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"ron deb d" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

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"ron deb d" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"Well no his mark Clearly made on the on the training side. There was also one older horse. Let's hit a couple of highlights from the weekend John from Santa Anita beside what we have already talked about imagining Mrs painters win in the Astra yesterday and the Dow race. That had come up last week on on the air that just a five and a half turf sprint on Friday and Went Back and and I hadn't seen it live so I wanted to see what happened that uh-huh dizziness who I had mentioned just because the association with not and the Odysseus that that He campaigned and that was a an ill-fated horse that Tom Alber tranny trained but first time starter at the age of four a candy ride out out of the Nice charm the giant so a well-connected a well bred A. This was the fact that might come up with you. John Mack Anneli Bread Bread Ron. deb McNally This is for Cheyenne stable. And the Bass and deceased debuts successfully and got twenty one twenty for those that you know that followed and still believed then into the sunshine millions card steal the diamonds. The unusual heat Mike Pipe for the drivers fashionably fast in the sprint. For Dean Peterson. It was the Harrises Bob has sent out that. Nelson's wound tight in the turf classic. How about fast enough for Rafi? Sarah and Craig Martin home-bred the Addington Gelding Levin. Sixty fast enough that was in the Calcutta Derby. And the OAKS. Warren's showtime and Greg Lewis whose they what Winning races at a steady clip but one reason.

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