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"ron hacksaw" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

"This next up on the docket wasn't just one team. It was two teams. It was one game last week, St. Louis versus Colorado. It was the second game between the two since the playoffs last year when the zim Connie knocked Justin fock out. Got himself an 8 game sussy, of course, they played earlier this season. Qadri fought Jen 40 seconds into that first game. Well, this game he fought Justin fought 47 seconds into it. Vodka ended up getting a two 5 and a ten for instigating. But then we got a snapshot from my buddy Jordan Bennington. There was a little skirmish by the goalie. And he went into hexagon mode. He shot the puck toward dassi Kemper and then he skated toward God really swung a stick. I mean, he wasn't really close to him. It was probably three, four, 5 feet, but both of them got ten minutes ten minute misconduct. And Qatar was like, I got no idea man. All I did was exchange words, they gave me ten minutes, but highly entertaining wild stuff. I know people don't like stick swinging, but I thought it was a great clip because I know you want to talk about it. There was a few wild sequences this week. We had we talked about the one between Florida and Detroit with butcher goss on the call, his organic, like, what is going on? And there was another what the fuck is going on moment in this game and St. Louis is not going to forget. They want retribution every single game they're playing the abs. And if anything, man, it kind of makes it a level playing field. You know how much more quote unquote superior we thought the avalanche were coming into this season, but St. Louis seems to be finding a storyline how to go in every game and bring that level of play up and they've done an unbelievable job of it. Now kudos to fawke and kudos to cardio for answering the bell. Great spirited scrap, just like the one wasn't that first game. Then the scrum ensues later in that game. Bennington he is a showman. I love Jordan Bennington. Now, folks, if I'm in the other locker room, if I'm in the abs locker room, I'm mother fucking this guy till the end of time, I'm saying this guy is the biggest fucking loser in the league. I can't wait to fall on him by accident, just like Corey Perry does. Just like Nick kip Rios did to fucking grant fuhr, all the fucking shenanigans, but let me tell you. One, he doesn't give a fidget fuck he's a Stanley Cup champion. He's got his big contract. You can lick his left nut for all he cares. And the guys inside that locker room, love of even more. And he looks great to start the year and on top of all those antics, people say, oh, he lost the game. He looked like a clown. He's not Ron hacksaw. He can't back it up. He's the dude that would get his face caved in and still be there blown kisses at you behind the glass. With while he's bleeding. He's guys, he's a little squirrely. Okay? He's a few sandwiches short of a picnic. But he can stop the puck and he's an absolute gamer and he loves his teammates. And that's why I love him. So all I have all day for Jordan Bennington. And other than that, the next game out, shut out against the hawks. I want to say he played in that next game unless I'm a complete donkey and fuck that up. Can I get a little help here from G? I mean, if it was the hawks, it doesn't count. But they look great. I think there's a chance that somebody fights Qadri from the blues every single time they play this year. Both times, both times and you up, he did play against him. I wanted that fire this pod. Yeah, you're crushing it until you bald man biz on TNT. But it's been within 40 seconds both times, right? Shen got on the first game and fought on him because he was actually the guy that he hit in the world. Warm ups next game. It's like gonna slap shot style. The popcorn vendors are going after him. And if I was down there, I'd be standing up. The zamboni driver just ran them all over. What the fuck is going on? Yeah. This is hockey. Organ starts playing ball. The ice girls just swings are shovel at his head as you skate in my the hawks cover to their ice girls too. Saw that. These two smells so good. Anything else? On the Bennington situation. Now, he's just classic. I mean, he shot the puck. The other team's goal there so you don't see that often. He did say it was the heat of the moment. I might have taken it a bit too far. I don't want to condone the stick swing and having a guy sitting in the box with ten minutes isn't being a good teammate. I definitely don't want kids out there swinging this dick so. I mean, let's remind everyone. We interviewed Bennington at the All-Star Game in St. Louis, the dude was sent to the east coast league and just said, no. He told me to say no. He told Martin Brodeur at NHL Hall of Famer. No, I'm good. I don't think so Marty goes film another commercial for that. Listen here. McLaren go ride your hoverboard back to the.

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