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"romo brandon" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

Blogging the Boys

12:06 min | 2 months ago

"romo brandon" Discussed on Blogging the Boys

"Is this pattern of flip flopping so I do think it will be at home. I'm sorry I and I could see it. I also always see that like it feels like to me that the way the cowboys Monday night football game gets scheduled typically because if it's like a genuinely sexy match it usually goes to Sunday night football But it feels like Monday night football. It's like the kind of throw a bone to espn sort of and so like go with something that like. There's some sexiness to this matic but really you're getting kind of a boring matched up and so like I could see the Redskins at home or the redskins on the road. I could see the bengals on the road being the Monday night. Football game like Oh jober over the cowboys and Like the cardinal similarly if you WANNA go for a home game navy. The cardinals is Monday night football. You get cuyler Murray and cliff against the cowboys and that could be a possibility so I was thinking about this while you're answering. I promise I was listening. What or who was the last? Nfc team the cowboys play on Monday. Night football that was not a division rival that was not a division rival direct Didn't you just say twenty seventeen the cardinals? Oh you're right man. I glossed over that well before that then before the cardinals Shoot Very incidence game. It was the Chicago bears in two thousand thirteen. The like negative five game or whatever so anyway. Let's move on so we both have that Washington week five. I have them returning to Cincinnati They is in Andy Dalton. And you have them on a by. You have their early by this season. Yeah they're just relaxing and taking some time off spend families You know getting some much needed time endorsed that they didn't get six months during the off season during quarantine so week six I have them at home. And so did you. We both have them against teams wearing red jerseys against the forty niners and based on that clue and who the cop was planned twenty or twenty. I have them against the cardinals wrong. Had them against the cardinals in week. Three how dare you sorry? No one listening. The Falcons Falcons that to me. Seems like the perfect right before because this this game week six is October eighteenth. So it's like right before the the false sweeps I mean so we gotta save the juicy stuff you know talking about 'cause like right after that is when right before Halloween. The big game pickup. So that's my thought there Week seven. That is October twenty fifth. You have them on the road in Minnesota. I just think that game takes place when it's colder outside. I don't know why I feel that way I have them at home against the Philadelphia Eagles. For what it's worth. They hosted really on October twentieth last year. They hosted them on October. Thirtieth in two thousand sixteen like I. It's kind of a late October. Gig Eagles I feel that way and I think I can't recall total. I'm actually I don't have my fiddle directly in front of me but I know you got it so I can trust you I think I'd silly in that area though. That's the first game at home is around there. I don't WanNa server is at the end of the year so so it's a road game. I have them I got I got philly and so but yeah I I went with I think that you're you're right to make your assumptions that I'm stacking up. Maybe some too many big gains early. You Know Minnesota San Francisco But honestly I think there's a lot of buzz worthy games that the cowboys could be playing And I also think that the forty niners are going to have you know. They're they're the defending champions. Minnesota was one of the better teams in the league last year. I think they might be looking at this looking at going. Yeah Dallas is sexy but tells to go like five hundred last year and so like there's better match ups that we can be potentially be projecting near the end of the year. Though I didn't know exactly which way to go with it And so this is the way that I went. But you're also right that the last time was played Minnesota. It was a cold weather date. It was a December twenty sixteen. It was right after a redskins Thanksgiving game and it was probably the most boring offense of game of Dak Prescott career was and that was the color rush game. And that was. I believe Mike Zimmer missed that game because of his I issue So in that That particular games okay. That's a little bit of speed around. Let's try to get to Thanksgiving rather quickly here. That was week seven. Excuse me week eight. I have them on a by you have them hosting Arizona. That would be the day of or the Sunday would be November. First that kind of has shades of that twenty fifteen season. That game. That Tony Romo Brandon. Weeden started like it just kind of it's GonNa be like pure light in eighteen. Not The bright light the fall pure light talking about. Yeah well nothing tyler. Happen Talking Donga was. Yeah good call. Yeah Wow and that was I also remember. They lowered because it was in November. So it was military appreciation they lowered like a combat dog Like from the the jumbotron. It was incredible. I'M GONNA project also that game Just to stick with the theme like talking about I'm GonNa say maybe Jack Misses that start an Andy Dalton. Another redheaded backup quarterback. Plays that day against the cardinals. Wow Dude not cool anyway a week now you have them as referenced at Philadelphia. You have that game by the way you had the forty niners game in week. Six on Sunday night football. You have them weeknights at Philly on Sunday night football again. So it's week nine you've got them. Having played four prime time games already and yeah it was tough but we start off season. I feel like you get that and then you know. I think you're going to get one of these divisions I didn't feel right Not Putting divisional game like on Sunday night football yet. I mean I don't have the the Monday night football redskins game but I don't know it felt like Sunday night football cowboys divisional time. I waited too long and so I just put it on there so we can. I have them at home against Pittsburgh and so I have them playing this game coming out of the by and I can promise you if this happens. I will tweet something like last time. Mike McCarthy played the Pittsburgh steelers in this building off of two weeks of rest. You know what I mean like. It will be something along those lines. I I just. I know myself that well if I were to be right here weeks six. I just WanNa know how practically this is. Weird things do happen. I have them week. Six against Atlante week seven against Phil I could see that game Sunday night football and then on a bye in week seven. I'm sorry Yeah Week. Six Week Seven. Philly week eight bye week nine Pittsburgh so that's three home games in four weeks. Stretch with the bye in between there. Do you think that's possible? It's a month of travel. No okay sorry. Anyway we ten were a double digits. Now you have them playing the steelers so you have. We have the steelers around the same time. Definitely that November. You know part of the calendar Obviously that games on CBS. I mean that's not a question. The last cowboy steelers was incredible week. Ten out of the week that Tony Romo passed away. Nakal bobby anyway. His career has his. Everybody knew it was over. Then we've ten. I have them at Baltimore so good morning. Baltimore shoutout to hairspray and whatnot. But Strangely Turnblad steelers give steelers and Ravens back to back in twenty sixteen to cycle what they did in two thousand sixteen so in two thousand sixteen. If my memory is correct they went to. Cleveland then. Went to Pittsburgh. And after Cleveland was when they did the Do you remember when that was the Mannequin Challenge? That was week three. They had Cincinnati or week. Four week four. That's Cincinnati at home. Why remember when I wrote the article predicting that schedule it was something like a head they had played in? Afc team in like four of the previous six week. Four's or something like that so I did correctly predict that Cincinnati Game. That was obviously the last professional game. Antidote implanted agency stadium but So they went to Cleveland and embiid Qatar to them and did the mandate can challenge in the plane afterwards and then went to Pittsburgh. And you're right. That was the sort of exclamation point that it was Dak Prescott team then they hosted Baltimore and then it was Thanksgiving against the Washington redskins so But I've got them at Baltimore in week ten You have them against Pittsburgh Week. Eleven this is the Sunday before thanksgiving. Okay so we both have them on the west coast you have them at L. A. Taking on the rams and have them at Seattle your thoughts I think you're right in the area about where I would have Dallas Planes Seattle. 'cause I was really thinking about that game and I was like maybe that's like a December game like like freezing like Seattle's really not Seattle Anymore. But then so mike the late season like to. Nfc tight means like going at it. Thing I just didn't see it so then I ended up moving into like November And so I. I agree that you're in the area But I'm also GONNA have to adjust on the fly here when we get to week. Twelve so okay so week. Eleven you're in L. A. Against the rams I met Seattle You mentioned having to adjust. I don't WanNa put you on blast y but the Washington redskins at home Thanksgiving which have on my schedule that I sent to you. The entire time Hosting Washington on Thanksgiving I have them hosting the San Francisco Forty niners. We've seen them kind of away from the traditional stuff a little bit like the bills last year like I could see them. Going for that throwback. It's on on Fox's here you know what I mean like I just I think it could be. It could be cool. I it could be in so I've got cowboys. Forty niners on Thanksgiving. The whole world watching so that would be cool so the Thursday after because they are definitely going to play on Thursday night football after The cowboys plaid's. Yeah that's a staple of their schedule. The Thursday after week. Thirteen since we're on the fly and you don't know what my week thirteen is right now. It's the Cincinnati Bengals on the road on Thursday night football and I have them at Minnesota the same way they played in two thousand sixteen so that I talked about earlier with Monday night football. I think they throw Thursday night football bone to like borough of the bengals fly. Let's talk to that okay. So then we fourteen. This is coming off the mini by And I think they'll play a road game in that slot just because they will have. That added time so I have them on the road. Not at the meadowlands. But I'm going to say because it makes me feel good against the giants. I have them on the road against Seattle and you know that because you have my schedule directly in front of you and I haven't changed any of it and I I'm letting you know. Hear that from Week. Sixteen on on. You have the accurate schedule. Thank you very much again. If it was not easy to pick up bobby woopsie but anyway So we fifteen I have them their penultimate game at home of course until the divisional round when they host a game I have them hosting the Cleveland browns on the Sunday of December twentieth. You have them at home against the Atlanta Falcons. I just don't think Atlanta provides the the sex appeal that they need in in late December to the browns. They HAVE BIG O. Day like that would be the least one of the least consequential games to play off positioning possible. At least with the Falcons you're playing an NFC team. And I comment upon it. Hey everyone it's Jimmy model on the hostess feed run a new show on qube produced by the team at Polygon. Speed run gives you your daily dose of the biggest gaming and entertainment news every weekday we'll give analysis.

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Photographing Lake Baikal of Siberia

Photography Tips From the Top Floor

05:38 min | 4 months ago

Photographing Lake Baikal of Siberia

"We have left Moscow. We have come to lake. Baikal Cyberia What's your first impression? Here city of her cuts was much bigger than expected. People very nice very impressed by the mixed culture. Lot Lake I spent some time in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and Romo Brandon me. A lot of that. What do you think of the lake itself? We're on top of the Nick Right now. as I said before it's a surreal experience. I've been out on frozen lakes and northern New York and I've seen some pressure cracks in my day but nothing compared to what I'm looking at right now so it's too bad Microphone doesn't really pick up. The sounds the is makes because as we speak in the background. Cracks are forming in the distance. So now we're here in the afternoon and the Sun's coming through these cracks angle and it's just a their shapes in reflections that Unlike anything I've ever seen and I haven't seen that many photographers dropped to their bellies on purpose. This quickly because everyone wants to get close into the action. Every turn you see something unique in the In an ice formation crack something. It never ends all right. Thank you andy so Let's continue explore some of this office beauty of the lake. Thank you you're welcome. I recorded this with any Just a couple of days ago when we first went on the is for the very first time is really very fresh impression and Yes now we have a couple days On the ice already and I I'M GONNA try to get some more impressions from some of the others on the tour because For the last two days we've had smiling faces left and right because look yeah. It is very diverse. Diverse is is is so different from what everyone expected and I've tried to capture some of that. It's eight o'clock in the morning. I'm out on the League. Getting up at seven is is hard but Yeah we were doing a bit of a sunrise shoot. Well we as in everyone on the group On their own. Because we didn't know who wanted to sleep in and who didn't but yes and is coming up around eight eight. Oh five right now. So it's up to you okay. I mean I've been to other places where the sun was up so much earlier but Here the sunrises great and We are staying in the Frigate Hotel at all island which is like the series of bungalows. And it's this little tip of the island is so where we stay is surrounded by the lake so you walk out two minutes down to the lake and then you're on the lake and here is some really nice. Black is with Some methane bubble. I would try to capture some of those in the foreground but the Sun rising behind also snow on the ice you can you can hear that So it's the mixture between that and now on the ice right next to the snow. So there's this amazing variety of textures and Yeah I'm do my best to to catch some that still tired though I am. I am smiling so such a big smile just with my head into an ice cave you right now. There's or Horn island. Which is the biggest island on Lake Baikal or in Lake Baikal and we just drove over here and on the way we stopped at different ice caves and this ice case. Okay so they come into existence when when everything freezes but it's not quite frozen so the rockets very cold and then storms whip the water against the rocks. And this is this. This creates these caves of different sizes that you can kind of slide into that are like I. We're talking thousands and thousands of ICICLES hanging from above you pointing donuts different sizes and it's it's pretty safe so worried about anything and it just looking out of these caves I will. I will definitely have to share a few photos of this because it is mind blowing beautiful and to standing here looking at it. The words do not make it justice. This is yeah. It's hard to describe. Even a photo can't really give you the full the full feeling of what this feels like. When you stand here in the elements with these ICICLES. Yeah let me take a few photos and put them somewhere. I think they'll probably be a link in the show notes. We can take a look

Lake Baikal Lake I Romo Brandon Moscow Horn Island Frigate Hotel New York League Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Andy
"romo brandon" Discussed on The Down and Dirty Show

The Down and Dirty Show

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"romo brandon" Discussed on The Down and Dirty Show

"For W. P. is more than a store truck and jeep experts and have been for over fifty years from wheel tire upgrades to pull custom built Ford WPA has you covered whether you want to order the best parts online or shop in store do the work yourself or get it done by fro all roads lead deport W. P. do your rig right shop online or find your store at four WP dot com welcome to this week's four wheel parts downunder joe offered addition powered by Polaris Razor got got a fun one today shifting gears talking race and we're talking recreation shen and UTV's got my good friend John Right here's a documentary maker but he was also a recently up at San Hollow filming a documentary on some UTV's it's called trail hero and we got him on on the line to talk about all the fun shenanigans it happened up there at Santa Paula with the Romo's Brandon Sims Dustin Jones a whole cast of characters should be fun Kinda shifting gears and just talking about what actually makes you know recreational offer voters Choose that right is there is their hobby you know so I think it's a little bit different than things we've done here in the past on the offroad edition so looking forward to that so we're going to jump into that I know we had some big stuff come out recently I know Robby Gordon announced his all wheel drive trophy truck we had the desert finale wrap up you know that's GonNa some stuff that I want to cover in the national show because we kind of more results in stories and things like that I think the offroad edition I've really tried to gear the towards the personalities things like that so if you guys are looking for that type content hit up the national show the down and dirty radio show powered by polaris raindrops every week as well this is kind of more let's share the stoke and tell stories about all things off road so but if you want both shows head over to hit the subscribe button and you'll be able to get both the shows please leave a review it definitely helps us out for those of you that do much appreciate it if you do that and you can follow me on social media it's at Jim beaver fifteen the project should have been killing it lately had this big interview with Brian Deegan if you haven't watched it please go over there check it out you're not going to be disappointed said Al for over an hour with a good for Josh we're telling Brian Deegan talked about Brian's career and his new podcast and everything else so I think you guys are definitely going to enjoy that if you're fan of Brian Deegan or just the whole entire affects movement and and kind of going back to the roots of it and you know it's it's definitely cool thing so going to check that out over there on Itunes as well but yeah we are going to take a short break we're gonNA roll into things talking trail hero UTV's and a whole lot more with John Right right here on the photo parts downunder show offroad edition powered by Polaris Caesar you want extreme performance reliability and the most fun you can have on four wheels the Polaris Razor brings it to you you don't need to take my word for it you can take there's I'm tanner fouls tonight choose the Polaris Razor because it's the most fun you can have with the steering wheel what's up I'm Ronnie Renner and I choose Polaris Razor because is the sickest most reliable side by side on the planet up everybody heavy diesel brothers listen I'm on team razor because it's hands down the best piece of machinery on the planet I'm RJ Anderson's choose players razor because it's the most fun most capable machines action sports stars TV personalities and some of the best race car drivers in the world all twos polaris razor because it's the altima combination of power suspension agility and fun find out more information on the web at Polaris Razor Dot Com or follow Laris Razor on facebook instagram twitter and use the Hashtag razor life to share your story when looking for new wheel for your offroad vehicle car truck or UTV the choices easy you choose what the pros us Rob Mkaku Keegan kincaid and myself Jim beaver all exclusive we use vision wheel whether we're dominating Baja taking the cup at Crandon or shredding UTV's vision wheels trendsetting designs.

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