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"ron ellen burstyn" Discussed on RuPaul: What's The Tee with Michelle Visage

RuPaul: What's The Tee with Michelle Visage

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"ron ellen burstyn" Discussed on RuPaul: What's The Tee with Michelle Visage

"She's actors studio, you know, she'll take a breath, and then all of us achieve ruined us Jane curtain was in the movie. And Margaret's what falls, okay? Finish the story, and I'm gonna and Barbara French Stewart, and so Jane curtain and French Stewart, and I got drunk together. When I we're all sitcom people and sitcom people we come in with our choices prepared. Yeah. I know what I'm gonna do because that's what's required of me within this format. And so that's the muscle that we're good at with Ron Ellen Burstyn who's inside the actor's studio. She's like, I'm just going to be h-have. I'm just gonna put myself in the imagine circumstances. And I'm going to be as if. Yes. So she and not only that she's one of those enlightened masters too. She's like a sufi. She's all about eastern mysticism. Yeah. So she brings us energy with her into the room. So you like holy shit. So what happens is she's being so real. So that it changes everybody, it takes all your choices away. Now, I have to be real seem out of character. I know otherwise you seem like you're banana, you're over you seem like a crazy person. So what happened was she lifted all the boats around her the only person who didn't have to make an adjustment. Enter performance. Because absolately authentic from start to finish was Loretta Devine. Oh. The movie called it's called welcome to pine grove. There's no release date coming out Michael limbic way too. Yeah. It's about Ellen Burstyn and her daughter wants to put her in a sister living, and she's like I'm too young to assisted living, and she has an accident or house where kitchen accidentally burns down. Of this. Great actress, I'm having a brain lost. She's gonna kill Maggie grace, a block, blonde hair. Oh, she's the one uniform girl. She's the one the astray and girl now show. Yeah. Yeah. Edited shell is a loss person fabulous. She was just so wonderful. We have the same kind of food schedule. We would stay in our hotel rooms in order ubereats on our. Okay. So she's she goes into assisted living, and she doesn't know she wants to live there. And then she becomes best friends with Jane curtain, Loretta Devine. And and Margaret and then falls in love with James Caan. Yeah. Okay. Now, we're gonna talk about Margaret, but we're going to we're going to break MAPA with us right now on God. We could talk for an Mark. Oh, we'll delays. Mazing? Okay. We'll be.

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