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"ron leroy" Discussed on WBT Charlotte News Talk

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"ron leroy" Discussed on WBT Charlotte News Talk

"Your hosts Sunday morning it's nine o'clock Trent Pretty hot outside today. I guess I think it's cooling, off a little. Bit System might need some, repair man okay I, got you lost me there. Plugging, some heating and cooling. Roby heating and cooling thus good plug it in well I wanna say something we. Did a show a, couple of weeks ago about one of. My main. Mentors my dad's homey LeRoy he passed away Since the last show. From this recording two, days ago so It's been is good though. I went and saw him two days before he passed away I got to spend time with the three, kids and and sit in the. Room and and we three three and a. Half years ago we did the same thing with my. Dad he was, at hospice and my sales at the hospital but you know they're kind of out of it is, part of the process and as part of the healing process but he can, move his arms and and we were telling secrets about, him and his daughters told some secrets about him to me and I. Was telling stories and. He. Would get excited and move. On, it was pretty cool man I did not know that, yeah New you didn't you didn't. But he's a wonderful man he he he. Served our company and our clients and in the Charlotte. Community for for, over sixty sixty five years working and and tell told a toll is pretty cool because Rohan just, turned on telling her to LeRoy pass because I got a picture of my, dad and my truck and she knows he's his side, kick in and she said oh that's so that's so sad she said. What and he then. He. Used to be at the. Office That was before he, retired so he he's pretty cool, she remembered. She's like. Four and five what you. Said that's, what kind of guy was I mean I think anyone that ever visited the office especially over on Harding knew who LeRoy was knew he was about because he would greet you with that warm smile an entry like you're you're you're one of his own I mean just he, just had a demeanor to him that was that was always, respected, what he has three children. Gail and, Rhonda's? Daughters in and literally junior and he lived with Gail I I'm little roughly say ten, years, oh his wife maybe eight. Years passed, away some time ago and in Gail was. Telling me that when we moved got our old office five, years ago the house on Harding place that, dad wanna LeRoy to go Clean it In LeRoy doll that my dad wanted it cleaned in, one day That stumbles. Gone Sagale came over there with, LeRoy Tucuman and they clean today she said. Something like fourteen hours but. They clean it all all one day and then dad came by and so why did what crazy LeRoy misunderstood he wanted. To get it cleaned in one day for my dad my. Dad was hoping, he'd camp out here for two weeks you, know when she'll but that was. A, good story but yeah yeah that was a good show I'm glad we're able. To do that right before they, happen if in again go back and check. That other show title I. Think as mentors and leadership yeah And it it really talks about transfer of. Course and LeRoy for the most of the show is what what. We talked about it was just you and I which that, was that, was a, really impactful show and I mentioned. To you, I'd, seen a patriots neither the. Next day of the day after on Facebook on your Facebook. Page did had, you LeRoy and you kind of laid up, next to him in the bed. And You both look so, happy which I thought. Was cool in we'll have to put that put that picture back out there, especially now that we know of Leroy's passing memorial to him yeah no he a true man True. Robie man and, just embrace being part of the family business and being part of the family and it went both ways and they don't make them like that. Anymore you, know they know, that is for darn sure I mean, it it's like a little piece of the company goes, with a call Brenda this morning and told her because I didn't think she had heard brenda's my, aunt, my, dad's, sister this worked in offices about nineteen eighty and I told her, and she said that she said I think he's, the, last one of that old, generation that our company and we. Had Barnum Massey Granddad Fred Bruederle ROY had all these old, guys and that I grew up with and I think I. Think, they're, all gone now man It's pretty cool I mean it is. What it is you've got to keep moving and keep talking about it so but yeah we'll get we'll get we'll certainly gone but he'll never be forgotten. That's right, and and the cool thing is we talk about. Bobby? Reid. Who has been with this twenty five years probably like that they have came up and embrace. The carrying that torch and become become leaders and role models really is. What it, is lead by example so so you. Got to keep, passing the torch down when guys like that it's always interesting to watch how the younger folks how they how they react with those people like. With the, LeRoy around you, can really learn a lot about somebody's, character and about their work ethic with how they treat, someone like that and the guys are Trump respect and dignity seem to always go a lot further, than, the, ones, that sorta just just look at them as an afterthought I mean, there's a lot to be learned from that generation. Right Oh there, is but you know what I know Dan LeRoy chilling In his daughter. Told me told me a couple of, speakers I'm not gonna, call I'm not gonna call. A literally ROY but couple Papa Ron LeRoy, secrets to, off. Promise, you never. Know like literally and? I'm like eighty everything right Have about you That was the thing when dad was laying there and couldn't you know he was, out of it but, he could, hear you know we were telling all these dirty secrets and, tell each other and he's Oh my gosh, now sucker Told. Me, something, hemming his arm. He he he got excited he's like. Telling her to. Shut, up Let, me let me. Just roll on out with this secret But I'm telling you man I mean I I don't know I was with. My buddy Brent basing, yesterday in and he, he, lost his, his, wife's dad Granddad Yeah I get that right but he was, with, the family and he said. It's kind, of weird but the Tom was special and I said I I can resonate with you, so yeah we got some special time with our guests coming up here with Clark hammock. From industry the Carolinas who, will bestow some knowledge on your. Chompers and we're gonna have some fun could.

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