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The Great Gildersleeve 47-04-23 (248) Leila's Party for Joanne

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The Great Gildersleeve 47-04-23 (248) Leila's Party for Joanne

"The Kraft Foods Company presents Harold Perry as the Great Gildersleeve Yeah. The Great Gildersleeve is brought to you by the Kraft Foods company makers of Parque Margarine every day. Millions of women all over America Serve Crafts K.. Because it tastes so good. K. Much. A R K A.. It's wonderful. There's been dirty work in Summerfield. A dastardly blow has been struck. Has Been Spilt all over Leroy's blouse. You. Jurisprudence in one thousand, nine, hundred eighty six studebaker. Ron Leroy what happens to Bernie? I'm back. Rob You come. Goes Back? I'm standing here will. With the boy? You're my handkerchief. Snyder. Who? Neither. What's his first name? He hasn't got any just neither. The teacher calls him. How's the nose? Is it stopping? Well your head back way back. That's. How. Come along climbing my car. What's wrong I guess I'm going? Here guide you keep your head back. In one lender with a handkerchief. Just throw it away. Here just mic drop Leroy. Hello, judge, won't you? Lee Roy for heaven's sake. Leroy, he's a mess now. Marjorie is just a bloody nose. Nothing to get worried about happens to every boy. Sooner or later happens to leave all the time. We take him in the living room here and met him by down on the couch. Nevertheless I think you. Do. Get Luoi. I. What happened my boy y'all right here, lie down. Don't just stand there judge laundry. Just stand there and. Don't lose your. Losing his head. If you just use yours to see, the boy is bleeding. Bleed. Pillow put it under his feet Andrey's. Feet feature would be higher than his head and should be higher than speech should be higher than his head any fool. That's for fainting. Don't tell me this is a nosebleed. You want him to spout like a whale. Well put it under his head. lapook somewhere. Don't just stand there with I was waiting for you to make up your mind. To me. There, That any better, my boy. I guess show. Now just lie still. Try Not to breathe too much knows arrest. Have Coke. Feel better if I had A. Au under the circumstances this once C., Byrd. He's got a Coq Marjorie Oh and bring a wash cloth ring out cold water. Oh, by the way Mrs Ransom phone again. She wants you to call her back. I don't suppose anybody is going down to the drugstore for anything are they might lead you. Ask My boy. My feel better I had a comic book or something you'll read. Well, we'll see I I wanna find out what happened here. I was. Just, one of you, please. I take it. You've been fighting again. I? Just want. Came up behind her starter hollering at me, who did? Snyder again. A I've spoken about getting into fights. Leroy would snyder anyone else. There's no excuse for it. Even so I tried to pay no attention to to grab. Hold me and called you on name called me. Piper? Piper is Leroy Piano Teacher judge just this night or call your Uncle Leroy. INTO THAT JUDGE! All chicken chaser. I don't blame you for hitting Roy I'm opposed to fighting his room but by George. I'm proud of you for this. Yes, took real courage to stand up to him a boy bigger than yourself I. don't care whether you wonder lost took real courage, and it showed loyalty to standing up your uncle like that I'm proud of you. My uncle, right are don't laugh. Loyalty encourage. Equality's not to be sneezed at particularly in a boy I'm glad Leroy hit. I didn't hit a monk. You didn't. Why didn't well I remember? You should never to get into another fight again as long as I live. Me Roy. That's enough. It's all over and I. Dare say you'll live. He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day. I? Think that's hotair seems to me. His part in this whole thing has been somewhat less-than-heroic annoyed with boy. He won't fight your battles for you. Is that what do you mean? It's not Leroy who smitten with a young lady? It's not up to him. Depend around and I'll see here. You could have spared in this whole incident. You know not to mention the bloody nose by the exercise of a little discretion. How pick someone your own age? Then people won't be calling you a chicken chase. Along I think I feel okay again. Sure I don't care. Just keep away from Snyder. Repercussions Repercussions Everything has repercussions I meet a girl. Leroy gets punched in the nose and Leila. Ransom gets meditate. Leila. Why did I have to think of her? Probably never speak to me after. She won't speak to me. Why is she bothering me on the telephone? You do it all the time. These days sign of old age I guess not anyway. I don't do it. You claim you don't snore either speaking of Mrs Robinson. You haven't called her yet. She called you twice caller when I get a chance. Will I've been busy Leroy. Had this nose bleed and all? Right I'll caller you gods. That means nothing to me. I'm just reporting that. She called twice and asked to. Have you call back? Yes, yes, I'll call her. was there something you wanted my? No. I just like to make a call myself through alright. Make your call go ahead. I'll walk all the way over their. Head a man can't make a call from this. House and Privacy Anymore Anyway Good don't mind me I'm nobody. Just pay the bills around here? That's all. Reminds me I better pay that one, too. WanNa see me for. But you never want to see me again as long as she lives after the last time. Maybe, she wants to knows. How do I get into these things? Though Thrive Martin. I thought I. Hitch the Dowell Gracious. Usually you're not show you shake the whole house, but today you lack a little Crete mile. wiki. Come in. Only per second gotTa run right back. At things waiting for me over there. Well, the reason I called. I owe you an apology Leila I've been meaning to get around to that explaining I. Mean you see? Should you owe me an apology thrive mall? You mean you aren't sore? Only found out about your new friend Martin. Piper issue. That's it. That's why I thought you might be source it. I issue terribly attractive. I'd love to Mita. Chapter. Do you WANNA old friend Jon? Shuler but well. Leela by Georgia trueblue. You know a lot of people around this town. They've been sort of turning up their noses at you and me. I call her Joanne. Their name? I think that's a lovely name. I'll bet teach charm. And what's more? She's also very fine pianist. You'd like. I'm Shell. Our I want you to know each other. The heck with these people around town I don't give a hang what they think. Well. I think it's just terrible. The way people have been talking way they've been talking. To some of the ones who talk the loudest and I knew you when you were locked fatter several pounds at least. I'm planning to lose even more I. Want you to know that I've defended you with almost everyone I'll run into. What's good to know? We've got one friend Leila. Been Pretty difficult I can tell you everybody looking askance at us. Hey, we don't bear well. You know you can't be too careful. I've hardly had a chance to get the no, the girl well. That's one of the reasons. Colleges Rock Martin. I wanted to invite you both to. Vima. Tomorrow night. Really I mean. I'll ask Julianne. Lee You don't know what that would mean. The first time we've gone anyplace together socially. I thought it would be nice for you to have been alone together. Among frame Leila that would be. What about you? Don't worry that me. Shallan to make a phone most. We have the judge. Rog No, you're terrible. Right invite anybody likely. It's up to you anyway. I'll have Joann. But, rather, it wasn't a judge. He's kind of stuffy about the whole thing. Oh, now don't you worry? We'll have a lovely evening and I just can't tell you how I'm looking forward to meeting Ryan You don't mind me calling Joanne do. Not I do. Run Home I'll phone right away you do. Love to high of I. Just want to say this Leila. You're a brick. A yard wide. Yes, Sir There's a woman foia. Can I be so wrong about him every single time. We'll be back with the great. Gildersleeve very shortly now. Let's visit the summerfield grocery store the grocer. Silent Sam loudly is waiting on a customer or rather is keeping a customer waiting. The one who the pigeons in the washing machine in the first place, he went crazy downhill most. Aware soon. please. I want one pound of crafts parque margarine. Liaison. Park a margarine spread the tastes so good bet us park because it was fine, fresh flavor why I watch new image it six feet tall taller Michika. Ever lived the one pound of crafts parque macho coming right up. On rewards which Muffins pancakes and Waffles as well as bread azure. Does tastes good hardy cringe always use just craft, sparky, howdy, cringe was the first man bagpipe underwater, a sound better that way? I want crafts parque module. MR, loudly, no, talk, just parking, own party, Yaar fifteen thousand units of vitamin A., and every pound, a grand energy food to one of the best two years well as I was saying wishes Yakin Lewd. She's a lady who cares. You're watching her mouth every time he asked the time days. You stick your tongue out at you. S. Que Madre P. A. R., K. A. Y.. It's wonderful. Now let's get back to the. Great Gildersleeve is made careful preparations for this evening's festivities, taking care of both the outer and the inner man forties exterior a new suit for his interior. He is insisted on blending Mrs ransom services of Birdie for the evening now his cup of joy filled, and splashing over yielders approaches Leila's house with Joanne pipers arm tucked snugly through his own. This is where she lives. Right next door to my house. Oh, I didn't know that we're good friends. Neighbors that is I, think you like Ms. Ranson I'm sure I will she so kind advice me? She's an older woman of course, but she's a darn good sport. Leila's lots of fun. Did. You mean I? Think so somebody. It'll be long the minute. Help Birdie fancy finding. You hear good evening, sir, good evening Ma'am good, evening Birdie. May I have your rat man? Thank you. Why so formal Birdie you act like you never saw before. Mrs Ransom told me not to get into any conversations with the guest. Take your coat Sir Code Oh. Yes, yes, yes, thanks! I just hang in here in. The new. Afternoon. I, never saw it before mine. Sean US you British. Mr Gives me by. You. Oh. Shoot my mouth. Mandate here. Do, hope. You'll forgive me good evening. Hall Ngo Joanne High for. show glad to meet I. Would acute fresh that had used? She looked down. Well thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate. Your invitation. Mrs Ran All. I'm delighted to have you actually. It's exciting to see a new face Tom Athena. Lead talk go into the Polish. Excuse me, MS RANSOM! You want me to serve them little doodads now. The canopies. Yes, but you may shares them canopies. Down in Shabana, everybody shows. You wouldn't think of having a dinner party without canopies. Sudan, won't you? Miss Pipe book banning wire. On the Couch Joanne, it looks awfully comfortable. That's a good. How do you like Shama Theo mich- Piper I think it just sweet little town, don't she? Everyone here has been so nice to me. I'm crazy about it was the same way with me when I came all I down home. Everybody was show kind especially. You thrive, Ma. Ella neighbors you know have to be on good terms with the neighbors. Mr Gildersleeve it's been very kind to. Brand of Dr. Him is a friend of mine. Joanne lives with Dr Nita Leila's. Now I just loved. AFTENADIR. He's darn. I meant to go to church on Sunday but I was still quite tied for my trip. You might if he should is I'm sure he won't. I don't think he keeps track Betty knows just the same. Arrays with a canopies. I do hope you like them at Piper thirty. Doorbell I'll get it Leila, please. Can I injury? No reason to get panicky if you take panavision patch them that he can go to the bell. that. Give me the TRAE Birdie Yasser Shall I bring him right in. Just his hat and coat, Baddie and then math. Canopy Madam La Nursey at. Booz welcome. Leila better. Go and greet Ma gashed. Who is it anyway? She's awfully. He's true. Blue Leila's. Why did you tell me she was? She's older than you are low. That's what I meant I meant. I wouldn't think of her as old particularly. Both about the same age she. US. Present Leonard Algebra. How do you do what you do is Piper. Jealously, Mr Albright do how are you Mr? Go to sleep seems to me I've seen you somewhere before. Of cars you. At the Bank Michelle Rod. Is it the first national I couldn't think that's where I met you when I opened the count last week I remember Ms Piper. Ma You get into pass. The canopy show Mr Albright would like one. Oh sure. Where to go. These smoke tramps with tease missed our ride. I hope you like them ventilation. Thank you I believe I have another one rock Ma. Damaged Iraq won't anyway. There's plenty of room here on the couch. My seat. You can shit here by me Throckmorton then we can both reach the smoke shrimps but I. Really are pretty good. You're at the bank say O'Brien yes, sir. Well I guess I'm one of your biggest customers. Not Personally, but my department together sleeves the wild. Commission A missile bride. visit distinguished policy mich- pipe, a public official and a bank. A bank could give Dinna potty rare distinction, don't you? Oh, yeah, well. I'm just an assistant cashier of course. That doesn't make any difference. Oh, it must be so exciting. Canton ten dollar bills all day long. been there very long. Have Y'all bright. No I have that is A. I was in office, boy at the bank and forty one, and then I went in the army. Oh, what did you do in the I was in the air, corps? You're GONNA be seventeen. How thrilling! Thrilling Glad to be back in a nice safe, but did you fly over Germany? Were you ever shot down over Germany? We'll sort of. It was over the French border we. Don't think Mr. Alright wants to talk about Johann. Veterans don't like to remember their wartime experiences. Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize. Speaking, flying I almost crashed myself once. What's? Not It, no, you never been up in applying one time I was considering flying, and if I had taken the plane I thought of taking I remember the day the seventh the May. The ship ran into a terrible storm and almost crash. Tissue might've been killed. That's right. I am flown. I love to fly some time, would you? Read out. Anybody that would go up a rented playing. Great Dinner. Come on, everybody let's. Over. See Joe End. Most of the French people hated the German. So if you could get to a peasant even if he wasn't a part of the underground himself, he could generally put you in touch with somebody. That's thousand of our guys escaped and got back to England it must have been awfully dangerous, being in the background or it was. Tell me about. The time were shot down. It was nineteen. Thirty folks were getting something. We've got a lot of musical talent here. We ought to get some benefit out of cow show. Forgive me. I should have asked you to play I. Don't have to perform Mrs ransom. I'm perfectly happy. Just sitting here, talking. Hawaiian changed I'll believe people who have a talent should share gives such pleasure to. Rely. I always feel I'm forcing people to listen to joy. We'd love it well. Let's not insist she doesn't want to. See if I if we'd see, would you play me Joanne? Fine Piano. I'm Joanne. Jeff, auto companies than poor. Little me I don't play it already just a few simple college. Come on teacher well I'm not much of an accompanist really. Not much to play. Chopin, Beethoven, and all that stuff because all I want is something simple. Leila's got some music here and let's see Here's one well if you've got the music. Go ahead you. Also. Law. Lease. A. Josten our wolves of world. The Trimble Is. the little. To See. You. lost. Law. A I would give you all my life. Or the. ooh! He'll Oh. That was. Maitre Marla, thank you. Together is quite a single. I have no sinclair. Using something Albright Oh no I I don't say well who does. Nobody could possibly call me a professional? Come on Albright is your turn. I'd rather not. What are you worried about? Be Get stuck. We'll help you want girls. Come on, there's nothing to be embarrassed about now. There's a new song it's quite. Do you. Never heard it before. You. WanNa try it. That's the spirit go ahead. Who cares if it's good or bad? love you. settlement reason. hope you do the me. give you my mom. Wrestle. The Great Gildersleeve will be back after this short message craft. Every day. Millions of women all over America's crafts. kmarts run because it tastes so good. Try it soon. Discover yourself how good pocket tastes when you spread it on bread toasted roles. See if you don't prefer plucky modern fine fresh flavor to any other brand is millions do it's true everyday millions of women all over America's crafts parque margarine because it tastes so good look I for the Margarine of craft quality, Park Margarine made by craft. Don't. Ask. Madre P. A. R. K. A. Y.. It's wonderful. The Night. Mrs Ransom thanks a lot. Yes, thanks so much. For me. When you invited that kid that you know, he could sing. Batch. I don't think he shamed half as well as you. Know the. That case get night. I get to take a whole. The, Great Gildersleeve is played by Harold Perrineau. It was written by John Whitton and Sam Moore. The Music is by Jack. Macon included in the cast are Louise Erickson Lillian Randolph Julie. Mitchell Janet Waldo Rawson Ken Carson. This is John. Lang saying good night for the kraft foods, company makers of the famous line of craft quality food products, listening again next Wednesday for the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve John May but in with A. A word about the time with the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve on April twenty seven daylight saving time goes into effect in some areas in others. It doesn't now the Great Gildersleeve will definitely be on the air next week and we'd like to suggest that you check your local newspaper for the exact time. You won't want to miss the show, so be sure to check your local paper for next Wednesday's broadcast time tonight. This is NBC. The National Broadcasting Company.

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