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"rom hustler" Discussed on WCPT 820

"Where facts matter good airstrike the daughter of a Ron's top commander is asking revenge's correspondent Frederick plankton explains present of rom hustler honey we actually visited solely monies family on a Saturday and he was asked by salen monies daughter who is going to take revenge for the killing of my father and he said everybody will take revenge don't worry obviously saying that some sort of retaliation which take place from Pennsylvania and points in between groups of protesters took to the streets and a host of cities to condemn the air strike that killed Iran's top military commander leading to more U. S. troops being sent to the Middle East actress and climate change activist Jane Fonda spoke at a no new war demonstration in Washington DC because I want to thanks to everybody that the climate movement and he's the one little here's an orange sky over parts of Australia as destructive bush fires continue to burn amid soaring temperatures and powerful winds fires in New South Wales Victoria and South Australia have forced thousands to flee in aid in correspondence and corn says the wildfires remain out of control we understand that a team of mail has gone up in flames it is right next to a naval ammunitions vice and the fear is that this fire is going to come round and and in Gulf aid and that that is the threat people in the town of Ayden say they feel like the government abandoned them in all at least twenty four lives have been lost in nearly two thousand homes in Australia.

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