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"ron roller" Discussed on The Morning Brushback with Dan Blewett

The Morning Brushback with Dan Blewett

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"ron roller" Discussed on The Morning Brushback with Dan Blewett

"Now. The one thing I do. I. Do understand when coaches are like look we're trying to get to the run role to save pitching because it's not if it was just like a League game, then you stop running if you're in a tournament where some of these tournaments will run seven eight games to win it, I get trying to shorten the game and you and you can't argue with the coach trying to do that because you just can't carry enough pitchers to get through seven seven inning games in a three day span but you just don't have enough bodies. So if you could short in a game two, four, five innings your there, you probably do it. I don't have an issue with teams doing it every issue with teams that are like. Stealing, third like taking home when they're already up fifteen, sixteen, Seventeen Ron's on you. which happens a lot knuth games because defense is just not play very well. Yeah. And if it's if you're looking can't block the ball and keep going to the to the backstop. You feel like you should take the base because that's the way against played. But then again, you're like let's stay put after a while. You stop them usually. Stop Stop the kids at third base like it's the gets passed like, okay. We're stay here may drive map. Yeah I mean there's been situations where we've been winning. Like we've been winning by a lot where I'll tell guys like, hey. You know. Were taken were taken. were either taken a pitch or like y'all. I remember being in a game where it's like they're struggling so bad on other team like look we're not swinging like strike shoddy strike shot. We won't count the stats. Okay. We're just trying to like. You know you're going to hit the ball five hundred feet off this kid like he doesn't even look he's pitch before let's just let him strike out whatever and that to me that feels like disrespectful towards the game but you're trying to not embarrassed like the other team as well because they are kids in a college game or something I would never suggest that. System that's happened. It just sucks when the game really breaks down I don't mind the team getting embarrassed like if you don't like getting. Than I don't take that feeling home in your pocket and. Change something up or quit. Like I don't I don't think we need I. Don't I don't WanNA protect self esteem but when the game just gets out of hand and Messi like base, the base is fine. But yeah. The whole like I duNNo. Non Embarrassing thing is if he for me? Sometimes you need those. Look. Summary are was are like. That hurts. Unwritten Unwritten youth rules either. That set me off for like three Oh fake bunt. That sets that sets me off big time or. Or like the Disguising moments because I was a good point you brought up which is the. A you have to consider not just winning this game but winning the tournament. Moore's like the overarching thing. So when you're talking about yet, we're GONNA steal up nine Ron's because we wanna get to the ten ron ruler while Ron Roller whatever an MS games we can save our bitching. That's a move that makes sense given the whole scope of the tournament. It doesn't make sense given the scope of just one game. So you do have to think of it more of that way. If you only think of it as far as this one game in a tournament, you're just not playing strategy correctly. So you're right they're stealing up ten ron's in a tournament. Where potentially shortens the game saves you pitching? Unfortunately? That is okay. You just it's fine because you have to. Again, you're trying to win the tournament, not just the single game. And the time. So somewhat the time when that's because these hormones all time limits. No of this hour forty five or two hours to fifteen. When it gets close Do you forego mound visits if you're winning or do not. I mean, it's all about the timing of the visit, right like as guy out there for a while and you need to, you need to go out there to give him a breather or did you ask the unpire? How much time we have left before? We can start new winning and he says, you know five minutes I mean a lot of times umpires will be good like if it's right on the cost, but it's close game like I will run another one because like that was quick inning but obviously if the endings are taken long. And you're just out there stalling like take them out visit and you make the empire coming, get you and you said nothing and then you wait one patient and go take the guy out and replace him with a new pitcher like. They're probably are starting to be some rules by mound visits and I. Think if we're in a time limiting, maybe they should implement like look amount visit as a poem like that set no talking you're gone. Yeah See. I. Disagree with that because I still will have a mound visit if it's necessary. So we're up to like this is a situation where you're in last summer we are up to two one in like the seventh and it was definitely like this is GonNa last happening and they did just like act's innings. But we gotta run our on and it was like the time run on base, and there was like some legit strategies that I need to talk to arbiture about like how to approach this pitcher is a critical moment in the game. I'm taking them out visit and I'm GonNa Talk to my guy, I'm gonNA explain this. Is How we're going to hopefully prevent that time run from scoring. I'm not not having that visits because you know some coaches GonNa end the guy other complain about doing. So don't care. This was legit part of the game. This is three. There needs to be some there needs to be a different rule can't just be like a no new winning after an hour forty five there needs to be like, okay. Once, we start the fifth like if we're close, they say, okay, this is the lasting like. I'm not not all you can't be where you get to the bottom of the fifth there like Wolf we finish a sending in less than seven minutes. We'll play another one like 'cause then because then you're gonNA, get guys at stall and they probably should stall. That's a good strategy. Honestly, if you have to waste seven minutes, it's a, it's A. Bush league strategy, but it's still a strategy like we've been. We're talking strategy about you know like you said, he's a big moment in a game like a big moment in a game might be I don't WanNa waste my this kid the closing inning when he could start the championship game for me going to stall. So I think there needs to be some more. Not. More like baseball though that's the problem like baseball is not in the time limits though that's the whole point. Right? Is like there is no time limit normal baseball. So if you're going to implement it, then there needs to be rule. So guys can't manipulate it like stalling like passing a basketball around the court when there's no shot clock, it's like, Oh, we're GONNA waste four minutes quarter passing because other teams in are running down our throat. Like there needs to be there needs to be it's different set of rules for games that are timed I think well, I think the Umpire Disney's go out. Just follow guy out there he's actually talking to pitcher..

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