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"romulus augustus" Discussed on Conspiracy Theories

"To four seventy six ce many believe that the western Roman Empire? It was too big to fail but it was actually Rome sized that had become its biggest problem as the empire expanded it exhausted its resources verses. Newly conquered lands meant more people to manage which required restructuring but without proper resources or easy long distance communication. They weren't able to make the changes they needed. In a timely fashion into eighty five ce emperor diocletian separated the land into two parts and Eastern and Western division. The East established a new capital in the city of Constantinople or modern day. Istanbul bull and thrived the West however continued to struggle civil wars erupted. Many rulers died at the hands of their successors. Here's who are hungry to take their seat. At the table these conflicts created financial strain inflation lead to impoverishment creating an even larger wealth gap than before agricultural production declined and as a result Roman citizens began to starve amongst the chaos the rise of Christianity popes and other religious leaders infiltrated the government further. Complicating an already corrupt system. The system but the most critical blow to the western Roman empire was the invasion of barbarian tribes while the term barbarian often often has a negative connotation in this case it simply means members of a culture who lived outside of what was then considered civilization. The moment these supposedly primitive people saw weakness. They struck in four seventy six CE BARBARA. Ann Leader Flavius Obamacare attacked the western Roman Empire. He overthrew the last Roman emperor. Romulus Augustus and delivered delivered a final gut. Wrenching blow to imperial civilization and when the western empire toppled. It's people were left to fend for themselves. Without the stability and protection of the Empire Life in Western Europe became more uncertain citizens feared eared further invasions so they began pledging their loyalty to lords landowners in exchange for work they would receive shelter food food and protection. This tradeoff gave birth to the social system known as feudalism but in this new restructuring. There was no longer a unified defied government which meant there was no single branch. Keeping detailed records of the Times current events were tracked via word of mouth instead instead on the page only the wealthy could afford an education and most of the world was in dire. Poverty Literacy rates declined at at some points. Less than five percent of all Europeans knew how to read. Minimal information was written down from five hundred ce to the revival of the western Roman Empire around one thousand CE. The lack of material evidence from this era led to the name the Dark Ages One group saw the dark ages as an opportunity at time to step into the power vacuum and seize dominance. The Catholic Church became became one of the most influential social and political structures in Europe and in no small part because people were suffering. They turned turned to religion for comfort and hope often people would attend services multiple times a day but in turn they were required to give ten percent of their annual income to the local parish. This tax was known as a tithe and it allegedly helped cleanse the parishioner of their sins. If it wasn't paid it meant excommunication being banned from the church ex communicates were social lepers so although most most ordinary people could barely feed themselves. They paid in the Catholic Church quickly became one of the wealthiest institutions in Europe.

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