. There's a lot of montages in fucking fucking in dolemite parasite like it's obviously obviously about class right. What about like? Tell me like as someone who watched it I have this problem with with a a lot of quote unquote. Intelligent movies is like all right. So what what now explaining to me. Explain it like the first the second Batman the hero you deserve observe and did it all that that Batman the criminal in Batman. Gotham needs a hero. And the joker one like okay. Explain that plot to me. Explain what they're getting at because I don't think they know what they were getting it. And so it's a with parasite I don't know what statement they're making about. `Bout class because the rich people were fine. The rich people were not monsters. Remain remain they. They weren't monsters and they weren't responsible for the lower class people's problems so I'm kind of like what are you. What what are they saying? Yeah well I mean the movies cold parasite and the lower class. People Co did kind of come in a in a bit of a parasitic acidic way to their Louis. So I do think it's A. I don't think anybody is the monster here you know. I do think they're kind of but that's a yes you don't I don't think but even even with that in mind what you're saying. I still don't see that. They drew what conclusion they're drawing conclusion. They want me to draw. I'm not one of these people like I. I like a movie that's open ended at. No what are you trying to tell me right but so me in an artful way but I think sometimes not every movie the has a point like you like right then I when I call that bad screenwriting like I don't like that's why I don't like David Lynch movies. I don't like Sofia Coppola movies. I didn't really like Louis. TV show. I didn't like this show. Louis I gotta be honest. Atlanta falls falls into that sometimes for me where it's just like. What are you guys saying? You're walking around. You don't like it around so Justin Bieber's black what and hand. It's not a you didn't. It's like what are you saying that he's digested. There's a way to me. There's a better way to satirize. It just feels like lazy satire but does everything mead an does everything needs to be an allegory. Yeah why it doesn't need to be but if you're GONNA do an allegory. Do A fucking allegory. Don't you can't go. It's the thing you say about Louis. Show is IT'S A. He's he's writing nine line. Sonnets if it's a sonnet it's gotta be the sonnet rules. If you're not re any and I say that as someone who did a genre show Chapelle show and drink if you're listening to show you to drink And of abided by the rules and expanded the rules within the within the abiding by so so I it can be done and that's to me. I like when somebody takes his genre and flips it but there are a lot of film movements in the history of film that do like to make people uncomfortable not like the point is to give you nothing or to just completely explore some. You're wasting my time. You're not you've pretty ugly. But I liked trolling. Why no clever person wants to know smart? Clever person wants to Tro. I love troll. It's just fucking lazy. It's just like I'd like to Fart on elevating. WHOA anyone can do that? Dude US go. What's acceptable here? I'm going to do the opposite. It's not hard so it's not like I'm I love. That's as John where I'm and I like shocking. I can shock people fucking. Anyone can shock people. It's like and what you saying. I this is my joker to which is it's like what. So what are you saying. What's the what's the? What are you getting at here? Yeah like the satire is explain. Explain it to me because I'm supposed to conclusion in my brain based on the way you've you've said you've told me the story I should conclude something right And like what's the does does it have to have a moral No it's got a it's Kinda gotta have something I'm supposed to include something. I'm not saying say. Have the voiceover guy say it right like like the best. One of those is a platoon learned. That Vietnam will never ever and twenty-fifth our spike Lee movie. where it's like and then think ru voiceover is obviously the laziest form? Aw well I there are ways to do it for show but there are movies. That clearly weren't voice over in the neighboring. They always say you know. The movie didn't work when there's voiceover but if you write a voice in the beginning you're Paul schrader Bro. Taxi driver and raging bull a bunch of things that he's very very good voiceover and it's not. It's not swoosh Bianca. Tuck Timmy you know we. We knew decade began and it made people look back on the previous decade on instagram. And Talk about who what they learned speaking of voice. Speaking of heavy-handed voiceover. I learned that this decade decade has been quite unimaginable unbearable. These people leave. Here's here's the analogy. Came up with. Its here's what people fail to realize about instagram and their role on instagram. Most of these people are not good writers right. They weren't good writers in twenty before instagram. They weren't good writers in before before twitter. They weren't good they're not they don't have a gift for writing but they so they try to right. Try to wax poetic on these. He cites and you're basically making me read horrible embarrassing writing. It'd be like if someone was like. You know. We all have to cook now because it's twenty twenty. Everyone's going to cook to ring out the decade of the the teens and everyone's just forcing their shitty food. I am not days faulk. Eat My vote. Did I cook now motherfucker. Some of us are good at writing. Some of us are good at posing with their butts. I've we know who you are. People know who they are. And it's also it's also so self-congratulatory in Grad Stories this journal I can't stand it. You can just read it in a journal and deal no one would see it right but but why would you want remember when people used to be ashamed of people finding their journal. No you don't have any shame anywhere. That's issue yes yes it now. It's like no one is going going to embarrass you for having shape. Yes there's no there's a there's there's no shame in in in in anything but but yeah you're right. There is no no one's going to police. You know they're going to join you. Yeah they're going to be right there with WHO's GonNa who's GonNa police you it is. It sucks because I have a lot of friends. Tell me not any that actually listened to the podcast that were good but The ones that wasn't the podcast didn't haven't done this so it's okay but honestly I was. It's Cerny get cringe-worthy and I feel bad because so many people don't think they're bad people in their their suggestive and they think that this is what we're all doing and it's like you don't have to do it. No one's GONNA notice. No one's going to notice if you don't do it. That's it like it. Furthermore then a set setback number one but I grew strong it. You're not it's first of all it's not an interesting story for the most part unless you lost a limb or something like even even then while someone's gotta live Yes for me to even then I don't want it because you know my fear feelings about real sports. WanNa see one of those marathons where somebody's carrying somebody but you've got just it's not one. Guy was listing awards. He received like your level must be even even more off. I mean it wasn't it's all. These are all people that everybody knows. He's super famous people but fucking bearable. It's not even more best. It's like who was trying to think of WHO warned it who glowed up the bed hoop now. 'cause glowed up is to is already. It's IT'S WHO who've reflected it's reflected Beck did who who reflected who who who it's reflection again. Yeah it's something it's it's reflect they reflection but you know what narcissism the reflect narcissism is. Just someone who fell in love with their own reflection so people reflecting on the time that's passed in. The guys came on this journey. Oh sorry no good when it changed from two thousand nine to ten or when does that decades that whole argument saying like that it. The new decade doesn't surgical twenty twenty one or the. Oh No I was just saying that. No my point was that when we changed from the Oh two oh nine to the teens or whatever. It wasn't a lot of this because the I was I read an article last night. About how the the social media decade. But if you look at ten it was bear these things were like nascent. Yeah and you look at even the history. The news feed in in in facebook didn't start start to like two thousand twelve or something like in the share button. Didn't come until twenty thirteen stuff way. More reason than you history book. Yes she she had no real because they claim that there is the the most troubling chart that I read in this article. was by the end of twenty. I sixteen on facebook. Fake news was more popular than realness. I'm reading a really fucking good book called air social which sounds the antisocial which sound it's like a social media whatever book and it sounds like how the fuck is someone having original original thoughts about social media at this point but this guy is really good like he's fucking the best quote is they say information wants to be free. He's like so does misinformation. Yeah so they. I haven't thought listening to it. That in some ways people like Mark Zuckerberg are so they've had such a cloistered existence meaning they went to Great Boarding School Great High School Stanford Harvard. Whatever they don't know any dumb people they know boring people but they don't know if you talk somebody at Harvard and the or someone who's well educated? They generally speaking in my experience. Don't speak unless stay. It's pretty well thought out 'cause everyone's so smart that they don't want to seem dumb and but they so mark Zuckerberg's like people aren't going to be dominated. Misuse Hughes information gathered. They fucking absolutely are a count on it but he doesn't even know to count on that from people I mean. Did you see him when he was on the hill talking about how to Congress about how it's not facebook's job to fact check doc. It's your job the people it's absolutely got time. I had the thought yesterday like you know what dumb people hate doing ailing research. They don't WanNa they're not reese. I barely like researching stuff and I like researching so people aren't GonNa China. Do people don't have time. They just go. What is it cool? I've got to eat or whatever whatever whatever else they're going to do. Really good really fucking sick. It's just so sad and yes people nauseating tributes to themselves a tribute to themselves. Yeah it's their own in Memoriam. Yeah look at me let me go to my own montage of my own. Oh what what a while would have wild decade. I actually look if there were if it was in moderation. I wouldn't mind or if there was something interesting that happened but but I don't give me an example of when you wouldn't mind I wouldn't mind it if someone and was in a car accident and they thought they couldn't walk and then fine and then they can walk. Yes you're talking about a news magazine story yes I want to. I don't care I don't do. It's not it's not amazing. It's it doesn't cut cut to life. You cut to life story. Yes they don't if it's amazing to you but your Narcisse it's like when people go. I have this new show. I'm really proud of it you. What aren't you proud of your fucking proud of everything you're a fucking narcissist so stop acting like this one? I'm really it's a thing that people say I'm really proud of this. It's it's atrocious. It just did. Is there anybody who did it that you're you know well now not super well. I mean trevor did one that was was like in a small club and then at the staple center right but also. I don't wanNA sound like some. I'm like come on man. Expand your mind but this is all kind of relative to bullshit. Iran is like thirty a seven course. So I'm just saying like this decade thing it's really arbitrary to me because I also have whole side of my family. That's in a different year. I mean of course state understand the Christian calendar we go on but I mean the Iranian calendar which I think makes more sense is in spring is the New Year because that is actually the new earth year. You know what I mean. So it's thirteen ninety nine. Start 'til till when Muhammed. I don't have enough information to answer that Bianca we have a we have any ron segment coming up. I'm GONNA need you to get together Yeah so next decade. Don't bother next in. Enjoy listening to this ten years from now Set The no nine years and eleven months from now. Don't don't don't do it. I wonder okay last thing we should be able to have is during the holidays should be able to opt out of certain key key phrases on post so like father's day like new to have to reset it but you you can opt out of raises yet. HASHTAG tag phrases. I have all kinds of shit blocked. You can block passionate. Oh yeah absolutely. KP got so many things blocked right now. uh-huh and people especially on twitter. Do you block phrases terms coats. It's wonderful actually considerate. You can do a thing where people with. We're out pictures and their egg avatar. People can't see your shit. They can't post they. Can't there's great. Yeah it's really nice. Take Australia's on fire. is Incredibly sad and and I don't I don't even I don't even know what say it's why are there so many fires around because are the book climate change period. It's just spreading. Yes they're all several temperature. One day this year in Australia was a hundred and seven in the continent hadn't the entire continent average temperature. Every location was one hundred seven. That's that's so fucking insane that's awful and a and yes so it's just climate change. It's not the worst. Fires have Iran so the temperatures are very high due to climate change and then fire spark and then they just spread is that what's going on. So they're all related. Need it all the fires. Yeah I don't. I don't think that there was one other one but I'm sure it has has to do. I'm sure it's some kind of cycled that I'm not aware of meaning like the thing in the bear is in the judge Joe like But it's not one thing and then it's I think it's a bunch of things that are actual by nobody like my a joke about having kids. Now why would you bring a kid to this. Why would you bring a kid to this? It's a funny joke. That is very good but it's insane and that's a glacier that picture the that that That picture that helicopter picture. That's a glacier like thousand. It's like a thousand kilometers away or something or more and it melted off. The ash melted all the snow in the glacier. So it's like it looks like Vietnam it looks like Lori. Yeah so so yeah so I got nothing to say other than I'm bummed. I bought some carbon offsets from my flights. I'm trying not to buy. I just tried not. I'm just I'm just hoping people roles change because I don't we're writing our own deaths every one of us is reading deaths were all culpable. We are. I'm sorry to say that we're all eating meat. The packaging consumption waste trash A. I bought a headboard for my new TUFT and needle mattress and I bought a used headboard which is like but I don't yeah no one knows it's used you do will now. They do that ladies who come over. That's my brand new headboard that's a brand new headboard but like just buying shit. I'm I leased my car. I'm just GONNA do through three year. Leases and get a new one it was like I don't need it fucking new car like just I'm going to try to start doing things more more ethically again. It's fucking impossible and I was talking to Bijon the Great Bijon Shams about this and he was like you. Can't you'll drive yourself crazy and it's like you could say that about anything you'll make yourself crazy. Yeah any sort of discipline thing or any sort of ethical color more living. You're gonNA make yourself crazy thinking about that. You're supposed to wait because if you don't make yourself crazy your fuck in ruining the earth. What are you going to do Bianca? Well I'm an avid thriftier. I've been doing my part for a long great. I've I've never had a new. headboard grove aches great. I don't generate a lot of trash. I don't use a lot of energy all my energy. You just this part. You don't have a car. I don't have a car I I really. It's funny because in my ah my condo complex every day the bins get emptied out with trash and I and in the morning and at night. They're you filled up so everyday. The lady who operates a building takes them out and I I feel uncomfortable because of of how much trash is in the bins at night by your building. This is my building. There's one two three so it's like twelve love. Big Trash cans are full every day and at one point. I'm thinking to myself Chevy making more drage. Not Really. But it's I don't understand how Tom is all studios. I don't understand where everyone's getting so much trash from so 'cause packaging just pack bags and that just dude enough off. Can we do less like is there any way we could a people carry those those ten in water things around or special. La Kinda Corny. But I I'm Mike now I'm like I'm with it. Carried this thing this gross fucking jug around in my as my sodastream jug just I. We gotta do shifts the sap something that's GonNa it's either that I made commercials for Nike and making a car commercial and I'm making another car Mike. I'm not I'm what's the point like you make yourself crazy you. It's so hard to beat it. Well that's the problem with how climate change comes across as scolding because at some point. Everyone's doing something fucked up. So just mitigate your fuck ups that's all you can do. Just do one less. Just try to you know. What do I need nothing? I don't needing please don't give me anything I know. Even my mom was like so. You really not going to get neil anything like I don't want it like really bad. It very clear. Yeah yeah somebody gave me some. I think it was a massage gift certificate and I should've taken now now. Let's see you. I can't explain it but you like chair. I know just give it to charity. I'll buy one one. Give it to charity. Give the money to charity so got it Austrailia which brings us to Iran eat on Iran. People don't know how to say in it's really Iran. It just do you know uh-huh anybody named Ron Cousin. Name Ron Ron Ron. Anybody named Ron R. O. N.. And just put a big fucking e like like email. Oh yeah but it's eighties Iran. It's we pronounce things in America so say Iran took me awhile took hanging out with. Yeah it's it's a correction needs to be corrected. I will correct everyone Have you spoken to Granny's anybody. Actually my family was there. Is there for like a visit. Just part of your family. My uncle on and on my very close cousins And then I have a lot of extended family there but I also own property there and my citizen citizenship there and my family I you know I own property neurons. So it's not really. This is not part of my bottom line. No it is is not. It's kind of scary and I just I don't know why. But when they they. They put up the red flag over the mosque. It just was so it was so scary so the red flag means severe ear. Response is coming like a very severe response. And they've never really done it. I don't know traditional things like that. Scare me. Like the savvy. The rhetoric North Korea has good rhetoric. Iran it has good read. Any Muslims have very rightly the blood of your shell flow and And trump tries. But it's so dumb whereas I said fifty two which which by the way to commemorate the fifty two hot motherfucker that was forty years ago and we overthrew their shah like they all. They have a much much much better case than we do. They've done nothing wrong. They want nuclear a nuclear weapon. I for the I love pointing out the fact that people that are trying to limit North Korean Iran's nuclear weapons are also believe in gun rights right so it's like okay so what. When does that said there? They used to protect yourself right. But they're crazy for trying to protect themselves. Also there are forty bases that surround Iran if Iran had were surrounded on all of our our land borders offers and then had sorry if America's Iran all of our land borders and then in international waters over closely. Get and and then I just I can the funny thing. Is these sort of far right. Muslim countries have so much more in common with Republicans. They everybody everybody same. It's almost tenant for ten. It's almost the exact same. It's just a different profit and a different. There's a couple of days it's grades of. Like how Shitty should we treat women right. Hey how we treat them. You got an outfit for years. I think there's a lot of a lot of crossover. But but they they. Yeah there. It's the same. There's a really fun. Good documentary that's called. A power of nightmares was made in two thousand five by. Hi Adam Curtis this British documentary but he basically modern evangelical and the modern strain of of extreme Islam. kind of were started by the same two guys in the fifties like they came to the same conclusion that the West is sinful And then they basically just like all on the same set. The West is sinful. It must be stopped. And so hello anyone that here's what I'll say so when you elect a moron right so people are mad at the elites because God forbid anyone be elite. How dare you? You're not smarter than me other than your brain and education history so I need to. I need to elect a fucking moron and and so trump has been acting unilaterally on every unt-until like hill. They'll come to the decision hill. Leave the room and then tweet. I'm doing the complete opposite and everyone thinks it they. They're like wait. What we but they can fix it a fucking? I can go see a highest level assassination. America's Don in public in. This is the first time we've killed someone someone that high up in another government since we're too And on someone else's sovereign Leah and you can't that's not a fixed the thing like the run up to the Iraq war was so coordinated right and so- choreographs it wasn't dozen unilateral Blair and and and Bush and Hamad cars. I don't know Paul. McCartney Karzai was involved but but there was like the West was in Lockstep Fisher. This is just a fucking kill them and they didn't coordinate it so I'm hoping that American even dumb gullible ones don't buy it 'cause 'cause they 'cause the last this one was like yeah they do have. WMD's even Mike Pence tried to again. Bring up nine eleven in terms of Iran. So why did WE INVADE IRAQ THE FUCK UTAH. What the fuck are you talking about? No the funny thing is when he tried to connect so many ways nine eleven. It's like everyone knows. Saudis were behind nine eleven. They literally gave American families affected by nine eleven. The power to sue the Saudi government took it away. Take away but they gave it to preserve and it's like no one. Everybody eighty every journalist who have been China and also in Cambodia and whatever it's pretty unanimous amongst journalists that it's the the Saudis were behind it of course it's with everybody right so we can't just I think now everyone's just like I don't. This is the first a real internet run up to war. It's not I don't think it's going to be as smooth as having someone go on. CNN and say mushroom cloud Out and and smoking gone mushroom cloud and all that and then plant some in the timing but the way the time they're so indoctrinated terminated all of these media outlets to talk about somebody wrote an article saying even saying like look. There's a lot of blood on Silliman's hands why. Why is there more blood on his hands than ours or fucking name? Somebody that's involved in the Middle East. There's blood on everyone's hands when people are trying to say he's doing this shadow military. That's a organs just like no. That's just a spin. That's just. Yeah it was he fucking a hardline. Asthma who really didn't like the American government. Yeah but he's been like that you're Iranian what's to like what to like. They are are they suny or Shia Shiite. Okay I know again. That's what I'm saying. So even there they have their own shit shit they have their own prism that they look at things through so they're trying to fight Saudi Arabia. Mostly they're trying to fight Saudi. It's Iran vs Saudi Arabia in Iraq is getting caught in the middle. US now is very much backing Saudis. So it's just this fight but the funny thing thing is it's the same thing with Saddam Hussein. He's been an asshole for a long time. Yeah why now but all of a sudden he's always you sola many I. I mean people were telling who've been talking about so many since the early two thousands so he's this is not new six hundred people he you know. Six hundred Americans lives absorb against but they have been. This is not new. I don't understand the we held hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Yeah I don't understand. Why is that were exempt? We invaded this country for basically no reason Iraq. So then they go to Saddam. Saddam was the same fucking thing of I. I can't have my neighbors thinking I don't have so you guys are going like let I come to the sites and he's like He let the UN inspect everything and they found nothing and then they were like well. We don't believe this fake curve ball. Aw Yeah and And yet it's so fucking disgusting and I'm hoping I this may maybe wishful thinking on my part and I'm sure but most thinking is wishful thinking And but I hope that this time people don't buy it. Well the the reason why think the trump administration is screw themselves is because they have taken so much at the intelligence community. Yeah so the people like Oh this is so now you liked the intelligence community so now we now. They're not the same people that said that you were the Russia rigged the election. But now they this this right this one guy when you start looking at things like WMD's the off the Afghan papers HFS. I think a lot of people are more critical to just jump on board having nine nine eleven attacks on papers you never had it off company personnel. It's basically this report I mean. I'm not surprised like no one talks about the one that from like like a month ago. Yeah it was basically it was the chemicals and all that it would no. It was a report that came out in the post. About all this information that was and it basically just. They didn't interview of what what's really going on in Afghanistan and how it was. Just come no. No one knows what they're doing from the beginning. They lied at every. Turn live every turn. Try to put a positive spin on it constantly and lives were lost. American lives lost lives absorb the have no understanding most of the time the stability was only they are until the troops left. They could never put in what they wanted A. They couldn't fight corruption. How they want they just were in over their heads and it was very critical? Yes are we salute. Gunnison things a little bit anyways voted out of Iraq. Ah Iraq today parliament. said they gotta go. But it makes it there's always been a push from the Iraqis to get. US Out. I you liked. I couldn't believe they just storm the embassy like you just stormy embassy ago you just storm you just realize like like fuck these people and people using that as an excuse to that Selena got killed but they do get out right well. It's a you in the in. The Times of the posted said that put the Silliman assassination on the menu for trump thinking. He wouldn't pick it and then our doing yes yes and then finally end the first day. He's in like it and then he saw the protesters assumes I fuck it we've got. We're we're going. We're playing hardball with these animals. And that's what you get for electing a fucking Moron Laura so all the people that elected trump. You're probably you'd someone in your family is GonNa go die for fucking this moron because you didn't liked the establishment gate keepers in the okay cool. Well you know even in all these democratic town hall debates. It's not not one. Prison has talked about foreign policy. It's not important to Americans but it's really important really is so much more important than we give credit to where we shed light on. And that's why a lot of American can do so much shit abroad and we Americans have no clue so just thought of is that foreign policy is like your inner health mean like your cholesterol. Your blood pressure your and because you're not going to see the effects six in the short term now and all this and domestic is like nose job botox by the time you see the long term effects it's Kinda late that's correct and And yet so I I'm it's such a fuck it's y y this is what why this is what you fucking wanted. The this is what this is a moron a fucking imbecile in charge. And I'm sure no one who listeners voted for trumpet. But this is what you get when I just hope people are like this guy's not suited for this drop. No and now people are being deployed. I mean I don't know what's going on but I do know that this even though the like the Iraqis really felt trapped it between the Iranian government and the US. You pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal for no other than Obama Obama. It came up with it right. There was just no reason but what I mean is now a lot of Iraqis were also against Iranian presence there because it was just expanding spending their military in Iraq so now because they violated Iraqis sovereign space just to kill someone who's working for the government. Mind you. I think it's uniting them more than well. The funny thing is is like so now. They're all they're on the same side. Iraq's Iraqis and Iran Iranians is like. Wow okay yeah last well. Different their suny and she. They're not doc the same in both countries. I just mean like it's basically like hey both of you chill. WHOA will now? I'm on his side because you he went too far. You know what I mean. I don't think I think it's just getting America out a little bit. I think they're uniting on that front but I mean who knows good and by the way none of we wouldn't have any of these problems if we did renewable energy we wouldn't we wouldn't give a ship knock yourself. Yeah I was like okay. Cool Gripe it's real and fucking and renewable energies get move Israel. We're taking over believes over sir. Wait so what do you think about the fallout of all this world war. Three God bless him he was like I. I mean it's almost like I don't understand why they joking about this like because it's it's not because it's the it's everything is a TV show. It's like always it's now this. TV show me waking up to World War three when a Ronnie and Bay sees me like. Okay yeah it is mostly. It's all this thing that's happening on your TV screen so you I think it's also the neural. It's like how we deal you gotTa Cope. Yes seems scary. Let me minimize also has a friend around like that. It's the old age old thing whistling through the graveyard like trust Neil old old mandal handle the graveyard whistling through the past the you'd take. That's what comedy is you take this incredibly powerful scary thing you minimize. Yeah but the argument is how soon can you minimize. Now it's much without belittling the victims Most of the people there is a somebody wrote a post saying there is a draft already. It's called poverty which is like yeah. It's like Chris. Chris had a joke. There's a there is segregation. It's called prices. It just gives orange cost nine dollars. You're not going to the basically sciences like no black. Whatever it's like it's the same whites-only only it's it's the it's it's GonNa hurt you know it'll hurt black and brown people the most and poor waybill there is also there is a draft? It's just paused right. I mean I don't think they're bringing the draft. I don't think they'd bring it back it just basically if we need to will put the draft pick which makes I feel like make sense for a country like if none enough people volunteering. I don't we'll never they will. They will not approve more powers. If it's GonNa lead to Adrift Everyone that approves. It will get voted off. Yeah it's not GonNa be close but this is what happens when you elect Amora is he does more onic shit that you can't. That's not easily undoable. Yeah it's one thing to tweet. It's another thing too is one thing that hit senator auditory. It's another thing to hit. Send on a fuck in order to kill somebody. It's just it's so grave and people but people don't know better than Hillary how is this better better than Hillary. How coups do me no? He's not he's a fucking drifter but you. They won't know that the pay y'all we just took a break to tell you something and we wanted to tell you that anchor is the easiest way to make August anchor is the platform that hosts our podcast. So even if you listen to us on any other stitcher the apple podcasts are Google podcast. It's all it's all as it were anchored on anchor anchor gives you everything you need in one place and it's free and you can use it from your phone or computer. It gives you tools that allows you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds great. See like you know how we didn't switch tanker till we started sounded good because we didn't fuck in west anchor sound we didn't Didn't waste people's time. And then they distribute the podcast for you so can be heard on spotify podcast. CAPAC has many more and you. Here's the cool thing you can make money from your podcast. They will put in ads on your podcast and they give you Money directly on the homepage. There is a wallet where it shows you how much money you've earned from your from your from the people listening to podcasts. So it's pretty sweet like it's and I don't say that like it's genuinely fair so dell the anchor APP or go to anchor dot. Fm Him to get started. It's a truly good platform a website. And if you're interested in podcasts if you want to tell people how you feel because look I'm telling Neil I'm telling them we're telling them about Benke Think-i send an so anchors the spot for you bro. Anchor is a spot for you bro. You'll row anchor inkers. You're very good. God bless Sia on anchor and you watch the Kevin Hart documentary episode one of Seven Six. I believe it's long. It's a lot of episodes of life and it was an hour long. Yeah I now I live. Why yes long? He has good narratives though. I liked it but I don't I feel like after I saw the first one was good. People thought it was manipulative. It's intended to be manipulative. It's in some ways it's the one way to to dismiss. It would be Kevin Hart everything good about means my mom everything bad about my dad's fault there is that he he does sort of sell that narrative for like a lot of episodes but ultimately he like seeing the Oscar shift from the insides interesting. Yeah that's go. And and the part where he gets in a fight yeah he gets into a fight with what episode episode four probably. It's like one of the in parts of it are like one of those Olympic boxing videos like thirty for thirty. Yeah like I grew up tracks and all that. Hbo Folk Part of the other great. And actually there's actually more exercising and Kevin's video. Rest twenty percent bitch is so funny Iraq. Yeah there's there's it's it's funny knowing somebody a little bit and then watching a documentary about them because you just go like oh all right. I didn't know that I don't know that. And to see him with other the people aides Kevin's of a little bit of an idiot. That's the thing that I came away with is always fucking idiot. And not in a way that he's an idiot the way anyone you spend time with is an idiot where you realize like Oh you have huge blind spots. Yeah the same way you listen so this podcast. And you're very aware every single way that you and I are idiots if someone listen to podcasts. Oh here she goes again with that or here he goes again with that. Like yeah you you just any any You if you if you watch anyone you will come away withdrawing drawing a bunch of conclusions and so that's the part that I respect. He does try the mom dad stuff too much. Yeah it's like sad justifying certain like cheating thing because boys one with him just say I wanted to fuck another woman saying I wanNA fuck another woman. It's like I get it. We've all wanted another woman for the ask thing the way they handle the Oscar. I'M NOT GONNA. I'm not gonNA anything but I thought it was for what the show was building up to. I thought it was really fucking bad filmmaking. That's it's also on whose part on the part of the filmmaker on the part of his documentary his documentary or the Oscar Kevin's and I thought the way. Some shit was so bad it was like guys is shoot two things or clear it was crazy episodes that one the last one. So that's all I'm going to say I was just like what what it was so fucking that it was as bad as a voiceover but it was almost like a postscript atrocious. I don't really WANNA watch six or seven episodes on anyone in the style. That's and that's I like Kevin Hart being referred doing his tour Gassim with it's like I the OJ dark because if it was if that was straight up all OJ. I would have been out here and only wouldn't have been there on. It's not about anything else we've it I can't watch seven unscripted things about one. I mean it's like dissecting someone's I have to be I guess you have to. I don't know maybe like dead or something I don't I don't know I mean you can watch us someone you know personally so I think there is an interest level is also in your same. We're working together again again. There's a lot of reasons why I like it. That other people might not like it right. I can watch set of a friend of mine who blew up like what what what are they going to say about her. Yeah but for someone who just think Kevin Hart is really funny and is like a good comic I think Essex episodes too long John. I don't disagree but you know I know. A comedian made four specials in a year so crib valuable people are doing and people blowing it out and then my friend. Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy hosts I live and and I liked it. Although I don't like no style sketches. I don't I don't yeah. I don't go see reunion concerts. I don't go on reunion tours. If you don't I like it when it was angry and raw and immediate hit any sort of safe. Remember this I think is fuck can kinda born but if you think about it and you've written for us l. not shooting at US and L. but it was probably a better bet than having them right if they had. That had that cake sketch early. Yeah Yeah they have that cake sketch. Before any of the retro 's okay so It was funny. He said Shit a on the air. He's from the time where you could get allies from the he's he's he's a he's an age of black guy. Where when you're doing something when you're talking crazy you say shit at the end we gotta get in the Car Shit? But so he said it was the canes he went with and and he just added a ship and I was like oh no that was funny to me. The case catch was pretty good. It's fun look. He's an amazing acing performer. At fucking. He's Eddie Murphy. Yeah and he was he in there. Were points where he was Eddie Murphy on the thing that made me laugh really hard was in the Mr Robinson schedule which I never liked really as a kid like I was thought even as a kid I was like this is too broad God. I didn't know that's what I thought but I was like. I didn't know what the joke is. It's Mr Robinson it's Mr Rogers. But he's poor and black right so because I know that right like what say maybe that seventy shit and but the way he walks up the steps and turns to the camera with every read. It was so goddamn funny and I think he used to do it in the old schedule he would turn walk a few steps. Turn to the camera and then walk some more steps so goddamn funny and it was fun to see Gumby. It was fun to see him yell. Yeah like in all CIA trey. A black bastard was really fun and yeah. That was fun. I was telling you that it was just weird to see someone do a a caricature of a Jewish guy. I was like this Jewish got it sounds like a New York Jewish students what he's doing right right whereas in the seventies eighties in New York. It's that's probably all did. Yeah whereas now like you don't really Jewish like wait what is it feels clack. So it's not he's doing a Jewish voice which is hilarious but I think if that was a fresh new skit sketch catch. Oh No. That's I don't know put that away so it's even like the Mr Robinson thing of like you have twenty five l.. Legitimate kids was the joke at the just like I just feel like the bowl the ball. This black stereotype. Like just the like. It's not like I I again. I'm surprised there. I like to gentrification thing I figured they would do that and then those fitting the you put the twenty five kids. That's the part I didn't like about Mr Robinson forty years ago even as a little town and I was like I don't I don't understand why that's funny like I just didn't I just didn't get it's too simple which and I liked the Velvet Jones pimp thing because all it is like. Oh you're a sex trafficker. Yeah so you're a sex trafficker you're writing a book about how to how to be a prostitute sex trafficker and then they saved by saying that women are drawn on instagram. which is good good switch and there was an Elf? Sketch was good. He played in. Albany has both hands up on race. What and then I went here and that was very funny? Did you how he knew the funniest part about the monologue was when Dave Cristeta. No one the white dude tried to come up. Yeah yeah that was a good beat everybody there right. I did a new everyone there but it would have been too you crazy. I didn't not you but I'm just saying those are all your friends. Oh Yeah traces matter. Maybe yeah you I want to get got into it. He's mad at me from when he got an accident he has a he has a case. Let me say he has a very he got knows accident right right. I spoke to him on the phone. I was doing sets show that night as guest and I saw saft sets Franchisee. I was like I spoke to Tracy that you think I should talk about it. Because he was still like hadn't made a public statement and it's like yeah. Yeah and I did a funny joke. Whatever about talking to him and how he seemed like himself and but I was in with unwittingly potentially fucking up his money? No I didn't know that I didn't know that that's what you know what I mean like. Yeah so then. His wife Said said he was mad at me and I and he's and he has been mad at me since I was like six years ago. I haven't seen them and then people have seen and be like. Oh Yeah. Are you still mad at him. Okay well you know Neil you gotta loose licks loose lips sink ships right. But I wasn't saying like don't pay him. I was saying well. Well why not just I realize now it was. His storytelling was not much. I Guess Hindsight's twenty twenty seven and Jim Maker. They make shoemaker So so yeah. It's funny. I was on the Internet and I. You saw this post that someone was like. Oh I found like my grandpa's old things and from a long long time ago and I guess back then people would just right jokes like type jokes on paper and like spread it around. I don't know it was just a paper of like a bunch of jokes but it was from from I'd say about the fifties sixties and No these kinds of things that circulate back then I mean now we send it to each chiller trying to get pregnant. They would mail each other drug something. It was just like a bunch of jokes that someone type typewriter out and they were so sexist and racist. I couldn't believe like some were funny but it was the broad rod generalizations that everyone took as fact. We're so fucking route I laughed. I thought it was funny but I also like Oh. Yeah yeah glad we evolved. This is gonNA fucked up to black people in especially to women. Was Women. Were loathsome people who do that was the that women were in comedy. The comedy rules rules were women are loathsome and their pain in the ass and they should be doing housework. I'm assuming that's what the premise all of their. Yeah there's so many yeah anyways it's it's interesting all right. There is a documentary on Hulu called honey land which I don't want to. It's about not too much I. It's so good about a woman in `Estonia who is growing who has honeybees to make honey for her to sell and it is so stark and it's the woman who lives in a rock formation house in Estonia Nia with her mother who's on death's door and it's four at but it's like a neighborhood and all I can tell you is it's please watch it. I'm a little slow. I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's a little slow boy. There are scenes of such a Larry's there is hit. Her neighbors are the funniest. Maybe my favorite characters on I've seen in a movie in a long time. They're basically basically just a dad. WHO's a fucking asshole mamas and as they're constantly threatening to beat their kids? They are beating their kids. Their razors laughing. They're raising the. They're they're trying to raise their own. Bees the bees or stinging them. The kids are crying and he's like go. Put the mask on on on any like stomach he really fucked me up and it's all in Estonian. But he's yelling like I'm going to chop your head off at the little kids it's wonderful therefore yes it's so great and there are some scenes in it that are so goddamn abusive and funny. Speaking of it'd be funny. Did you see marriage story. I don't want to women don't want to be a part of it. I know a a lot of women who don't WanNa Watch it. I don't WanNa Watch just so there's a divorce. Yeah that sounds awful. There is a scene there there hurt. There's a the settlement divorce where they're they're they're a arbitration. Whatever in court that they should make make people who WanNa get married watch should be like scared straight? They should make them go to a courthouse courtroom and watch these people try to get custody and there's a scene after it whether arguing that five minutes and it's one of the best couple couple arguments have ever seen a movie. It's better than closer. I mean you're no closer I saw on Broadway and I was like ooh this is right Saddam Broadway. You know what it was. It was like yeah. I'll go see this close talking like fucking flame throwing at each other. It's great So you like. WHO's afraid of Virginia Law? I could watch couples argue. You just want want me to love Virginia. Well I mean that's so that's so layered Kuni. Yeah it's over the top but it's the it's the G. even closer is a little cartoony it plays can get a little but but this is real because you've kind of see them you've seen you've experienced this. They've shown you the thing they're fighting the things that they're fighting about and I watching the the deposition or whatever you WANNA call. It was the scene before I was like. I don't think I could take this. I really don't think I could take half bitch. Whatever wasn't they were? They're arguing over custody. It's so it's like you just give up custody. I don't know I would find. It's so oppressive someone referred to divorces. It's like downward pressure on your soul watching these scenes. That's what it reminded me of like. I don't think think I could bear this. This would be too much to bear. I don't think I'd kill myself but I would really be distraught so upset because everything is I know a guy who was getting divorced and I emailed him an idea and he called me goes. Don't email me anything. Because they're they will subpoena my emails. And if you email me an idea and I don't WanNa do it. My wife can argue that. I didn't WanNa do it because I wanted to. Withhold money from her. Oh my God so that's just one guy prenups. I don't understand what the problem is. It protects you Lloyd than it but custody is a different thing different print. This was that was fiduciary custody is a whole other. I mean I was in the family courts for a long time because my parents went through divorces very messy yup a and it was shitty like as a kid I really feel. They argue over custody for the most part I will. I took for a very very long until like custody. Pass the divorce they were divorced. been done with. It's still just keep trying to change custody. You don't just get cut sceni- that's how it was. Was it a proxy war were they were they. Were they litigating more than just you was it about. I mean usually someone's feelings are hurt. Hurt trying to make the other person miserable for sure that part was done but the custody battle just dragged onto the point where I remember one time someone from the court. I don't remember who just put me in a room and it was like who do you want to live with and I was like and they were at that age. I understood that whatever I tell this lady will get back to both my parents so I wanted to live with one way or the other. I won't say which one and I was like. I'm not I like them. Both I was really young. And they're like do you have to choose one was like no I like. I love both my parents. I'm not going to choose. And they like and she was so frustrated she like walked down slammed the door and then we left and the cuss. He stayed the same. Because I didn't say I it just awkward. It's like it's it's it's traumatized right. I don't know what what a better solution as I know. Oh but also like kids fucking stupid like that's one thing that was my ultimate takeaway was. I knew exactly what was going on because your parents talk to you about it they. They'll yell about it. They talk about it when you're at home. The Oh your mother and data so it's like when we get to court I I understand why we're there. I have to be there. Someone is interviewing me. I don't WanNa be a part of it. I really just would have rather not involved because as a kid. You don't want to hurt your feelings so I think it's super traumatize and that's why Mike. Oh a divorce in court. I'm real good on watching that like it's just as I wish. My parents got divorced so I'm like. Oh this is I missed this this I. I was deprived of this yet. I fucking love the movie though. I thought it was great. Those really good bike. Yes Carl everybody's someone said that it felt like someone was talking to me about saying it felt like the filmmaker was just needed needed to just do what he's on his. He's in a successful relationship. I don't know if it's old shit but yeah like I duNNo. Now let's well you know what time it is right. You've got mail. I WanNa know how neil feel and what you think not about. Donald Glover becoming a creative consultant for injury Yang's political campaign and for each of you. Neil would you ever consider working for a political campaign and Bianca. I know that you used to live in Europe and Universal basic income is more common air and not really viewed as a welfare thing. And so my question is do you ever see you. Bi working in America. And what would you do with an extra extra thousand dollars a month. Donald Glover working for Andrew Yang. That's like when that's about as exciting to me as billy really. I'll is starting a new clothing line with H. M. I don't I mean it seems cool. Is that real. which the Billy Irish now? So is that are you serious. No Donald Glover joining us. I don't know I mean I don't know it just seems Hollywood shit why I would It just because they go like he's losing. Go away creative consultant I mean. What does that mean was that mean? Make obtuse art. I don't know what the fuck she's GonNa talent again. He's excess doesn't mean anything except for trump. He's great he's he's the best Yeah I don't I don't just seems like coopting somebody. I'm sure I'm sure he's not like did we speak to before we did. We let Donald Weigh in on this press. Release it's a cute thing I would the I would work for what I work for political. I've gone I did phone banks. I think the last election no. Would you like what I worked for. Yeah I would. If one of my friends asked me I would like there are people if SEF breath. Trevor Noah mullany ran for office. I would work for them. I would straight up like I will go and work for you like whatever ever the money is. I don't care late. I will work like deserve viable people and whose judgment I trust and I feel like trevor will but it will be like in Africa or something here and Mullany mullany would surprise me. It's early offered mullany but like look just the you know I will be Secretary Terry. Something Sacred Dares Lampton the U B. I I think I I just think are culturally. America is not in a position to accept. We really really shit on social help. We're here but we're also society that's deeply rooted in Christian values so I don't get it if it's not coming out of Christianity and being a good good person unlike your own will if the government is hoping hard work with the Protestant working right. We really shame you to needing can help socialist. You know people are so crazy so I don't I think culturally it just won't work. Take the shame out of needing help in Germany Germany. There's a thing called. I think I talked about Kiguel. They just give you money until you're twenty six for being a kid. It's called kindled. Which means child money? You just get money. That's what I never. I think it depends on your. What's up with your family? But I always laughed when people were like German rappers offers like you still getting killed the kindergarteners call yourself can again. That would actually be a good rap name. That would kill So I just I. I can't no it's too far. It's too far outside the overton window of possibilities far people like I'm. I'm glad that people are bringing up because then it becomes a possibility. But but I don't by the way the thing I wanna say is the celebrity endorsements don't fucking know everyone endorsed. Hillary did make a difference and like orioles trump. It doesn't it doesn't it doesn't matter at all yet but I think I forgot what zinc because he coughed. Yeah I don't no no I don't I don't think we're oh that's what it was in say. I don't understand why we need to shame people for having helped though. I don't understand that push because cat lazy says that if you didn't do it yourself then you are a lazy parasite so so few people do it themselves though of course but I mean no one does it all themselves fucking roads and almost. I mean you didn't build this infrastructure it's like get you didn't that's not yours But people don't understand they don't even understand that the roads are not there's ars yet they paid that someone bill head taxes. Everyone pays in people. Don't people don't people don't understand Dan. The system we live. It's people say it's like there used to be civics classes in and how helpful was we need to bring it back because people truly don't even know what the government's supposed to do they don't understand it. Yeah they don't. They truly are like what I don't like. Do you want Medicare. Yeah do you want obamacare. No saw that shit okay. Cool so you don't know what you're talking about. Yeah I do know you don't Goodbye there's that's that now here's another letter Wushu Meeli recently. He's got a blow up with this girl who I had up until this point been seen regularly for about two months change. I was seeing her only her during this time. But we didn't have the exclusive talk and we use rub does the issues were twofold. And I'd like your thoughts on both I. She was very suspicious. That she didn't meet that she hadn't met any of my friends yet and basically accused me of not wanting her to meet them. I told her that it was because the weather New York had recently turned cold and dark and my friends were less inclined. Had to be doing shit not to mention. I also didn't want to be doing plus in my experience first. Few months of any relationship are the horn is spent feeling each other out as it were for any planning largely involves activities. Where all signs point to fucking? What is the minimum amount of time to can be dating before it becomes suspicious? That one has not met the others secondly she's apparently the type of person who gets tested after every new partner I on the other hand routinely tested once a year and then before and planning to take aww the equation with a giving person that I keep pretty tight. Don't generally worry too much about sexual health. We had talked before. How often do you get tested? And what is the most you can reasonably expect a stranger to have gotten tested. What's the maximum amount of time? A person hasn't gotten tested. Where would be a dealbreaker to twofer? How long before I get tested every six six months? I don't see question for Dr. Yeah I mean like if someone has I feel women get tested all all the time I get tested. I got tested twice while I wasn't having sex with anyone why I'm I'm slightly hypochondriac garlic and if I feel anything like what what is it I have to know. I love hospitals. Take me I love him. They make you feel better. Don't be afraid you go to the hospital you check into the are no. I've convince myself I've had everything. There was one thing that was like only L- under seven year old Asian boys get like I may. Hey I got there. I got Haji motives so Yeah I'm just that's probably girl thing but also girls get more. We don't know what's up. Something's wrong we also displays symptoms of things. You guys are just the passer honors so with with strong silent type. I don't I try to get tested every six months or something i. There's a new service that I'm that I've the email they do at home. Yes CDs at home as tests at home. How awkward to find out in your living room fine? I want to find not in a fucking doctor's office it's none of it's good. Maybe they'll call you. They didn't I didn't know that they don't call. I don't know you're right so so I can't remember the name I'm I have. I tried to get involved in. I got a email them something or something. What about the friends thing That's something we actually. Can I think if I always see it as a bad sign. If somebody's somebody's like engaged. I rarely see the guy or woman. Mike what are you. Who are you hiding hiding me? You're heading up. You're hiding riding on your hiding them. I think it's overrated and I think it's relevant and they can be overrated. I think it's relevant to you. Introducing them to your friends and I also think it could be completely irrelevant. Say you're not dating them. You're I'm the one who's dating. I Like I you there the way I am with my friends. You're not gonNA like we do. We like we like a thing. That's not the you know relevant to our relationship so I think it's I think I while I'm sure I have hidden women from my friends. I don't know what I think it depends. You know what's interesting you can feel when someone's hiding writing. I can feel when someone's hiding it because I never care like. Yeah sweet your friends. I like getting along with people. I'm really easy to talk to. So but if there's only one guy where it was getting weird where are we dated for nine months and and I never met his friends. Did he meet your friends a few but I also I'm like fuck. You know people if I end. This is the weird everything he was always like. Oh we don't ever see them. But every time I was at a town he's like I'm with my friends. I was like interesting and I asked him once I was like. Why haven't you ever let me be your friends? And he's like that's not I. I didn't care but but it's almost like well now I care what's up but there was a lot of red flags so I should probably win in them. Yeah so I think it could be relevant and I think people do that. I just don't know if it's going to help you long term or not. I don't think I think if you're I think the chances are if somebody's hiding somebody then they don't have faith in the relationship in this case it's two months you want. What what he wanted to also weird that she's like? Why haven't met your friend goodbye? Chill out two months is fine. It's not that long you've got. May I feel it's your favorite color again Winston. I wanted to hit you guys up with the fact that the MLB just recently made a new rule where marijuana is going to be treated like other substances of abuse abuse where they were going to actually get people to go to Rehab and try to rehabilitate instead of treat them. Like criminals is no longer going to be one of the category drugs that you can get suspended for I thought it was good. That's where it should be but I also it's impossible to not notice that it's for baseball of all the sports. What do you guys think about the fact that baseball all is the sport? That's actually starting to be the first sport to treat marijuana differently again. Don't think it's coincidence. How Neil feel what Pinky Think-i doing well happy holidays? Merry Christmas by main I don't he kind of Miss. It was a little confusing using the way stated that but yeah I thought he was going one way and he said that they are. But they're not I I don't I I don't see how you can make something illegal. That's legal and half station. I don't know what the NBA thing is. But I'm sure in the next collective bargaining weed is going to be legal. It's it's got a ton of up positive things for for people's body Audie so I don't see I don't think it's good for. I don't think it's though having said that I've heard of tons of players who play high. So Oh my God that's it's so funny tons the but they don't bet on this. I'm like you don't want about not just the L.. Any of these sports guys. I'm telling you it's way too human to human. It's machines going now exactly so yes. Good I don't I don't if it's legal in the state or the city I don't see how it's going to be. I mean shrooms. uh-huh will be next. I you know these things are I'm even thinking about. I was thinking about making a meme of alcohol when it found that they were banning vapes because Al like so. We're good I'm fine nine and you're banning vapes. Because forty people went to the hospital. Alcohol kills millions of people every year. What about cigarettes Zave again or at at least people admit cigarettes are bad like they're admit cigarettes about alcohol ads? Alcohol's like a fucking killer. There was an article that said it's carcinogen for cancer like it's a killer and people just accept it no and most older people I know. Oh can't drink very well. What do you mean I feel like alcohol and milk go hand in hand? I mean most people are like I can't really like body process that anymore you know and it's a thing that you just. I have friends that want to drink. They don't have a problem with it. Eight or substance abuse. They just physically are Asian. No white and they're just like I get. I'm wrecked for two days as well. I can't drive. I mean I got drunk like twice as an adult and last time was in two thousand five and I was drunk the next day. Hey I can't fucking be drunk during I seven nothing for me. It's good me in microelectronics swing because I was saying how I was so wasted at the Congress Hollywood variety and we were trying to explain to you like always. How does that fun? You like remember member. It is fun like people speaking two different languages. Did you fall asleep somewhere. And you had you had thankfully by you've got may be Neil amazing podcast. I'm not a podcast guy but yours help me get into that world of it and thank you for it keep up the good works over the long run it. My question is as follows a few episodes ago. Bianca talked about how annoying it was to be on holiday or overseas. And people won't about your politics I can relate to that. Venezuelan moved to Spain and took me a lot of money and emotional burden to be able to leave my country and everyone knows the failed state. That was socialism over there. I know Latin American socialism is super different than American European socialist ideas. I'm the centre-left myself. But it's annoying to get people. My Age always lecturing about my country and what happened to to it. I'm not well-versed or educated personnel politics But it's like thirty years. Living in the country doesn't matter next to the thirty sorry next. The three books many European American leftist students are in college and are always talking down to me about my own country They don't really have a question to ask your opinion on whether or or not it's fucked up to dismiss survivor experience. Because it doesn't fit the political theories or ideas that you believe in and don't want to tarnish your side the politics of course it's absurd like of course you have these people they don't fucking know. Yeah Times I've been told like America. America doesn't the reason why People Fatten America's 'cause there's not a lot of vegetables available. Three people have legitimately asked me like they were they hear that fucking no well in their defense in in low income neighborhoods that is relatively true. There's a there's a surplus of garbage. There's a shitload of KFC and Taco Bell. Obesity is spread out between between all classes. Isn't I'm remember when that bombshell report. came out that said fifty percent of Americans are obese. I think that's really what I think that ran around the world. You know so a lot of people like everyone in America's fat and then said because uh I mean everyone in America has fed fucking London like go final holding everywhere. Yeah I mean the amount of KFC in the Philippines dog was. I mean it was there. were no normal restaurants all fast food. It was all festive jolly at Burger King. Although our driver referred to as King Burger which Johnson Burger King King Burger and it take. That was really funny Yeah people are fat and And you shouldn't listen to if someone lives there then they they trump whatever book you read. Goodbye just listen to them. Just listen to them. You've got mail. Hey banks thanks big fan. Neil just came across a documentary on Youtube called laughing matters. Ah has a whole bunch of you in it. Listen to the PODCAST. Don't remember you mentioning it. Wow I can you talk about it. Yeah guys I'm not holding out. Yeah you talk about something you do. This documentary by the way the Mark Twain thing airs Senate Whatever Sense Week. That's Tuesday Tuesday. When is the PODCAST? Come out Tuesday so like within hours. PBS It's getting twelve. Yeah Bianca was maximum. Not In the Promo. That's fine. BIANCA ME BR Bradley Cooper Aziz Jon Stewart. Let them have it let the kids run around. Yeah I know the best I know doesn't matter Oh Yeah. It was a documentary about depression in comedy and and it was good. I mean I think it's pretty well understood at this point that comedy hominy depression a pretty closely linked and Sarah Silverman's in it. Rainn Wilson produced it crazy ex girlfriend in Rachel's in it A bunch of people. So maybe Paul Chris Gothard Goldman's not it was before his. HBO But yeah it's on. Youtube is good documentary. I think you know I. I don't know if it offers any Solutions but it definitely if you wanna feel less alone shed some light on time go to YouTube dot com and in Taipei and less alone. Nah I'm kidding type in laughing matters. That's the problem with comedy documentaries. They all have a wacky. It's like comedy clubs. Yeah Yucky lucky on. I know I know goodbye. This is this is about you. You've got to listen to podcasts. Got Got me thinking banks talking about girls choosing guys that make them feel safe blah blah blah blah. So guys who are taller and bigger and stronger have that built in caveman safe vibe pre projection built in. But it's twenty twenty if you live in a decent sized city have enough money for an alarm and a gun. I guess that makes you about as safe as you can get more for money. Eagles potentially more financial safety better neighborhood center but is the responsibility now on women when pursuing mates to kind of reject this biological instincts. Think think of all the talented hilarious mar guys are settling for like six and seven when they could be nine to begin nine tenths also all those girls could just have way more fun and probably be treated way better than a lot of the guys that are that are just cruising by some six four height and pretty decent job but not much else else. Is it up to the girls to break. The built in psychological triggers and reprogram for the new age is a possible to do so. Will the five eight one fifty five Guy Who runs owns ten KS and works as a consultant analyst data shit whatever and has a longer life is waiting to see his day or women still drop them off for someone who fits the Caveman Gay man prehistoric triggers happy New Year's to you both first of all. We both have to stop doing the same time. It's not on women or men because people ask men to you know. Oh don't be shallow and stuff like that but I mean you like you like you're never gonNa want a big bitch may me big woman. Menial Brenna Neil Ren do you eat your physio. So who are you but I would say that I'm not the reason I I like a quote unquote fit. Woman is because that is health. That's how I'm healthy. I would like a person. That's also healthy. But you know there's some people who say the same things like men like a smaller girl girl. That isn't as big as them. We he can route. I mean this is just these are just theories on why people like Shit. I'm not saying I don't feel like it's it's not. It's just then Dan. I think he's the the thing he said. That was wrong. In here in terms of arguments case don't mention what guys should be with like they're getting sixes is in sevens when they first of all anytime. You're mentioning numbers. You're you're you're you could be getting nines and tens of what you're saying. That based on his job bob or based on his safety the amount of safety he can provide he should be getting quote unquote nine tenths right now. No he saying that the responsibility on women when pursuing mates to kind of reject these biological instinct think of all the talented layers. Smart guys that are settling for for six and seven wire the settling. I don't know what that's what I'm saying. They're not set. They're not just don't say sixes. Okay yeah just don't put numbers and we can I. I don't delete that. Yeah and if I don't know what you're saying is who's got more more Cape aped triggers men or women. That's what kind of is that. What you're saying like you want men you're saying women have to stop having these triggers but so should men? I'm I'm just saying that we all generally I think we can make total smallpox blanket statements. Uh Girls Taller guys. Bigger guys guys like smaller women guys like you've maybe women the shorter than them. These sort of fit. I don't know whatever it's just like. We can make arguments against but whatever I think if we're going to take aim at going against those biological instincts and just dating everyone for who they are. Then I just think we both do it on the same side. I don't think are dating for our triggers. Here's our I think partially it's gotTa be for ten. I mean I used to joke about like a woman with big boobs like she will feed me during the winter. Solstice like yeah like there. Is that like why guys like girls. Big boobs are big. Butts has to do with fertility fisher. And it's silly silly. And but if your your penis doesn't care about social mores your key meaning if you don't if you're standing behind a woman and her butt and hips look like your brothers you're gonna be like you can't talk your penis into that. I if you yes so. I think that you're right but I will say in my experience. I find that women complain about that type of Guy More than guys complain about Perfectly sculpted woman whereas women will think at this tall guys like. They'll really talk themselves into like no. I think he might be the one now. He's pretty amazing. And then then you end up getting hurt and it's like well now. You got hurt because this guy was clearly addicted from the beginning whereas I think is are just like Oh blocker and then oh she's crazy. Oh Oh yes correct. Girls crazy guys are sweet. You guys are way less choosy just but women. Can we convince to love a fucking fucking rock. I feel like yeah but they often don't they they they maybe they eventually do but yeah not in their twenties. I really my whole point is like a something I'm looking for in my twenty s as a woman I mean not again I know not you and I don't mean but seventy percents I'm trying to even my friends and people I know not. Everyone's dating super for Hot Guy A lot of the time. They're just dating a decent looking guy that's cool in some aspects. Yeah you know what I mean. No one is is like dating Fabio so that the yes the most of the time when I see a woman who's with with a broad shoulder dummy I think about the woman like Oh you can have her like I wasn't I wasn't in. There was no risk risk of her liking. Me I wasn't we're not in the same market me in that guy knowing. There are times where I get into a good market. And then there's there's always some mitigating thing of that. You WanNa be in showed okay all right. Yeah I'M GONNA go. Oh okay I I've dated. I mostly dated very tall guys but I've dated guys five eight five nine. Whatever that's considered small so still above average average five seven? Well I'm smalls everyone's told to me. I don't know I just I feel like we boil men and women down to such a cheesy stereotype type. Sometimes and I don't think I do yes I do think it's real but I I don't know I'm because because I'm the quote unquote victim. I do find that women have weirdly shallow standards for men but Uh I'm sure women feel the same way. It's hard to say. Who has it worse? You know what I mean like if I because I think women internalize it more and end up like a fillers and all that shit yeah guys just like what What he's gay say he's going good by? This is a really funny one again. This taking you to task ask great. You've heard her boast about wanting to unleash the freak in these dudes in the bedroom. But I'm questioning how serious this could be. She's proclaim I'm great at head but also has made some other remarks that made me question. How big of a freak is really being being at one point when discussing homosexuality at least you made a point something like who cares what goes in what hall but then when talking about potentially dating a guy who would experimented or been with other guys said she wouldn't want that or wouldn't want to know with an interesting point for the WHO cares? What in what whole crowd so I take it? It's fingers in the guy's ass has aren't happening recently. Someone wrote about a boring sex partner. They said no dressing up in in all caps immediately gashed dressing dressing up in her best. The fuck does that vibe. Some guessing no dressing role-play Neal began his short dialogue manifesto about the wide ranging clipped clitoral stimulation needs of different women from soft caressing too. I believe what he called. MASHING and bigger Dinh's again gasoline Adding mashing concept bringing up some sensitivity issues. which is all fine and well? It's twenty twenty now banks nobod- stuff no dressing up. No Clint mashing allegedly strong dome skills but one kind of freak is truly being unleashed here from reading between the lines. I seriously question how wild it is getting in the apartment department over in Korea town personally have. I'm going to believe the hype I would need to hear some specifics in all caps about the techniques but mama banks listens to podcast so maybe not needed but I just wanted to be on the record that I have some doubts and bigger Dinh's may be more bark and bite best wishes twenty twenty again. If you reply with the. Please do the video or audio not going to happen. Just like copy and pasted into a robot voice thing or or something. That was so funny. Yeah really this kid listens and he gets it and he takes healer extra. Here's the deal first of all. I don't know this. Who cares whole is? I don't know I don't recall. That was one. I just don't know the context so I can't ignore that WHO said no buts stuff not me or other people. You don't wear a guy that's we have butts. Hello you you okay so this is all I can tell you because you know Mama banks does listen. Listen the reason why I think I Good Fun in the bedroom is because every single thing I do. Oh whether it's something you WanNa do more or something. I really want to do more everything I do. I really really really WANNA do it. And get into it and in present and I think that makes a good partner. Dan Savage Avid says like the three GS. One of them is game. Meaning like your game for whatever I am fucking game and you wear the shit under your eyes. The black shirt under is football. Because you're so game that's the Game Day Baby I. It's hard to give specifics. I don't really WanNa new. You should of course but the reason why else I've made the claims I've made is because I've heard it from unsolicited feedback from partners. Broken up non broken up like even after the fact I'll still get a man Does blankety blanks were. That was the best blankety blank. blankety blank blankety blank. Exactly Jamesy blanketing. Black breath have reasons why I think and I have been with a few people who were on who were not not as seasoned If you will and even to this day are very like the you you broke me. From my freak locker she will break you out despite arena final question of the day Algebra Al Jolson. The first movie served talk area. Comedian singer was once the biggest sensation showbiz yet when Neil Reverend's him beyond replied who because tale behind a memorable body of work Jolson has been largely forgotten joining the ranks of such other former number one box office stars Glenn Ford Tyrone Power and Suzanne Hayward in relative obscurity which leads me to ask. I actually don't agree that Al Jolson didn't leave memorable bodywork he did. It's just fucking racist. I can't really show it which leads me to ask which of today's major stars are destined to be forgotten Twain Johnson. Tom Cruise Eddie Murphy. Will they be remembered by those born. Twenty forty I think it comes down to quality of picture. I think that Tom Cruise will be remembered for top gun. One I think I in Michigan McGLADE goes yeah but mission germ aguire aged horribly. I really been garbage. It wasn't yeah. It's lighting writing. It's a movies all about lighting. I mean again. I'm since I baseball with that movies. fucking it's Corny and like she's GonNa come with with me because she's a supportive gadgets like none of it Tom Cruise be well. I think that top gun will be shown and remembered I first of all. I don't think anything gets remembered. Honestly I think there's a few like we'll shashank you think about but like modern classics like Shawshank. Good example. A lot of the ubiquity of Shashank is because they just air the shit out of it on. TNT The reason they aired it because did well but I think at this point the reason you remember Bogart and in cary grant and WHO's the other one aeroplane a little. But no one's watching errol flynn movies. Charlie Chaplin's the only one who likes that motherfucker indoors like like that's I mean they don't don't play it on TV but chaplains bigger. Everyone knows fields. It's bigger than how everyone knows him. I've almost never seen a full chaplain. Yeah he's his own genre. Eddie might be remembered for forty eight hours the The ninety professor professor it because it is an amazing piece of film. That dinner tables fucking funny. It's unbelievable and lost the Jerry Maguire at the for for best picture or her for best comedy at the Golden Globes so I did join Johnson to knock getting remembered because people also don't really remember member comedy that much I guess I'm also even remember. He was a wrestler. He will forget very quick. Yeah People People's memories. These are getting shorter and shorter and shorter. I remember somebody. Dustin Hoffman. Got Me to thing and I was having a conversation. They were like yeah. I just feel bad. People aren't gonNA remember. Dustin Hoffman for the great actor women's the last time someone brought up. Dustin Hoffman to you like what are you talking about. I don't I don't think people are GonNa Remember the godfather but even remember is getting narrower and narrower. I also don't need to remember. What do you mean? Sorry I mean in this context whereas I feel like well when I was younger before Super Super Internet was like Arizona very little entertainment. There were just fewer options. So they were like. We don't have anything good to show showed jaws again right. Show the godfather gun show eat San Mateo yet showed their word so there was probably a quarter of the maybe nightside less than a quarter a tenth of the amount of programming that there was in nineteen ninety available to broadcast is probably a fifth of what it is. Now Yeah for sure so I can't prove it but now now okay now what were you gonNA. I'm saying like let's say we're in nineteen ninety. It's very hard to get a hold of something from nineteen fifties. Where would you go to library? Maybe well they don't stream it. Like Warner Brothers has streaming thing. Now were they have the classics but the only reason I want. That shit is because I'm a director and I wanted to be educated but I don't think that I think not very many of those movies age. Well sure is the is that I think billy wilder movies age well because he was like way ahead of his time. And that's kind of the I don't. I'm not a hitchcock fan. I just signaled the other day. Wizard of Oz. Yeah but I guess Judy. It's good because Judy Garland's owns in but or or gone with the wind. They're not remembered is not gonna be what remembered what what quote unquote remembered was in nineteen. Ninety is not going to be what remembered was in two thousand forty. How the amount of good shit there is to watch before you get to forty eight hours or before you get to the clumps is you've got a mound of good shit to watch before you get? There is going to get lost in the sauce. Yeah that's so go anywhere. But he's his very well rated by the way but but like the best in tenuous which it should be huge crate. I thought it was was it was I watched. Every it's a privilege to watch him. It truly is like there are a few people that are like he's unbelievable. It's the the most. He's so charismatic. It's crazy but I don't I just don't think people are gonNA remember. I don't think that means anything. I'm not saying people barely remember Michael Jordan because they really do like I remember doing Jordan campaign and asking a bunch of little kids. Who would you rather mean Michael Jordan or Lebron? They're all like Michael Jordan and they might have just been saying that but I but I knew what they meant. Yeah he's like everyone else I mean. He's Bruce Slit so but everyone else from his time. I don't really care about you. Know what it's like. It's like if you meet young prison now. And they have a really we good taste in Music Aka. They listen to bands from the they know bands from the sixty seventies as they went and did their research essentially. I think that's what's going to happen like minor amount. That's a small amount of people. Yeah it's going to be what separates that that what he's talking about is will they be remembered. The classic rock was its own own genre of radio which to me is such a bullshit boomer thing like I'm fucking I've always been like how fuck you this is the stuff man this is real and there's a thing about classic movies he's that I think I don't even the Oscars like I thought. Last year's crop was bad. This year's crop movies really good like I just like them. There's a nineteen seventy. I haven't watched. I haven't though I like the idea but I don't remember. People aren't watching a lot of like water for chocolate chocolate. Seventy twenty years ago. People Aren't watching sling blade. I don't know man it's classic now is three weeks later. People remember remember. I used to a lot of us magazines or his young and I found them randomly. And it's so embarrassing one. It's it's embarrassing himself too. I couldn't tell you half the people in there are they did one thing that was on. TV for one season and then yeah just a high turnover. Yeah and it's just getting worse and worse and a lot of what was considered classic had to do with a lack of new material real and TV channels. That would just run TV channels right there. They have a fixed amount of time. You turn on you watch it. They'd rather have the godfather dogged afternoon or any one of these movies than some other news. It was just a bird in the hand. So it's about delivery as much as it's about anything else so I don't think that that's even a and like Bruce Willis people don't people don't realize the fucking movie starring huge fucking huge. Yeah like diehard IHEART. Made four of them die. The first I art is a fucking masterpiece you SPEC in time. Yeah one of the best. You know one a huge style. Sly Stallone Huge Schwarzenegger. These were but so right there in their own lifetimes let alone after they died exactly so the idea of classic films. It'll be like for people that are want to narrow it out but it's not going to be the way it was where everyone's you know it's a a good one. You see where everyone had seen. Annie Hall in. Culture just didn't really matter. I don't think it was just New York and La Bianca. We did it. We did our podcast. And now we're ending this by uh-huh and uh-huh

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Too Hot To Handle | Ep 3 & 4 Recap | Ali Lasher & Pooya Zand Vakili

Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

1:43:12 hr | 1 year ago

Too Hot To Handle | Ep 3 & 4 Recap | Ali Lasher & Pooya Zand Vakili

"Hello everyone and welcome to the too hot to handle rehab. I'm your host her McKenna's and I have some very special guests today so I a woman that I am truly obsessed with that. I've somehow never podcast it with. I managed to get Ali Lascher so Ali. How're you doing I thought that was too nice of an insurer and it had to be about so I was unprepared. No I'm thrilled. This is an absolute dream. You sent me a text. I normally hem and how over every opportunity in my life. This I was like daytime place. A clear everything. Let's do this. I don't think there's a better show for us to be making our debut together. I'm jazzed fully jazzed. Yeah I mean it's I feel like it's just the right amount of messy that it brings in like your challenge roots my love island routes and it just puts it together in a beautiful way but we are not alone we are joined by PUJOLS ADVOCACY WHO. I wanted to introduces Liana. Because he's on her skype account. It's like a vision board. You can dream come true ex. Exactly puja how're you doing more than just Leon his partner in crime? Okay I would like my own intro. You know the winner of all winners or some people's brand. I don't know I don't know something. It was something the beard Freud. One point you tried to get some sort of thunder nickname but I feel like that's not appropriate. I mean not only did I not that and that was still pawn me but also I don't recall so we can anyways it's fine. We can talk about that later because right now we are going to talk about episodes two and three of too hot to handle on Netflix. And I know I have not watched anything past episode not to buy. I don't have any notes on to watch. I'm already talked to rob and Nora for thirty nine pop dinner and then I just like rope podcast to and then wrote two and three because you know what numbers aren't my thing and I think if anybody has a problem with that then they need to find a different podcast too but yeah so three or four. Have either of you seen past four yet or we unspoiled on spoiled? I'm salivating to watch episode five so I had to reluctantly. Stop it for okay. Perfect so we're all on the same page. So if anybody is in the comments of this podcast spoiling the rest. I'M GONNA lose my mind. So please don't do that so I was with three picks up and it's right after. Francesca and Haley kissed just to lose everybody money. So what were your? What were you guys thoughts on that and also like your thoughts just on the people so far since we haven't heard from yet please. Oh okay thanks Allie. He's got so yeah so they decided to go on this revenge tour of. Hey we're going to make out to lose money. I think Haley was more into this than she's letting on. I think Haley Loki has a little bit of a crush crush on Franchesca. I know you like Haley and I know a lot of people like Haley. Hilly's not my cup of tea. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you I don't really enjoy the Haley. She's chaotic and that's always fun but also not my cup of tea. And Francesca is Francesca. She Ha- I definitely have some opinions on her especially later on into this. Podcast will dive onto those but as for the rest of the cast. I love that it's diverse. I love that we have different accents out and about and everyone's all together now there's ten of them currently eleven obviously for technical but I'm enjoying it for all the K asset is for the hot mess that it is but I don't like Haley and I know I'm going to say that one more time to make sure that we know that I don't like she's not your cup of hot chocolate hurts. That's right that's right. Love Haley strong. Not Haley from to handle. Well we already haven't we have a question addressing that later Hood Area Ali. What about you? What are your thoughts on the people? What do you think of the scheme I think? Episodes three to four represents a clear transition and like how? I feel about most of these people in the curtains open on episode three and I I stand a petty queen and there's nothing I stand harder than to petty Queens in cahoots? I like. This plan was brilliant. I was very annoyed at the house for turn. It like backing Harry when he was clearly lying and like it made no sense. Ferrari to be lying. My friend brought it to me once and was like. Why is Harry just lying though? I'm trying to decide if this conversation with either of you too because I don't remember who I talked to anymore but like why is Harry lying and I was like like he knows he's GonNa get caught. It's a TV show because guys like you could have a receipt and be like. Here's a text you said. And they'll be like I never said that. So I I can't stand Harry like he is worse than a trash bag. He's like an unlined garbage. Can that's like full like? He is the absolute worse even dumpster fire. He's online he in quarantine like I can't so I so I was like yes. Francesca and Haley. Like burn their money down and then as we talk more antipodes is sort of. I can see what you're saying. I saw entrepreneur said. I don't even think it's low key. Haley in love with Francesca. I don't love that. She's like trying to use like. Oh let's say we lied because we were like ashamed of our sexuality so that's like a dark excuse to claim but so at this moment in the beginning of episode three. I'm on team. Friskin Haley as we get to the end of the story that we're GONNA discuss today. They lose completely okay. I think that's fair. So we see that. They're excited to see what everyone says. When they find out but then immediately goes to you know the people that Francesca inhaler. We're going to try to frame. Which is Sharon and Rhonda? They're all making out there talking about how it's so hard not to have sex and China's like you know I'm just a guy and sexist like brushing your teeth and Rhonda's just like yet is an do either of you know what that means. Pull you do you know what that means? Sexist like brushing your teeth twice a day. Is it party retain like I'm confused? First of all Chevron is like thirsty person they could have found. This guy is literally dying. He cannot handle not getting it in or not it wet or whatever kind of thing you want to say. I'm assuming like brushing your teeth. I mean I would hope. He's brushing his teeth twice a day but also I do. I hope that because he's equating it having sex on I hope he's not but also yeah. He's very thirsty and Can we just okay so actually? I'm GonNa say everyone likes sex. Why is it such a look? I'm a guy that means that I really need to get it in like every day. Calm down my guy. Jesus when he's acting like it has been months and months and weeks. Probably what ten day an episode three? Let's say ten days of a month like that's not that long literally. This entire show is based on a red at me known as November so there are people that do this as a hobby so I understand why my man Iran over here is acting like he's had to give up everything and beyond Nice resort with lovely looking people who have some banter and drinks. I feel like you are not being punished. You're being rewarded. I don't get it. I don't think any of these people are participating in November Allie. You know what this means. Sexist like brushing your teeth. I'm very caught up on this. I don't understand it's Sharon. How did I say we can sure on is just? It's like weird to look at my notes where I've misspelled everyone's name and like my like the heat of panic all furiously typing and now. I can't remember anything. But he calls himself a sex icon. Which I'm sort of like start. They're like I don't know what any of these people are saying. Anytime but it. What's interesting is like again? Episodes three and four. I feel like we're a critical transition for me of like resisting. This show to getting immediately on board like okay. I saw the preview. And I'm like I'm I'm on-board like Duh. This is our market then. I watched the first episode. And I'm like get the Hell Outta here. Where did you find these people like this and this is sort of? The sexes like two times a day like brushing. Your teeth thing is to me like the final foundation of like we get it. All of these people are obsessed with sex. We got that it's important to them and then we're going to see this beautiful arc and I'm here for like suspend your disbelief. That like Sharon is having this moment. Where finally he's like at a stop hiding behind his sex obsessed like nature and really make a connection. It's I feel like all of this was just like groundwork to shove it. Down our throats so we can really appreciate those Watches turning green jumping ahead. Which I did appreciate spoiler honestly kind of beautiful. Yeah I feel like this to episode. Arc is very much about Like the like wholesome part of the story is about like David Unsure on and Rhonda. And then there's like a not so wholesome side to the story kind of playing out at the same time so heading. Interestingly yeah where we have to petty queens absolutely well and it's I mean it starts out to petty Queensland by the end it's like do they even talk anymore? I don't I don't even know heartbreak. The Queens of heartbreak on bad honestly. My heart is broken. So yeah then. There's like a brief conversation from David. And chloe where? David is like maybe we could like balance the self development with the sex because it's just setting up like they want sex so bad and I I mean who doesn't right I mean. They've sold me their their antics. Like it's like you can only get hit over the head by these people like it's all they talk about so much. Which is I'm sure you know. Fluffed up by producers and editing. But I'm just like I have sunk my teeth into the series. I'm so here for all the garbage and that's one thing to like at the end of episode four. It's like we're halfway through the month so it's like. Apparently we've gotten two weeks worth of footage but I certainly don't feel like we've seen two weeks of activity happen by the end of this. So just the pacing. Feel off to either of you weird because I I knew so I was just watching the show freely over the weekend and then when we got in contact and that's okay three and four. I was like Oh my God. I think I've already watched six. And then I checked and I'd only watched four. I stopped at five so it feels like it's strange to me like it doesn't make sense that we're at the halfway point because it feels like we haven't learned anything but also it feels like a lot also happened simultaneously. So I'm really just lost in how I feel both things at the same time. I don't get it. It's a confusing time. For All of them. I agree that the patient feels off. I think that was like my takeaway episode three where I was like something feels off. It feels like they've been there like we've only seen them be there for two days but then they're telling us it's been ten and like I don't really understand. The some relationships like people have never talked to each other before and then some are like crying each other's arms or whatever so and like there's only been two dates to challenges or whatever so that has felt off but after the end of four. I was like okay. This seizing actually does make sense. I really like the rollout of okay. I like you said on the podcast with Robin nor alike. I it's like the twelve hours of the show. They thought they were going to be on. And then it's like it's going to be a desert sexual desert for the whole month and then it's like actually if you have these real relationships you're going to be able to do some stuff. I've enjoyed that evolution in the rules that we've kind of gone along with them without knowing that upfront like I think that has made like the story arc make much more sense or like the progression. Because I don't think this show at work without those like green bracelets rule change. I keep jumping to talk about that. But like I think in that sense. The pacing has smoothed out. But maybe it feels so like such so little has happened because we keep getting rule revelations and you don't usually get that beyond like the first episode of a show. Yeah feels like a lot like from the start of episode four. To the end of so far I feel like a lot has been fixed in leveled out for the remainder of the season is what I'm feeling as well. Four was big for all of that. Yeah that is very true and we will get to the like fit. Watch things very soon alley of first. We need to talk about. How Lana is going? Do Workshops for the people in the resort over the course of the show and we get two of them in these two episodes and the first one is the show Bari Workshop which is an exercise in which couples US bondage to learn trust and intimacy essentially the vibe that I got from that we got a really great montage of Haley not being able to Seychas Bari which I felt great. Join it and all these people. It looks like probably have some experience with restraints and the couples that they gave us word David. And chloe Housing Haley Sharon Rhonda Matthew and Nicole. And then Harry and Francesca puja. Did you have any thoughts on those? Those couples production made I like the pairings. It's very clear these are story driving couplings that they're doing to make sure that the Shiburi bondage trust fall exercise works out well into our entertainment. This is not to jump head but this is the second time where I feel like. They've paired Nicole and Matthew and I still don't know who Nicole really is so I know I can tell they. Keep trying to make this a thing. I haven't seen a thing. I'm intrigued to see if it ends up being a thing. But obviously the the the match up of the hour is hairy. And Francesca by far given how they've their relationship has hit a complete halt by this point in the show yes and it's a halt in the Shebar easy workshop as well because Francesca is refusing to even try it because she is so mad at him. Now I'm GonNa ask you. Ali Did you also forget that Nicole was there? I was just getting prepared to like lash out about Harry in this situation but all move back to Nicole one hundred percent like I she's completely discarded and I think that really kind of goes through the whole episode. Four and I kind of like that. The show is not like forcing if she doesn't have a connection like that's fine. I'm like I'm okay with the drama. That's been going on with everybody else. So you know. Maybe she'll make an appearance in the back half of the show. Yeah if you want to lash out at Harry. Please take opportunity. No I mean first of all I love that the producers. You guys are talking about this. But I love that the producers make the matches. I think more shows should do this. I'm going back to like. Are you the one or the bachelor like picking dates or are you the one for challenges you match yourselves up like I love? The producers are just openly like we arrange this for drama like this whole show is such a troll and I feel like they have a lot of unlikable people like more so than a normal reality show like they're most of these people I find unlikable but the shows just Shirley them the whole time so like maybe that's the point and I'm here for it but speaking of unlikable I don't understand and maybe you guys can figure this out for me like okay. They put her with hair. It put Francesc with Harry after. Harry has dogged her out in front of the entire house for no reason completely lied on her and and that's an expression. I only here on reality shows lied on her. That's what happened. He lied on her and now they have to do this. Like trust exercise. Where presumably he's going to be able to tie her up. Forget that I'm glad that didn't happen. Why is Harry not even like owning it in the slightest it's like Francesca? Is there waiting for him to just be like? Could you just like say you lied? Like they're not addressing it. He's just like I can't believe she's mad at me. I don't understand. Then the Karma Sutra Kama Sutra woman comes over. What's it called the bondage woman Mari woman comes over and says Lake you like? Why are you not participating Franchesca? Because he's a liar win. He is a complete full awful boy. Obviously. That's not the word with the letter. F that I'm referring to. Oh Yeah I was like. I've never heard of a full off. Oh boy please tell me more. This guy is trifling he's a What the Brits like to call a Dickhead and I mean I said fuck boy on the love island coverage I think we can we. Okay that makes it a lot easier. He's fuck boy play every now and the the worst kind. They're all bad but like the wars like the toxic waste of the garbage. You know just like he's done this. He knows he's done this. He knows he's kind of gotten away with murder because he's gotten most of the sympathy in the house and he's just not even trying to acknowledge that he's done. I think we should just be adults and move on. I'm sorry six foot five twenty-three-year-old you said what Ok well and the thing is is if they were GonNa be adult and move on. They would talk it out right. They would have a conversation of you. Know what I I did. Lie and this is why I lied. And I'm sorry that I lied and Francesca will be like you know what I get it but I'm still mad at you but let's move forward but the fact that he's not owning it at all. Even though everybody knows is just infuriating like I really see. This is the thing anytime. I think someone is cute made of red flags just pro and I ask how soon we're going to see Shibar on other reality shows. I feel like this was like the quintessential force connection reminded me of the dates on dating naked when they had like either of you guys. Were you low enough to watch it? I I've heard about it and I want to watch it but they're just something that is holding. Okay dating make. It was like a steep. Islet thought you guys are going to be like yes of course but it was like they were naked and they went on dates and it was like a guy single and a girl single and they would go on three different completely naked dates and it would always be something like this it would be like looking at each other's eyes and doing like deep breathing or it would be like naked finger body painting or like I'm shocked at into bondage. Maybe they did but like this. Would be the quintessential thing where it's like a practice. That gets you like to do it with a stranger. But it's actually like tying someone up pretty aggressively. If you do it wrong. I guess like Harry. And Francesca Francesca. Like I don't know why she was doing but it was like very angry and Harry's clearly like guys this easy you're right should have been. He should have gotten more So the only notable thing I really have other than that is when kells literally just like picks up a hog tied Haley. And it's like it's like a gym bag. I love sales yet. Kills my favorite by far by far the accountants my man and also I have in my notes Matt Jesus when he was trying really hard to pretend that he doesn't know how this is and that he's never done it before. Like okay calm down. Jesus see the thing is is I like to think of him as not anti Christ man I hate him so I just I need time. He says anything that alludes to his previous sexual progress. It makes me very uncomfortable. Especially because they're leaning into the Jesus thing he is he's calling himself the rock and roll. Jesus now so yeah. He called himself rock and roll. Jesus everyone else was calling him Matt. Jesus in the last two episodes. Can I ask you this which Jesus would you be like? Do you have an adjective for the type of Jesus. You would be offensive question. I don't know he's rock and roll. Jesus I would be like laying on the couch for so long. Your body gets sore. Geez I was GONNA say why I'm wind Jesus okay. I think that's already a thing I listen I'm can I pick the Jesus from The Big Lebowski there are no rules. You can't pick insisted on cheese. Don't fuck with Jesus you know me. By the way I feel like this might be offensive. But it's all in good fun. Yes I mean if anybody is adding us over anything it should be that. We're talking about too hot to handle them. If if there's problems that arise from that at the root causes that we watch too hot to handle and guess what they probably watched it too. So they're not so pure. Get the start of the Chiran. Rhonda Love Story kind of carries us out or they so is. Should there couple name be Ron Ron or Sharon. Get Saranda okay. Ron Ron Ron is just. I get that it's Ron Ron. But Ron Ron could just be a nickname for Rhonda or it's already been to land by the the original Ron Ron from the Jersey shore. Yeah true that's where it came. Okay Gotcha Yeah I think sure. Sharana is pretty great. I think that's why they had to be together. Rhonda's Ken so yeah Sharon is cannon. So they're talking about like the lesson of knocking physical in order to have a real connection and sure on is like you know what I think. I've learned that lesson like I've never waited this long before. I've never had to wait before I've learned the lesson and I just I I can't put pull your water. What's your thought on this this whole conversation that they have the first time they tried to define the relationship? I feel like I blew my Sharana rage load earlier. But he's just enough like he's so thirsty and I I know people be thirsty but like this is like I walked through the desert forty days and didn't find a cactus Ruutel like my man. It's been eight days. There have been people that I've dealt with a little more days like oh man. I love that this way because I I feel like I can tell you can see a guy's mind working as one myself. I can tell that this him using this angle of like I learnt the lesson to try and bring her into the idea of like you know. I think we've all learned a lesson today and my lesson was that. I'm really a lot better at this. Now have a handle on. I learnt and she's like you learnt this is it. She's a he's like. Yeah this is it like I figured it out. I was like okay man. This is the secret of the Universe is wait. Days IS TORONTO LESSON. Can I ask a question and yeah like I don't know what work the no masturbation policy is doing on the show like I almost far in them too obsessed with talking about how long they've gone to the point? I don't know that it's like mess. I don't think it's necessary for that line to have been drawn because I still think you'd have like the right amount of tension with not being able to like sexually interact with each other. I don't know that I need to hear about like how long like Charan has gone on an individual basis. So the thing is that I think would be worse if they were allowed to. Masturbate is that they would just do like were. They would masturbate in front of each other as like a sexual act together. And that's all they would do and it would be really horrifying like maybe it's reality shows like bathroom only or whatever I don't know if people do on roundish right. Yeah I don't know I I feel like that is making it possibly. Because you know it's like it's all about the forbidden fruit. You can't kiss you can't like you know they said heavy petting. You can't no heavy petting no sex. It's like okay. But then the no masturbation and it's like okay that's not there but I feel like if they have it that's not gonNa make them want the other things so much more less right because that's with other people there with other people. They do this thing on their own probably forever but then. I guess then we won't assure on he learned a lesson maybe he doesn't learn as let's fine with that yet. That's my official stance. I've learned my lesson and I'm fine without John. Learning is at least four episodes in and has learned the lesson so then this is where we get where Sean is like my heart broken before someone cheated on me with my best friend. I don't WanNa be hurt again. Like I like you suit It's too soon. Tell it could be something real and it just kind of leaves off Berry Awkward. Because Rhonda really wants to get to know him and he doesn't early say which has then mirrored Khloe David being like. No we don't have a spark I ask you about Sharana for second like this story comes up later and then it really comes to a head with David as standing in for the best friend like I want more information because okay. Sharon is twenty-five which is definitely old enough to have had a significant relationship where somebody cheated on you and that's really scarring and and I liked this this part of it that he's opening up to Rhonda and this way and explaining why he has trouble and then people in the like. I feel like there's going to be some review not reveal but like or online it's going to be revealed that like he was like sixteen in high school and this happened. You know what I liked like. I was missing a critical part of like this story and I want so badly for the best friend or the show up on the island for a session like tied up and and really move on. But I don't know I just felt like I smell something in the air. Maybe I'm totally wrong in. This was like a three year adult relationship but for some reason I felt like this was like a guy being like. Yeah I was really hurting the passed by not. That wouldn't hurt if you were like fifteen but anyone smell and what I'm stepping in or my. I sound crazy I mean. I don't think you sound crazy. I just think it seems like it might have been something more significant just with how much it comes up like. It's like all sure on can talk about is how badly he wants to have sex and how badly he's been hurt in the past and what. I liked the most about this though. Is that later on when they talk again. Rhonda's like I've been hurt three times and you've been hurt it's like Oh my God. That's just so rude to say to someone like Ivan Re Times as much as you have. Let's without trying to sound the Karsh right not to. Maybe what I'm getting at with. How how real is this relationship and every relationship is significant so I don't WanNa like invalidate his very real experience. But it's like I feel like that happens a lot. That's a Hollywood trope or like routed. Tv trope where it's like a guy's been her once in the past and then becomes like a philophical boy and like that one heartbreak experience at like fifteen and it's like worry on the front lines. We're putting ourselves out there everyday simple that Rhonda's like her three times because of lawful boys like you. Let's pick it up like that. Two wrongs don't make a right Ron to Russia's like I've I keep getting hurt because people like you here I am putting my heart on the line again. I mean to quote a full awful boy. I met him my freshman year of university. He could chance gamble on Romance Sharon. That's what you gotta do. You put your defenses down and you gotta be vulnerable and you gotTa let people in otherwise. Nobody's GonNa figure you out. You're not gonNA figure anybody out and the only history you are going to have is holding onto this one time where your heart was broken by your ex going with your best friend. Which granted is very hard. And Complicated. Triangle? To you know come to terms with I'm sure but come on Sean. That was a very specific quote. Gamble on Romance. I at this House Party and I overheard this guy say this to a girl I was like you know in a different circle if you're sitting there with friends and he's giving this advice to one of his friends that's like a very emotional like sweet thing to say but in the context. I saw with all your awful awful boyer straight up just trying to like you know. Get this girl that like. Hang out with you so But I felt in this instance it was a very heartfelt deep thing to say so I said it I liked that recline. I mean that's great because he's literally telling her it's a chance it is a gamble is not safe. Oh my God but yeah so David. It seemed like they were super close until during the Shari David's like yeah I'm not turned on and then there's no spark were done here and David is like he doesn't even know when he was rejected. So that kind of sets him up to be open for for Rhonda. Which is what's coming in. Is there more awkward place to be dumped or to dump guy then while intertwined and the Hammock? Yeah they're so. They're in their bathing suits. They're in they're in like a Maccarone Hammock. Khloe is wearing a spacesuit. Her bathing suit metallic pink. Rubber added she get into that also. I thought I just thought it was cute. I didn't think about the logistics enough fair enough. You don't have to be watching this show. We're here to enjoy it not to be stress yet. I Apologize. I can't think what would be worse than that. Could have happened while they were both intertwined because the Chevy expert tied them up Very enough that yeah. That is true. I mean I guess it would be worse. It happened in the exact same hammock and close but they were in like a long term relationship and chloe looks up and goes. There's no spark here. That's like I was like. Oh my God like Khloe doesn't see a future. It's been like two days but I think this is also where I'm like. Now reminding myself thinking about it that my pace it my read on the pacing was like totally off that. This was like ten days. We only saw one day but I. It's hard to imagine looking at David saying there's no spark but chloe and you have your pick of Donald. What's another British beefcake? Yeah it's almost like looks. Don't factor into the equation as much here because they're all so attractive right and I think ultimately they're all everyone's trying to find somebody that is too hot for them to handle and there you go look at that or play nailed it and then chloe's trying to find that but I guess is like I've spent too much time on David. The time is limited. Must Find my hot too not handle so then she moved on. I mean I think that's the right move. So then we have the setup where everyone finally finds out about the three thousand dollar kiss from Francesca and Haley and basically the rest of the episode is pretty much people running around trying to figure out what happened. Matthew is like I'm the sex police detective Jesus on the case yet detective. Jesus of the sex. He's tries to figure out and he actually does determine that it's French has gotten Haley like pretty quickly. I could see them doing this. Yeah you guys surprised that it would be that easily exposed. They will the to warn great on acting about it. I think so. That was not good. Obviously this is before they even had to act. So I think he's had it out for Francesco from pretty much the initial hairy and Francesca on discovery. They had with the with the kissing and the three thousand dollars and he keeps calling her. What does he call her? The manipulator and then Haley is the mindless one and he's brought up like four times. I think is this. Vendetta is bid against these two and he doesn't care how he can do it if he can just convince people that this happens. Obviously I think he got lucky. That seems like it was just a hunch that ended up working out for him. I don't know if there was any evidence for him. How Mad YOU THINK MATTHEW IS I? Two women are kissing and no women seem interested in. That's what that is to me. I think he's clearly jealous of Harry and was intere- Francesca and is like y'all jealous. Hell like I. That's what I think that is like I think like we saw kells get tested and he like passed the test for the house but I think the second if ever super attractive woman tries to get with Matthew. He's breaking yeah he's like the art. Nice Guy The red at Nice Guy. You know right when he gets. I didn't even like you like that. Bro You're not even my cup of tea like forget. You don't even want to do this. I'M GONNA be celebrate because I care about everyone and their money. Let's get this bread. He's one hundred percent guy who's like. Oh my God I would treat you so wild I wanna be with you about them and then you're like Oh you know what actually? I'm not interested but I really WANNA be friends. Who Do like F you bitch. I didn't even like you anyways ugly. Which is one hundred percent? He is a really good call. So this culminates in something that I think is very controversial. Were they actually ask Lana? Who did the kissing? And Lana gives them the information which I feel like should not be allowed alley. What are your thoughts? I totally agree. I think two things are weird about this. I is like the unclear time line of when people find out that there's been a breach like I almost think like I feel like I have no sense of like the time of day or how long it's been or like. How long after the incident does Lana report that? There's been a breach. I wanted more clarity on that one. Alana's ceremony like where she either reports every three days. There's been a breach or there's been no breach and everyone celebrates like I want like consistency in my garbage. So that was I. I was like shouldn't alarm. Go off in the house and everybody has to run like when the breach happens but I. I've come down on that because I think it's bullshit that they can ask. Lana like I think that really ruins the fun. I think part of why this happened. Which was exciting that this happened like people are like spite? Kissing is because they did not think they'd be able to be found out like we're in Franchesca says oh they didn't tell when it was me and Harry. We told so like that means they won't tell and I. I think it ruins now moving forward like if there is a breach people are just going to own it and be like we succumb to temptation and everyone will be sad about it like I want more secret rule violations. Yeah and I think okay so for me. I feel the same way that it's nonsense that they can get this information but also. Why did he get to trial and error? Why did he get to do three of them and until he got the right one? Because then what's the point like once it gets deducted all you have to sit next to launch for like forty five minutes and list all the combination so you get it like then. That doesn't make any sense to me. I think it would have been great. Tv on its own because Haley was very bad enacting before Haley even got accused. She was getting defensive. So that wasn't good. Obviously when this had come up at another point Haley and I just got up and left mid conversation so that wasn't a good look either so I think they would have been caught pretty much without. This wasn't necessary and to do this like what does this do. Make People's guards go up. I don't know if that's the case. Maybe but then. Then where's the scandal of the show? You know so I'm not about that. I didn't like that if they were going to do it. There should be some kind of like rule of you get one combination. Ask total so now. Everyone has to come to a consensus and decide if they want to. Do it majority rules or whatever if you really want to do it. I think they should just not. What if it costs you a thousand dollars to ask? Llahu her her. Yes I like. That would have lost to find that out and then they don't have a leg to stand on because they lost just as much as the cats. I like that Reno's else I really want to happen. I'm not who's to say it won't happen but I would love this. If like Lana we okay. So let's say in this moment. I was kind of hoping this had happened. This episode like. Let's say LANA BRINGS THEM OUT EMPTY? Moscow mule mugs together to like talk about a rural breach and and we've seen Francesca and Haley. And that's what we're expecting. And then she says there have been to rural breaches or she interrupts and we don't even know and says there's been a real breach and then we like watching flashback. It happened I would love to be in the position. I feel like shows don't really survivor. Like maybe once in a while like when an idol gets played. But you didn't know they were GONNA play. That's what I really want to happen. Like surprise me with gossip. We don't take that genius style editing and put it on too hot to handle. I mean that's the perfect way for a Netflix show to climax and episode ending. Because we'RE GOING TO WATCH THE NEXT ONE ANYWAYS. So that's like the perfect way to end one and start the next one immediately. I think that's that's Gold Ali. I think you're calling in the midst of all this. Is You need to brainstorm all these ideas and send them to whoever's handling too hot to handle a season ticket we need it you to get a job. Working for a net flicks is Reality Division. I think that it should be what you pursue. Sorry you spent all that time. But I don't want you to do that anymore. For my own personal. Those are the only two good ideas I've ever had so it's quickly. It's over before we. I'm sure going about to move up. Can we talk about when Charan got accused of maybe being part of the kiss and he got really angry and blew his own spot up by talking about not needing to do anything sexual nowadays relationship and then saying he doesn't think he's going to leave here with love or relationship yeah? That was the overreaction of the century like it's like he much less do lecture on to less Sharana is just so full of rage because he hasn't been able to get off that it just expresses itself in like anger explosions at. It's a little bit scary. I don't I don't care for it when I liked about it though is it was like wow. It was crazy to like be like not only did I not kill anyone but I don't expect to ever find love and leave here. Relationship like the over correction of this year but it did and I liked really Rhonda approach it right like Rhonda didn't freak out or take it as like Gospel and then go like be with David and tells Ron kick rocks like she has a conversation. She lets him open up. She lets him explain himself. She seems to like let that go. And say like you know you need to be able to open up for me like I'll meet you halfway. And when he says he's not shout out. Toronto not chasing unavailable men like she has a mature conversation with him. He says where he's at and she's like okay. Well I need to explore other options and I was here for that. That was aspirational. Because you know I've never done that in my life but I aspire to do that. Yeah honestly same like I truly have never been interested in someone who was actually available to me and to you know. Pass that up to go find someone who actually has opened a absolutely aspirational Ali. I feel like we have similar philosophies and really just the blind leading the blind over here just in that like. We don't really know what we're doing now. If you do what you're doing I'm sorry for insulting but I just feel like we may be both in bullets. Feel better though watching this show. Maybe that's very both watch so much reality. Tv because like at least we're not Francesca Lip. Because then she goes to Harry and my mind is blown. He is still not apologized. He is still not explained if anything he gave a bit of explanation to in confessional on the early episodes of like I just was like blacked out instead. A bunch of stuff to get people off my back but like he doesn't even offer that which is a lame excuse for throwing her under the bus. This man said Oh. Here's a bus coming and tripped you and never once apologized. And now she's like well like let's really start fresh like on. What planet does this man get a fresh start? He hasn't even asked for one. Yeah you're right at least you're not Francesca but she does make that sweet sweet instagram. You know that. I looked at her instagram followers yesterday. And it was seven hundred thousand and two in today. She hit a million almost like she's one point one million and it was literally less than twenty four hours ago that she was at seven hundred thousand. That is infuriating. Yeah she's at one point one million. Now wow well. She's GonNa kill on a more than she was well. Honestly I'm disgusted. I need to find someone to like. Hey how plastic surgery so that I can be instagram. Mama Cut. Because I don't WanNa work anymore like that. Her like handle is her name but then her name on the profile is too hot to handle all caps. Because you WanNa make sure you find her until she is also you like that. Sharon after the launch proved that they didn't kiss was like I really feel like OJ. Man has confessional. I didn't not care for that. No no one should. I don't think that that's a flattering comparison for anybody to. That's what you picked Sudas. He said that I was like. Oh my God. Are we going to talk about? Oj In the pocket like there's always new surprises in store. But you could see something like I don't want to talk about that. Yeah I think I blacked out when he said that because I was like I'm not addressing this addressing it out so yeah he feels like OJ. Which I think people can read between the lines on my. That's troubling I. Don't WANNA get sued. Oj's first target for defamation. Hey you'll never you never know. Oj is going to do okay. And I'm just trying to take care of myself here. I'm looking out for number one. Talk at the end. He'll leave. You Take Talk Now. Video on twitter. I mean that makes sense. Because all his tweets were videos anyways. I guess I only thing that that makes sense to me right now. Is that WHO knows that? Oj has a twitter. A Tick Tock and Kirsten knew what? Oj's previous twitter content was like. I've not seen an image of this man unrelated to the trial in the ninety S. Like I don't know what you guys are talking about. He no he made a twitter last year and it was like a everyone was re tweeting. It which is why I know I would've never sought that information out for myself. It was like one of those things where like a twitter. I've really sound like I'm getting defensive over this but someone re tweeted. I one of those mean pages so shot the mean pages for giving me controversial material to bring up on podcasts and I think we need to move on. I'm sorry been ready ready. I just saw her sitting knows how to move of show along a back to Kirsty. I appreciate that I've just. I'm just doing my best here. Okay so much like David leading a workout in order to move the show alongside. Everyone's outside for Bryce to arrive. We're going to start talking about Bryce so rice lives on a boat in La and that is his personality. He's says anti quote. I am kind of fun to beer. Which I think is because he. He says he can play the piano. Sing and dance has dance. Moves are bad. You know how Barrio. And then he lets he lets it be known that the last time he had sex was in the hotel last night. Yeah so I guess he just was hooking up with someone in the quest. This is a guy who thinks that he is better looking than he is. And like referenced like see also Harry like this guy shows like two of the least attractive men. Sorry Kirsten who is into Harry Harris. Six-foot five which is a big part of the two of the least attractive guys on the show body and face wise are like showing up like they're the hottest specimens on the planet. And it's just so disturbing to me like he says quote. I can serenade myself into your hearts and that's something. He says with full sincerity. That means absolutely nothing so when Bryce I showed up my thought was. He is not hot enough to be on this show. Yup then there he is and he like he's like that guy who's like yob arm funny so that makes me hot like. I don't think he's funny. I think he I think people laugh at him a lot. And he thinks they're laughing with him and those guys like there's always that one guy on levion. Uk WHO's like doesn't have an amazing body but is like more realistic but it's like a stunning face and great personality and like everybody loves him and he gets married at the end like like. I always love that guy like this guy doesn't have a good personality and his face body or they're just fine. Okay so rude. I'm being rude because he's so if he was a sweetheart we would be like drooling. He's just a nightmare. Yeah he sucks music so much. I literally hate this man. Incredible that three episodes in were like these are some really awful people and then they managed to find someone to come in and immediately bottom of the list. Like how did it? Homeboy walk in and immediately become eleventh place. It's like the other guys came in and they were like yeah. I have a lot of sacks I hooked up a lot. It's very easy for me. Whatever but bryce comes in and goes yeah. I have sex every single day. It's all at the same woman gets just. There's something about the way that he talks and act. That is so horrifying to me. And we we glossed over it. But why is this guy allowed to have had sex the night before he gets to come in and go in for the prize? Money News Flash. He did not have sex the night before. That was a complete lie. Khloe was allowed to have her phone while she was getting her pre show interviews so maybe he was able to sneak out and find some desperate tourist to hook up with were the tourist talking staying at a resort so it's like all tourists that was my suspicion but I don't really know. Can I ask a question about the way the rules get told to brace? How do we improve this? I actually thought this was great. I love that brace comes in and doesn't know the rules and like like you know as I f ING Eiffel Offering. Everyone is like a like. You're hot you're hot. Your eyes are amazing. Hey He's Richard Dawson like giving kisses a compliment. Saw The women interesting everyone on the mouth basically and then I love that kills tells him than rules in the simple effective way. He does but like they couldn't do this. But in my dream scenario like there's a world where very quickly he liked tries to hook up with someone and they're like reject him and they're like we don't know the rules like I would love it like in the moment to just be embarrassment and rejection but otherwise I do like that. He comes in like a newborn baby. So what I think is that you only want the embarrassment of rejection. Because it's brace I think with other people you would be more okay with this being how it is like. I thought this was incredible. And just his reaction as every like step is put in like no kissing. What no heavy padding. What no sex. Oh my God and they're like masturbation and he's like wh what like literally it's like the world has ended for him and I greatly enjoyed that the my fair part was then Matt immediately right after we like not jerking off. Things really been getting to these days we can. We can handle it also. How about this for a bit of a? I'm GonNa throw something all Amino if it works right. So he walks in and he. I mean let's pretend to wasn't bryce at someone who some redeeming quality. Okay just so that we ought to be open to this idea. So the new person comes in and they have a twelve hour pass but if they kiss anybody or if anyone wants to kiss them that's still violating the rules and they'll lose half that money right. So what should they get a twelve hour pass with that spice things up with that? The intriguing like would someone be like. Ooh I really like what this. This sailor boat guy has gone on. I want to jump on board his ship like then they lose fifteen hundred the next day but then no one knows who the person he kissed. This would this be intriguing. The twelve hour passer is this dumb and we don't want to give them anything right off the bat. I I feel like you would only work if it was someone. That Francesco is interested in because anybody else would. Just tell them the rules and it would spoil it but Francesc would be like. Oh yeah someone wants to make out with me in this world though and tell me if I'm misunderstanding like they know the rules but it would only cost like fifteen hundred. Yes so they know the rules. They know they're exempt for the first twelve hours and others know that he is exempt but they would still pay and he's obviously he doesn't really care as much because he's trying to get it in or whatever and the other person's kind of in the moral dilemmas lot of like do. I do I do it and lose some of that money or not. I think I probably agree with Kirsten that I like it. How it is for firstly. I think it was effective. That he was like shocked set and then he just goes into the rest of the world but and I would hate this version but I would even be okay with it not costing any money to hook up with Bryce like as you're coming in late as an advantage. The rules are suspended if it involves brace. He is a twelve hour pass. I think it's interesting. Because he's coming into people who are like unnecessarily pent-up who could only relieve themselves with Bryce and then maybe he's more interesting when there are other existing couples in the house such a punishment to everybody else though that is no. That's incredible this is just further enforcing the alley needs to run up as idea workshop to great like you had a good idea and you took it to something. That's already ready to go on. But I but I still think primarily. It's like good as it is but I like spending this yeah Ali. I sent an idea that didn't make the mailbag and you made the wheel. That's what just happened. Same as things to me. Okay we we we. We can't just compliment Ali. We'll be here all day. So then we get the set up of the Harry. Francesca kells little love circles. Situation Love Circle Time. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm stupid and so there's Franchesca talking and she's like yeah. I make a killing on instagram. That's why I'm not worried about the money. Like she literally says on the show. I think what you said. Episode one is so true. Like how are People GonNa get eliminated like our? There's GONNA BE A. Is there going to be a winner or is like because more people are showing up so whoever comes just splitting this already small price spot like I can't believe anybody cares about these goals? Yeah LESS THAN TEN K. Apiece if it's just a hundred. K. Four Yeah Yeah. I like like everyone gets this amount. Every Person Gets Ninety K. Everyone gets a share of one hundred. What I've taken it so it's not even that much money so I don't understand why everyone is being sold like worried about it. I mean I think very Chaska for all her stuff that she's been going through during the show has a very very great mentality of. I'm here to have fun. I don't know what everyone else is doing. But I'm I'm making my money. I'm not worried about it. And maybe that's the idea that like if it was a huge amount of money than what three thousand here and there and everybody would be doing it. And if it's too small amount of money would care like it has to be the like. It has to be the right amount of money where some people care and some people are still willing to give it up because they don't need it so maybe they did strike the right balance there that like you know. Seems like a quarter of the people are willing to play ball with it. And the other three quarters or like uptight for now. I think you've got a good idea. There that makes sense now. We get what might be. I don't know if it's the best or the worst scene of any show I've ever seen bryce hosts of both hardy but on the land which I think is just a party and he tells us that once he plays the piano. It's all over because everyone will love him. I thought he was GONNA do wonder why I honestly I'm deranged. And wonderwall is that wonderwall is a good song. That people Lali laughing drink is all of us like when I saw that. I was like relatable queen playing. He gets behind his keyboard and he goes. I'm GONNA singing original. I'm at that moment. My heart dropped because I was like only a psychopath would move into a house of ten people and then be like hi guys now. I am going to steal all of the attention to sing my own original song in front of you guys on like the first day that I'm there. His Hong was so bad like the song was written. He is not good at the piano. He is not a good thing. Played it on like a children's keyboard too like they sent him up to fail so like I would rather see him. Try to play a song. I'm like I just am so traumatized. The only redeeming thing from this scene is Khloe is doing like interpretive dancing which I took as making fun of him and that brought me joy at he tries to teach you how to play the piano. Gee just two gene not even play the pier one yet but like he well. He doesn't know how to play the piano. So how's he supposed to teach her what was glad you just his way through all of it. I mean the the man's lyrics were just also. It's a party. Why why are your lyrics so depressing like you know but you know I thought when Kelce got his confession man like Bryce got some banging on my damn? We're about to hear something hot on. I'm going to hate myself because I'm going to like it and then we didn't get that and I was like. Oh this was garbage but then and like. I'm glad you saw close dancing interpretive. Like making fun of them. All I saw was Khloe is the only person that sucked in by him and I felt bad because I started liking Khloe and accepting Khloe for the ditsy person that she is I was like no no no no no. Don't go to this guy please. And just getting I also like saw khloe enjoying it. Which I'm like now having fresh is like hope that it was making fun of him but what was so sad about this. It's like you knew it was going to be bad. It's like a children's keyboard with like blue tinsel on it again. This show is such a troll. They put this out at this. Dinky Party to troll this ASS. All and then and then he bites and he's like you know he probably was going to sing like wonderwall or something and they were like no. No you have to the original like we. We're not paying for the rights for you to play that. And he goes to play this like half written. There's no joy like he's talentless. Put at least I thought maybe there would be some joy or fun. It's like depressing. How bad he is like. Nobody is having fun except for Chloe and brace and just like really I mean. It brought me down and see the little sailor hat. I thought. Like not the captain's hat the sailor hat. I was like this is about to be at night and then just plummets to the bottom yet. No you're right you're right and what comes out of this is I'm khloe embrace. Are there wheeling you know and Chloe is like yeah? I've got willpower. But I don't feel like you have willpower and says it right to his face. She's running the best way to compliment someone when they ask you. Who caught your eye right away as you know. I've always been fond of the British. Like what like by default would like fond of Piers Morgan. That's not a great complement to give someone who you know what I really. I really vibe with the British which also for me further goes a key could've done he could have maybe tried to radiohead thing to like. Just based on what song choices he would have had their. I feel like this. Khloe should have the mentality you did when you saw Harry and you're finding with Harry. Oh there's red flags I feel like she should have been like yet. No this should be red flags but I. She's been missed it because she got nothing from David and now is like all the attentive. You know. It's like now. She's playing a minesweeper again and now she's trying to find the next one and now she's being pulled in to the anchor. The that is Bryce it. Funny that you bring up like that. His type is British women. Like how's that working out for La Buddy like it was so obviously fake like you're not in England like it was so wild to say that and and the other thing. That's so crazy about this show is like now like you know he says like if we weren't Hillary now or or Essex like I would've kissed you that's the new like cringe like can I kiss you on reality. Shows is like I would love to kiss you right now. Bid Yeah and he also says in his confessional. He's like yeah. I would have no problem getting her back to the bow which is just so her like do you think. I. I don't even see him as living in a House vote. I picture him living underneath a motorboat because he can't afford a place to live. I think the most thing Haley has said the entire show was in her confessional and Bryce came in. The man lives on his boat. I can't tell if that means he's rich or he's broke and other leaning broke. I think like this can't be that magnificent also acting like it's the best kept secret in the world like buddy. I'm on a boat and boats and hose or two of those iconic joke songs that exist. Okay get educated. And he's the boat and the Ho- yeah. I'm trying to instagram now. To See if I could see the boat. I have not heaped his instagram. What's his name Rice when I've been searching for like their names usually they've been coming up in the high higher on the list but he doesn't have the same like Seo as Francesca. Oh I found him. Oh He's verified. Yes sixty one thousand followers. That's on the very low end for the rest of the cast like it looks anytime. He's on a boat. It does look like there's a picture of him like on front of a very fancy yacht looking thing so it could be a nice boat but there's no clear pictures that show him and the whole boat which makes me think he just goes to the marina and stands on. People's votes for instance. You have a yacht you don't live on. It usually like fulltime docked will. Yeah the yacht is like where you go for fun. It's not where you go to survive. Oh my God. He also posts videos of him singing and playing piano. Oh No should I try to play the Mike and do new. Songwriting is not the same song. Because this is apparently a cover of someone you loved by Louis. Something Don I have breaking news so I keep looking at who he tagged to see if anybody is like from the show and then I see book. Chronicles keeps being tagged. So I have to go to both chronicles which is too hot to handle dash boat and it's two brothers living at sea capturing the party and I guess he like has an where he lives with. A roommate is though it wasn't clearly his parents boat and he's so he's got an instagram account for his antics on the boat and Barrett the boat brothers. So you're welcome world. I'm horrified so he posted a picture of him with the other men from too hot to handle and I'm just looking at and calendar on both have under two hundred thousand. David is like two hundred and fifty thousand hairy has seven hundred thirty nine thousand followers. I wish we knew what they started with like. There needs to be a website that tracks. The progress does social blade. Do instagram does. Well what do into what sociably does to instagram. I think. I don't know we can look this outlook tracking until you're next podcast. Yeah also I'll look into it before the other podcast so I can kind of give people an update at the end of the season. Sarim Kersey you should wonderful. I will use that to track their growth and I will update you all at the end of the show and yet truly I am doing. What's good and not what's evil here? So we get like the setup of the Chiran David bromance but it's literally just a conversation. About how weird it is not to. Jackie leave and I'm just like is this what boys talk about. I can guarantee you that as far as talking about completion masturbation or attempting to or not doing it. That conversation does not happen or at least it hasn't happened to me at any of my bro- sifts in the world. I can guarantee that it's just such a weird thing to talk about it and honestly I feel like the root of it is always Chiran. You're almost won't be like man. Have you ever been like nut? And you feel like there's a weight on your chest like Dude. Just should wait. I also have a very serious question. Here's with sure on being so pent up? There's no way he hasn't had a wet dream right. Surely Scotto happened. Got An engine bought. Maybe most of the people I mean. I don't know probably all of them. I feel like that's an underreported story that they're probably getting some form of relief. I think I'm glad that it's under. Don't WanNa hear this. I'm happy that I brought it up and I'm sorry case. Good as long as you're sorry should be. Yes we do thank you. I'm so glad that Allie knows when to step in and look for if feels really good so then we get another one workshop which is called with a words where they say they've learned about trust and other GONNA learn about communication and body. Language is fifty five percent of communication. So we get different pairings. This time we got franchesca and Kells Harry and Haley Rhonda Bryce and Chloe and then Sharon Matthew and Ecole making up an awkward threesome Allie. Do you have any notes on these couples slash do that switch so funny like me the fact that they like. Let one person in and have a pairs chat like workshop. Just shows what a complete and utter troll the show is like how on Earth could the three of them participate in? This challenge are in this workshop effectively and it just like they don't care at all these three your garbage. We're focusing on these. Other couples look at each other and like a three way triangle back and forth and back and forth. I do wish that they put Haley. And Jesus together because Jesus Allie and like who cares that Harry and Hallier together. That would have been exciting to see. Jesus have two bomber. Somebody hates I liked that. They didn't put Hayley. Francesca at Harry together. So overall I was happy with this and like they're supporting you know making Sharon jealous with David Rhonda so these were like mostly the pairings. I would've made. I wonder like who could they have put Nicole with for her to not be like totally screwed over in this gentleman not to people get okay fair enough so this workshop is done in two parts? That are very strange. The first part is where there's an emotion not the women need to express and that without speaking island the men need to get the emotion and the second part is they just look into each other's eyes for awhile. So how did we feel about the the women expressing excitement so it was specifically through the Hug Right? So the HUG TO EXUDE EXCITEMENT. It makes sense and I thought it was fun. I feel like I guess it's easier to my again. My favorite part of the entire hugging experiment. There was two parts and in both ought to David. I the Rhonda and David Hug. Taking forever was amazing. And definitely you could tell. Sharon was in his feelings on that love. The second thing was finding out through the The the voice over person that David has to university degrees and the guy couldn't spell excitement correctly. Yeah I wrote on my notes. David has two degrees with like ten exclamation point. Only thing was more exclamation points. Was Harry Calls Kells. Opin Up Harry's attacks vicious attacks on Kells are like he should lose all of his instagram followers over them should give all of those followers to celts. You deserve more. The accountant would do good things with influence or money. Okay embezzlement and I force you guys to play a game. I do love how always says I can't embezzle Our plan this but I really liked the first part of the game and apparently the sole gazing is like a real thing that affects people but I thought it was fun to like. Watch them having to express emotions and I think I imagine they probably did more than just the one. Maybe they decided it was boring but who can I twitter de Emmylou an emotion. And can you using no words but just sound express that emotion curse into? Guess yes I do. I have your permission to do this. I'm going to waste a lot of time on your podcast. let's go. I think a good one so I'm okay curse it. I'm with you on. That wasn't so bad. I mean I have been in love for years I pay. I don't do that. I don't believe in. I don't think I'm GONNA leave here with a relationship. I don't think I'M GONNA leave. And Love's GonNa not me okay. Curson you and your text messages have an emotion. Okay camera shock us. We'll give it to you. We'll give it to it was astonished. Okay see that was fun. Okay no I. I like that and I think we're all closer for now. We know if they had more footage why they didn't air it. Hey I think that too was perfect so then they do where they just stare at each other for the soul stare. I don't know how long they were looking at each other but I thought it was really cute that David started crying because he was thinking about all of the positive traits at Rhonda. Has David. I felt I felt that not moment. David well this reminded me. Allie was saying literally yesterday how she like gets kind of teary when people say. Nice things about each other. She didn't and it really like this. Made me think of alley and not only think of all the things. I love about alley. I related to this in the sense that Rhonda's reaction to it was like I was thinking like we should get to know each other better like she's like I don't know you at all. Sir and your weeping in front of me no but I did. I thought yeah but she also seemed very touched. It was like I was seeing past your body and it seems like nominee people have that sort of reaction to run this. What's frustrating is like David. Is I on Love Island? Uk Like I know there's been a US season. I did watch dutifully incur since college beautiful coverage but I feel like I'm more familiar with like the tropes on that exists on UK because there's only been one season on the US but it's like. Oh I mean you don't like as far as I'm concerned Love Island. Us hard leaving councils Lobe Island. It's just a way for Scalia night. Podcasts which I support it five episodes of highland which is a direct comp for to dupe like with Love Island. There's always that guy or that girl who like everyone loves and they're so obsessed with and their best friends that everyone in the house but like nobody's ever interested in the more they are and it just never works and they always get friends on it. Whatever like David is dead on that guy and I'm surprised based on how he looks like to be frank but you know every girl is like. Oh he's so sweet. Names such a connection and look like he's he's emotionally available. He's crying and he's acknowledging Rhonda for WHO? She is as a person in addition to her outer beauty. And it's everything she wants from Chevron and she just is going to try to like crack the nut that is you're on and I and I respect it. I don't think she should have to like people she doesn't like but like David is just really here to give his all and he's just getting the door close on his face at every turn. You do remember when David talked about how much he loves sex parties. I don't think that that's like mutually exclusive from like being here to be a Bushley available. It does seem at least by comparison. Maybe it's the edit right like by comparison. David is getting like I'm here for a relationship at it and he's getting like rejected for for Douchebag Bryce or lecture on WHO's not a Douche bag but like is definitely more sex focused on the show when the show I watch the the four episodes I have with Liana and when we first got the David CL- package I immediately just a guttural reaction was. This man is a toss pot is what I said and I am a veteran. I don't know what that means. Yes so the toss pot is a British term that can be you know you can call someone a wanker. A toss her a fool all of that but it just felt like the most appropriate word to just feel in that moment I just felt very negatively towards David and I will go ahead. Sorry does the pot part come from like teapot or I'm not sure but as you say he's a toss pot boom toss pot. If feels great. I was wrong though. He's not postpone. He's I mean. I think he might be but he's just like the nice show they might all be toss pots. Yeah he's a sweet baby job he yes a sweet baby angle as some might say and then so as a result of this sure Andrea stops talking to David just like a King Eddie Gig. I mean I don't usually stay on petty king but in this case I I mean but it it does show the difference between like this episode was like the differences between David. Who's like again? Just in the edit like the emotionally mature one. I care about her friendship. Let's talk like what's going on. I'm communicating with you and Doron is just like giving him the silent treatment like Michael Scott and then is like well clearly. You're into her and you lied to me like he's more like me. I'm not a David either. I'm sure on who you're just looked up. Toss Pot and apparently at me in a habitual drinker. But that's that's the regular. Goethe urban dictionary that's where the real definition is. Yeah but it still comes. It's like they're making fun of someone because they are like. It says a drunkard on urban dictionary like my origins. I listened to grime so I heard it in grime. And that's where it stuck with me as a very negative thing to say so. Okay I mean I. I just wanted to have that out there in case somebody's grime is that what's his faces wife. No gripes that's why British rap heavy guarding on on Moscow. How young must end. Oj yesterday? I anyway so you're on David Rhonda thing they basically. There's like the silent treatment and then we find out from Atlanta that it's the halfway point of the show which is where I was like. Wait a second white. 'cause like I knew that I had I was on the fourth episode out of a but I felt like it had been a day like it. Just didn't it didn't feel right and so this is when everybody gets their little fit bit and so when there's nothing on the screen the rules apply and if a color changes you can physically do whatever you want and I know Ali. You had mentioned that you thought this kind of fix the show. I love this and I like that. It's like for good behavior like Virginia connections. And you know what I also like when I was watching the first two episodes like I don't like to feel tension like when I watch love island. I like fast forward through the fifteen minutes of them like eliminating couple by couple for who safe like I don't love to feel that way so drawn out and I feel like this entire show is just like as they experienced sexual attention you also experienced tension and it was. I can't do this for eight episodes and then like you still get the tension because I wanted them to put their bracelets green for Francesca and Kells. We'll talk about but it does seem like they're going to be very selective about when they offer that opportunity so I think it's a nice tweet to the roles. Yeah I like it too. I was surprised because like everyone's lit up green when it first went on and I was actually in the mall to just like started hanging out and they didn't which I thought was very weird but I guess they were too busy following the rules about the temporary rule left if they make a genuine connection. Like I remember listening to the podcast with you and rob how you both kind of like said you didn't want the show to be like don't be the morality police and I think the bracelet kind of makes it official that yes. Lana is the morality police and she gets to decide. Who is you know who has done enough to grant them the green light? There's no messing about. It's literally do. I feel like you made a genuine relationship. Yeah here's a cookie for you. Go go go kiss. That's how they're getting rewarded so it's not even a thing of like you know. They can act nice they can try and learn about each other but it only comes down to win. Lana says so. I don't. I'm not a fan of that but I do agree that the release is needed and kind of making them work towards something is beneficial because honestly this money thing and like not knowing. More of the money is going to be by the end and how many other people are coming in. I think this adds a nice wrinkle into for example. If you are someone like a Khloe and you did lose the connection with David and now you're looking brighter. Okay let me see if I have something going on with Bryce. Let me work on this relationship. Maybe we'll get somewhere. Maybe if David employees had the green light on the fitbit early on they were struck. A connection that they realize was stronger. Who knows so? I think in that sense it is it's incentivizing people to pursue the relationships beyond like four days kind of thing so I like that. That is a very good point. I just think it's it's something that's not. GonNa Happen for a lot of these people like I feel like there's just not enough time for Francesca to change. Who she is as a person and to become clear that she's not just looking for a hookup or like bryce one is bryce forming a connection with anybody. That's what I would like to know but you know what I do think it's nice. It is a nice wrinkle. We already talked about David. Rhonda so Francesca and Kells get a date and that date is champagne in the hot tub. Which I guess is about the same level as champagne and chocolate covered strawberries so I shouldn't be surprised but I was very surprised by this date. And they're the row breaker and the accountants and I know you love the Accountant. So do you think that role breakers good nickname for Francesca? I like that nickname for French. I think it's only APP considering she's the she's lost them. Technically the most money in six thousand dollars by being involved in the two kisses in the show so far. This was interesting to me. Because this is like a opposites not opposites attract in the sense that they're both very attractive people they got along well. But you know rule breaker and the accountant and I genuinely thought throughout the date that the accountant was going to give in to the unbalanced balance-sheet and just go for it. You know too much debit not enough credit kind of situation never happened so proud of the accountant for that. I guess yeah. We'll get to talk about it later. On with the fallout between Kells. And Francesca. But I enjoyed seeing this date and I liked that bothered Harry and I do think that Harry Calling Kells. Ugly confessional was not great from a bowl cut haircut having asked dummy. Whatever Harry you you'll get yours in some point at some stage I hope yeah. I'm sure he will so at the same time as the State David Rhonda having their conversation and Ron conclusion that she feels like David is listening to her and really likes her and cares about her. Feels like she can have a relationship with. David doesn't know what could happen. Sure on and then she's like I don't know if I came into this easy I feel like that's like very much into the whole like fairy tale type way. That love is presented these days. Did you find this relatable at all alley literally like was watching this and I was just like Rhonda Girl? Love does not have to be hard like. It's not actually supposed to be like and I know that because I say to myself all the time like I it is very much your sanger's the fairy tale like I'm going to fight for this like that's actually like not how you're supposed to feel ten days into being in a relationship or having some sort of with someone so it was like a little bit frustrating but I like where Rhonda and Sharon ended up so maybe in this case it was sort of the exception like she. It's worth fighting for sure on to help him break down the walls but it was very much like yours available like man who likes me for me. Who's attractive and here's an attractive man who is completely closed down. But I'm not GONNA give up. I didn't come here for the easy way out. I was like she had done so well earlier. I'm not at this point I was like. Oh this is a step backwards. This is something that I can relate. I really like Rondo. I feel like she's a breakout character. To be honest then then it goes to cut through. It's weird the way they do the storytelling here because then it goes straight to. Francesca and calls are showering. And they're showing at the same time but not together and Francesca's hey we shower together and Kelsey says no and then suddenly there showering together anyways. Yeah so and in that scene Francesco. Was you know touching up on kells given a shower massage? Kind of thing from what I saw. Does that not count as like you know? Touching is heavy petting because I did a search this on my browser is kind of in search. Yes because I want to incriminate one of you and not me. So heavy padding. I don't care I'll google is that like are we talking like hand stuff like hand jobs and stuff or is it little like squeezes and stuff because I feel that those were squeezes so according to the Oxford English Dictionary Webster Says Gone. Heavy petting is erotic contact between two people involving stimulation of the genitals stopping short of intercourse. So I think as long as you don't touch their junior private parts. It is not heavy petting. Which is good to know so in that moment. Francesco really thinks she has him and that they are going to hook up in the shower and he rejects her and she is the Area S. Francesca is a lawful girl. Like she 'cause even from this moment like she gets rejected and she's embarrassed and then her first instinct is. Hey you know what I'm more attracted to Harry anyways like she's literally that person who's like whatever I didn't even want to date you you suck. You're a bit your ugly. I hate you one like five minutes ago. She was like. Let's which is wild. This is like getting into the deep psychosis of of Francesca. Right which is like a place. I don't really want to be in. But she she got you know completely mugged off by Harry in front of the entire house and was like show clearly rejected in the form of lying about her and tossing her under the bus and denying that he was interested in her in front of the entire house immediately after proposition. Her for sex and yet kells. Who Says Oh. You're making this really hard but like you know I love when he said in hot tub like if it's meant to be we'll kiss later like he says something like that you know the watch will tell us and we'll be able to kiss that if we can like lasted out like that is apparently such deep rejection that she gets thrust back into the arms of the person who actually deeply rejected her and the other frustrating thing and I noticed snow first episode like Rhonda almost is like as she doesn't do this any more but there's a part of first or second episode. I forget when where I was going to be impression. That she was sort of like into the idea that a guy might find her so attractive that he was willing to give up money for her not paying her for what. I'm worth more than one hundred thousand dollars. I'm worth more than three thousand dollars. And this is sort of like I think how. Francesca now seeing it like. It's a game to her. And it's such deep rejection. If a guy is choosing money over the opportunity to kiss her touch her while she's AAC it and that is not the point of this show like the war thing that we're getting into it Frencesco. Where like Harry is irresponsible with money and willing to throw it away to hook up with her but in public completely. Deserter Kells respects her. What is not willing to break the rules? A kiss her projection. That's Ya. I don't think Francesca is going to be getting any green watches anytime when her? And Harry get a Green Watch. I'm going to be so pissed because like you know that's happening. Because they're gonNa want everyone to have like like they're going to be in relationship. Baby bruins heritage is going to break the rules. They're just GONNA start having sex and then lose all. Hope you're right. Yeah I mean oh or or it's a merge of the two and they get the green light and they get the private sweet and then they ruined all the money there. I could see that also happening. Yeah that's definitely a possibility as well. So that at this point all that's left is the beautiful David and Sherman relationship where they have like a amazing conversation on the beach about how sean is going to try harder to open up because she he realizes he really likes her and they get a green light so that they can make out on the beach which is just so scenic and beautiful and Sharon calls on the Obama's two point oh which I think is the most flattering comparison he makes since the other was OJ. So I guess it's not I think I know. More flattering and so. Yeah as a result of them getting a green light. Get the opportunity or a private suite. But they don't have the green light on that sweet. What do you guys think about that? Wrinkle alley you go. I mean this is like the Boom Boom Room. The hide away. The like like what's weird to me is. It's almost like because the show and this is the genius of the show right like because the show. I think it's a forbidden fruit fruit like because the show has taken off the table. Like it's more of a topic like I think there's a world where Sharon Rhonda go into the sweet and or someone goes into the sweet and doesn't have sex even sex was allowed like but because it's not allowed. It's like a much bigger deal that make sense like most of the people who go into the hideaway in the UK. Like don't have sex. Who go like especially in early days and I know that this is like an US reality show and that's definitely different. But now I'm rambling like it. I don't think it really matters. Honestly like I don't need them to be like extra tempted and private but if they're going to develop their relate you know they're all they're gonNA come out tomorrow the next day and be like. Oh we've made such a deep connection. I'm like I'm like okay. Cool I don't buy it that make any sense. I don't even know where I am right now. No I that made perfect sense. And you're exactly where you're supposed to do so don't don't be upset what. I like just the minute they left to go to. I'm going to call it the hideaway. Because that's what's comfortable to me and Stan David Amelie's like hey everyone how do we feel about that? Embraces ro how do you feel about that it would also be a good opportunity for people to Hook up and frame the people in the hideaway? But now that you can ask long on your blade that it's taken away. I hit that they can ask one. That's annoying okay. Do either of you have any kind of like last odds on this before we asked a couple of questions and then get out of here because this way longer than I thought it was going so for me just quickly talk about the the boom boom room or the too hot to handle mantle or whatever. We'RE GONNA call this smash room something. I think that not giving them a pass for the night is brilliant because the whoever goes in this room after being you know being told that. Hey you've men made a connection here you are. You found each other and you are working at the right way. There's almost a zero percent chance that whoever goes in this room isn't doing something so I think for sure something's going to happen. I imagine this next episode. We're going to see them in this room. And at least do a little bit of making out or something. Because we've seen the sweets and like the little cut scenes and they look immaculate. And obviously you know I've have watched. Love is blind in. Love is blind the resort. They went to after they got paired up was amazing and almost made you want to do something there so. I think something's going to happen here and I think not making them have to decide. Are we going to get penalized for this? Yes or no is a good wrinkle to that and that's enough out of my mouth for. I think you I've changed her mind. I think you're right and I think it's really good. Especially because like if they ultimately want people to be having sex the odds that they have sex in the public room is like zero to like they they almost. They need this in order to like encourage people to lose money. Yeah I'm excited to find out what the prices are for other stuff kissing three grand. What a sex. What is heavy petting? Tell me more yeah. I want to the full breakdown and I think that that's something that it would be really nice if they had given us the full breakdown but they they didn't and that bothers me forever. I also think that that brings up the interesting point of Lake. Well someone be like Franchesca and be mad if their partner is not willing to lose money for them like it adds another layer. So I do I do. Enjoy that okay so I'm going to just do a couple of questions that we got from. The ROB has awesome patrons group because there is some really great windsor and honestly there were so many questions that we just don't have time for all of them. I WANNA ask from the great hilly song she wants to know if we prefer her or TV Haley. No contest her. Yeah it's not a question. It's clearly Haley strong but I just thought this was a good opportunity for us to say how much we love her K. Sarah Pearson asked if under boob will be this. Summer's hottest swimsuit trend under boobs. You guys for a while. Yeah it's nothing for a minute. It's like there's tasteful side boob and then there's like overtly sexual under bill and they're all great because their boobs. We we been new. We've been we've been now and then Alex Trae has asked Rhonda pick the right guy to move forward with when choosing between David Sharon. I think we've kind of addressed this but Ali you seem to think that David with the rain or no. It ended up being the case that you're on is like I think she handled it exactly right in the sense that she didn't just like chase pursue Charan. She left him got space pursued other options and then he came back to her like no. I'm ready to change. I'm interested whatever like it ended up. I think like she has to follow her heart and go at the guy she's more into. She's clearly more interferon just like the process. I've seen that go wrong. One hundred more times. It's gone right and I think it's GonNa go wrong for Francesca and Harry. But Sharon seems to be a good guy sign that makes sense. Hey and then from twitter we had Azzedine Nets asked is living on a boat qualify as a suitable replacement for a personality. Who you what do you think? Especially when you're redeeming qualities beyond that are playing the keyboard horrendously and then just genuinely believing that the book. Because here's the thing if you think your main selling point and the thing you're GonNa Brag about my boat gets me. Women is without this boat. I don't get anybody and I have nothing it. His boat was stolen. What does this kid have to fall back on? His great charisma or is very well timed with really. Good luck to you now. We actually go a ton of questions about bryce on the boats specifically. I think everyone's kind of on the same page with US Nicole at behind the secret asked how many girls we think have actually gone to braces badly. Allot alleyways bleep. Probably yeah traumatizing. Not Bill without this boat his EGO capsizes there. We go okay so then. The last question will address today. Tom Palmer asked. Who is the Mount Rushmore of too hot to handle contestants through four episodes? I thought this would be a really fun exercise us. Can I ask some clarifying questions? Is it Mount Rushmore of the four people? You like the most or like the four people most necessary to the show or the like who is a combo. I I think it's like for you when you're thinking about too hot to handle. Who are the people that come to mind? First real like who would be representative of the show would be my way of thinking okay. So it's like the rob if you're Netflix and you're putting up a statue of the four people to to the people I like the most yes and either way. Nicole is in on it or no definitely not. She's not even on the show released so I feel like it's almost like I feel like print. Task is definitely there I would say so. I feel like Sharana. Rhonda are both there. I would nominate Kells to round it out doing those three. I totally don't agree with you. Guys for in Chaska locked in. I always think Jesus is on it. I think so too I think Jesus I don't think tells us on it. As in terms of the first four episodes yeah I I don't think kells ones we liked the most. Yeah no free. If I was doing a personal mount rushmore of people. I like the most. It'd be like Kells and Haley and chloe and David but like that's not the exercise right see I think I I guess I can be okay with Jesus being there even though I hate him I should say I hate to that Matt. Jesus Thinking Matt Jesus Obviously Rock and roll this when you said detective Jesus. Pd Sell Diner. Sure on or Rhonda or they're one of them and then I take Lana has to be the fourth. Oh I didn't even think of that okay. Yeah launch their Ma- Jesus Francesca and then between I feel like Rhonda has steered more of the drama. Sheriff Sharon is like the is the point of the show right. It's like the guy who hides behind sex and blocks connections. And but I I think tie goes to the more likable person. So I'm cool with undergoing up there. I don't know if I agree with the oil diffuser. Alexa Lana being on the Mount Rushmore. Right with our her there is no show they would just be having an orgy. There'd be some like host of some sort the some person standing there being the representation of Lana right so I don't know I don't know because it's voice device is the fourth. I think I'm just trying to. I'm just trying to smuggle my buddy kells into it but I don't think it's going to be possible so I don't think houses on the Mount Rushmore. Was So sorry. The account he is the he is the accounted. He's the one that is keeping everyone humble and we already have Jesus for that role. Ma- Jesus is like the detective on the mean streets. But kells colonel no nut and Jesus soldier no nut I. I'll soldier is not a rank in the in the military though. This isn't a military allergy. This is a amalgamate of a bunch of random. Well anyways I think we need to anyways so this is over now. I like to think of both of us. So jarring me today to talk about these two episodes because I had a lot of fun so for people who have been living under a rock and don't already know where to find you alley. Where can people find you This has been the joy of my lifetime you can find me co hosting the Challenge Cup talking about. Mtv's the challenge. Which like if you like this show. I feel like you're right on brand to actually challenge and you can also follow me at last tweets and pull you out about you. Where can people find you? You can find me on all major platforms at ISM. I will be continuing to cover the long season of the mass singer. this ongoing with Liana. Boris if you like this show. I don't know if you're going to care for my singer. It is a very vivid acquired taste. But I can guarantee you'll enjoy podcast. That's for sure. We dropped anchor in random places. We talk about random stuff. And when we go overboard we just capsize. So you know come in for a jolly stay and don't stay too long. I don't WanNa just okay. That was perfect. Okay so if people are interested in finding more of me they can follow me on every social media platform. Akerson said what can also hear me recapping Riverdale with Mary. Quick Hausky over on Kalki cash cow with a K. There will be a too hot to handle recap podcast episodes five and six coming out a little bit later this week where I will be joined by Haley strong and both of the blooms Mike and Angeles. I'm very excited for that. So I will post ask you for questions. Closer to that time and then on Friday there will be a roundtable hosted by rob to wrap up the series so it's fast and furious and it is too hot to handle so please check that out as well as all the other shows on the reality TV. Feed so until next time you know. Take a gamble on love or whatever chance gamble on romance and do not trust your local full off. Oh boy okay. Couldn't stay up in a race off by everyone.

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Cyanide On The Rocks w/ Wendi Starling, Mehran Khagani, and Jackie Fabulous

Rantin' and Ravin'

1:24:29 hr | 2 years ago

Cyanide On The Rocks w/ Wendi Starling, Mehran Khagani, and Jackie Fabulous

"This is a stand up New York labs production, providing you podcast since twenty thirteen. Hey, guys, it's yarmulke here with rant and rave in with Yama nica and friends. Do you have your laugh pass? Well, you should laugh pass provides you unlimited access to shows. A stand up New York you have to reserve obviously in advance. But you also get VIP seating. At each show free tickets with a friend and free drink upon arrival a bottle of wine or your birthday. Oh my God. My birthday would be every day with this deal. And listen there is an annual price of one fifty nine for this laugh pass. But if you use the promo code from this podcast, which is rant R A N T, you can get it for discount of one thirty nine a year. So please go to get laughed past dot com and sign up to receive alerts on laugh pass, and when it will be in your area. If it's not ready there, again, get your left pass and laugh today. Big. You know what? Is raising imprint wake you up. So high everyone and welcome to ran and ran with Yemeni again friends. I have a bunch of friends in the building today. I'm very excited before we start with the fun. There's a very serious tone that I need to take with you guys right now. Please be very careful when you get into an Uber or lift please be very careful. A young woman in Columbia, South Carolina, by the name of Samantha Joseph son, twenty one years old was found dead last week by the time you guys are hearing it it's two weeks from now two weeks ago in Columbia, South Carolina. She got into a car that she thought was her Uber. And it was not it was driven by a man. Name Nathaniel David Rowland who was twenty four years old, and he was arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping and. One of the things that we're working on right now is called what the fuck are y'all doing while. I'm talking about death and really a dick with Ober inside of it. This is a type of sophomoric bullshit that I'm dealing with with people who are well into their thirties and beyond. John we're letting you do your we're just having. Thing that you you. It's the days gentlemen. There is a half Ted called has tag. What's my name has had? What's my name whenever you get into a rideshare, especially if you're alone, please before you get into that car mic. Sure. You check the license plate that is on your app with the car that you're getting in and ask the driver. What's my name? It is very unsafe these days Jamaica. All right. Someone died. My. Do you know this judo this woman? I almost said I know I was called it was called her. I know, and you know, what? And to Samantha Josephson's family. If you're listening or anybody that knows they're not listening. They're morning. They are grieving we are not making raven. It is a is a situation that I just want everybody to kinda live. We just gonna start glancing at the people that are here. Jackie fabulous. Who was batting her eyelashes? She got the eyelashes that if she keeps Batman she going to be feel lying next to a Delta Air life. You're lazy feel not only do I feel a breeze. I feel like spot on my skin peeling back. Nice. I like we have Wendy stall in the star of the new documentary. Give right hit the streets. Call Wendy and me. What's it called Wendy funding pains, funny, pay and Wendy and me tomorrow? Brecca's versus. Yes. Fans of the fray, we have the one the only the pest of my life. Wow. Can I say rock? Yes. Everybody knowing good. And well that this is also a podcast, and nobody knows. I know I think this is drew this. Can they see it? Yes. He drew a penis. I'm harsh shape car. What's my name with the thing? Uber on the side because you know, what tag it unless my name. Yeah. He does say Hello to windy. Join Gino hydrogen knows our heat. It's is torii. What I hate when when the focused. They names the way they need to have. They fucking names. You my mother when she was on instrument. What was her name? And I was like Ma don't nobody would do this have to do with anything your fucking name where they pick. Let's like sugar bear sixty nine just what is weeding and trying to get work. No Weasley limb. Fucking school at funny who you want work on that. We'll go figure I everyone. So I just I wanted to make I just wanted to make that known that you guys have to let's start making less less really start trying to because it's unfortunate, and there's a tragedy, and it should not have happened that that young girl passed away like that under those circumstances and my my condolences to her family, and if somebody who takes Uber and lift all the time, I. You said he said it was taken. I completely understand. Why this is a sensitive topic? I get an Uber is all the time. And I'm like, I don't even enough things happen to you. Honey. Sometimes I'm been like, I don't know about this guy every now, and then they go down a road. I don't think listen necessary or they start talking about some non I actually have audio. Recording of an Uber driver. The other day. I was trying to record a cars for a Jewish. And he hey chili. And this guy started telling me just out of the blue. He started talking about how good he is it eating pussy as he was driving. Not that's actually creates he'd started. And I have it on audio. And I was recording this commercial because it's an inside joke with my friends. So I started record the commercial, and I got the audio of him being like, and then I spread lips open. And then I'll read it, I always. And I'm getting like Uber and get free rides for the rest of your mind science, my friend, and she outlet his end, you get reimbursed times ten times tab, but I my may have. Brought the conversation up. Jordan it by saying what's my name. And then she's like, how are you at? That come up in over. I said wasn't my name say a five more times. Okay. Okay. So the views expressed by the comedians on the show today have nothing to do with Yemeni. Normally, that's rows your views. Okay. So. I just wanted to make sure that I said that in also we all know, I caught me wrong when I was in New Orleans. Remember too old pops. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And the whole time may I have to tell me to do because I wasn't going to report him, but happened. Okay. So here's a recap. And I and I'm not a snitch. No twice already been like report up, but I'm only a snitch for free shit. I not only texting may Ron I had to get on the phone with him to pretend that he was waiting in. The I hop that. I was taking the Ober too. So that the man would leave me alone. So I get into and this is what I mean about not thinking somebody is unassuming because a lot of the times people that do stuff or the people you would never like the time almost got killing. I'll a we'll talk about another time Jesus. Oh, yeah. When I was nineteen. There was a guy that he would come to the open mics. He would come to try to get on on the lottery on Sundays. And he kept not pulling a number. I told him if I pull a number. I will give him my number. I gave him my number. I'm just giving you the Swedish version well because I was getting picking numbers all the time. And I was there. They started. They sort of let me go on. Anyway, you know, so I'm trying to not get kind. No, no. It was nothing white guy with a button up. He looked very normal. He was like I'm going to give up. I didn't want him to. Give up I picked the number. He did not give him a number. He said he wanted to thank me by taking me to dinner. I let him take me to dinner. He gave me a cigarette. We, you know, remember him smoking a cigarette, but he didn't smoke as much as I did. It was laced with something. I would say it was not a heroin. I started nodding out at as I was Notting out. We were right on sunset. He was parked on sunset. I parked my car in the garage didn't want to move it. So we were going to dinner in his car. And he as I was nodding out. He said he wanted to show me something he pulls me up out the car and takes me around to the back of his trunk pops the trunk and shows me all this these no like, tools, and like chainsaws and acts and hammers. And he was like we're going to have fun and Iran harm injury air fide. He's like I have I have a deck. You need help him finish. I need you real fucked up because no one like doing manual just raped me. Right. She day. I remember being terrified but under the influence, and I had to think quick like because I was nodding. I was I wasn't gonna keep nodding and coming back. I was gonna eventually not often to sleep their way. And so you stay the fuck you guys know where Carney's is right on sunset went to. I said let's get some chili cheese fries because I'm hungry right now, we can have all the fun you want. We went in and go to get the chili cheese fries. Don't writing in his car saying this. No, we were in his car. We were he was parked right in front of Kearney's on sunset. Okay. And we started smoke. I smoked. Okay. So he rolled something. It was like here's smoke this. And it was laced with some shit. Yeah. So we get him to take us into Carney's. Yes. So that we can get chili cheese fries. I liar stories missing. Because I want to get to this other Uber story. Okay. Gotcha. And they've heard this story before and I told him I said, let me go to I have to go to the bathroom, but he didn't wanna let me out of his sight. And he was like, no, no, no, no. As an I told him. I said, no, there's a bathroom, and the, you know, the good thing about Carney's is you can see the back. Breath room from inside. And it looks like you're going to the bathroom from inside. But you have to go down the steps and up to go to the bathroom. Why don't you run after you saw this shit in his trunk because she was drum listened that's terrible roof. You think you might be gonna get raped credit? Get chilly chief rise because like your mother you gave me drugs. I load diary much more fun to rape with the full. What I what what made you want chili cheese for pretty good strategy. Oh, yeah. Jay ask you to leave. Why I didn't want chilli cheese for hours? Okay. What I was. I love the truth. I before I go. This was the last meal. Before you torture me? I wrong the Mexican cartel. Poor Jackie I would've had to go to Morton's, sir. I see what you have in the trunk your car. You know, what you have plans? I would like a filet Mignon. We take time out to because I I want serious for the women that are listening. Yeah. Because when because you're in a situation guy is trying to actively kill me. You don't he could have been a DIY enthusiast. He goes oh mad for you. You ask three listen to you is the possible serious. I. Guy at nineteen. Oh, baby. So when I talk about this Uber story this young lady at twenty one doing we all make mistakes. Yes, right alii, and the amount of white women that I have seen taken over for me. 'cause they don't even check. They like, okay. And I'm like what the fuck are they doing I had so many Uber's had to come back and get me cause some white girl just jumped over and thought it was hers I've gotten just going to say, I love it. And they're like yarmulke. She's like, sure. Whatever you was describing. They wanna hit a story what the tea is the I'm use your drunk when I get the car, and I'm like, what is my name. What's my name now Boji before L getting unmarked car? There was some driving Aim High bid. Yeah. Let's these eighty maybe. Yes. But Milton coins, I shouldn't I should have been led since nineteen ninety seven, but Mr. riddles around the corner that lives off a Pimlico road. And not do anything. You know him. He go to church with your grandma. This is the so many random niggers just come here and open them. Don't be probably verifying these silly people. I'm like the way they drive. Nobody driving test. He's African drivers back in the day. They were to you. Serves we to a certain club was my Ober driver one night. And I remember I said is this so as solar solar? So you buy some. I would like God I'm trying to shittiest edibles in America. I. Teeny bread. That is I looked at the profile pitch. And I say this. So and so then when I got in the car, I look we may I contact through the rear view. He looked at me. I looked at him. And we all try to pretend like we didn't know that he sold drugs at a certain spot. We only just we'd what did he sell? Jackie leave. Jackson thirty AM Jackie to beef tails, Jackie the damn. Thank god. I found a we dealer. It's hard. And it's on your ride home. So it's too. What's your name? After saying so convenient to sign on. Go fuck now legal in New York, by the way. Yes. Sure. Recreationally? No. Yep. That's a problem. That's. I know what you know. I haven't done this in a while MAC you start the timer for five minutes. Please wait what she sort of time for five minutes. I've been timing. You. Some I in my own head tie big you on this story. And you start a timer for five minutes. Matt. No, I got it. We're at thirteen thirty three. Let me know when five minutes met. That's when I will talk. Again. I haven't done five minutes of silence and two years. Oh my God. You guys carrying the show for five minutes. We were looking at you. You talked about a cigarette. Some Hooker in LA with tools a girl in an Uber girl. I hang up and then MS fabulous asked you a couple of questions. You jump down earn. I thought Wendy you came for her fucking documentary. You called it, Wendy and me, which is a better side, somebody Dr. No. I mean, you warm my sunglasses, the oldest tea all your open drivers also a weed dealer. Why is that bad? What's my name? When is that trying to find the six day I've been here. I wish you told me I would have brought you on a bag of that shit. I'm so tired of being sober. Give me your phone number. We all know you do. You did a bunch of. I haven't agency leave y'all wanna know YoM it. He could take five minutes of silence for herself. Okay rice because she was getting heated. Right. But you know, I'm actually I wanna hear YoM YoM is hot take on. Glad you're alive related incident of murder, and I it's not like before getting murdered all over the place copy to Uber. It's like this is a racket. Do you know what this feels like a campaign of fear the likes of which we haven't seen since George did the can't get leading? They're like, you don't need money or like this. Iraqis eleven shit. It's like what Ober you better watch out for ruber should've had him bring you the cross stations. I mean, if you're going to die you might have had to let some some. Yeah. That's the t-. Yeah. Right. Where's their happy hour waste your last meal? Got to be good right came saw. Yeah. Chainsaw so much as you chain saw, then you get a nice dinner. And then the other thing is you go to a separate location for dessert because it has can take your murder to the second location. You probably won't get. Because they say always go to the second location for your kid, man. But she should be dead, though, one the kidnapper takes you. They say if you move if he moves you successfully you're gonna die. The hope take you to a second location. He should've said, you gotta dinner. Yeah. But that's 'cause she took the initiative. So this is why I think this is why should products set because like sure to be serious. So this is a good tip. If you're getting -ducted if you take the gun to the second location. You say don't try to help men in comedy. Mitch let them figure in life. And you guys I had to work to get Jackson t that's the lesson. You try to help white boy to become a comic. He's probably not doing that shit. No, more fuck guy. Yeah. Anytime you're nice to a man in general. I swear to Christ. I try on the train and not be a cut and make eye contact smile with people and they pull the Vic on yes. And it's partially as the defense thing to me like you can't rape me. 'cause I'm gonna let you I like oh like trying to make eye contact. I'm also a crazy, right? Yeah. I like, I do a pretty I might kill you. Right. But said is on I make contact with someone staring at me. And then you kind of look, and you smile they instantly than dude things. It's like, oh, she was nice to me. I'm with me. Yes. And they will it's so it's a nightmare. You can't be nice to men, and I stand by what I put on Instagram Kenner track. Because so here's here's the thing. Right now, you all can't see your face 'cause she's broadcasting he left he left but on her face. You can see that she's making her shopping list for her trunk right in her head. She's like an rope on tarp Anita bone saw I need what. Ever they fucked up Khashoggi with she's everything in her face right now says I'm a kill off three of you. And I'd like to see you try Bech because let me tell you something I need some chili cheese fries. I'm trying to get to know her question. I've never first time. I just meeting for the first time, no, different Instagram telecom. We never ever hung out and bonded. And now that I'm trying to get to know that she's angry. Do you know what this? Like, your mom gets your feels like we're all fucking around, and she was trying to cook dinner and we kept throwing combing aids aids. Cancel cook your own food. Watching the playoffs. She's. She's just like you enjoying that and the tears she's beat today to like the mug is beat the eyebrows, correct, Lil lessons, and you want to be a friend will ask God damn question asks the two absent the lesson. Go ask your shit. Let it hell story and don't help white men. Tried to stand up comics. That's what I get. So yummy, yummy. You knew this girl who got killed in the Uber. Right. That's she's your friend famous family. Our is that correct? No, she's to helped the world. It makes us all. This is a story that was out to drum up fear, and I'm just like. Help protect protect right? We all could be. I I've gotten many live and been like, this is a station wagon. But whatever I need to get home. I once had a cabdriver very, I moved to New York. I remember I got in a cab and this guy like so let me just say this. You want to say it was five minutes by five minute. Walk. The my own name. Now, let me go ahead. And let me read everybody before finish the story because everybody wants me to finish the story, and I will finish the fuck is store. Okay. Okay. Jackie. Yes, ma'am. I love you that tell you. Yeah. I've fallen in love with you. You better be glad you said that bit. Do you want to call the seller kaslow date? Bitching already one big bitch in here. Why are you let Harry Jackie will be around. Jackie Jackie would be around forever. I will you know, because Jackie fits into the fold fit taste fit into the folk till I will have my lawyer strip every piece of data me on your fucking document. Editing. And may run I don't know who it's collusion. Fucking could Ghandi. And he's fucking dying. Carol. I thought I knew, but I didn't know sure one glass. Yeah. Don't hide the beetle juice buzzard as demon that you all okay. This queue. That's why he works. Cute. But he's a demon that let me get back to what I was saying. When you are in trouble, and I have been in trouble. More times than I would like to admit because I am unfortunately, friendly is I suggested that we go to get chili cheese fries because it made sense. I'm a big girl that I would want food, and he wouldn't question it, and I just hope know, we're sledding. Would you be like let me suck a dick? I I'm saying, okay. That's it or as a gay personnel. It'd be like let me do not. You know, what I'm saying is for me, the quickest thing for me to think that would not raise any alerts with him is that I'm hungry. Now. Let's go get some chili cheese fries. And then we can do whatever. The fuck you want that I'm down. I didn't wanna make him think I wasn't down. But I needed to do something before we you know, it was a risk. I had to take I was already in a risky situation. When he took me up they had to think quick because I'm nodding out, and I don't have the time. So. I'm like anything I can get away from him. Because even the guys that knew me from Carney's behind the grill. They just thought I was looking up with this nigger they giving high fives. And and it's like, and they don't know that I'm screaming out for help. So I'm on my own. Yes. I get outside to go to the bathroom that he thinks is right there because thank God. He don't know Carney's, and he don't know that the to get to the bathroom. You gotta go downstairs to go back up to these days. When I go down, I'm walking trying to get to at the time, the coffee bean was there and all the comics hung out the coffee bean, so when I get to the call now on now by the I'm so drugged up that I'm walking into the street. Another white guy comes and pulls me out of the streets. And he's like, what are you doing? And I said, no, no, no, no. I get it because I'm scared of white guys at this point because white guy getting ready come and get me. I said I gotta get the fuck outta here. And he's like where you going. I said I didn't want to tell him. I was scared to tell him. I said he says, well, you can't you're walking in the street who who's here for you. And I said just there's some comics. I said, I'm. A comic. Can you take me to the comic sitting here? And I didn't know any of the comics like that. And that's how I met my friends Zorba Zorba Gerard. I met him for the first time, and we met there. He saved my fucking life. I said to him now, I'm a young kid. I'm like nineteen years old. They think I'm some idiot. You know, because they know you come to the monks with my mama, mama. Take me up to search on Sundays. And we would go together. It my first time going without my mother. Mommy. She was out of town. It was my first my first time going by myself. She gave me money to park she parking garage. I don't want you on the streets. Like all these things. My mother was doing to keep me safe. I mean. Because you don't think of the woman that you can get hurt. It's serious. I know, you know, by mom told me not to she's like don't go park on the street. I'm giving you money to go into, you know, a parking garage. Don't risk your life and somebody that I trusted. I don't notice guy. Just look good. You know, not look good, but he looked normal and he wants to fucking kill me. And I'm trying everything worked in my favor that day for some people. It don't it worked in my favor that God took everything and let me go step by step to some type of safety. And even when I got to the comedy store like when I got right before like the coffee bean, the people whispering about me. Oh, she's this on drugs. Something's wrong with her and I had to grab Zorba. And I I've seen you, please. There's going to be a man with chili cheese fries coming to kill me. I know that sounds Larry's. But that's what I said. I said this is a guy he's come with chili cheese fries. He's gonna kill. Me here. He's wants to kill me an airline all she's just drunk. She's high, and it wasn't until that motherfucker walked up, and he has something in a foil tent. And they and Zorba was like what is that in there? And he was like I got her chili cheese fries. And everybody went to try to stop this niggers lights out 'cause they knew then that oh, this all makes sense was going on and whatever he gave me I was high for six or seven hours. Yeah. And at one point I I remember going to the hotel next door to the comedy store, and we had calling cards back then and I call my mother in a drunken stupor that my mother was concerned. And this is when you would call peoples voicemails leave messages because we couldn't we didn't have all the cell phone all that. And she kept saying call me back coming back, and we didn't know how it's going to get home. I'd to call my girlfriend. It was a mess. They thought he's going to take me to the hospital. And then the next week. He comes back. To do his spot. I was gonna ask you if you would hate back. Did he say anything to you? He the same anything that Zobeir to stop me from going up to just let him go. Let him do his thing in we never want to see him again. And when he after he got off stage. I went up to him. I said, I don't know what the fuck I sit on what you what you gave me you gave me some high. I said how many girls have you killed because I know he's killed girls. And he looked me dead. In is said, you'll never know. And I come over my body that deal women he has done this to. So when we talk about this younger on this. Uber shit his credit Israel, you know, sometimes you don't get to make it out of the sting people die in 'cause some reckless bullshit. Right. And that's shit the mount of suffering. It's not just her. I mean, I'm telling you do I notice grow. No. But I could have been this girl. And I get all excuse me. All choked up I given Cavs all hours of the night. I get home and four I am here or LA almost every day. So whether in my own car and Uber a strange last night, I got in a random cab because I didn't have enough money for an Uber. My county more got along with the grand concours went upstairs. I had cash I got a cab. But it didn't have any kind of certification all schools ails ninety seven again. I got some random cabins shit. I'm okay, I get an constant strangers cars daily. So this shit is real. It's real. Yeah. That's I have win the taxi cab. When I first moved here. The same kind of thing this guy were driving, and he's like pretty girl like you shouldn't be by yourself at night, and I just moved to New York from LA. And then I realized he starts driving a radically. And then he's like just starts complaining about his life. And now he needs a woman to this go fishing with and I was like, oh, this is a crazy person. And then he was like driving all over the place. And I and I was like, oh, we're Where'd you like you went the wrong way. I'm like, and I was lost in the elections because I just moved here. And I was like fuck that's going to be an extra ten bucks. And he goes don't worry any shut the meter off. He's like, I'm charge you anyway. And I was like on remember thinking I'm going to get killed. Yeah. Yeah. I've had the same thought. And so I did the same thing of why was like, you know, what I can really go for a drink. You want to get a drink because I'm an alcoholic. So I was like, oh, it's probable that. I would to go get a drink. Yeah. So we stopped at a place on ditmars right before thirty first at a bar right there. And I was like let's get a drink. Let me buy you drink because I had to try to calm him down. It's the same kind of thing. Get away it is fucked up as a woman that when you. You have someone trying to attack you and come out you and your threatened, and I've been like not to pry, but I've been raped by two guys, and I was assaulted by my fucking laundry guy that I know his whole family the day after Christmas in my apartment, an older Asian guy, and I know his wife and his daughter, and he just like grabbed money, and then and like, but are instead of people being like, why don't you fight back? It's like narrow because getaway you try to be nice. So that your let me let me down. So you don't hurt me? Try to like women trae thank your into it. Then you can figure out how to get away. So I did the same thing. I went into this bar, and I was like, let's get a drink. And I and I violated the stripper trick where I got just like a seltzer water and got him. I was like give him a double fucking, whatever. And. Give him some on rock. Yeah. I need to get the fuck outta here. You have any bleeds to call episode sign on the Ron Ron Ron pitcher, please pitcher, he'll take a double window. And I have the mccraw rocks. And I had to sneak out. I ran out. I gave I was like you put money in the jukebox, and he went to go put money in. And he was like stumbling towards fuck, and I was a block from my apartment, but I didn't want him to see me going into my apartment. Yeah. So I took off in a dead sprint like three o'clock in the morning with a backpack. But it's the same thing where you're like. Okay. I'm gonna I could be killed right now. Yeah. Wasn't the biggest. But it's terrifying. It's sudden it happens so much as sometimes it's switches on them when they not willing. Right. They don't wanna be. They don't like when you're willing to just a finish up. The Yuba story that I call me runabout. And do you want me to film you because not fun? May on holding the camera, and you could flip it on yourself to just want you to know you mean like this. I'm the way. Different angles of me. That's wrong. I watching today's he's going. I feel you feel you what is that? Oh my God. How you go. You tell your story. Yeah. I wanna I wanna wrap up with this. And I want to do I do want to talk about the I forgot about. Oh, I g comedians. But so I was coming back from. I think it was the impractical jokers crews had did. And we did a I watched as state extra night 'cause the guys had a show in New Orleans. I remember one hundred and so I was ready to get out of. I went online and trying to be cheap and got some hotel ahead like two stars. And it really didn't even need a star. It didn't even star that they have the unfilled stars where you can fill it in. The need that. It was it was like several pornos via taped on my floor. A lot of shit going on. I was like can I can I switch rooms? So I wanted to so I had some time. And I wanted to go to hop time before I went to the airport, and literally you can't it would everything was in walking distance. But it's the highway there so you can't walk. It is no walk path. So as I walk into taking me ten minutes, maybe fifteen minutes max to walk to the I hop. But there's no walk path to get on the highway that state, right? Right. Right. Right. Right. So call this goober, and it's this white guy who maybe this is why do something we all know that they're the ones that everybody is asking no common knowledge statistically. Yes. The guy. That's the guy that killed this young white girl, the black guy, I know every now and then every now and then, but he'll just kill one. Do you know what I mean? A black man will kill just one. Yeah. The white dude cereal. I may cereal that killed the K all the Wichita Kansas. The greedy that's back in life, then titled privilege, I wanna kill one. But I want to kill all the bitches own him love and mama to remember got killed. You know, kids at the school. The mother says he tries to the house. She put the a do. Oh. Hi, how can we sick? We made you how what I I'm we're so I'm so sad. 'cause it because this is just real though. You know yarmulke, by the way, I'm on the phone. She'll always calling me from her. Uber's jeez. Always thinking that this is the one. Every time. So like this Mary or that's gonna they're gonna kill her. She's like oh heat. And now the now he's driving slow. He doesn't know what you slow now for no reason, which is down for you trying to thank you gotta think about something. Alabama down documents. Doc dry. What's your Uber? Rada tell the truth shell the truth. And by the way, young mega isn't obnoxious Tipper. She's an obnoxious tip high. No is in like whenever if we ever every time this like will be like, I waited tables for years and years and years, I was a bartender for your. So I know my twenty percent thirty percents twenty. I know them, and oh always she's like, you know, it's like sixty bucks twenty bucks for the she is an obnoxious Tipper. So just saying that like. Intern karma hurt. Uber. Ratings should be like h shit. Right. Yeah. But it'd be a perfect five. I what is an excellent Tipper and beyond above and beyond. But I'm also obnoxious as in too much or you are circuit you pick up the speed just a little like, we ain't gotta go two miles an hour. Okay. It took you five minutes to get here. Where were you? Where were you? He's like I was burying body of my left. Okay. Asking all know, you you went under. But I'm very first of all I'm better than this bitch holding the camera because let me tell you here living with the critiques on the driver's attitude. Kill, you know, no, no, let me I found the hustle to first of all I don't I wait two days to write some money down. Okay or day. Whenever I try to wait lease at least a couple of hours before I go back to them and write them down. Okay. And I don't leave. We're they remember you from is. 'cause I was with the Uber driver. And he was like, no we kinda got down. Like who rated us what kind of thing because they'll be like, oh, talk too much did bumpy ride or whatever don't put into description what the problem was just write them down. Because then you'll never get them. Again. That's the thing. Right now. I don't bother to say when you write somebody three a below three. You'll never get them again. And so I've been writing them threes when I don't wanna go. I would I rate right? Swamp. Thing's foreskin. But I write a lot. I give a lot of people like you got to really be fucking up for me to rates you low. But with that being said, my rating is a four point six. Okay now. No, it isn't no of mine is. I don't care. How what do you mean? Because I love the way your your Hooper's. And I would give I would like I track you down. I would I would murder you for sport. I would be you'd be like what's my day by be like Yama nica and you're dead bitch. I've been waiting for you to get back by the because the way you talk over driver. Should talk to them. No, I got. I don't know. I is very specific things the help the journey along. I don't be talking to people who are easy. My view I've had more. Most of my Uber ride me talking with the Uber. Driver cat. Yeah. Yeah. Like, I'm like, you know, I'll be like, I always get an essay. I now the bad part is I'll go my my I have a secret name. So. Oh my God. I go his because my name was to Google. Okay. You know what I mean like? She's like, they're stalking me. They're trying to kill me. It's up believable fake names aliases. Yeah. I live. I live watch. If you Chad Uber, and you tell them what you do with the ask. Then they'll get curious any might look up later. Yeah. But she's also the girl who's going live on I g being like, I am at the following restaurant. And this is my appetizer. We have more time where they had a nice meal, and he has it forget it was months ago. So it's like it was one time. It was fantastic with the place. He took me was beautiful. I didn't know the place. I want other people to know he didn't wanna buy. No, he wouldn't be in Syria. So let me tell you something. But I want my length. Sean. Heels once he won't let it go. One time. What? We got us first of all this cheap bit. I just do with us. It got us in ten other niggers and a hint. Well. Absolutely. Honda Civic with four. I want to say. And he got any super tall. I'm like. He told he that'd be like don't fucking do Opole. I'm gonna pull every time five this. You ought to take. Damn live off feel say every time. I get you in a car. Stop and it I mean VIP luxury some shit because I got the P on Ober says I'm so bad with everybody. I give them two thousand dollars a month. That's just gonna fucking car. I think over three or four times a day. Fuck them now. Yes, not can ask them. Why would they five minutes late? While I was running around in a surf was much as I put your fucking pocket stocks in this shit. I remember when you were eulogizing someone. Got it. But Cameron this has had. Public recently. I saw that on CNBC. It was very exciting. What it is. I don't know what three Oba's passed. She's like, no lift it's like, I don't know. Corporation wise, and racist and all the shit. I like live. Souad light list. That's all I'm also California airy-fairy, we it'll be like lift off their their edgy environmental. That was dry call that should have with. A lift for about just. The public wants you to finish the the the New Orleans drivers Buckhead in New Orleans. Let me just say y'all real quick about Disney this hold in the camp. Yes. Yes. Yes. We got into a Uba one day. Right. Me him. His husband, thankfully, that wasn't house allies. All out city. Husband. Live about the peel open the truth. We get it with a guy who looked like he eats gay people for breakfast drive. Wait, get drive. It looked like he been doing. Hey crimes as practice and his mother's fucking uterus. Go like they come out with anti gay. He he's a anti gay girl ever says I've got about the geisha. Everything about this guy. Members only. Channy bruno. Jack. Yeah. Fillet members write that down. Clinton. Never only want the hood. Heats teetering or hate niggers to when he's so far. So I hate in the gay and all the time. So is like and now you put him in a situation with to gaze at. Drive off. I of. Kilby? Now that you want to call. My. The now. I get into co-. I get call. I see even the accent of his he from somewhere where they e- Japan league is ju- everything nigga, they ju- the gays. They trained for breakfast is clutch the bone, and they got like Liga juifs leaks. Definitely every morning. They eat so snow Ave. Got one of them accident. Games. Now, I see this and hit is not getting accordingly to the car. I get in very quiet because you know, I'm a bit. So when I sit down sit down har-, so acid them light as a feather, not as I don't want to upset his traction. So I sit in light is a fed lack closed the door gently, you know, at first I go get to seatbelt jacks up. And I wanna give. Okay. Offer him can't be water. I don't even offer me. But I have nothing if you hungry. I sit down like a fed. This is the light. Since my mother put me in my baby infant pitches when I was three weeks old laid out down to why I'll who's hovering. I was I was actually on point on my hovering chance. Yeah. Okay. Trunk at this to mount bother levitating like David Copperfield. Just put a prayer. No, it does the same husband does the same quiet. We get in to people that got their shit together. And that weren't raised in fucking barn. Yes. This. Car. Citizen ago. Like, he's a fucking game show home on you. That nigga. Damn gentlemen. He wants to play twenty questions with this nigga all of them have to do with some part of his penis going into. Everyone. I don't feel safe here. Every question he asked this was way. You fuck me. We'll you suck me you. Not what you put my Dicky know, how many gays can get it to a ship. What was the lead? What was the lead? No inside of an asshole Araya. Yes. I right. Yes. Now asshole. To the credit? Yes. To the man's credit? I had built up so many nigga, quiet points. They he. I was naked up. Nigga quiet point sofa every ten nigga, quiet. Get one day. He was running out of time because my nose was inches. So I'm gonna have to move and about. Hitch. We going down. Now, he the guy now to his credit. The guy wasn't good sport. After a while. Like, you know, what I I did my famous come on. Now, don't harass this, man. This is a good fans. Look bad. Stay all the plantations everything, you know, Georgia's a nice man live free right up rated with no problems. Bob Mars, baby old Joan. Paul boss up. Yeah. So now the guys in attain a him the guy, I tell you not did got to a point where it was a quiet at the he asked one of the questions, and the may contemplated. How many nigga quiet points? I had left in reserve. He was at his close the question. He asked to get what it was something about have you ever got something about a glory. Ho have you? Whitcombe whole life. I've never asked a stranger about no glory holes. Punning? I haven't I asked him. I was like are you married? You know? I mean, how many kids do you have how long have you been driving? I go after every one of those questions, you know, dick was involved while you married to dick. Have you had would be. You never ram dick everything. It was an issue. We get destination. Just barely. Okay. And then he went to wit wet with the nigger because they didn't take it right to the damn doorstep. This is untrue. Not. So I said I said, sir is fine said thank you so much give now mind you this was all a my rating. Are you crazy? It was my right. Yes. No, no. It was it was. Because we had a conversation right to our house. Right. And I told him don't ever do that in you. And I can never take an Uber together. That's number one. Because you can't my back three hours a week. But what he's what his listen when you get over with me Jacky felt a little bit of this. Don't ask for gum was that you meet ahead to thing with the gum. Anything who was that that I had a thing with gum with? Where'd he was a Jew? We got a little bit. Anyway. No people ask for I never asked for Sam. I'm never going to get to where I'm going on a chart. I watch my phone died. Yep. Where I say, I don't want. I don't care offering don't charge it. No. I don't have a phone. No water. The whole rask's this man down to the Brown. He gets out the call me and his husband get out the co we gotta heads down. It's a Walker. Shame disney. The thought he made a new best friend. I said the fact that you have not experienced a hate crime Colorado who right now, he's honest was no Rahul by sheme. Was that? I don't know from a town hand. Okay. Okay. No blacks. A nothing. I'm telling you, this guy was he you ever watched that movie assassin, I don't like that kind of stuff. Crashing too chubby shortcake cab patch girl, I don't like that kind of stuff. Which can't be happy. Everybody everybody that Jackie fabulous said on the last episode, so many niggers and been pussy. She got to get a priest put holy water on it. But you don't watch us Asan. Well, you're to delegates. I feel like it. Good nail because she was talking about her number eight lover in her life. I'm hey, who was your number? It's well over three hundred may before which she said what she says. Everybody here. I'm not at three hundred dollars close to two hundred over walk into like, endless pits. No what happens is titans. It's not it doesn't get bigger. No. I never had a baby I'm tired. I'm tired of because the more. You come muscle at flexes soda outsider. I asked I fucked to your same day last week. And one is great. I want to bend your second guy. Plus, he was way that's the guy that showed you the pictures. Clutch my sugar daddy in the morning for three hours. And then I fucked this other guy, and they both know about each other. The second guy knew I got railed all day, and he's like oh be gentle. But you're pussies actually tighter later in the day when you get fucked earlier because the muscles flex shift. I am Mythbusters. How? Type. Only I bow talks my anus. I so it can't show emotion. It's weird because you're crying, but it looks happy. But it looks all right. How many how many chambers you gotta go through and anal at the spacer is at one the first one is the one I heard hangovers, I didn't know about chambers. I didn't know it was a ball. I thought it was for pooping and pork in your mind. Let me just finish the story Orleans New Orleans. What's so funny about new all white man comes that will drive a white, man? He shows up and I have my book, but I have my suitcase everything picked to Gump. Yes. And the. The album nica. Tastic at you know, what? 'cause I I guess I'm open to life. I don't know like the most dumb shit happens to me. And it's almost as people like when you go on stage. You talk about the, oh, this is should I've lived this shit. I've live the fantastic life could. Silence. Someone this silent. Designing women us on. Son has been done. Mouth. What makes you tell us? Right used to be much Sam. On unders. Medicare Medicaid was my sent. And he was no I would say big what happened to be passed. Right. Bending love me. Some he got an Uber. Dove. You know, no. I kept thinking about chilli cheese for we'll guess we'll be. Humby Hedegaard seats. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Bye. Anyway. Yes. So. Oh, man. Yes. He literally looked like Howdy Doody. But like if how duty one hundred right because he had a little hat on you. Remember, I showed you the pitch him to say go ahead like the little he looked like, oh, let's all light. And they go, you know. So I go to open for him to open up the Trump. Okay. He don't step out the car to help me. I guess you're from me a tip if you don't open my get out that that's okay shared drives me crazy on order to as last night. When meeting the lobby, and I'm I will say to myself. I said if I meet this league in the lobby 'cause I pretend Tim I said, I've got an hour to change it to get pissed. But anyway, we wanna meet in a lot of what he was on his way up. So I'll give you a tip because he was gonna come up anyway. But anyway, so now pops I put my own shit. And so I'm I'm already pissed about that heated, but I'm like, he's Olinda. Yes. What overdrive I came into the lobby for what Uber eats? I don't eat. He didn't say. He eats. Oh. Last night. Okay. Okay. All right back story. Jackie don't pay fast. Way. So you we wanted to tease for our. Kinda have chilly weather that a commercial for teas bras now like chillier. I'm afraid too much. I like fries. So the top. So anyway, owning I'm heated, right? So I I go to open the bag. Car right? Soham is the name. I'll to do it like come on. If you had his whole time while I'm sitting put my the back there to open the door. So I'm like up the door. So he rolls the window down and says come up front. Nope. No. Eight. Sorry. No. I'd rather. Not. Thank you. Raim ears, sir. Wait, wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait, wait. He's old white nigga. Yes. Falko ova like a Jehovah witness trying to look through the mail slot at your door gave you home. What the fuck so? It would he say come up front. No bells went off was who's in a corner. Now, he Jackie I swear to God. But I have. If you hold your questions. I feel like I'm visiting. So I get a he says to me, oh, I got stuff in the back of the car and not an I wasn't even paying attention to see looking guy. So I go on sit down. I'm just like, let's go, right. So I put the seat belt on. Now. We gotta go across the hotel is we gotta go across the highway. There's a little opening front hotel to go across the highway when you got clearance, and it go on this way. So we gotta sit there and wait for traffic on both sides of kinda stopped for him. And have an open it. Yes. So why are we sitting there? You know? He's like, oh, I'm so glad I picked you up. And it was too old white women. It was way. He was like I thought it was oh Hindu some shit. Like that. I don't I said what I thought that was strange that. He said that I thought that was trying like that should be your clientele because you oh like, yeah. Y'all go to the club together. Like, they should be talking. So someone I was talking to me. Honey, let me tell you something the minute this nigga put his foot on the gas. To go across we had Clarence. Yes. He took his hands and put it on my up of five. Everybody got started rubbing my fi- up and down up, and it was getting in the crease. Oh, holy shit. I was like lean in. Awfully was like. I didn't know what to do. Because this is this is a part of becoming a victim. Right. Yes. I said nobody's going to believe that this nigger is doing this to me to me. So I tried to like, maybe he's was not a stick shift. So he looking for no gear. So I just kind of Pat his little hands like to let them know on knew he was there, and they kind of like move his hand. So what moved his hands back. No, no. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. This is what wait touching. Let me just cut somebody because of the fat. I'm said, okay. Let me just cut the fat of it. Because there's a lot of that could make this so fantastic hilarious story from go the entire time. I was there. He got the whole thing of it. I got it. When I told him, but I'm gonna tell you something to be honest with you when I told him, I tried to make light of it as possible. He was oh, no girl, you have to call a very serious and and to his credit. He told me I still didn't call. It wasn't until I reach oldest story to some hair and makeup people. The women were like did you report him? And I was like, no. And they said, oh, you have to report him because what about the other women that are going to get in his car. And I said, but look at his rating he had people was like, he's a great guy. He's a fun guy. He's a this. He's. What right. Why it makes it? So let me so. Yeah. He starts telling me how he married. This woman who got a gambling problem. I for the level guy. Oh, God, he almost fingers you and then talks about an ex where the mayor's man she lives in. Davis separate bedrooms. She'd rather go to the casino in the hug him. He just he said he'd looked at my breasts, and my hips, and he just felt like he just wanted to nuzzle inside my breasts. He just wanted me to hold him and hug him and smush him and all this other shit. And so me why hands still and and and I'm like there was no way we turn the heat down, mama, China, right? Because I got a hot with China. So I'm like my China's hat for him. But I just got a warm puss. So I'm like. Is this happened? Because I always am always warning. And it's always a temp like when it's cold you can put your hands right there. I'm wet all day Akwa duck down there. I'm marina. When it was acclimated. I live with my mom defense mechanism when you this is actually true when you're getting sexually assaulted or attacked your defense mechanism is your body gets like puts out lubricant to be like, let's make this quick and fast. Yes. Erection when it shouldn't be happening. But you can well Honey is so I'm like he hit another regions in like how when was this? Why was this girl? Listen, I crease that's not plus well, you gotta remember he up and down in the crease now. So here's the thing. The the plan may lie ahead a minute. Likes this in my head a baby that was breekt and the baby was coming out his his hands was about mid calf baby calf to Toews away from where my vagina was. He's saying tickling. Okay. Gotcha. I got it. Okay. Yes. Right. If the baby was coming out at mid calf. Yeah. Could he pulled the string? He coulda pulled strings. No. You got some big ass. You can't get in here on this. I gotta spread meshing. But y'all why don't start the middle your shit. Yo you pussies tap on pubic mound that area. But I didn't know I didn't know this was biology. Just like, oh, you met the Cuba. Right goal to make it touch me. All the dog all wrong wrong wrong. Gone pause. Oh, wait. Hold on. Wait, wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. We gotta do because this so much get to the money area. Get they wanna hit because wait, wait, wait meeting with me is in that area. Right. Then let me show you on my size. Now. Let me I I had to see hit. A minute handle by down since September. What you forget what you pussy. That's why I use before. So now, he's telling me about this lady. Here the gambling problem everything like that. He wanna hug me want me to smush him. What me to caress him my breasts thing, I said, okay. I said, yeah. Wow. I hear you. You know, he said, well, I want your phone number. Can I call you sometimes now, of course, I don't want him to call. Yeah. I said, but what can I say the nigga is in front with him? He got control the wheel. Yeah. Yeah. Let's finish a ride. So he's also very old and frail. Well, I was trying to turn my recording wrong. But you know, I was scared because I'm like sometimes you turn the recorder. It'd be Mickey with some time, right? Boobs that. And you know, so I I I'm not even recording at this point when I'm desperately trying to I don't know if he's deaf. You know, because he, oh, maybe maybe it's Easter work. Yeah. It's definitely as is his fingers is working. Yeah. So my gone. So so now so now, I'm we see a hop. I see the I I ha-. Yeah. At it's to the point where I'm like, I let me just get out here. And I just I just finished a red. Let me so he's like I'll take you up in because you could put me he said, I'll take crosses will thing. My Hague odd drive you in this it what does we'll take you out of your way. Because you gotta go this way. He said, no, no, no. I take you there. So he takes me into the thing. And now, I'm like oh shit. I gotta get my bag out the back of the thing. So I can't even just make a slapdash a quick thing. Yeah. So he he goes. I want to go in there. I wanna have a God's sakes by the food which you zoster as so I said, oh, no, my a semi friend is in there waiting for me. I wish I could. And he said, well, we wanna call me. I say, yeah. You know, I took it. Nobody I'm a call yesterday do such. And you know, we know I've also got the part I told me on this. He said me he says, you know, what? Uber doesn't like it. When drivers Fratton is with the ri- Sanger fun knives. The fans. I like it when you finger to passengers on the groom me he wanted me because he said he knew a bad rating was coming bail. AL John the sushi last night. So I know. So he said, so he tried to pull him a harsher. And that's what told me. I don't want him to lose his job. I feel bad because he was like, you know, you get instant sentiment. I said if I say, you know, I felt so bad because he was he wasn't he right? I remember Yami vibe he wasn't. He didn't come across as like a truly nefarious person. He was kind of like an old with boundary issues wholesome, maybe a little cognitively compromised. Yes, ma'am. Because didn't he sing at you? I'll wait you. I was surprised with. I'm sorry here becomes okay? I go to get out the car thinking this is. Yeah, he had unlocked when he unlocked the door. I couldn't just make a dash because I get my my bags thing. Yeah. When I told him he cannot go in have dinner with me. He have a friend waiting here. I'm about to step out the car. Yes. He locks the door, ma'am. Yeah. And I remember I heard that lock. And I was like this is it. I'm going to ask me to suck. His dick. Yeah. That may try and I'm a half to suck it buying it on. I don't know what I'm a charge him at least three hundred. Gonna turn a price and I'll have to. I hop in this I yeah. Okay. And he goes I want you to look me in the eye. Because I'm about to start singing. Hello vowel retrea to you. He said this song that comes to my mind. Let me see because I never get to. I never had the words. I gotta get the words. This is he says. I hope you know, this is the limbo. I live in. This is your hell. This is my hell every day. She'll call me she'll be like I was going to call you about this. But let me look it up. And I believe I believe this is the song because so horse in my living room. Wait a minute. I'll call you back. He said is I've only been three concerts in my life. They both been for Conway Twitty. And he's a kind of is a legend. I know he looks me. He said. In the. Yeah. Today. I heard my woman says something I've never heard her say before dreaming. She just told me that she was going to leave me and that she did love me anymore. And then to gets a touch of the may a woman. Then tell me you don't love me in a moment. I'm not. Hi, how is the first? Hold on a special kind of way. Under the table would make it when it's no he told me to look him in the eye tire time. I was like, please. Can I actually can I suck your? I love. He's like, we don't woman is. Because it's some about a woman's touch with a wall is a song. We okay. So she made us, wait. Yes. She looked it up and still sing it at us for three minutes. Minimum. Right. This might not be the song. What was on? But this is what is like. Oh, I think it was that made you woman. This is it. Let's Matt get ready for the license. Okay. Hold on. It was actually Kenny Rogers. I get confused. You. Shania Twain, I was drunk. Like, you ask me I got sexual harassment Luebbe to this song. Not even song Conway Twitty mind. You the saw was caught was saying some traffic by a nickname. Bob. Nickname Bob almost sexually assaulted me. An Uber the Conway Twitty. So the next time you get into over try to act like they give you a four star rating. You give them a three. Unbelievable. And that's hard to four K. Jahmai Nico is. He's made you a woman a ninety nine year old white mega New Orleans and Oba sing I made you woman, and he assaulted us in a lot of. But I said what gave you don't make me? Some pancakes is going to be a problem. On. Hello this year. I called him. I was texting him while it was happening. So what happened? I have to say. Say the whole song while a few versus it was it got to the point where it was like, I think this nigga started forgetting the lyric. All right plan. All. Karen, home, Alabama re-met. Gilligan's island. They. This fellow. Like a three song. He where he'd been into song. I I said to him. I said thank you very much. Thank you. I did. Yeah. And I said I wish you could come in. But my friend. He's just waiting for me. And all I gotta get my bag. But as soon as I get to New York. Yeah. I'm gonna call you advice for you. I wait. My husband always say you gotta husband waiting sometimes it works. Sometimes it sometimes husband will throw them into a quick Ray. Yup. You don't wanna so you don't wanna you? Just let them know. Hey, it's the same thing. We do is black people when we around white people trying to get in our way, you know, sorry officer. I would just go into Modell's. Is more deals open? Right. We always pay who've cars this boy, it is your car. Oh, no. I bought it from grandma mall me don't had no money without my grandma. I could not believe it. Hi, I assert. I reassert. I is fuck. That's why I reiterate. I'm not here. Oh. Ubad credit? They did not one of the things. I thought was weird is they didn't they couldn't tell me what the results would be of this. I guess for privacy is your short never can they can credit. You get money, man. No what happened. But they took it very like someone reached. I didn't even know what it was somebody that read out to you on a phone on Uber. Somebody called me, and I talked to and I told him in the letter. I said the reason why it took me so long is because he's an old, man. And I really even though I was uncomfortable. I was concerned he would lose his livelihood. And I don't know if he doesn't have retirement or somebody to take care of him. So nice back about that. I thought about when I really thought about like I was fortunate. What I told them. What prompted me is. Thank god. I have good people in my life. Yeah. Like may Ron cat nine lives. Beijing you use. About five of them. Don't believe. Going to renew it. You gotta renewable is things happen to you. It's a lot, but it was a thankful that he must have a plan. 'cause I'm like, I could have been gone Jesus. Thank you so much store. God. You are storyteller. What I can tell she wore. I think because I think like low key guy be like, I wanna hear hotel this. I think I'm gonna kill you through just like they're women timelessly that have been assaulted and they're fucking boring when they retire pry everything. He just didn't there pay. Kuma? That's what I gotta check. The after Kris. Thing if you're gonna have a run on you. I want to hear the story over list bitches getting raped who. Heck, I actually getting oh while we, but you know, but honestly may Ron did tell me he was like right away. You should for the other women. And that's what I said. If if it was just me I said, but I couldn't sleep at night thinking about those other women, and I and I'm mad at I waited so long to days was too long. So like what you did long as you all in that. And we have to like, you know, I'm fortunate that like in the traumas that I've experienced in my life. I have been able to laugh at them. And I understand that. There are some people that cannot. So I appreciate that. We all we we bring levity to what we can. And we go through what we go through. But like should Israel out here people are being assaulted. They're being kidnapped people being raped molested and abused and heard discriminated against. Hey crumbs like we we don't live in such a peaceful time. But we try to find as much peace as we can in our environments, you know, but we we also have to always think like, yeah, there's not a bunch of people running around murdering people in. Uber's However I have. I've had girlfriends of mine one comic who told me about a situation where she was just trying to get to LAX. And the guy was seeming like he was crazy. There's a reason why when I go to LA I would prefer to rent a car and drive myself around. I preferred car wherever I go and not 'cause listen something could happen in New York City for sure, but so much she's going on here it the the the odds are are low. But the is going his somebody they're going to hit somebody. So we have to be cognizant of is anything you want to say 'cause he was spin so quiet and just kind of camera holding. On the side. You know? Yeah. Let them back to me. I love when he smiles he curls his little lip up on the side. He's so cute. He's love you. All yes. We, you know, this was I feel like we covered so many topics. Except for the except for any of the plan on talking about this hard today. I before tell us six time, I remember t- ninety I want to talk about I remember an hour and thirteen minutes ago. Yama nica said I need five minutes to talk about this one thing. Her low dog of this and. Mission comment. Right. Thanks to land. That mad like this is every week. We weren't trip is complete. We told you. I'm going comedy five stars in. Per three dollars. Somebody said yet that keep everybody wanted to warn one girl one girl. Run say Conway Twitty at her funeral Conway, Twitty sucks. Not one too. Because the first one was the wrong suck I'm saying on leaving here with is cheese fries. No shit, and I was gonna take a cut home. But I guess I'm walking by. Favorite? Lifetime day. Just nice. You ask for headsets another sitting on the floor a lot a lot of things. Ally. Trying to put those Jesus. All right. Hold on. Wait a minute. I'm here would. So mean about high? You know, what it's like you eat a little candy in the morning. I'll tell you what I did before. I got here. I have a fifteen year old dog who. Has about control problem in. So I needed to wash her because she smelled like the end of days. I took her and I put her in the bathtub, and I hope her and I washed her and I screamed her with. Did I was in never use your bleached it? I believe. One point I was trying to express her anal glands. And. I was finger think nude in a bathtub fingering, a fifteen year old soft coated wheaten terrier, and whereas my life hired me REU story. That's why pay people. That's why she's on Netflix. She ready actually reading she's not paying attention ever. And all I always pay. Thinking about cheese fries are twenty as you gotta come back. 'cause they always like, I'm not paying to them listening heard me. Yes. Sometimes the weird thing. He's experiences. I'll hear something. And I won't even respond to another ten minutes. Let's call back eight and said, I gotta call said something yesterday. Remember, you would choose negative. Experience. Later that. So she is if you late show report you late back two thousand dollars a month approximately Uber. Why don't you buy car? I think you kinda grow when these own, oh, no, man. I was a lot of money, but you probably sure you don't wanna own a car here. The problem is I don't think I could have the nerve to drive here. My my road, anxiety LA. You can't drive here. All let me tell you something I have to keep the air conditioner on in the windows up. Mount of cursing that I'm doing 'cause they let anybody comes all you gotta do have a plane ticket America you can come from Bangladesh. We're likely to get till driving our own car. Ramilo, you know. Shooting. What is not a racist? Right. It's a realistic rant. And trust me. This plenty of Americans who fucking Donata drive. But what I'm talking about people who don't want to bring the rule they'd be bringing the rules where to fuck. They drive. America. Like, I don't know what they do in Guadalajara, but he on Sunset Boulevard, we stopping stopping at lights. And and you know, what I'm saying is sigma linen shit. Yeah. Pick nick. Lane. If you were in the fast lane, going ten miles an hour. Everybody your family needs to disappear for week grew. You have an appointment. The who this whole thing was supposed to be over forty five minutes ago. And now, you're attacking the deli franchise if felt a flooded people of Angola DeShaun, but my before before it's so easy to become racist behind the wheel of a car. It's very easy to become racing because you instantly. You don't know nothing about that person. You just start picking shit. You should drive even your you have road rage. You you should drive your own car. You should also ask your Uber driver to say your name, it you just to hear them suck it up. That nickname nickname Newburgh. Remember? Well, I hope you did. Remember, you wish should, hey. Remember it leash. Chek what what's going to be my name my baby Shak? One. Only that your name. Her name is enough. What do you know what? My name originally was for my baby, I'm gonna have God willing. I was going to name it in the Gotcha. No, okay. Vomit alphabet soup family, a racial epithet hiring on a keyboard. And I had my fingers off one on home row and typed out this word, and it wasn't a. Gotcha. And I was like oh that sounds. Wrath. Error area. Does make shut it down. Oh. My name. Bangladesh. Doc. Mike off everybody's Mike off. Wendy, starling. Where can we find you? And what do you have going on follow me on Instagram at Wendy bird, eighty two? And then I perform I post my shows there the next glamour puss, which if you're. What I do as a great twenty-seven. If you're in town. Becky, I wanna be to it. You're on April twenty seventh. Yeah. Come into it. Tickets are fair. But yet go there go to my podcast pussy for gang. We have to change the name one because legal things I'm fucking do again with these men people own it. Yeah. We just changed the name to something of noxious girl. Pussy far gang Cuiv. Jackie. The I got so many questions really want. Shitty fries questions. Go to Jackie fabulous dot com to get to know me and may twenty eighth to an end for the premiere of America's got talent. I addition I might be on it that we don't know. But you watch c- nerve wracking for me because she can't tell us 'cause I note, he's gag orders. Yeah. Bitch, you're going to tell me. I audition wore a cute outfit. It's no pitch. You you auditions right or do they put in a gang condition? Oh, so you don't happen here. Yeah. So the audience, but what dad? Dad, so negative gag orders. We say Dan word going on habitual posted on they said you posted at you want Bishen and pictures of you had your I did all that you can tell the whole world that you audition. I vision you seem like he was the type of person that audition that was asked a bunch of questions. They was like lady. No one it's time to before doing. She didn't advance. Let me tell you something people get kicked off shit. And then they're like let me tell you about this show. I got. Plug no shit. You got fucking act. They made a plug the premier day. The Apollo and I didn't tell nobody that show existed. Right after the fact. How we gonna Pala one Apollo thirteen. Hi, I'm at Miron X Twitter on them, Iran on Instagram. I have different names on every platform because I'm an old and. But I'm a good friend of the show, New York, and I perform all the time you should come and see me, and I don't care. What goes in my mouth? This has been an two weeks. Okay. Got you know, we'll talk about inappropriate questions at the wrong time. Came out to you girl. I do I I'm here almost weekly. Yes. Yes. You know? I mean. We low key is going to have him be the co host. I'm not doing that. But I don't wanna tie on. Five months ago getting back on my. So I am. Thank you. I love you. I love you to my love. I'm Jackie I'm getting to know you. But I feel like it will be love there at some point. In christ. Yes. My sister family you and my sister. I'm a sister in Christ. And absolutely. You don't want to try. But. I love you. I do you think you let me be a part of the documentary. I can't wait to see it. Did it? I was just it was such a great time. Such a great conversation. Wonderful girl. Oh, you both dinner Jackie. You can have any time before you go. But I didn't because I can't do it today. But I want us to do it. When I when I come back. Yes. Because I get to make a target run. I'm so excited. I wanna make you a stew and a whole thing. It's gonna be great. He looked like that. I love it. It's to the point where they now, Matt. And I love you too. He's doing the corner. Like, an Uber. Driver might kill somebody. I tell you guys this every other week. Go hug a black woman. Please do.

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Ep.359  The Kernel of Google's Ire ft. Ron Amadeo

The Android Police Podcast

59:29 min | 1 year ago

Ep.359 The Kernel of Google's Ire ft. Ron Amadeo

"If you consider the meaning of life to be about the struggles one goes through then between the Pixel foreign. Sadia bugles full of life right now. So let's Dawson Lennox while we're at it. This is the android police podcast. The it's Wednesday November twentieth. I'm David about time we had on our guests today. He's in to Penn Tabula sears. A before leaving and spending every minute since kicking the butts at ars technica another fantastic. A write in from jewels there It's Ron Ron Ron. D'Amato what's up High Ron. It's been a little while since you think you've been on the show. I feel like the last time was maybe like the Google podcast. Yeah yeah the Google podcast. I is a tradition. Where all of drunk idiots get together and and podcast from couch it's awesome yes and Arm Refuses to join us out of out of principle So we have a few things talk about this week. But Ron you've spent like the last you went to this thing. I didn't even know I didn't. I didn't go to a thing. You didn't go do the thing. No I watched it three hour video on Youtube Man. Oh God even worse So let's let's talk about this. I was even aware this was happening or like that. There would be the android related announcements at this event. It's the Lennox Plumbers Conference which is like the least like? It doesn't sound official or important at all But apparently some very low level stuff happening with the Lenox colonel and some of it relates significantly to android right now. So Ron what did you. What did you learn well? Well yeah I mean I lennox links. Plumbers conference happens every year. And it's like we're used to Google al.. I guess where it's like you know the people onstage Google developers and then like like everybody audiences like a lower to your APP developers and journalists and stuff like that the Lennox Plumbers Conference. I guess it's like invite only and it's like fifty or some some people that all work on Lenox and they're all like peers so like the people on stage and the people in the audience are all like that the big name Lennox developers. So so you're yeah like crazy stuff gets talked about. They're and they're they're talking about bringing the like Android Karnal picket shift on your phone and kind of merging that with Lenox kernel that that actually gets used in desktop computers and this was basically a A Youtube three hour like brainstorm session session between between the various parade of Google's on stage and the people in the audience about how to how to make these things come together and like they talked. You Bet it last year and they kind of pitched the idea last year and this year they had a lot more information to talk about and how they want to do it and stuff like that interesting so like I guess probably. They're discussing this at such a low level that extracting any kind of analysis in terms of what it means for android right might be a little difficult but was there anything that kind of like I mean for me even. I don't really understand a lot of this stuff. And so I like struggle to understand unlike what what would be the benefits to bringing androids Lennox colonel and Mex- colonel other than the obvious stuff. Like obviously it's going to get off security benefits that are in the mainline Lennox colonel. I'm it'll be more up to date more frequently And hopefully not break things. But I don't know these are all really big questions. I'd have wouldn't even know where to begin again. Like looking for answers to them. Well I mean the obvious F is a great place to start. I mean right now. The Colonel Ends up in your device is a brand new device device ships with a two year old Lennox Journal. So you lose all of the all of this security patches. In new features that get added to the Leonard Journal and Lynch Journal is is the the world's biggest software project so like if you are not on mainline the amount of things that just happen every day is happens that such an insane pace. It's so hard to keep up with your crappy fork of the lyrics colonel but also part of the reason that android is. This is kind of Like insulated imbedded system that you can't move from device to device is because every Lennox kernel that ends up on an android device is specific to only that device and all of the hardware support is like baked in to the kernel for that one item. And you can't like move move it around the way you can like limits on a desktop and yeah Google just talked about all of the ways. We can change things so that that doesn't happen so I see one of a little items we have in the sheet. Here says that abstraction essentially locks in the base colonel version and Google will be forces support six years of Lennox long term support releases. So that it. We'll do we think that's going to have any kind of effect on like the update lifetime of phones. What makes them easier to support longer? Or is this really just all very specific to the Lenox. Colonel Title I think the the core of how long phone gets supported kind of up to qualcomm because they need to. I think they need to continue supporting supporting the whole update process of their. SS's I don't know if they would be willing to do that for longer. But it would certainly make it less work like Google draws a a lot of comparisons to project trouble with this new colonel thing which doesn't have a silly project name yet. I don't know why. But it's kind of like the the like separation and modular rising of hardware like dependencies so that code can be more portable and more easily updated and like they talked about. How like a glimpse colonel gets on your phone? And it's like a series of fork so like Google takes the the Colonel admit and turns it into the android colonel so they added special android code to basically. That's a fork. And then they give that to qualcomm and then qualcomm forks that android Carl and they add all their qualcomm specific code for like like the snapdragon eight fifty five. And then that gets sent to Samson in Samson folks that and then they add towed specific for Galaxy S. ten and then that ends up on your it only works on that because it's been fort like three or four times by now and that's why everything's two years old and why everything's so slow and and difficult to Ford around rant interesting so I guess like the kind of speaks to a broader effort. I think on the ANDROID team where I've seen a lot of investment in reducing using the amount of work partners have to do like I feel like that motivates so much of what's going on with android anymore and it makes it harder to explain to people like why this matters in the end like if Samsung has to do less work on the colonel. If Samsung is not going to have to deal with this they can focus probably software development resources on other things they can. You know feel less rushed I mean. Phones are always on a rush time on for software we review phones. We know we get phones with unstable software to review like all the time like. It's it's gotten better. I won't lie about that like I remember like back in the day. You get some seriously rough. pre-release builds on review units. But I think Google really is making a big effort just to try to. I just activated my Google home Is Making a big effort to try to really. I guess like the Word Ivanhoe make android much more modular and make it such that they can ship big chunks of it out to their partners and say this is set up. You don't need to worry about it like we have these hooks in here for you. Work with Flit stop tinkering with the low level parts of the system right and that that works great for Android. When it's something Google controls but you know Google goes up in front of the audience is like listen? We should really old Lennon's journalists the away. We're GONNA fix that is to have you guys do a whole bunch of work and totally change the layout of of how the external works and isn't this a great solution. Let's all let's I'll do it. Let's have you do all of this change so that it makes our lives better and like is the next community going to do that. maybe maybe so. This is just a proposal. Oh yeah yeah I mean they. Sometimes they would go up there and say this is a problem that we have. Does anyone in the audience know how we can fix this because because because the people in the audience are the people that you want to talk about about fix these things and sometimes were other people from Google from different divisions sometimes they were people from Lennox so yes it sounds like it's a crazy the environment but also like the the mood in the crowd. It didn't seem like people were skeptical or against the idea. It seemed like everyone was kind of like brainstorming rainstorm. On how to make this happen because injured after all is probably the biggest lennox distribution of course far and they did get the Lennox community recently to extend the timeline for colonel support so like long term support used to be two years or four years or something and now at six and they did that specifically because android take so long to ship these things and they want them to ship kernels that get security updates. Yeah Yeah I think. That's I think the fact that android is so big now. It's hard to drive for the lowest community to ignore the reality of like this is this is what a lennox destroying the wild looks like. Now do you WanNa make it better. I mean they have to have some level of like you know pride and self respect say like well I guess we should probably make it such that. The most those popular Lennox distribution for the foreseeable future like is at least a little more updateable a little more portable. Because you know it's it's never going to be the year of clinic on the desktop and the cool thing is like they've they've made a ton of progress like somebody had a phone there from Larry was like a it was a POCO. F One chief Xiaomi. It was running the regular Lennox Journal with Android. And I guess that's the first phone on earth to do it and it works for that only only and they need to kind of do an ecosystem wide investigation of like well this hardware works. What do we need to do to make the other hardware? We're working you know Samson's fingerprint or heart rate scanners and all of those all of those weird crazy things that android phone chip with need to have a modular logical arised plugging for external. And there's so many I mean obviously like you know you have that extra layer with qualcomm where they are addin