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"ron cape" Discussed on The Emotional Happiness Podcast with That Anita Live

The Emotional Happiness Podcast with That Anita Live

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"ron cape" Discussed on The Emotional Happiness Podcast with That Anita Live

"Get your free copy at that Amita live dot com slash ample. And we're back with Jamila talking about tools for success, a chorus stone. And we're back with Jamila kept talking about tools for success. The cornerstone program out of her it takes to nonprofit that covers five Onis, which is a large area here in the DMV. So we chose to not focus on one area 'cause they're single parents everywhere. Yes. But you're growing I mean, it's good because taking on one county year one you're not taking on too much that you can handle at one time. But to your growing willing to service the entire DC metro area. Yes in not just one county as opposed to another because they all have issues and problems. They all have people in need. Yes. Now, let's move into some other programs. Sure. Because earlier you mentioned. The program that is based on the six pillars. Yes. Our position for greatness youth program. So that was birth out of the need to be more intentional in strategic about. How we deliver our services prior to forming the program we had workshops here. We had workshops there. We partnered, but it wasn't consistent. And we didn't have our own group of young people. We didn't have our own group. So we say, let's just make it a program, and we focused on all of those workshops that we've been hosting throughout the area, and we just put it under one umbrella. So we focused on anti bullying collagen career, readiness financial literacy community service leadership in youth. Entrepreneurship and this is come over six years of what we've experienced from our young people what they need what we hear our parents talking about. Because at the end of the day, we have to deliver in service our population in this our young people in our parents. So also do. Wanna make a note that this program is not just for single parents. It is strictly our scholarship that focus is geared toward single paneth. Everything else we do is open to everyone every young person who wants the support in that capacity the youth. Entrepreneurship piece came two years ago as far as under our program because the started finding a whole bunch of young people who wanted to get into business for themselves. And we said, okay, let's give him an opportunity to showcase it. So with our annual vet called poetry emotion. And we've been doing that in partnership with vicious performing arts for the past five years. It's a fashion show fuse poetry. It's all youth in in our second year, we introduce vendors with our young entrepreneurs. So they were selling cookies and lemonade. Ing cakes jury that they made in their art work. It has just grown from there. And a lot of our young people got their start in business at that event. And they've just gone onto a mazing. Things fifteen example. So his name is fat. Daddy. We call him fat. Daddy o. Oh, it's all that daddy's country lemonade. His name is Ron Cape June. Ron Brown junior his mom, and I are good friends. We met on social media doing service work. He has some of the best lemonade around. And I'm not just saying that because I'm fan, but it's really good. But he's built his business from I think it was three lemonades at our very first event. He now has seventeen flavors. You can find him all around the DNV. They had an event today imam does 'paparazzi in his sister wanted to do some things. So it really is a family affair and we've watched him grow. He connected with another community organization to actually officially launch it. Meaning he has vowed his articles of formation he's legitimate. And I'm just excited for him. So was that that allows us to do what we do and say, you know, what there's a need. So did you think participating in poetry poetry show? That was his built his self esteem to be able to go forward to continue to develop his business. Yes. According to mom. Yes. Oh, how old is? He he is ten now. Yeah. So we had our so that was our second one. So that would have been he would have been what seven eight when he first launched it. And even mom said that your event was his very first event. So he's gotten he he's very outgoing. And that was never a problem for him. But he does his own sales. He'll charge your car. They'll tell you how much it is. He won't tell you though, or how to make. But he's very good at what he does very good. Yes. So if people are watching this, and they want to know, how do they get involved? What are some of the ways that the community can get involved to help? It takes two. They could volunteer were always looking for workshop facilitator. So if your skill set is career readiness matter of fact, we have someone who's doing the virtual session for career readiness and how to prepare an interview etiquette. If you are financially savvy wanna teach our young people how to manage their money. And when they go to college don't get the credit card, and you know, if you are in business, you should

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