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"ron devine" Discussed on Marty and McGee

"And I jumped back in and xfinity car and outperformed that equipment over JGL and that allowed me to gain so relationships in the Cup garage. You know with with Ron Devine and ran part time for him two years ago. And then just slowly just kept scratching claw and doing everything I possibly could to, you know, be nice to people, and and do all the media applications that I could possibly get my hands on just to get my name out there and just try to see my place on Sunday because it certainly hasn't been easy. But, you know, looking back leg say when I was five years ago, you know, much directory was probably did on a pit box calling. Call the Daytona five hundred let alone, you know, martier member after you know, African getting in through the through the Dole's there to make my first Daytona five hundred dollars crowned like a little baby. I do remember very well. And you know, and because I had there was and it was a snowball's chance in hell to to be able to be in that position and to to have all that come to fruition because that that race, right? There was I like the frame that up a little bit. So I hadn't raised I raised one xfinity race Daytona and Brenna Jones wrecked. Like the entire field lab. Eight thousand dollars in that wreck. So that was all of my Daytona experienced never race Arca race truck race and all of eight laps in extended race. And I get the call from Ron Devine. Hey, I need you to run my open car and put that thing in the show. Oh, and and if after telling, you know, if we get in we'll see what happens from there signed me up coach so go down there. Practice rains out. I don't get one lap of practice except for qualified we qualified that was my first lap if they'd sewn in a Cup car fast forward to Thursday. No draft in practice. No, nothing. Don't know where the cars that get in strapping Ron vines there the windows pay pound, man. I I don't really know if we if we don't make this thing. I I don't know how long keep is open car going. Do what you can do to put this thing in the show, but puts the wondering up and fires me off. And I I just took him out the first five or six laps to kind of figure out. What was what? And ended up getting me at me and the guy who loves racing what making the show resorts and got a little bit tangled up. I put myself in Arab position that I didn't know I couldn't be in just for lack of experience and he got the short stick. But I made the Daytona five hundred and that kind of set up the entire year y ended up race about thirty racists for on divide. And man, I just kinda had just kinda got the ball rolling downhill, and I if I if I wouldn't have made that NATO, I certainly wouldn't be talking to you in this context today. What a story that man. We love it. We appreciate you as a person so much. We're proud of you in the grind and the determination to make it into be there. Every single week. We're going to do this again, man. Thanks for hanging out have fun this weekend. Go go fast. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's right. But Mars, amac. Your driving up here may my Brian driving up here tomorrow..

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