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"rome tribune" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Signs about the future of the Massachusetts economy and apparently it's been right in front of our eyes we have long heard of the problem the bosses of had in finding skilled workers now they're starting to learn they can't find enough workers period this is a problem that associated industries of Massachusetts says could lead to a screeching economic called in less than a decade some companies have put a stop on expansion plans hands the organization says it will not be it on new business because of the shortage of workers problem for everyone recent research from Northeastern University says unless things change the economy will stop growing by the year twenty twenty eight well fear once again becomes reality at the Hartford current newspaper for the second time in two years buyouts have hit the news Rome Tribune publishing is seen has been slashing costs since giant hedge fund manager all been capital became the company's largest shareholder Tribune's revenues have been down in the industry that is continually hammered by falling subscriptions and the changing tastes of its customers the move comes one year after newsroom workers at the current formed a workers union this is the largest research grant in the history of UMass Dartmouth that it comes from the US navy four point six million for the school to pay for underwater research in acoustics communications and autonomous underwater vehicles and care dot com has officially been sold the interactive corporation of New York known as I a C. is completed its acquisition of the greater Boston company the online market place for managing family care has been sold for half a billion dollars well coming up the winners in New Hampshire moving on but some have chosen to call it a day on the campaign trail those stories on the way it's seven twenty seven.

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