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John Paul Getty III

Killer Knowledge

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John Paul Getty III

"John Paul Getty the third was just sixteen years old when he was kidnapped tortured and held for ransom. But it took extreme measures for his grandfather to finally bargain with his captors. J Paul Getty eventually paid for his grandson's release. Welcome to killer knowledge, the daily True Crime Trivia show I'm corduroy. It's time to play along with your friends, family or fellow true crime fans. You'll have the chance to answer five Trivia questions with six seconds to make your guests. Let's play killer knowledge. Leading up to his kidnapping in nineteen, seventy three John, Paul Getty the third or Paul was barely a teen living in Rome Italy. Seemingly disconnected from his divorced parents, he was in and out of private schools in living. What some called a Bohemian lifestyle! It earned him a nickname around town and in the press question number one. What was Paul called in the press and around Rome? The Golden Hippie. Be The flower child. See the billionaire beat Nick. The correct answer is. A Paul was called the Golden Hippie though he claimed he was never one or even lived hippie lifestyle, even at such a young age, Paul was well known around Rome's nightclubs where his grandfather's last name meant full access. He always claimed to be one of his grandfather's favorites among a lot of getty. Grandchildren question number two. How did his grandfather j? Paul Getty make his fortune. A real estate. Be Loyal. See. Art Dealer. The correct answer is. B.. He built his fortune as president of the Getty Oil Company. This is also why the Italian press called the young getty the oil prince. To Lie Tenth Nineteen seventy-three. John Paul Getty the third was walking drunk through Piazza in Rome at three am when he said a white car pulled up next to him with four men inside. They took him at gunpoint and sent a ransom note to his family. Question number three. How much did the kidnappers initially asked for? A seven million dollars be seventeen. Million Dollars see twenty seven million dollars. The correct answer is. B Seventeen million dollars. But despite being his grandfather's quote favourite, the Getty Patriarch famously stated I have fourteen other grandchildren, and if I pay one penny now, then I'll have fourteen kidnapped grandchildren. While they made numerous threats and asked for lesser amounts, ransom the kidnappers up their game in November nineteen seventy-three. That's when they sent an envelope to a daily newspaper. Question Number Four. What was in the envelope a Paul's ear? Be. Paul's Finger. See. Paul's Toe. The correct answer is. A Paul's ear. The envelope also contained a lock of hair no threat to hurt him even more if they weren't paid. It was after the ear was mailed that his grandfather agreed to pay though with stipulations, he loaned eight hundred thousand dollars to his son with agreement. It had to be paid back with interest. The remaining two point, two million dollars that went to the ransom would come from his own pocket, but question number five to end this episode. What was significant about two point two million dollar figure? It was. A. Tax Deductible. Lee? His grandson's inheritance. See borrowed from friends. BURP. The correct answer is A. It was the maximum amount of money that was tax deductible. On December Fifteenth Nineteen, seventy-three Paul was found alive at a gas station shortly after the ransom was paid. Over time, Paul developed a drug and alcohol addiction. In nineteen eighty one he suffered a drug induced stroke, which left him a quadriplegic without the ability to speak. He died in two thousand eleven when he was fifty four years old. To everyone listening, thank you for playing killer. Knowledge with us. Don't forget to check us out on facebook. Instagram at Park cast in on twitter at podcast network. And you can also listen to more episodes of killer, knowledge and other park has originals on spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts I'm Roy join us again to find out if you can call yourself a true crime, expert killer knowledge was created by Max Cutler and his podcast studios original. It is executive produced by Max Cutler produced by Kristen also Vado John Cohen key to Mira and Jonathan. ratliff sound designed by Paul Diba. Skin killer. Knowledge Stars Carter Roy.

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Epidemics in World History, With Frank M. Snowden

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Epidemics in World History, With Frank M. Snowden

"Welcome to the president's inbox. They see if our podcast the foreign policy challenges facing the United States. I'm Jim Lindsey Director Studies the Council on Foreign Relations. This week's topic is epidemics in world history with me to talk about how epidemics pandemics shape world. History is Frank Snowden. Frank is the Andrew Downey orrick professor emeritus of history in the history of medicine at Yale. University he has written several books on Italian history. Particularly how disease as shaped Italy's evolution is most recent book published last October is epidemics in society from the Black Death to the present. Frank thanks for being here. Thank you very much. I'm delighted to be with you. I want to note the Franken. I are practicing social distancing and we were courting from our respective places of residence on note. The frank is in Rome Italy as we speak so just want. Apologize Upfront. An audio wishes that may crop up or if any of our family members or pets make an unexpected guest appearance. Frank I WANNA begin at the book which is a fascinating read over a long period of history and the media question. Has I wish reading is what led you to write. It's obviously timely. Right now given. What's the news? But you didn't know that when you sat down to begin writing the book so why Right. I think there are a number of answers to that. One is a long term one. That was my experience as a historian. I didn't start out doing medical history of Tom and I came to this because I almost by accident began to look at medical events and discovered that my impression was that they provided an underutilized. But really important way of looking at how society is constructed because Downton dying raise every possible issue about what think of our mortality what our moral values are whether we trust authority or we don't how important it is that our family our friends our community the disadvantaged people in our community so it really is a great moral drama that unfolds before your eyes it shows. I think that holds up. A sort of shaft of light that shows how people relate to each other in a society so that was my intellectual reason and then there was a personal reason which is a nineteen seventy-three. I was doing my doctoral work on something else entirely not on disease and in fact on fascism and eye discomfort that I found myself for the first time in the midst of an epidemic and this was a out at Colorado and I began witnessing all sorts of events that were very strange to make. Why was it that people in Rome since the disease was centered in Naples? So this is this is when you were in in Italy. Back in the early nineteen seventies. Yes and that people from Rome were stoning. Cars that had Naples license plates and crowds were market stalls and overturning them in accusing the vendors of spreading poison and the prime minister and Minister of health went on television in Italy at that time was the world's seventh industrial power and so I was stunned at the Ministry of Health said to worry. No one had to worry because the Vibrio that bacterium that causes cholera is exquisitely sensitive to acid. So need to do is by lemon and Swedes. It on your raw muscles and you'll be okay and if you believe that you'll believe anything and also they subsequently visited the Infectious Disease Hospital and both the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health. So called had their hands clenched behind their backs with this sort of signed and in Italian folklore that's designed to ward off the evil eye so I really wondered what all this was about and I thought well maybe I want to find out and stop at a later time. I then began to move my research to epidemic diseases and then the final thing was the outbreak of SARS. Two thousand to two thousand three. Yes students came to see me and said Oh. There's no place in our curriculum. That helps us understand what's happening. They say. Our science courses deal with the biology but nothing about the society and so I thought that we owed our students that and I was interested in it and so I began of course teaching. And that was the third reason. And that's what. The book actually evolved from from that teaching experience that I then made into a very long book. Well let's talk about epidemic in world history now. I wasn't smart enough to become a historian but I like history lot. I remember sort of going back. I think of history middle school and high school. Who's usually about leaders? Almost always men in what they did so it was Julius. Caesar was Augusta. Sit was Charlemagne. It was Napoleon. George Washington often about sort of military campaigns and battles and things like that. But your core argument is that epidemics are as important in shaping human history so keeping me give people some background on some what the world significant epidemics were yes. I'd be delighted to do that. We can sort of go back to the beginning away way. Talk About Ancient Greece. There there was the first at least Western historian through cities and he talks about what was within the classical context a world war and that is to say it was a war the Peloponnesian war between on the one hand Sparta the Great Tyrian Land Power and its allies and Allen's which was the democratic seapower was an extraordinary war. Sparta invaded work. Athens is located and two cities writes about what happened now. This was counted clinic. Disease the people from the countryside flowed into Athens to escape the spartans being put to death and the fact that the spartans were setting their fields on fire and so the city of Athens grew uninventive figure. Now I don't remember the percentage that something like half as many people to instead of being a city of one hundred thousand political scientists so that's is precisely she need to go. I don't need to know those figures so I am any case. There was this huge influx of people creating horrible housing and other conditions that acidity is described food and housing poverty and filth either undescribed. This was a disease that modern scientists have uncovered cemeteries from that period and extracted the pope from teeth and discovered that they've found DNA for typhoid not modern typhoid but the ancestor of modern which was much more virulent. And it seems that there was a great epidemic of typhoid perhaps to epidemics of two different diseases but at least one was typhoid and he describes what happens. What happens is that it affected every part of Fenian society we would say it had a geopolitical effect within the the world of classical Greece. It meant the defeat of Athens and its demise as a world power and the rise of Sparta as degrade superpower of the Greek classic was led to the death of pericles degrade. Athenian leader correct. That's exactly and found his next point. Was that it marks the end of Athenian democracy and in fact periclean the people turn against him even though they had been for him and the war. Now they're saying you brought the war in disaster announced so it's the demise of democracy in Athens and it's also a transformative moment in Greek religion because as he describes it. The people of Athens lost their faith because no matter how many sacrifices they make the Olympians up in heaven they ignored their pleas so the Greeks the Athenians least assume that the gods themselves and Apollo had it in for them and had deserted them. And so there's a crisis of religion and of social values and all that goes with it and so this was a cataclysmic event so I think we can sign up. The plague of Athens was transformative event. And the whole life of the classical world aren't these the Greek world maybe can of move up in history because sit obviously what happened in Athens's piddle because of sort of the impact that Greek civilization had on world history but it was not the last time in which in epidemic had a big impact. I know we looked toward the Roman Empire. Justinian we have a similar issue that arises different source absolutely different disease and here. I want to be clear because I need to be careful because I don't want anyone to think that what I said to you is that Rome fell because of a disease that would not be a correct thing to say what happened by the fifth century. Is that the Roman empire was beginning to cheater. That is at already had. Its own valid serious causes of being weakened one of which was an economic crisis another given tells us all about with corruption and the crisis of moral standards. We also know that there were internal factional struggles civil war. So what? I'm trying to say as out the Roman Empire before disease broke out in the clinic. Wet was in crisis indeed. The seat of the Roman Empire had Rome where you are right now and it had migrated to what was then stanton. It'll maters stumble now. We have in the fifth century. The KHUDA gross and that was administered. I believe by disease which is to say and here their lessons for today. It was a time it seems. Now we're being told. By geologists of seismic activity volcanic activity therefore climate change wetter summers high rising temperatures. And therefore this explosion in the population of Mosquitos and with that. The introduction of malaria is a disease of various species of mosquitoes. Nine sorry of plasma. That is the Protozoan that causes the disease. The worst of them is fell SIP. Rem as Modem fell. Supreme is the worst form of malaria. And that is what occurred during the fifth century and we know this from archaeology Roman villas or deserted towns deserted but most persuasively once again. They found cemeteries set places. The Roman port that fed room osteo their graveyards. They are that were dug up and once again they used an a. and found that in fact there was Malaria Ronald Ross. Who is the one who won the Nobel Prize for working out? How Malaria's transmitted? We was also a poet and he said a very chilling. But which way beautiful thing. He said that those who malaria does not kill it enslaves. And that's because it makes them incapable of working there to fatigue. The effects on the human body are two major. Even the brain and cognitive dysfunction is part of it so this would be just what you need to unravel the economy the agricultural production the recruitment of soldiers for the Roman Legion on my idea. Is that although? You can't just discuss malaria on the phone with from. But you also. I believe can no longer discuss before with Rome without discussing malaria. I think it was that important. I'm struck as you mentioned that Frank. The emphasis you put onto the focus you put on the connection with climate in that climate affects the transmission of disease or disease can be sustained or not that that intern shapes history. And I say that I want to come back to it a little bit later on because obviously are in the midst of very significant climate. Change today by senses that Mantra in Rome wasn't the only big shock to the realm and or later Byzantine Empire. No you're absolutely right. In the sixth century there was an here. The sources are not extensive. So I was happier talking about the Roman Empire because we have just a handful of sources PRA copious being the most important and we know there was a terrible cataclysm of play and we know also now because of the work of genetic scientists in microbiology that this was indeed abundant plague and that it was the same Bhubaneshwar play that we see later with the black death and that it killed for copious writes. It seemed as though the whole world was waiting to be annihilated. So we know what was a cataclysmic event as bubonic plague so often has been in history and so it would have affected all of society as well. But we don't have Is Writing about it. Okay so we have the plague of Justinian which is brought about by your Ustinia Pestis. Which is bacteria bleeds carried by fleas? Rats your hands midday news. You mentioned sort of over. History had waves of `Gabon Plague. Perhaps many people may know from high school histories. The black death. Which would have been what around the thirteenth fourteenth century it landed Messina in Sicily and thirteen forty seven and the last place in Western Europe. There is a distinction was again Messina. In seventeen forty three. So that's about four hundred years of recurring site waves of it over over a long period of time won't yes and they were devastating. Can we took drill down a little bit on this frank? Because part of your thesis is we talk about is sort of how disease reshapes history reshape society. How did having the black death the great plagues of the the Fourteenth Fifteenth Century which killed my senses staggering numbers of people because it also targeted. Is You talk about in the book. People serve in middle age. 'cause you're typically young would die from disease you talk about mumps and other sort of childhood diseases or diseases. Of all day jr but with the Windy Mubarak played seemed to strike everybody in the desert had impacts on society. What kind of impacts said they have? Okay oddly enough. My daughters are very vocal about the kind of thing that I do because they feel sorry for themselves having a dad who does loom research as they see it and feel that. It's all right to talk about the symptoms of robotic play at the dinner table. And this so I understand their point of view but in fact I don't regard all the study of the diseases as a continual story of doom and destruction and lack of hope because there are positive developments that emerge from flag and subsequent diseases and those are important to understand his. Well you're asking. What are the effects not? All of them are utterly horrible tremendously experienced. But some good things do come out of an example. That's really important and is our defense kit now. Which is the creation of public health? It was flooring teens in general waste. They were him. Because Italy was at the center of the world. Trade routes at the and the renaissance. It wasn't in Italy but the city states that were in the Peninsula. We now call. Italy were scourged repeatedly and so not by chance it was they who were compelled to take measures to defend themselves and they took measures that. I think if a Fifteenth Century Florentine came back today and looked at what countries are doing a New York City has been doing are you in Washington? Dc THEY WOULD SAY OH. That looks rather like what we used to do. And that's not by chance. Another words they figured out quarantine and confinement they figured out the necessity of having played hospitals social distancing. They figured out that. You need to have P P. as the doctors call it now personal protective equipment. And they invented it. They had masks and along. Beat you put herbal remedies in it and breezy them in your fide. What you breathe. They thought along wax garment on the wax. They didn't know what they thought. It kept off of the horrible poisoned air from attaching it to their garments. The way if you go into a bar and people were smoking as they no longer do your sweater which smell like tobacco. They thought it worked like that. And they thought that therefore in we know that a wax didn't facilitate Dawn to by fleas. So actually it did have an effect that was good. They also had a long rod like a verger staff in church and that was to keep people away at a social distance and in fact they also reinforce that with the idea that you should not only be at a distance but you should also be upwind so you wouldn't inhale whatever it was that they had so all of these things. They also had departments of Health for the first time they called them. Something else health magistracy's but that's the idea and they had a big bureaucracy. And they had to confine the navy because ships would come and so the general waste for example would have to impound the ships for quarantine for a month is what from ONTA which not forty less the sources. The word quarantine. Yes yes it. Because the Italians invented quarantine so adopt mix a lot of sense and so they had it for forty days and they needed a navy. Too frightened sea captains to want to pause for forty days or so. They had to have a navy that meant taxation and bureaucracy. Ila sounds like you're describing sort of stimulus to the growth of a centralized government or biggest state our mocking about if you read political serious of the Seventeenth Century Thomas Hump said or John Locke but particularly Homs describes before the state life He calls it. The state of nature was nasty brutish and short and so he thought that the state would protect people from violence. And thuggery all this sort of thing but it did more than that and I think it was. Public Health's rising that also stopped live from being so nasty brutish and short. These measures actually did work. That might give us hope today. The social distancing the quarantine and by the Eighteenth Century Blake had been vanquished in western Europe. Now there may be other reasons that have to do with climate cetera et Cetera but undoubtedly public health was a factor and this public health was. I would say again as I talked about when we talked about the phone with Rome that public health centralization was not what caused the rise of the early modern state but it did contribute and it helped mold. It reinforced trends exactly. That's exactly what I said. One of the things you you've spoken about you heard about in the book is the impact that epidemics have had on society. And maybe give us some examples of how epidemics pandemics influenced writing the arts in other things. I'll be delighted to do that. If you go across anywhere in Central Europe if you go to the center of town of any size you'll see a plague column if you go to Venice you'll see a whole skyline is built on the background of play. The Church of the redeemer the Church of Health a Saint Mary of Health the Church of son record the patron saint of flag. And so these were built by the Venetians to thank God for releasing them from plague and also as a guest to propitiate. God we've repented of our sins and we've been so good that we've actually built this huge church to worship you win. This is like antiquity in some ways. It's so that I think the Venetian skyline is and then within. Not if you go to the Church of some at all and the there's a guild there. They commission the greatest artist of seventeenth century. Benest and that was to talk to do this. Great series of plague Pictures Vanna suffering under the plague it was lying to rival the sistine ceiling in Rome and so it's a monument to Venetian painting and it shows a last. The people have been liberated from the plague and sound that Oko rises in glory. If you go to Rome the highest part of the not the seven hills but the flat part of Rome is the constables and Angelo. And on top of that this is huge. Show of the Archangel. Now Sheathing Sword because God is no longer angry with the Romans Sixteen thirty and so this is a reminder to the Roman people that they've been saved but more to the point and more importantly we could say that painting and sculpture as well as architecture. Were heavily influenced that the whole iconography of plague century painting. She's the rise of the new plague Saints Saint Sebastian and all called also the virgin to some extent but then the iconography continues with signs. What play brought to people their greatest insecurity with sudden death before you had your earthly and especially your spiritual affairs in order and so the play was a time when you needed to be reminded that your life is short and it's the after world that counts not and so that's represented in painting. The paintings are filled with skulls and crossbones or more subtly a with the hour glass with the sand. Running out or accountable. That's about to blow out or with flowers that are beginning to wilt and this is the vanity theme and not just huge part of European painting in this period or we could go to literature book. Cacho that Cameron is plagued story. Daniel Defoe a journal of applied year but for us who speak the English language. Perhaps it's worth pausing. For a moment to note the greatest writer in the English language in that Shakespeare whose life was framed around bubonic plague when he was born in Stratford John. There was an outbreak of plague unidentified stated Stratford and so he raised knowing about the plague and the impact on his neighbors his friends society and then the years when he went to London as a playwright or years of returning cycles of play from Sixteen Eighty. Three think till about sixteen eleven. I think there were these recurring plagues and this London was devastated and Shakespeare's Globe theatre was closed shuddered. Just today there was locked down and Shakespeare actually thought that he might to turn away from the theater because there was no future there and so he turned to writing poetry. And that's one of theft but he also use it as a plot device in in a reasonably. Well known play. Yes you thought that you didn't really need to have a play about leg. That was too gruesome and people in London which frightened about that but everyone was aware of it. And so if you wanted to talk about Clegg you could use it as a plot that no one would. Question as plausible in your. I can so Romeo and Juliet. The way the applaud is driven is in fact because that Romeo and Juliet had this plan to Elope and they had a Fryer who is going to help them but he was detained in quarantine because a plague brought out and so we couldn't bring the message and so the star crossed lovers didn't know that Juliet wasn't actually dead and so on and it's a plot device a lot of writers after that of us to try a variety of romantic comedies and tragedies as well you know one of the things that struck me frank in in reading the book is it you talk about how not all epidemics or pandemics have the same social effects in one of those struck in reading the book. You don't spend a lot of time talking about the Spanish flu of Nineteen Eighteen. Nineteen thousand nine hundred. Which sort of has gone from a forgotten moment of history to something that people are talking about a lot today given the corona virus? And I get a sense that you didn't see the Spanish flu having the same kind of transforming of fact as other epidemics Japan de mix of odds absolutely true. What do you think that is? Why is it that some epidemics sort of heavy lasting impact others? Don't and I'll note that I've never people who always pigmy and say you never talk about the great flu epidemic of Nineteen fifty seven while it's partly because I very seldom hear about the great flu epidemic of Nineteen fifty seven so why in some cases epidemics really make a difference because it doesn't seem to be simply about the number of people who die Greinke. I think that just looking at the body count is a terrible way to assess the historical significance of disease and epidemics in particular because diseases like cholera. Didn't kill that. Many people but Han transformative effect with the rise of the sanitary movement and help to mould them warm modern state and its powers at led to the rebuilding and retrofitting of cities reconstruction of Paris the rebuilding of Naples. It was really extraordinary. The impact that it lent an our health practices. The germ theory of disease is partly derived from that so it was transformative but it has to be said that many many more millions of lives were saved by the measures used to put an end to. Colorado them ever died from cholera. So we could say. Ironically there's a silver lining in the cholera cloud that it actually provided us with weapons of health that have saved millions and so there saw to it now. What causes one disease to be so transformative and another not? I think it depends on a number of factors the diseases we think of immediately as significant one feature of them is their symptoms. The Blue Bonnet plague it strikes people in public swears and the symptoms are agonizing and dehumanizing and excruciating and it's a big public spectacle. People are terrified by it. The same thing happens with Asia cholera. Will you can drop dead on the spot and within an hour or two. You've lost your third of your bodily fluid and you can't be recognized by your best friends and this can happen in a public square or on a tram or training at the time so this was a ghastly experienced it also is a disease that of targeted certain groups of people and that made it seem in fact. Asia Colorado like a disease that was a crime rather than a natural event made worse at the symptoms look like the symptoms of rat poisoning. That people were familiar with the simpsons. Just like that and then after people died there was a post mortem twitching so it looked as the general people were taking away living human beings and putting them in their graves so the symptoms are extremely important. Also how long a disease besieges a community and the fact that robotic play laid siege to a community for months on the same with cholera was really significant. I think Nineteen may do something like that whereas the Spanish influenza pass through immediately and within a couple of weeks at left it's devastation in its way but moved on and so people also in their thought moved on and a book about the Spanish Influenza. The definitive book about the American experience. At least as America's forgotten that the dynamic. Because just as you said and then I think the context mounter as the Spanish influenza struck the world towards the end of the first world war and people were preoccupied with the first world. It was something bigger happening at the same time in their minds. The Russian revolution peacemaking all of those features were all sucked the only people who really remembered it or public health officials. Like if if you looking back in history people thinking that twenty twenty. It's been a particularly tumultuous year sounds like Nineteen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen nineteen twenty was pretty tumultuous crept even more so yes but not because of the Spanish influenza in people's mind you just mentioned mortality as a decisive factor as Spanish. Influenza within a year killed maybe a hundred million people and yet it leaves very little memory and the memory of it's only been really revived with his waiver for research one hundred years later and twenty eight gene when there's raft of publications so as you look back over more than two. Millennia of history. What lessons can we draw from history as we think about our current situation with the corona virus in? I'm told that history does repeat itself may be it rhymes those who don't learn from history condemned to repeat it. I don't know whether you subscribe any of those philosophical principles or not but sort of as it historian. What should it comes to my views. You sort of look at our current situation. Well I would go back to classical Greece. My father was the classicist so I sort of brought up with Greek tragedy. In his view of what? It's under meaning and one of the meanings that I grew up with and still considered valid. Is the idea that human beings are capable of enlightenment but that it comes only through hard work and prolonged suffering? And I feel that that's the case in terms of dealing with pandemic diseases and I think we've learned a lot from their passage in medicine and public health and I feel that it would be renders to think that all of that suffering was entirely wasted and we drew nothing positive from and I feel that yes in public health. If we don't learn the lessons of the past we are very likely to repeat them and I think that is exactly what we did and I think that's part of our dilemma now in facing coveted nineteen because we didn't learn the lessons and we refused to and questioned science and authority and that is medical authority and Public Council Sorority as disciplined. And that I think is a tragedy. I don't think that this endemic needed to be experienced and a challenge was coming but it didn't have to be on this epic scale that were now experiencing that would be my view very strongly that is so bring affliction frank in normal. I would end the podcast there but I. I want to ask you a personal question if I may because you're living in Rome right out. Italy has been one of the hardest hit countries in the world by the corona virus. Can you give us a sense of what the mood is in Rome Italy? I would say that one of the things that was striking and we can draw lots of lessons from this. Experience was that the disease was dealt with in a way that respected science and public health. And the message was delivered with one voice that is there was one set of public health authorities one structured and it inform the citizens that this is frightening. And it's terrible. Were all in it together. These are the measures that need to be taken. It's all we can do to protect ourselves to if you want to defend your family yourself your community your nation unique to comply and that did have a profound effect. People listen and the local newspaper. You'll mess jet. All the Messenger in Rome had a moving statement. It said Oh my word. This is the first time in three thousand years of the history of Rome that the Roman people have ever been obedient and I think that that contrasts profoundly with what happened in the United States where we have a fragmented system and we failed. I would say the test of epidemics disease because we didn't know what we were doing and we didn't do the same thing. The White House said one thing. The White House advisers said another the governors of state something else mayors of cities boards of how they all contradicted one. You had total cacophony and chaos. And how can you expect people to Trust Public Health? It doesn't surprise me that there was a rebellion against restrictions. I'm not saying that that's a good idea. But at least you can understand it in a context where you don't understand why the restrictions are being placed so. I'm glad that you asked the question because it allows me to end on very aware that as a historian. I don't want to leave on a message of doom and despair at a time of epidemic. I believe in hope. I believe that we're going to get out of this. It's not armageddon or the apocalypse and I think this is also a time of wonderful opportunity and we can see it in the thinking of Milan. The epicenter it relates to your question about Italy. Where they're beginning to imagine that probably this will not be behind us will become an endemic disease. That will be living with for a long time and it will be living with it like sort of worst form of seasonal flu. Only more dangerous. We have to be more careful. And so we're going to have to reconfigure how we lead our lives but not in a disparaging way because what we could. Construct is a world at summit safer for our children and our grandchildren to live in. And I think I for one could buy into that in a heartbeat and I think that's what they're beginning to think about in Milan. How'd you reconfigure urban spaces so that people don't take crowded subways so that the paved sidewalks wide enough to go shopping and still practice social distancing? So that there isn't a particular neither of smog. In the air that makes you more vulnerable and reconfiguring cultural life in sporting life so social distancing and work will have to be changed so I think it's wonderful to draw some silver lining from a catastrophe. There's no understating how horrible it is. But at least to remember this is also an opportunity to right the things that we've done wrong in our relations with the environment with a third world with ourselves with the most disadvantaged people in our midst or suffering disproportionately. This is a time. We can put all of that right and I think that would be absolutely wonderful so I'm ending thinking I'm actually really an optimist and I think these things are at least possible outs Michael. Well Frank. Thank you for allowing us to end on a positive optimistic note with that. I'm going to close up the president's Inbox for this week. My guess it's been frank's noten and he is a professor emeritus of history at Yale University and author of epidemics in society from the black death. Present Frank I wanNA thank you for joining me. I know that we covered a lot of material to be fair. There's a lot we can get to. We didn't talk about for example polio or smallpox and you've written incredibly rich and interesting gripping book now highly recommend it to people lost you and get into exploring links between climate and health but this was just terrific conversation. I really appreciate your sharing time with dozen. Stay safe and be well your stay safest swollen. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it. Please subscribe to the presence in Boxing Apple podcasts. Spotify wherever you listen you leave me to review. The helpless get noticed. Improved show is always opinions express in the presence in option solely those of the host. That's me were guest. Not a C Afar which takes newest touche's positions dazed episodes produced by Zoe calls from senior producer. Jeremy Shirley so he calls the double duty as a recording engineer. Thank you so a special. Thanks to Margaret Gach for her assistance. This is Jim Linzie. Thanks for listening

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"Jammeh people some of US though. Dj Nick One. Stop Land Country Star Dan. Those settlers Bruce Jesse Jackson uh-huh hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of set listing. Listen Bruce Your podcast. All about Bruce springsteen his music and mostly EST fans I am your host Jesse Jackson and joining me. Today we have a guest all the way from Rome Italy so Monica. Tell us a little grouchy yourself. Hello everybody my name is Monica. I come come from Italy. I leaving Rome but I was born in children. I moved to Rome when I get married. I have two sons boy and girl Hey work as secretary and I am springsteen addicted my friend calling me crazy codes for this passion. I always talk about him and wherever I am if I hear Your Voice Ice Cream for me. It's normal but not for the others. Well Monica what you're describing sounds like behavior for me And I think most of my listeners so so I don't think you're crazy at all. I just think you're passionate so I was like the started beginning. Can you talk about growing up. What kind of music your family? Listen to while you were taught. My father was the real specialist in family. Used to listen to rock music doc. He loved Beatles Elvis Presley and I can say Rock music my mother. More Hawkins say Bob Not so much I mean she just listened due to the melodic Italian songs so I grew up in the middle of them. I don't know if I I I can make you understand what I mean. MONACI totally understand what you're saying You're saying that your dad APP loved rock and roll and pop but your mom left and more classical music and more traditional tying music so you've got both as a child you're able to hear both kinds of music When you Kinda became on your own how did you discover Bruce? Oh this is my favorite argument. Okay when I was Seventeen my best friend told me. Do you want to come to Ooh springsteen concert springsteen who yeah the one that won the seeing the one who seeing hang on a flag American flag. Yeah that one with a nice bottom okay. So I he went to. They're just for curiosity and I couldn't imagine that my life it would have been changed in one night. It's up and on the twenty fourth of June nine hundred ninety five. I was seventeen and now so I can say that the that day to was my second date of birth. He has to know that at the time I was the typical teenager. Who is way of life was to appear that Thought so that the most important things is to to be nice to have the right to dress. I can say a little bit stupid. How can I say A teenager normal teenager and I can say that Bruce with oil with that concert as revolution. My life as made me changed forever. He helped helped Yup me to beat the woman that I'm proud to be to date but the external doughty's that I didn't understand anything of what he played. What is Sung? I just know two songs and It talked to me just with his way to stay on stage. I Dunno I I just remember that it came to me this big way. I don't know I'm I was. I was shocked. I really don't know what kind of a magician. He has done to me. That still keep me make me feel alive. I love him with myself. Be belongs just to me and goes out from my duties to be mom own life. This is just mine this for me for Monica I will love him forever. This love has never changed since identified the same passion the same force. He give me strength. Give Me Passion. When I hear his voice I feel that the blood running more fussy my veins? It's like it talks directly with my soul and it's a speech between me and him Monica. That's beautiful I love it. It's clear how much his music means to you. I love the poetic nece that he speaks to your soul and make sure blood faster I'M GONNA ask you to expand that a little bit. Can you explain Wayne. What about him touched you and and spoke to you so watch for what about the reason we should stay to talk about for Hours as I said before This man reach rich the deepest part of my soul He tells me I duNNo. Give Me Strength E. I feel passion. I feel power I feel I am feeling alive and what I'm said it can raise me up with just me these boys. I really really love him with all my heart. I don't know when I hear his voice. It's like I'm in paradise monarch. I think a lot of us would say the same thing that when we hear his voice. It's like we're in paradise. I've often said that the happiest place on earth is with all excuses to Walt Disneyworld. It's it's a springsteen concert so I always like to preface the amount of time you'd see bruises not affair barometer of how big of a fan in your but just for the record. How many times have you seen him perform live? I confess that I didn't see so many concerts from latinity five by route twenty five times each store that He Khaimah in Italy. I so all to If I can because you have to know that is also a problem of money Two or three dates when when when when I can I just a loser the The tour when I was pregnant because I was afraid. let's Something happen the baby soul. I stay at home but I see all the the tour especially in Italy. I think I really think that I doesn't matter how many times you'll see you'll you you see him but how much I love love him and I love missile March. You mentioned that you see him anytime. He's in Italy. Have you gone outside Italy or you travel to another show. What's the further? She traveled as I say that I always seen him in Italy but I just the went to ensue salon. One in the Basil and one in Zurich the long distances of done but I I've been in the promised land I've been in Asbury Park to see a the local I also stayed in have been in freeholder like a pilgrim now to see the promise land and it was a beautiful. I met some. I have some American friends that are beautiful people beautiful. I Love I love them and I'm sure they love you as well. We'll meet throw open opening lympne. They say that anytime you visit Texas when he storing and he's playing in Dallas. You're welcome to come stay at our house Off The jet with Glenda but untrue. She'll be okay. Bright some stranger from Italy joining us. you mentioned your friends. I I've I've gone to the promised land as well well and Gone done stand goes Dean's tour and it is amazing I I totally agree So talk to me about. What's your favorite songs or albums? Explain to me why absolutely my February is meeting across the river and then now point blank and then But Ron Rosalita the river incident. So Monica Yemeni stories from the different concert. Gone you've not been lucky enough to get him on stage and dance with him. Have you know not so so much story said I never be able to go on stage to dance with them but Once on the tour with the cigarette session band I was in the pit and at the three times that came from my side and looked at to me that was jumping all the time and Sandy McKee's for a second for awhile is stopped to play the guitar and send Mickey's Yeah I was dying. I confess I was dying that moment coming to and then oh almost. Five years ago I went to your tail over East. He wasn't Italy and I I went to the auto and finally I met him. I was so excited. I was paralyzed. I just told them How much I love him? Not so original and then I get a gave him a lighter and when it comes time to to to leave leave him I say May I hug you but it is said No. It didn't want to hug me. I think that if it would give me a bit with the knife e couldn't hurt me more please. If you will meet him please Hasek hence came the reason why it didn't want to hug me that day. I'm sure it's just because he didn't have enough time I'm sure he would love to hug you. You seem to be your one full fan. And then everyone likes Hud's so Tell me Winning tours and he goes back to Italy What are some songs you were hoping open to hear Davidge? You haven't heard before one of my dream as these three Sharpeville. I've never heard itunes state alive. Sorry how can I say for you or blinded by the light again meeting across the river again. Rosalita born learn songs. I love them so I I'm happy when I hear every songs about him Monica you. You are amazing. I just didn't love talking to you. I Love Your Energy I love your passion I love how charming you are before foreclose out Any final thoughts. Yes I just want to say to him again. Thank you thank you very much. He had saved eight me. You'll make me born again. I will love you forever. Thank you thank you also to you for this Chance to say him how much I love me. Thank you so much it has been my pleasure visiting with you. I as I said I. I just think you're wonderful. I'm so glad glad you got past your fear. You're worried you're English wasn't going to be strong enough and your English has been amazing. You have told a great story and I know my listeners answers. Grenade joy it if someone wants to reach out to you on your social media and if you are where can they find you. Yes I am social media I a war just because I want to to follow him and then now obviously now. We are always on so junk on facebook. My name is When he come on Cini on instagram? Oh Wendy Bone to run and on twitter. Monica Monica but does eighty-five. Thank you so much. You are very welcome. Hey Title I do a little business if you want to join me on the PODCAST. Like Monica Monica. Either several ways you can reach me go to settlers Bruce Itchy mail dot com. You can send me an email. You can reach me on twitter at Jesse Jackson. The W you the show is on twitter. Well as well asset less than Bruce We are on facebook. We have assessing bruce page. Our website is www W. settlers bruce dot com. From there. You can reach our Oetzi page where you can buy a set. Listen Bruce T-shirt An- Mary question. Sure set listening Bruce Mug all kinds of things you can buy for your favorite Valentine and then also from there. You can go to our patriotic age. Where if you want to support the podcast and a financial way the vet gives you way to anything for as little as a dollar? A month helps support the podcast. Monica thank you so much Hue Hugh have been so wonderful I I love your passion I love your joy. It has just been a blessing to get a chance to talk. Got You and I do hope one day either. I will get to go to Rome and see a show or you get to go and Dallas the show or meet somewhere in the middle but for now I hope you have a great twenty twenty and thank you for being on the show. Thank you so much. You just heard the fun talk hard rock music album raking band thinking Joyce Joyce Brady leered readings story sharing podcasts. That is a one. The on set listing Bruce Settling. Bruce is part of the southgate media. podcast group the theme for settlers. Bruce was written by. David Rosen used by permission.

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April 25, 2020: Obelisk of Axum

Today in True Crime

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April 25, 2020: Obelisk of Axum

"Today is Saturday April Twenty Fifth. Twenty twenty on this day in two thousand five. The last piece of the stolen obelisk of Oxfam was returned to Ethiopia. After spending sixty eight years in Rome Italy welcomed today in true crime. A podcast original today. We're covering the return of the obelisk of Oxfam to Ethiopia. The elaborate burial stone was first erected in the fourth century CE during Italy's invasion of Ethiopia in nineteen thirty seven. It was taken as spoils of war years later. The Italians were finally forced to atone for the crimes of their ancestors. Let's go back to that morning. April twenty fifth two thousand five in Rome the Antonov. An one to four roussillon slowly rolled down the airport runway. The pilot radioed into the tower for clearance. There was no reason for him not to take off soon. It was early morning and the air traffic was light either way. He had important cargo in the back so they would get priority. Take off as the large plane taxied into position. The pilot thought about his precious freight it was costing the Italian government. Nearly eight million dollars to return the stolen stone and he didn't want anything to go wrong. He knew how precious the obelisk was to the Ethiopian people and he could imagine the scandal. If Italy's attempt to return the pilfered landmark resulted in its destruction. That crime could very well lead to war. The pilot trusted that the team who loaded it had done their job. Well this was going to be their third flight but each takeoff was just as nerve racking. It was some of the heaviest cargo. He had ever flown but he knew this was in fact the reason they were contracted no other plane would be able to transport this relic. The one to four was one of the largest military cargo planes ever built even then it could only hold one piece of the large stone obelisk at a time. Each one of the three stone pieces weighed over fifty tonnes and it made the flights incredibly difficult one. The one to four was given the go-ahead to take off. It was still dark in Rome. This was by design. Their destination wasn't used to handling a plane. This large and a plane dislodge wasn't designed to land at an elevation of nearly seven thousand feet. The pilot knew that once they took off there was no safety net. Either they were going to land in Ethiopia safely or they were going to skid off the runway and the results of that might be disastrous. Not only might he die but the peace of the obelisk might be destroyed. And if that happened the mistakes of the past would never be made right. The pilot pressed forward on the throttle. The large aircraft rumbled to life and they accelerated forward faster and faster. The plane was picking up speed. As the end of the runway approached. The pilot pull back on the yoke and they were airborne. The pilot eased up on the throttle as the plane reached cruising altitude. They were now in the easiest part of their flight. In just a few short hours they would be making their final approach and in doing so helping to close a wound that the Italians had opened up decades ago as the sun began to rise over the horizon the pilot glimpsed the dusty landscape below and then awesome airport. This was by far the worst part. The runway at the airport in Oxfam had to be extended just for the one to four to be able to stop in time and if it was over sixty degrees outside the plane would have difficulty landing hence the early landing from the ground readings they had. It looked like they would be fine as the sun peeked over the horizon. The pilot began their descent. It was always a little bumpy in the thin air. The plane gently bounce stepping down as the runway Oxfam. Grew bigger by the minute the pilot side and then took a deep breath. They only got one shot at the landing but every instrument looked fine as the landing gear was deployed. The ground grew larger with each second touchdown. Only a moment away. The plane gave a small lurch as the back wheels. I made contact with the ground as the nose touch down. The pilot throttled down and hit the brakes. They came to a stop plenty of room to spare. They could see. A large crowd had gathered in the early sunlight to welcome home. The last piece of the obelisk the pilot taxied over and shut off the engines. The Cargo Bay was opened and the freight was carefully loaded off. It touched Ethiopian soil. For the first time in nearly seventy years it was back where it belongs up. Next will explore the history of the obelisk and where it stands today high listeners. The launch of our new podcast series supernatural with Ashley. Flowers has been an incredible success. Were so happy to welcome to the podcast family and can't thank you enough for checking out the show. If you haven't had a chance to listen yet I highly recommend you head over to the supernatural feed and subscribe today every Wednesday Ashley. Flowers takes on a different crime or mystery or the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional the first episode has been my favorite so far. Were the deaths of two Brazilian men a result of making contact with spirits on Mars. Get closer to the truth than ever before. Regarding the mystifying lead masks case but you'll also find some other fascinating stories. Did four friends have a highly unusual encounter during a camping trip in Maine. Sort through the out of this world. Circumstances surrounding the allegations incident was Italian. Theoretical physicist et Cetera by Arana's disappearance caused by his discovery of time travel or was it something more sinister each week Ashley takes on the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences if you're the kind of person who questions everything you'll love this. Show follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify. Or wherever? You get your podcasts now. Back to the story. On April twenty fifth two thousand five the obelisk of awesome was finally returned to Ethiopia after having spent the last sixty eight years in Rome the large obelisk was first built in the fourth century. See as a way to honor a fallen ruler of the Kingdom of Oxfam. The obelisk itself acted as a large marker or perhaps tombstone and was nearly eighty feet tall. It was decorated with to fake doors at the base and fake window. Carvings going all the way up to the top. It was a gorgeous sign of the early empires wealth and ingenuity and as time marched on and the Empire fell. The monument remained a symbol. For what once was it remained upright for centuries but like most great things it to eventually came down when the soil around it grew week. A reminder of how fragile our time on this earth can be the obelisk lay on the ground for hundreds of years before it was seized by the Italian army in nineteen thirty seven. It was easy for the army to steal the obelisk since they'd occupied Ethiopia following the second Italo Ethiopian War Fascist dictator Benito. Mussolini requested that the army take the obelisk with them back to Italy as a spoil of war he wanted to leave a reminder to the European people that his empire was now in control he hijacked a piece of their heritage to impose his own cultural dominance. The Italian slowly trucked pieces of the obelisk along their newly constructed roads through Ideo Pia. It was an arduous process. Taking several trips over two months to get all the pieces to the coastal country of era tra- from there. They were then shipped back to Rome in Rome. The obelisk was reassembled by placing steel beams in the center to keep it upright. It was a marvelous feat of engineering apprised treasure of the fascist government it stood as a symbol to their perceived power when it was placed outside of the ruins of the circus maximus but just as the obelisk demonstrated before nothing can last forever and soon the fascist government of Italy was defeated in nineteen forty seven the UN declared that the obelisk should be given back to the people of Ethiopia. It belonged to them and Italy as a nation needed to pay for their crime yet. It stood in the centre of Rome for another sixty years. There was always a problem with returning the obelisk for one. The logistics were incredibly complex on top of that the various governments Ethiopia were often fragile and didn't have the resources necessary to facilitate the obelisk's return. This all changed in two thousand three when the Italian government officially took their first steps in returning the large monument. But it wouldn't be an easy job. Since the steel beams had been added to the center of the structure. It was nearly impossible to take down in one piece fish. The government decided that it would be easiest to break structure into three different pieces to be moved however even these pieces were incredibly heavy at over fifty tons each getting. The monument back by land was out of the question. Roads had been torn up in the past sixty years and were not suitable shipping. The stones by C. was also a dead end because relations between Ethiopia and its coastal neighbor era. Tra had broken down the only way to get the pieces back was by air when the third and final peace finally arrived back in Oxfam on April Twenty Fifth. Two Thousand Five. It ended and nearly sixty years saga within three years. The pieces of the monument were put back together in the place where they'd once stood hundreds of years before it was a huge cultural moment for the people of Ethiopia. They could fully celebrate their incredible history today. The obelisk sits on a world heritage site open for people all over the world to view. Thanks for Listening Today. True Crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson for more crimes. Committed by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini check out the podcast original dictators. Today in true crime is a podcast original. You can find more episodes of today. True Crime. And all other podcast originals. Freon spotify not only does spotify already. Have all of your favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy. All of your favorite podcast originals. Like today in true crime for free from your phone. Desktop or smart speaker to stream today and true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today in true crime in the search bar at par cast grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at car cast and twitter at par cast network? We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow in True Crime. Today in true crime was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios original it is executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed by Boorda with production assistance by Ron Shapiro carleen madden and Freddie Beckley. This episode of today and true crime was written by Robert Tyler Walker with writing assistance by Maggie Admire. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Hi Listeners. If you haven't heard it already. I highly recommend you check out the new podcast original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers every Wednesday. Take a deep dive into the strange and surreal to find the truth behind some of world's most bizarre true crime occurrences search for supernatural with Ashley Flowers in the spotify APP. And listen free today.

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COVID-19: How much can Italy endure?

The Heat

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COVID-19: How much can Italy endure?

"Dissolve sorry It's Nami on We are here only. We are a world to all for a few are worse and Comeback here and work because we are here for the patients over the weekend. Italy reported another six hundred and fifty one debts due to Kobe. Nineteen bringing the nation's death toll to over five thousand. That's the highest of any country including China. Since the global outbreak began streets and sidewalks normally bustling are deserted as the country remains on lockdown healthcare and emergency services. A working post exertion as Italy's government scrambles to find resources needed to stop the spread of the virus but our current efforts enough and what will be needed for Italians to endure their tragic loss and emerge from the country's biggest health crisis in decades. Hello I'm honored ninety. Welcome to the heat. Podcast on our television program. We spoke to Sima Gupta and independent journalists based in Ram about the life or death struggles faced by the government healthcare workers and the public during this escalating crisis. Let's have a listen similar? Thanks so much for joining us. Happy to be here. Italy has been one of the hardest hit during this current virus outbreak. The numbers are just staggering. They alarming in fact. The number of deaths in Italy has now surpassed that of China. Initially politicians in. Italy didn't take this very seriously. How has that now changed? Well I mean if you look at the response in terms of the so-called lockdown measures of measures to contain and limit the spread of Kobe Nineteenth. Interesting to see the progression. Initially there were these so called eleven towns up north where he saw a spike in cases and they locked down those eleven towns and then eventually became those northern regions of long buddy and Imia Romagna and so on effecting some sixteen million people then eventually that was founded up with the step of putting the entire country on lockdown. That's sixty million people so some do suggest in our critical saying that perhaps These figures of the number of deaths in the number of infections that we've seen could have been contained. If the lockdown measures will put in place earlier on top of that old. Saw this feeling that when you look at the impact that all of this had on the health system in the country That's another issue of. Why would see these high number of deaths because of course the the medical staff particularly up north in the hardest hit regions decline? Lamberti added working to the point of exhaustion nonstop. And we've seen some four thousand eight hundred doctors or so that are infected themselves and so this of course has led to increasing infections increasing debts when the health system is overwhelmed but the main reason that the authorities say that we've seen these large biggest is because of Italy's population. A quarter of the population is over. The age of sixty five and the average age of those who have died is era is above seventy so. That's part of the reason why this disease which seems to target the fragile invulnerable in this society seems to have targeted Italian population in particular so dramatically. That's right we have seen these very traumatic. Very distressing pictures of doctors. Nurses Healthcare workers working long hours stretched to the limit pictures of fatigue. How badly has the healthcare system in Italy being overwhelmed by this well? They're trying to do everything they can to support the system. I think it's important to note that Lamberti particular has a public health system that is world class It's considered one of the best places in Italy in terms of how well equipped it is at people often from the south where it's not as well equipped. They traveled to get their health treatment. So that was it a region that did have a everything in place that said there have been cast the health system in recent years of cuts as in various countries around the world and that may have had some kind of impact. But I think it's also the speed at which this Kobe. Nineteen virus infects others in has the impact on the population at because of this. And so it's simply a situation where the doctors are not enough. The equipment the MOSS. The ventilate is the protective suits. Just not enough on hand for them to deal with it until what they've done in Lumbini particular they've moved people who are in the intensive care units people who are not dealing with corona virus but now even people who are suffering from the corona virus of move them out of the region to other hospitals in today. The prime minister made a call for at least three hundred volunteers. Doctors from other parts of the region travel up north. He was overwhelmed. He got close to eight thousand Volunteering to go out there. And then of course they're also turning to the production of those mosques as well as ventilators to give you an idea Ferrari. The car manufacturer is actually turning to now producing ventilators and that has been response from abroad as well. We've seen a three hundred. Medical experts in doctors arrived from China together with equipment and those mosques and protective suits. We've also seen arrival of doctors from Cuba and also more recently from Russia as well as far as the lockdown is concerned. Sima Italians respecting the restrictions on travel. And on gatherings I think for the most part Italian especially for me here in Rome I can see. The people are following the restrictions. When it comes to social distancing when you walk down the street you tend to avoid the person that's next to you in the supermarkets the along lines simply because there's a limit to how many can be in the supermarket and in the line. Everybody respects that. Want me to distance that said though there are still people committing violations and not sticking to the lockdown measures are particularly as just on Sunday for example would ten thousand violations even though the measures have been increasing and becoming more and more stringent. I think one of the reasons is perhaps as a bit of a disparity or it's not been very clear message of how exactly these measures should be implemented. Then of course you have the elderly population. I'm hearing stories about how they are not used. They used to their ways and habits. Define these measures restrictive but the authorities are insisting on their message to stay at home. This is so unprecedented. Everything has happened so quickly. How people in Italy dealing with this emotionally. I think it's been very hard. It's really been a shift to the GUT really To see these dramatic numbers and dramatic stories. The fact that you can have the virus and a not noise and just spread it an impact your loved ones your parents and your grandparents since it impacts the elderly up so proportionately that's I think what's taken people by surprise. That said I think many talents feelings of solidarity feel. They have to do what they can. In order to help the healthcare workers in help those dealing with this the same time. They think frustrated because they simply stuck at home. And that's why we've seen these. Flash MOBS WITH PEOPLE HAVE COME up onto the balconies onto the windows to sing to clap their hands in applaud the healthcare workers you've got children painting these rainbows and the Hashtag of this tagline undrafted tobacco which simply means everything will be alright. I think it's their way to express that kind of solidarity. That said honestly. It's not easy being stock at home and families having to deal with continuing their work schedule but also dealing with their children. But that's just a a a a simple sacrifice to meet the real issue is everyone is concerned about their own health. The health fellow citizens as well bring another aspect of this and that is the economic impact. The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppi Kante. He has announced the closure of all nonessential factories. This is what he had to say. Let's listen more slowing down. The country's productive engine but we are not stopping. It is not an easy decision but a decision that allows them predispose. Took the most acute phase of contagious. It is a decision that is sick necessary today in particular to be able to contain the spread of the epidemic is much as she should see. What impact is this having especially on workers? Yes I mean. Initially there were in fact some reactions about the fact that workers felt. It was unfair that they were putting themselves at risk by being made to go to work to these factories when there was such a situation of contagion That said the government stepped in by saying they will provide the mass and the protective gear in terms of clubs and that factories had to function keeping to the social distancing gnomes that means perhaps cutting down on the number of workers and shifting the hours in the end though the decision was made to shop all nonessential production simply because the authorities felt they needed to put the health of the people in place in priority particularly when you consider the fact that people have to come and go to work. So it's that movement that they're trying to limit the walk because some of them want the greater protection in terms of the employer's association. Somma saying that this is going to have a dramatic effect on the economy here in Italy. Embiid production down a already. You have a stagnant economy here in Italy. This is just going to have a massive impact altogether and as fear from the part of employers that this is going to be a downfall for the companies and the way they are going to be able to function. They're also looking at what happens when we get out of this face. Hopefully we will out. What will happen to the future of the economy of the country? Which is wide. The Prime Minister had put in place that package of twenty five billion euros in terms of economic measures. But is that really going to be enough? We'll have to see what happens in the coming days and weeds book for the moment as the Prime Minister Satan and as most people in Italy health issues have to take the priority. This bailout package that you're talking about. Is it aimed primarily at helping companies or is there some kind of safety net put in place for individuals for families it's also for individuals and families it's also for the medical too often the healthcare workers that need the help? They need to help to in order to carry out the important work that they do but in terms of families for instance are helping them out in terms of actual money on childminding help simply if they have to go to work. How can they be at the same time looking? After their children. All schools close. There's also a help specifically for a ton of US works the self employed whether they're going to do because they're simply out of work so there are all these several packages that are in place to help workers to tide over this period and hopefully it will help somewhat but at that said. I think a lot of Italians are very nervous about what this means for their livelihoods and for their jobs and they're sitting at home and wondering why it's going to mean for the future. Sima we've heard many stories from Italy about the heroism bravery courage of healthcare workers and ordinary Italians themselves. But is there any single story that has really struck? You A story of perseverance. That got your attention. I have to say just speaking digitally. I think one of the things that really struck me was a photo early on when you saw image of an exhausted nurse and she just had hid flat down on a laptop and she was still wearing a mask and a protective protective gear. And it was just so powerful image to show the extent to which They're actually in the front line in this battle and having to deal with it putting themselves at risk and at the same time a working to the bad bone and really I think the overwhelming response in Italy in other countries as well. But I've seen personally here in Italy where most people feel an immense gratitude to them and at the same time there's also been Some frustration that not mall was done in the past to support the medical fraternity. The nurses the hospital staff and the doctors and also helping them in terms of getting the protective gear of one person. Even suggested what's the point of getting all these doctors to come in if you can ensure that they're protected themselves from the buyers as I mentioned four thousand eight hundred and twenty. Four doctors are themselves infected now joining us and that was our interview with Seema Gupta and independent journalist based in Rome Italy the heat is produced by CGT IN AMERICA EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS TEAR AT H. And the senior producer. John Gilmore our guest producers Jacqueline Fan Joshua baller produced today's podcast with Holly Shepherd and our director of digital development is Michael Sugary once again. I'm on ninety. Thanks for listening. You have a comment or question about today's podcast. Send US an email. You can find us at heat. Podcast AT CG TEN AMERICA DOT COM and please if you like the heat help spread the word by subscribing rating or leaving a comment with your favorite podcast provider.

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Living in lockdown

Today, Explained

19:28 min | 11 months ago

Living in lockdown

"Heartbreaking Italy as the country continues to suffer from the corona virus outbreak. Over a thousand people have died in the Italian. Prime Minister has announced restrictions on movement across the entire country in the most drastic response yet to the spread of Corona virus. She didn't talk to shoot a notice. We understand that all. These measures will create inconveniences. We understand that. These measures will impose sacrifices sometimes small and sometimes very large but this is a time where we must take responsibility for ourselves so Italy's effectively on lockdown. They've shut down the entire country in an attempt to stop the spread of covert nineteen. So that means something like sixty million. People are under strict travel restrictions. They're being told to basically stay home for everything but essential work and getting things like food if they wanna move around the country. For worker health reasons they need to get special permission people mandated to keep at least three feet away from anyone else or face up to three months jail. Streets are quiet. Public gatherings and meetings are off limits now theaters James Ski Resorts Clubs Sporting Events. They're all closed even weddings and funerals. Needs to be delayed and places that are open are empty. The shops in the tourist areas of Romar standing empty bars and restaurants are empty. Grocery stores are still up and running in store pharmacies but there are apparently only seeing patients through a glass or plastic barrier and. I've spoken to talion this week. Who taught me how dramatic this changes. How SUDDEN IT FEELS. Italy's this densely packed country. A lot of people live in apartments. There used to gathering in meeting in public spaces having their evening passage outta like a walk around the main streets in the cities and towns where they live and congregating in these places and now these public spaces are dead and we have to remain positive. I'm calm I'm living the best way taking all precautions we have to adopt lifestyles but we carry them when the quarantine was first imposed on the north of the country which is where. The outbreak is centered. People were a bit skeptical and may be resistant to following the quarantine orders. And now I think with the death toll and the case toll rising so fast so again more than thousand deaths. They're people are scared and they're more willing to follow instructions and to take this seriously. That had been worries for the potent himself after he cancelled a retreat because of illness but the Vatican said he simply had a common cold. Gino Coreper Year. I'm close in prayer to people who are suffering because of the current corona virus epidemic. I'd say Wolf those taking care of them and you even have like public figures like pop singers and artists taking to social media to encourage people to stay at home. There's an eel store Aqazadeh Hashtag going around sub means I'm at home and Famous people are sharing little photos and videos about their quarantine experiences. So I think the I've kind of shifted from maybe some skepticism take acceptance at. This is what needs to happen and it might change. Though in the coming days the government to set anyone found flouting the ban could face jail but patrolling the region to ensure everyone stays port will be another challenge for a government dealing with Europe's worst corona virus crisis. So Italy is in China. So they don't have this massive army and police force to keep people in line but for now it sounds like most people are being the order. They're staying home Julia. Blues Senior Health correspondent at Vox. You've been covering the corona virus outbreak in Italy from your base in Austria. Just how bad is the outbreak in Italy? It's bad so as a Friday. They have more than fifteen thousand cases and thousand deaths. And just put those figures into context. That's bigger than the other major outbreaks that are happening outside of China. So it's bigger than the outbreaks you've probably heard about in South Korea. It's bigger than Iran is the largest outbreak in Europe and only the numbers in China rival. What's happening in Italy right now? And the one thing that makes the the Italian case so startling just how quickly it escalated so just three weeks ago. Italy had reported only three cases to the. Who and again. Now they have more than fifteen thousand and so this virus really took off there and it appears to have caught the authorities off guard. Oh is that why it spread so quickly because Italian officials were caught off guard? There are a few theories so the outbreak started in the north in the Lombardy region. This is a densely populated. Area has lots of business ties to the rest of the world. Ten million people living there people coming in and now and that might have helped accelerate the spread but there are many parts of Europe. They'd have these dynamics so that might not explain everything another ideas that there were simply testing more aggressively than other places and finding more cases and not might have inflated picture of what's happening there relative to other countries so for example as of March the only seventeen hundred Americans have been tested for cove in nineteen and the number in Italy was fifty thousand in. Italy was also taking a different approach many other countries in not just testing people who had returned from China. They're also testing people without any traveling or even symptoms at the time. Another theory is that this virus got a foothold in the hospital system. Before doctors realized there was a problem and that might have amplified the outbreak. So something like ten percent of medical workers in Lombardy have been infected. There's also speculation about whether covert nineteen has been particularly severe in Italy because they have an aging population and we know that the virus hits elderly people particularly hard. But the bottom line I think is that the government was forced into this catch-up position a reaction mode like as as soon as they found cases so Italy certainly isn't unique in that sense but I think there's sort of representative of what can happen if the virus does get a foothold in a country. How quickly it can spread in how fast things can spiral house. Italy's medical system has been able to cope with the rising numbers so Italy has a system of universal public health care so they're like Canada or the UK but Italy wasn't prepared for the surge in sick people that they've seen and so doctors there have gone public about just how unprepared the health system. Was there not enough hospital beds? Not Enough Space. In intensive care units to treat people in the more severe form of this disease people need ventilators for help with breathing and Italy hasn't had that so The you have these doctors taking to social media and writing about how they've been forced to ration care and choose who treat war now here. Recently a few doctors wrote a letter to the rest of Europe. Saying get ready. You might look like Italy in a few days so so make sure that you are prepared and you. You don't see this complete deluge of your health system what happened. Lamberti is just like a bomb that exploded. You know the problem is that it exploded there and before you career is what's happening. You are like overwhelmed by the masters patients so hopefully in other countries. It's not behaving like this. What's important to know? Is that where this outbreak started in the north? It's one of the richest regions in Europe. So this isn't an Italian backwater. This is an economic powerhouse and they have a very strong health system there but again what seems to have caught them off guard is that the case counters escalated so fast. That's what makes this example particularly frightening because you have a place with a strong health system that in theory should have been able to respond to this kind of crisis but wasn't and so the implications for the US like like. I have spoken to ex director of the CDC OTHER HEALTH EXPERTS. Who say something like this could play out in the US. And so if we haven't had a wakeup call yet about how effectively this virus can spread how it can overwhelm health systems. How it can obviously have massive reverberating effects on the economy? Italy should be that warning. You're saying it's frightening. I mean I hope it's okay to ask. I mean you're about to have a baby and you know you're in Austria which is right next to Italy guessing. This is more than just a story. You're covering so I would. What is amazing to me? Is how quickly This outbreak went from being something that was like a far off problem in China to a worldwide threat and something. That's very personal to my home. My husband was traveling in Asia. I didn't know when he came back if he would have to be quarantined. While I was going into Labor what would happen. Um I've had family have to cancel their trips. Who are coming to see the baby. They were supposed to have soon. One of the obstetrical wards in Vienna shutdown cities have shut down schools universities. My due date is next week and I'm wondering if my hospital will still be open and if my doctor will still be there I've had I've had some of my sources you know. I'm pregnant suggest that I should get induced to avoid the peak transmission here in in Vienna. So yeah I think this is GonNa have long lasting repercussions for all of us for sure but hopefully it will just be a good story to tell her child in the future that Here she was born in a pandemic after the break. What it's like in Rome right now. Living on lockdown. I'm now I'm Hassenfeld filling in for Sean Rotherham. While he's on vacation this is today explained Where's the best ice cream in the neighborhood? How come there's been traffic at the same corner for a week? Is someone near me. Selling their coffee table. Find the answers to all this and so much more on nextdoor nextdoor is the APP for everything happening in your community it's available every. Us neighborhood and every member is verified. So you know. It's the best place to find trusted. Local knowledge and next door is a great tool for connecting with those around. You whether you're new in the area need to borrow a power drill or are organizing a block party. Next door is the place to go to ask invite and stay informed with next door. Neighbors worldwide are already working together to build stronger safer happier communities. So what are you waiting for? The APP is free. Go to nextdoor dot com slash explained to sign up and see what's happening in your neighborhood be sure to use the link from our show to sign up so they know that you support our show remember that's next door dot com slash explained. Hi I'm Mary Ross. And I'm the host of a podcast called reset reset is a podcast about the impact of technology how humans have shaped it and how technology reflects our values and biopsies reset is also a podcast. About how much good tech has accomplished and how much better it could be if we listen to each other. Recently we've covered stories about how artificial intelligence is being used to track corona virus. We've also covered how to solve the problem child predators on gaming sites and why are night? Sky might soon be filled with thousands of new satellites. Subscribe to reset for free on apple podcasts. Spotify or in your favorite podcast APP later nerds. Ooh Name is tiffany parks. I'm an American citizen living in Rome Italy for the past fifteen years I'm Married to an Italian and now have Italian citizenship myself and we have a four year old boy so when they initially made the announcement it was said that you know you can take a short. Walk around your neighborhood if you need to. You need to take your kids out. Walk your dog. But just the other day they took it even further and they said actually only walk if you're walking to the supermarket or the pharmacy. We don't want people walking for recreation. We don't want people congesting the street. You need to stay in your homes and it's hard to feel like you don't have any freedom of movement. I live in an apartment on the outskirts of the city and we luckily have terrorists so I can have some outdoor time. There's also a courtyard but it belongs to the whole building and so it is communal space and so we don't really know what to do there. Yesterday we took our son out for bike ride through the around the courtyard but today we decided not to do it because we thought well. It is a communal space. We also have a little playground across the street from the House. That's where most kids will play. That's completely closed. It's locked so as not even possible to go in. Honestly though being cooped up with my son is is not the only challenge. It's also challenging to be cooped up with my husband. It's only been two days and I'm already like thinking How in the world are possible? We're going to get through a month of this. My new highlight of my days to go grocery shopping. Just get out of. The House is a treat but here they'll only let a certain number of people into the supermarket at a time. And you have to wait until someone comes out and they let one person in so that means that a line builds up outside would you have to have at least three feet of space between you and the person in front of you so it ends up being a very very very long line but it does move quickly and I thought I was going to be in line for hours today and it ended up being only about twenty minutes and once I was inside the supermarket it was pretty empty? Because they're letting so. Few people ended a time and I was pleasantly surprised. The shelves were more or less full. Italians are very social by nature. Italians congregate in Piazza's they sit in cafes they hang out together. They walk arm in arm down the street. They kiss each other when they see each other and for them to be told. Okay not only. Can you not go out to dinner? Not only can you not go to your coffee bar. But you can't even hang out with someone on the side of the street you can't get into within a meter of another person and if you can stay in your house it's hard for ties. It's hard for most people to be honest but I think it's a particular challenge for Italians. I think that particularly for Italy this whole pandemic this whole virus could change some of the social or cultural tendencies of the country. There's an expression here which is Minnesota's mall which means sort of like I don't give a damn nece if if that could be a word and it's just this attitude of like whatever I don't care I'm GonNa do what works for me. Italians are famous for being line cutters. You know some of the people wait in line but a lot of people decide up to the front and slip in and I think that this whole thing that we're going through together as a country right now could change that to some extent and I think that I see people coming together for this collective good of the country and it's very easy for a young person to say I don't care. I'm not going to get sick even if I do get this. It's not gonNA kill me. So why do I care? But there's been a shift in the way people are looking at it and they're starting to think about the older generation and we have a lot of older people in Italy. It's the oldest country in Europe so people are starting to think well no going to be much much more careful because I don't want to carry this disease to my grandparents or other older people sick people and so you see people really doing their best to follow the rules. And there's always GONNA be a couple of people who who don't but for the most part. I've been really surprised at how Italians have sort of pulled together. And we're like okay. This is hard. We're GONNA sacrifice and we're going to do it and there's an expression that sort of floating around on Italian social media. Which is we're GONNA stand far from each other now so that we can embrace each other later. Tiffany parks is the CO host of the podcast the bittersweet life. Italy may be unlocked down but in at least one city residents have found a new way to stay together by singing out their windows. This particular song from the city of Sienna is an Ode to the beauty of the city. Residents actually put a new verse in which goes like this even with thunder and lightning. We are not afraid of you. Garbage Virus Ono along.

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Fate of the Union

The Elise & John Show

41:30 min | 3 months ago

Fate of the Union

"Oh, hey there. Thanks for tuning into our Premiere episode on this episode. We talked about how twenty-twenty has affected our improv communities our communities at large and our individual lives home also get into the presidential debate, of course and the upcoming election. Welcome to the Elise and John show hosted by myself at least Rodriguez and John Gilbert. Adios. Twenty-twenty that's right. That's why what a year. What what a year. It's been it's in Minnesota right now. It's already snowing. It's it's it's weird. It's a blizzard because that's what kind of year it has been. Is it really a blizzard right now? No, but it's getting it's already it's getting a little too comfortable too fast. Like we've had a couple of snowstorms already. We used to snow but like not this early it's just like, okay and personally, I'm like fine whatever like 20 20 you want to be done that quick we go go like she she can come and go. Yeah Shuffle on out of here. Yeah, hold on because I feel like everybody's been saying like 20 20 is I can't wait till it's over. It's the worst year ever and I feel like even I mean for me, although I am not I have not had the dog. Experienced this year. I will say that this year has been one of one of the best most important years of my life because of the amount of expansion and awareness, right that has happened. Okay, the shit hurts. Okay. Yeah what nobody wants to hear is like the most productive and efficient year. I think that's what you're going to say. No. No. Oh, yeah, I guess mom dying getting shot. You know what I was doing. I was getting busy. No I'm saying like it was it was it's important like it just has done like Rome Italy. We are we now can't turn back and pretend that it didn't happen. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. That's real. But I mean it would have been nice if people would have to die in all honestly. Yeah, if this is not been a year for you in that regard, I don't trust you if you have not been like Spiritual Awakening Consciousness Awakening if that is not been a thing off. Don't trust you. You have to be a serial killer because that's the kind of year. It's been there's no middle ground. Yeah, like I mean things have just become so much more clear before their things with you on stick in government. For example, like we knew there was some weird shit going on out there, but we didn't know right when couldn't know but now we just have an idiot that's president and he's like, hey, this is all stupid shit. We actually grew up here. I was telling my friend. I was like, is it is it is it are we at that place now where the the politicians who are racist wage can't they just look at the camera and say I hate niggars and then go do they have to do the long line. Yeah whistle. Just say what you gotta say. Go just say it like zero point. Yeah, none of their make it easy for us at this point and themselves, aren't they examples? Sort of have playing that game of oh, no, not me. No Samba Samba rice and sambar stand-down standby though. It's odd. They must be they must be tired of holding. It must be tired of sitting in on all their money, but beyond that right like Beyond government, let's say for me friendships have become more clear. I yeah, I've I have particularly like a group of women. I've been able to be like, all right, like this is where it's at. This is where we sit and we like he'll together, you know, that's that's cool. I mean we are I was always grateful for them. But I feel like I'm even more grateful for the people. I hate to say the term like minded because it sounds like you're not open to other people but I mean shit it's a relief to be in a room with people and be like, oh, you're not hateful great. Let's hang. Yes. That's right real. Oh, yes. Oh my God. You're not homophobic my God. Oh my God. So then we got that out. Yeah and cousins some of these classes are tripping out here right remember off all family. That's another thing that's happened this year right conversations within Families. My family's always been very open and honest but this year it's it's always been like, all right. Well, you think that and I think this will just we're just going to eat the shrimp at the dinner table right now and now it's like not I'm about to check the shrimp at your ass right now, like fish shrimp is hitting your forehead and two seconds. Yeah, it's a food fight know. What is the biggest food fight you've ever heard. This country's ever had and okay. So yeah, there's so much that box that has happened to be Hornets. Wow. Didn't ever make it like did they ever finally murder someone know and that's what made it even more scary and disappointing is that we were expecting we're expecting these and we were like what that's even more sick. Yeah Sinister to be like we're coming to get you and they don't wait wage actually feels realistic like for us to hear. Oh, there's Killer Bees, of course, of course. Yeah, but what really did happen as we had the fire tornadoes some other nature just has been on a 1/2, you know, like don't trip. This is the year Mother Nature was like, oh y'all just have a pandemic. Well, then I'm going to go ahead and just like sit share. We all taken our bonnets Off song. This is it is what it is then a little fire hurricane over here. And then also while y'all don't trash the world. How about some beautiful dolphins in the canals of Italy you off like a moment when we all just like satire ass down and like Earth was just like look at what what could be? Yeah, look at what could be and we were like here I could totally hear a Disney song out of that. Yeah you imagine he's going to make a movie out of twenty twenty. Everybody was like this is so beautiful and then it just isn't need to add it out our response cuz our responses like wage. Yeah. Yeah, that's cool. But I'm I'm ready to go back to work funny enough. I really want to go to the gym. I really just need to go to the gym, but he's office great. I was talking to one of my one of my improviser friend's name is Shawn. I love him very much and he we were talking when that time where people really needed their gems to be open. He I was talking to him and he's like, yeah, did you see em, All the people that went to go protest in front of the government buildings about James and they started doing push-ups outside of the government buildings, and I'm like, yeah he was so they're essentially proving that they don't need a gym to work wage. Yeah. Yeah cool. You are displaying your ass right now. You're an asshole. Yeah. So it's many it's been quite the year. A lot of repercussions improv has been evolving now the industry's changed people can't go in the theaters. So what do we do? There's been a lot of virtual stuff off but a lot of call outs consoles big time. Yeah, the institutions have taken quite a hit. Yes. Yes. They have waged hard to track used to be used to be rumors and Whispers and now it's like cover or in a in a New York Times article. Yep. This theater Second City this theater in this theater. Some of them theaters get some stories and they're really good to learn from. Well. I mean look when when you and I first started talking about doing the show, I remember that it was around the time. I was obviously in the pen demux. I was listening to much more podcasts and I was just listening to them more consistently and every time that I listen to an improv podcast thought it was typically, you know people that came from Second City or just like the big, you know, you see be here the the Groundlings are the big institutions of improv and the people that really made it, you know, they made it onto year. They made it onto SNL and they were all pretty much white meant and that that just has to show to me that like, wait a minute. What's happening here. Why am I only hearing male white male voices on most of these podcasts in addition to being hosted by mostly white male voices? Right that just tells us that like we have been revering for so many years. Not that they didn't have the talent show. They had the talent but of course they had the talent right? Of course, they had they were able to go to these institutions and they were able to have the privilege to to get educated in that way and so many theaters by the way to have never given scholarships or like in order to be on their cast you have to get through their whole curriculum and if you move to a new place, you might be a seasoned improviser know you gotta start from level 101, you know, like it's right. I forgot about that that forget Thursday. We don't yeah, we kind of have it who don't have that here. So it's like yeah. Well I moved to Sarasota from Miami and I was in Miami already performing on Main stage and whatnot. And when I moved here I was very lucky that world aware of which I'm sure we will have on this show at some point. We'll where it was like, yeah, come on and he invited me to rehearsal immediately. It wasn't this kind of like bureaucratic. Well, you have to pay for classes thing dead. Which I appreciate it because it really it really launched me forward as an improviser professional adviser. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah, what a month and that's such a rarity. That's a sad. It's so rare so easy. It could be so simple, but the model the business model isn't dead. It's not elegant music. Yeah, you making money over the students elegant now that your whole business model. Yeah. Well try again. So how long have you been watching like Aussie TV or something because you've been very inspired by this accident recently as the only one I can do. I'm trying to do in England 1 and it ends up going off Lea New Zealand, which I'm fine with I'm fine. Harambe harambe I want to talk about this real quick harambe was the starting point for a lot of the for this new wave of young Gamers. So harambe was able to encapsulate not only like a racist dog whistle joke, but within that it became sexist in in all all those things in those young Gamers with these young kids who were you know, I don't know nine ten years old babies, right and all of a sudden they got into like YouTube game culture animemes and in Iraq was like the gateway drug to like the to a lot of the shit that these kids are that's why you know, you have like a cowl Rittenhouse or whatever his name is, you know, the kid that shot up off the protester. Yeah, and and it's like Well, not saying that that that kid is a direct result. I'm just saying wow, how impressionable and how easy that flame just like started which is you know, there's something to be said about like damn what came first the chicken or the the harambee thing do that ignite. A lot of these kids in their race is called. I don't know but like it's funny how it just it was like this easy internet and access to a world of cuz I've been thinking about this show like where did this we all know online comments are horrible. Yeah, like nobody nobody but but I like when did the kids all the sudden how do they find their clubs and it was like, oh memes memes that's like me are like they are they have literally permeated our own culture for me. I I just don't understand like when did the first name start? And how are we where we are now where I literally will scream laugh out of me for a good I'll come back and look at it again. You know what I mean. Think creatively like based on what you're saying right now on what you're talking about. Like it's online. It's it feels like people have free reign creatively and then that's where all of the darkness comes out. Right like even in a problem. We're on a stage. We are asking people to to don't use your frontal lobe don't even don't even have any forethought just kind of talk right and then that's where the the moment app like. All right, let's pause. Let's talk about that comment, right? So I think that once the brain is allowed to free-associate and go down that rabbit-hole. I think that all of that stuff starts to come out. All right, so it's time for a segment. It is called we asked people to question and they responded tentative that so here's what we ask for this episode. He was a call to buy pocket performers. Have you experienced a shift and inclusion this year in your improv communities? If so, what have those changes looked like if not what the suck? So that's what we put out there have been a lot of shifts in inclusion in this year at least in The Improv Community or at least it was starting to be much more addressed and talk about what do you think do you think people are optimistic right now by pop performers. Do you think that that that generally we're optimistic that when we get back on stage. This will all translate to know to the stage don't know not at all. Not at all. No, I think But I think on the flip though, there's a certain kinship and weariness now that it wasn't there before within the punk Community. I'm with you on that. So so within the community there's there's definitely a new a new platform understand ooo understanding that's actually there. Yeah, like the shows result of that. I was talking to what Schiller the other day who also has a podcast what you learn when we just put his name on her apps on which Ella that's it. That's the key now. He's the Mike Will made-it anyway, so he took he asked me like so what do you think about all this that's going on and I and I said, well all that we have right now is zoom like all we have right now is the internet to talk about these things. So he said do you think it's all lip service package was like well right now that's the only thing we have to that we can do is lip service because we can't actually other than having forums. We can't actually put it all on stage and put it on its feet. That's right. So right now it is dead. Of just talking about it until you can be about it. That's right. And then what is be about I mean for for them for the institutions they got to figure that out cuz you off we know what what it means for us, you know for sure what what's changed for me at least but we'll get to these answers now that we got but for me like yesterday or a couple of days ago, I heard somebody talking about a sketch show or that they had worked on right? And normally you just would like before this year. I would just listen to this and I would be like, oh man, that's cool and they were talking about the sketches that they came up with. But then at one point the person that I was speaking to started started to like reminisce about this and she was like, oh, yeah, it was me and this person and this person and this person and this person and in my head, I was like white white white house. I just couldn't help but realize that she was listing off literally just white people and I was like, well, I can't I can't enjoy this moment with you now because now I'm just thought Hyper aware of this. I'm glad you had a fun time on your sketch and I'm sure it's great. But correct all that I hear is exclusion exclusions exclusion. Yeah, exactly. And you know, it's not her fault. She's not the one running it, you know, she's not running her theaters, but fully Decline and joining in on the phone with you respectfully. Yeah cannot yeah, I mean so sorry, that's for sure something that I feel like going forward like any time that we talked about moments on stage. They're better like List the cast was on that stage that day. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's real. All right, so we got a couple answers one of the answers that we got was from Stephanie Ray. So Stephanie Ray cock Stephanie Ray says that in her experience theaters are being much more open about conversations surrounding diversity and want to be proactive about creating safer spaces for all she does acknowledge that not everything is perfect choice or that she believes everyone is motivated by a true passion for Equity. Yes snaps for that, but she is seeing she feels like she's seeing progress and she feels encouraged. She says we've got a ways to go. We're moving in the right direction. And I think there's enough public pressure for most people to be uncomfortable publicly supporting the status quo great answer. So yeah, so I guess part of the question. She makes a good point part of the question is dead is what's the motivation like? Okay. Great. We're going to see inclusion. What is your motivation? Is it actually inclusive or is it just because that's what we're supposed to be doing cuz everybody's posting, you know, a simple black image Instagram Pages. Yeah. Why are you doing it? I have yet to see an institution. And again, look, we're at that place. Now, if you are white institution and you're doing it just to pay yourself on the back. You can do that. Now, I feel like you might get canceled. But hey, we're we're done being surprised. So just go out and do it and just say hey, my name is Tom Hanks Schwartz Auto and listen, we support black lives matter to Pat ourselves on the back. That's why we do it. Stephanie says also that she makes a good point in them. Since that now we're seeing more scholarships for she says that there are 51 theaters around the world that have committed to at least five scholarships for black improvisers so that they can hack Unity right some have committed to 10:20 or more. So she's saying that we have more opportunities than we have had four students at the moment. So we are working hard to make improv more mainstream in Black communities and find more people willing to try it. So see you theater step up to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to diversity makes me happy. The theaters involved have also committed to having a clear code of conduct and an incident reporting process. So there's a County Judge Judy when something happens that shouldn't thank you Stephanie for for your input cuz we're with you on this. Thank you so much. Stephanie Wright and I want to say you're welcome to everybody who's used huge policies. I wanted to say job where credit is due right? I'm just just being stupid. I think that's incredibly profound a well-thought-out, you know, like just talked about that initiative to have 51 theaters. Yeah just said that's a an amazing initiative right there where she is is said to the commute of the I hate. I am a black woman. Listen to me. Here's what we need and then the community responded accordingly, which I think is good, which is how it should be. It should be that simple like all you got to do. Now if you're white institution is just double down on what Stephanie's doing. Yeah, and and to be clear these theaters these 51 theaters are all involved with black improv Alliance off. Yes, which Stephanie rocks? Yeah. Yeah a little black and probably wise great company based out of Miami. Yeah, the question Still Remains do we trust you? And I think that's a big part of it. I think that all the all of the theaters that are gonna start making these changes. Hopefully all of them will make these changes, but I think there's that there's going to be there's going to have to be a very very long period of understanding that they that the by Park Community is going to tread lightly but maybe even though even if you even if you say well we have an open door policy like tell us what you're thinking. That doesn't mean that anyone that everybody's going to be like, okay great safe. It's this is a safe space. Let's let me let me go make a report off. These Theatres are going to have to make the effort to to to hold steady and build that trust. Absolutely absolutely and what a great opportunity and what a great opportunity to change the song. Insert, a lot of things like being called in and called out like doesn't have to be filled with so much shame in in whatever would have you like we can really start to make it is actually enticing actually cool. Yep. Like if somebody calls me out or whatever calls me in and hey, like if it's actual education thing, I'm going down Mary that person thoughtful of how far falar they thank you so much you cared about like my growth my Evolution you want to do this thing that's going to be scary because nobody wants, you know make people hurt but like we need to change the whole idea around it, like look at that. You came to me as to hey, let me help you out. Let me make you better. Thank you. They're not the they're not the evil people for having a message been trying to help we got we got one more response from our prompt online for our segment. We ask people to question and they responded birth. At O'Reilly Auto Parts. So the response came into our DMS. So we going to keep it confidential as to who this person was. All right, I've become aware of more theaters. So I'm seeing the public conversations at some of those same theaters though their leadership and new course offerings remain fairly White House. I've experienced and witnessed more diversity scholarships available across many different marginalized communities with most theaters operating online. I've seen more diverse jams from some theaters. I've also seen in participating gyms run by performers not in official leadership roles. Yes, I want to talk about that. This person also says that people who just wanted to these were people who just wanted to make things happen. Now, I'm hopeful for more performers to take up this latter approach to the point where institutions will have to improve to stay relevant and competitive. Hell yes. Yes. Pop off. Yeah pause song. And I think I think I've also told you this before but I think that this pandemic and everybody having to go online and money money being Irrelevant in the sense that you had money to have a stage you had money to have a building you had money to have your teachers write all of that. It was was out the window because we couldn't do any of that in person and the internet though. It's not free. It's much more flexible. So once we had accessibility, yeah, well shit by Park performers are out here doing the damn thing. So it's an equalizer. I felt like this year again, like damn. I wish that people didn't have to die. Right? Like I wish we weren't in a pen timing to be doing this and getting sick but it wasn't equalizer for sure. Holy cow. This was like, I'm not going exactly what you're saying. But like to know that on any day of the week, I can scroll down Facebook events, and I know at least one of the events is going to have birth. You know if it isn't all by podcast, it's going to have a couple of iPod people. That's that that's not normal. That's not a normal thing. But like this gives like this is just this is where we got now. Yeah, so he's like by Park shows online are amazing that they're yeah, they're so they're so they're so rich just so funny so much so much. Yeah. I really know. I don't know. I can't I can't predict what's going to happen. But I think if we keep the same energy, yeah, I think I think we're in we're in good hands. We are good solid thing going. Yeah. I think that brings us back to especially with this last comment that we got it brings us back to like now now we are more in community with each other as performers. I can say that I totally felt helpless like before this like yeah, of course, I was having a blast. I love improv and we all live in Provo and that's why we're still doing this but I I would like to say that I definitely felt in many occasions helpless on in terms of like power when it comes to when it came to to mainstream theater, and I think that I you know, we were in it and then now, we're out of it. I look back and I'm like well now I'm even more fucking mad that was nine before and I was trying to say things to y'all but now I'm even more than that. Yeah. Yep. Yep. You should have listened you motherfuker, but come get this pop off could get this pop-up. You should have been out here a long time ago you Shady bitching? Why why I had to tell my wife friends. Why am I now just hearing about Scott music. I didn't know that it was started by people of color. I did not know dead. You should have been told me. Oh, so before we move on to our next segment, I read today now that you're saying that I read today an article that talked about how The Nightmare Before Christmas which is one of my favorite movies of all time. It was somebody who had written about how it actually is about cultural appropriation. I know why yes breaking Jack Skellington. So I will I will find it and then when we post the episode, I'll I'll find it. I'll put up put up the link to it but she writes about how strike she she writes about how it took Jack Skellington, right? Have you seen the movie? No. No, I've only seen it 587 times and I can sing every song. Okay. But anyway, Jack Skellington in the neighborhood Before Christmas, it's like season bounds, right? So he lives in Halloweentown and every year all they do is prepare for Halloween. So he goes and he sneaks up into the woods one day cuz you know, he's all feeling all sad and lonely about how it's always the same. Every year and he stumbles across these trees right and their trees that lead you in this sounds like I'm explaining an improv scene, right? Like it sounds crazy but it's a it's a kids movie following you and why am I am going along because of the preface that this is cultural education like oh listening. I will figure it out. Yeah, he stumbled upon this for is right where there's a bunch of trees and in each trainee, you can go into a different town that focuses on each holiday. So he kind of like falls into the Christmas Town and he's like, you know, there's this whole amazing song. What's what's this and he's he doesn't know what snow and he's like, they light bulbs people are happy, you know, he comes from Halloweentown. So he instead so he's like, this is what I needed like this is all that I needed. Like I just needed the walk ins. All for Christmas is a Mariah Carey album to steal you suddenly. That was they did know I'm off. Watch it now. So right now so good and he steals like hedis after this after we hang up today. You're going to watch Nightmare Before Christmas a line. Yes. Now this lens now with this new life as normally I'm like go fuc yourself some fantasy. I don't have time for ya. I want to know this is one of my favorite movies of all times with this Theory watch a career going in Liar Liar your fire. So so goes in and he starts to take the what the article says is that's very specifically he doesn't talk to anybody at Halloweentown. He just said I'm going to go do this now. Yeah. Yeah, you'll see in the movie. I don't want to I don't want to give any spoilers. But yeah it pretty much totally backfires on him. And it's good. Okay. Good. Good. Yeah. Yeah, how's how's that pumpkin spice? Latte taste now? Okay, our next segment is called things that are happening currently. I mean this is highbrow stuff people. Okay. So right now people are only thinking about the next fun in their life would probably like Halloween and what they're going to where it would cost him what I can't even think there's a whole population of people that that have not let up holiday that like certain holidays are for some people, you know, like that's just some people they are gravitated towards a certain holiday. And for the Halloween a night's Halloween fiends, the ones that are like Halloween is my boss holiday those people they're die-hard. They're like, they're like Philadelphia Eagles fans. If you talk about that holiday, you must have that holiday. They're not playing around. Well, I you know what anybody's doing for the Hulk for Halloween this year, but I'm going to be sitting around anxiously waiting for the end of election day. Okay, because I'll tell you what last night when that debate it was off. Just another freakin Halloween nightmare. All right, it was it was bad. It was that was bad. Yeah. So yeah, what did you think about last night's I thought it was the first time that I actually sat for an extended period of time and listen to Donald Trump speaking. Yeah, how was that was that was infuriating and infuriating off and and also infuriating? He's just literally spewing lies like they were and they were specific moments that that that stood out to me. They the moderator asked me that the both of them to address the families of either people who have been affected by social injustice has particularly people in primarily black communities, and then there were also there was also a moment where they were asked to address directly the families that have been affected by deaths of covet and both times Donald Trump decided that he was just going to talk shit about Joe Biden. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And of course not to mention job. Most important part of the whole debate which I learned something new that Donald Trump is the least racist person in that entire rooms, right? Yeah. I mean the lights were on but it was still like, you know, but the house lights weren't on so I couldn't see but he tried to take a look he tried to take a look to make sure the moment that he said I can't say cuz it's too dark ice. I was screaming like this dude doesn't even realize so stupid. It's so stupid. They needed this other part to that was like, I don't know how it got too but he was like, I'm the best choice for black people the blacks because me, the blacks are now where the blacks are because my care for the blacks and it's like yo first off you're crazy enemies. I am the best the blacks have ever had since Abraham Lincoln and it's like wow. So, what did you think about Biden's response to when they asked him? Out the law that he had brought in for for drugs. Did you did you see that part? Oh, yeah. He said sorry. He said sorry I didn't he yeah, and that's the right direction. That's what the government should be doing. That's a step in the direction of some reparations is the 7th and direction of actual like healing in this country, you know, like a lot of these things are funny, you know, but but we're off a serious stuff like the fly meme what you know, like some people and they live for these little things that are going to be dumb and funny, but we're talking about real things faith in real power that like affects so many people's lives on a day-to-day on a day-to-day like and then on top of that like Five hundred some odd family still are not reunited 5:45 545. Yeah, so not only not only citizens of America but like off holyshit. If you're just trying to like seek Refuge, don't do it here not right now. Yeah, not really don't the thing the whole point. I think the whole time what he was doing was essentially dead. He just creates an alternate reality. So there's I don't know the exact name of the theory but there is a theory that the more outlandish that you lie, the more people tend to believe it. So like if you if you give a small dog people won't believe it right, but if you give just this huge lie, which is pretty much all that he does then people are more more bound to believe it cuz it's just like it's literally an alternate reality. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, That's why we have that video that guy praying to Donald Trump and his car was there a video of a man praying know I got pulled over and he was like, oh dear Donald Trump, please help me log. Stops, I yes, this is this is where we are. This is exactly your point. Like this guy tells outlandish lies people are praying to him like he's Jesus. Well, you know, I like even deeper than that. I feel like the way that he expresses himself and and and the way that he just is constantly fear-mongering like people who have you know, either mental illness or or loaner abilities are so susceptible to Falling victim to that right? So that's the part that I think gets me the most the most fired up about all of this is like you would literally are pandering directly to the people who would be vulnerable to fall for that. Yeah. He's right on top of him. I love to see these like tiktoks of these conservatives that turned, you know that they like June 2016. They were probably on these like hate sites and they, you know c c chair for chain or whatever 8chan just now. They're like this one person like his transition dead. I guess is it transgender woman and like would show clips it was like from 2016 there like sorry. I'm so embarrassed. Please don't come for me. I used to be just like, you know radical right-wing in this is what it took me forever to figure out and then you know, they they came out they transitioned to a woman and over the last four years. So we only get on the front page the song that's like these dumb Karen's and all the stuff but there's a lot of people that have like really woken up and if they cannot go back well, I gotta tell you for Biden because at one point Donald Trump said, you know, he's calling me a xenophobe and the moment it went back to bed. And he was like, I think you are beautiful but not for this reason. That's right. I was like, all right. I'll get it get it. To that apology man, like what again the bare minimum just do the bare minimum people it'll start to heal can see actual reparations or a practical like applications of some sort of restorative justice for our people back in the society until we have a black woman president a really can't see that it's actually happening again. It's that trust. It's the trust aspect of it. I think that Joe Biden is is I do trust that he's going to do what he can thanks for that. But I think that it's up to at this point. It's it's above him up like it's over your head by it and it just kind of staged like we need representation on both times. I think he's going to win the election you can tell he's going to win, you know, you can tell he's going to win cuz America's real calm and there's no war over it. Like if he don't win we will burn this mother fucking down. Yeah Windows because it's a break up where it's like, oh it's been over for a while. It's I think he's going to win and walk. He does. I think it's I think it's going to be interesting to see how we all process but he one I'm going to cry either way whoever wins but I am curious to see what it's going to feel like, you know, and I'm afraid I'm afraid I'm not in the fear-mongering that's not what the shows about but on a realistic level the night of the election a week or whenever you can tell your wife. Not your doors. Yeah. Yeah, they're coming in. Yeah close the windows. Go to bed hide. Your wife had kids had fishes fishes. It's just where we're at. It's scary. It's scary. They are only reporting on things that seem to be what leads up to the fight a lot of the sizzle, but they don't show the aftermath, you know, there's a lot of families that like the families of the people who've been murdered by police. They don't cover like the aftermath and the stress that that leaves on people and you know, the news only talks about like one part of the job. For this more Ripple effects that happens to certainly a lot of these people. So be safe. Be safe everybody. Hopefully it goes all nice and smooth and we can rest easy. I think it's going to be a big relief. I I gotta say I did love what Joe Biden was saying and cuz Donald Trump did keep saying like, oh, yeah, the the Democrat Governors or what? He's really trying to be divisive and off and Joe Biden was like I'm not if I win it's not even about that. Yeah. We need to be one America. Yeah, and yeah, I appreciate that. So hopefully he's he's able to carry that out and I think with, the page him or next to him one could say that will work out. Yeah, I hope so and I think she I think she's going to start running. I think she's going to run for president after this think so. Yeah. I think she will be black woman president. It's already big enough that we it's a big deal that we don't it's not even talked about but it's a big deal about to have a first woman president like in a presidential position. And advice or like that's a big deal and it's a woman of color huge what that is not talked about as much as whatever function else because I think we were all I think we ought started talking about that when Hilary was running against Trump. I remember thinking being emotional about oh my God, it's going to happen. We're going to have a woman president. Yeah, and then once it hit like 1 a.m. That night I remember being I remember exactly was in my house. And I told my boyfriend Daniel get me the vodka and he said it's hot. I was like bring me the hot baata. I it's happening like this guy's going to what is happening in a way of life. And I think at that moment we all took that idea of any female or any sort of non-white man president or vice-president. We took it out of our brains and I and I think you're right. I think I think for sure I had not fully been into the appreciative moment of oh my gosh. We're going to have a female president who's a black woman. Hopefully I'm able to process that soon. But as of this moment like it's just so much going on that. I can't sit down and and fishing Yeah, because misogyny is so real let's get to the election. Misogyny. So really want to let us appreciate it cuz there's a bigger story quote unquote which is two white men digging at the Eagles and they're white men. This part of me was mad that Joe Biden rented like when we were before we had picked him as the Democratic candidate officially I was I was like, why are you running? Yeah, I get out the Wyatt. Yeah, but what are you running for? Because it's a personal goal of yours. Okay fucking go run ten miles in a marathon like everybody else if you want to have a goal, but now I feel like well, obviously this is what this particular country needed right now like, oh we can only trust another white man. So of course it's true. So hopefully now that, low will be the vice president we could afford not to close this out. I will say that astrology says that January Begins the age of Aquarius and in the age of Aquarius, we redo all of them. Stems from the bottom up. That's good. That's good. That's a wrap. There you have it friends and lovers our first episode make sure that you are subscribed to our show on your favorite podcast platform. And please please look alive get to the polls cast your vote and use your voice would like to thank our podcast friends for their support and time and helping us get the show into your ear buds Becky Johnson of the H word Chris Middleton of Riverdale Road dudes off Jackson of the black hand side. Lordy James Lloyd from improv Chronicle, which Chiller from improv comedy connection and Megan and Maria of good luck high five. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you off. Okay go vote by.

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#13: BOOK CLUB - Marcus Aurelius - Meditations (Stoicism)

The Nik Ingersoll Show

11:42 min | 1 year ago

#13: BOOK CLUB - Marcus Aurelius - Meditations (Stoicism)

"Show everybody. This is another episode of the Book for All you book worms out there on this this episode we're going to be reading some of meditations by Marcus Aurelius. He was a Roman emperor back in the day. He was born in one twenty one A._D.. CD in Rome Italy. If that gives any indicator of the timeframe we're talking about. He was also a Roman emperor in the year one sixty one and one of the forefront humans in these stoic philosophy movement so let's get to it. Oh by the way you can buy this book by clicking clicking the link in the description. It isn't affiliate link so I would appreciate if you buy it from that. If you enjoy this episode <hes> also the book is four dollars. It is is an extraordinarily cheap and I really really enjoy this book and there's a ton of gyms in there so let's dig into it page eight begin the morning by saying to yourself. I shall meet the busy body the ungrateful arrogant deceitful envious unsocial all these things happen to them by reason of their ignorance of what is good and evil. I like this passage. This is one that Tim Ferriss quotes quite a lot and essentially what it's saying is like wake up and just expect people to be shitty and and it's interesting because a lot of people are going to be that way and also just realize it all of those things happen to them by reason of their ignorance of what is good and evil so the busy body the ungrateful the arrogant deceitful envious and unsocial basically this is saying it's not your your fault. You're running into these people and those people are going to exist in your life. So just you know that they're there in respect to run into them and also understand that those things are purely because of their own ignorance is what is good and evil. They don't own their mean Chitty something both times at least you got to tell yourself that because that'll make you happier happier person in the end <hes> this is that's a very short passage but I do like that one and by waking up every morning and understanding that it will make your day much easier to go through and also to encounter a bunch of shitheads bauge nine failure to observe what what is in the mind of another has seldom made a man unhappy but those who do not observe the movements of their own minds must Unhappy and so what Marcus Aurelius saying here is you have to be very tacitly aware of what is in your own head. If one is not observed observe the movements of their own mind they of necessity must be unhappy meaning that if you're not watching your mind move and understanding where or it goes then you're gonNA be unhappy. You're just going to allow thoughts. Come careening into your brain until you all sorts of weird stuff that made me don't even I actually think and just separating yourself from those thoughts and just in viewing them as movements because you're not your thoughts by the way you are. You and thoughts are fleeting and just let the bad ones go and one the good ones come around snatch them up in the net and keep them there page twenty eight in the morning. When you rise unwillingly let this be present. I am rising to the work of a human being. I really like this one for a lot of different reasons but moreover. I have a hard time waking up and so just understand that the human human being needs to get up and that is sort of you but sort of not you are not necessarily your thoughts again. A lot of stuff is super had him Komo and saying is you gotta again up because this human meat vehicle that you're carrying around needs to get up and do stuff and Yang it's done so when you're waking waken up unwillingly just let that toppy present you are rising to the work of a human being your mind is working on behalf of your body of your animal animal body of your meat vehicle and I just thought this is funny especially terrible time getting up sometimes <hes> it also says why am. I is satisfied fight. If I'm going to do things for which I exist and for which I was brought into the world or have I been made for this to lie under the blankets and keep myself warm but this is more pleasant and you exist then to take your pleasure and not at all for action or exertion. Do you not see the little plants the little birds the ants the spiders the bees working together to put an order some separate parts of the universe and are you unwilling to do the work of a human being and do you not make haste to do that which is according into your nature but it is necessary to take rest to it is necessary. Nature however has fixed bounds to this too. She has fixed bounds sounds both to eating and drinking and yet you go beyond these bounds beyond what is sufficient so mark. Israelis is going on a a total tear right here. This book is interesting because it's not really written like a book. These are pretty much his journal injuries from being a Roman emperor and so sometimes you just goes off off on random tangents that have run on sentences and craziness which some of which you just heard right there and it is interesting basically just saying like yeah. The B. Gets up and guess what it does. It does be shit it gets up and like you know makes honey and yeah and they all work together because that's part of their nature and as a human being you're also a part of nature and when you wake up in the morning you are doing the work of a human because humans are animals to people. Humans are animals to okay a little delirious. It's a little bit. Lewd Net <hes> but I'm getting spot Gaza done and this is a fun book to read and and also just GonNa be a little bit ridiculous. Wirel- we're going through it page thirty seven all existing things soon change. I like this one. I'm not GonNa read any more of that passage because all existing things soon change the only constant is change and this is even back in the year whatever it is one hundred sixty something when Marcus Aurelius is writing this. It's the same thing today like all things that exist now will change and that is in your lifetime that is an microcosm of your lifetime lifetime that is in the centuries in the millennia that you in in human existences blieved for ever and knowing that the only constant is change changes very freeing knowing that whatever is happening right now can get better or can get worse or can end altogether and <hes>. That's something that I think about a lot constant constant. The only constant is change so be prepared for change. That's pretty much the moral of that passage. What else do we get to pay forty nine in a little while you will have forgotten everything in a little while everything will have forgotten you <hes> again mark because we're really has has this very unique way of just making you feel insignificant and bring your attention on how insignificant you are you you know we get wrapped up in our feelings and in our jobs and in all this different stuff but what he's saying here is in a little while every thing will have forgotten you right like how many times in the morning you wake up and you think of Leif Ericson or of of Yano George Washington or whoever these not very often you know why because they're dead and you will be dead too and everyone else you know we'll also be dead at some point in the very new future and they will all be forgotten so again. Again it's his concepts are always very heady in also sort of center around this this general theme of just saying you think finger so important. You think you're so significant. You think you know Cindy you. We're talking shit is so important right now but guess what you're you're going to be forgotten and soon we'll indy and so while everybody else in time page sixty one but it is the power of the soul to maintain its own security and tranquillity and not to think that pain is an evil so this is very classically stoic right. I mean it's basically saying you are control of your mind. Meinen Zoll it is the power of the soul to maintain its own serenity and tranquility. It's not in the power of somebody else to give you tranquility. It's in the power of AH you inside your own body inside your own head. That is the only thing they can give you serenity tranquility and still systems very good about out sort of pushing forward this principle of having an internal locus of control meaning that no matter what happened in your life whether it's positive or negative you're going to to internalize it and that is the most healthy way to think about things because you are in control of your destiny. You are in control of your future. Nobody else's and the more and the faster you realize that in the morstead fast you adhere to that concept your life will be better as a result and that's on his book for now. These passages were very short but it is a very good book again. It's only four dollars a four dollar book from a Roman Emperor Emperor from the year one hundred sixty whatever it is is already in Zane <hes> you can get the book in the link in the show notes and get it. I would recommend it out also recommend taking out a highlighter and just sort of highlighting it as you go through it. I really do love this book. So that is all for now. Please don't forget to subscribe to the show which basically just means open your phone with your face or your thumb or whatever and and press the button that says subscribe and that's all you gotta do and how it helped me out a ton ton ton and I really appreciate it in advance for you doing that and if you have any feedback feedback from me you can also click on the link in the show notes that says contact and let me know what you think about the book club episodes. Ama episodes interviews or basically gleaning else. I would love your feedback. You know what he was. It would be on the show if you WANNA come on the show hit me up. I'm not as scary as I sound. I don't think I sound very scary and <hes> uh-huh yeah Holler at me onto next time I will chat at you.

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Feminists: Adelaide Johnson

Encyclopedia Womannica

07:05 min | 11 months ago

Feminists: Adelaide Johnson

"In Palo for Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia. Will Manica. If you're just tuning in for the first time here's the deal. We're telling the stories of women from throughout history and around the world who you may not know about but definitely should an honor of women's History Month. March is all about feminists women who fought for gender equity part of the reason. We decided to create encyclopedia. Manica was to rectify the fact that women were often missing from the pages of our history books growing up. That absence is also notable when it comes to public statues of two thousand eleven just eight percent of public outdoor statues in the US depicted women according to the Smithsonian American art museums. Art Inventories Catalog. The lack of such art exemplifies the fact that women's historical contributions are too often undervalued or ignored. Our feminist of the day worked to change that she was devoted to promoting gender equality and was known as the sculptor of the women's movement. Let's talk about Adelaide Johnson. Sarah Adeline Johnson was born in Eighteen fifty nine and Plymouth Illinois on her family's farm. She first began her artistic studies at the Saint. Louis School of design. She excelled there and her work was exhibited at the Saint Louis Exposition of eighteen. Seventy seven where? She won. Two prizes for woodcarvings. Sarah was unconventional in eighteen. Seventy eight. She changed her name from Sarah. Adeline to add lead a name. She thought had more dramatic flair. Adelaide moved to Chicago and supported herself with her art. In January of eighteen eighty. Two Adelaide suffered serious injury. She was hurrying to her studio when she slipped and fell twenty feet down an open elevator shaft. She sued the company at Fault and received fifteen thousand dollars. She used the money to fund further artistic study in Europe Athletes Sculpture in Dresden Germany and in Rome Italy and worked in cities including London New York and Washington by the Eighteen Ninety S. It was clear in her work that she was dedicated to the feminist movement in eighteen ninety three at the world's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. She exhibited individual busts of the most famous suffer. Just's her goal was to have those sculptures placed in the US Capitol building alongside the men who shaped the country. But the people with the power to make that happen. We're not into instead. The busts served a much different purpose in eighteen ninety six Adelaide married a British businessman. Eleven years her. Junior named Frederick Jenkins. The ceremony bucked tradition. The suffragettes busts served as Adelaide's brides means the minister was a woman. And Frederick took Adelaide's last name. He said he did so as the trip. You love pays to genius Fun Fact Adelaide. In Frederick were both Vegetarians. Still that wasn't enough to keep the marriage going and the couple divorced after twelve years Adelaide remained determined to get a statue honoring the suffragettes into the US Capitol. She received a commission from the National Woman's Party an organization founded by Alice. Paul will be covering later this month and Lucy Burns out of an eight ton slab of marble. Adelaide sculpted what she called memorial to the pioneers of the Women's suffrage movement. It's a statue of Lucretia Mott Elizabeth Katie Stanton and Susan B Anthony. The National Woman's party successfully fought for the piece to be dedicated at the capitol. Congress did so on Susan B. Anthonys Birthday February Fifteenth Nineteen Twenty One and held a reception honoring Adelaide. Despite the fanfare the sculpture was placed in the crypt of the Capitol building. For more than seventy years it was finally moved to the Rotunda in nineteen ninety seven. The completion of that piece was Adelaide's career apex afterwards. She struggled financially. She was picky about sales refusing to sell her art for less than what she thought it was worth. Adelaide also failed to pay taxes and was therefore evicted before moving out. She protested inviting members of the press to watch her disfigure. Her work truly strapped for cash. Adelaide even attempted to turn things around by competing on TV quiz show. Adelaide was a passionate talented artist and activist with a big personality. She frequently lied about her age going so far as to have a celebration for her one hundredth birthday when she was just eight. Adelaide died in nineteen fifty five. She was ninety six years old. She's buried at the Congressional cemetery in Washington. Dc All month. We're talking about feminists. We've covered feminists in everything. So far differentiates this month. Is that will be looking at women who were particularly important to the women's rights movement the suffrage movement and door modern feminism and feminist theory on Saturdays. We're talking about modern feminists brought to you by this month. Sponsor fiber on Sundays were highlighting favourite feminists. From past months chosen by other podcast hosts. We love for more on. Why we're doing what we're doing. Check out. Our New Encyclopedia were manteca newsletter. You can also follow us on facebook and Instagram at encyclopedia with Monica. And you can follow me directly on twitter at Jenny. Kaplan this month of Encyclopedia Manica is brought to you by fiber fibers an online digital services marketplace connecting businesses with women who are creating designing copywriting programming editing and more for women the ability to work flexibly on our own terms is highly valued five one of the rare platforms. Globally women are on average making nineteen percent more than men. That's something to celebrate this women's history month as we call for more industry leaders to join with fiber and make strides in closing the gap supporting women and Change in current stereotypes and the status quo fibers marketplace helps the world's feminists get more done with less take five and learn more about how five or celebrating International Women's Day by supporting the female talent on fivers platform at F. E. R. Dot Co Slash Women Special. Thanks to Liz Caplan. My favorite sister and co-creator Talk to you tomorrow.

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How music plays a role in alleviating anxiety with Cheryl B. Engelhardt

Anxiety Slayer

29:30 min | 9 months ago

How music plays a role in alleviating anxiety with Cheryl B. Engelhardt

"Welcome to the anxiety slayer podcast. I'm your host Sham Gander leak anxiety coach in award-winning caster. Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Cheryl be ingle. Heart Cheryl is a composer and Songwriter. And so much more. Her newest record luminary flew up the charts at I tunes in Amazon and has featured unpopular meditation. Apps like insight timer in simple habit. This music is wonderful for mindfulness. Focus and self growth. She is a New Yorker who earned degrees in biology and music from Cornell. University studied orchestration at Juilliard then began her tenure as a composer for films ads theater and social justice choirs and so much more. Wait until you hear Cheryl story today. We're going to be discussing. Several Practices Cheryl uses to alleviate anxiety day-to-day basis and how music plays a role in all that. Welcome to anxiety slayer Cheryl thank you so much for having me for that really fantastic introduction and just so glad that you reached out to anxiety slayer because as I was reading your bio and learning a little bit more about you and your music and your world. Wow she is so fascinating. I cannot wait to introduce you to anxiety slater listeners. There are certainly not many government. Scuba divers turned pop. Artist turned film composer female entrepreneurs in the world. I mean that's I haven't met anybody that does not mean that they're not out there and I wanna meet you. If you're out there please share some of your fascinating behind the scenes journey with us and and then of course how panic attacks actually inspired you to compose your own solution and make this gorgeous new album. Thank you yeah. I was always into music. I started playing the piano. Knows really really little. We had one and then I started to explore it and I think my parents were like I think. Maybe she's into. Maybe we should take her to have some lessons and I just sort of stuck with it but it was always a hobby to me. That was inquirers. Did Musical Theater is in high school and Acapella groups in college and I always loved science. I loved dolphins and whales. I thought I was going to be marine biologist so I was sort of in the culture of Arts are a hobby growing up even though they were I was completely supported in that and then my adviser at Cornell said Hey do you know that if you take like two extra music classes you could double major because I was taking them as electives just because I loved it and was interested in it and I was like. Oh yeah that'd be cool double major and then it was funny because I started to see that there was wait to one career path over another and just in small. Subtle ways like my. My parents would ask me. My Mom's to civilian would ask me. How are the Bio classes going? I'm like Oh they're great but let me tell you what's going on in this music class and she let me hear about the important classes. I'm like they actually technically count the same in terms of credits in greater and I and I remember having to explain that a little bit in it was never in a negative way was just sort of like oh interesting so I sort of had that I just needed to keep going with science and I did love it enough that it made sense. I got recruited by the United States Geological Survey. When I was a senior. My first job was doing water quality research I basically was scuba diving for the government for about six months and the rivers we were working on froze. Wait a little time off and a friend of ironically my mom's who knew that I also wrote music Asked me to come along to to Rome Italy for a month to help produce some videos and do some music I got really into video. Tech and and In College I did a lot of film scoring and commercial scoring in. Just the technology behind connecting actual video with music was really interesting to me so I guess they sort of knew that and invited me to Rome to work on this website that they got hired to create but they say how does it get any better than that I know it was. It was the first time I was like. Oh music takes place like I was like science takes places but it takes me like the Delaware River Music Me Rome okay like I started to piece some things together early on there so I you know I spent a month doing some vr the geography stuff and Mike Writing Music for these little like tourist video for this. That happened to be. There's four a hotel it was owned by the Vatican so we were put up in a in a monastery so that was really interesting living with monks. And I you know I was the only female in the whole building so I had this ten story. spiral staircase to that was like a metal staircase that led to this castle like room. That was this gorgeous ruin and one time. My the my collaborator lakes snuck up. So we can do some work up there. What is this? This is a magical place? I'm like yeah I don't even care about the templates of spiral stairs like I think. Five minutes on the like the canopy bed look out the window. Get myself undeserving from the stairs and then so anyway. So that was. The first thing never turned back I got a job in advertising As a actually video editor assistance that got me introduced to the process of writing music for commercials so I ended up transferring over to a commercial house that specifically worked a music house that were Writing Music Jingles. It was a beautiful studio there so after all the composers went home I would stay in. Stay late and use the studios to record my own songs. That put a band together. We did some gigs to practice for recording. And then I made some. Cd's started touring more left the commercial world toward all over Europe and the United States with this band. Doing me no piano chick pop stuff. Sarah's you know Sheryl Crowe anything and Yeah like one thing led to another. I started doing my own scoring film scoring commercial scoring Where he theatre working with social justice. Choirs more choral groups and throughout that whole time of leaving the the fulltime job which was around two thousand seven about two years ago and also at the same time literally. When I was leaving the the full time job I also happened to meet my now husband and a concert that I was playing in Portland Maine. He's mountain climber Mountain what I that's what he does for living so we were long distance and we kind of still are this whole quarantine thing has his. This very new to us like being in the same place for more than two weeks is not the norm. I started developing like monthly panic attacks and a a learned over time that my anxiety was really some part of my subconscious. Telling me to be safe and stop doing these dangerous. Don't go into this unpredictable. Industry called the music industry. Don't date this long distance unpredictable guy. He I mean in terms of not knowing the outcome on logically thinking. You're like Oh that must be dangerous with his whole job is managing risk in. It's so that that was like a monthly thing for almost ten years on and off at my father passed away in there in that whole year. I didn't have anxiety at all. I just cried a lot. That was interesting but Pantex me looked like Food poisoning because would knock me out for like a couple of days. It was like very physical and then it would go for an eye is like a happy for it wasn't like. I was anxious all the time it was right spurts than just kind of come out of did it seem like it just kind of came out of nowhere or was there a tricky that you were mine. I thought there might be a trigger later on In that sort of was a little more than a decade of looking at it mostly happen at nights it sometimes would happen when I would get back from events and I feel like I've always define myself as an extrovert recently. I'm learning I'm perhaps just very very social introvert. I had that same understanding and yet saying knowing Showed up for me about ten years ago. I was. I was sure I was an extrovert until really not. Yeah I'm not. I'm still not sure I mean the fact that I chose a career of A. I'm sitting in my home studio. I work alone a lot. I love collaboration so anytime I collaborate even if I'm writing music for film score for Choral Group I go in person. I have meetings. I listened to the there's way more conversation than I think. The average collaboration in that sense And I don't know if that's get out that performer element or the extrovert or of it's gone. I. I'm happy in this space by myself. Because of an introvert read. I have a social ELMES I. I haven't quite decided and I don't know how to tag it yet but Yeah I couldn't decide the triggers really Oftentimes once I got married. I noticed that that the triggers would be after we have some sort of fight and I think it's because I'm a all or nothing fix it person if there is something that doesn't work my first thing is like how do I get out of this. So that means I get into decision making mode in decisions really stress me out like I. I'm loving this quarantine because I have a uniform now and I don't to decide what to wear like decision sort of stress me out when I'm not aware that I'm in the phase of making a decision now that I can be mindful of making decision. There's no need to stress. I just need to choose right so I think like for me when I'm in conflict I I'm sort of like oh ninety decide if it's time to go and which is completely irrational. They not gonNA leave over the fact that we can decide. Who's letting the dog out right now but I think that's what was happening in the decision. Making itself is what causes anxiety for me after looking now being able to look back and reflect on it but yeah it was random it is. I would never wish panic attacks on my worst enemy. I started to slowly figure out a couple of things that would work for me. Like hot baths and Camomile tea and lavender. Ken Cream and things that I started to train myself. That are like calm things that I do every night. Yeah and so when I got into an anxiety attack I would do all these sort of more nighttime rituals but they basically telling my brain. Oh it's time to relax in. Its okay. Yeah it's time to take extra sweet care of yourself you know and that's the thing to come up with the the routine. Whatever that looks like that works for you so that you can support yourself when your mind is gangly when when you know that it's in that space of fragility that okay. These are the things I know to do. Yeah and I love it when your mind is generally have never heard that before. That's great I think my my one of my problems why it took so long for me to sort of really feel like I got a handle on them is that I had that routine in place but I only would access it when I was feeling anxious or starting to feel a panic attack. Come on verses putting something in place that would help support just those voices being seen an actor like come out so that sort of led me to creating a morning routine and putting some more structure into my days. You know someone who is working from home freelancers entrepreneurs you. It's it's very easy to not have structure that supports you so I did a lot of research to figure out what a morning routine could look like for me. specifically to support anxiety in the first thing. I came across in this race. Because there's my Lake Dorky. Science background coming out Is Kind of how I approach everything I go down massive rabbit holes of research and gratitude Writing Three things down that you're grateful for everyday and then also writing the thing. That was the best moment in the past twenty four hours a company twenty four hour moments. And it's just to train your brain to look for the good because I am definitely one of those people you I walk into a room and I can see everything that's broken and honestly if something's not broken like I will probably break something just so I can fix it like. That's the fixer. In me and so to train my brain to look for the good moments and to sort of operate throughout the day be like oh. Is this the one? I'M GONNA write down tomorrow. Is this GONNA write down? Yeah there's a practice that I've been teaching for years. called joy spotting And making note of as many things as you can each day but usually I would start by saying pick ten and noting what they are they could be the smallest thing it could be the tiniest little thing that brings you just a moment of awe or sweetness which is very similar to to the best moments and to the gratitude into being able to really look at the. Great and crushing beauty. That's all around us. Instead of my nickname used to be for my husband. Lovingly would say inspector number nine became like 'cause like you if there is anything going on I was gonna find it like that's not right. That's me too that needs to be a deficit and even in the beginning of our conversation today when I was tripping all over my words. That's not something I do like. Stop my brain ago. This is cool just reset this. You're you're good. I hear you the whole the whole fixing thing. Yeah but something. It's helped it's helped in like adding an a little bit of Yoga in the morning. Just to move my body also So five minutes. Reamin minimum five minutes of meditation and so on. Today's actually my six hundred seventy eighth day. He's hitting streets and two months into that practice. I had my last panic attack so I haven't had one in six hundred. You do the math thirty days. It's so congratulations. Thank you yeah. It was It was sort of a big and I was one of those people. I can't sit still. I don't do yoga account like I'm a runner. I'm swim early. You know all these things and I just like forced myself sit there and like listen to some guided meditations. Start listening to different kinds of meditation music and by Neuro. Beats and all those things and distilling timer. Yeah dislike see myself. I think to be able to sit there and even look into the corners and say okay. I feel anxious and I love that and like loving on the feeling in like leading a have a life for a second so it doesn't have to show up the way it normally does were when it's like a volcano said. I really that that made the biggest difference. I think too putting all those things into place and I do feel anxious every once in a while and I'll I'll start to. I'll be like oh wait. I have all these tools now. I can go meditate. I can do. Oh do these things and and it has action. You'd like actually yeah never turned into a full blown. I'm out of the game now because this is really dramatic. I've been very grateful and started to dig a little bit deeper into the the sounds a lot of meditation music that I thought would enhance my practice. Kind of put me to sleep or would allow to go into my to do list and grocery Louis and rallied really. Support me staying present. Which is what I needed. I needed to stay present to see so's things to do that work and so is search. And then I found some Adam teach music that was very melodic and pretty piano music that you could almost along too and that took me out of it too because it was too. It wasn't keeping me present to my work that I had to do was bringing me into the music so I was like. Oh that is a tricky conundrum to find music. That is calming peaceful. And brings your hurry down but doesn't put you to sleep a lot of that meditation. Music is actually had a heart. If you were to count the sort of beat the desserts at a beat that would be slower for your heart is it would be as if he were sleeping versus music. You like to run to is your jogging tempo. So your feet are on the right tempo and then music that you actually want to drive to keep your heart rate is so there's like all this. Of course I went down that little rabbit hole to secure. I wonder you should think about Korean. So it was like a thought in the back of my mind. I'm a pop artist and I'm I'm doing film scores and I have all these. I write a lyric. This isn't something with an a it was there. It was sort of in my head for like a half a year and then I got invited to an artist residency in Greece last summer. Which was I was planning on writing. a coral suites for this choir. That I work with and I get there. And it's like this half abandoned tiny little mountain town in its thirty. People live there and have redone some some of these little abandoned stone houses and then the rest of them are just ruins and they showed me where my working space wise most of the artists? There were visual artists. Photographers and painters sculptors and stuff and they showed me this room. It's like through the stonewall. Go through this arch door and then it was this completely refurbished stone room with grand piano and it that was perfectly tune in. I was like and we're doing a piano record. Oh My Gosh. Cheryl is just so magical. What the Heck Yeah? It was a great. He's and the funny thing was. I wasn't planning on recording anything. There are planning on writing and so I had my actually the microphone. I'm speaking on now. I had this little trouble Mike just to sort of grab some thoughts. And maybe you know do some demo recordings or something and I was like. I'm going to record this record with his tiny little microphone and I ended up having a recorded at night because in the daytime when the sun came out the CICADAS were so loud that my microphone will pick them up. So you're whenever dinner. I would be writing all day and I'd be editing. The tracks and then at night is when I record the piano and I would do some unplug the piano strings and I did some humming and breath stuff. Nothing lyrical but just Parading sounds just with my my voice and this piano and then I also had a bell and then in the daytime edited had reversed. The sounds I sort of created a sound. Some people are like. Oh what orchestrated strings are using? I'm like literally nothing on this except the source of the music is the piano and the voice in the bell and I love that idea that he could be the source of your own light which is why luminary. Because that's one of the definition. Oh so beautiful. You can hear cicadas in one track. That I had before I realized that might pick them up. I had this one little take that I really wanted to keep in their seeking here some some buzzing and then the one other thing you can. Here's Greece's known for having so many. Stray dogs and there were stray dogs in this town. All over the place and then one day I was doing this very high. Echoey SORTA thing that I ended up completely morphing in the editing process. But it was sort of missing you owe like really high and as soon as I started practicing it I would hear a Roofer all the dogs like yelling back to me and I've never I have fourteen days. I wanted to do six ten minute. Sorry ten six minute pieces. So that I can have complete hours worth record Someone could do yoga class to it and you could also do just smaller six minute pieces and has like I'm never gonNA get the stomach. These dogs in the CICADAS and everything but it it was magical there and it was very focused in the Wifi was terrible so I had no distractions and it was. Yeah Yeah it was done and I was like I guess I should do something with this and I sent it to a couple of meditation APPs. And they're like can you? Yes we love this. Can you do more because each each piece of starts little darker and takes you? It's meant to meet you like if you're feeling negative or feeling anxious or feeling sad. Each one has a different theme. And it takes you through the six minutes of like latching on where you are and then bringing you somewhere new and there's little bells and reverse bells at sort of sound like scraping sound that they're designed to keep you presents your without latching onto a melody that would take you out of your own thoughts right and the tempos and all those things are in. I listened to a driving and I'm much calmer and most meditation music they say in the beginning. Don't listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery and miners. No no please please. Do you think you'll be. You'll be fine and did a lot of work with going. Left to right. Aligning your feminine side An awakening that before it can support the masculine side of our bodies which tends to be left beautiful right so there are a lot of little things in there that I wanted to put in for myself and then realizing that this was something that is hard to find not it it. It is out there. I haven't found it and I looked pretty hard. I'm not saying it's not but I. Yeah so well I really love. How much thought and consideration and heart and sweetness that you put into this from the cicadas to the dogs to incredible space in Greece to your own experiences dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and to be able to really get clear and then of course your gifts your talents and to be able to pull it all together in this one record. My goodness it's going to help so many Thank you well it already has. I mean it's now for a while. Now yes it's been out for two months. I did a a pretty big push to get some pre orders at the lowest price. I could sell it for just because I really wanted to out there and ended up being a number one on itunes and Amazon and it's still on Amazon Charts is actually on the I tunes top. One hundred all top selling albums. Who is like next to Kesse until her swift? I was like what is happening like. This is what I was dreaming of for my pop records when I was really trying and this one not that I wasn't trying I I did finish it corner. Decided it's happening. I was like we're going to go master and make it professional and all that stuff but I was more of a like I guess I should put this out there. I guess I should submit it to these APPs. I guess I should do it. Spoken affirmation series for each one or and then it was just very organic and has really really really neat to watch this. Go to the places. I've always wanted my music to go to a not actually superintendent about it this time around. I was by of course well and then and then have it. Come out when it did in in to be a source of of sweetness and support during everything that we're all dealing with right now with the lockdown and current Obama's and with all of the things that we all face that we're all facing together right now in the world to have this record to have them as a support during this time is what a gift. Yeah thank you. It is a little crazy how timely it is and you know my mom and my friends and my family are saying like well. What are you doing? What's changed like oh I'm just listening to luminary on. Repeat on spotify all day long. It's a reminding me of my experience creating it but also doing the things that was designed to do so right. I'm personally grateful I have and I'm like I can't I can't can I say about my own record? I'm like I guess she says I made for the And it's been fun to sort of develop the community of luminary I am a luminary is the website. It's also the instagram handle. And there've been a lot of affirmations that created on top of the music depending on what the music was the each track that I wrote when I was in Greece. I had a theme of the day. So it was either Attracting or releasing something so attracting abundance attracting love or releasing anxiety releasing negatively so. I have a series of affirmations for each of those topics depending on which piece was written from that idea. I've created those. I've I've created more meditations around that idea with a music behind it and sort of put them all on this site. I am a luminary dot com and is that is that the best place I am on Dot Com for our listeners. To explore and dig a little deeper with you absolutely. I have you know would however you like to listen to Music? I have all the links there whether it's it Amazon are spot so you can just find them all there. In addition to the meditations and I also recently a toward this social justice choir in Mexico in our hosts there in this tiny little town. They run this cultural center. It's like the heart of Qurna Vodka and they. They had to shut it down obviously and I saw them on. Facebook live teaching Tai Chi classes. Moving through these gorgeous human beings in there. Looking out on this volcano. That's hundred miles away like it's just amazing. And they're amazing in the touchy classes are silence. So it's like why don't you sell is like we don't have the technology to all right? I'm just putting your schedule up on my website. Here's pay pal me. Here's how you do zoom. I made them some videos. And so now. There's like a luminary partnership and so. I have another friend who teaches yoga classes so I added her so now I have luminary classes that all the money goes to them in their communities and sure And so that's been really wonderful to sort of grow it from just these are resources that can help you be luminary in your life. You are the the source of your own happiness. You're the source of your own lights and here are some resources to help you access that. What a gift. I just think it's so incredibly interesting. How this all came together for you in such a way that just to be in this beauty place into know what you've created that changed your life and how many other people that it will affect and support and that's what we need right now. More than anything is just this beautiful community coming together. In any way we can. Whether it's Tai Chi or yoga or music listening to the anxiety slayer podcast or whatever. It might be that that were out here. Doing the best we can to support ourselves and everyone we come in contact with so that he can be on the other side of some of the stress and anxiety. That can really take you for a ride that you don't want to go on. Yeah exactly exactly Well as we wrap our conversation today Cheryl is there. Is there anything specific? That's kind of coming up that you'd like to address before we go on our way. I think the biggest thing for me is like as we're in this sort of space of isolation for the most part I know. Many people are isolated with someone else and that presents. Its whole series of challenges. But I think that as human beings we often get a lot of fulfillment by being seen by other people and whether you're going to work in disciplines as hello the you just sort of exist when you know that someone else has seen you and I think that that's a really tricky thing to grapple with especially if you're in isolation alone or just with a spouse who sort of doing their own thing or you're writing your kind of in like take care of the mode. You're not getting that as much even if you weren't you know working in a with a lot of people before even if you working from home or stay at Home Parent. Whatever was but either way. There's something different right now. About everyone. Being really focused in their own bubble and the fear and all that stuff. And so I think for me. Just the meditations. I've been doing in the work I've been doing. I'm the message I'm trying to spread. Is that if you can really sit there and go through each emotion that you're having each worry that you're having like listen for the response. So they go through the logical stuff the brain stuff. I'm worried about this happening. I'm worried about this not happening. And then let your heart listen that connection between the logical brain which is in overload right now with all the news and all the stuff and letting the heart actually say. Don't worry about that because I've got you or or what he did this or to see what comes up and then just making sure. All of the emotions refueling are juicier. Even if you're brushing your teeth you can be like Kay today. I feel a little disappointed in that. I'm GonNA bummed about that. I'm feeling Kante call if you can just like list all emotions. You're feeling like you will be the person that is seeing you and that sort of need and loneliness in sort of desperation for someone else to have to see you goes away which opens up so much space for love fun jointly. Whatever it is. Yeah Oh yeah you WANNA put in that space well. Self love allows us to create magical worlds. Yeah without question than the more that we can care for ourselves and and be mindful and not. Push that stuff away over the last few weeks. I've had days that felt completely air quotes normal and other days where. I'm just boom crushed and breaking down in tears and whatever and being sweet with myself about it like Oh. Wow that's interesting you know. Where did that come from? Is that yours? Is that your communities. What are you know you need to do? Now how how do you feel? What do you need and really stepping up? And showing that showing ourselves that self love and taking action by listening to your record by allowing ourselves to figure out what what supports us whether it be essential oils or special calming teaser. Magnesium or whatever Yoga Etcetera and to. Just be like okay. Here's my list. These are the things I know to choose from and I'M GONNA I'm GONNA be alright. I've got this that Thank you so much for making time to join me on anxiety slayer and share a little bit about your life and story. What a magical person you are. I'm really really excited for you. And your record and and for all that that you'll be bringing forward in the days ahead. I'm sure that there is so much more that you'll be sharing thank you. I'm yeah I'm excited. Thank you so much for having me. Absolutely that was Cheryl be angled heart if you want to learn more about her work and her brand new record. Luminary visit her website at. I am luminary dot com.

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Laurence Siegel  Current Myths and Long-Term Optimism (Capital Allocators, EP.137)

Capital Allocators

59:09 min | 9 months ago

Laurence Siegel Current Myths and Long-Term Optimism (Capital Allocators, EP.137)

"Hello I'm Ted Psyches and this is capital allocators. This show is an open exploration of the people and process behind capital allocation through conversations with leaders. In the money game we learn how these holders of the keys to the kingdom allocate their time and their capital. You can keep up to date by. Visiting Capitol Allocators podcasts. Dot Com guest on today's show is Larry Siegel Gary Brinson director of research at the CFA Institute Research Foundation and an independent consultant writer and speaker before his quote unquote retirement. Larry Spent fifteen years as the head of research at the Ford Foundation and a dozen before that at ibbotson associates. Our conversation starts with lessons. Larry learned in his time as an alligator and turns to his recent paper describing the ten myths of investing and allocators version of Byron weans annual surprises after walking through each we touch on his recently released book fewer richer greener which offers a case for long term prosperity and growth even amidst the unexpectedly challenging times. We're currently facing today's show is sponsored by context. Three sixty five context connects the alternative investment industry through its context summits events in Miami New York. La Europe and virtually now you can stay connected year round with context three sixty five a software platform to network and scheduled meetings with context unique database of allocators service providers and alternative investment managers across strategies to learn more go to context summits DOT COM. Today show is sponsored by Northern Trust Front office solutions sophisticated multi asset class investors. The High Tech Anti touch data management solutions for the front and Middle Offices Northern Trust Front office solutions combines high powered functionality with exceptional client service to help asset allocators efficiently evaluate their portfolios accelerate their insights and mitigate their operational risk visit northern trust dot com slash solutions to learn more. Please enjoy conversation with Larry. Siegel who I know. You've been in the business a long time and we certainly crossed paths over the years. Why don't you just dive in wherever you'd like and talk a little bit about your path to where you're sitting at one point after getting an MBA from the university hadn't either job and I had worked for my professor Roger Tsen as a research assistant hands? He hired me as the first employee of ABS and associates which didn't actually exist. He handed me a pile. Abor any several. I'm testifying utility rate of return hearing tomorrow morning and I'd like you to read this and tell me what says so. He gave me an office on the floor of his office. And I'm a night owl and he's an early bird so when he left around two. I got this task and I stayed up a summary of Isla paper and it was therefore him out there in the morning and that was the beginning of associates. This eventually turned into a well known data and consulting firm which was merged into Morningstar. A little more than a decade ago. Meanwhile I had been recruited out of that organization in Nineteen ninety-four by the Ford Foundation. Which made me. They're headed research. And I worked. As a plan sponsor selecting managers evaluating hand acting as a deputy CIO for fifteen years working tremendous strength while the great chief. Investment officers are I and after that amount of time high retired and set up consulting practice. It's hard to call it a firm because it's just me and a couple of part time. Helpers them as I go I write mostly white papers for money management firms to hand out to their clients. But also I'm the head of research part time from home for the Institute Research Foundation and most recently I've become published author with a book called Fewer Richer Greener which was published by Wiley last year. But take me back a little bit to your time at the Ford Foundation. And what you were lessons were about investing coming out of that experience over that long period of time the most important lesson is a signer poster that hangs on mayor. Stanton's walls is a professor at the University of Santa Clara. Who WERE SOME BEHAVIORAL NATS? Which is other people are not so stupid and you are not so smart so when you think you're gonNA try to beat the market by doing careful due diligence and knowing all the colorful and interesting managers in the world and travelling to visit their offices and doing sponsors to he may or may not. I think we did over the very long run. But most of that was by having more equities than the average foundation and a period when equities went up. Tremendously the other important thing. I learn his that. When you're evaluating a manager you pretty much heard. All their sales pitches you know them personally. You know pretty much what they know. You just don't do the detailed work that they do so if you meet one who teaches you something. That's really new and different. Then you have a chance of getting exceptional returns from that manager otherwise all moving in hurt and doing the same thing so that would be the manager. You hire in your role of head of research. How did you structure it? And how did you think about research which is quite different from the types of researcher doing it Edison or the header? plan sponsor or has owner is really more like a head of risk asset allocation to research to help sell our product to clients. We did it for our own benefit and ultimately the benefit of the people you money to so I structured the job as responding to requests by Mike Wass Linda by trustees because I was responsible for a lot of communication with foundation's trustees and by other employees other senior employees to find out what they needed done and then on my own account so to speak I was in touch with all the directors of research at brokerage houses money management firms professors universities consultant this sort of or cloud of people that hang around the solar system and just found out what they were doing and fried to find little areas where contribute to but and I published a lot so I the name out there even more than it was soon associates because the main job that you have when you have a job is to make sure the get another job pursue that route no offense to rate Ford Foundation but you have to keep resume sharpen the way that a research professional dozen despite a lot of research you'd mentioned there's this difference between when you're in the thick of it running around the world talking all these smart managers and trying to be smart and then it sounds like you know when you come out you're paying more attention to the Meyer STAP and quote on the wall. So how have you changed the way you've thought about manager selection and the value added of active management since you've left the foreign foundation since I've left a have only managed my own portfolio which is a very modest portfolio but it still takes management and what I do is I buy index funds and then forget about them and I don't literally subscribe to the view of never spell anything presents a TAX STRATEGY STREET. They don't pay taxes on my IRA FORWARD K. But I believe that if you try to chime in and out of markets that you will tend to buy high and Selo Eth- nets The opposite of what you should be doing my my rancher friend. Hartman says his strategy is to buy sheep Celt here. Though I listened I thought he was saying buy cheap. Sell dear and that's where I'm trying to do but I haven't had any luck with the cells year part only he buying and hoping that it's cheap when you spend that much time running around talking to great managers and you had relationships with them. How did you think about and your stepped away whether you should take some of your capital and give it to some of those managers compared to just say my own now. I should just index like everybody else who doesn't have any information I do about that active management community well. I thought that I should invest with. Some managers is just that they have minimums. If you need a million dollars to invest with the manager I can put a large percentage of Mike personal net wealth in with one manager. One of them has a forty act finally in twenty five thousand dollars and I have about fifteen thousand left. It's a frontier markets fighting and with the US market down the frontier markets. Who down more. But you know my philosophy is kind of Bilo down because at some point you very happy with those prices and sixty sixty-five but I'm fairly immature and if I ever become grown up in the seventy five or eighty five. I'll look back on today's prizes and thinks that they were pretty good. They're not awesome in the United States. But in the rest of the world I think the global stock market ex US and maybe one or two countries feels like a bargain me. Well I want to talk about two different pieces of work. One A recent P. She put out on myth seven best thing as we look out past this difficult period of time and then the other of course the book. So why? Don't we start with this this myths piece in two thousand eleven? I was invited to travel to Brazil so I went because I want to see Rio de Janeiro with the conference was in San Paolo so I got to see two cities one beautiful and other not and they asked me. What would you like to talk about and I said I believe that? A lot of investors are beholden to wrong thinking and is fun to be myth buster. It's fun to say that the emperor has no clothes. It's fun to say APP SMARTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE. So I wrote a thing called nine minutes of investing and I gave a talk there and after five years I updated published again and and twenty twenty was so different twenty. Sixteen that I so I just update the mets when more time that has a different approach and look at more macro myths for example myth number. One there's so much indexing that the market must beginning more inefficient. But there's there's not enough money managed by people who analyzed securities. That's that's a common discussion back and forth. Is there a tipping point at some point? In time that you think index funds would have to amass a ninety ninety five ninety nine percent of the market before the active component would be inefficient. I think there is a tipping point in that. Were no in year it. It probably is somewhere past eighty before ninety five. I'd be very surprised if we ever yet there. Because as you approach that point fewer and fewer dollars are managed to actively and it should become easier to beat the market the fact that most managers don't beat the market treasury. We're nowhere near the myth number one. Keep on Rolling V two is. There's no inflation so the government can borrow well once well. Government is like any other organization that has a balance sheet income statement and Caffeine has to be leased as much as cash out. You're in trouble. Of course they do have printing press. They don't print real economic resources like trots and factories and Pattinson labor contracts. They print the stuff got money which loses its value. The more imprint of it. So there was a discussion about a decade ago. Started by Carmen. Reinhart Ken Rogoff. They wrote a book called this time. It's different showing that highly indebted nations Kevin to fiscal trouble when they're debt-to-gdp ratio exceeds ninety percent. They of course we're starting a period for infrastructure for much higher so the debt service on a debt to GDP ratio that high to be enough to consume a lot of your tax revenue and crowd out the functions of government with interest rates being lower. You can go to higher GDP ratio. It's not magic number. And also a group of people found that they had made a data error because their work was not done quite carefully enough. Their opponents took that as evidence that everything they said was wrong. And you could borrow you want it. Well now you have and it is that because of the debt service because of the principle we don't know where the tipping point is today's low interest rates could be. It could be double. That could be one hundred and eighty percent of GDP but at some level of indebtedness. We will have problems. There are only three ways of governments can raise revenue can either get it through current taxation borrowing which means future taxation or inflating away the real value of existing debt which is taxing. The Past Jackson. The accumulated savings from work. Done in the past David. Ricardo said this. I believe eighteen five or eighteen fifteen. Nothing has changed and so we can expect inflation at some point. Because the government's printing a lot of money in markets like this when people start paying a lot more intention to the indebtedness of corporations and the risk of bankruptcy how do you think about the optimal capital structure for government the hassle OPTIMA cab will structure for government would probably involve some way of owning equity in the government. But you know do that so I believe that a government should be prepared for emergencies because God knows we get them and should keep its debt level low because when there's a war or a pandemic or a Russian it's going to have to get high and then you get low again as conditions improve so if can go up without a ratchet effect read like Japan a hundred percent. Gdp Two hundred three hundred. So I I guess I would SAMA fiscal conservative. I believe that the government should conserve resources. So it can use them to do what governments do which is helping people when times are tough to move onto number three. The Myth number three is were in a new era of technological change. Breakneck speed recruits. How performs value permanently or at least permanently as anybody cares about doubting that first of all that that's possible that can never be a preferred return to a certain type of asset because if an asset earns a risk adjusted return that's higher than all other assets than a wall of money will come in and drive the price up to where the expected return in the future is lower and you get a cycle growth is very very standard values very very cheap? We're at the extremes close to the extremes that we saw nineteen ninety nine and we know what happened after that that you did so well that it became the only type of investment anybody wanted and then it got to the point where value is expensive and growth was cheap in the cycle went the other way that was about the period for about nineteen ninety nine to two thousand six. So we're now thirteen. Fourteen years into this growth wave hand. It's been driven by group of companies. I Call Fan Mag because I can pronounce it facebook apple that flex Microsoft Amazon and Google. This can go on longer than you think. And it has an it could go on for longer than you think in the future and it may that just makes the rest of the market including the manual. Us Equity Market where the whole thing is behaving like value investment even more attractive than if you're a long term investor you should probably your portfolio charred value not growth. At this point you may lose for Awhile but in ten or twenty years it would be very happy all right next up with number four. Were new bipolar world of. Us and Chinese dominance for those two economies of the only ones anyone cares about since it's hard to invest in China very large waiting. United States is a good idea out. it is. It's a great country and it has the largest market cap in the world. I far thirty trillion dollars as of the last year sound from that the second largest is China and around six trillion that doesn't include Hong Kong. But how about the rest of the were if you end up. The next twenty countries Japan Hong Kong France India Canada the UK and so forth you get to thirty trillion dollars on us to exactly the same as the United States. Japan's says Bass China within rounding error and Taiwan was somehow not a country is one point two trillion which rank just below Australia but above the Netherlands and put it well into this top twenty top ten and ignoring these investment opportunities. Is ridiculous a dirt cheap the E for Ex? Us index hasn't gone up since two thousand fourteen the emerging market index. This kind of been all over the place in the frontier market index is down and you buy companies ten times earnings camp out of near unless companies have one foot in the grave the fastest growing economies in the world or India Vietnam Bangladesh. Some in Africa. So it's just a myth that the United States is the only country worth investing in the farther. Afield go from the mainstream them more likely to find great deals. And if you're an active manager and he should pursue these an index fund holders. I am for my personal investments for most of them were just hold the global portfolio rather than the US portfolio. So you get about half of the US and that's an appropriate way to what extent when you're thinking about returns are you thinking about valuation or economic growth? I'm thinking about both. The underlying driver of stock is growth of the overall economy economy's growth corporate profitability. So if you're in a country which is growing fast but it's hard for companies to grow without taking tremendous amounts of delusion or you can't buy the shares that the locals are having with a good companies and they said the bad ones. This has happened. You have to distinguish between the growth of the economy and the valuation of the Stock Mets Active Management in non. Us markets is good for their awful lot of people who looked at the ricks countries and said well the country's growing at eight or five. Us One or two so we'll just put money and then they went down. Of course some went up a lot before they went down period of two thousand three two thousand six or seven I believe the emerging markets index by a multiple of five to one. And that's how you get rich. You don't get rich at nine percent. He averaged by buying something that goes up by a multiple of five wanted. Still having it when he rises over and emerging markets were the great play of the first decade of the century. The ought or not now disappointed but the people in those countries still WANNA get rich. They'll do what it takes to become middle uncommon and upper income countries and the. What's stopping them as bad Seem this some extent with China which is the greatest wealth building in the history of the world. We're much richer. Europe is Richard Japan but we took two hundred years to do with NATO and a much larger than the United States as a portfolio investor. It's hard to make any money. You make those companies and basically thank you have to be an active manager and that by just whatever they're selling right let's move on to the next one is just sort of a really interesting. Take on the next wave of technology in investing. So why don't you dive right in their number five? The next wave is clearly something to do with big data and artificial intelligence sometimes machine learning. Brian Kelly who is at Yale and AAC you are used to be at the University of Chicago. Emigrate talk on this. When he spoke at the q group which is a discussion group for assessment executives particularly quantitative people and he said that machine learning is just applied. Statistics says what you learn when you took your statistics class and college graduate school. You read Thomas Bayes who lived in the seventeen hundreds and cows who lived in eighteen hundreds and there's nothing that machine learning does that isn't in these foundational works but it feels different and works differently when you apply to really large amounts of data now trillions of bytes with really Esten cheap computers. So this technology is valuable and Kelly uses it with his firm. The firm that he works for a qr is a strong advocate. Uppity hasn't believed that people should be fooled into thinking that we've talked. Machines have thing the way that people nor is having to big data and automatic or magical way of making money. It's just fundamental analysis if you have a satellite in traveling over the parking lots comparing the number of people who were park in front of different stores. You're doing the same thing that a fundamental analyst was doing right listening to rovers calls fifty years ago or by going to visit companies and ask them how they were doing and seeing what the executives say. You're trying to get under the hood of the company and find out through legal. Means what inside information the executives have that they're not allowed to use. That's all that machine. Learning is as the sophistication of those called data collection techniques. Gross how do you think about the importance of that into active management? I don't know I have a client pluribus labs by some really smart people which is going to try to sue the haven't launched and I don't know how they'll do a google search but if anybody has a chance of beating their bench benchmark with that technology it's them and we'll see how they do. I guess I'm skeptical. They're going to have competition. A lot of people can set up operations like that the same way. A lot of people can hair security analysts to tear apart balance sheets and visit companies and the first mover advantage. Is THE PIONEERS. Get shot a lot of money and invent the necessary technology than the settlers. Get Rich so the second mover advantage is real advantage then the third fourth and fifth face diminishing returns. I don't know where this particular firm stands in the hierarchy. But I don't know I feel like it's a mixture of height and a real advantage. If you have information other people don't have you should use it while the next one is tied in some ways to where you're talking about inflation. I want you to die then on the activities of central banks central bankers rockstars. We used to win business worship. Ceo's I remember being business school and Barry Sullivan. The head of first national backers. Chicago came to give a talk but he showed up early and hung out in the students. Drinking Lounge and people were looking at him. Look Paul McCartney and a concert. Hey there's a CEO over there now. Central bankers people know the central bankers the way they know the names their favorite rockstar rap stars or whatever and they've put themselves to some extent because we the people of allowed them to in a position of they believe. Give us an hour of any kind of scrape. We get ourselves into a flood of money into the economy. That's the pill that cures all ills. Let's look critically at that for a second. When you're a fireman you benefits from an abundance of fires- no disrespect at mental first responders. But with you fall down in my little town sixteen firemen coming for fire trucks to pick you up and see if you need to go to the hospital and they just. They need emergencies. In order to justify droughts paychecks when you're central banker you're really board almost all the time except an economic emergency so you benefit from emergencies and if there are either perceived a real emergencies all the time you get asked to consult with the kings and presidents of the world invited the best party in you dine in five hundred dollar a plate restaurants the craziest canes the Great Economists said the government should engage deficit spending during downturns and build up a surplus or reserve during periods of growth. Which is the time. Keynesians generally? Don't have anything to do with the economics of Keynes urgency. So they're always trying to stimulate. Then you have a real emergency there out of ammunition and can't do much of anything. I called this view of the World Crisis Crisis. The crisis is the. There is always a Christ's everything that happens is just patient for expensive intervention which benefits the intervene irs. So I I think. Mark Humility about what central banking can do would be a great idea. You've heard about our sponsor. Adam finance in past episodes well just created a custom promotion code for listeners of the show to get free immediate access to Adam. Plus Adam Pluses Adam Finances. Premium content offering that includes key excerpts and professional commentary from company earnings calls in-depth analysis of corporate actions in highlight two research reports for major banks and firms. You can access atom plus using the coupon code capital a that. C. A. P. I T. A. L. A. and visit. Adam dot finance to sign up. Let's get back to the conversation. Why do you think these shifts happen when the CEO's used to be the rockstars and now we have a central bankers rockstars? Well haven't thought about that but it occurs to me. That was a period of about thirty years between those two where money managers for the ROCKSTARS and Warren. Buffett's still is done. Jim Simon's I can think of a handful of household names but they're fads and fashions there was jazz and then there was rock and then to wrap and despite all my best efforts trap is not going away so Alan Greenspan had something to do with it by being very activist central banker. I'm a little uncomfortable with those explanation to the Little Glib. There's been a tendency to think that governments are responsible for running the economy. Franklin D Roosevelt. Certainly helped with that perception with them kind of went away and with a succession of financial crises. That happened starting in the nineteen seventies with great inflation the rise of interest rates to about fifteen percent and then the more recent crises. We've really had three in a row. In a short period. The tech bubble the great recession and recent events with the corona virus. He WanNa man on white horse. Rides the rescue. Say everything is going to be fine and neither corporations are running managers. Who ARE GONNA position? Do that every kind of our I mean they maybe ineffective but they can at least say that their position properly in society for that role. So maybe that's it when you first did this in two thousand eleven. One of you're myths was that the endowment model was broken and I guess you know maybe people still think that. Because it's still on your list. I think they believe the endowment model's broken because endowments of underperformed the Stock Market by lot. Now what actually happened? They went into alternatives. Which range from what? I call normal alternatives like real estate private equity through hedge funds. Which are of an in between her and I'll get to that in the second to true exotics like violins and the intellectual property rights that sometimes trade music royalties and pharmaceutical royalties of our biomedical settlements of Life Insurance. Their performance has been a bad what you would expect if the stock market hit not doubled and then doubled again in the normal rate of return environment between six nine percent a year and with interest rates at say three. I don't think that's normal. I think normal higher the mix of stocks and bonds that is the benchmark. Let's call it. Sixty forty would have had a fairly mediocre rating return over the last ten year regime. I think that the endowment model investments would have beat it but the stock market went up and up and up and even more surprisingly the bond market did the same thing. Interest rates went from three years so the three or four of the beginning of the period. Two zero point. Something had the end. One if you're looking at the thirty year which is a huge return for pies at those low interest rates. Can Betsy takes over. And the rate of return when interest rates go down. It's just astonishingly large and there are periods. Were Browns beat stocks? You can't compete with the by buying private equity or by buying for folios of hedge instruments Hedge out the Beta because told the action is in the Beta. So if endowments continued doing they've been doing in markets act more like normal markets. I think that they'll try. They're not gonNA shoot the lights out because those opportunities exist anymore. If proving any through the first person to adopt a new strategy you may very well them in a flood of money comes in knocking it. It was well but I think that the the very long term marine station and willingness to take some illiquidity risk. His not so bad as long as you set aside enough by A. Let's say three years expenses and have healthy cash flow into the organization colleges that are providing poor product for a high price. Don't deserve survive. And they're GONNA be in trouble no matter how they're do with if you provide a good product at a fair price. The endowment is mixture working capital and Trust Fatten that. According to James Tobin the Nobel Prize winner represents claims of the future and the presence and and I think that in general are doing an okay job I to jump around a little bit because part of what you reframing out was that this notion of if markets are more normal returns. We've recently gone through this period of turmoil. And couple of your myths relate to this perception of a low return environment. Certainly on the bond side that continues and we'll see how this all shakes out with stocks. But why don't you? Why don't you discuss those thoughts? The Mantra a decade ago was we're going to be in the low return environment. People LOOK BACK TEN YEARS. We had two crashes and the enemy of in a low return environment because that was all anybody could remember. So if you're in a low return environment philosophy you're GonNa hire a tournament so then. The stock market doubles double again. Bronze went up and up. And so now that we've been in a high return environment until seventy we're in low return environment because prices are high. They're not necessarily internationally. They are in the United States and the prices of fixed income internationally or simply Site the idea of negative nominal yields is kind of light telling me that gravity has begun to both things up instead of down. You can invest in German bonds where you buy Abban for hundred three euros today and then thirty years having received no interest you receive hundred euros back. I don't know go buy one unless they're forced to do so. By regulation or contract contract and index fund or some kind of a bank charter. That's a low return environment. Remember when it used to be able to guarantee nine percent by buying ladder portfolio treasury bonds? I was about twenty four when you could do that but I was old enough to have a finance job and finance education so I knew what was happening are in the low stock return environment. We've just got much better. Well there's an interesting question where people have said for a long time that we're in a low return environment and it didn't play out that way for a decade maybe twelve years since the financial crisis but now if you remeasure that period of time depending on what day with with things moving up and down it certainly muted some of what looked like a high return environment for decade. It has and that's why I said things look better now than Rochelle. Forget whether it was Nathan or one of his relatives said about two hundred years ago. Buy when there's blood in the streets but we usually forget the second half of his aphorism has even if the blood is your own so I'm inclined to think that we're GonNa get through this Hammett. The market is already has reversed itself. Something like a third of the way back to the top is going to be falafel different. It'd be a hard time doing a vestry for awhile but if you care about the next twenty or thirty years now the next twenty or thirty weeks. What most likely to happen will get this under control. It'll be a new virus that we deal with on an ongoing basis like the flu or SARS or merged or or aides or polio. Though Abi Vaccine there may be a cure and will move onto the next crisis. Meanwhile global growth should precede around three and a half. Which is the historical great. I think it'll be better actually because we have been in a slow period for the United States. There's no reason why the United States should grow the slowly for this long other than foreign competition. Some scratchy style hands that we've had been of a hangover from the last global financial crisis of two thousand seven. Two Thousand Nine. For some reason financial crises inhibit growth more than other crises. Maybe a lack of capital. I don't know that after the financial crisis in nineteen twenty nine to nineteen thirty two. We didn't clar way back to the nineteen twenty nine level of production until nineteen thirty seven. Then it fell again. Didn't get back to the nineteen twenty nine level never to be surpassed until nineteen forty one where we producing mostly things to be blown up and a healthy peacetime economy didn't return until nineteen forty eight forty nine so twenty years. The much smaller crisis of the current century seemed to have worked ITSELF OUT AFTER TEN YEARS. And this isn't forever and look what happened. After the twenty years of Great Depression and recovery was over. We went into another technology. Driven boom. The likes of which we haven't really seen sense except for a few years in the nineties but these things happen every so often and we should be prepared for right now. We're in a little bit of technological lull. But Vietnam isn't Bangladesh isn't China's having some short-term travels the rest of the world wants to live the way we do if they can't come here physically they wanna make their countries look more like the United States part. Let's turn to the last one. I'm going to be diving in more in the future on the whole movement in es g you've picked on one aspect of it probably the biggest miss a ball is that we can move the whole world into the middle class without using energy in the form that we currently know. Climate change is a concern that the standard error. Error bars around. The potential costs to cry damage by climate. Change is so large that it rains all the way from no damage at all. But we don't care if it happens or not to effectively the end of the world when you have that little knowledge. It's hard to figure out what to do. So meanwhile most of the people in the world and almost majority has never been middle class and wants nothing other than to be able to buy a car refrigerator. Have some savings perhaps own? Their apartment live by Americans or Portuguese for the southern Brazilians or the Taiwanese or whoever you your role models for middle class society. Those are pretty good ones. By the way the biggest ingredient in that recipe is energy. Have an anecdote in my book called Fewer Richard Greenery. Which you begin to it in a minute but I'm going to quote from him now. There are women and children in Kenya. Kenya is not particularly poor African country but has a lot of people who spend hours every day searching for wood to burn inside their homes without a chimney. That's how they heat. That's how they could probably get lighting so they suffered from serious lung disease. Starting at a young age more people from smoke inhalation than from malaria their education severely reduced because the children after work collecting fueled school hours and just cannot bring myself to support a policy that takes energy away from these people. They need us more not less. Maybe we need to use less but energy transitions from. Would coal called oil? Nuclear whatever's going to be next taking longtime his the size of the install base and capital required to allow the new infrastructure so is a lot of carbon based energy whether we think it's good for the environment or not so we need to be looking at ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere. There's a lot of technology being developed along those lines very encouraged by that and we need to find ways to get clean energy fast fast means trying to four years. The cleanest added either is nuclear power. We know how to build small standardized lance so that the parts are interchangeable. The knowledge is interchangeable. If you have a problem in one plant the nuclear engineers from another plant can just drive over and take up instead of custom building. Everyone so these problems are soluble. We have to have the political will and I believe that as this energy transition takes place. There's a very large opportunity for investors in the right kinds of companies and countries. Why I want to sure we get a chance to talk about your book because we're coming through such a difficult time and if nothing else. The book is an extraordinarily broad. Look at reasons to be optimistic for the long term. So why don't you just dive into the symbol? Go from there. The is is that there are three great trends that are under appreciated by most people. One is the population explosion is coming to an end hence by use of the word fewer. We're not actually going to have fewer people for a long time. The population's GonNa continue to grow slowly peak late in the century and then begin to decline rich or the roller skating richer. So much richer that it's almost hard to believe. The data for the first time in history half of the world's population is middle class by the standards of the World Bank the world. Gdp per capita in purchasing power terms is around sixteen to eighteen thousand dollars. That's what the United States was in. Nineteen forty nine when we were unquestionably first world country. We were the richest country in the world and the fact that the whole world now lives on average standard that the United States had only seventy years. Ago is the greatest accomplishment of mankind in economic terms but we have brought modest amounts of comfort and wealth to about four billion of the eight billion. People in the world of those numbers are a little high. But they're a billion two billion three living in first world countries not all of them have first world living standards. We have poor people but then there are another several billion living in countries that are not first world countries do live in a first world living standard. Hundreds of millions of people in China's up one hundred people in India and so so greener yes. The environment is getting in better if you look back at nineteen sixty or nineteen seventy are industrial cities here in the United States. Were Justice Kasich when I was fifteen the Cuyahoga River which is the main river in Cleveland. Ohio caught on fire and almost set one of the bridges about it on fire. Now you can swim in Lake Erie and people do. That's the lakes that that river drains into two things happen. One is regulation the Clean Air Act and seeing water act which were long overdue now. Countries Spring in environmental laws at a much lower level of of income than than we waited for and they learn from our mistakes. And then the the other is the deindustrialization of the United States. Moving to China and other places Mexico parts of East Asia and L. India. We're seeing some in Africa. So they're going through their dirty phase but cleaning it up much faster than we ever did and the amount forest in the world is coming up not down. The amount of recreational land available to people in cities is coming up not down and the amount of dangerous pollution toxic chemicals and so forth much more under control than it was a two generations of now. Climate change is an issue that I try to tread lightly in the book because it makes everybody angry they either believe that it is a catastrophe that cannot be avoided or that. It's not a problem that we after adapt to it and live with it. I come exactly right down the middle kind of a lukewarm honest. I believe that we will mostly have to adapt but that it's a real phenomenon and that there are things we can do to many eight and that we should be prepared to do more to many ended in case becomes more of a problem than it is now. So what was the most interesting aspect of your research as you were putting it together while the rich part? Because I'm trained. As financial economists and then no more the cause of the great betterment web made people start to be able to accumulate assets and the ability to generate which is human capital starting about two hundred and fifty years ago in the northwestern. Corner Era England Scotland The Netherlands and then spreading to the rest of Europe and the Americas mostly North America and Japan in the nineteenth century and then spreading too much larger parts of the world in the later part of the twentieth century. What is people have been around for tens of thousands of years hundreds of thousands if you take a more anthropological view and they never created Welson Away. That was self sustaining and enduring. The you've got these little bubbles of achievement. Ancient Greece ancient Rome Italy in the fifteenth century. You have a first great divergence where where you're full away from the China is actually dominant economy in the world. In fourteen hundred and then Europe began to pull out of the Middle Ages had the renaissance the Renaissance Improve Living Conditions for many people that most and in seventeen fifty the people who were just as poor as they had been in seven fifty. Then things changed very fast. Have what the usual explanation is. Capitalism property rights the Declaration of independence the fact that England became parliamentary democracy instead of an absolute monarchy the discovery of ways to tame and use various kinds of energy changes in the labor market the effective elimination of slavery. You had to pay people. And then they get page increase in the amount of human capital they have and then Large Organizations can accomplish things that small ones can't so edison and Westinghouse for Rockefeller Bill Gates. Let me ask you one more before. We just dive into some closing questions. Which is if you think about the thesis of Fewer Richer Greener. What are the implications of it if you were sitting in your old seat at the Ford Foundation and other allocators international diversification and focus on equities first of all market conditions? Make it hard to focus on anything but equities. You can't make any money at negative point three two percent that's not the US rate but the US rate seems to be headed that direction. There's going to be more wealth creation in the future than there was in the last two hundred and fifty years math way. Two hundred fifty years get it but Ford Foundation intends to be there fifty years and the first thirty of those within the time horizons of people now living and working in organizations. I believe equities have had a great run. It's hard should be bullish about something. That's not that much but after a period of adjustment like we just hatem more optimistic about the future. The point is to participate as an investor in this continuing betterment of living standards around the world and the way that the system. Let's do that is through really three kinds of equity publicly traded stocks private equity of various kinds including things like infrastructure deals and real estate. So that would be my focus. All right great well. Let me ask you a couple of closing questions. And we'll wrap it up. What's your favorite hobby or activity? Outside of work and family. I play three instruments. Piano Guitar and Violin also liked to walk on the beach for exercise and because the beach is beautiful and as in my middle sixties. Can't do all the stuff too so I wanna make sure I can do the things they used to do that. I will be able to do for another twenty years. I'm still alive. And so those are that I've been playing all three instruments at some level of skill larger smaller for fifty years. So maybe I put together ban. What's your biggest pet peeve April who see the black cloud and not the silver lining and everything that happens in the world? How about your biggest investment pet peeve people who pick individual stocks without knowing anything about them other than what everyone else knows? Which is that they make cool products like apple or that they are going up. We're the word going is in the present tense. But they mean as they went up I tell shut up an index. What teaching from your parents as most stayed with you kindness? One all right Larry last one. What Life Lessons? Have you learned that you wish you knew a lot earlier in your life? I HAVE NEITHER RABBI HER PRIEST OR MINISTER. Say Make sure you're having fun. That is sometimes misinterpreted as follow your dreams. You may be able to follow your dreams all the way to the poor house. It's no fun to be poor. Learned to do something. That enriches other people's lives so pay and also fun because you're GonNa be doing it a lot for one Larry. Thanks so much for taking the time. Really appreciate it. Thank you Ted. Thanks for listening to this episode. I hope you found a nugget or to take away and apply in your investing and your life. If you'd like what you heard. Please tell a friend. And maybe even write a review on itunes. You'll help others discover the show and I thank you for it. Have a good one and see next time.

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Making Sense of the Madness

The Charlie Kirk Show

2:37:54 hr | 2 weeks ago

Making Sense of the Madness

"Hey everybody today on the charlie kirk show chazz civil disobedience civil discord. I take your questions and so much more here on the charlie. Kirk show podcast. Email us freedom at charlie kirk dot com as always to get your questions possibly read on air but definitely read as i read every single email. Freedom at charlie kirk dot com. Do you want to support us. Go to charlie kirk dot com slash support helps support our amazing team here on the charlie. Kirk show podcast livestream so we can give you the news information that you need at charlie kirk dot com slash support. This program is brought to you by express. Vpn fight back against big tech and big brother by securing your data at express. Vpn dot com slash. Charlie chaz civil disobedience and so much more buckle up everybody here we go charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe charlie kirk is on the college campus. Won't you know we are lucky to have charlie. Charlie comes running the white house. I want to thank. 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Us post a twenty four seven for any rider any package any class of mail. Stamps dot com. You get five cents off. Every first class stamp an up to forty percents off priority mail and sixty two percent off. Ups shipping rates not to mention a fraction of the cost of those expensive postage meters stamps. Dot com is a no brainer. Saving you time and money. It's no wonder why over nine hundred thousand small businesses already used stamps dot com so make two thousand and twenty one. The year you stop wasting time going to the post office and go to stamp dot com instead. There's no risk and with my promo code kirk k. I get a special offer that includes a four week. Trial plus free postage and digital scale no long term commitments or contracts just to stamps dot com click on the microphone. The top of the page and type in kirk. That's right that stamps. Dot com promo code. Kirk stamps dot com. Never go to the post office again. Hey everybody charlie kirk joined again by brown. Thanks for having me charlie. You bet we're going to have some fun today. I'm going to do my best not to completely lose my voice as the greats really limbaugh says bear with me as i fight through. I'm just not trying to lose my vocal chords. I want to take a step back here. There's a lot of people that are talking about what happened in washington. Dc a couple of days ago days ago and we were actually here live as it happened. I encourage all of you guys to go back and youtube and watch about how how we were reacting in real time. A lot of our predictions are actually came true but a lot of people said are now saying on cable. Television sedition insurrection will not be tolerated under any circumstances. I agree with that completely and now whether what happened on. The capital is insurrection. Or sedition will be up for a court or for law enforcement to decide however we do have a clear cut example of insurrection and sedition. That happened in just the last six months. It wasn't denounced was platform d- by the left it wasn't repudiated. Lifted up remember when not a couple dozen people. Many of whom were probably professional. Leftist agitators and very far far right fringe people that call themselves trump supporters. But they've never been given that title by anyone except themselves. They're self described in their own mind. Stormed the capital. Remember when there was a new country formed in america during remember when a group of actual insurrectionists did more then go into the capital of the united states for a couple hours. We're quickly cleared out. No no no no remember when a country was formed. This was something that even according to don lemon hurt democrats in their polling. I'm of course talking about what was for a short period of time. The fifty first state in the union. The capitol hill autonomous zone for those that live in seattle washington. You know exactly what. I'm talking about back in june. After the death of george floyd a new country was formed in seattle called the capitol hill autonomous zone. The zone was a new country was a couple of blocks in size. The zone was self organized. Space is how kapiti man Describes it so wonderful and glamorous with any official leadership protesters united behind three main demands cut. Seattle's four hundred nine police budget by fifty percent. Four hundred million dollar police budget by fifty percent shift funding to community programs and services and historically black communities and ensure that protesters would not be charged with crimes interesting. Chaz became the focus of national attention attorney point usa. We sent benny johnson and colton don as undercover journalists and. We did a piece of film in chess. Despite best efforts by police they were not allowed to go into chaz. This was described by the mayor. And by many other officials as i summer of love as a wonderful display of art and music is called the no cop coop on june the tenth. They had the people's garden in cal anderson park people came from all over. Finally this is the paris commune that we have been dreaming of of course eroding national city and state sovereignty and creating their own country it was written about wonderfully by let's just say poetically by over educated marxist journalists and then like all acts of actual insurrection things started to go poorly in fact they went tragically you see as we predicted as soon as people start to form their own country in defiance to city state local and national orders not allow police in whatsoever. You are then going to have a hierarchy replace would ever pre existed it with the criminals on june twentieth early in the morning. People are shot in chas. The leftist paradise of the capitol hill autonomous zone. On june twenty-first. Another shooting occurred seventeen year. Old male was treated for a gunshot wound. He survived on june twenty. Third third shooting occurred in chess and then on june twenty-ninth antonio meze junior a sixteen year old black male was murdered. He murdered in a place that was designed by black lives matter inc. Blm inc do you know that. No people have been arrested in connection to the sixteen year old antonio meze junior as of today and if anyone can correct me on that please email me freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. Where was the media calling. The capitol hill autonomous zone. A deadly protest a deadly insurrection. This was more than a couple of agitators and professional troublemakers going into the united states capitol and smashing windows and by the way just so that we are very clear. We're not exactly sure. How on earth was justified for that. Police officer to fire and discharged his weapon. And ashley babbitt however we are about to see hundreds of arrests of anyone that walked into the united states capitol for anyone that did lead the charge. Plan nece plant pipebombs smashed windows. They should be arrested absolutely. But it's almost a guarantee that the prosecution's are gonna go over. The top people are talking about using rarely used parts of the united states. Criminal code of sedition and whether or not that is the correct course of action. We'll see but it doesn't get much higher than that. The only thing that would be higher would be treason which would only be applicable if these were government employees however to this day sixteen year old black male antonio junior is not living. We don't know who did. Police have made no arrests in any of the shootings since june twentieth in that new country at the capitol hill autonomous zone in seattle and the left justified. The left covered up for it and that sort of insurrection was perfectly acceptable to them. But why is it that what happened yesterday was met with widespread not yesterday two days ago. Widespread bipartisan condemnation but not the capitol hill autonomous on. The reason is what happened on. Wednesday is a narrative confirmation bias. We could not have designed which we didn't a optic and set a sikh sequences and circumstances that fit everything that the democrats and the left were hyperbolic. Lee saying would happen. A white nationalist insurrection in the country and so because of that they are now using this as an excuse to expand surveillance state expand the security states and try to eliminate anything or anyone that was ever associated with president. donald trump's political movement over the last five years president trump has tweeted. He will not attend. Joe biden's inauguration Isabel it seems as if some democrats have said a lot of democrats than come to the inauguration. Back in two thousand seventeen right. This idea of boycotting inauguration over political reasons is not new. So don't let the media tell you that it is. We saw literally pages and pages worth of individuals who were publicly elected officials boycotting president. Donald trump's inauguration way back when in two thousand seventeen california representative karen bass representative all my atoms representative. Don beyer from virginia representative. Anthony brown from maryland. I could go literally on and on and on and it so. It's nothing new for democrats to boycott inauguration and say this is unprecedented. This is terrible and yet they applauded it when you know. Democrats act way back when in twenty seven exactly right so also the House of representatives is entertaining impeachment against the president of the united states Trump cabinet member on the twenty th amendment. We're not doing it. Says that trump wants a smooth transition Member members of trump's cabinet have no plans to invoke the twenty-fifth amendment Which means that almost assuredly by next week the house of representatives will impeach a president trump in a soviet style impeachment. that's mark levine's description For something the president did call for peaceful demonstrations and they're going to try and eliminate publicly a show trial his political career. all in one fell swoop. You could say Next week in the house of representatives. And we'll see if the senate also Takes this up and so He will also the president united states. President trump will be the fourth president not to attend the inauguration. John adams john quincy adams and andrew jackson also Part of that category as well. So it's not as if this is the first president ever to do that. The president gave a video message last evening. I wanna play that for those of you. That have not heard it where he addressed this head on. Let's play The message from the president of the united states i would like to begin by addressing the heinous attack on the united states capitol like all americans. I am outraged by the violence. Lawlessness and mayhem. I immediately deployed the national guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. America is must always be a nation of law and order. I think we another Clip here as well. Let's play that. The demonstrators who infiltrated the capital have defiled the seat of american democracy to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction. You do not represent our country and to those who broke the law. You will pay. We have just been through. An intense selection and emotions are high but now tempers must be cooled. And so the president also said and i don't know if we have this Or not he said Those who engage in violence. These people do not represent our country to those who broke the law. You will. you'll pay. Do we have this clip as well or on. I think we're loading that one up. We we also have The we're also getting the clip where the president said That he is going to order. A seamless transition Between The the current administration and the biden administration. That is coming in a continue to your questions. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com freedom at charlie kirk dot com. A lot of people are asking us about what exactly is the course of action here There are also people that are asking about some things that are floating around Regarding potential next steps for the president and some things happening overseas We are looking into that. And i hope we'll be able to Shed some light on that later this hour or the next hour as well I want to Can can you help build out exactly where The the president yesterday said that he is going to order. A seamless transition. This is kind of a new is a total shift right. h- he. This is the first time. He's actually acknowledged. That certainly within the last few days absolutely and i think just seeing that big tonal shift between a few days ago and now we're seeing last night and today really signifies that we are moving through peaceful transition of power. Of course you won't hear that on social media especially with his accounts being shut down. But i think there's definitely conflicting narratives between this continued power. Struggle were hearing about in the media. And what's actually playing out right before our eyes. I completely agree with that i will. We're getting lots of emails Here at freedom. Charlie kirk dot com asking for Some clarity of what is exactly happening. overseas in italy and we are looking very closely at that. But i i wanna play The president's remarks yesterday In its complete unedited fashion. And then i want you guys to continue on emails your thoughts and feedback. Let's put the president. I would like to begin by addressing the heinous attack on the united states capitol like all americans. I am outraged by the violence. Lawlessness and mayhem. I immediately deployed the national guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel intruders. America is and must always be a nation of law and order the demonstrators who infiltrated the capital have defiled the seat of american democracy to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction. You do not represent our country and to those who broke the law. You will pay. We have just been through an intense election and emotions are high but now tempers must be cooled and calm restored. We must get on with the business of america. My campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results my only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. In so doing. I was fighting to defend american democracy. I continued to strongly believe that we must reform our election laws to verify the identity and eligibility of all voters and to ensure faith and confidence in all future elections. Now congress has certified. The results and new administration will be inaugurated on january twentieth. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. This moment calls for healing and reconciliation. Twenty twenty has been a challenging time for our people. A menacing pandemic has ended the lives of our citizens. Isolated millions in their homes damaged our economy and claim countless lives defeating this pandemic and rebuilding the greatest economy. Earth will require all of us working. Together it will require renewed emphasis on the civic values of patriotism faith charity community and family we must revitalize the sacred bonds of love and loyalty that bind us together as one national family to the citizens of our country. Serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime and to all of bhai wonderful supporters. I know you are disappointed. But i also want you to know that. Our incredible journey is only just beginning. Thank you god. Bless you and god bless america. So that is the president. United states yesterday Who was For the first time talking about a seamless transition and thanking his supporters four Everything and the amount of success that has been achieved. Thanks to Really his presidency and what they've been able to do so i want to get into this in a very factual way we are. We've probably received Five to six thousand emails Asking about what is happening in italy. And i'm i am a fan even though he was somewhat an atheist of david David the great skeptic is really did a lot to liberate the western mind in my opinion he had a great quote. This as i am ready to reject all pre existing beliefs and reasoning and can look upon no opinion even as more probable or likely than another one of the most dangerous logical fallacies and traps. That happened Is to dismiss everything. Always if the media is not reporting now with that being said there are some wacky stuff that people send us at freedom. Charlie kirk dot com. And you look at it independently rationally and think through it and so i just wanna to go through this and i'm not going to. I can't confirm many parts of this but some of this does look legitimate And lara logan has tweeted some of the south so the essence of this of what is kind of heating up the internet Just to kind of give you some idea of what's happening out here Allegedly there is an affidavit. From an italian court of a cyber security employees a working for a company called leonardo has said he loaded up the software which use satellites to switch the votes Using the satellites is the key part. He claims that went around the normal fiber lines which apparently makes a difference A signal shot from frankfurt. To italian own satellites was then transmitted to the us to allegedly switch votes on dominion systems from trump to biden. It then goes back to dominion machines. where which allegedly. They say they were not a connected to the internet The allegation is that yes. They were connected but it was via satellite This individual allegedly during an interrogation interrogation Admitted the whole plot involving the satellites the switching They the narrative is that they were motivated to come forward apparently because of the debt that they felt italy owed the united states for world war two The the affidavit which we have not been able to independently verify. Lara logan did tweet out. Is something of the essence that this individual signed and declared in rome italy Other people have confirmed this story. patrick byrne other people We take everything with a skeptical point of view. I'm willing to entertain all sorts of opinions and you points. I'm not going to instantaneously. Dismiss anything especially after all the nonsense that we have seen But just to reinforce the weight and the gravity of exactly what we're talking about here. We're talking about a Multi-country potential effort to blast votes down To the united states into dominion voting system machines And so we're getting lots of emails about this and we are going to spend a good amount of time Asking about this and looking into its over the weekend and some people congressman. I think louie gohmert Has he commented on it. Is that right Is that the right way to i. He has he has commented on it. and so. I think that one of the things that is most important when you encounter Stories like this is just to always ask for more facts and ask questions What makes us informed. What makes us different than just following. The normal party line is our capacity to reason to think analytically. And as rene descartes famously. Said i think therefore i am and just don't throw out things instantaneously but also when things started to not add up for example a we received an email yesterday probably from a very good patriot. Who said that. Mike pence was in guantanamo bay facing execution. Today i could tell you that is not true and so i looked at it i thought of this analytically and then i said well no. That's not true and so not comparing one thing to the other. I'm just saying that. Sometimes in the new internet age there is. Let's i've used this word a couple times day. Looge of things that ends up happening there. Okay so i wanted to cover that and if you guys have more questions about that we can cover it freedom at charlie kirk dot com but I know that that's been heating up the internet a little bit The last couple days isabelle. What what what are you. What are you reading. What are you looking at what's What's on your mind so as predicted from the last few days. Obviously charlie. we've been in this studio pretty much nonstop for the last three days or so just taking everything as it comes in real time and analyzing sort of what we predict. The next few days might look like as we get closer. We predicted that things might get a little crazier when it comes to the rhetoric against trump supporters specifically against the president and against individuals on capitol hill who objected to the electoral college. Vote right. now we're seeing a lot of that especially on social media as of a few minutes ago. The hashtag trump is a domestic terrorist. Was the number one trending topic on twitter this morning Another very highly trending topic at number four is hashtag. Ted cruz killed the cop hashtag. Maga- terrorism this rhetoric. That all of a sudden i think is going to continue more deeply dividing. The united states is really heating up and becoming significantly more serious in the allegations and finger pointing of what. We're calling each other. it's no longer. I disagree with you. it's because i disagree with you. You're automatically terrorists and so let me it's really it's really a fascinating thing so there's a couple of groups of people. We receive a lot of emails and feedback from people Where people say. I love what happened at the capitol. i say. Hold on a second timeout. If you're trump's party love what happened in the capital probably doesn't strengthen your argument that in teeth was at the capitol. Right just trying. You can't hold you can't all of a sudden be like yes. I was cheering those people on and also it was all antifa right right so it doesn't exactly help the argument there. That's number one number two. let's talk about. Who is actually there viking. Man okay not an antifa guy. He is someone that has been at trump supporter rallies before and based on his social media posts. Viking men who apparently was shaman. That's what i was told As something of that variety. was a trump supporter however There have been reports. There was one gentleman that was. There will probably be arrested very soon. Who was from utah. Who is a professional instigator and agitator. He just that's he went to. He went too far right rallies went too far left rallies. He's a non ideological guy. That's always just looking for a fight. Probably has manic depressants sociopathic tendencies and just lupin and a trump supporters. Very unfair. Okay so that would be re that would reinforce the argument There there's also there's also a fair amount of people that would identify on the white nationalist ethno-nationalist french They are not part of the conservative movement. They self described themselves as One gentleman that went into pelosi's office had a quote that was a mocking even. Read on air from alabama or arkansas. I think he is from and He's been identified sense that there are other people though this is this is where the nuance is important. that didn't bash windows. That didn't bring down doors That got caught up in the heat of the moment that followed with trump flags up to the steps of the cat up capital or went into the rotunda and went out And unfortunately i believe that many of those people are now going to be tried wrongly with terrorism charges. Okay and i just. I just want to be very clear that there were a trump legitimate mainstream trump supporters. There there was a vast majority. There was a lot of professional instigators agitators. And so if i were to try to build out exactly what happened There were a lot of trump supporters. That came that plan to peacefully demonstrate. And then these agitators that know how to get up a crowd that know how to get emotions flowing They were the ones that were leading the charge. They were saying things that they know are trigger words alongside some of the ethno-nationalist people that are not part of the conservative movement. And you had this this kind of confluence of events that kind of stirred all of that up that's the that is the factual nuanced way to describe exactly what we know as of today right now but to say that they were all trump. supporters is completely and totally untrue. I want to get into. I wanna paint a different scenario for you. People say well charlie. We re just supposed to sit there and do nothing when they stole our election. I said absolutely not that was never my position. I've never said that. And i wanna get into a something that is nuanced but important The difference between civil discord and civil disobedience those are two completely different things. What happened on wednesday whether it was instigated or whether it was churned up or whatever you wanna call it was civil discord and no one. I think should support that. Some people do and i. We don't but what is civil disobedience at something completely and totally different civil disobedience has been used many times In the last one hundred fifty two hundred years to affect weight mass social. Change that all of us would look back and we look at those people as heroes civil. Disobedience is something completely and totally different civil disobedience by definition is supposed to be non. Violent in nature civil. Disobedience is never supposed to harm another person it can temporarily inconvenience someone. I'll get to that in just a second however it's also supposed to make a broader bigger point The author of the idea of civil disobedience someone by the name of henry. David throw a tran send. Dentist can never say that word smoothly as well. But he believed transcendental ism He was inspired by ralph waldo. Emerson of who of course wrote walden in the woods or maybe thoreau wrote walden the woods. Anyway i get them interchange all the time they were really good friends and they were kind of the original individual thinkers in the eight in the mid eighteen. Hundreds of this idea of kind of individual emerson wrote walden. Okay was right got it. Thank you connor. So ralph no henry. David thoreau famously. Wrote his doctrine on civil disobedience when he refused to pay taxes to the federal government and it failed miserably. Key went to jail. However here's what civil disobedience and we're going to see a lot more of this. I want to be very clear. I will support thoughtful acts of civil disobedience. it's what makes this country a beautiful country. I will not support acts of civil discord or of harming other people. Okay so here are the three kind of these. This is an original list for me but it's really not original. What do i mean by that. Meaning that if you just read all the literature you'll come away with these takeaways. But the list itself. I think helps. Here are the three attributes of civil disobedience. I want you to ask yourself the question of whether or not the people on wednesday did this number one. You must have a clear goal in mind. What the heck was the clear goal in mind on wednesday. What was the goal bloodshed. Stupid number two. You must be willing to accept the punishment the fact that a lot of these people are still. Mia running around goes to show that they are going against the doctrine of effective civil disobedience number three exhausted all other options meaning you have exhausted all other options. Some people said we did exhausted all options. That's why we were there a wait now. So henry david. Thoreau did right walden okay. I'm getting all sorts. Different types of feedback. I told you. I get them confused all the time. It's all right. We got our wires cross. Thank you connor. I want you to imagine something as we wrap up this hour. We're going to carry this into the next hour as well. I want you to imagine that this beautiful rally happens with the president. And instead of any of these instigators and agitators doing that all the trump's supporters instead went to pennsylvania avenue and sat down and started singing patriotic songs. America the beautiful the national anthem and they said we are going to sit here peacefully. You're going to have to arrest us until we get a certification of the two thousand and twenty election. I would have been in support of that. Why clear goal in mind. We want a audits of the election or to go to the state legislature willing to accept the punishment's and exhausted all other options. Do you see how things would have been different. See that would not have been doing nothing. That actually would have taken more courage and more clarity than bashing and windows and it would have actually helped achieve your goal. I want you imagine of three hundred thousand. Half a million people with sat down in pennsylvania avenue singing america the beautiful could they arrested half a million people of course not and that would have won public opinion over. Okay so i want to. Oh there's a lot of things i wanna get into. You guys can email us in real time freedom at charlie kirk dot com Just said what is the story out of italy thankfully of already covered that. So you guys can go back in the livestream and do that Thank you for asking. I want to say here There was one really really good email. I can't find it someone was just complementing. The idea around civil disobedience so is valued some thoughts on this right. And then i wanna get more into a history of civil disobedience and what that exactly means on because the answer is not to do nothing right. I'm not saying that every person that was there in washington. Dc shouldn't have been there. I'm not. I'm not saying that. There couldn't have been something bold and courageous that was done but smashing windows. Isn't that well. I think our track history turning point. Usa and just as individuals to is always to take a stand for what you believe in and to do something when you see injustice when you're experiencing injustice and we talked a lot the other day on our livestream about how people do feel disenfranchised they don't feel heard they feel shut down by their government and of course you should do something about that. But there's a very clear line between civil disobedience and civil discord. And i know we're going to be jumping into that here in a moment and that doesn't necessarily mean following the letter of the law because civil disobedience has always involved that's a level of lawlessness but that doesn't have to go into violence. I can't really begin to tell you. How many posts. I've seen in the last twenty. Four hours listing the names of people who broke the law in the name of true justice throughout history because the law isn't always on the side of justice and that's important to remember we've seen some of the most inspiring people throughout history break the law to further the cause of justice. So that's not necessarily a bad thing that being said breaking the law and destruction of property and violence are two very different things so right it depends what lawyer breaking. and what so. The three characteristics of civil disobedience. Which is you must be willing to accept the punishment. You don't wear masks. You don't do it be eliminated if i did or what. Some of the people that might have been anti for leftist agitators. Did right re smash all these windows and run runaway. Instead you must be you must be willing to accept puncture number two. The true doctrine is civil disobedience peaceful demonstration. You don't hurt other people and you don't take their stuff. It's a pretty simple rule. Various don't hurt other people and you don't take their stuff now. This is nuanced. you can inconvenience. People most famous types of civil disobedience would be sitting in the streets right or something like that rosa parks for refusing to give you. We're going to get to that and that one wasn't as much of an inconvenience. It was against the law because it was an unjust law. And then the other thing is you must have a clear goal in mind. What are you trying to achieve angry. Okay we got that. I'm angry two. Okay i dedicated my life to getting this president. Reelected lots of anger around here. Okay so what do you do about it. what's your goal. The goal was. Let's try to get the state. Legislatures involved audit the elections all these sorts of things. So we're willing to take the punishment all half million us are willing to go to jail. Okay we're not going to hurt other people and take their stuff right. That's a two good things like gonna smash windows are not going to hurt people. The clear goal in mind with exhausted all their options. And then you have hundreds of thousands of people that and we made this recommendation as the other. Our was kind of ending very quickly. Is what if this would've happened. What if hundreds of thousands of people On wednesday would have went to pennsylvania avenue in a beautiful patriotic display and sat down in pennsylvania avenue and just sang america. The beautiful and god bless america and wonderful patriotic songs. Now that would have checked all those boxes right right and it would have left a legacy and i think that's right. Horton to people. Want this to be in the history books and i think unfortunately now wednesday is going to be in the history books for a lot of ro who would have been who would have been the martyr's in that situation who would have been in just taught like who would have been the ones. The people getting arrested for singing patriotic songs for demanding clear clear fair election while they're singing. They're getting arrested. They were willing to accept the punishment. This is why. What henry david. Thoreau wrote about here. He said if you're not willing to accept the punishment your protests is not a protest. It's not you're not gonna win over public opinion. Do you think the public opinion was one over on wednesday. Absolute some people say public opinion means nothing. You're wrong. it means a lot. Yeah it you wanna actually affects you. Mass social change then. You need to be able to do that so you kind of look at some examples of this. Obviously rosa parks is a great example right Now the baxter. An rosa parks which is really interesting is that she was a member of the n. Double acp Before the nwa you is has became super political as it is now but as a member of the nwa she knew that bussing was becoming a focus of the local n. Double acp And so she kind of was leading. She was a leader on that She said i'm not gonna sit back of us. A kind of everyone knows how that unfolded but she went to jail. She didn't resist violently She didn't do. This is kind of where some people in the mood. That malcolm x. Interpretation martin luther king Interpretation of this and generally martin luther king Was a proponent of peaceful demonstration with that being said where there's history of martin luther king that's not always told he did say positive things about mobs at times two of which i do not share. Probably the best example. Though that is used is ghandi's salt march where there is a my. The details are hard direct like there is a salt tax. Being put on by britain and sixty thousand would go from city to city. Protesting it at the sixty thousand people went to jail But they actually ended up getting rid Through peaceful demonstration There's many other examples of this. But in the era we live in social media and mass media. I think it's easier to win over public opinion and easier to lose public opinion. If you mishandle these situations one hundred. And so i just want to make sure everyone understands my position where some people say that none of those people should have been there. There's no election protests. Like how are we actually protesting right. And so here's know if it looks like by absent a god sized miracle biden's going to become president and there's gonna be a lot of unconstitutional unjust laws that are gonna come through and so let's let's give an example at all of a sudden joe biden signs in an assault weapons ban. What's the proper way to protest that well you have to be willing to accept the punishment not hurt other people in that. Take their stuff. Have a clear goal in mind. Got to satisfy those requirements right so the end you have to exhaust other option super fight fighting the courts. Did you try to take over state legislatures. Did you try. Did you use all the different. Maybe sanctuary city provisions that have now been put in before all of a sudden people start shooting and go violence right. And that's what i kind of want to just build out because we got a lot of questions here. They said charlie. The founding fathers shot shot and ask questions later. No that is not the american founding. There was a decade of peaceful pushing back. Against the crown of negotiation of deliberation the declaration of independence was not a declaration of war The founding fathers wanted to seek peaceful means of the formation of the new country. It wasn't until the boston massacre until lexington concord came before the declaration actually and it wasn't until things really started the bubble up till things get to that moment. The founding fathers did not relish conflict though. They didn't want it. They didn't actually the ones that we must go to war now. They knew what was going to happen after the declaration but there were some people that signed were hopeful that the you know the britain because of how we were they were they were and because of a rising french power that was being led by the pulling wasn't totally power yet but a rising power that they wouldn't want the fight They were wrong. But if you read in the declaration it says one of the course of human events it becomes necessary dissolve ties. This was a hey can dissolve peacefully. The answer was no but this idea that all of a sudden the founding fathers didn't documents thoughtfully specifically exactly what they wanted to do and try to come to kind of peaceful conclusion and they just started storming british troops. And that's not correct at all. And so i just wanna make sure that we add the proper interpretation american history here for some people that are all of a sudden like doing this massive call to arms and an even since then if you look at domestic changes in our laws if you look at american history. The most effective way to do it is through the doctrine of henry. David the rose civil disobedience and that's that's something that i think. We must re educate ourselves on especially as we get into the looming tyranny. We all know is coming. We are going through a couple. Different things like this is really important. And we're getting a lot. I actually really thoughtful questions. And i know there's a lot of anger out there. And anger sign. I'm angry to trust me And so is this a bell of what's happened in our country and also about how this entire thing was administered and what we were doing in the previous segment just painting a picture of how things could have been different on. Wednesday still could have been bold still could have been dramatic and courageous where that huge march could have happened and went to pennsylvania. Avenue sat down sang patriotic songs. For twelve hours. Imagine if they were there for two days hundreds of thousands of people food would have been provided to them and all of a sudden congress would have heard hundreds of thousands of people through the halls of congress singing america. The beautiful trying to say police clarify the election all peaceful. There wouldn't have been enough cops in dc virginia delaware to arrest them. All the media would say arrest all these terrible people in the argument. Be wait a second washington. Dc's lockdown anyway. Why do they need to leave. Pennsylvania avenue and these hundreds of thousands of people would have drawn peacefully. A massive amount of it wouldn't move the dial and all of a sudden we would have supported it and anyone that would have been arrested there. It would have been looked like that was the act of tyranny going towards them and every single goal that we might have wanted to see accomplish could have been accomplished when when in reality the exact opposite happened and so the question is why did this happen. Why did it happen the way it did while they were agitators and they were really high emotions and also quite honestly in our conservative movement. We have not done a good enough job of educating all of you on. What is civil disobedience. How does it work. And what exactly redoing here. Because all this anger needs to manifest itself hopefully into something constructive. We talked about in civil. Disobedience must be willing to accept the punishment have a clear goal in mind exhaust all of their options and also Quite honestly be able to win win over public opinion in more ways than one. A lot of people have been asking us well. Charlie didn't the american founders. Didn't they immediately go to violence and isabel if you look back in history that's not exactly the case. It's absolutely not the case. The reality is the people who are responsible for creating. the united states of america broke with human nature. They didn't resort to violence. After literally decades of frustration. They formed a congress. They organized a boycotted. They didn't pay their taxes. They burned stamps. All of which led up to a revolution but even then as we just mentioned in our last segment the declaration of independence was not a declaration of war. It was asking for a peaceful dissolution of the united states from the british empire. So they truly did exhaust every other option over a span of literally decades before an actual armed revolution. That's rice and the declaration of independence was trying to be a peaceful seeking of remedying differences. And also the other important point here. Is that the founding. Fathers did not have national elections to be able to elect a leader now the counter argument that you probably are single. Charlie we didn't have an election here And that's why all this anger kind of pent up. It's a pretty good. I think that's pretty fair point however we did have an election in most states and in the next segment. I want to build this out. Which is this question of. Should i ever vote again. Should i ever participate in this. I'm going to completely totally check out. I think that's a pretty silly argument and For variety different reasons. But also i'm gonna prove it to you. I'm gonna prove it to you and kind of how we have responded to things and how we have handled things and so as we kind of come up on. The looming biden presidency. I think that there's going to be a lot of opportunity to learn from this because there will be a tremendous amount of liberties and freedoms taken from us and they already have been the question is how are we going to handle it. Are we going to handle it. Like some of the maybe antifa insurrectionist for rights. White nationalist people did on wednesday. Or are we going to take a less. Take a step back and say i'm going to not take people stuff and not hurt them. I've exhausted all other options. Either clear goal in mind. And i'm willing to accept the punishment all of a sudden you'll win over public opinion when that happens. You'll win over people sympathies when that occurs and that really does matter when you're trying to effect social change now if your goal is just to watch the world burn then go do what you did on wednesday if all you want people to fight each other and for blood to spill that is not an argument that is rooted in the western tradition. Remember it takes talent skill thought and quite honestly a higher level of consideration to built. It takes no such consideration to tear down. Isis can tear stuff down. That's what they do all day long. All they do is destroy. They've never built anything but to but to build something new. It takes patience. It takes deliberation it takes focus. it takes perseverance. And that's what the west is all about. The west is about building something new. Not just tearing down the same piece of land and conquering it in some sort of medieval futile theocracy. That's not who we are not who we should be instead. We should always be asking ourselves. How can i build new matt's who we are aware loading up some very interesting video around the capitol hill Chaos that ensued a couple days ago. But i want to address this question of people say i'm never going to vote again. I'm never gonna vote again. I don't trust any of our elections. Well that's a really dumb thing to say. Let's go this piece by piece and bit by bit. Do you believe trump won the state of florida. Yes or no if yes then you do. Trust some elections then. Do you believe that young. Kim won her congressional race in orange county california. Yes so maybe there was fraud and there is nonsense all of that but do enough people voted to get congresswoman young kim to unseat gil cisneros. Do you believe that. Mike garcia one in california. Because he did the point is this is that there are certain states that have practices. That are unconstitutional. Absolutely need to get addressed but there are states that are actually doing their elections correctly. Let me read you. The election results from the state of florida last time president. Donald trump won florida by hundred and ten thousand votes. This time he won the state of florida with five point. Six eight million votes. Joe biden got five point two million votes winning by nearly four points. Four hundred thousand votes and so if you think and you trust the elections in florida take a step back and say why look because of leadership and it's also because of public pressure. It's because i'm a. I'm a citizen. In the state of florida. The florida republican party and the florida legislature got heavily involved in getting secure elections kicking dominion out of their state. Doing these sort of things signature verification. The point is this is that we do have certain states where elections are done fairly and transparently with massive amounts of population. So if you if you trust the elections in florida and if you trust the elections in ohio the net means there is some pathway. Forward that somewhere in this country you can then get to a point of transparency and trust but a question. A lot of people have as well. How do i trust my elections again in georgia in arizona. Great question brian. Kemp and the governor's race in arizona are both up in two thousand and twenty two demand in the primary and daily through your activism and through everything. You're doing that. You want very specific changes done. All you want to say is this. I want the florida system of voting in georgia and arizona. That's it i want. The florida system voting. Nationwide for some of you. That are skeptical. And you'll say that'll never happen. Dismissal that cynicism and entertain a little bit of hope in two thousand eighteen when rhonda santa's ran for the governor's race. It was a mess. Brenda snipes and broward. County took days to report results. That were ballots being driven everywhere. Rhonda santa's narrowly won that race and the moment he took office. He changed the elections. Things can move to be better. This is one thing that i hope to instill a little optimism and confidence in you. I think far too often. We have this belief that things are just always getting worse forever. No florida's a test case how things were awful. And they're actually pretty awesome now. That florida schools are open. That four businesses are open that in florida. They have the strictest signature verification of the country and florida is the third most populous state in the country third or fourth most populous state in the country. Why people demanded it citizens rose up and we had leadership totally agree that we got some problems. We got some problems in two states in particular that need to be fixed immediately and both of those states have republican legislators state and senate state house and senate and a state governor georgia and arizona on acceptable. It has to be fixed now. Also we look at wisconsin and michigan republican state legislatures. Florida was a mess and it became fixed. So if you say. I trust none of my elections. None of them are happening. You're wrong you self contradict yourself. You either believe that elvira salazar one in downtown miami florida in a heavily democrat district or you. Don't i want to add. I have a question here. That went asca that i want to show some. I want to show a clip here. it's very interesting. There were definitely people that broke through window in glass that people that were fighting with police at the same time though it looks like new video has popped up that shows that the capitol hill police let these people through. How did that happen. And why did that happen now. We have muted this video because we are streaming live on radio stations across the country. And there's a lot of swear words and we're not allowed to air those so for those of you on the livestream you're about to watch a video with no audio in fact. Can you keep my mic hot. So i can narrate over that so before. I play this tape though. This is a tape showing. And i've not seen this tape until this morning. They just opened up the doors and they allow everyone to come in This is not an act of terrorism. Just letting people through a door now isabel. You've spent a lot of time in dc anyone's allowed to go into capitol hill. Usually typically right. You can show his true. You're just allowed to go through. You have to go through a security thing usually th right and on occasion you do have to get a special pass to observe in the gallery for the house in the senate but it's not very difficult to get one of those you visit your representative or your senator and just ask right and so i want to be very clear. There's other videos. That show that were instigators. That were burning and fighting cops. This video right here adds a little nuance. Though that some people were just allowed to walk in as if they were invited play tape. And i'm going to narrate over it so as you have here a group of people that look to be marked participants and the doors are just kind of lead open Who they were. Let open by. And for what reason We don't know And it looks i i. I don't know who these people are. What what they are doing. But this does not look Anything to be. Violent in my estimation for those of you on radio you can go to charlie. Kirk youtube The police seem to kinda be standing there. They just looked. that's them they just kinda. Let them go by This doesn't look like there's burning or anything like that happening They're just kind of walking up the stairs and Kind of just going through so while. There is footage. it's just. They're walking in a single file line. This doesn't look like storming the capital right. This doesn't look as if there's anything overly violent now. The looks like a journalist I wonder if he'll get charged on federal terrorism charges. Here's the capitol hill rotunda. They just kind of walked in And i think that's the end of that video right so there are other videos that show that people were breaking glass and trying to get in and all of that But that right there just kind of goes to show that the police were just kind of like walked through now. It could be that the police were given a stand down order by whom we don't know or could be that. The police made the decision. Like hey i don't want anyone to die right now. I'm just going to make the decision to let them through. And i don't want the conflict of the controversy. Now that was the right decision or not. You can kind of sympathize with it but if you play that video back one more time. Let's put that video again connor. It's pretty powerful here. Let's play this again. I just want to be very clear. We never saw this type of footage on cable news. I have not seen this on. Cnn and i have not seen this in other places where the people are just kind of just walking through now before anyone gets just want to make sure we're honest. This is not all the footage of what happened. Okay there were people that were assaulting police officers there were people that were instigating but this just looks to be kind of a single file. The police officers right there. That are just kind of like get come on through. I'm not gonna fight you. And so it just seems as if they were just kind of allowed. What's your thoughts on this as bill. Charlie used a few words. The second ago that i don't want us to forget and that is we don't know i've got a lot of heat in the last few days especially from people who disagree with me in the political realm saying that how can i possibly say we don't know exactly what's going on. There's so much violence going. I don't know not what we're seeing right in front of our eyes. I don't think we'll know the whole story of what happened on wednesday for quite some time and you certainly won't hear about it on the mainstream media but it's okay to pause and say we don't have all the facts we're going to reserve judgment on things until we do have all the facts and don't fall into this trick narrative that automatically make an assumption in a judgment in a statement and what we do know. Is that some people. We don't know who these people are. Those were smashing windows and assaulting cops but that just looks just kind of like a single file line of people that were walking into the capital. That's what it appears to be to me as well. Yeah so that doesn't look like anything over the top again we're just talking about a singular A singular instance yet one video that we're seeing right now and we've been very clear talking about the violence as well in the last few days that that's never okay. It's not anything. We condone or celebrate Or even remotely associated with so you know that video is very different from the footage that we just showed you but we encourage you guys to always go and try to find all of the facts of any situation possible E mail us your questions. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. I wanna take some of the questions here. let's get right here to Vice president pence is at the white house right. Now according to seth abramson from the nbc. News i guess it's breaking if you think. Mike pence in guantanamo bay besides that. I'm not exactly sure okay. Let's get to this question here. Hi charleena thirty. Five year old conservative of two young girls from houston texas. Who never really cared greatly about politics until the past year i had a friend turn on me out. Turn me on turn me on your podcast and boy spot your bright spot in two thousand and twenty thank you. Thank you for rising up opening my eyes in teaching our youth and creating a much-needed movement for this country God bless you and all this not really question but for the positive reinforcement. We appreciate that. Here's here's here's a good question here which is A woman was killed in the capitol building. People broken damaging federal property. So why wasn't this. A crime scene sealed off. That's a very good question that that's that seems as if just kind of allowing that to go back to normal business kind of strange especially considered someone was shot by a police officer. There was a death that occurred as a result of that shooting. There's a lot of unanswered questions here. And you know. I think it's worth pursuing and investigating lead information. There's some breaking news. Would you like to share this with us about. We are just now hearing from our team. That united states house democrats are planning to introduce new articles of impeachment against president. Donald trump on monday. So i think we're going to be hearing allowed all this. That's the night of the national championship. I'm going to have that problem here. Doing roll call votes of what republicans are deciding to soviet style. Impeach our president. But i think if we have the rights to do it if we can get some sort of public access television we will. We'll stream the national championship on here alongside. The impeachment is that is that legal connor. Are we allowed to do that. Why not okay. Let's see if i can get some sort of legal fees to alabama versus ohio state. And i think i'm gonna lose a lot of listeners in huntsville. But i do. I do want to see the ohio. State buckeyes win on monday. Oh and by the way. This impeachment is completely and totally pointless it's baseless And invalidates exactly. What impeachment actually is And then it will go to the senate so we are going to be Monitoring this in real time And ben sasse from nebraska. Said he's open to it amongst other republicans Which is Not exactly surprising. Senator ben sasse says that he might be Signaling for impeachment play taper that and insurrectionist mob came and marched on that capital after a rally with the president of the united states. Where he told them to come to the capital and to go while he was flagrantly disregarding his oath of office so that that's not in debate. Donald trump has acted shamefully. He has been in flagrant dereliction of his duty and he will be remembered for having incited this and for having drawn more division into an already divided people. So that's senator ben sasse from nebraska who is calls himself a republican Who will looks like you'll be supporting Impeachments of the pres- united states. If it goes there So they're also were getting a clip here of the president's Telling rally-goers to be peaceful So we are getting that one right there. it's hard to find obviously because it's Kind of buried in there and so of course By big tax so isabel. Disa- president have an instagram account. Right now nope or facebook account or twitter catholic. Twitter i did it has come back. Yes that one was only a twelve hour band not an indefinite ban. But it's going to be unlikely. We'll be hearing directly from him on facebook or instagram. For a long time totally well that is kind of a byproduct of big tech the fact that big tech can cancel the account of the president of the united states. And we're not hearing more concern from people is wildly alarming to me in twenty twenty one regardless of who the president is that is a massive power grab will and the head of iran. The supreme leader kohmeini still allowed to have a twitter account. Yeah but then. They deactivate the president of the united states from having kind of social media access. Go figure that. We're gonna take some of your questions here. Freedom at charlie kirk dot com freedom at charlie kirk dot com isabel. There's a question here. I wanted you to answer that. I could be a. I think a lot of us are feeling this way. So this questions. From sarah. From indiana says charlie what is next. I'm a sixteen year old girl from indiana. And i'm so concerned for the future and how i will one day be able to raise my kids. What is the country going to be like. Will there be secessions. I will trust god fully. But i'm very concerned and i'm so dang mad over impeachment. It's just selfishness now. I've had enough sarah. We've all had enough. We all feel like that. I'm sorry that things feel so out of control and confusing and just this very very tangled mess of information right now in twenty twenty one i think. Gen z people particularly. Feel this way. in america. We have been raised in a string of crises from nine eleven when we were very very very young children to school shootings when we were growing up than the covid. Nineteen pandemic than everything. We saw this week. And i want you to know there's power in being involved in the process. I think when you start to get involved when you use your voice in your community when you actually use your hands to do something in this movement you just feel so much more empowered with the direction of this country knowing that you are helping to influence what that looks like. I felt confused and overwhelmed before i got involved with turning point. Usa i got involved in. I was a college student in my life has looked nothing like it did since then before i was actually premed in college i wanted to be a doctor. I really had no interest in politics as a career other than a personal hobby. Obviously my life has taken a very different direction. Since then but i have so much fallen in love with being involved in the process of showing up to knock doors and make phone calls and sit here on livestreams and tell you guys what's going on and most importantly just inspire other people to get more knowledgeable and get involved in the process too so i would highly encourage you to do that. It's super easy to get involved with turning point. Usa we can help you with that process as well. Teepee usa dot com slash death involved. There's a lot of misinformation happening right now in our country. And the greatest thing you could do when you're angry or you're upset or your high with emotion is to get back to the anchor of reason rene descartes famously said i think therefore i am and so when you stop thinking you're no longer quite honestly existing and if things sound really good almost too good to be true in the new cycle. Then challenge your premise. As rene descartes would say challenge the given in geometric terms and go back to a place where you then can find comfort and direction and focus in the news. You're processing and then chart your course correctly and i truly believe that our best days are ahead of us. I really do believe that. And i believe that despite all the that has happened this week. They're still some tremendous victories. That we can continue to celebrate. Okay let's play this tape here of what it looks to be some people being leaden. Let's do with no sound. And then just keep my mic active. So i can narrate. Is that okay. A good play. Please thank you so it looks as if that's to be a singular police officer Who is trying to tell people to stop and They're having some sort of a shouting match. Doesn't look to be respectful And he's telling them to come back and they're kind of charging the police officer and moving at the police officer and look. Let's be very clear if this was black lives matter. Blm inc treating police officer like this. We would be denouncing this totally and completely instantly and so That is some people would say that video showing that that is letting people through. I wouldn't show it that way. That looks like people that were trying to overwhelm. A police officer is what it looks like. That gentleman was wearing a shirt. It looks like email us your questions. freedom at charlie kirk dot com. And let's say right here. This is a good question here. Charlier we watching the end of the republican party. The democrats and their allies including big tech news media have flipped the switch. The full blown marxism and talibanism rule of law. The republican leaders are beginning to just wake up and realize. It's not the good old buddies across the aisle anymore. Watching ted cruz mitch. Mcconnell turn their backs on president trump will not help their cause nor resigning a cabinet position. How do you like big tex full assault on closing conservative accounts and purging them throughout all of this. Personally i don't think the republicans understand the tremendous challenge in front of us all with being week. I think we're watching the end of the republican party. chicago guy. What do you think isabelle. I'm right there with you. Honestly i've said for quite some time that i don't necessarily think we'll have a two party system within my lifetime anymore that you're seeing such a significant fracture particularly on the left side of the aisle as well between this new age of socialism and then traditional liberalism and then obviously within the conservative side of thinking between establishment politics and new age conservatism. I think we're seeing that solve right before our eyes very very clearly. You're seeing well-known republicans. Try to impeach the president of the united states. For what for saying something during a speech that was actually contrary to what you're claiming he says i'm not exactly sure But we've come to a very unique point in human history and within conservative politics. Indeed i completely agree with that analysis e mail us your questions freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. Jack says this charlie. I'm sixteen years old from pittsburgh half of my immediate family as democrat when i make a good argument with facts. I'm just shut down. Because i don't have enough experience just having this conversation about of our team members i want involve turning point. Usa but not sure how my friends and family around me react. What should i do jack here. I'm not gonna say high school he goes to because i don't want him to lose his job opportunities isabel. Have you ever friends. Because of politics friends family members acquaintances. Mentors you name it. That is one of the really unfortunate realities of being an outspoken conservative. Now in two thousand twenty one and has been for the last few years but the people that have come into my life as a result of being outspoken. And taking this journey by the rains means so much more to me than anybody who chose to walk out of my life. that's a decision. Those people had to make if they feel better going to bed every night not being associated with a conservative. That's on them. But i can't tell you how many people even those who disagree with me have come into my life as a result of being so outspoken and well rooted in my beliefs and respect me a lot more because of it. So great answer. let's get to some other questions here. I think we have some other sound that we wanna play here that we didn't get to In the in the show here Let's get to let's see here. Oh yeah this is anderson cooper on the capital rioters. These people are just going to go back to olive garden. Let's play cut one. Oh two it's stunning. And they're going to go back you know to the olive garden and to their the holiday inn. They're staying at the garden mary auto and they're going to have some drinks and they're going to talk about the great day that they had in washington and they really did something and stand up for something. First of all i think. Olive garden is generally underrated. That statement breadsticks are good. You and i think that her view his view anderson cooper if only all of us were heirs to the vanderbilt fortunes. You know anderson. Cooper's i did. Did that sound by the way. I stayed at a holiday in a few months ago when i was on the road. Talking to you guys just to suggest that somehow you're culturally above trump supporters are conservative people. Because we happen to eat at all garden every once in a while saving meaning. He can't afford eight hundred dollar meals night. Yeah for the vanderbilt heirs of anderson cooper. His idea of trump's supporters is walking through times square and seeing olive garden and scoffing. And saying who would dare waste their money on such an establishment. Like this that is That is anderson. Cooper's view of the common man in this country Get to another clip here And that is. Let's say here. I think we Did do this one. Oh yeah you know. It's really interesting. When the left was calling for massive demonstrations will the media. Ask senator camera harris If she is still in support of the types of riots and the arson and the marches. Let's go to cut ninety two. I know that there are protests. Still happening in major cities crossing night states. I just not seeing the reporting on it. That i that that's right for the first few weeks netcom. Not they're not gonna stop and that's their. This is a movement. I'm telling you they're not gonna stop. And everyone beware because they're not gonna stop it is gonna they're not gonna stop before election day november and they're not gonna stop after election day and that should be. Everyone should take note of that on both levels that this isn't they're not gonna let up and they should not and we should not not gonna stop not gonna stop and not gonna let up in any way whatsoever. Let's also to black lives matter leader. Eighty nine At ace lynn poli On the looting of the stores that as reparations remember she said these are these. are these reparations. let's go to. Let's do eighty nine and eight police. Somebody decides the luda gucci or macy's or a ninety because that makes sure that that person eats that. Make sure that that person has closed. That's reparations mentions anything they wanna take take it because these businesses have insurance. They're going to get their money back. You hear that you have insurance. You can take everything. That's the way that it works. Let's go to cut eighty-eight looters in the middle of the day stealing packages from the back of amazon truck. This was perfectly justified. Cut eighty eight in the middle of the day. That was not denounced instead. It was justified by people that wrote a book. The case for looting. Remember that book that came out over the summer. Were they justified. Mass looting arson as a form of protest and redistribution economics. Let's go to Actually here's a good one here as we look at some of your questions. You guys are emailing us Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com freedom at charlie kirk dot com. Let's go to this one right here. just kind of a fun lighthearted one. Let's go to cut ninety six remember when there was a new country formed in this in america. This is true insurrection and yet it was applauded by the media. Cut ninety six. We'll come on down to chaz look at all the wonderful things that communism has to offer feel safe and chas with strong border security and armed border guards live like a good communist in chas housing just like this you can live in slums no need to have ambulances and utopian chaz turn them into housing no need to buy clothes clothes are free and communist. Chaz be good environmentals by throwing your trash everywhere and expecting capitalist america to pick it up so that is from the great. Benny johnson from our turning point. Usa productions department Doing a great job of Making fun and making light of this. Let's go to cut ninety seven which remember one of our turning point. Usa staff members got mobbed and assaulted inside of chas. This is this is not sedition. Play cut ninety seven about porn about thank. You looks like a violent mob doesn't it. yep sure does what. Violence pretty clear trait of chas by the way we touched on that earlier but in the end by the time chas got shut down in seattle their homicide rate turned out to be over twelve hundred per one hundred thousand. That's a rate nearly fifty times higher than chicago's doesn't exactly sound like a place. I want to live in or a place that should have been celebrated by the media. But here we are. So here's a point here from joey who emailed us Freedom at charlie kirk dot com. He said our social contract was broken on these six of january. All those who believe in america feels if we've been punched in the gut by our own governments We declare our social contract with our government null and void so is that don't know what the social contract is There were three major social contract. Theorists jean jacques. Rousseau thomas hobbes and john locke they all wrote about the social contract very differently. jean jacques. Rousseau believed that our rights come from government he did not recognize. God is the giver of rights John locke did not agree with that. He believed in the idea of natural rights. Thomas hobbes did not really give much of an opinion where rights come from but he believed that man in it's a state of nature or mankind is nasty brutish and short therefore a massive centralized government What he called the leviathan would be necessary Social contract is usually referenced by people on the left saying that part of social contract is free housing and free healthcare free food things of that nature And because of that the social contract means that because god is not the grants rights but government. Is we have a rights. all sorts of things I do want to be very clear though That our social contract. As john locke put it is the protection of our natural rights and liberties If you do believe in social contract theory as the founding fathers did You would argue that. The social contract was broken a long time ago. Now the response to that is not necessarily in any way whatsoever what i think should be violence in that retaliation but joey i appreciate the question or the comment freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. Do we have that clip At andrews referencing okay. So this is something that the media has ignored. This is the president talking about how he wants. All demonstrations to be peaceful. He was not calling for an insurrection. Play tape. I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capitol building and patriotically. Make your voices heard peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. He was not calling for insurrection. He was not calling for any of that. Now mind you. That clip took us quite a while to find Believe it or not just because he had to dig into that and you know kind of difficult so isabel. Here's a question you can help answer here. Hey charlie am seventeen years old from the chicago land area and about to graduate high school interested in high school Because that's where i grew up Is breaking my heart to see where this country is headed. It is frustrating that so many people especially in my generation Think with the government and big tekere. Doing is okay. Even people might church are in support of these radical ideas from the left. What do you think needs to happen tonight. The republican party that people start listening to what we have to say with all the censorship. We have seen especially in the past few months. It'll be difficult to get our message out but most definitely a fight worth having thank you for all your doing to help empower serves cameron. Humans a signed copy of the book is about latinos people believe in censorship. All this what is he supposed to do. say something. it's that simple and first of all. Thank you for your question. I know you're feeling similarly to most people in our generation and that's incredibly frustrating particularly from a religious standpoint. The church is no longer a conservative institution in the united states And that's really been disappointing to see how many pastors and leaders of faith have decided to instead practice the religion of leftism the religion of christianity. So you're not alone in that feeling either but it starts with just saying something it starts with speaking up. It doesn't take rocket science. And i think what i've learned more prominently in the last year and a half or so since i've been doing this media side of activism after i graduated college. Is that all it takes. Is one person being willing to stand for truth and speak truth to start a momentum and sort of a cultural revolution within the community that you're apart of people are scared to be the first one to say something but once they see someone else start to post videos put things out there on the internet to make speeches on your campus at your church get registered to vote and get involved. That's when other people start feeling inspired to do the same thing. And particularly when we look at the culture of conservatism and the republican party. I think historically people have been content to watch historical leaders. Continue to speak up for them. That's why you've seen career politicians in power for decades upon decades upon decades that has to end to day and we're starting to see new generations of leaders start to enter the political arena congressman cawthorn. Who spoke to several times in the last few days being a perfect example of that but it starts with you taking on a position of leadership not being content with letting other people speak for you. That's right and i can tell you that as a young person is better and look the tech. Censorship stuff is real so go create rumble accounts go create parlor accounts and subscribe to the charlie kirk. Show podcast. they're not gonna be able to cancel. They're right on. Target kirk dot com unless they take down the whole internet which wouldn't put it past them kinda where they're headed That's actually why i love radio. You know people say charlie. Why are you on radio. Homes look for saw. Radio still has a great listenership but radio is going to be the last line of defense. We're going to go back to radio. And all of a sudden we're going to be able to communicate the people Almost uninterrupted and so We're really really proud of that. So here's here's a good question here. actually not that one. Let's go to this one. You know what. I is rob back there. I have a question is is rob there. I wanna bring rob on for this question here because it's actually a really good question so it's just about it's About some of the prophecy and how response to interpret that some people that were Hey rob how're you doing. I got a question for you here. Put you on the spot. So everyone welcome back pastor rob But before we as Rob gets kinda cute up here. Let's get to this question. So so what's right to europe. Is mike working. Good so rob. Here's a question. There's a lot of christians that are watching our stream here And this one right here is high. Name's rachel i live in michigan. I listen to all the time thank you. I'm a nondenominational christian. I was wondering what i should of all the prophets that have said that president trump is going to serve a second term. We've gotten a lot of questions like this. How are they supposed to process this. Handle this In the old testament of prophet was wrong. They'd stone them Everyone and from my vantage point. And there's charismatics out there and cav chapels of who i'm affiliated with. We call secessionist which believe certain gifts are not for today. prophec- is one that we do hold to But in the same regard you you you can speak to the future uncertain things but to be found completely wrong and say thus saith the lord. You're disqualified You gotta be real careful who you're following. I call it hope him. I use that term. Yeah and and you know everyone's out there and you you can get a following you can generate traffic to your site because you're giving people hope him but when you're wrong you're wrong. And you say thus saith the lord you're messing around with a statement that puts you out of gravity behind that right. I'm sorry not gravity because for example. And i don't want to belabor names no i understand and i wasn't gonna use an example in that regard. When when a pastor so for example a pastor is protected in the sense that you have to have two or three witnesses if they do something wrong but in the same regard if those two or three witnesses are legitimate. The consequences are far greater. So when you're out there saying thus saith the lord and you're wrong the consequences are far greater a lot of people Did do that so thank you for clarifying that. Hey guys Do we have clipping ability. Right now can we go back to that video with no sound please of them letting people in we played it twice before we have a lot of people coming in. I do want to comment on this I think it's super important here. And you guys can support our program. Charlie kirk dot com slash support. I want to thank supporters alan from idaho. Ricky nowhere salmon. Idaho is right. Where's rick still there. He's out there rix. He's on the phone something you knows. We're salmon idaho. Is you know where idaho salmon. Idaho's someone who supported us from there anthony from one hundred dollars a month. Thank you so much at. Charlie kirk dot com slash support chris from oregon fifty dollars. Okay let's go to this tape here no sound or else. They're going to pull down the field but will narrate it And feel free to chime in guy says this happens I have a question. Why would you let them in just a tear gas them and so there other points of entry where they were smashing windows and stuff but at this point of entry it looks as if these are invited visitors or someone gave a stand down order. Let's play the tape police in the bottom right hand corner so here we have here. Looks to be Participants in the march. I don't see in this video any paraphernalia that shows any right wing extremism right and it just kind of goes to show their here and watch very carefully as they walk in. That's a police officer right here police officer not wearing a mask lisov senators kind of shrugging their shoulders and saying i guess we're going to let them in now there's a couple explanations you're the police could have felt overwhelmed and they didn't want the confrontation right right and just said forget it. We'll deal with this. You know once we get a higher order And maybe they didn't want to be known for killing somebody or doing something which another police officer Did do whether it was justified or not. We'll find out. Is that an officer. No i'm sorry nights. Journalists right there With the end. Ninety five Gotcha so importantly to if you guys have never been to the. Us capitol building. That's not a door. You can typically just walk through those very very extreme set of security protocols that you have to go through to make it into the capitol building the white house and the supreme court collectively. But that's not a typical entrance that even members would use to get in the building. So that's definitely interesting to me So let's go back to that though that video Because i want to just go to the first couple of seconds and rewind it just look how the doors just kind of go open this important thing. The most telling part of the video. I'll tell you when to pause it. Pause it right now Cheese we got ben sasse. That's okay it's hard to pause these videos midstream. And it's tough so let's try to go back The most telling part of the video is right here where the video the doors just of seemed to be opened from the inside. Yeah you can't open from the outside. There's no way unless they're probably locked right right. And so that you kind of look at the side of the door there. It looks like it's a top down. Lock that kind of went up through This particular video right here. is not a riot narrow arts that were riot it looks absolutely. Yeah but this. Just kind of looks. Like a seamless entry into the capital Doesn't it yeah. Now whether they should have been there or not is a completely different question. But i haven't seen this on television and we likely won't know and so another question is why weren't the doors locked I mean it seems like those doors could have withstood a lot But it just seems as if those doors were unlocked either. There's two sets doors there and those police officers don't look like they're fearing for their lives inconvenience more. That's fine out you through whatever you know you're gonna storm the capital. You know your were not now. Now that being said those folks walking in and occupying the the the chain of the rotunda. It just shouldn't have been there. I mean that that's a given But to be lead in there's gonna be consequences and it's all based on intentions a lot of folks there. They had nefarious intentions. But it seems as though those that were walking through their intention wasn't mob. Like but i would say just what my father used to say to me. You don't don't go where you don't belong you know just just bad things happen when you're in places you shouldn't be. Yeah that's that's an unfortunate truth just and some people say the disagree with that but that's Well they say it's the people's house and i understand that and that that's correct and but the correct entry into the people's house is through one of the allowed points of entry new like everyone else does and that was shut down for the day and we did talk about earlier in the show. What a mass civil disobedience would've looked like go to pennsylvania avenue two hundred thousand people. Sit down sing patriotic. Things make them arrest right right Here's a good question here charlie. I'm a non-denominational christian mother of five. Who live and go to public school in the east bay area in california. Today i learned that some of the high school and middle school teachers have taken upon themselves. Tell the students what they believe happened at the capital of the debt of course an entire generation. Just so you know has now been indoctrinated. Ten points away from conservatism. Because of this and some of you say that doesn't matter you have no idea you don't one. English teacher even told them what happened. At the yesterday was a riot not a protest and that the blm protests over the summer with the correct way to protest. And we're not riots at all. She opined that president trump lied when he said in his speech at the election was rigged and full of fraud also had a similar opinion given the marine science teacher. How should i respond to the school districts as well as the teachers rob. You wanna start with that as a parent as a former mayor. Now the young so this general local involvement. How to handle this stuff. When teachers get out of land in california and i i didn't hear what state this was but In his california okay bay area. Yeah so the. Cpa dominates What is the california teachers. Association is probably one of the most It's probably the strongest political entity in california dominates california lectures and the ta has dominated school boards and has purposely filled those seats and spent a lot of money to do. So you'll go in. You'll speak and you'll probably fall on deaf ears. I an and they're probably not going to like my answer. Pull your kid out of the school. Yeah will your kid out of school in. Some people can't afford to do that. I'm not understand that the common answer we. I'm a pastor a five kids and we re able to homeschool our children we had to. We had to make a pastor so on a pasture salary and we had to make compromises. We had to live in places that you know. Most people probably wouldn't have lived You live more simply that she can simply live. Yeah yeah what is your greatest asset. What is what is your greatest treasure. Where your where your treasure is. Your heart is also and the greatest treasure we possess. My wife is our children. I want the best for that. Why are you going to invest in baubles and trinkets and have the three bedroom two bath with the white picket fence while you allow your kids to be indoctrinated. Have to endure this when you can make a difference. It it's a. It's a reestablishing of priorities. And we've survived in californian razors five kids and they all walk with the lord and they're all conservative. You home schooled isabel. I attended private school. For your sister's home someone was none of us. Were homes guys act like you're all home school now. Let me add very lucky opportunity. Your parents are great teacher. Our children were homeschool but when they got to a certain place some we allowed to go into public school someone into private school. Some completely home schooled. It was all dependent on what they were prepared for. And we were we we've used. We've done every single form of schooling. There is the other thing is my parents took a really active role when i was growing up to supplement our education by literally just talking to their children about what was happening in the world around them. Explaining this person is running for president and this is what they believe in. Here's what your dad and i believe. But here's what the opposite side believes and taking the time to have a holistic conversation with us as children not waiting for us to grow up exposed us to so many different ways of thinking understanding how the world worked having are challenging perspectives. Get to duke it out at the dinner table and way too. Many children locked out opportunity in the united states. That had one more than of course. Proverbs says raise a child in the way. They should go when they're old. They won't depart. Their of parents are stewards. They've been entrusted with the lives of these children and they are accountable before god and they can't blame public school teachers. They can't blame the public school system. They are accountable so you are required to do the best for your child and raise them in the way that they should go and according to their bend according. No one knows your kid better than you so This is a question from someone. Denver colorado might people. Hey charlie a fifteen year old from denver colorado and i go to regis jesuit high school. My question is how do you see the republican party. Coming back from falling behind the senate and other areas of government when we see these urban democratic cities growing at an exponential rate. Love your work charlie. Thank you for being honest and faithful leader time. This thank you also see my generation moving towards the socialist agenda and it scares me fifteen year old smart kid. I mean i. There's more fifteen year olds that i've seen rise up than fifty year olds. How do we draw these kids back into the constitutional loving generations. Kids fifteen years old isabel. He's an enlightened colorado and yes you are help answer his question. He's worried about the generation to socialism worried about whereas the future of the party going. You know. I'm not sure that there is necessarily a strong future for the republican party. As we've known it historically but that's not a bad thing and we've been presented with a very unique set of circumstances in the beginning of two thousand twenty one to evaluate what types of qualities we want in the people who we elect to lead us. We don't always get opportunities to reflect on that and this is a very very crucial time in history for conservatives in this country to direct the future of the republican party or the conservative movement or you can enter any other name into that sentence For the first time in a very long time i think the concept of establishment politics has gone out the window on both sides of the aisle. That's a good thing and it takes young people like you being willing to speak up and say something. I can't tell you how many times. I've spoken to older audiences within the last year and a half or so even to conservative and republican audiences and been told you're twenty three you don't have enough quote unquote life experience talk about this and be educated and influence culture. That could not be further off base. It was young people that determined what the united states of america. We're going to be in the first place and we have an opportunity to direct the future of conservative politics in the future. It's a great answer. Kathleen hoffman Sent us in a email She's a good supporter of ours. I heard your idea regarding how wednesday could have gone well. Why can't that happen. On inauguration day patriots everywhere could gather and sing songs countries great songs. There's may beautiful songs to tell the great story. America inspired it should What a great kind of contrast to show that the trump movement was not defined this last wednesday That and again if you're going to go civilly disobedient Because you don't believe that the election results are valid. Let's go through what. The rule is a civil. Disobedience are as embraced by effectiveness and a moral compass right so you can resist in a moral and immoral framework. But what happened on wednesday. Those people that were smashing windows and all that was not Here's the rules as defined by the great henry. David thoreau number one. You must be willing to accept the punishment right. You do not run away. You don't run masks you fold you. Pay the full price number two. You must have a clear goal in mind. You're not protesting just because you're generally angry. You're trying to accomplish something specific. An election audit Changes in election. State law something specific number three. You've exhausted all other options in this case. I think that we have satisfied. That number four though it's very important critic don't destroy people stuff and you don't hurt. People is that that is the doctrine of civil disobedience if trump supporters out there did these four things on wednesday. I'll be there supporting you. I will be there backing you and you will win over public opinion. You'll do more to advance the cause then going and just burning a bunch of stuff like you know when when we agreed With with the elders of the church With with a staff the congregation that we were going to defy the governor's order when he said that the church was non essential and that we would violate the the emergency restraining order of the judge. We knew what the consequences were. And i'd actually contacted the sheriff and there'll be no resistance from us. You come and arrest me. We're going to face the consequences. But you're going to get that optic where you're going to have to arrest us. When i have to contend with you but you're going to have to arrest us and we were willing to lose everything and still are but we're we're we're in no way going to be violent that decision per and then i would add this in the in the great congressman bob mcewen. He said to an individual said. You know we're getting a million people to march on washington and was during an election season. And he said what do you think that cost to get a million people to washington. Airfare transportation rental car hotel logistics. And he says could that money be used more profoundly and election Maybe using that energy to walk precincts maybe using that energy poll-watchers may be an an and we wanna say something but like you profoundly pointed out to me charlie. Florida had no irregularities in california. We won some areas spite decide despite massive shenanigans. it's where people participate in the process. We've gone through this in california people were card to get garcia talk about this. Robs you live in california. People are saying i'm never gonna vote again. Everything is broken in. The world is still but you live in california. I do and let's talk about three races congressional races and this that all of a sudden republicans one even know there was a broken system and all this. But i think part of it though rob young kim yes l. steal my car cea impart of those post twenty eighteen a lot of republicans all of a sudden a dot alert. They're like we're gonna become election judges right. We're gonna all of a sudden put pressure on local county officials. I'm sure there is still a bunch of nonsense there. Yeah but there was less than two thousand eighteen and enough republicans rose up to make up the difference right and i remember. Mike garcia won twice. He won the first time in the in the provisional election which had remaining time for Katie hills seat and then he had to win again and he did that both times in a district. That really wasn't favouring. Him and then young. Kim lost the first time but she was back in washington and they found the rallies they found the ballot said she had to go back. Well she didn't give up. Yeah she didn't give up and how she's congress and now she's a congresswoman cisneros isn't in california and for all those folks who want to give up those are the folks that are sending the visceral emails or listening to the opium. They they they don't step out of their armchair and you've got to go. You're waiting for to just be solved for you. Yeah and well you also waiting for to be so bad that you get to do what you've always dreamed of because you think that's always been you've been doing this prepping your whole life. Come on this is a government of the people by the people and for the we got here because of the apathy in the inactivity. Turn it around participate. Don't give up. Don't quit seriously. And and don't don't overly generalize the entire. Us system there are states that are backwards and broken and all this but incredibly California led the charge on all this mail in balloting nonsense but despite all of it in two thousand twenty republicans made serious gains in the congressional races and so that goes to show that things can get better now is california we needed to be or are illegals voting and all that. That stuff really needs to get fired. I totally agree with that. However you went from catastrophe to better okay while the sun then you ask yourself the question. Why has it's really interesting. When i was listening to the electoral college results and vice president pence ask. Are there any objections to state of florida. No one object. Democrat didn't object. Don't republican didn't object. That's the third or fourth largest state in the country that donald trump won by four hundred thousand votes. Everyone agrees with it will. Ford is doing something right. Yeah so all of us and you can get fair and free. Elections and florida used to be a state that was razor thin margins. Ten thousand votes nonsense in shenanigans and broward county yet. They fixed it. How because citizens got really fed up with the way things work. You're getting. You're getting angry in the swamp and you're tired of the swamp and so you get it and you'll descend on the swamp but don't forget the swamp is the place where the source of the water ends up after all the trash. You want to change the swamp chains a source sources always local. You can have a profound effect in today's dogcatchers tomorrow. Congressman freeman so participate in local government. Do your job. You can make a difference in the community. We've abdicated responsibility with the government. That's of the people by the people for the people. We want someone else to do it or we quit importantly to something we can learn from. Florida is that they didn't wait until the next presidential election or even gubernatorial election. They went out and they knocked on doors and registered millions of people to vote before to santa's a few years ago they rose up and they sued. They put pressure. They never put their eyes off the miami. The miami dade county supervisor for the broward county supervisors and they demanded change. Activists did yeah and now florida is one of the most conservative open. Religiously tolerant states. That i think is a blueprint and so look. I would be where you guys are. Every state was like this and florida by nine thirty eastern. Can anyone show me any allegation of voter fraud in florida. That substantive yard done counting. I could show you stack in georgia arizona. So here's the difference. what happened. Answer the florida. Republican party was run by the grassroots people. Not in the armchairs. People really focusing where we want. Things to go and florida was active. Robust bottom party georgia was not georgia was an apathetic. This is always going to be a republican state. Type thing where the democrats were motivated and well funded with weak. Republicans will now. You have an opportunity to fix that. Everybody do you do. Here's a good question. Hi charlie ms sixteen year old junior in high school. I'm sick by all my classmates and friends spreading spreading left this lies including blm poster in my cafeteria should speak up and voice my opinion in do an in doing so risking backlash. Also can i get some info and starting a cheap usa chapter. I feel my high school really needs it. Yes yes yes. And yes so isabel. Should he speak up. Will he lose friends. What's what's the blueprint there. I hesitate to tell people one way or another whether they should make that difficult choices. Speaking up or not because it is a deeply personal choice that has ramifications socially academically Online with your career prospects potentially especially if you're a college student so it it is a deeply personal choice to make. I eventually hit what. I like to call my breaking point in college where i kinda just snapped and i said you know i'm tired. I'm tired of not seeing anyone advocate for the things i believe and i'm tired of seeing all these. Blm posters line the hallways of my dorm and my student government office. I'm tired of the silence from the right. So i'm going to do something about it. I'm gonna say something about it. And it was the best decision i ever made. But it didn't come without its consequences. And so i think that's a personal choice that you might have to make. But it's a hundred percent worth it and the number of people that will be inspired by your decision to use your voice to speak up to fight the man so to speak of your teachers and your administration that starts something. That's so much bigger than yourself on campus. I've watched you charlie. You are civil. You're kind but you persuasive and you don't back down you don't have to be a jerk but you also don't have to compromise. The scripture says speak the truth in love and do that irrespective person. You're talking to even an every time they revile you. You don't revile back. That's the ticket. Speak up but do it wisely and also if you do speak up before you do pray about it just know you are going to probably lose some friends. The one that will be severing right but that is somewhat inevitable. I just. I always tell people. The proper disclaimers had time. Here's a good question here. Good afternoon. Charlie name is jalen. I'm a twenty year old from florida. My father told me. I sold my soul because a young black conservative. What should i tell him in. How can i learn more about the republican party. Loved the show. By the way jalen matthews. Well first of all. God bless you. Welcome aboard in the republican party. I'm gonna you a signed copy of my book which i think will be informative of what the republican party stands for is a hard thing But don't take that seriously that isn't emotionally driven. Insult that is not something. I think he actually even beliefs He believes the republicans to be something. They are not The republican party has always been and will always be the party of liberation of people that are currently in a less than desirable situation to elevate the individual above the. Let's say the false lies of collective. The democrats are always about trying to keep people in a collective at a certain position by not by telling them. They are not enough by telling that they don't have the skills or possess the capacity to rise above. The republican party ended slavery. The republican party has always been the party against racism. And it is today despite what people tell you on television despite what people tell you In in school and otherwise republican has always been the party that has not cared about people skin color but instead cared about keep people's character and values and i'll prove it to you joe biden yesterday came out and said that if this was a blm inc rally. The police officers would have shot all of the people in the capital. I think we have a tape of this. Don't we connor. i'm gonna prove to you. How racist the democrat party is play tape. No one can tell me that have had been a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday. Wouldn't have been. They wouldn't have been treated very very differently. The mob of thugs storm the capital. So you might say well how. Where's the racism he is. he's calling. The police officers inherently racist by saying they would have acted and a certain violent way automatically just because the people there would have been black instead of white judging people based on their immutable characteristics. Judging all the police in that fashion so keep the faith. Thank you for the question. And i hope to meet you soon. Get involved With turning point. Usa teepee usa dot com. Email us. your questions freedom. At charlie. Kirk dot com. See here Let's get this question right here. Hey charlie i'm dan. I just want to spread a reminder whether or not were oppressed as conservatives. god is in control. I'm sure the israelites held in slavery by egypt. Or even the new testament christians that we read truly inspired by the bible would be willing to trade places with us despite the negatives or facing our country god is still beyond good and blesses each and every day amen and no politician can never take away our salvation. It's the one thing that no one can take great message. Dan thank you for that. We appreciate that high. Charlie name is stacy mays. I'm a thirty eight year old single mom that listen to your show obviously not in college by brazos county. Texas could use a turning point chapter. Might too old for this. Thanks for all your work but we have other ways that you can get involved. I'm an email that to our team here and we're going to get you engaged. Get involved emails. Your questions freedom. At charlie kirk dot com here is ireland. Here's one for you Isabel my name is ireland. But a great name. I love that. I'm a fifteen year. Old christian conserva just moved to los angeles from northern california before the first lock down. I started home schooling in the middle of my freshman year. I've been getting a lot of pressure from my dad and other people in my family to go to college. My mom is the only one that thinks i should do. What is right for me. I personally don't want to go to college. And i don't want i don't think i need it to achieve my dream. I believe that most of it is a scam and they're stealing money people's money especially sense in los angeles. The majority of people here are. Schools are liberal debate advice on this matter and things that i could say to my family so they can stop pressuring me into something. I don't want to also thank you so much. What you do. I listen to your podcast. You inspire me so isabel. You went to colorado state and georgetown and george. We're much more educated than me where i went nowhere. Yeah so you've spent a lot of money in education a lot of time. What can you say to ireland here. What advice do you have. I know we've talked about this on your podcast before all the craziness of this week too. So i'm glad somebody asked us recently again because if i was making the choice today this year whether or not to attend college i wouldn't go for a lot of reasons mainly because college means almost nothing in the midst of covid nineteen even all of my friends in the hard sciences in engineering in hands on education where you need to be present in a lab. Learning about things aren't present in the lab. They're being emailed pictures of cadavers for anatomy class rather than interacting with things in real time in person so first of all. I'm very concerned for the future. Doctors of america we should have not forget that But second of all i status is someone who loves learning. I love school. I love the pursuit of truth. I love them a objective knowledge out there and i love just trying to challenge my way of thinking and as many ways as possible. I was the biggest nerd growing up. I was as an adult in school. I always got made fun of it. But if that's not something that you inherently love what drives you. What's your passion every day. College will be miserable for you. Because that's what it's supposed to be all about. If you have a dream that's in a completely different direction. Go pursue that. We are so fortunate to live in the united states of america. Where you don't need a college degree to build a business empire to go after your dream And most importantly just to turn your american dream into a reality. No one else can tell you what that looks like. But you and even if you're receiving lots of pressure from your family from the people around you. Your dream is so much more important than what other people see for your life amen. Soon here's a good test of what to do. Take out a piece of paper and write uninterruptedly why you want to go to college and then on another piece of paper ask yourself the question honestly right to yourself. Is it worth borrowing thousand dollars to justify the piece of paper you just wrote then another piece of paper. Ask yourself the question. What is it you really want to do with your life zest the opportunity to do it. Maybe it's be you know. Be a men under a carpenter. Maybe it's to travel join the military. Now's the time to do it as soon as you enter college. There's a reason why the left wants so many people to go to college restricts your freedom as soon as you have financial debt all your decisions are made differently. All of them and so not going to college was the greatest decision for me but it might be the greatest decision for you. Only you know that but to say that everyone must go to college and it's a mandatory rite of passage is not the case at all whatsoever. Why are you going to college is the best question to ask yourself Rob you have some personal experience with this super-quick than i want to get to this question. five kids Might my two oldest are married. They didn't go to college although they're brilliant My middle child is in college. My next child is in college. They're both debt free and my youngest who's nineteen Though accepted to number of universities is working at turning point. He's doing a great job. Yeah and he and he knows the why and what he's doing and that's the issue. I don i told him. I don't care what you do. Just what's the why and what you're doing. And he examined it. I watched that kid mature faster than any of the others. Bam like that. And he's debt free but not going to college can do for you. It can do other going a different direction. My other boys doing great to. He's he's at university navy seal. Yeah yeah so it's mitch. In first class a hill he will be but complement. All the parents out there be like rob. Were you have an open mind. And you don't care about the credential cause for rob you're like i don't care about the piece of paper i don't need to tell sally sue marie my neighbor that might goes to cornell right a lot of that though is actually drives it and you could see it. In the stickers that people put on the back of their car stanford mom. You know princeton mom. And that's fine. You should be proud parents. Are you that insecure that you need your children. You're saying i'm not gonna say it because i'm fifty six years old. I'm with you. You're not that secure insecure. You don't need to do that. Don't don't put that pressure on your kids to fill the vicariously live vicariously through them. You don't have to do it. Let them change the nation and do god's called him to let him know the why what they're doing. Avery has emailed us freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com charlie yesterday after the events of the capitol building. I was feeling extremely stressed upset. And just isolated. I listen to your podcast and right now. I'm currently listening today. Yesterday i came out of the political closet to a close liberal friend. I spilled my guts about my feelings. And what changed my mind and how alone i feel. We had an excellent debate. We did not agree on a lot of things but they did not turn their back on me. I spent years hiding my thoughts and feelings trying to avoid the fallout and i felt so free and firm yesterday. Thank you for lifting us up and giving us excellent advice and guidance. I also told them if they want to get some good information from the other side of the fence. Check you out. God bless you charlie kirk. Thank you every that so kind. And we're gonna send you a book. And i wanted to say the way you described. That felt like i was reading. Nineteen eighty s Someone that was gay coming out of the closet. Yeah yes what. It is what that sounded like. Yeah and dave rubin has made that comparison before that's not a sunny thing new. God bless you so kind and god bless you. Let's get to some more questions here. Freedom at charlie kirk dot com. Before i do want to thank some of our supporters here at charlie kirk dot com slash support Lucy from alabama hoover alabama. She's probably upset. That i said go buckeyes. Trolley said about them so rob. You're talking about the great tragedy of nancy. Pelosi will forever go down that she is going to introduce articles of impeachment during the national championship and stamina have to have it screen with national title game going on in the bottom left and the impeachment and then jonathan from manhattan beach ten dollars a month. Thank you so much quick question. So many fifteen and sixteen and seventeen hundred are high. You're gonna save the country All chills every time. You say that i just. It's awesome today unless you guys. Hello there. I'm a fifteen year old conservative living in southwest washington. Oh i'm home schooled. So i have more spare time than regular school. Your parents or wise. I'm in tuning into many many streams and learning how i can spread awareness and become more educated. What's going on. here's the question. My father says that. I should probably stop being invested in this. I know as a christian. I should stop if he really wants me to. But i haven't been interested or motivated doing something and learning my entire life than this moment. what should i do. I know this might be hard question. Answer apologized for that stay strong. Y'all so tatyana here is home schooled south west washington. She does not want to disobey her parents or dishonored them but she feels convicted. The fighting this as a christian. What should she do rough question on your mother and father to go with you. You live on the earth. You appeal to the king. You you articulate if you can't articulate to your parents and seek their approval and and because they love you and your laying that out and the case for why you wanna do what you wanna do then. You're not really prepared to do that with those. It would contend with you so you want to honor him god put them in your life so that they are that sounding board a process that they want the best for you but show them why this is something that is good for you and show them that reasoning and it. It's it's how god sharpened you. It's don't despise them. I mean if they're asking do something. That is immoral or wrong. Against god's law against god lot subway but yeah yeah. I would also say this though Ask them a question. Like hey dad. Can i show you. I'm so passionate about it. Is you know I like this livestream learning more about this and so that would be my My recommendation my daughter comes means his daddy. I wanna marry this guy. Check checked that tell me why would tell you and then but when my son comes. And says hey. I'm really sweet on this girl. My assessment of him is are you prepared to be a provider and protector for her. I'm like is this guy prepared to be provided in a protector. You gotta convince me. I'm the gatekeeper. So the judge yeah exactly. You have to be persuasive there. It's really really well said So let me go to this here. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. Some people are asking. Where can i get that hat shop. Teepee usa dot com shop. Teepee usa dot com. Got all kinds of good to get away. He signed hat right now. All you have to do is subscribe to the charlie kirk. show podcast. take out your podcast provider type. Charlie kirk show hit subscribe and for those of you on the stream that are on youtube if you could do me a favor and just hit that subscription bell the more people that hit that bell and the more people that hit subscribe the harder it is for them to censor us. Yeah the hardest for them to kick us off. We have grassroots amounts of people hitting that button. It really is hard. I know that might seem like nothing but it really really does help us out. And we're really blessed by that Someone says college is not for everyone. Hey charlie i just want to let you know. I'm twenty one and not attending college. I've worked as a corporate recruiter in our family's business since i was fourteen. No debt more freedom to my time my time making money. I could still participate in my local turning point. Usa group university of dayton. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks for the show. I watch almost every minute of it. God bless grace. God bless you grace. I get a of emails from you. I haven't sent you a book. I will now. I was saying we are giving away. All you have to do. Subscribe an email it to us. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. I don't know if i was clear about that. Here's a question for you. Rub sabbath. Charlie love your podcast and watched you on facebook almost every day. Thank you my mom. Two young boys. I also home school emma christian. I knew you grew up in arlington heights. Illinois we live in addison. Can you please recommend a church. In this area that preaches the uncompromising of god. That's going to require some research. Now i'm gonna. I'm gonna answer it from a local but i want you to answer it more generally Because the questions for all the other viewers shirts so barely a church at this not teach critical race theory or is sold out the blm reeducation that has crept in churches. Do the events of the last year. Love your show. Sarah beth i. I'll sarah thank you for that. I'm going to have to see kind of where the church. I grew up in harvest. Bible chapel is. I can tell you that willow creek has done full. blm and i don't know if there's a calvary out in chicago where their stances but rob. Can you talk more. Broadly about where people should make their church decisions when it comes to these sorts of issues. what they should look for in a church how they should do that. We're getting a lot of questions about that. Yeah so so in a constitutional republic and this is what we're doing. A moral people can govern a republic the churches critical it's critical component. That's why they give us the first amendment. Where the counselors to the king we the people so churches have to be engaged in politics. Which is the highest form of community because it includes morality and sociability as what aristotle said so if your church is not political meaning it's not educating its congregation on on what it means to be a an operating citizen in the united states of america and how to deal with issues. Avoid the church if your church is an open right now because of this Nonsense nonsense of of the virus. Avoid that church find another one now. This is a refiners fire. Churches are dissipating. We're watching russell more. Did you see the latest with that. It's frustrating so i would just encourage all of you find. Churches at are that are stepping into the equity of the public square. Secondly st- Find a church that is open and doesn't buy in to the scale. And i wanna i wanna add into what rob service by verse. Chapter by chapter book by book. I would six boss. George teaching certainly and it's one thing to be involved in the echinacea but also make sure they're doing it correctly because some churches have become hyper political recently. Get it would be better if they actually did. You're you're examining the echinacea based on the scriptures themselves not based on your preferences in which race or critical race theory. That's exactly right so the by so. The the center theme of the church has to be the bible itself. Christ the analogy of scripture didi of christ the trinity those are non-negotiables in seeking out a church and that good bible teaching. You're going verse by verse chapter a chapter book book. It's the whole council. Of god's word you want the entire council of god's word because the best illustration for the scriptures scriptures themselves and it speaks to every issue that we face the nation as a people it talks on immigration and talks on the economy talks on capitalism talks about socialism talks about representative government. You just gotta search it and see it so find a church. Does that few. But they'll be more. Were working on it. That's a great answer Someone says this. It's a little bit of critical to me. And that's okay. I've been loyalty charlie. God bless you thank you. You're being disingenuous when you gaslight and highlight questions from chuck schumer such as. I'm surprised this is happening. Most of us know the drill here. Chuck is not surprised. Please don't ask the question or answer it. It wastes our time okay. A better question is if sydney powell rudy. Giuliani flynn general mcnerney. Said they have evidence and just told us to wait for it. What are your comments on them. Crickets flynn at least was the top national security adviser. Promoted by obama twice told us they had servers and frankfurt. What the heck no comment. Look i would love to see some of this evidence. I'm open minded to it. I went sentence by sentence of this italian thing. And i said david hume inspired skepticism. Show me the evidence show. I looked at the affidavits and all this stuff will be open minded. However i've not seen any evidence that servers were obtained in frankfurt. I've heard people say that. But show me the evidence. That's all i'm saying. So i'm happy to entertain anything for example. We got two hundred emails yesterday. Saying that mike pence was going to be shot for treason at guantanamo bay. That is not true. You just have to kind of go. Through things and say things doesn't it was headed to texas. Yeah he did not go texas. Yeah that's we got that one so we got that one okay. Let's go just wanted to i. I don't want to say positive. And by the way. God bless you. Thank you for that question and i hope you keep listening. I know there's a lot of people that are frustrated and i'm not above criticism. I mean you. aren't you see you take it to me. I'll self directed if that's their okay. This is a a email. I'm very concerned hell on twenty three years old and i've grown really concerned about the future of the country you should be. It seems as though the checks and balances that our government is based on is no longer applicable. Is this a reasonable concern. Also it seems so. The democrats are unified making the powerful and dangerous. The one thing that can stop them unilaterally controlling our countries the principle of voting with half the country. Losing faith in all voting. What can we possibly do. Well rob walk us through what happened in california people lost faith in all elections. But you guys decided to do the opposite in california. Yeah you try to you harvest ballots. Legally yourself right yeah. Churches are harvesting about it. The democrats laid it out. We got beat the first time like a rented mule and And then we started to have the churches collect the ballots just like they would allow everyone else to collect them so we played by their rules and we started to winsome and also people signed up for the election judges yet. They decided toyota sign up through a ballot supervisor. Sorts of things and california's still a democrat state but there are three less democrat congress people now than there were very very big. Yeah and and i ran for. I didn't know my elbow from my ear lobe. When i first ran and and i i got beat in the general election. I won the primary against my own party. The spend a million dollars against being the primary so the even the republican party was messed up. But i did win the mayor spot by fifty two votes in later by thousands. So you can do this. The first time fifty two votes. You have to call somebody who wins by fifty deal winter. Why are here we got. Hello sarah fifteen year old christian conservative living in southeastern iowa. He's not giving up. I know my age. I know that many my age despise me precisely because my beliefs what do i say to combat this hate. I'm told to be polite and do my best. I suppose my homeschooling assists me a bit. However in online circles. I'm really treated poorly. Thank you isabelle. Can you help people say things behind the cover of a screen that they would never say to your face. And that's wildly unfortunate but that's becoming more and more common as more of our lives are moved to an online platform. We're seeing so everything so many things being put through a screen now because of covid nineteen our school our church. Our interactions with our friends. Our interactions with our family members and so that divisive rhetoric is just continuing to heat up more and more and more and people are saying worse. Things that's wildly unfortunate but that doesn't mean you have to fall into the same trap and i think it's very easy to play the game of the other side if you can't beat them join them sort of mentality But if you continued to treat others with kindness and respect and patients more than anything else not only will you. Will you have an opportunity to gain their respect but more importantly off a chance to change their mind. And i think we discount that a lot when we come to political divisiveness. We say we're never going to agree. We never have a chance to change anyone's mind. I'm in this camp here in that camp. That is not true and the people i have been the most effective with changing their mind and getting them to accept a new way of thinking has always been through patience. Kindness and respect amen. That's so well put anything to to that Being reviled revile not. Don't don't return what you've received an already said it the way you do it. They just attack you. They do. They do the character assassination or they attempted attack you. You don't deal with that. You don't respond in the same way. Just deal with that So we have some new watchers and some new viewers. Here are we do. We have A clipping ability really quick Can i play that. Can we play that video on the bottom right again that we've been playing of the police leading people and i just think it's important people are coming in and out and so let's Let's play this on the. Can you just put in the bottom. Third thank you. I'll play tape so as you see here There are march participants. Here that were let in those doors could be locked as you can see on the side there. Those are locks could have been locked so somebody look other someone holding the door. Oh my goodness go back go back go back. Go back. Go back there. Is someone holding the door. I just saw that go back. Go back go back. Yeah so by the way the best team ever here on the charlie kirk show. Can you go slower or no go. Oh yeah okay now go play it. And then i'll tell you to pause it in real time. It's okay thank you guys. We have the best clipping team out. There the stuff's not easy technically to screens. And all this and no sleep. hold on. there's someone who you see. They're holding your pal peng. That guy right there. That is a police officer holding the door open. See i have a hard time just letting them in but saying please welcome. It's the people's house that we see that before. Connor that's new right. That's new charlie investigative. Someone says i don't think that's a cop. I don't know he's dressed like the other cops so play it play it and then watch at the other cops looked like yeah. We enter the doorway. Here he looks like a top so now the cops and all black with a hat. Now look at the other. Cops look like dissimilar So could be could someone's holding the door that looks exactly like that. That guy looks like i don't know who that is either. A door that opens from the inside have been right so we will see We'll see their people. Are you telling us a lot about this. I want to make sure i covered it. Wouldn't it be strange to let people in and then gas them right. During the point was to prevent people from getting into the building to begin with. I'm not sure why doors were being held open for people to peacefully at least at least so let's get to some more questions here. Freedom at charlie kirk dot com. Thank you for pulling that up. Guys charlie who to your show. Good friends with jeff. I won't say the last name. He talks very highly of you question if we wanted to landslide and yet all. The evidence of fraud wasn't looked at what. Stop the democrats from doing the same thing in the future. They didn't previous election won't be easier for them in four years to cheat because a total government control. Keep up the good fight chance Thank you freedom. At charlie kirk dot com that email we have to have a revolution to make every election like florida across the country. If you like no one thing. No one is saying that florida was stolen. Everyone says that that was a pure election and trump won a battleground state. One hundred thousand votes. Let's be solution oriented. Everybody solut- right. Let's let's think creative. That's what makes us americans and not french okay. We don't complain for a living. We saw furlough nothing. Do seriously french to complain. All day. long day they're professional complainers. They never get substantive done where americans so we find a problem. We look at it. How do i solve it. How do i think entrepreneurially about this okay. Rhonda santa's has got to figure it out. Brian kemp go learn from him right. But let's let's be positive about things. Let us doom and gloom. We're never gonna win anything again. Okay again there's a whole country dedicated philosophy and it's not here and you're going to see those four counties you had those four. They had dade county the same day. They have more fraud deidre. They used to but they but they they they put it out and all of their some people are emailing us saying that may be a cop. It might not be a cop so for those watching. The livestream from media matters prove otherwise you say it could be. The point is that that is a door that locked in from the insides that was open that we know for true for sure okay. Let's get to another question here. Conservative mother a good question here because he has some grandkids that our old five six six. It's right around here three k. Charlie how do i explain to my nine year old daughter. What's going on. She goes she goes back to school on monday. And i'm sure something will be set. Luckily i live in a conservative town. But it's a public school thank you. That's a good question for moms out there with young kids. How do they unpack all this. So my daughter Walked my grandson through it. He was devastated even praying and he wanted all these things and into give perspective to allow them to see that you know god. Still in control This season that we're learning something and we need to see what it is. He's wanting to show us recalibrating giving them a perspective to realize that god moves in the affairs of men and to give them a grounding so they don't feel as though someone's movement or someone's efforts. It's gonna somehow devastate your life. They're not in control of your life. God is sovereign. he's got you. Trust him amen. So let's This clip right here. That just got sent to us. Let's trust you guys are going to see it as i see it as we put it up here. How do we have some. We have some breaking news from senator. Joe manchin breaking senator joe. Manchin said he will absolutely oppose two thousand dollar payments to americans denying hopes for another spending bill in a stunning turn of events. A democrat from west. Virginia's more fiscally conservative than most republican shocking. Okay here we go sam here. Hey charlie i'm fourteen years old from saint charles illinois pattern here who these teens. Teenagers that are standing you. We we owe it to these kids to lead them a better country. Everybody and to keep fighting. You owe it to these teenage. I'm with you're right. It's awesome from saint charles illinois and i have a few questions how would i be able to work for turning point in what age is required. I love it. I love it and i think it's something that i'd strive doing. Thanks my man. Why don't you give a plug to how to start a chapter isabel. Well starting a chapter is a great place to start and we do have part time staff members across the country acting as campus coordinators. Which might be the best solution for you as you get out of high school and into college. That's one way to join our team if you go to teepee usa dot com slash. Get involved someone from our team can help you to find out. If there's already chapter at your school and how to start one teepee usa dot com slash get involved and if you want this beautiful gear it's shop. Teepee usa dot com. Are we able to put up that clip connor. That i sent you right in there. I have not seen this clip yet. So you guys are all going to be seeing it as i see as and kind of see how we unpackaged and analyze. Its new evidence. According to new video proves that antifa responsible for capital breach. Okay we'll watch the video and we'll look at this through our best. David hume analyzing data here being skeptical. Show us the evidence and stripping ourselves of any bias right. I'm ready that's what we do okay and The audio i am told is important. The crowd says quote. Stop antifa so trump person taps lightly than stops than big trump. guy stops into stop Again we'll look at this. Our team is putting that together in the meantime. Morgan says i'm fourteen years old and the next election. I'll be able to vote. Who do you think will be the top runner for conservatives. And what do you think the focus should be. Thank you all. Enjoy the show isabelle will be. I'm actually old enough. Oh i want you twenty thirty two. I'll be all your rocking will say this. It doesn't matter what does matter is the ideas and what they stand for. Yep and that the stopping the endless wars maga- doctrine agenda continues on. That's really what matters. The most is restricting immigration fighting for the american worker challenging entrenched corporate interests and unapologetically declaring our rights. Come from god not from government. Amen you were talking about california. A state that has been inundated by secular progressive liberalism. You walk in to your central committee as a republican and you offer to divall and tear in one election cycle. You'll be sitting on that board. You'll be you'll be one of the folks that will be able to drive the platform for that area. And then within a short amount of time you'll be at the capital of sacramento with all republicans contending for the platform the california republican party so educate yourself stepping in volunteer. Next thing you know you're going to be driving the near amen. And the right now. We need more activism than ever before. It's really important. Let me get to this question here. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com Hi charlie. I'm a buddhist follower. Who's been taking all the information of our election system for the past year and a half. God bless you. Thank you for watching I try to take in. All of the independent media can throw all podcasts. Watcher listened to. I believe that the government could have avoided the tension. If they just listened to the people. I agree with that. I tell him i liberal friends. If there's evidence so refutable why do they not just allow us to get the court cases through blaine. You bring a great point and thank you for listening and we have people from all religions and backgrounds watch this program so thank you excelled america young. It's the beauty of our country. So thank you for that. I completely and totally agree that if the supreme court would have took up one of these cases a lot of this pent-up frustration i think would have been diffused. Wanted to be heard. They just wanted to be heard they wanted. The feels if the system was not just trying to have trap door after trap door designed against them. Yup right let's go to hear. Hey guys. I'm fifteen years old. I go to public school. A lot of my friends have dropped me and hate me for being conservative catholic. A one time. I walked into school with a catholic school sweatshirt. And someone called me white privileged. I don't know what to do when these people say anything's any advice. Have you guys seeing a pattern here. What's happening in the country Isabel i grew up in the catholic church owned to catholic highschool to suggest that being catholic automatically means that you're white is the most ignorant argument i've heard all day. The catholic church is the largest institution in the world so to suggest that everyone in the world is white because they happen to celebrate a particular religion is lazy. it's sloppy and frankly just speaks to the tactics of the left making everything about race and calling literally everything racist. Unfortunately it's not surprising. So i wish that it was but that is the playbook that we're seeing from the left lately that they go after you guys for anything about yourself. What you're wearing. Who you associate with who you worship and automatically call you a white. Supremacist nazi racist. Because of that. Hang in there. You're not the only one experiencing that. I know how hard that can be. Trust me. Yesterday i was called white power barbies. So you know we get these things all the time professionally for a living But just remember that you're not alone and that there are people out there who support you who've got your back and who believe in the same things that you do too enthusiastic thumbs of was awesome. Very good okay. Let's get some more questions here. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. Okay do we have this Video here so as this video is going on. They are saying f antifa. I'm not going to air that we don't do that on this program but just watch this video. That's what people are chanting while this is happening. Play tape so it looks as if those guys do not look like trump supporters Bashing bashing and they're saying f antifa this look the way he's treating that flag that does not look. Okay all right so let me. Just tell right now. The way that they are acting and gesturing does not strike me like trump supporters. Does it. i've never seen a conservative. The flag all black just the manners that they are bashing. They look like they are. They're trying to cause trouble. And those guys i think are to get in the way of them and he throws him out of the way. A lot of people watching a lot of people telling them to stop. He came prepared with weapons. Whoever this guy is looks like a metal pipe of while trump supporter tries to stop him. Wow wow a trump's support and they say get out of the way trump supporter tries to stop them trying to say this is not true. This is not true. Stop it look. That's that's a trump supporter in real time. Yup screaming at him saying stop it and he puts his arms on him telling him to stop saying what are you doing. What are you doing. Stop it this other guys getting right in his face a confrontation ensues. These two black guys are not part of the trump crowd right all and speaking Were all these people. Start chanting. F antifa antifa tika and so it looks like this continues on some people. Thought they were saying stop antifa. Let's f antifa stop antifa. We don't air swear words on this program this person then flicks off the entire crowd. While does it look like they're with them. If so let's say that again please. Bashing windows' all black and pause pause is anyone else in the trump crowd wearing all black like that except that guy with the goggles. You could stop. You could see who the okay. Sorry can you go back. Just play at if you look at the whole crowd span. You can see who the agitators are and who the trump patriots at unlike who the actual peaceful guys are yup. Those guys wearing those riot. Those kinds of those snowboarding goggles. You see those snowboarding goggles right near the kind of center right of that whole thing. Those guys are. They're up to no good these other guys that have these. Just trump hats behind their their with flags. They're like wait. What's going on here right. You can see literal exclamations of shock on people's phase out throughout the crowd to they do not know what's going on here mannerisms and how they are striking this door and how they are doing. It looks exactly how antifa acted in portland and seattle. Would you agree rob in the the majority of the crowd. That doesn't look like they're storming the best deal you have to people right and so no consensus and then importantly this other guy comes in and puts his body between the bill and these agitators and it almost seems as always consoling him like trying to. This isn't right Trying you all this on cable news. I guarantee you that that right there with the flag totally looks antifa. Just gotta say minds me in portland and so let's do play the audio at the end. I'm told that says stop antifa. Stop antifa if we can And so. I'm gonna give a disclaimer that there might be a swear word i i. Don't i hate doing this. If there's a swear word everyone says that the audios dramatic so Let's do that. Please with the audio might disclaimer. There might be a swear word here. I don't yourself with all the teenagers out there. You're not hearing it at high school. So that is not how trump supporters act at that that looks like professionally antifa. You see all these people looking around saying what's going on what's going on there pointing at these people to right here. Someone steps in. They put their body between so he's telling him to stop right. There need to get that done and find that guy with the hat internet. Find him with the backpack. Seriously thanks to be found. He stopping these guys right. They're telling them to stop telling him. Calm down if that's you. Send us a picture of yourself. Joe's your gear. It's here you're saying they're saying f antifa today are saying atlanta but nothing but that's pretty. That's pretty chilling. Gave me chills. That does not look like the narrative that we have been told not all know it looks like trump supporters trying to stop them from entering into the building not even that they weren't affiliated with them but actively trying to stop the agitators trying to enter the building to. That's an important facet. I think they were saying. F t for stop antifa. It's actually irrelevant. I just trying not to you know right. But the point is that it's They're both saying. Stop it. yes. Let's get to some questions here. Freedom at charlie kirk dot com freedom at charlie kirk dot com Go this is from the nation. You've got someone. I got an estonian watcher or listener. Hi charlie i'm martin. Seventeen sending lots of support from the lovely nation of estonia the baltic states so it goes finland. Oh man does finland estonia latvia lithuania. Someone fact checked me on them. I in fact estonia latvia. Lithuania is that right. I have a dear friend whose daughter dances for either the estonian or lithuanian geography. Wow done charlie. that's good. I know my life post soviet baltic geography better than most. Well done well done. My question is what can is a class student from europe. Do to help you. Why aren't you still using voter. D in the united states. It's a question coming from a previously. Soviet by the way are minister of finance stands with the american people. Look my. this is my piece of advice to every person watching around the world let your voice be heard tell people how you feel to it so thoughtfully and rationally and the more you learn the more you'll know how to act you'll be other respond to all their arguments you'll know what they say before they say it. It's so critically important it really really is. Yeah exactly you ever spent time in stony into russia. I've been to russia ukraine. But i haven't been to estonia latvia lithuania all of it conceded e mail us your questions. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. Also i want to thank our supporters here at charlie kirk dot com slash support. We've been doing this livestream longer than usual. Because i can feel the tension in the country. And i just want to help people answers and some comfort. Charlie people need this. I ever received so many techs folks are so appreciative of this. 'cause there's clarity i mean you. You're not out there. You know reacting to every single instagram posts. That has some nut putting out some conspiracy at your digging into it. You're showing him stuff. It's so helpful. You've no idea so there are more people asking us to play that video again and we are going to just a second. But i want to get to this question here Because i think that video in some ways is narrative game changer. Yeah to be honest with you. It is high mr kirk one year old from connecticut. I'm trying to avoid college while looking for a career in tech but it seems every job requires either college degree or prior experience and every internship is only for college students as someone who found his career without college. Giving you advice on what i could do. Do i apply to these jobs regardless How do i do this. Rob you wanted wayne and this little bit. Well i love what you said you go to a person say. I'll work for you. Yup given that narrative because that is a great so yet look here. I can tell you from personal experience so edwin. thank you for your question in connecticut. Tough battle there. I could tell you that much. Find someone who is in the field you want to get into. Yep go to them. And say i will do anything you ask of me for free and i want to learn everything i possibly can from. You might say. How do i find that person get crap get scrappy get hustle and get creative is what is what i'm trying to say get scrappy hustle and get creative. Find that person and just say. I'll work for free. I'll do anything you ask of me right there. There's a friend of mine whose name will remain anonymous Who dropped out of high school. Fifteen years of age started one of the largest businesses in the country and is worth quite a bit of money in his comment was no man would stand in the way of me pursuing what it was i wanted to do. I just go around him. I'd figure out how to do it. And those folks aren't going to be roadblocks you need to be creative and when he would sit down and describe without a high school education raised in west texas and to see what he did going up against some of the greatest corporations in america and still overcoming it. I i would say that individual. No one stands in your way. Just bigger out and charlie that advice dude going in and saying i worked for free on a work amen. Though or anyone can say is no. That's the best advice i've ever given and frankly that's how i got this job with turning usa. I asked this was before we really had a contributor program before we had the infrastructure for what we're doing now and obvious said worked at the organization quite a bit on my college campus. But i had an idea. And so i started asking around and the worst. Anyone can ever tell you as wait. A few months is not the right time. Maybe not right now but we'll consider it in the future if you get scrappy you get tough. You don't give up. People will see that in you. Good when you when you when i told you about my son and you said look at the worst case scenario. He'll be here year doesn't do well but he's going to be debt free and the learned over the mayan brilliant and he's gotten skills and he's seen a lot of things. Yeah i can you that much. Yeah let's get that video back on screen Some people are saying that the f. antifa chant is a proud boys chant. I mean that's kind of like saying the english language is not exactly it could be I stand open minded on that but Not convinced that is compelling evidence when you have a group of people i mean. I would chant that. I didn't know that was the one chance. That's you know not exactly a fade into the lexicon together of yet those. Those aren't exactly unique words in the library that book. So let's Let's go to this video again please. Which just the behavior At and the way they did the way. They were acting in this video so uncharacteristic of trump's supporters And just anything we've ever seen but just the mannerisms and the way that they were bashing the window and the way that they were just taking kind of whatever they possibly had with hammers with them. That's not anything that i've ever seen. Any trump rally everyone before we play that tape again police and then you see a trump supporter trying to tell them to stop play. Play two guys and all black that start bashing. I'd love to see what happened before this. He took some form of flag. And you could see. They're dressed uncharacteristically. The rest of the crowd right starting to bash lot of people. Some people are cheering him on in the crowd. Some most people are shell shocked right banging on their men. They are really going to work on this window. And then he takes the flag and they're trying to tell him to stop this guy. Does he comes in right here and he tells them the stop. He's left without his weapon. Did you take out a knife. No that's his hand and he then flicks off now. He that one woman that woman tries to get into him and tell stop stop. You're hurting this for all of us. This guy says you don't know what's happening here. It almost looks. She took his flag. Itchy yeah and then this guy tries to explain away. What's happening here telling them to stop trying to console them. That person wants nothing to do with it. Nothing screaming is what it looks like right. Yeah and then. This person flicks off the entire crowd. The crowd looks completely differently dressed. You can imagine that this guy with the hat is probably saying. The president said be peaceful. Were here to be peaceful. I'm flicking off the entire crowd. Don't say flip right same. Allow boys lexicon that changes the entire narrative i would say so continue to e email us our questions freedom. Charlie kirk dot com. Let's go here to some people are saying. They found the guy who was consoling them. We're gonna reach out to make sure that's the right guy here. This guy has video that he posted right here. We'll see there's going to be lot more footage coming out coming through As this happens in real time let's get to this question here Good question here is about. My name is Charlie how do i discern what is factual not This is both from mississippi. Well first of all truth has a ring to it. Don't forget that we always forget that but if something feels off probably no. It's not the truth. It's not factual it's unfortunate because today in modern history. There's not really a lot of places you can go to find. Just facts and information and statistics and data and evidence without any sort of opinion associated with it. Frankly i would say nowhere. In the mainstream media does that exist in two thousand and twenty one small plug. We are working on something like that turning point. Usa that you're going to be hearing about next week and that's all i can really say about that. Rob how do you discern truth from fiction tech your sources at check your sources and and and truth will be cooperated corroborated And so when you check your sources And and you separate you you've got to go to the original source you've gotta see the content and make sure that it's legitimate because so many people at as a minister especially when it's taken a stand they send me. Everything and i finally just said from the pulpit. Don't send me anything. You haven't checked. I go to the original source. Show me before you send it to me. Yeah i don't. I don't i don't wanna operate by motion. Give me facts test them and we do know that a guy from utah who was a blm activist. He was inside the house the capital. He said he was just documenting the riots but once he did say he wanted to burn it down verify from fox news. I've heard that this individual was the person who took the video footage of the young woman being shot We heard some of that. He was actually interviewed on cnn last night or the night before. Of course he wasn't asked why he was in the building. I do find that very interesting. That were clearly getting information on who some of these people are and interviewing them and making sure we understand more of the story but at least some of them are not over trump supporters. That is important to note responding to some emails here. Email freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com Let's go right here. is a good one high charleena combat veteran from california. I'm going to college to become a history professor at college. So i can help with the brainwashing. Amen for you thank you. This is a great deal. I'm not saying we should go to a civil war. I know the horrors of war. But i'm ready to step up and protect the american people. I swore an oath. I will support and defend the constitution. I'd say it's against all enemies. Foreign domestic thomas. jefferson said. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots. And tyrants it's my question is where do we go from here. Things turned violent. Why i would say to that combat veteran for thank you thank you for your service but also say because you know the horrors of war. That is for all of us. A last resort wasn't we hoped would never occur. Excuse me but i love what he's doing. He's using his brain. He's finding solutions. He's educating himself. He wants to educate others. That's the path. It's a longer path. But like i've been saying on this program and he jackass can knock down a barn door. Only carpenter can build one. He's pursuing the realm of a carpenter. That's what i'd say to all of us be. Don't be anxious. Operate with wisdom operate with prudence and and and find a solution. Because as he said you do not want to see bloodshed that is the last thing and god forbid it ever happen to occur. We're gonna go here. Zachary fresca's my zachary. I'm currently in my ap us history class listening to your show and my teachers very liberal. You are going to learn more from us than from hurts. Could use the time amen. Well first of all thank you to the teacher for allowing he's listening from your is a teacher listening to this. No doubt they just told us that. We'll be discussing insurrection. And she even compared the trump supporters to men in the south during the civil rights period. I planned to stand up and respectfully say something. How do i do this. And what is good argument to us. So let me help you in your class in real time. First of all say that they were a lot of mixture of people that were there and a lot of those people were not part of the seventy four million trump voters. That voted in november number two. No one condoned supported or got behind. What happened there that you can judge a movement based on how the leaders react to it and number three. Just ask a very very simple question of will there. Now be a massive indictment not literally of anyone who's a conservative of guilt by association. And that's exactly what they're trying to do now and so demand nuance from your teacher. Your goal remember. Everything should be doing as a goal in mind demand to get your teacher to admit that that is not representative of the conservative movement or the trump movement. Yes you agree with that of fully fully agree. Okay thank you for supporting us. A charlie kirk dot com slash support. We are on top of this in real time. If you guys want to win a signed copy the magazine doctrine. Take out your podcast provider. Type in the charlie kirk show and hit subscribe Really closing thoughts Well keep this up. Charlie because Needs they need understanding with with wisdom dispels and facts and truth. Dispel fear and a lot of folks are afraid right now. Amen tune in to this. Find not only charlie's podcast but others do this homework this real time homework to analyze and look at so that you can have a rational approach to this instead of operating solely on your fears. Let those dispel facts and charlie and isabel. Thank you guys. You have no idea what it means to me. As a minister in the state of california with the folks. I'm dealing with you guys are tremendous blessing. Please go to teepee usa dot com slash. Get involved if you wanna get involved a turning point. usa which you all should do. Please email us your questions in real time. We're gonna be very soon. We're on top of it. Artists working podcasts in the country. God bless you guys speak to you.

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Episode 57: Italian Inmates Break Out, Promise to Return. Donkey Arrested for Gambling in Pakistan. Artificial Brains Need to Sleep.

Strange News Daily

11:10 min | 8 months ago

Episode 57: Italian Inmates Break Out, Promise to Return. Donkey Arrested for Gambling in Pakistan. Artificial Brains Need to Sleep.

"It's a basic training. People need each other. It's why Penn. Fed credit unions I. members joined together for a better financial future for eighty five years. We've been there for our members and communities and we're here for you today. We can help you bridge a financial gap. Save wisely. Make confident decisions with your money. We know we are always stronger and better together. That's why we hope you'll join. US membership is open to everyone. Apply Today Panther. Dot Org insured by NCUA. Strange News daily is a production of iheartmedia. In a world full of bizarre events, unsolved mysteries and two billion stories from all corners of the globe. Some news gets lost in the shuffle. This is your gateway to the stories on the fringe of the mainstream map. These are your dispatches in the dark I'm Ben Bullen and this is the strange news daily. Our first story today. To prisoners in Italy. Have temporarily escaped. How do we know this escape is temporary well? They left a note saying so. Two inmates who escaped from a prison in Rome Italy last week left guards. Courtesy note say they had business to take care of, but would be back shortly. The two cousins divides Zuganov. IQ and Lil amitav Ovik broke out of the Rebibbia prison overnight on June second. They scaled a wall using a water hose that was left out in a courtyard, however before the pair made their escape, they left a note in their cell, saying that they had personal reasons, they needed to fleet. They were driven by quote, the need to protect their children from a nasty business. They had gotten themselves into according to Republika daily a local newspaper. The inmates specified that only they could make things right because their wives were also both currently in jail. At the end of the note, the two men promised to return around fifteen days once everything was sorted. These men were serving sentences until two thousand, twenty, nine for several nonviolent crimes, including fraud and receiving stolen goods. Italian prisons are to put it bluntly. No Walk in the Piazza the system is notorious for overcrowding with more than sixty thousand prisoners detained in a system designed to hold only forty, six, thousand, eight, hundred, seventy, five, this overcrowding taxes, the prison system's ability to meet basic needs like accommodation, healthcare or rehabilitation. And back in May, the government met with enormous public backlash when fears of a corona virus outbreak in the prisons led Italy to move some three hundred and seventy-six inmates from high security prison cells to house arrest. The end mates by the way that were moved were not all small time nonviolent offenders. They included international drug traffickers and affiliates of Italy's organized crime gangs, including three serving time under a harsh isolation regime that is only reserved for top mafia bosses. The. Our second story today keeping with the theme of crime. Let's head over to Pakistan. Where one member of a recently arrested gambling ring has made international headlines. Because it is a donkey. That's right. Police in Pakistan arrested a donkey for its involvement in a gambling race. The bazaar arrests started a laugh riot online and you can see a video of the animal left tied, looking pretty sedate and calm outside of the police station. This incident was reported in a city called Rahim Yar Khan. It's in the Punjab province. In eastern Pakistan, the local police apprehended eight men altogether for their alleged involvement in this donkey race, and they were gambling on the outcome. However, when the cops went to arrest this gambling ring, they decided to nab the donkey to. During the arrests, they recovered one hundred twenty thousand Pakistan rupees from the suspects claiming that they were using the money to bet on donkey race. The suspects in the animal were arrested Doodoo Punjab's Prevention of Gambling Ordinance. A spokesperson for the Rahim Yar Khan Police Station B division, said quote. The donkey has been arrested as it had been named the first report along with other suspects. The donkey is currently been tied outside of the police station. According to another report, the authorities later clarified that since the accused men and the donkey have been arrested on the spot, and both of them have been named in those initial reports. None of them can be released. Donkeys are frequently used as beasts of burden in rural areas of Pakistan and so it's not uncommon for people to hold donkey cart races and bet on the outcome just yesterday. The court handed custody of the donkey to its owner. One Ghulam Mustafa was also known by the name Kakha. On the condition that he would keep the donkey safe until the case was decided in court. And I can imagine what we're all wondering. Who is this mysterious donkey? Currently? The donkey's name has not been released to the public perhaps to protect its identity. Our Third Story Today Philip K Dick Famously asked whether android dream of electric sheep, and now scientists are wondering if real life artificial brains may also need to catch a few Z's. Los Alamos National Laboratory computer. Scientist Eugene Watkins Enter team have concluded that artificial brains will almost certainly need periods of rest that offer benefits similar to those sleep provides to our own brains, Watkins says we study spiking neural networks which are systems that learn much as living brain stew. We're fascinated by the prospect of training a neuromorphic processor in a manner analogous to how humans and other biological systems learn from their environment during childhood. The discovery about sleep came around because the research team was working to develop neural networks that closely approximate the way humans and other biological systems learn. The group initially was struggling with stabilizing these neural networks after they were undergoing unsupervised dictionary training dictionary training by the way involves classifying objects without having prior examples to compare them to. Watkins and her team found that the networks simulations became unstable after continuous periods of unsupervised learning when they expose the networks to states that are analogous to the waves that living brains experienced during sleep, stability was restored. Walking says it was as if we were giving the neural networks, the equivalent of a good night's rest part of the problem here comes from that attempt to make artificial neural networks function like biological brains. LOS ALAMOS COMPUTER SCIENTISTS AND STUDY Co. author Gary Kenyon says the issue of how to keep learning systems from becoming unstable, really only rises when attempting to utilize biologically realistic, spiking neuromorphic processors or win trying to understand biology itself. Kenyan goes on to add the vast majority of machine learning, deep learning, and a researchers never encountered this issue, because in the very artificial systems they study, they have the luxury of performing global mathematical operations that have the effect of regulating the overall dynamic gain of the system in other words, those neural networks those examples machine learning. Don't work white the same way that human brain does. The researchers characterized this decision to expose the networks to an artificial analog of sleep kind of as a last ditch effort to stabilize them the experimented with multiple types of noise. Think of the static. You might hear between stations while you're tuning and old school radio. that. The best results came when they used waves of something called. Garcion does this includes a large range of frequencies and amplitude. The team currently believes that this noise mimics the input received by biological neurons during slow. Wave Sleep. This is exciting because the results suggest that slow wave sleep may act in part to ensure that quarter cle neurons maintain stability and don't hallucinate. Watkins will be presenting her research at the women in Computer Vision Workshop on June fourteenth in Seattle, Washington. That's all for now. We've been asking you to Chime in with suggestions for stories, you think your fellow listeners should know more about the hit us with your best or worst puns, bad jokes, and to tell us about your personal experience in your neck of the global woods. Let us know what's happening by tagging Hashtag, strange daily on twitter, or reach out to me directly I'm Ben Bullen H. W. on twitter or at Ben? Bull in on Instagram, thanks as always to our super producer Dylan. Fagin our research associate, SAM, tea-garden, and most importantly. Thanks to you for tuning in I'm Ben, bullet? We'll see you tomorrow until then stay stage. It's a basic truth. People need each other. It's why Penn. Fed credit unions I members joined together for a better financial future for eighty five years. We've been there for our members and communities and we're here for you today we can help you bridge financial gap. Save wisely and make confident decisions with your money. We know we are always stronger and better together. That's why we hope you'll join. US membership is open to everyone. Apply today, pen dot. Org insured by NCUA.

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To The Piece of Human Garbage Who Stole my Pyrex Dish

Does This Happen to You

08:57 min | 6 months ago

To The Piece of Human Garbage Who Stole my Pyrex Dish

"Hi I'm Chris Kepler and welcome to. Does this happen to you I'm an actor, voice, actor, audiobook, narrator, and writer I love tilling and sharing stories about the strange experiences. My friends I have while doing mundane things like grocery shopping. That's why this podcast features funny stories from fantastic writers about our daily anomalies, a micro audio book about life and befuddle moment just for you. Our story. This week is from shelagh. Ric Hill who you'll find on medium DOT COM and here is to the piece of human garbage. Who Stole My pyrex dish? The real idiot in this modern day. Romance Stories Me, not you Chad you ask me out on a date. After weeks of talking, we had mutual friends and you had lived in Oklahoma. Your whole life seemed less high risk I nervously replied really. When was the last time a guy asked me out on a real date? I don't know. When was a bomb in office? You assured me that. Yes, you wanted to treat me to Tacos any event. Involving tacos is always going to result in a yes from me. Hey, I'm teaching three Hour Seminar on Hell great taxes are, but we'll have a TACO bar. Count me in. So I met you and you had sandy brown hair with a reddish brown, manly man beard. You wore glasses and your lips were anything, but then you're biceps indicated. You could easily pick me up. Which is saying something similar? I've eaten a significant amount of spicy NACHO. Doritos in the last month. And pick me up. You did shed. It was the eating meat to the curb afterward that I very much did not like it all no sir are date was four point nine stars. You were talkative and funny and smart used words such as Plethora and chivalrous. You had a contagious laugh I brought my famous, no baked cookies and a glass pyrex dish with a Red Lid. That would certainly win you over if my rapier went, didn't I figured you like the cookies or so you said you so obviously wanted to kiss me good night. When you walk me to my car, but I stumbled. I. Mean Says Shade to my door and drove off into the night, playing the weekend with the sunroof up, not a care in the world I had just gone on my first blind date of my entire life, and it was awesome. Fun Fact I was also blind to what a total piece of human garbage you were. You called me every afterward and texted me throughout the day we talked a podcast in politics of scars and siblings of Oklahoma. Life and out of state adventures. What we didn't talk about however was your uncanny ability to disappear like frigging Houdini. Yet forgot to mention that silly goose. Our second date was scheduled in a few days after our first, we had just talked at six o'clock that night, and then eight ish rolled around, and it was time to meet you at the park for an evening stroll like a seventy year old couple you see on those arthritis medication commercials, but then you died. Actually I thought you died, but it turns out. You were super duper, not dead. The long and short of it is Chad. You stood me up like absolutely one hundred percent stood me up, never came to the park, never called or texted back, even telegram, and for sure you didn't bring back my pyrex dish you thief I waited for you to call me that night to explain yourself. Had you fall asleep head? You Developed Amnesia within two hours of our call. Had You googled me and thought this girl's obsession with serial killers is not healthy. What really happened that night? I knew I just knew I'd wake up to a phone. Call from you the next morning to explain everything away. Hey, there Shayla sorry I died. I'm alive now. Let's reschedule that date. There was no phone call I woke to drool on my pillow and a newfound disdain for mankind. Fueled by indignation and a lot. Tae Ice scoured the local news sites to look for car crash reports because I knew SUV was upside down in a ditch somewhere, it was only logical. Because there is just no way a good old oak. Boy would do that to a woman. Southern Boys are gentlemen. They open doors and pull out chairs. They take their hats off the dinner table. They say things like you sure do. Look Pretty, and can I take you out for Fried Chicken? My other theories of your whereabouts included. You Lost Your Phone and alien abducted you at eight o'clock that night. You're actually part of the Irish mob and had to flee immediately you got to caught up reading weathering heights and lost track of time. You were helping a little old lady across the street. But no, you're gone without a trace just like my faith, inman. My friends were kind enough to take me out and shower me with rude names for you. My personal favorite is trash bag. The waitress at Louise even called you cute little names. I won't type on here. It helped. Fast forward nearly three weeks later and guess who calls me at nearly eleven at night it you. You apologized and gave me some half concocted story about being a coward jerk. Hey, look, we agree on something. And? This is the part of the story where I become the idiot. I gave you a second chance. I figured if I could work with murderers and drug offenders and sex traffickers at the county jail, I could find a way to forgive you and give it another try. How can I talk about forgiveness and not offer it to a thirty two year old man who was groveling? Should've stuck with the inmates. They don't even have cell phones. Chad, so we go on our second second date. You actually show up Kudos, but you pushed our date from seven to seven thirty. What were you doing Chad? Why did you need that extra time? You told me it was to clean your trailer where you even cleaning your trailer at all I bet you weren't. Again I'm an idiot. Writing this further confirms that someone must have dropped me on. My head is an infant. Nevertheless we met at a local restaurant and talked and laughed and eight and flirted, and it all felt so genuine, it was way better than a first date, and I was on cloud nine. It was a lot like my first expresso in Rome Italy. It hit me like lightning and I couldn't sleep. I was electrified. And then you stood me up again. Ah, you know who deserve second chances restaurants that heavy strand of hair in their gravy clothing at goodwill, classic literature. We snooze through in Highschool. You deserve a swift kick in the shorts while I wear my four inch heels, the pointy ones, not the wedges. But I'm a writer and we fight with our words. You flaked on me for the second time and I let it happen. And on that day I laughed because what are the chances of being stood up by the same bro Twice Hey. I've always been an overachiever. What can I say so? It's over before it even started Chad. I hope life. has kindly as you did me and keep the PYREX dish. It's replaceable like you. Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed the story, let me know and share it with your friends. Follow me at Kris K. K. Aria on twitter or Kris K. Kepler on facebook or check out my website. WWW DOT, Chris kepler dot com.

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Lemons, Limoncello and Summer Recipes

The Maria Liberati Show

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Lemons, Limoncello and Summer Recipes

"Hey listeners if you haven't heard about anchored DOT FM, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me, explain. Angered DOT FM. Is Free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast. Right from your phone or computer. Will distribute your podcast. Were you so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free. APP or go to anger DOT FM to get started. That's A. N. C.. H. R. DOT FM. Welcome to the Marine Liberati show where meets art, travel and Life Special Chow and boys, you or to my listening audience in Italy and France, that has been growing Miller dotty and MERCI beaucoup for joining us and listening, and also to my audiences, all over the World Ireland in the UK. Thanks for listening Canada, you're listening to and also welcoming Jefferson Australia South Africa Nigeria the Netherlands and Bangladesh, to and of course. I love you my audience in the United States. Thank you all for listening. What does food mean to you well today asking in finding out? What does it limit? Mean to you from staycationing recipes to summer memories. Lemons that's sweet, simple fruit. That Mother Nature has perfectly crafted. Just one wish of a fresh lemon brings back a flood of memories from summers past lemonade stands. Today's at the beach in picnics, but for me fresh fragrant lemon signal summer, the Bright Yellow Peo- resembling a great summer sun, and the fresh hypnotizing perfume of the juice. All make this one of this summer symbolic fruits. Oh yes, you can get lemons all year round, but not like the fresh summer lemons and the taste of refresh lemon can bring you back to. To a place, maybe in mind only but the Mafia coast in Italy famous for their fragrant Grapefruit Lemons, the town of Sorrento Italy for their lemons and the infamous lip car women shallow I didn't episode for my PBS TV series. The basic art of Italian cooking in all in have such fragrant memories of that police. Here's this story from my book that Basic Art of Italian cooking about this summer trip they are, and if you are over twenty one and one to me, your own, lemon shallow, my favorite recipe also. Chapter e from the Basic Art of Italian cooking. The chapter is titled Yageo in Alto. Goose, it tripped by bus. The bus trip along this sides of the mountain from Sorrento Amalfi will have you the edge of your seat, the narrow road twists and turns as grips the edge of the mountain. It's daring were which sometimes does not even supply guardrails. The Italian bus drivers seen to be a custom to those conditions are not upset by them in the least. One one bus is going down in another bus is coming up the mountain. One bus simply stops impulse to the side, so the other can pass the drivers will even each other, and we are all on our memory way until the buses meet again. We experienced this gut clenching bus ride on the way to visit my cousin who lives in Positano when we arrived in Positano. The bus took us to the center of the town. That's where we met my cousin and spent a lovely day walking catching up a family news and absorbing the quiet beauty of small positano. It was mid June, so of course everyone was on the beach. We decided to catch the late afternoon bus, whom weren't eager to make the trip down the mountain in the dark endowed, the roadway would be well lit. We walked to the place where bus should arrive booming terribly in waited a half an hour past instill, there was no. We had been told originally that the buses came by in the day at every hour on the hour, so we asked a local gentlemen walking by if he knew what time the bus was scheduled to arrive well, he said yesterday came at four, but I don't know what time it will come today. Doesn't the bus comment the same time every day I asked dependent. He answered dependent means that depends. On what I hadn't a clue had five PM. Before the door said in a bus finally arrived, we traveled back to Sorrento again. Gripping the edges of our seats while transportation in Italy can be if either of this land is anything, but even contour me. The side dishes are prepared with precision. CARE -freshing. The main course depends on a bold side dish to provide the perfect complement, and here's that lemon shallow recipe I promised you in Italy. You can't technically call this drink lemon, shallow less. You use the large sweet lemons of Sorrento which are sweet as candy and grown organically. There's a trade more on the formula used to me this lemon shallow ever you can attempt to make something similar here. Try to use fresh if possible organic lemons to get the best quality, three organic fresh lemons, two and a half cups of pure alcohol for Cars One Melissa. A Quarter Cup of sugar, two cups of Spring, distilled or purified drinking water, wash the lemons dry in great details, be careful to only take a yellow part of the appeal, and not the white member, in which is bitter place in a liquor bottle with alcohol and let it sit for seven days. Shake the bottle every so often. Heat the water. Let the sugar dissolve in heated water. Be careful not to boil removed from heat wants the sugars dissolved and let this mixture cool juice to fresh lemons when the serapis cooled knicks it into the alcohol mixture with lemon juice. Let the mixture stand for another seven days shelter, this mixture and Bodil it in liquor bottle with a court or top. Let this stand for at least two months you can store lemon shallow in the freezer. Because of its high alcohol content, it will not freeze. It will only become really really cold and add to the refreshing characteristic of this Lecarr. This can be used as an after dinner during or poured over crushed ice for at Grenada Dilemma Shallow. Or poured over ineligible lotto. Stations are fun to do especially, since we are limited right now with our choices of places physically travel to, but stations make fun options to try to experience it. Please before you can get there maybe to bring back special memories of a trip. They are thinking of a steak ation to Rome Italy. Here's another story from the basic art of Italian cooking and a fragrant lemony, Fresh Desert Chapter Twenty from the Basic Art of Italian, croaking Caldo Fredo in desert. How can you describe a sunny Sunday afternoon in room? It brings to mind the Italian saying of a dull fought in the NBA how sweet it is to do nothing. It is an afternoon of doing nothing, but in a special way, one of the great pleasures of Roman life is Sipa, coffee or additive Oh at an outdoor cafe and just watch the world. Go by two of the most scenic spots in my opinion. Are Piazza NAVONA and the Pantheon? Described as the theater of Baroque Rome Piazza Navona is peopled by street performers in artists, peddling their wares, tours and parents chasing children chasing pigeons. If you, if you're espresso or a power to you, go from your cafe table at the Piazza Della Rotunda, you can set your gaze. At both majestic, Pantheon originally built in twenty seven BC, and rebuilt in one twenty ad as well as the beautiful film designed by Giacomo Della. Porta were ancient. Rome meets Renaissance Rome the. The view is worth every penny you pay for that overprice, coffee or a power to Yvo when in Rome do like the Romans do and make Sunday afternoon out of drinking is single espresso or a power to who says the food and fashion have nothing in common in Rome. It's fashionably chic to get dressed up in the afternoon for the passage, Oughta or afternoon wall, and present bellyful Gorda in stroll to the most fashionable coffee bars and sitting in SIP. SIP coffees in power tubes are always served most elegantly of headed TV or power tiffs are an important part of Italian dining in sparked your appetite in stimulate your taste buds. They're usually bidder. Don't have a high alcohol content and should have a good balance, bitterness and acidity without too much sweetness. Alcohol does your taste, but you want to have use of every taste bud a true. Italian meal will be feast for the senses. I've always observed everything in Italy is. Is orchestrated like an opera, and the meal is no exception starting with the power to give an appetizer as your overture, building up to the first and second courses been building up to the desert and Espresso in the after dinner drink as your final act and fragrant lemony, fresh dessert that's found at many local restaurants in Rome in the summertime, only four ingredients, fresh lemons, fresh strawberries in sugar and freshman leaves. It's called FRY gala on lemonade or simply put. With lemon, the locals eat this as a dessert alone, but you can also eat this dish with some vanilla, Gelato or ice cream, or over pound cake. Here's the recipe Friday on the moon, a mix one pound fresh strawberries hold in cut in half with the juice of one, freshly squeezed lemon and a tablespoon, or so of sugar, let marinate in the refrigerator for one hour and serve with Presley chopped Manley's. Or if you'd like to take a trip with me in mind, only of course to my grandmother's Sunday, dinner table a recipe from Mike Worm on World Award winning book, the Basic Art of Italian cooking holidays and special occasions second edition for a mash. Donia, which is a fresh fruit salad that is brightened up by fresh lemons. This was a tradition. My grandmother took back to her home in the South Philadelphia area from Abruzzo Italy. It's a tradition Rowley in Abruzzo. To have his Frat to have. Fresh fruit after dinner. But. She used to serve this fresh fruit salad known as Mush. Adonia and the special ingredient is a lemon chapter. Sixteen fresh fruit family favorites from the basic art of Italian cooking, Sunday Italian dinner or would complete without the Mesh Adonia or fruit salad in Italy. It's customary to end almost any meal with fresh fruit or Macedonia. It's a healthy costume when When I'm in Italy, I delight in making my Macedonia because it brings back memories of family dinners at non his house in Philadelphia, or gatherings at as vineyard with my great aunts, uncles, cousins. That's the way it is with Italian food nourishes us in both body and spirit. It's why we Italians enjoy cooking. We serve not only delicious food, but sweet memories. For me, the making of Indonesia is a delightful experience, because it's created from fresh fruits of Italy. The Best of Mash Adonia is made by following number rule that all great Italian cokes. No use only fruits that are fresh in season in the summer in Italy, there are so many fruits from which to choose each month I try to emphasize the fresh fruits that in season this will give Mush Adonia the purest tastes, if you can't find fresh fruit and really want the next best thing use freshly conserved or frozen fruit. If you really want to make an authentic Macedonia. Use the freshest of ingredients, the lemons of Sorrento or produced in the summer or so sweet you can slice them up and eat them like oranges, but I know that we can't all get or fruit from Sorrento so for the Macedonia. Any fresh fragrant lemon will do. The important thing is that you use lemon, because it brings out the flavors of all the fruits, and here's my recipe for fresh Nash Adonia Fruit Salad One cup of fresh strawberries, one cup of fresh blueberries, one cup of fresh raspberries. For Large fresh peaches, one fresh cantaloupe cut into cubes. A quarter of a watermelon cut into cubes, juice of to fresh lemons quarter, Cup of sugar or sugar to taste, and a handful of freshman leaves for Garnish. Now it's summertime went on doing this podcast, so I selected the fruits that were in season here you can select and make a mixture of any of your fresh fruits, wash, and whole the strawberries, and cut them into four the blueberries and raspberries you don't. Don't need to cut the peaches. You should appeal and slice into big rustic cut chunks. The cantaloupe cut into cubes. The watermelon cut into cubes. Place all the fresh fruit in one bowl in another bowl, choose to fresh lemons place in a quarter cup of sugar and Stern, till the sugars dissolved for this mixture over the fresh fruit, and gently star shooting all the fruit with the lemon mixture, cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least two hours and serve with. Finely chopped fresh mint. Aren't Nash and you have a fresh Nash? Dunia desert simplest way to brighten up any dish in really weak up. The taste is to add fresh. Lennon's and or freshly squeezed lemon juice perfume of this next lemon tour to waiting through my kitchen. Always reminds me of summer stays at a small bed and breakfast Sorrento. The town that I mentioned it's famous for their trademark lemons, inland and shallow. Fresh Lemons just infused. The errands summer. View of the bay, of Naples the perfume fresh lemons survivor colors all combined to make overs splendid experience. Here's my tour to Alamo, UNAI, this is from the basic art, of Italian cooking holidays in special occasions, second edition is recipe is six to eight people. Two Cups of flour sifted one and a half cups of sugar for fresh lemons, a half a cup of unsalted butter, one of of warm now or asks a teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of Annella six fresh lemon slices, one cup of Candied Fruit Six hours Skinny Cherries. For Heat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees melt butter in a saucepan and set aside to let cool. Juice the four lemons into small Foale set aside. Great appeals of Orleans in set that aside cut the candied fruits into small cubes, said that Asai. Separate the eggs into two bowls whites in one eight bucs in the other with a hand mixer. Ricky Agu together with sugar until landed in creamy. Had Lemon Peel and lemon juice, a little at a time to the Agu mixture walk landing in at flower, a- quarter, a coveted time blending in after the dish in at in warm milk and melted butter a little at a time. Da Quaid's toe peaks have formed fold. into the mixture. Add in baking powder, candy, fruits, and Allah butter and flour hover a tour of Pan with parchment paper. Who are the batter in? Fake in a heated oven for forty minutes renews a cake from the oven and let cool place on his serving dish and decorate with lemon slices. Cherries and serve is dish is best served cold in summertime. Or warm in winter. The simplest way to rate of any dish in really up. The taste is to add fresh lemon zest, and or freshly squeezed lemon juice. The perfume of this lemon tour to waiting through my kitchen always reminds me of summer stays at a small Vanden breakfast in Sorrento, the town that is famous further trademark lemons. Were fresh lemons in views, the Aaron this summer the view of the bay. of Naples, the perfume, fresh lemons, vibrant colors, all combined to meakers, splendid experience in you can experience a little bit of home with this next recipe tour to Allah Monet from my book that Basic Art of Italian cooking holidays and special occasions second edition. This recipe, the six to eight people. Two Cups sifted flour, one and a half cups of sugar for fresh lemons, half a cup of unsalted butter, one cup of were male for eggs, a teaspoon of aching powder, a teaspoon of Annella six fresh lemon slices, one cup of candied fruit, six Mariinsky, new charities preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees now divider in a sauce pan and set it aside to let it roll. Great appeals of the four Lemons in set the feels aside been juice. Those Lemons into a small bowl in set that aside. Cut the candied fruits into small. Hughes set that aside separate. into two bowls. In one bowl, the egg yolks another with a hand mixer with the together with sugar, until realm, blended in Creamy, had lemon peel and lemon juice of little at a time to the issue mixture while blending in AD in sifted flour, quitter coveted time blending in after each edition add more milk and melted butter a little at a time. The guedes till the P., except formed fold the AAC weights into the yolk mixture, adding baking powder, handed fruits, vanilla, butter, and flour cover aid inch, hate pan with parchment paper. Pour in the batter and bake in preheated oven for forty minutes, removed the cake from the oven and let it cool police on serving dishes in decorate with lemon slices, and our skin eight. Shari's and serve. Thanks for joining us and listening to Maria Liberati show. If you have any recipes that were inspired by Lemons. Show off, or you make any of my recipes shared in this podcast and you want to show off. Take a picture of your dish in Hashtag. The Marine Liberati show host. The photo on social media will be gathering pictures and posting on my website in the next few weeks. Thanks to my purdue soup, written Roselle and my rating intern. David Hunt go to my website. Maria LIBERATI DOT COM to keep with my log in this show in my book series. The basic art of Italian cooking pushed that button to like share with your friends. Join me on twitter at Marie Liberati on Instagram at Maria. And Chef! Underscore Maria variety. On, facebook at Chefs Maria Liberati and on Interest Maria Liberati, in this podcast is heard all over the world on anchor spotify I teams, an IHEART radio and more. What does food mean to you? Hashtag, your answer with Hashtag, the Marie, Liberati show a recorded sound bite of sixty seconds or less, a social media, posts of fifty words or less post on social media or email selected for an upcoming podcast segment. You will receive an autographed copy of my book with Basic Ord- of Italian cooking. I love to hear from you if you have any questions or ideas for upcoming segments. Email me directly at Maria. Maria Liberati, dot, com or message me on social media. Until next time he sloven Pasta.

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HR-Soberness- 3  Leadership and Soberness  The Holy Rule of St. Benedict with Fr. Mauritius Wilde OSB Podcast

Discerning Hearts - Catholic Podcasts

28:14 min | 8 months ago

HR-Soberness- 3 Leadership and Soberness The Holy Rule of St. Benedict with Fr. Mauritius Wilde OSB Podcast

"Discerning HEARTS DOT COM in cooperation with missionary Benedicta of Christ. The King priory presents a wholly rule of Saint Benedict a spiritual path for today's world with Father Maurizio. Filthy Father Maurizio did his philosophical theological doctoral studies in Rome. He is the author of numerous books. Including I want to understand. You encountering form world's with the little prince the new image of God's Image Meister Eckhart on Image Theology Peter and Paul Models of decision making and on the way benedict journey for spiritual maturity other. Marucci is also serves as the prior of Santo on selling in Rome. The holy rule of Saint Benedict the spiritual path for today's world with father parents. Usefully I'm your host Chris. Mcgregor our conversation with father. Maurizio's takes place at font on SOMO which is a Roman Catholic Church monastery in Pontifical Benedict in College located on the Evan Tyne Hill in Rome Italy Father Maurizio. Thanks again for joining me and helping us to understand soberness. Thank you Chris for having me. It's a pleasure to be with you and discuss this monastic butcher. It's a virtue that is so important in our everyday life particularly for those who are guiding and leading others this is so true leadership and soberness belonged together so a good leader should be sober and wed where take us from. I take it certainly as been dictated from the rule of Saint Benedict Benedict. Tell us in chapter sixty four which is on the election of an Abbot. He ought therefore to be learned in divine law so that he has a treasury of knowledge from which he can bring out what is new. And what is old he must be chaste sober and merciful. You should always let mercy triumphs over judgment so that he may win mercy similarly we hear from Saint Benedict in the chapter on the Celera which is the economic leader of the monastery. The treasurer chapter thirty one benedict says as Celera of the modern street. There should be chosen from the community. Someone who is wise mature and conduct Soba not an excessive eater not proud excitable offensive dilatory or wasteful but God fearing and like a father to the whole community. So it's interesting that this burt sober. Aps in those bows chapters that address people in leadership in the monastery. Someone like that actually exists with all those qualities. Wow that's a good question. Sometimes there are scenes in the monasteries. But maybe how wonderful what great attributes to strive for is true and it is not as original as as you might think. This is all like the whole rule of Saint Benedict taken from the holy scripture from the Bible. So in the early Church soberness was part of the repertoire of the job description of a leader of an early Christian leader and we can read this in the first letter of Timothy Chapter. Three it says on the qualifications of ministers. Whoever aspires to the Office of Bishop desires and noble task therefore a bishop must be irreproachable marriage only once sober self-controlled decent hospitable able to teach not a drunkard not aggressive gentle not contentious not lover of money. That's awesome right this qualification. That says are basically so he again. You have sober by the way all these attacks. I found in the translation mostly temperate sore in the word. Sober does not appear and most of the American English translations but in Latin. You have sober so this is why and basically temperate certainly means sober. But it's not exactly the same thing. Why is it so important to be sober for personal leadership and you can expand to all kinds of leaders in the world and in the churches well certainly a person that is not sober can do a lot of damage as a leader? A lot of damage he can do damage to the people who he who is leading he can do damage to the things and resources he's responsible for and he can do damage also to the cost for the project to the mission his organization. His he has so when he instead of being sober is occupied by Demons. Like we talked about them. Before anger sadness pride envy these emotions will blur his view. So if we identified with those kind of emotions we were transferred them on our employees on subordinates. Dependence let's take an example when as a leader. When I'm angry I go into a meeting or ASEM speak to A coworker one one and I have not cleared off my anger. This anger will be right there. And we transmit whatever we talk about. If this person is the actual target of anger or not doesn't play a role. The anger will effect this person. So a leader has to strongly strive for soberness that he is not unconsciously or consciously occupied and attached to anger for example. Same thing with sadness you know when Alito said he transfers all this this sad mood to to his people when a leader is pride when his most important thing is that is how people look at him and he does it all his grade and then he only sees himself. He doesn't see the others transmit. If a leader is envious he will he will transmit this to other people and it will blur his view so as lead us. We poison the situation when we are not so. So open descends means open for the reality often for the truth open for what is full. Stop just this very simple. So becoming aware of our emotions is so important for leader. It's basically a first step and the most important step for leading in the matters. You can clarify. If you have enough intelligent people you can clarify the practicalities but as Anita you have to be at peace with yourself. This is so important because leader is supposed to make decisions. How you can you make a decision when you're not sober. You will act out of Anger Act. Out of frustration act out of whatever so discernment presupposes that. I'm clean. I'm sober finding the truth. How could I find the truth? The right way decision making means to find the right way if my mind is befogged if my if I'm drunken I cannot make the right decision is not possible because I'm not in contact with this world and with garden with myself. It sounds as though you're describing to a virtue think you're bringing a whole New Light. Different facets of these virtues virtue of prudence that You know oftentimes we think of prudence and it's more of a restraint of something but in reality it's the right action at the right time. And so how can you determine or discern what that right action at the right time is if you don't have that soberness yes because I have to be open for time? What this what are the signs of the time of this time? At the moment you have to be open for different kind of actions and not be fixated on certain options. You have your own agenda but instead it's very simple be open for the people be open for God. That'd be awesome for yourself. Certainly you have to hear what your soul. Your the emotions are important as well. I'm not saying but when we are occupied from by this emotions than than we are running into problems. I need to distance myself from myself from my ego from my wishes and from my fears. Otherwise I cannot lead Moses for example you know he had to pray once in a while with God and just clear the channel you know in order to be able to lead this this people so. I'm not saying that. The leader cannot have emotions my goodness he has a lot of emotions but when he is about to act as a leader he has to be free otherwise he won't job as leaders. We are confronted with emotions. All the time this my experience especially with emotions of other people of ourselves as you just said but also of other people I made myself for myself a rule when I'm confused frustrated angry fearful said I tried to not act or to not make a decision but wait sleep been another night even writing. An email can be too much when you are still in anger in sadness and frustration. Whatever so on should be very careful watching once owns emotions and time we'll show and sometimes it doesn't take much time to clear your mind and sometimes when I have to make a decision at a conference comes has oh what would I do. Yes or no whatever and I feel. I'm still occupied by something. I say please come back tomorrow. I will give you an answer tomorrow. And then my experiences by letting it go all of a sudden I see different options. I see different perspectives. Sometimes even the emotion chance totally around I was angry before I find afterwards You can make something good of out of that. You'll become creative as leader. So this is why soberness is so important will return in just a moment to the holy rule of Saint Benedict a spiritual guide for two days off with Father Marines. His building. Hi this is Chris. Mcgregor of discerning hearts inviting you to an extraordinary opportunity to join Father Timothy Gallagher. For an expanded and extensive online discerning hearts seminar retreat on the discernment of Spirits as Taught by Saint Ignatius of Loyola. This will be the longer for material similar to the teaching father. Gallagher provides two seminaries and spiritual direction formation programs. This a dive deeper than ever before into the fourteen roles of spiritual discernment which will take place on three consecutive Saturdays. With each day comprised of four different conference talks all beginning on. Saturday may thirtieth. There'll be time for questions and answers after each conference talk with Father Gallagher. Each day show last approximately five hours. This will provide nearly fifteen hours of live formation with Father Timothy Gallagher remain spiritual master of the discernment of Spirits. The talks will be available for on demand viewing by participants who wished to review or for those who missed the live Webinar bar cast. But you must be a registered participant to be able to access those recordings handout material be emailed participants several days prior to the sessions to find out more and to register goto discerning hearts dot COM for this online discerning. Heart seminar retreat. Did you know that you can obtain a free APP? Which contains all your favorite discerning hearts programs Father Timothy Gallagher? Dr Anthony Lewis Archbishop George. Lucas Father Meritas filthy and so many more including episodes from inside the pages can be obtain on the discerning hearts free this also includes all the no VINAS and devotional and prayers including the Holy Rosary and stations of the Cross. The tablet Saint Michel and the seven hours of our lady. All available on the discerning hearts free APP visit the I tunes and Google play APP stores to obtain your free discerning hearts APP today. Teaching of Saint Paul to his letter to Titus Beloved. You must say what is consistent with sound doctrine namely that older men should be temperate dignified. Self-controlled sound and faith love and endurance. Similarly older women should be reverend in their behavior. Not Slanders not addicted to drink teaching. What is good so that they may train younger women to love their husbands and children to be self controlled chased good homemakers under the control of their husbands so that the word of God may not be discredited urge younger men similarly to control themselves yourself as a model of good deeds in every respect with integrity in your teaching dignity and sound speech that cannot be criticized so that the opponent will be put to shame without anything bad to say about us for the grace of God has appeared and saving all and training us to reject godless ways and worldly desires and to live temperately justly and devoutly in this age as we await the blessed hope the appearance of the glory of the Great God and of our Savior. Jesus Christ who gave himself for us to deliver us from all the lawlessness and to cleanse for himself a people as his eager to do what is good. We now return to the holy rule of Saint Benedict a spiritual guide for today's world with Father Marines yesterday just remind the listeners of our earlier conversations than soberness. It's essentially an act of your will to restrain yourself from those things that are influencing you or king corrupt. That's kind of a harsh word but a corrupt your ability to maintain a balance so again. It was just things that caused you. You anxiety that feed into whether it's lots of news or conversations with others or too much music a whatever besides food or alcohol or anything else and you have to make a big decision as a leader to make sure you've have that soberness to be able to do it in virtue. Yes and also pertains to subordinate to the people who are kind of the subjects if you wish so when you see your boss angry or said don't ask him for decision give him time you know. A sustained also works the other way round. Sometimes this my experience. I'm confronted especially in leadership with waves of emotions is basically my daily work. Kind of waves of emotions. Come to me if you're seeing this ever heard that my goodness this is happening to you know the news. It's all off mic cited. You know the the non exciting things you don't carry to the boss. You know the daily things that work you don't but as a boss you get this all you get all this extraordinary stuff. So what do you do as a leader not everything that surges against me is really calling for immediate action is really important? Sometimes people want you to have to respond to that. You have to do something now maybe rather not you have to descend that. So don't be effected by this waves. Not Everything that is exciting. Should lead us into action. Sometimes the quiet movements around us are more important and call for action. Maybe you observe somebody who suffering or something. Who's very quiet or there is a movement or change that is really concerning you but in order to discern what is more important you have to be sober without the soberness. I will miss the really important steps. I have to do as a leader. We are also often confronted with conflicts. This is one of our big tasks that we that people come to us when they are not a piece anymore and when they are fighting otherwise they would need you. You know if they get along with another they don't go to the to the chief so in order to mediate to come down to create peace so important to be sober when I start to fuel in emotion. That isn't the room between tool fighting people when I start to infuse my emotions. You're right this. I always wanted to say you won't be able to solve the situation. You have as a leader. You have to stand outside. You still are part of the group and you should be very compassionate but at the same time to look at all of this with it with a certain distance and soberness. Most importantly the leader has to listen. I found that if I give a conference. A person coworker the opportunity just to express himself to express herself. Half of the problem is already solved so when you are just listening as a leader just this often suffices because there's a person coming who has a problem who who is in need that him share that so when I as leader don't have time to listen it's a problem and I have to be by myself in order to give space to others that they can come back to themselves. They sense this immediately if you are by yourself as a leader if you are at peace or not if they see you yourself are disturbed. They won't trust so much that you can help them. Instead when they see you at peace they will find their way back to their peace in this sense. I'm not surprised that Jesus made Peter the leader and called him. The Rock Iraq cannot easily be disturbed. Shaken confused things are surging against him but upon him. These things can cool down so I see this quality of soberness already strongly in Saint. Peter I want to also mention that off in those texts we just have heard. Soberness is combined with mercy which I found interesting so we hear the several times. This tree US Customs sobre misery Kadhem chased sober. Merciful doesn't ended equip us the Bible. Combine those soberness and mercy in a SOBA state. The truth can emerge and this is a gentle step good for the people. This is an act of mercy to bring soberness to situation can be really an act of mercy on the other hand so is needs mercy because soberness without empathy is not the right thing either it must be a friendly so one is so one is that is that laughs. The people love Scott laughs the world and love's oneself on the other hand mercy needs soberness otherwise it becomes too enthusiastic and unrealistic. Everything you just described could be placed right in the heart of the domestic church parents and how they lead their families and train up new leaders new parents new members of society. I agree most important. I think for leaders and also for parents for everybody has any kind of responsibility is how they are as role models. It's not so much what they say and what they do this important but but children pick up is how you are when the children see you as a father a mother you are stressed this will affect them and will change the whole situation when they see you are aggressive when they see you are desperate if you that even if your words are different so as parents and leaders we invited to become aware of what's going on and our soul and then also forgive ourselves. Ask God to help us to be to be free again when the children come. You know that I reckon can respond accordingly when I don't know what that maybe the child wants to share its joy but I'm in the mood of sadness. Then it's hard for the child to share this joy right or when I'm desperate. How can I give good advice to child so to work on ourselves when we on responsibility is the key when final thought? I'm thankful to God that he has given me the opportunity to lead people. This is a great gift and I feel very humbled about it and I think all those who have tolerated me so far and ask for forgiveness. I was not a good role model and I'm happy to continue as good as I can. It's very good. Thank you them right. See US welcome. You've been listening to the holy rule of Saint Benedict a spiritual path for today's world was Father Maurizio to here and our to download this conversation. Along with hundreds of others spiritual formation programs visit discerning hearts dot Com. You can also hear it on the free discerning hearts available on the I tunes in Google. Play store so this has been a production of discerning hearts. I'm your host Chris McGregor yelp that. If this has been helpful for you that you will I pray for our mission and if you feel worthy? Consider charitable donation which is fully tax deductible to help support our efforts. But most of all we hope that you will tell a friend about discerning hearts DOT COM and join us next time for the holy rule of Saint Benedict a spiritual path for today's world. Was Father Maurizio Silvi.

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DC41 St. Robert Bellarmine  The Doctors of the Church: The Charism of Wisdom w/ Dr. Matthew Bunson

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DC41 St. Robert Bellarmine The Doctors of the Church: The Charism of Wisdom w/ Dr. Matthew Bunson

"Discerning. HEARTS DOT COM presents. The doctors of the Church? The is of wisdom with Doctor Matthew Bunsen. Dr Bunsen serves as the faculty chair of the Catholic Distance. University. He is also a senior fellow at the Saint Paul Center for. Biblical. Theology. He's the author or CO author of over forty five books including the Pope Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of Catholic History Encyclopedia Saints. Encyclopedia of US Catholic history. and. pawprints. Dr. Bunsen serves as a senior contributor, for e WTN. The doctors of the Church, the CARE ISM of wisdom with Doctor Matthew Bunsen. On your host Chris McGregor. Dr Bunsen thank you so much for joining me privileged to be with you as always Chris, what a joy to be able to explore the lives of the doctors of the Church and in particular this Dr. One. Who many may not even be aware has played such an important role in the life of the church and we're talking about. Saint Robert Bellman. What's interesting about the life of Robert Bellarmine is that we seen this before with doctors and that is you have someone who by his temperament by his disposition. Is a truly gentle soul. But who was absolutely on fire with love for the Church with love for our Lord and who was a lion in defense of her teachings and the defense of the truth of the Catholic faith. So it's it's a fascinating a seeming contradiction that one who could be so gentle could actually also be so forceful and so strong and that's the case with Robert Bellarmine someone who in his lifetime Consider. He was born from fifteen, forty, two died in sixteen, twenty, one, hundred, seventy, eight long years he managed to cover. So much of the actual implementation of the Catholic reform, the socal Catholic reformation and left as you noted, immense contributions to the apologetic of the faith to the great controversies of his time. But who did so with courtesy with charity with gentleness and in a way? That drove his enemies especially the the Protestant polemicist crazy because of the breadth of his knowledge but also the thoroughness of his approach. He was born in those incredible fifteen hundreds and in part of Italy that is just breathtaking in its beauty in the area of Tuscany. Yeah, the central part of Italy specifically multiple Jonah one of the great wine producing areas, of Italy, of course, the son of as is often the case of that era parents who were of the Talian nobility. But who nevertheless had very little by wave material wealth, his father Vincenzo and his his mother Chin Siu Servini Servini I. Mentioned specifically because she was a sister of Pope, Marcello the second. So he had right from the start considerable connections both in terms of nobility but also in terms of the church as often also the case with doctors of the church with the Great Minds he displayed immense talent is child for memorization. It is estimated that he had developed very quickly a photographic memory so that he could look at an entire homily in Latin win with one read then be able to recite it. Verbatim For his homily as a child he. Memorized of the poems of the Great Roman poet Virgil, and also composed a number of poems in both Italian and Latin. It gives us a little snapshot also in his capacity for learning. that's at one point as a young jesuit he was commanded to teach a room full of students. Greek, even though he did not know Greek. So way he learned it was with the students. So in other words, he began with a very systematic review of Greek grammar, picked it up as he went along and within a very short amount of time was fluent in Greek and became one of. The great experts in the subject that gives us a little idea of what it was like a to be Robert. Miller again just to give people a sense of what's going on. Of course when we think of that particular period of time is often we think of what's happening in Spain with other doctors of the church like John of Avalon. Teresa Viola also the work of the Grade Ignatius Loyola. And Peter King. And others. This was a time of giants and it became clear that. Robert wanted to become a priest. In fact, his his mother encouraged Oliver sons to enter the priesthood. His father was disappointed that Robert wanted to join the jesuits hoping that his son would be able to to the rank of Cardinal. It was customary to those who joined the jesuits did so with no. They would receive those types of performance. In fact, they were a regularly commanded to decline them because the jesuits were very focused on the church in their unique way as established by Ignatius. so his joining the Jesuits, a was a bit of a disarming to his father, and yet it was perfectly positioning him in order to have that exposure to the genius of the Early Society of Jesus. And so he entered the officiant for the jesuits in Rome in fifteen sixty, and then studied elsewhere in Italy including in Piedmont where he mastered that Greek. Hours I was mentioning but very very quickly came to the attention of his Jesuit superiors who allowed him a very comprehensive study of theology at PA. That's important because this is one of those fast growing centers for a to mystic studies under the JESUITS and finished up in fact in flanders at the University of Louvain where he was ordained and became a great preacher it's worth noting that rob reproved one of the great preachers of his era. Now now, we're talking about again with John of Avi Law and and Francis Borgia and and Ignatius Loyola. The sang these giants Biller also mastered the art of Preaching and he said that there are three things that are necessary for a great preacher call them three qualities of the soul. That without them, the effort of preacher will be completely in vain described. I is a great zeal for the honor of God second wisdom in the third was eloquence and it's important to. Note that while Robert was himself, not a very tall person who's a very slight figure. In fact, he had to stand on a little stool in order to preach properly or to get his head over the pulpit and a lot of the Amblin. A lot of places where he was preaching, he riveted his audience and he became a true master at Preaching and. Earn this reputation as a preacher right from the very start after his ordination. He you mentioned low vein and that has an incredible history doesn't Matthew? It does yeah, and thing about the vein is that it was positioning. To confront and deal right from the very start with the great controversies of his age. In other words we are dealing. We have to remember that the Protestant revolted. The Protestant reformation had been ongoing now for over half a century. The consider the he started studies at Potter and fifteen sixty, seven project formation began in fifteen seventeen. So we're we're talking about half a century already of fire of the Protestant revolts of the great religious upheavals. And so from Robert Standpoint, it was essential to master every possible aspect of the Catholic faith particularly that the Suma some of the alleged gate of Thomas. Aquinas. In order to be able to do two things, the first is to preach to teach well. But. The other was to engage as so many jesuits did in requirement of defending the faith in the face of Protestant attacks and Protestant apologetic. So he spent seven years in a flanders. In the north of Europe where the the great fire of. Protestant revolt was burning down. So much of the Catholic Church in that region, the violence, for example, ample in the Netherlands just nearby. Is is breathtaking including, of course, the out we have the Protestants revolts in Scotland and England under a Henry, the eighth, of course, by this point under Elizabeth I. This, period in church history to there is so much activity going on and it would be succession of popes. There wasn't exactly the type of stability that we've kind of grew accustomed to having. You know John Paul the Great for over twenty some years, I mean. This was a time when there was the leadership. Even in the church, itself was in constant flux. When she say what we see with the different popes is a genuine commitment. To the reform that was so desperately needed earlier on in the sixteenth century, we have a Paul, the third who launched the entire reforming movement of the Council of Trent, and then we have, of course, the the actual council. So Robert was a beneficiary of the great work of the Council that when he came into his full maturity, we can see that the the impact of the council was already being felt and it was one of the reasons why after seven years in? Belgian in Flanders, he was brought to Rome, by Pope Gregory, the thirteenth to do a couple of things that I was to lecture on the theology for defending the faith the other was to help establish and the Roman College. What was the ancestor to the pontifical Gregorian. University that versus the fate of the famous fabled. University of the Jesuits in Rome that continues to teach today, and so for Robert, he was brought to Rome and with few exceptions few periods outside of Roman, for example, who is the Archbishop of COPPA He devoted almost the rest of his life. To serving in Rome to serving this new and reformed papacy. So much. So that he was appointed. By Clement the eighth, the be the one thing that his father ironically wanted him to be and the. Last thing that he wanted to be. And that was a cardinal. Because he in fifteen, ninety, nine was considered the greatest figure for learning in the church that was a compliment that was paid to hand bipolar Clement the Eighth Clement said the Church of God has no equal in his learning now imagine. With. All of these giants that we've been talking about a roaming around the church at this point that a pope should say that a Robert Bellamy. But it was it was a statement of confidence at the Papacy had in him. It he was made rector of the Roman College. She was in charge of examining bishops for the appropriateness for their appointments, and then he was named a cardinal. and. He. Proved himself worthy of the rank of cardinal for two key reasons. The first was his love, the continuing reform of the church. But also, he's absolute lack of personal ambition. It has said for example, when he was named a Cardinal, he he at first refused. Poke limit would brook no refusal. and. Even. As Pope Clement made him a cardinal, he wept during the ceremony to the point that Pope Clement sort of told him for Heaven Sakes pull yourself together. This is this is my command. Garden. will return in just a moment to the doctors of the church the charismatic wisdom with Doctor Matthew Upson. Did. You know that discerning hearts has a free APP in which you can find all your favorite discerning hearts programming other Timothy Gallagher Dr Anthony Lewis Deacon James Keating, Michelina Dr Matthew Bunsen, and so many more are found on the discerning hearts free APP. Did you also know that you can stream discerning hearts programming on numerous streaming platforms such as apple podcast Google play iheartradio, Pandora spotify stitcher tune in and so many more and did you know that discerning hearts also has that youtube page be sure to check out all these different places where you can find discerning hearts. A prayer of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Take Lord and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will all that I have and call my. You have given all to me. To You Lord, I return it. Everything. Is Yours do with it what you will? Give me only your love and your grace that is enough for me. Hello. My name is Dick Omar Gutierrez and I WANNA ask you to support this earning hearts in a special way we Chris McGregor, the board, and I all know the not everyone listening can help financially. We know we have listeners from all parts of the world and we have made a commitment since the beginning to make the truth shared through discerning hearts totally free. So. While you may not be able to contribute financially, which can do is certainly pray but also gives positive reviews on whatever platform you used to listen to us. I tunes, Android Stitcher spotify. However, it is that you get these podcasts or if you're on youtube and you like videos, please give us a good rating and write a review the more good ratings and reviews we get the higher profile in the more listeners will discover US listeners who may have the means to contribute in the future. Please consider rating us in writing a positive review today. We now return to the doctors of the church terrorism of wisdom with Doctor Matthew Johnson. He exhibited such a humility to did he not in his writings as someone who is so brilliant can often sometimes right. So lofty he wrote in a way that would end up benefiting those who would have to teach the faith in the future I mean his writings on Christian doctrine are just outstanding catechal material even today aren't they not? Absolutely yes of. Where Robert is concerned, you had a massive body of writings a huge corpus of. Of writings on on on every aspect of the faith, he's best known. For his series of books called the controversies or the disputes Yoenis. And basically, what he was attempting to do with this was to. Find a way of. Looking at in a very charitable fair objective manner. All of the teachings. Of the reformers in other words Luther and Calvin and Swingley. That we're then circulating. Now, why is that important? It's important because. He did not create a caricature. Of. These other figures he was completely objective totally honest and his treatment of them. So he took all of the writings of Luther of Calvin and as and others as I sat and he looked at them. Instead of their complete fashion. So it was joked among some of the Anglican, Devine's subsequently tried to refute his writings. That in fact if you want to. Have a really comprehensive analytical study of the teachings of the reformers rebel army me. Because He. It was all there. He compiled all of it now where they were horrified as these polemicist Protestants were concerned, was that he then systematically but very charitably Looked at these writings, refuted them and explain what the true teachings of the Church. Were are. And how these different reforms? went off. The track were were in error in their own teachings. But very moderate quality the very charitable quality of his writings. was because itself of infuriating. So many of the Protestant polemicist who preferred to hide behind. Creating caricatures of the Church and hiding also behind what the church actually taught rather than what they wanted people to think the church taught. And so influential was Beller mean in this that. The. Church, Catholics faithful Catholics especially those who were able to defend the church were derisively called bellarmine assists. A at a time when words like papists. Ross gaining currency. But imagine that the great honor that they were either intentionally or unintentionally paying to this man that those who could defend the church. Were named in his honor biller meanest. Now. Again there is so many different controversies that are coming up and he's one who the church looked at to help navigate through the a just. Can we call a mess? Of Heresies controversies the. In even again, this is the time of the great renaissance. and. So there is a lot of exploration of thought of art of beauty and and yet we also know that sometimes when that happens chaos can break out. Yes and and Robert. Though had a great ability to take all of these different controversies and look at them very objectively I. I was mentioning that he was much hated. By the Protestant polemicist and. Chairs entire chairs in in Protestant schools and universities were established simply to try to refute his writings. That's how broad they were. When we look at his writings especially on the dispute tutsi-owned soared the controversies. There's a structure to it that bears great import for today, and that is that he essentially runs through the whole creed so that we begin volume one with revelation with the word of God with Christ are the papacy you looks at Ecumenical Councils. He looks at the Church. He looks at Gracie looks at sacraments. He looks at at justification free will good works. All of the things that any Catholic would need in order to pierce the veil of all of these controversies and heresies it were running rampant at the time that alone. Earned I think Robert that the great place. That he holds in life of the church especially wielding a Greek title of the doctor apologetic. He was a defender of the faith, but he did it in a way that could win hearts at the same time. And His moderation was especially key. As he approached a number of different questions as looted to including, of course, Donald Bruno Galileo of the controversy involving the divine right of kings under a King James the first and even the problematic relations of the pope's with the La- Cetinje Sima of the Great Republic of Venice Somehow Robert was always involved in with with those and somehow he brought a voice of moderation. Of Sensibility to try to solve these problems and to do so in a way that gave do justice to the teachings of the church was also executed with charity fairness and authentic justice has also been noted that his ability to be able to be that bridge he no doubt could fly with the eagles as far as the thought the theology of the Church but he understood the need to care for the sheep and how that is going to be communicated to them and that he could you say Matthew. Maybe. Was Fueled and received grace from his great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary who herself in a more massive way I daresay had that same type of goal. Yeah. I. Would agree with that and that's one of the aspects of his life that is sometimes overlooked that he loved that the blessed mother and in fact. Was One of the figures in his era, and now remember we're talking now in the in the early seventeenth century. Calling for a definition of the Immaculate Conception, there are stories who wonder correctly. So if in fact, the first prelate, the first bishop and the Church to petition specifically for this declaration. and. What's significant to is that you can see his influence. Almost two hundred and fifty years later. When Papaya actually defined the teaching the dogmatically conception in eighteen, fifty, four the the very language was very much that used by Robert Bellarmine in in his petition. He defended all of the teachings of the Church Sean The blessed mother. and was a strong defender. in the blessed mother's role in grace and also. the the feast of the NCAA Shen. You of course was deigned in fifteen seventy on the face of the enunciated and celebrated the first mass honor of it. And so for for Robert, he saw the blessed mother as an correctly so. As one of the key disciples, one of the greatest cycles. and. More than that also, the tacos. The God bearer. The mother of our redeemer. And the mother of the Church and Queen of Heaven and of course, see was also one of the people who believe firmly in the blessed mother as tricks of all graces. and. In that sense. Then even at a time when the the first reformers such as luther. Still held some notion of great devotion to the blessed mother. He was above and beyond a defender of her and anticipated. I think the darker road that protestantism took in rejecting. So much of the blessed mother and fact warned Luther about that. That was that was a real risk as he began unraveling of. So many of the authentic teachings of the church how I came to know of Robert Belem's live. Ironically. Enough were actually the writings that he would. Embark on the last decade of his life. Those in which. I think we could say, couldn't we matthew were very spiritual works? The commentaries on the psalms the mind's ascent to God by the ladder of created things the art especially to the art of dying well, yes? Yes. Yeah. He. always joked that he felton and was saddened by the fact that he lived so long. Hand. It wasn't that he was trying to kill himself, but I think having given his whole life. To. The service of the Church to the the great work of the Church. There's adoring that he often told that I think is a cautionary tale for everyone, and that is the man who finds himself falling off the side of a cliff. And to his great relief was able to grab a small shrub. and. Thoughts you'd be able to hang on. 'til someone could rescue market could possibly scramble up the back to safety only to discover that as he was hanging very tenuously a by this Shrub, the two mice, one of a white mouse and the other black moths were chewing away relentlessly at the rim boots. And the lesson of Robert in that was set member that we have only so much time. and. That both the day and the night. Preceding eating away the time that we have. and. For him the art of dying well was to bear that in mind. that we have to be prepared. At. Any time for our passage. But. Day and night is he put it will never pause and soon. They will have chewed through the roots of that little shrub and then he asked what will happen then. He is a figure that it was. So beloved I don't know if we appreciate it. Could we say that the the person that we might possibly compare him to would be Archbishop Fulton Sheen? yeah. I would agree I think Sheen. had. His personal life was even more of a dynamic type of personality. But yeah, I think in an era of polemics in an era of apologetic. Bellarmine certainly stands as a great public figure. whose genius was recognized by everyone even his most ardent enemies. and. So yeah, I. Think for someone who understood. The key of communicating effectively. Yes. I think it's a very good comparison and also appreciation for the need to love the poor. Yes. he had a great devotion to pour into caring for those who were weak and forgotten. But that was as much an expression of his abiding love of mercy. And his own humility. He there are. Literally, hundreds of stories relating to Roberts. Generosity clemency is mercy. that it would it would take entire volumes to fill them but one small little telling aspect had to do with the fact that when beggars would come to see him. This is the poorest of the poor. They were not only given admittance to his offices, but he would rise from his desk and he would remove his cap is cardinal's Biretta. When he received them and he would receive them with the same respect and honor as he would the princes and cardinals and bishops who came to see him it was his recognition of the innate dignity of these poor. Aunt that made in the image and likeness of God, he owed them the same respect as he did any powerful person. and. So his love for the poor then was really a manifestation of his love for Christ and his desire to emulate Christ and see Christ in everyone. while. He. would be intern then in the Great Church of Saint, Ignatius Loyola in Rome, and it's really it's quite befitting I mean he I can't imagine that being the good son of Saint Ignatius who himself was a little one. I mean a lot of times we think of these figures as these great giant figures and yet they are. But ironically, they're just their little ones aren't they they are. And I think one of the things that appealed most to to Robert. We can see this interesting enough in the Galileo case where he was always trying to find. The little way that solution to problems in a gentle fashion. in a way that would do proper justice. But that also reflected our humility in the face of a the the greatness of God and the greatness of creation. So for him I think he was one who never wanted great performance. We know for example, he did everything he could not get elected pope and he came close. He was a serious candidate probably on three different occasions to be elected pope but did everything he could to make it clear. This was the last thing on earth you want it to be now would he have made agree poked? Yes I think he would have. but for him it is that humility it is little things that matter and he never forgot the little things the little once. in his writings. In his preaching and in his living. Final thoughts on this wonderful doctor of the church. Yeah I think is in Roberts smallest than his humility. that he combined genius with holiness and it's a lesson for us today that as we defend the church and and heaven knows we have to. We have to do so with love with charity with justice and to remember always the little ones. Who are impacted the most by the changes in culture by the our failures? and if we are seriously committed to them. Then we have to see Christ in them and be more like Christ ourselves. Beautiful. Dr Matthew Bunsen, thank you so much. Great to be with you. Chris Take Care God bless. You've been listening to the doctors of the church, the careerism wisdom with Doctor Matthew Bunsen. To hear and or to download this program along with hundreds of others spiritual formation programs visit discerning hearts dot com. This has been a production of discerning hearts I'm your host Chris McGregor. We hope that if this has been helpful for you that you will I pray for mission and if you feel as worthy, consider a charitable donation, which is fully tax deductible to support our efforts. The most of all, we pray that you will tell a friend about discerning hearts, DOT com, and join us next time for the doctors of the Church Charisma wisdom with Doctor Matthew Bunsen.

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53-Famous stunt man Alessandro Folchito

Sprinkled with Hope

25:16 min | 2 weeks ago

53-Famous stunt man Alessandro Folchito

"Or come to sprinkle hope podcast with your host jason. And today i am flying solo shane outta town on vacation and so we talk a lot about vacations. Obviously and shane took full advantage of that. So anyway we had this one scheduled for a while and we have allesandro for kito on here who is from italy. He is a stunt man and an actor that has been on some of the biggest scenes that you have seen probably in some of these movies ant man ant man in the loss the avengers He's been in a bunch of movies with dwayne. The rock johnson ryan reynolds and sylvester stallone. I really think you'll enjoy this episode. He talks a lot about of some really cool stuff. I think you'll really like it so tune in and we will catch up with shane. Next time we'll go to this march show. Welcome to sprinkle with hope podcast with your host jason. And today i'm flying solo but we have an awesome guest with us allesandro. Alessandro thank you so much for joining our show. We really appreciate you coming on. Thank you guessed them. Yeah so l. Asandra would you mind just I know you've been an actor and a stuntman in a lot of different movies like ant man ant man and the wasp the avengers right was one of the ones you were in as well so How how did you first get involved with. You know being stopped man. I know you have a military background. Is that kind of where it came from. Was your military experience. Okay yeah he come from that I spent six years in special forces in easily. Jamie are in in a state to pursue a dream demanding dreamer war inaudible hours Lucky because i was the right spot yeah like for in sixteen so expensive to be in a movie with the another navy seals. Cool duffy gave it in. Dossey saw me in the middle of the crowd of the of people in fish me out in the spot to help him out to be the military coordinator for the movie insurgents. Oh but dr impress kota now is a big rock. Yeah not even wrestling to the guy behind the metrics. Yeah give me the saga ostra cardin. And that's always started. I saw You're was lucky enough to do the entire ron. Forty surgeon to now in back. Candidat tvs Containment and an go back on allegiance for the for the last faster and that's utterly was not to open the door for for everything for me so working as coordinator together. The team allow me to see a lot of people mets performer. Electors big name actors. Trained dan mill it gain trust them for the producer and then transition to are really helped them to be what is supposed to be trained and then to the taste some of the role because i was lucky to be six four. Bi with finn accent. Yeah me at all to to book the role of d'italia in bad guy. The rush bad guy de france bagai old big guys sometimes some googlers but yeah. So that's that's that's woman adults will be in the end. I was lucky to be in atlanta hot spots in the moment ninety Yeah that's awesome so who you've worked with a lot of these big name actors shane. If he was here he wanted to ask you. Who is your favorite actor actress. Kay my stallone is. Always my immediately stallion they're a little key doing a solo i ramble so just the to me even even walker the same set to to a guy that y'all receipt as than i it was like. Yeah so it was amazing for me in celona for sure we since i am the beta the where the gone with us company moved presentative. We weren't able to do amazing things for salona. That's i'm not able to share a here but we're gonna get him Nice gifts to at you already. Know or think it's is gonna be a surprise for body what to embiid it were able to do that was a tough guy. Stuff guy in and think about seventy years. Old is still moving. Very quick dwayne johnson ryan reynolds other two wonderful people together. We gal gadoe didn't tear out a lot with gal gadoe except for one scene that you're going to see the movie but duane johnson in orissa to wonderful people. I can share walks but it is a scene that never gonna forget that a scene where there is a thing is going on some albums stuck somewhere and these guys have to the diallo. Why I need to play. A person doesn't move voice them not sure details by noise. These two people over to minnesota odile of beckoned forward. We all the sketch comedy things and it was so hard to stop guys. I mean it was then set. The renault is a balsa that Dwayne johnson the take care of the attack crew from the last person to the first person to give us a bottle of tequila model gene. They take cut Araya reynolds deduct special video for everybody family crew there are. I mean i'm say gwen. John johnson reynolds dishonor. They are the guy that might have the most we don l. whiz meats with me 'cause another human being. I'm as human being humble hard worker so upset that tells lucky enough to work with the nice people and so i'm not going to mak- who was morals less than but all share mansion amazing people. Yeah yeah i. I absolutely agree i you know i think how. How did you narrow it down to one right when you've worked so many as aalyah especially because all of them that different i mean come from a different scenario in a do i john sunny. You know the saudi. During johnson's life ain't came up for nothing absolutely was meet the same thing. Says stallone wrote his own movie and they didn't give Away factored the wants to be in the market in the movie. So i mean everybody else the same things. I mean everybody earnest's but they are beginning Million dollars by guys doing this. Nobody get them for free. I totally agree so so. Do you have a favorite movie that you like either one that you've been in or one that you like to watch lord of the rings. I'm a huge fan of tolkien older books if unsealed marilyn to the abused fan tolkien saw in actually matter. Michelle laid williams sent the. She's the one that too. She was in charge of indium in ceiling. The ford the mall cops version situation. The lord of the rings. Mike roles friend. She is the wife tone williams. What's all the guy and again. I mean as fig about guy came from italy from the special forces communist situation and no people that war could be movie that you just you just. I mean he's you for us. A of maybe here is common for us. It was still ever. I don't always movies. Don't like dan ward the minus dealer. I mean you grew up watching movies watching so yeah that's awesome. Do you have a. Do you have a favorite quote that you like it just from anybody that that's out there that quote that you kinda live by what i mean my call to that so actually gave me for my wife when i was a special forces just one they can moma says a speech as ago where when it came on on. It's i really fear for tomorrow position as she told me alex. That is not coal-rich without fear now he gets to score. Debbie wear the first time there was fifteen years ago for my wife and another quarter. Maybe live by swat to the new movie. You will need it to the now. Holiday tiny on the title names comes to me was the one that tahiti that till the young kids just sauna. It was trying to sell his machine a trying to think of it. He's trying to sell this machine in any a fly running to view for big edge. Got a job with the last time machine was doing the x. Ray something uh sleeping in the bed in boston minute. Subway defeats at the door for his child. Yeah i can't think of it ain't the Vita bella by anyone. Is this the quantity. Says the on top of the roof for three sons and says let anybody know that you can't do that The best sounded quarterly by an down. They want sit. It's the loner whose own child on the rocky five. I think that says the live is going to put you in your knees up to you to stand up for keep going so anyway. We'll be can be a powerful resource to make people go and keep going. I mean it's time we underestimate towel. Mesut show we'll powerful and carey so many people in be assisting award the trump we on entertainer. We have We had to keep on mind. That that's always leva can be can kentucky with all the people nest we also mindful. That's why the lights on the like movie. I like to being moving. That's too much it's bad. I don't like as i wanted to believe. Such supplies me hawkeness. Such for example. We were trying to make. The one is seen in foster back. Gather spied the my life. I totally the director and producer. What movie spot in. My life especially veto is any gone. After he served in italy in serving america and then that is some jews wife. is going to get there and find out human shafi situation and thing so support for message and we need to leave it there. I don't like it was happening. Might do like to share the message. Oh right on the. It's a it's happened everywhere. It's opera now in sometimes. People don't see the can be the person behind you beside you. That's best nestlings yes. Is this a new movie. That's coming out and wendy We have People join the board. The leg baytown we have elements case that we are talking to another brand washer to sponsor the movie The team is trying to secure the funding. Your idea defunding. There was a march twenty much descending. Training was not the best month right now so Now we are beckon truck team Tense later as later. Ten movie the want to produce these one of them. Okay awesome so what you tell me a time when you had maybe a failure and how you what you learn from it how how you got over it. While during the process to become a special forces captain. I got several failures. Because sometimes you do something wrong. They just because the only way to do that slurred for failure and But don lady or destroy you you still got still has something in my mind. That will soften some situation. I'm going to me You trust the justice to try to go forward and then have this thing's killian destroy you in the business asks the march fed or of course you have a lot of nil when you do a casting when you got sean you gotta bashing the accent on the beginning was something will stop me now because i was afraid that my see people are watched me and that's what this guy says especially in georgia and it was kind of my strong strongpoint. That's my accent. Yeah i can't cut the oxen to finding do an acting part cut doc center not totally erase that they can Podesta cow by never felt out of place. I never fell to this. He got somebody say all one of the country. It was more me. Yeah john feel one hundred percent to the right place. because i wasn't i wasn't Understand the language i mean. Imagine a from the special forces be in a mobile and people talking about language. The union on what's going on at landmark complex coming writes what's waiting to work with them. I it kind of reminds me of just other things right like we allow them to stop us or getting our way right. And so i think for you. It's language i think for others. It's fear or it's whatever reaction or whatever right like that's totally true with with pretty much anything that that we encounter in life. And and so. I liked that. So what do you have three people or two or three people that have been really influential in your life. And what would you mother for sure. My mother was that grandmother. My mother So never gonna forget almost born racy aroma nor rome georgia and i was. I was in vide- nov nice neighborhood. I mean half of the people that are dropped with enough older. Or whatever. And i was. I was in a walson to great friendship with a lot of people nicer in. There's something wrong meaning that does hanging out the wrong people and Probably the police. And i went home though in my grandmother. Says you are not a man mula. You failed as a man to me to my eyes and nesting says omega a ba- really opened my eyes. Ma my grandma there for me being the such a strong persona- don't fail to her to head highs for me was everything's i remember writing alleged to her sweating the bible. It's all a guy that's I'll change and change their a change. You win. I understand to my well seventeen now. I change when my mom. My grandmother told me those a failure as a man. I was bad finding streeter fighting anywhere and you know the wrong people. And i was lucky to be because sometimes lock play a role. I was wrong not to this the ripe a place to know the right time to go sadie body was dead timing either plays and up enough and by the way. I was lucky enough to be in that way. So a lord and more from that the learn from my grandmother my grandmother. My mother was really important for me in my in my life. Yeah in of course is sort of my family. My wife My wife she plays usual. Think about when i was a special forces so whilst told me they call me wanting the morning go my my commander says. We need to go numb. Shit worry to go melanie to also get an airplane in an hour and a half the went to the shower. Take my unit for joining back. And i watch my wife and my dogs. And she said to me. Don't forget we love you For mass sucha so. Yeah it's you need to have a strong support should family. He's gonna make this. Why wouldn't say people people says. Oh are making by myself. No you're not you're not somebody your your friend your dog your mother your father your boyfriend your girlfriend whatever was there the moment you need them a day to keep going yeah i love that i love the you know the way that you put that in how we really do need like a support system right and we're always going to have somebody that's going to help us get over that hurdle get through that difficult thing whatever it is you know and and by surrounding ourselves with does amazing people we get over those hurdles right go yeah so do you have a what's kind of the happiest moment or the The best time in your life that you you know that you can remember the best best moment like recently was when i got the green card. Oh yeah yeah congratulations. It's is a good thing. Man was always dreamer so received a piece of paper that says now you're permanent the residents now. It's the gaming shields. Yeah yeah that's awesome. That really is awesome. Well congratulations. i'm happy for you. That's a that's a great thing So kind of just wrapping it up here. Typically at the end. Me and shane asked two questions. And we call it the double down dose and so the first part of that question is what does it mean to you. Would you define it. Put is what makes us keep going. You can't shake everything's out from amanda by you. Can't take him a hope if you take him. Awesome muddy hole and than you kill him. Hope as the one that lights and the time they'll hope is gonna keep going. Hope is the most important things down. Can i see people. Just keep going just because they believe the can make it so divorced since you can do you can is take him out. Hoped to somebody. Yeah that's awesome. I love that and so the second part of that question. The double down dose is what is your definition of love. Or how would you define love. Lonzo it's powerful powerful fire that you laugh and law go beyond the border behind the limitation on the love go beyond race sex. Whatever you want to income love is love and it can be love much. Love your wife or your boyfriend. You must love the dog so much. Love your sky law. I mean if you take him. I love from our solar or we at like a meat and flesh walking around making money off. The it's love is essential to life. I love that you said that you know love is like a fire you know like and and that was kinda cool You know visual that. I had going on in my head. You know just furring and inside and amanda when you even now iran says oh shoot look me she wants thank god we meet man all my god totally absolutely well so before we close out. L. sandro how can they get a hold of you. How can how can our listeners. Get in touch with you. do you have what i am. I am on easter on forty two. Just put my name. On a sunday fakih oregon follow him on facebook on keita. So just that my full name in every social media I always post the something Keep us going success in my life and boulders. Were remember disguise i. I usually don't foster sad than just because the the war days the full of thing stopping doesn't mean that too. Many people post the address. Success savvy smile. that's i mean that's a twenty four hour that's my life by anybody's fall something. All nice situation is role as a mentor. Because i'm happy for that doesn't mean that Like everybody else said. We are not fighting our team on every single day. So don't be used by the social media thing that everybody's happy yeah. People are in their moment of a billion everybody every seen go on alaska as a fight. Keep going i love that. That's a great way to send us off allesandro. I i really I've enjoyed our conversation. I really appreciate you coming on. I hope the best for you with your upcoming movies and all the fun stuff you got going on. Hopefully you can get back to some normalcy if you wanna call it that and hopefully that happens here soon yes inventory. Thank you so much guys. I really appreciate that. To go bust you now. Medically is sprinkled with hope. If you liked this episode please share with a friend. If you like our podcast please give us a review or raiding.

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Ep. 29 - The Swarm

The Relentless Picnic

2:04:46 hr | 2 years ago

Ep. 29 - The Swarm

"What do you think they're called the cookies that are tubular and have chocolate cream on size sees the recording but not getting all exposition? Would you spell purely in P. The irs. You start the fuck over now and use. Only English lettered P. R. U. L. I N. E. Purely I've always called appearance at reading the Costco version. I've ever eaten a fucking Costco Cookie. and My goddamn sorely mistaken. I was eating the Pepperidge Ridge farm version. You both are white. Trash grew up as trash. One hundred century PURINA's Liens liens. God the first name name of a country music singer just killed herself pure and Blake Shelton's tribute good night and pure lean. The Kid who now runs the purely in factory Mississippi his name is Yeah Herwig Dubuque killer now yes no no no spelled Dubuque Killer D. Biggby Kim's Bugler plant manager Dubuque killer cookie cookie that's down delicious. Yeah Dubuque bukater cookie. Dude can play Dubuque dealers. It's a family name. Or what are you gonNA linked in is trying to tell me. There's three Herwig Buehler's they made extra Honestly even if you're like a pedophile cockroach Daniel Eam seems like an unfair to. You does not list the little hugger. Sorry Herwig Wig. It fits drew fact. What is the name of the game here? Circular phrase play. I worry that you are actively having a stroke and and there's like an acronym that I should remember things face face okay. What steph face is face F. face you understand what I'm saying about your great work away? No it's fast still what's F F his face. And what do I do to your face. A Ah what's the next one. I'm going to put a pin in the F.. I listen I remember coming home on like I WANNA say Saturday afternoon and Youtube were in the basement of the home that I walked into right and no one else was around and screaming from the basement. I hear like back down logic movie. Grab a fucking pair from the box. Six on the dining room table fucking pair you know. And then I see the pairs like Harry and David Pears or whatever. I remember eating a pear fighting into the fair and having such a just an auto make sexual reaction to this fucking pair which like dripped. Ju- sat in a way. The the pair ever had absolutely must have made an intonation like something like aw which was not couldn't have been that it loud but when I did it what you did was okay. This article from Nineteen ninety-five called Fascism ashes by Berto Echo. Almost the entire second half of the Article Echo going through a numbered list of fourteen traits or properties that he associated with fascism and he sets it up by by saying this The notion of fascism is not unlike vitkin Stein's notion of a game a game can be either competitive or not it can require some special skill or none it can cannot involve money games are different activities that display only some quote family resemblance as Wittgenstein. Put it these features cannot be organized into a system. Many of them contradict each other and are also typical of other kinds of despotism or fanaticism. But it is enough that one of them be present to allow fascism to coagulate around it and then he named some stuff a lot of which seem. I'm very familiar with familiar. But the fact that basically one any one of these tendencies you might be able to build the fascism around eight which is interesting. It's not what makes the fascism. It's just a tendency yes. There are fourteen conditions that if one of them is satisfied fascism proper could grow maybe could grow not necessarily will grow. He doesn't necessarily rule out the possibility of fascism that includes none of these things and he doesn't say that as soon as you have one you definitely will have fascist does not say that right although if you get a few view it seems likelier likelier that you say that no not explicitly. He talks about a sort of new agey trend at one point. Do you know what I'm talking about. Yeah your saint. Augustine is not a sign of fascism. But once you're combining it with stonehenge the syncretism the increase. Yeah that there's a kind of Mish Mosh Josh unnecessary mixing of old things together writing full ancient wisdom mixing with other beliefs. As I think that it's like hippy. Like sort of nontraditional Grasping for spirituality as not quite the same as a desire for violence at domination but it makes a lot of sense is to be once I allow it as a possibility. Yeah I mean like echo is now to explain why syncretism coagulates fascism or whatever you says this is a thing. I've noticed fundamentally tends to happen and I find this a little bit unsatisfied because it is a list of things he's noticed. Go Hand in hand with fascism other times and what are you saying is it is not rely on ideology and it can change which parts of these it needs in order to grow. Yeah but that is. That is an interesting culminated native definition to come to a fascism. Like if you say what is virtue and you and I list off individual virtues like wisdom and prudence. Then you say you've given me a swarm not the definition hyphenation of the thing and it is interesting that we have here because fascism is a slippery term like what we have here is ultimately like keep your eye out for these things. Odds are the more of them you have right but if the reason it's the term is precisely because it has slippery. The thing is right like that's the part of it that I found is like inside fields. It's almost like the side symptoms. He's only talking about. How do you deal with this weird cancer? That is very hard to catch the necessary conditions are there are none. Does it need to have anything something or it needs to have one these fourteen things perhaps perhaps have one of these days. It's slippery hell frightening. Is that this list is could be infinite numbers long. It's true right and this this is just what fascism thus far that echo across like. He doesn't know what the conditions are going to be in the future. He's talking about this thing that shows up that has certain tendencies agencies in the conditions. He's seen but since he doesn't know what the conditions will be and it is important that this all follows a Delving into the particular the fascism of Mussolini in Italy And echoes coming to convince you that it was not ideological like this is all in contrast to Nazism which was ause unified mine comfy says and so given that Italian fascism was not unified by one ideology. What made it fascism? And then I guess he producers and we go even farther than it's not ideological and say it's not even consistent in its very slipperiness use in our dealing with the pure evil of of fascism precisely sleep. That has no loyalty to anything but something at its own like beating heart which isn't to say. That like syncretic Mrs and wasn't a part of Fascism in Nazi Germany. But only the in Italy there was something ad hoc about it. That was not present in the German variety. Right he says rhetoric is is all rhetoric Eric Right. When rhetoric flows from an ideology? You can make sense of it via the ideology when rhetoric is just rhetoric. You're sort of left to just as you said Nick to sort of Ad Hoc construct reconstruct the sink artistic mysticism that might or might not be behind it. I mean we. This is deeply mysterious right. This eggos saying that an ad-hoc making it up as we go along thing ends up converging on something called Fascism right. Yeah but what's going on. He has so it. Implies that there's illogic coded somewhere either one of these or all of these fourteen characteristics oriented of people who is acceptable to the. What did you say Congealing Congealing of Fascism fascism around these and when one of the such principles. I think number two is kind of irrationalism. Then like Sir Kavi in style L. Shit comes into play because that it that it has a logic seems undeniable for this thing that arrives and then subsists and then is overthrown. It does seem to require wire logic. How did this come about? And then it's like oh one of the features as there's no like it doesn't play by your rational rules or whatever and emotional rhetorical state. It's obsessed with power. Her and dominance because it comes from weird frustration it needs to have enemies he says. That's what has to sort of define it right enemies. They're too strong and too weak. There's some weird just straight up sick lust for power at the thing that allows it to be changeable been part of our frustration or part of our wondering about the mystery or mysterious. News of this thing is tolstoy's sort of question right is about like wait a second does it. What are the causes of the of ended history? How how do we determine them as such such men doing such and such things as the complex relationship should between the people and leaders all of these questions are very alive here One feature. She's tradition this new culture had to be syncretism. syncretism is not only as the dictionary says the combination of different forms of belief or practice such a combination must tolerate contradictions. Each of the original messages contains a sliver of wisdom and whenever they seem to say different or or incompatible things in his only because all alluding to the same primeval truth as a consequence. There can be no advancement of learning truth. It has been already spelled out once and for all and we can only keep interpreting is obscure message. Are we worse at finding the Good Shit we once were UH UH specifically yeah specifically inspired by my own feeling about like sometimes even basic research tasks. The Internet has become a little more daunting. Yeah less responsive I sometimes worry that. It's discouraging me from seeking. Sometimes maybe this is not neutral being wrong. I mean that would be a generous interpretation interpretation of what I fully ready to admit his personal kind of exhaustion. Yeah no that's an interesting question. Something is exhausted by potential. Google searches deaf. Sometimes I feel like that's more and more as life goes on exhausted by how many towns I have to keep over just to get things straight. Yeah like if I'm trying to track down like some quote or something like that or like. What the Venom of a rattlesnake tabs open easily? Yeah did you feel you feel like. That's it wasn't always like that like I. I can't tell if my standard for answering a question is higher and more exhaustive now or if the information is just way harder to find now. Oh Yeah what are you finding on the Internet when you're not finding the information you're finding Weird Wilshire Bullshit which me that feels like. There's lots of that. I mean I I think this is. This is Google actually. The anyone who finds anything on Google is fundamentally in all cases finding the answer to a question that somebody has already solved right. That's that's what Google is. That's how it works that it attempts to make smoother the finding of an answer by relying on somebody else having searched a very very nearly identical question. Right it's getting worse because all previous searches all past like Internet activity that Google interacts with is getting built into your like interaction with with Google and the president right every time. Someone is searched for venom and has seemed satisfied according to Google's like your Algorithm Ai. Whatever that is now coming into play so as time goes on I feel like doc whatever it is that like Google thinks makes people happy? I'm getting more and it isn't what makes me happy. It's feels like some kind of weird sludge. That's hard to identify. We're formerly if you were accidentally placed on the top of the bell curve right. You could like ski down side but Google as a methodology and a business model has cut off the south south and north slopes so the ski off is just a plunge into the fucking abyss and basically all of our technologies making these predictive behavior based decisions for us more more and more of the time microcosmic way on your phone. Your autocorrect is trying to learn from you or whatever woefully fails. It's like it's like the stupidest stupidest dog you've ever had so what we should do is turn it off and I have it at least you can on your phone but we really and perhaps there's a way to do this as one grand you'll in google system them but Google system is not going to cow your desire to get the street story. That's over that in that era of the Internet. If it ever fully existed is truly frightening meeting with fucking youtube videos you get served up like dude. I don't yes it's true. I listened to a van Morrison Song. Yeah more I watched just a video accidentally for three seconds of Jay Leno talking about a Lamborghini the owns you love Leno. They know now they not only they know. I Love Leno but the people who love Leno. Guess what the fuck else. They like. They like gun videos. They like a guy taking a gun apart and this seems to happen. They're people. I follow on twitter and I just never see either tweets ever. I feel like it doesn't again go to their page and see they've been tweeting and like has never in my time. I liked one bad tweet by some other person and they're just any any time they think about tweeting ago almost everyone I know who interacts with with platforms. That do this hate it. Yeah no one says like boy. I love the asynchronous asynchronous of new instagram. No one says nobody says that none of this is designed to make us happy at all and it's really important point to keep in mind especially about Google which can feel wrongly like a neutral party and all this no no not at all. Youtube videos are such a great example because even though they have like a years of you watching various videos can see how long you watched them and should one would think they're like ability to learn about us not just immediately be like he watched that one power ranger video joe. Let's fuck flood him fucking flood him like. It's still weirdly crude and just ridiculous but has something to do with ads. Right has something everything as you know that it's like you know how we serve you content sometimes that you like those aren't ads just content but then the ads are that to of course so I think what does the Turkish woman who writes about Internet security in a really smart ways Zena whatever yeah It's a tedtalk so I haven't watched it. But it appears to be called brings up. The I is a phenomenon of just the title persuasive enough. We're building a dystopia so often that I know it's completely completely true. I never also never watched the fucking worst. What's the name of the talk? We are building a dystopia. So people will click click on ads for something like that and we had that. Because we're all I needed was the thumbnail and I'm just like she's killing it again to say nap. Whatever I felt like my whole response to it it was sort of predestinated? I didn't actually need to watch. I was like I agree with the thrust but the fact that this is a Tedtalk lets me know that if Some day I was going to like bring wisdom from. Ob Caveat it in that way we all all can sort of predict. Well she has some good points. He's overly simplifying. She's thinking this way. She somewhat sympathetic to the corporate interests. That rule our world out of necessity. That's why she's at the dead doc plays like I already felt like it. Just I knew exactly how it go. which is of course a Meta point about the point that we she's making in two traditional ties to them both fascists and Nazis worship technology however even though not proud of its industrial achievements? It's it's a craze of modernism was only the surface of an ideology based on blood and earth the rejection of the modern world was disguised as a rebuttal of the capitalistic. Stick way of life but it mainly concerned the rejection of the spirit of seventeen eighty nine and seventeen seventy six. Of course the enlightenment. Leiden -ment the age of reason is seen as the beginning of modern depravity. In this sense we're fascism can be defined as irrationalism AH ideas worth spreading as reminder. Ted's tag I work on helping. Computers Communicate about the world around us. There are a lot of ways to do this and I like to focus on health being computers to talk about what they see and understand given eighteen errors on her computer vision. Algorithm can tell you that there's a woman and there's a a dog it can tell you that the woman is smiling. It might even be able to tell you that the dog is incredibly cute. I work on this problem looking how humans understand process the world. She said I work on this to understand how humans processed the world. Yeah so I guess she's trying Sousse she's trying to make a grand reversals by saying well I she says I work on how computers see understand think and communicate with one one another and I do this so that I can understand how humans do her category mistakes and descriptive mistakes and we don't even know the content of this you. Computers can't do that and if they could it would not inform anything about hugh instead correct. One of my guiding principles. Is that by helping computers to understand. Understand what it's like to have these experiences God to understand what we share and believe and feel then. We're in a great position to start evolving computer technology in a way that's complimentary with our own experiences. It's a perfect child. Donald that's ends didn't go anywhere. Really stupid pray began working on helping computers to generate human life stories from sequences of images images. So one day I was working with my computer to ask it what it ought about literally seen. I was working with my computer. You're too asked what ought about a trip to Australia. Said instrumental data there. What the fuck that means? She has lost sight of of category. Gory distinctions. She thinks she's talking about the computer. Like it's being dead that as if the camera can see. The computer can understand work on these things. And she's there to help help. She's like the physical trainer for the like exercising computer being it do computers tools dude or something walking atlas that list. Find out where it's it's a look at the pictures and it saw a Koala. It didn't know what the caller was but it said it thought it was an interesting listening feature dude this bed then is shared with it a sequence of images about house burning down took a look at the images and it said in. This is an amazing view. This spectacular chills down my spine. It's a computer. It's a horrible life changing and life destroying events and but it was something positive. I realized that it recognized the contrast the reds the the yellows and thought it was something worth remarking on positively. The worst thing. That's happening here. Is that to get our sympathy for the machine and its attempts to think in in giant quotation marks. She has to make a story about how the computer was like really really cool and good and they made a horrifying mistake and now we're invested in whether or not the computer learned its lesson. How can it be this bad? I'm really I genuinely surprised. When she's talking is sort of a justly irresponsible ensemble? It's not even also patronizing. Yeah Yeah right wildly pay. It's hard to believe she can use a computer and little unlike expert. I saw talk this way. A Children's book about computers the way she's talking like and then the computer said Yes sir image and but there's almost seems to be like you're never gonNA fucking believe the computer pewter misunderstood the house and its value judgment it made with its school. Didn't reflect a real life soul because and I don't mean to send you here it's not a human. It's just a computer and part of it was doing. This was because most of the images I have given. It were positive images positive because people tend to share positive images when they talk about their experiences that one last time you saw Selfie at a funeral. Oh my God. When's the last time he's ourself yet? She immediately shows you selfie of a person that if she said is that for the laughs eh on improving task by task data set data set that I was creating massive gaps holes and blind spots. In what could understand. Through the same thing it's comedy encoding all kinds of biases no-show shy sex. That's a limited viewpoints limited to a single data set biopsies that can reflect human bias found in the data such as prejudiced or even garbage in garbage out. Amazing that can reflect human biases and the data. Imagine talking about like a radar. This way you know what I mean like the radar. Dr Wants to listen to. It's good friend the airplane but when it gets cloudy radar can like why are you talking like a fucking. It's not a technology like radar. Ai is can be very sad because there are all kinds of things can break up the friendship. Why would you do that the first this color images were calibrated against a white woman skin when you definitely flat faces and that that same bias that same blindspot continued well into the nineties to the ninety ninth spot continues even today in how well we can recognize different people's faces in facial recognition technology? I do breath state of the art. Dang where we tend to limit our thinking to one data set and one problem talk just and that in doing so we were creating more blind spots and biases that could further amplify. I realized that we had to think deeply about how the technology we work on. Today's looks in five years in ten years. Do humans evolved someone take time to correct for issues in the interaction of humans and their environment. This dumber she owes and scientists have weighed in on what they think. The artificial intelligence technology of the future will be Stephen Hawking. Artificial intelligence could end mankind Yulon. Musk warns that it's an existential risk. And one of the greatest talking stock market made the point. I don't understand why people aren't more concert. Aren't these views. I love the focus of the story. The math the models the basic building blocks of of artificial intelligence are something that we can all access and all work with have open source tools for machine learning and intelligence that we can contribute to let me share our experience. We can share our experiences with technology and how it concerns us and how it excites a public relations noces. We can communicate with foresight about the aspects of technology that could be more beneficial will be more problematic overtime. You could communicate with foresight about all focus on an advertisement for thinking might be he like for someone who's never done it. People are vision of really cold. Think they've been abducted. They're using language obscure the real situation. We use smartphones and digital assistance and room busts. Are they evil. Maybe sometimes are they beneficial. Yes there that to winter the evil and their you already see a light shining on what the future holds rumas rumbles. The future continues on from what we build right now gone into motion that domino effect path. Just good words saying shape the am tomorrow. No knowledge of that immerses us in augmented realities bringing to life target. Aw Technology that helps people to share their experiences communicating technology built on understanding the streaming visual world's energy for self driving cars. I can't even. Rg Built on understanding images and generating language evolving into technology that helps people who are visually impaired better able to access the visual world and we also see how technology can lead to problems all that we see now is a snapshot in the evolution of artificial intelligence because where we are right now is within a moment of that evolution. What are you fucking June down the line and in the future Infinitesimal Villa testable boundary between past and future future is never ending? It goes on non path now and so today what I focus on on the technology for tomorrow for ten years from now where it's too specific in many different ways but in this case this isn't a self driving car without any destination. This is a car that we are driving when to speed up and went to slow. Oh down if we need to make a car driving what you just said. There's a vast playing field kind of all the things that artificial intelligence metaphors stacking these speaking to us. Now in order to figure As I do sit all know Alabama's saying that was nine minutes and fifty six seconds of nothing in the world in order to maximize the connectability of the potentials. We are slowly starting to find in the data that is located between ourselves and the future will create through actually say okay. The only thing that she said Ted was technology. We can make it do good or bad or bad. Only it's important as we look look forward on the crescent of the time scape as it arcs toward future land to make it in the good kind our own badness if we're not careful we'll put it into the I believe me it's quote where he says I'm a little worried and she says hey I don't know if you've heard about this evolution thing but we are read like as a I should always is. We are ready to fuck in starting fucking line for. It's about to take off like crazy man so we have to be very careful. Basically Eh but don't be scared because it's also super empowering because we're going to the blind will see yeah we can maybe focus on that stuff. We can also solve racism so you ask me like what. What was the point of this? Yeah what was the actual. I mean one we make technology and we will make it however we make it whether it's good or bad already applaud ourselves for like being it open source. She said literally nothing or less. This is just here to be on her resume. Gave it head-on Dhabi fucking click on it and realized she managed to not say anything. Yeah this is. I can't really believe how bad this is. What are her credentials I? It's hard for me to believe she. He accidentally invited to look it up. Let's well she actually like it. Works with Adam is Margaret Mitchell. A research scientist at Google. You guys these are the most powerful monopolies in Lake transformative and aggressive sort of corporate behemoths that the world has ever known and we sometimes think to ourselves I think like how bad could it be these. Google people must know what they're doing the fact that this woman works at Google should help us remember that it's no fluke. That design is so fucking clueless these giant powerful things one thing one thing that disappointed me about that particular tedtalk is it's utter of acuity actually prevents me from seeing why anyone would ever hear a tedtalk. Maybe they're all like that. And maybe this is a vapid exercise in looking at the red letters letters. Ted Stage works at Google. I don't think he has really processed the horror of that IRRATIONALISM also depends on the call to action for Action Sake action being beautiful in itself. Oh it must be taken before or without any previous reflection therefore culture is suspect insofar as it is identified with critical attitudes attitudes. thinking is a form of emasculation. Did you what story about a guy being in the paint store with his dick out. This is not fully out. Ah Yes I did Denise Reef The wall covering expert at work told me a story. They tried to reconstruct in my mind. You if you walk into the paint on the left is like the area where they're like paint shakers or whatever the fuck people mix paint and then on the right is like the huge thing with all the different paint chips where you look and pick out your color or whatever and like what would happen. When they're no customers is all the people work? There will be over in the paint mixer area and you'd like lookout twenty feet away and there'd be the paint chip you pick out your color area and the story goes that like no one's in there took a Tuesday afternoon and a dude. The Bell Rings due to flings. Open the door and goes over over. And he's like picking out the he's like looking at the colors. Whatever and denise is like over there the guy who's within these just like what the fuck he looks at denise and gives like urgent eyebrows? You know urgent eyebrows. Say His face and Denise looks over and just immediately can see from twenty feet away. They're the little oh fleshy protrusion out of his pants. HIS PENIS FLACCID FLACCID NON perverted exhibition. This way she's like well it. I'm asking his fly was open and his penis. Not In a sexually excited state was was it was doing doing a book out and just this story. I'm like stunt took the wind data me what he's booking tickets out and she's like and you know I was like I'll walk over. Your fly is down or something like that. You know what I mean your hand and she's like I walked over. Run out of like you know. I'M A my I have two boys. Two boys play casual and seen it all and he just turns to me and he's it's so oblivious to this fact he looks like he's on paint business early did she. And she's like I immediately was like. Hey if you have any questions around just fucking and dropped away. And he gather paychecks. Walked down and you know God assume split later on. He must have realized with lie was she could barely like say the words like that is was open and he was out you know. I'm just trying to imagine the mechanics here. Yeah because that's that's a whole category story of how do you have you ever had discovered. Your fly was down. But now here's what I comprehend right and when my Dick's out you know I know ooh out. I assume you see them. I assume this is because I'd take out. I feel that it feels different than it being in of course you're he's not the air stay by. Eric knows air and I could feel my Dick and I know what it feels like now. What if not every time every time? Not Not every Aaron you run but maybe one Tuesday afternoon to Tuesday afternoons and your entire life. The conditions nations all lineup where the temperature and sort of wind vary a perfect ninety eight point six degrees in your slacks. Eight into paid store are have somehow lined up and you briefly fly open you. We're out and and what El- potatoes this is this. I just gone to a urine eight in the bathroom and then I got distracted by a meteor and then I just went. Hey Pete just can't send a fucking signal yeah or or do you think he knew all along and he's asking more disturbing much more disturbed. What Denisa was that her name? Yeah which she was faced with something that we'd all be and I have great sympathy for and the story because the fly your flies open is the prelude to do the play of him looking down and seeing his own Dick. And then we'll be standing there as the precipitator of that hold Someone points out that your flies down. I really think that both of us take in like that. Itself is embarrassing. And don't even let ourselves say. Hey you know the real danger. Even this one tells me by implicitly saying and that's going to be the work I never thought I you know I have to go pay shopping at our. I wonder if I was. She tried to assume the best and really go. Be Sort of a disinterested non on sexual being mom I was going to give him a little warning in fact that she pulled up and then acknowledge the situation and rolled on. It is as I've always taken a some kind of subtle evidence that maybe the guy knew that maybe her instinct was oh. I don't know what I'm doing. Their she denies this she was like like no no. No you didn't know embarrassed. How uncommon was it for a man of any Dick in or out to just go into the paint store evaluate some paint ancient? And then leave. Because that's what you're saying. He did not unkind not uncommon. But Yeah I don't know maybe it was. Just maybe what if this is just like a couple a stop on the Dick Out Day. Yeah he's like what am I Erin Dick out. Today I've lived so many days tick in most of all of my days of addiction. What's it like? I'll go peruse the the paint chips and I know this creature. Full intimidated him if he was knowingly. Dick out in a certain way that is full throttle for him to know the Dick's out to be aware of the Dixon. To keep the Dick Loosey Goosey poker fucking worry about anything prove prove I now prove Dixie when my dick is out in a dig out situation like a sexual encounter or even like I'm naked about to be in the shower. I'm high I would say I'm extremely aware of my of of the outrageous but when you're digging out in situations when you don't know your Dick which are situated you don't know about yeah that's right. You can't nobleman nomad. It's unknowable. Has Dick Location. Unknown unknown the state of being of of you with your Dick out. When you don't know your Dick is out is the fuck into final frontier for a pistol into scary unknown unknown? In the sense of we've law had our fly down as far as we know that was the worst of it right now. One of US ever had a Dick slip out the world. We live in a world where no one is going to say your addicts out right. Yeah tough tough but fair. I'm sorry you were in charge of all that. Yeah you gotTa take when you're in charge of it. So but how do I ever leave the flight. uh-huh no syncretic faith can withstand political criticism. The critical spirit makes distinctions and to distinguish is a sign of modernism in modern culture. Scientific Community praises disagreement. As a way to improve knowledge foreigner. Fascism disagreement is treason. So you're going to us. If it's not like a dying website. You gotta periodically trouble with somebody. They hired to do add servicing servicing serving ads. For the snow's protests. NOPE NOPE claims. It's like a small operation right but he hasn't in West this shit he clearly like whatever design revolutions have taken over websites over the years they have seemingly been immune to all of them. They've really earned my trust in a crazy way way though like for a no there are thority day authoritative as Mike Lamb. Okay I claim okay was a Russian woman embalmed alive with with a formal in drip like she went to the hospital an IV had formalin rather than fluids. Let's it man. was she embalmed alive bomb. Yeah I mean. Does that make sense. Hard to imagine if you could be embody live and in bomb. Yeah yeah that's that sounds like. I'll go with the fact that there was a tragic medical error. That's been sensationalized right. If someone got that injected into them they would die yeah and thereafter maybe maybe be involved as a separate process from the life press mostly false. What's True Eh Katrina? Confetti Eva died after medical error resulted in her. Mistakenly being poisoned with Formalin right. Yes this is a great example for me of okay like a bad bad thing happened and it involved specific local. We have newspapers like international newspapers. Be Like lady embalmed alive. We need to live in a world where people go what that is the phrase that begs explanation that really. If you made an effort to give it wouldn't make sense isn't it's designed to sell papers is exactly the wrong context context for a tiny fragment of the truth. Newspaper Editors saw the opportunity to write the evocative phrase embalmed alive. Yeah did a radio host tweet about sodomizing using a Parkland survivor with a hot poker. Do they all have been crazy with these survivor's they they love the shooter now. The conservative like here slopes me on that conservatives are slowly coming to love shooter. Yeah Yeah I'm going to. Yeah I mean David Harley brings out the also we all agree. It must have been David Hogg August. Yeah definitely David Hug the thing that I find procedure just in the headline is unlike the embalmed alive. Where you're like wait but what does that I mean this is just very specific optimized? A hot poker. Sounds like someone's reading tweet and trying to word it nicer. Not a mixture we get to Bagel just shrew Jamie Allman tweeted about sodomizing birth survive shooting survivor and activist. David Hogg with a hot poker. It is interesting that slopes has to cover whether or not someone tweeted thing because tweets are easy to fake. Yes yes screen shots of tweets. That's very boring little avenue for snow into but I guess the best deals allow these like phrasing and exact claims because I really think it's like Thanksgiving. Thanks giving referee thing. This is families emailing various points and then snow step in to like really. Try and say like your uncle's right about this part. Oh Okay Obama. I'm a pledged more flexibility toward Russia after twenty twelve election pledged. More flexibility. Well it depends on what you mean by pledged. He didn't publicly as a hot Mike. You know about this. I don't remember this. Obviously that's vague enough. where I I if I were betting on it I would say that sounds like just the kind of thing that could have been true? pledged more flexibility. There's actually nothing wrong with that either. That's right this whole. This is one of those. It's an UN fact trackable sort of controversy. There's nothing wrong with the key point. But how do you explain that really in fact checking in situations in terms of evaluating credibility pledged. More flexibility is a phrase. That seems eminently unproblematic and it's a clue to its truth. pledged though is probably a slightly leave misleading because it was a hot mic but whatever did Nobel prize winning author Sinclair Lewis. Say That when fascism comes to America it'll be wrapped in the flag and carrying across no somebody'll false origin sinclair Lewis a Also literally wrote the book. It can't happen here. Alexandra Senior Line often said you've come directly from the novel though. It sounds like a sentiment lose. Would've agreed with however there's no record actually writing or saying it. According to the Website Sinclair Louis Society wait in other words. It's not what you should go to for this. You should go to the book. I mean it's a novels. I don't know what it would mean if that phrase appeared within. Yes it's just a MIS attributed quote which is not really quite if I there's something similar there was actually said by Huey Long. I'm not interested in this kind of project This one is NASA NASA deforestation images popular NASA photographs highlighting the dramatic effects of deforestation in North America. And they're showing you the Green Green America on the one side of the earth and the not so green America and the other and you can very quickly. I think without like leaking out it. It doesn't quite add a picture of the the entire globe of the earth from space. Yeah it's just different seasons basically isn't there they got rid of so it's the leaves fall. AW COME on random. This is really not that fun. Though brought up a GIN Obama pledged. More Flexibility Candidate Company makes annual for for payments to queen. Say it again. Canada company makes an annual fee for payments to the Queen. I don't understand they're all. The rumor says candidates Hudson's Bay company is required to make annual payments of animal pelts to the. Oh Yeah Right. It sounds like one of those old holdover archaic Caig law devastating trip to the website about snaps. Because if they are doing the Lord's work on important like debunking. What the fuck else has this this other shit? Who fucking cares about this stupid stuff false so glad we looked into it like that's a rumor? I guess if you're going to actually do debunking. PUNKING are interested in how they bumped it like. I'm not that one. This is a lot of internet trash. I felt like the number one sign that something is fake that you should be really like skeptical is giving you too much what you want like. There's a postseason. See on twitter and Tumbler D- during the election that was in the early eighties trump told playboy. If I ever run for President I'll run as a Republican because Republicans are all fucking idiots. They're so easy to fool or whatever I remember seeing it and thinking to myself like now this is a little too smooth is exactly what to this is what I think is true on some level and so you I knew it couldn't be I mean it also is like so much of it is like did this publication. Really say this or not or something like that. Like is this thing that was said or wasn't it seems like a lot of the Internet rumours because there's a desire to put words in the mouth of people to make them say exactly the thing you want them to say that's that's not quite the thing they usually say but an easily imaginable thing that they could have said no one's reading the actual sources otherwise wouldn't be an issue like in science journalism. The headline is everything you have to be able to attract people with something that brings it down to earth or is so weird. They're like intrigued. Or whatever because there's a deep insecurity about whether or not the public actually find signs interesting. Relevant understands that it's alleged lever the public's benefit or and viral fake news stories. Seem seem to take that and like cut the tether to any actual reality and it's all about the Selma spin you can. You can sort of feel the science bullshit coming in that you know. Science is is desperate for its audience where you see something and you go. Oh this is about audience. Not The thing that's being reported on you. Start to get skeptical all right. Well what's missing in. This course is the study because that document is deemed to be eligible to wider walled. Yeah and even if it weren't paywall it's not like people have access to the open source. Yeah th- those studies are illegible and people. Lack of scientific literacy and I think are aware of that and so it's sort of dependent on science journalism to literally translate into a readable format the claims of science but like what Donald Trump said in a playboy interview is not like that. But but it's strange that we are reporting on that one I clicked on when I clicked on random is did a law. Professor claimed the twenty seventeen solar eclipse is racist. Indeed a law professor claimed that because it's something about a long article in the Atlantic magazine. which if we all had literacy in? Yeah we wouldn't need a context text of the Atlantic article explainer to come down on one side. We all just be like well. Let's read the article while he's no he didn't exactly say that you know what I mean. We just solved the problem by going to the source the more important question rather than is that hold on or is that false. That's vacuuming all. The important point is even if that was true it is irrelevant Kevin. It reveals nothing about our country law schools the Atlantic or the state of race relations in the world. You're talking about one guy. What makes this different rent from urban legends or from like things that could really persist as like certain issues? You're skeptical on it. How can anyone a For Republican volunteer in Tennessee. Or whatever like genuinely believes in UNICORNS and I and I like the true true fact. That's maybe that's a great moment of comedy if I could somehow show you that like claim but haven't revealed anything by like discovering one dumb believed by one supporter. Yeah if someone someone wanted to use that in a prentice falacious argument where you're like you see how dumb Republicans are this. One volunteer believes in unicorns right. That would be the context in which would be like well wait. Is that true for your Straw man or whatever seems like Ad Hominem Straw man anecdote plucked cherry nonsense. So we have to have an anecdote. Veracity acidy website because anecdotes are being used in fallacious arguments in a weird way. It's a bad sign that we have to fight over whether anyone even said that because a more clear. So you're thinking people would just say like so fucking. Both sides have idiots. Nothing is revealed Fascism grows up and seeks consensus by exploiting and exacerbating the natural fear of difference. The first appeal wheel of fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders. Fascism is racist by definition. Leaving the need me. Welcome to read ruin. Read the story last night. Italo Calvino short story about the the moon. Oh Yeah Yeah Mhm Go the distance of the moon. That doesn't send talion boo. It's not it's we had learned top of us all the time that enormous moon. It's Mussa surprise day. Cut a lighter ball about a p. It looks as ever see. We'll go to crush us all. That's literature baby here. You Know Metaphor I fuck your face where. Where did you have alluded to before like telemarketing for what was assured? Lee a predatory lender and so it involved in a certain way tricking the the people that we called on the phone sheriff like certain pieces of information social security number included. Then we'd like fill out this loan document and who knows what the fuck they did with it but our job the telemarketers was like get the information and this took some confidence and like some really shitty phone tactics and it was hard to ever succeed at this and there is a a guy there I was one of the only white people working there. And there's a guy named whoever uncalled Alito. Here's a guy and he was like you want to practice with me. You're having hard time. Monje practice with me and we did a practice call. And because the stakes are low I was particularly boisterous in confident. Talking to delina was posing using is the homeowner and I was trying to get fake information out of delete and delete. Oh hung up the phone after the call like thought for a second and then motion ocean to pick up my phone so that he could just talk to me through the phone rather than face to face. AM talks you'll phone is involved and he goes. Don't take this the wrong way but you have white people confidence and the he was right. The kind of confidence I had had was was white. People confidence I said to him like you're right and he goes like I really don't mean anything I need no disrespect and it was like this weird moment where I was like none taken like. You're of course. Analysis is correct. Yeah so part of me thought. That's a hard limitation. I've discovered I I will. I can be as competent as I want. But but it's always going to be white people confidence but see employing you were confident out of size to your actual ability. No I think I think it was. Yeah you're confident but how confident can you be. You have white people confidence High School Basketball Coach told me something very interesting about confidence where I was saying something to him after playing. WELL OR BLAH LA LA say. It's all about confidence. Saalbach confidence because one of the discoveries of Sports of course is when you're scared it doesn't go well we're confident it goes well and he said very very offhandedly as all sports coaches in not just in Iraq does but in real life totally do they throw out all this off everything is secondhand and passed on. They never never feels like they're like telling you a new thing he was like yeah. Confidence is all that matters. But you can't fake confidence. The only thing you can do is he's just spend hours practising changes conference. That's it and I remember sitting there like you said he's walking off and just being like you know I actually think I think that's sort of deep. I don't think I ever in my life could have said. How do you get confident? Anything like I really. And he had the recipe just simply say showers. You put in the hours. Don't worry worry about what's going. You put it in the hours that you get confidence you can never fake it and it really did feel like Oh this is why there's no Jedi mind trick right August be confident and it'll be great. It's like no no no you actually have to spend all this time working on it and the confidence shows up. He was saying like there is no insight right there. I just remember thinking to myself like to like you always looking like figure everything out but everyone already sort of like. What the fuck are you talking about? just work harder and I think white people confidence is that's conference. He didn't get from practice threat competent. You get from expectation from a symmetry three of situation. You know it's easier for you. Right refreshes and derives from individual or social frustration. That is why one of the most typical features of the historical. Fascism was the appeal to a frustrated the middle class a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups in our time when the old proletarians are becoming petty bourgeois the fascism of tomorrow will find audience in this new majority took part in Gosford Park where like somebody's gossiping about the Master and like how the master bought a new pistol or something and the fucking May The masters fucking has been outed as the mistress and who has to lose is like Why do we have to structure our lives around these people right And that's US now. We we have no way of talking about The Future Direction of our society our lives without involving the interior psychology of Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. Because we're all downstairs and they are all distinctly upstairs is Bolstering thought I've had for a while. About what the Internet is doing into culture which seems to be despite that we could anatomies it and see like look now every subculture has a thriving community and what we should see is like all kinds of splintering entering off of interest and culture. In fact what seems to be happening is kind of TV vacation of culture that there's just ask culture pacifies the culture pure as yeah whereas what we thought this thing was going to do this. Great Democratizing enabler of of subcultures. I think allow it to be more peaceably ably multifarious. In fact is just all getting mashed. Definitely seems like we made a mistake at some point. We thought that not having to pay having things be free would help protect the sort of democratic Empower everybody aspect of the Internet but instead it made like the whole Internet depending on advertising. And so it's like you need to see these weird necessities like creep in. I mean the great thing about TV is that they get to serve all these fucking ads to people and and so of course. The Internet is moving in the direction of TV because they need to find a way to make us look at ads. I mean this is one of the only things we started with as has a podcast was that we would never have advertising so that when we wanted to raise money we had to be like you. Will you pay US money. The goodness of your arts. Yeah and even having to use patronage is kind of advertisement Patriot Dosa patriots capital industries. Knows about Patriarch is a corporation. Yeah it's weird to look at. What almost everything across the Internet has? Now which is like rating systems in quantifiable. You has this many ratings. These many people find it helpful and it gets this many stars in this. This tweet is this and he gets no only twelve retweets and you have to win all these little elections until you're the enabler sick. The worst of of A. Ah every possible option. Coming together is what it feels like to be a lot of time. And that is not is that a radical democratization of what once was a pretty the good old boys situation. In other words it could just be yeah. The result of this like radically reduced democratization of everything is that the corporate overlords decided on what terms you're gonNa vote and on what items you're gonNa vote everyone. There's an infinitude of items. But because you're a women to the corporate overlords terms it just is very very shitty democracy but it is a democracy or is it not in Microsoft facade of the bankruptcy because the opposite of nepotism which is how celebrity usually works is not democracy aristocracy talkers e yeah it's an algorithm marcy or it some weird. The process in a way is in. What's most important in terms of what's happening? It has to do with the fact that like I. I don't know what you know William Sean was like but I think that he wasn't just trying to make the New Yorker money think he did have a sense of responsibility and while there might have benched people who are doing a shitty job. It seemed possible that there'd be benevolent. Gutsy people taking risks or that. If you kept up and had sort talent or spirit that you could serve breakthrough or that someone who would feed your spirit would break through. It just seems more possible in my like nostalgic vision of the past and now now it seems like. There's no hope that like instagram. Wants to show you the posts. That'll be best for you. I mean the the idea that the best people all doing as well as they can is like the recipe for democracy. If I really hope. That's thoroughly abolished in the minds of every voter. But are we saying that This is a failure in people's ability to make these curing choices that is exposed now or are we saying like you know we. We just kind of shouldn't have ceded that authority to the people. I mean it. s something to do with the people and everything to do with A lack of public virtue that you can imagine imagine NFC Commissioner in Nineteen fifty five. who had some pretty deep and impartial thoughts about what the purpose of communication wasn't housing democracy and used their position to bring those things into reality? This is really important. One of the things that was protecting like the the value of good information or like good articulation saying journalism or whatever. It was that the government did play some role in saying. Hey you can't own both the newspaper and the local TV station. We need a diverse a true diversity of voices and we're willing to like step banned when even like book publishers. Try to like buy one another. They're like DOJ people willing to like be like hold on to sit danger to our democracy and it seems like we. It's easy to forget that both politically and commercially. There are people who set out to one. Break down those walls and to devalue the economic viability of you know being journalists are being and novelist or I in that had an effect. It's no accident. I think you're I mean right right in other words. If two things were going on one was trying to break down walls in other words not cede authority to a sensor board or something like that to decide what's dangerous and what's not rather rather let the people decide that may be led to your second thing which is well we let the economic sort of run away with the train and we forgot that there used to be people all in positions of authority. I guess that they either earned or didn't but whatever they used to be making choices for us and we noticed there used to be less of flood bullshit in those times but I argue myself into this anti-democratic place sometimes which always worries me where I know this wasn't what we were exactly just saying. But if we were just saying like boy which is just be nice if William Sean curate twitter or whatever that is not a democratic thing to say no and if the government could step in and decide what tweets or dangerous tour. Democracy is also not a Democrat if the government deciding what's dangerous to our democracy irrespective of whether or not it will sell is a good than it also gets to the dangerous replace worth. We're giving them out of thirty. But I mean the government. The government could take a position like if you let people spend an unlimited amount of money in politics than it. Those rich people will drown out the voices of poor people that have to put up certain kinds of walls. Not because we're so interested in limiting the voice of the rich person of because we need to let voices be heard because I think democracy is like the free market which is to say unchecked. It will runamuck of itself and be dominated by Jit. Yeah there will be no little fish that are just be asshole shirks in a bunch of blood in the water and we not let that happen you know a whole bunch of spheres. It seems like it always seems more complicated to me than like Oh there was some golden past where the FCC took his shop seriously and be puzzled at the nineteen fifties and sixties with is going to paradise in the Public Square and the actual history doesn't seem to bear that out no. I'm not trying to embrace. The idea have a great past or a great president. I think he to them has things to recommend certain. The question is how do we navigate our losses and gains in a way that like I don't know makes us feel empowered in more like courageous you now because of course the best case scenario would be Nikki mentioned like a loss of public virtue earlier. which is I think about the people but yeah the best case scenario would be well the people just get better at meeting out the good from the bad the truth from the falls the partisan from the a neutral and so we don't have to worry about gatekeeper so much because the people are empowered and enabled to make these decisions better for themselves? That would be a way to have a successful accessible democracy but of course this doesn't occur. Exactly we can point to corporate influences and top down government influences. Why or why not or whatever we have made? Peter have passed up on and trying to get people to this place but ultimately like I think the ideal that we are striving for is a place. Where like no it's not an it's not an objective good to have fewer Pulitzer or William Sean decide? What's good for us? We should be the ones who get to decide. What's good for us shouldn't we? Yeah well and I'm not asking that everybody. In America Lake Lake reads tolstoy or something and I'm not even asking that my candidate like wins every election or that like the interpretation of the facts I think is best is what like his on the front page but I want to feel like in some ways like the way all of the different perspectives interact with the traces. That get made are not not sort of rigged from the start right. I can deal with losing an election. I did want everybody to be able to vote. I want you know what I'm saying like like I can deal with like everyone magazine going out of business because it was like two obnoxious you know. Maybe we could say something like this like if you totally mistake as we have have radical democracy for the unchecked flow of capital. Then you're democracy project will become this feudalistic nightmare project. Yeah you'll be going backwards effectively exactly. So the logic of the citizens united that you brought up is flawed not because the not because we should check speech. But because you're wrong about the money part. Yeah yeah people talk about late capitalism. So it's very very different from feudalism. And I it seems decreasingly the case to me. That's like like when when Amazon is the only way to buy food or medicine or whatever You become a kind of surf and what the what the bosses are empowered with the new lords are empowered. Hard with is the argument. That at least it's not feudalism. Dollar can speak and that everyone is on equal footing. We know the lie of that because of the reality of how gone. There's as an alibi that even the victims believe that year in the bottom of the House being a servant and not the master of the House. Because you that's what you deserve dead bays. She says you did gene work hard enough to get. Something's wrong with you. Have a character problem. Yeah if the historical circumstance of the creation of the country called United United States of America happened with Chattel Slavery It becomes really hard to imagine. A definition of democracy to which America could aspire that could escape that origin. It in principle over saying should apply to any capitalist society. Even when there wasn't founded on the backs of Chattel Slavery. Finally that one. I mean it's not a bad point. But the flaw is capitalism as we have just articulated. It would be an additional problem that you just brought. Yeah I mean. There's there's a flaw in capitalism I. I wonder sometimes whether there is also a flaw in democracy. Yeah Yeah I think that's that is one of the big questions questions is what's wrong. With our democracy it's capitalism or is there something wrong with democracy as such. You know how Bama's always say like bring up the Martin Luther King quit the like are the moral arc of the universe. Justice isn't that quote in a way saying in terms of the present just democracy so Oh fucking fucked. It said way of saying like the moral present. The Democratic Universe is unjust. But there's always hope we can change gene improve it right and it's long it doesn't even mean tomorrow will be a better day. It doesn't even get to justice it just keeps bending toward it Yeah S.. Perhaps I am not every moment. They're huge back swings. The cutting edge of that quote to me is that it's out of our hands you know okay the moral arc and it's like the curvature of the arc or whatever and that's that's not in the hands of the temporal world who does decide that I think it's God God. The moral indifference of the has no no moral opinion or whoever the arc of the universe bends toward destruction by another metric yeah who knows knows if destruction of enthusiasts. We're back to ride. Narok seems right. Never left leaving Ratner the seventy two people who feel deprived of clear social identity or or fascism says that privilege is the most common one to be born in the same country. This is the origin of nationalism. Besides the only one who can provide an identity to the nation our enemies at the root of the fascist psychology. There is the obsession session with applaud. Possibly International Won. The followers must feel besieged. But the plot must also come from the inside the once Win Me and a girl. I was dating at the time. We're supposed to like go meet up with some people we'd like said we were going to go to a party or whatever We didn't go. We ended up like talking like fighting. Kind of disagreements. And there's this moment where I was like we go. We said we fucking go you now now and she said to me she was like you know they're all K- there they don't need the atom show. They're all going to be okay. This is a trick you played on yourself that you have to like watch out that. They're all like desperate like the secret. Is Everybody's okay without you is the without you. Everybody's okay without you and it really did this thing that I was thinking of as unselfishness I was like called out on the vanity of it. The self importance of like me being like this is a commission we gotta go like. Oh we gotta make sure and it was like a really good of like. What am I really looking for here? Wh How am I really seeing situation. INSTR- always struck me and I sometimes have to say to myself like everybody's okay. Everybody's okay without you too. Good preparation for death. Yeah I was going to say it is kind of like preview of its. It's the truest. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Maybe there's no truer thing that everyone is going to be okay. He needs the truest thing that that we finally got the truest panels open from the ceiling. Confetti silently falling on US youth found. The truest thing real conspiracies spiracy do exist. Yes but you will always be the person who thinks that there is a conspiracy against them if it's against you so he's a problem. There's a conspiracy against you. There is a conspiracy conspiracy. There's a conspiracy theorist here's the spiracy against the followers must feel L. humiliated by the ostentatious wealth enforce of their enemies however the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm me enemies thus by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus. The enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak fascist governments are condemned them to lose wars because they are constitutionally incapable of objectively evaluating the force of the enemy. Long story six reconcile this shit from me I look down my nose of you. Yeah I turn up casinos it you yes both imply your superiority over me as per your own visage right. Now you're looking down your nose at me true uh-huh now turn up your nose and me are the exact same thing. Excellent question man in so interesting. Do I need to turn my nose up in order to look down at you. What do you think Adam? Adam Adam what are you talking about knows placement sexually a pretty good question. Yeah he actually got one. If you so two phrases he wants you to consider look down your nose at me. Now turn up your nose. It'd be same different. Same activity When I turn up my nose you I am no longer looking? That's interesting you turn away and turn up by now. I assess you. I looked down my nose. You know yes not great and then when I say well hold on. Don't don't be hasty. Yeah Shit and turn up the knows that I marched away. I'd better men to assess afraid you little rat boy can be fluid. You can look look down your nose. And that can sort of crass into turning up the nose and and walking away right you almost always when non I rolling are looking down your nose to look up here on knows if he's really true very specific looking I do ultimately down my nose. It's not just positioning. There's some kind of power dynamic. That's being emphasized that's right in the look. I mean turning up your nose is obvious. You smell like shit looking down your nose. It's not clear. Why tilting your head back and looking down the contours knows rose? Maybe it's like you can't possibly look that shitty. Let me change my angle of gays. Oh yeah exactly okay. Now explain to how changing your ankle we've case just like what else are you GonNa do. squint for four people invented squinting. They were just looking down their noses at people and then they're like we. We got a better way to do this. Eyelids Weiss first off. I don't even know what you're talking about Papa Ganda and lies in order to take on your enemies which which took News he'll struggle for life but rather her life is lived for struggle thus pacifism this trafficking with the enemy. It is bad because life is permanent. Warfare her this however brings about an armageddon conflicts since enemies have to be defeated. There must be a final battle also after which the movement will have control of the world but such a final solution implies a further era piece which contradicts the principle kermit war. No fascist leader has ever succeeded in solving this predicament. fucking intros man ideas worth spreading like cl- media not ideas not worth spreading. Congratulations by being here. Listening ally ally a member of a growing species. You are one of history's greatest winners. The culmination of success story. Four billion years. I am teaching highschools U. P. minus the loser life's ninety nine percent of species who have ever lived our day she'll by fire fire flies asteroids predations and the cold math of natural selection to Kohl's and cold old man fishes overcame all these challenges evolution. You are here. Because of golden opportunities made possible by mass extinction pro masks. That was a joke. It's true the same is true of your co-winners and relatives this kind of fishing. Did we all get so lucky. Will we continue to win. Were at the end of the game. I am a fish. PALEOBIOLOGIST who uses big data Atta the fossil record to study how some species was big data to nothing but winning so we must speak with the dead. How do we make vicious talk? Museums can tire wages. itunes a beautiful fish fossils but they're real beauty emerges when combined combined with the larger number of ugly broken fossils such a one zero five hundred million year database for very patterns. Four apple fish can be captured by coordinates zeal. Major pathways of change Tie The few Rafin relatives of Salmon and Tuna Howard at the bottom of the food chain who needs data. Atta count your fear. Your few four legged ancestors tetrapods struggled in tropical typical River Plate's ecosystems. Were crowded there is no escape no mistake it was wonderful glorious list time but also you know it is a good thing. Ninety six percent of all fish species died during the Hainburg of Ed Ed. Three hundred fifty nine million years ago an interval of fire and ice crowded world was disrupted and swept away now amount story the mighty fell the meek inherited the earth and here we are weighted is not that simple the handful of surviving model for many groups all greatly outnumbered by their own dead. They raised tap Predator to bottom theater big to small all marine to freshwater majority of the daily level. The playing shown what is going to be really counted was what survivors did head over the next several million years in that devastating. No Shit about what the did the former overlords should have had an advantage. What yet they merely persisted for awhile to climbing without innovating becoming living innovating were stuck in their late? He became logon Darwin for allowing these computer. Ray Fans and poor leg tetrapods what the opposite direction. They became smaller living fast. Dying young eating reproducing rapidly guys let dying for at home sir. Way To Change Orlando and they found opportunity proliferated and won the future for the actual living speech future. Sure you including rid of Ideo there the fucking science guy. People are not about random events or an arms race rather survivors went down alternative evolutionary pathways pasta screaming and then he is not about random events. It's about outgoing down particular evolutionary pathway. I'd which doesn't involve random events by the way there are no random events deserve deserve to die the elephant deserved eating how these pathways to victory and defeat for skied across ties. She has compiled thousands upon thousands of dead fishes but many more remain however it is already clear your ancestor survival through mass up and their their responses in the aftermath. Made you who you are today. Aftermath of my extension hasn't even clearly explained the problem which is as we study the different life also all times of the fossil record when realized how many of these things are today. What does this tell us for the future? As long as a handful of species survive life life will recover the versatile and the lucky will not just replace what was lost but went in new for gas pedal just might take several million years. That's terrible science. All right I mean just I you what we have learned from the past. It means that it will always happen again in the future. You you can picture. Basically what she's talking about is you're like looking in the fossil record like at the bottom of the senior seeing all the signs of these old fish all like whatever sealife life and you can see these different eras these different periods and you realize the ones from the oldest time aren't in the next layer. You're like Oh my God. Many of them all died off and in fact at this one weird mysterious event. Almost all of them died off right. And then you end up with these and they change this way and you change this way and you don't really have the story story of what the fuck was going on. You know. Of course. Of course you have some partial thing you don't know exactly how much of your capturing we don't know how complete our data is. We don't know what happened happened. When the fish were alive we can speculate but we often have misinterpreted the fossils? We have in dramatic ways and the only new thing here is that we are are able to make a spreadsheet of different data points based on the fossils and look at the trends. Yeah that's it. That's the only thing that she has that Charles. Darwin didn't have well and one the thing that makes me think she's not using that technology in a particularly effective way is that she doesn't feel any need to refer to it at all. She's not saying we thought there were five species in this algorithm algorithm helped us realize they were all the saves for mercury free of particulars. Yeah the thing that really amazes me about listen to these. Ted Talks is the awfulness of the TED head. Talk as a is present in an incredible bounty in each particular Ted Talk. It's like it's like starting to sound like a tedtalk. Be careful it's like they'll I'll have an editor that makes them all sound equally awful. There's really no sustained presentation of particulars. There's a patronizing tone to the simplified simplified ways in which the the subject matter interacts with itself forever. But the problem is really that assuming we're not fish scientists right it. If if you're GONNA do a meaningful thing you'd have to come out and be like this is what I am interested in. This is how we have attempted to pursue the question and let me describe my method for you. Oh of Howard pursuing like if before you even got to whatever results her conclusions you have and I would argue. She fails that test. So fucking walking. Heart she quickly is like dad extinction. Reimbur- do you think that they are like creating talks for non experts in the most condescending condescending way talks for non experts what they're doing is creating non experts. This is how you read. This is how you make somebody stupider but they need to be told his. Hey Stop Stop dumbing it down so much or are is there. Something more fundamentally broken with them where it's like. Do you really think this is going on or is this just what you think you have to sound like when you talk in front of people. It's it's a horrible mixture. There's a possibility that there's a sort of like Hillary Clinton consultant type at WHO's a gatekeeper. At Ted who's like if you're no stop op with all the particulars are losing. You need to have a story. No one gives a shit while you're stupid. Little fucking weird old school fish was doing. You'd better say. Innovate it. Don't say like Blah Blah Blah. And where's your humor your sharp. Here's sharp speaker. Habits them with the reason. I doubt that that is the answer is if they came to us and said Hey. Can you explain your podcast in like an incredibly stupid. Six minute thing which you'd say nothing embarrass yourself with vague terrible jokes and just mislead people in general about like what you care about. We would be like no. Thank you as would any serious person who who is this. Gratifying gratifying lazy pseudo intellectual. It's not because there's no business plan here. This is not for investors of now it probably is a little. It's definitely the reason that the scientists are doing. Why would anyone click on these youtube videos and watch them as millions of people who are not investors because people don't know anything about science want to know something about it and this is the single most ubiquitous and therefore accessible a satanic way avenue into science that people want to know more about science January offers end? Yeah yeah they know that they're not going to go. What did he say? Fuck and just be overwhelmed but they are curious they have a natural human interest in learning. Honey you stay curious and tolerant of the level of language in these things. What I think of is my most frustrating feeling? I'm watching. A tedtalk could be ascribed to kind of curiosity. I have to actually know what's going on. As opposed to the manifestly unsatisfying story. They're telling me so if curiosity that's driving to the Ted talks. Don't you eventually decide. No tedtalk watching. Yes absolutely but the problem is when we say that this is what This makes makes people dumber. It's really sad that they have these audience clapping and a million views and the success of Ted Talks is sad because failure the content of all these ted talks is so distant isn't from what they would have to actually relate the content of what they study this has like the the George W. S. tro magic of like a very familiar and comforting reading sort of setting and they all seem to get us to a place of the impossibly vague hopefulness and or something. They're upbeat their sunny their her heroin. I mean there's somewhere in between like a candy bar a Sitcom and like being shot in the head there. There's there that whole we're like there in that tone in which weird. I don't know who to be most embarrassed for I. It's one of the few times I really feel like as a species. We're at our grossest and like you have to actually say to yourself I will not give in to the idea that this has anything to do with science really to me. It's not just that. They don't present their our research and solutions. They don't even get you interested in the problem and no one is like clicking through to find the scientific papers that this research was allegedly based raced on nor do any of the speakers seem to allude to the exists if those papers but know. It's not about getting you interested in the problems. It's making you vaguely and like narcotics aware of solutions. Yeah and apparently what is not a barrier to that endeavor is that these aren't really solutions. I really think that anything would be interesting. If the right person could tell you bet it right and somehow what's so depressing. Whatever the topic of the fucking tedtalk is? Guess what it's worthless you watch. What's the Ted talk and not only? Do you not want to be a scientist studying this. You can't believe the person talking really is a scientist. It seems like some fucking like mentos commercial show version of science. It's like this what that might be. But if you're if they're really doing the science why would they submit to this humiliation or do why don't they realize that this is a putting out of the light. I mean inter that that might be related to the fact that you need to be. You need to seem publicly accessible people in Silicon Valley Ish way in order to secure funding and therefore they're going to send their PR type. Science talkers up the stage. There's something about the format of these things that it seems is all wrong to me. There's no reason why this should be such a small person on such a big stage all these events at understand why that has to be. But that's the aesthetic they're going for. It's important to note like how damning the thing as you said about the funding and that it's important to be out there with Knicks at what we're saying basically we were saying that site me that science journalists Basically are doing click bait but what we're saying here as we watch these things. The scientists themselves because of their need for money and funding and sort of acceptance they themselves are actively producing click. They have to design the click. Click World Ted talk is is just letting the scientists in their own middleman to duped mind dead clicking Zombie Consumer Sumer or whatever right but that anyone is accidentally under the impression that they're being edified by watching these things is just such a sadness that follows. What are they doing? That seems less insight. Incite give advocate a popular elitism. The leader knowing that his power was not delegated to him democratically but was conquered by four salute also knows that his force is based upon the weakness of the masses. They are so weakest you need and deserve a ruler since the group is hierarchically organized according to a military model every subordinate leader despises his own underlings in each of them despises his inferiors. This reinforces the sense of Mass Elitism at Red Light. One is dragging with a friend in in high school and pull up to red light and he knew. Very seamless way rolled down his window and said the following phase out the window directed at a car whose windows. We're also open. So what I'm GonNa do is I'm going to get my testicles laminate and then rolls up window and drives away. I thought it was very funny as a youngster. uh-huh like when we were in the elevator before with a young girl texting on her phone end in similar situations in my life I really Liam one hundred percent of me is repressing the urge to go. So what I'm GonNa do is I'm GonNa get my testicles laminate. You've done this to me in the car I have. Yeah Yeah we're by this quip. What's what's the circle southeast Dupont? Yes Scott shares and share. Yeah we're going into Sheridan Circle and you roll down my window and screamed you. I screamed at him. You screamed it to me so what I'm GONNA do right. I if I'm honest with myself always want to do this. What do you think that what's going on there? I always wanted to talk about like how my apartment soaked doc with blood when there's somebody in the elevator what he wouldn't use the word soaked get what do you wanna say. I want to be with a person I know. And then a third a stranger or more strangers and then just talking about how much blood there is in my. What am I gonNA do about? All the blood is just so much boys. There are a lot of blood in the getting practical. Go whether right away I'd be like that is too much blood or just trying to scrub. What is that impulse we want to do? Is that looking down the nose Turning up the nose it's like The see the fear of heights is really a desire to jump like a year. And you're trying to fight the urge to bring up old jokes in act fool to to while out to be a to be young thug bothering kit again. Yeah I remember doing that kind of high level social uncomfortable engineering of a kid but the feeling of of treating your actual life as performance. Which is the thing we want? Something happening there. That's let me let me just put on a little show for you stranger which actually actually can. I claim that it's a kind of me wanting to bring the stranger into the fold a little bit. It's definitely you wanted to elevate the strangers boring elevator ride. Yea like what's that thing psychologists tell you to to do that like Going elevator and their two three people there and you walk into the elevator and you continue walking until your nose is almost touching the back while the elevator and you stand there with your back to the doors wars the whole time now looking at psychologist and this this is like according to psychologist the most aggressive thing you can do. Not Elevator is to mark yourself out is different to be doing some weird your shit and in many ways. That's fucking weird psychotic but to does the opposite him. Yeah it's exactly the opposite to involve the other people in the elevator whom you're supposed to ignore but really also because I imagine it as like to a friend as well. I'm trying to make them into knows against the wall person. Yeah they're the only one not in the plate ah my testicles being laminated. Yeah yeah they're also something like that's why would you ever lemon at your testicles train for protection dust you're talking. Guess elevators by the way are pure stranger situations. Don't be don't fuck around an elevator is exceptional being finishes ideology. Eddie all heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death. In non-fascist societies. The lay public is told that death is unpleasant but must be faced with dignity believers are told that it is the painful way to reach a supernatural happiness this by contrast the fascist euro craves euro a death advertised as the best reward for Euro. ICK Life the. The fascist hero is impatient. to Ha- boost booster in Nevada what is capitalism capitalism fundamentally is series of marketplaces marketplace for lemonade. I made a marketplace for lemons marketplace for trucks to transport lemons marketplace that fuels those trucks marketplaces that sell wood to build. Lemonade stands too low ever capitalist capitalism force as we know is this either celebrated term or condemned term. It's either revered and reviled early and I'm here to argue the term that this is because capitalism in the modern iteration is largely miss understood in my view capitalism should not be thought of as an ideology way but instead should be thought of as an operating system. Think of your iphone your iphone merges hardware with software APPS and hardware. Now think about all the hardware as the physical reality all around you Entrepreneurial Activity Energy between the bird you have advances in software and operating system needs to keep up it needs to be patched I need why updated happen so he can all create a third send in between the artist and hardware the operating system major getting more and more advanced take keep up with innovation to keep up and this is why fundamentally it's not going to operating it devolves the language of ideology away from what traditional defenders of capitalism thing. What was the hardware in his hardware-software analogy the world dough world circumstance these nickel world with people bull and Lemons and would for lemon stands gears for lemon trump not destruction lemons but he was like saying the reality of them okay so capitalism plays upon upon the keys of the world the way that operating system plays upon? Is your muting metaphor. The operating system needs to keep up with innovations in the hardware there and in reality. Yeah she didn't reality happens. Then we've got an aerial activity. New Real right new APPS fokkers talking about. He's already included. I mean okay. That's not how hardware-software works this thing that we're listening to right. This is called reasoning by analogy. It it'll getting a crazy places like I have ever. I have to take half of your blood away. Yeah Yeah I have to fucking bleed you man. You hires no way for there would be no way for us to clue this man in on the juicy irony of him being like a four my analogy about capitalism. Think of your iphone. Yeah yeah that's yeah. I could Sumer Electronics. I I just don't think he had much The thing he's trying to bring down this capitalism is an ideology He. We didn't discuss in a way that was particularly helpful next next whereas he described like capitalism in the world marketplace's he didn't do a very good joe that's not but then surprisingly when he talked about the iphone he's GonNa use his in Algebra he also didn't seem to really have great command over what happens in IFA. What do you think he thinks? Ideology means that's question. What was the I should go back a few seconds to hear that it'd be like like the complexity he was language? Takes a hockey stick. We're devolving ideology away from devolves. The Language of ideology away from the language of ideology. That's nobody wants to be or devolving. Capitalism away from the language of ideology. Can you translate that you know what I think it is. He's like all these fucking engineer types. He's like it's a little divisive guys out there in the world. People seem to be fighting about capitalism. Let's instead of fighting. Think of it differently as iphones. Fascism right you say. Fascism is in an ideology. It's an operating system. It's a way is a thing that happens in the world organization of reality interaction between the software off to wear the the political activities and the hardware all the stuff and the people walking around is not to be afraid of fascism. It's an operating system. Would you like on your iphone. Don't you you're welcome for me pulling the rug out from any ideological dispute. You might have now. You just have. What engineering problems can be solved is all problems can be solved? I'm Fred Suave yet. What what he thinks ideology does put it organizes how we're going to interact with stuff like ideologies have consequences like I mean we have a minute and a half into six minute thing? I have no idea what the word devolvement of trying. I'm trying to get that whole sentence again when you think about it. As an operating system it devolves evolves the language of ideology away from what traditional defenders of capitalism think that now US chattering in the corner about ideology now. Wow that conversation is devolved yeah. It's going from walking. Crawls evolved over kid and all of a sudden now we have this little on the edge of the ocean operating system system language. which is what is going to help us? Guys you go to the Constitution. You'll notice before the founders even got to the First Amendment with free speech free religion. Yeah Free Press. They ought about patents and copyright. They talked about the government's role in promoting arts and sciences. It's the reason why I could did not start a search engine tomorrow. Called goggle known south. Yeah they didn't say you could be some confusion. So even property rights have and beauity built into that one and on. How does that hundred you Sushi property? Just come into being for instance imagine that in one thousand nine hundred you owned one hundred acres of land someplace West. It's very easy to see where your aunts your neighbors property begins. Nulla me ask you know it is. We're in the sky. Does your property the end. Does it end a thousand eight rights. Five thousand feet ten thousand feet. It makes no hot air balloons. WHOA man can fly three years he could now all of a sudden? It was very much relevant whether you're land ends at a thousand five thousand ten thousand and you have to have someone arbitrate that that's exactly what happened in five or ten years from now when Amazon wants to deliver a package over your house to your neighbor from ups truck we're going to have to decide. Does their property ended five feet wide fifty feet hundred feet. Where does it end and there? There is no ideology that will tell you where your property ends. Okay let's just think about operating just there's no ideology that we'll tell you where your property ends in the sky. Yeah okay so what the fuck all right. So he's going to say that in in the absence of an ideology to determine the height of air rights. All that can happen is a market. No you need government to arbitrary well which is not interesting at all but for even in the capitalism ideology. If you're reading so it's only by virtue of the government's that there to protect your property rights. That defense means anything. At all the ideology he is the framing mechanism. That makes you say about space up in the sky. I wonder if I own that or not. Rather than what is the best way for us to use this space in the new. I mean the loons the fact that the property in a two dimensional sense has a fence around it right. There's an ideology that supports the idea of the property. Boundary Right and that's called the government steps in to protect your right to property because everyone's right to property is protected. They tend not to kill each other as much right. That's an ideology called civil society right right and this guy seems to think that civil society not be involved in the definition of air rights. Also the it's not easy to see where we're boundaries ended fences EH. Can we put in the wrong place and they can be moved and actually intrigues roots. Go under to to think that like only when we're up in the sky does the complicated thing happened is to just fail to understand actual democratic like social interaction. That is always going on in fact. If you're you can be your own country and a tribe Dr of recognized yeah fucking native Americans and it's my God the balloon question Ain't GonNA be your fucking problem similarly. We're going to see this with automobiles a few years. After the Wright brothers figured out flight human beings started using more and more cars and all of a sudden the regulatory system the operating system had to be all my God all of a sudden addressed the safety of consumer moment is the consumers of vehicles. Were presenting danger to horses other pedestrians trolleys. What have you and all of a sudden? The driver of these automobiles had to have driver's licenses eye exams. Registered motor vehicles speed limits. Long rules of the road so that horses pedestrians could coexist with cars. It had to be backwards compatible now so a new invention had to basically fit advances from from the past. These are unhelpful. You're going to see the most valuable economy in the world. The largest economy in the world is going to be a country run by communists. The Chinese seem seem to be very good at capitalism for a long time. Free markets coincided with liberties such as free speech. Free Press. Wait a second free religion agent and all of a sudden vision is going to be decoupled and when it gets decoupled we might find the democracy. The multitude of voices actually impedes capitalism because a state that does not have any pretense of limited government can very quickly mandate a regulatory framework for drones. So true or false government is another operating system. I don't know I don't know I think he is. Explicitly lumping government into capitalism. He's saying Sept- yet it's comics. Actually we are ideology is democratic. Their ideology is Is devolved as well. The language let me tell you something it has has developed and this is why it's very important to think of American capitalism as an operating system and not as an ideology. Because when you think about it as an ideology you you can have good politics. Make for very very bad policy. That market outcomes and democratic voices and battles adults for votes can end up stifling progress over the heck radio progress as political cycle. Plays out you're going. Join to see American democracy rise to meet the challenges that capitalism poses and modernity poses and I asked policy makers to think about capitalism is operatives coupling ideology from economics and think about how good policy can ultimately become good. Good politics that is that is facing word salad by the last thirty five seconds. I've been what he's saying is scary. He's actually saying listen. We can't let democracy Z.. Get in the way of good capitalism it this is in an ideology you believe in or don't believe in it's not a strategy. This is football. This is what we play you. You know and if you are if you're thinking I don't believe in football you're just GONNA be bad at football because football is something it's not a sport it's life like it's literally that nonsense. Yeah Okay just making sure. Well it's one is a obviously embeds. What it's arguing? Yeah from the very beginning argument inside of what he's saying as to why we should order Society around progress for the APP developers operating system progress. which is what he seems to be? Talking about is obviously an empty concept designed to sort of map onto we need to make more money with capitalism right yes like his the whole thing about innovation and so then the operating system needs to keep up like I don't know what's happening on his iphone but that doesn't fucking work at all really. You could compress all all of the actual sense and what he said in a fortune in fortune cookie right and if that yeah I think all it is a fortune cookie that says something like You can change ideologies but try changing operating system on your fucking iphone. You piece of Shit Fuck you. Something is happening with the language. Guage here that we really do freak out about basically all he means by ideology is. It's like a thing that people less enlightened than silicon valley they fight about ideologies orbiter. The era operating systems are reality. Things that work. You're familiar with the one on your phone. This is the priest who all the ministers in like your fucking commercials commercials and little speeches and presentations all around the country imitate. It's these fucking guys are diving into the jargon and trying to have their little visions of the future one after the other when they don't really understand what they're even pre suggests that there's jargon guys to dive into it the jargon is these guys extending these what we're we're already metaphors the computing terms extending them even further and they're trying to make these like scaffolding metaphors metaphors that you could only even delude yourself into trying to do if you make A crucial mistake and think that computing terms are written into the oncology of the world and weren't the result of a series of metaphors from the world for and distances from the world and now always trying to put them back on the world like there the native architecture of things he actually can't put words together unless he finds vig and yet familiar sounding phrases. This kind the poorer thinking requires a very specific kind of language. Either that you agree on with a bunch of psychotic cult members it's actually like pre scientific in a way. Yes this is what happens bins. When you forget that what led you do an industrial society that allows you to create hardware and software was a whole fucking lot of ideology? This is why it is sort of like pre scientific because it's post scientific and it turns out that looks like pre scientific the they're just done computing created perfect metaphorical world where they can delude themselves into thinking. There was no history of the world that they need concern themselves with. And I feel like there's a point I've heard you make before nick about computers that the universality of the universal machine that is a computer cuter allows this to be the perfect Palette of blackness on which to inscribe whatever the fuck you want much to the detriment of two actual anthology of the in exactly the same way that alchemy and the theory of humors and Phlogiston were like honest attempts. Most of the time to understand the world. But we're like the door being held wide open for all the cracks in the world. Who could come in saying the swallowing? Mercury is actually great for your gallbladder. Or whatever you can make anything fit and this is even worse in the sense of basically Gli all any of us can do is submit to like this one grand quack that like essentially the the secret message here is people. Don't matter at all it's about the technology guiding us it's about a future of ai the we can't get in the way of or we're going to be destroyed since both permanent war in heroism our difficult games to play the fascist transfers. His power to sexual matters. This is the origin of machismo which implies both disdain for women and intolerance in condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits Lavigne's from chastity to homosexuality since even sex is a difficult game to play. The your fascist hero tends to play with weapons in doing so becomes an Ersatz Phallic Exercise Penis Sewer based upon selective opulence of a qualitative populism. One might say in a democracy. The citizens listens heavy individual rights but the citizens in their entirety have a political impact only from a quantitative point of view. One follows the decision of the majority for fascism however individuals as individuals have no rights and the people is conceived as equality. A Monolithic Ludwik entity expressing the common will cincinnati. Large quantity of human beings can have a common will. The leader pretends to be their interpreter. Having lost their power of delegation citizens. Do Not Act. They are only called on to play the role of the people they yeah it's is not anti-democratic to say what the people click on is not necessarily the best reporting for them like we just have. We can have better aspirations for the people. Then they click on so if I see if if I see a headline that is long difficult and seminal article on the fascist overtones of the trump administration and then I see a not not so difficult headline like. Here's what trump's going to pardon scooter libby. I got the Dietz Click on me. lulls Riley face truck man. I'm going to click on that one and it's not gonNA mean anything anything about the quality of the information therein. This advertising based revenue one of the weird things about our world that's obsessed with quantifying and measuring performance events. Or whatever is that we end up we just measure what we can measure and then our understanding shifts and all of a sudden because we can measure that is where the value is. I mean the only reason we count clicks as opposed to like you know the time people spend talking and thinking about it and being glad about their like subscription to the new republic because of all the other stuff all the real value. The you're building like you just can't get on a dashboard. That fast right. I mean we should just cut to the chase at the insistence at a newspaper. Be Not only profitable but more profitable than it was last year is something like the byline of capitalism and it just it destroys newspapers faster than if you tried to fire everyone on mass. It doesn't surprise me at all the idea that as you worry about prophets your quality is likely go down in something newspaper. Because obviously you're just gonNA worry about the money but would I'm trying to think what I'm trying to suggest is just as capitalism takes over worry more about measuring things in profitability and money and money and money institutional memory seems to be dying everywhere like literally the people in Congress us as they're getting better and raising funds seem to know less and less about how to do anything like as a political tactic. We do shit in the congress like not make inflation adjustments permanent like we. We don't like fun. Things Fun things for a limited time so that we can have the fight against that we can tie it to something else and leverage right. That's like soot passes for smart politics today. It's like that is going to happen with everything we want it like. It's actually very beneficial to Hollywood. If you forget that. A whole came out with Edward Norton and Eric Bana China before the mark. Ruffalo one if you could just eliminate any kind of depth into the past. It's going to be easier for those selling you things to sell you the same Shit Shit again and that works on the political level too. I mean I wonder if this is part of the war unlike the State Department which is just as say like maybe that was one of the last last places where old fashioned experience nuance institutional memory was like being valuable not public facing. Yeah and when that's gone it's hard to even think of for example. Certainly it's not true. They like universities students and labor. And I mean you'd be like an obvious Consequence of capitalism. or Do I feel like the haphazard connection. I would think memory must sometimes help you make money and be effective. Why doesn't it? Why doesn't it part of it has to do with? We trust like algorithms and artificial intelligence the weird finding new ways of trying to hold onto our information advantage that is different than having experienced people. But I really think it's like planned obsolescence for information or something like the. TV's go bad sooner so that you buy more. TV's like the TV game just got easier to break into as a TV seller basically physically if we wanna keep selling you things. There's not a lot of holding onto old things that we want to encourage. Yeah that's interesting. And maybe we have an attitude like that about ad had to be efficient and rule our organizations and companies. We WanNA push out anybody who becomes too valuable to us and replace them with younger. JEOPAR- that sixty two year old reporter who's intensely valuable for his institutional knowledge of the town or like the crime reporter who gets squeezed out in the fifth season of the only good for the reader. I mean the requirement argument that the newspaper be more profitable this year and it was last year. But we're more profitable next year. This it requires a kind of chaos. where new new avenues of like profit can be pursued and exploited? And have you ever a newsroom. A sixty two year old reporters who know everything about City Hall. You can write very competent. Hold onto the fire fire articles week after week after week. That's not chaos. That's order but this like when when you look at the corruption in shitting us of our PA political now with two papers still live investigating investigating two or three the La Times just unionized. That's true right and like as as we read like some terrible corporate dismantling was On it was like eleven fifty nine pm for some kind of shadow. Newsroom situation it was they were so the trunk so prepared to fire everyone in the La Times newsroom. The second day unionized. They sold the entire paper. They were like that's it. We're done but before that they were setting up some kind of like trunk like trunk nights or something like that the office park and they were just. It was just going to be when they fire everyone now. These idiots create digital content under the masthead of this would be in our top three easily most positive hope-filled stories of twenty eight thousand. Or whatever like we there's a lesson I don't know exactly what it is but solidarity nobility of purpose the right kind of fight the distant fucking Shitty boss trunk just like it's a little too much work they just like you know there's some algorithm and they're greedy hearts that goes. I wouldn't go figure it out. I I mean it's a it's an incredible mark of how decadent and flabby and Pale management management has become that the second the employees unionized. They just cut cut loose. They don't even want to deal with it. Well then like you said it's only one TRONC in like a capital portfolio for them anyway. So what the fuck does does it matter. And this is like our weak ass politicians all the teachers strike and they have total unity of purpose and they know their causes just eats weird. See how how prepared the politicians are. They started immediately. Be Like we're giving the teachers more money. They're like greedy teens. Okay we did find some more money we told do that didn't exist. We did find some here. Some the thing is what we try to do. The evil guys try to do to the unions read is sort of try to make them look unreasonable in in greedy so I feel like all strikes have bonus benefactor every union should be like who the fuck can we help. That doesn't even need to sacrifice through that really brings her. I and homeless shelters where striking for for us and we're demanding no more solitary confinement. Try it just like earmarks or whatever. It's the same principle we've got you. So here's what we need to do except his literally from the fucking groundswell because teachers have real purpose and the governor of Oklahoma to the Republican in West Virginia. They don't have purpose like that in that. They're very much placeholder. People unity of purpose. Yes which I think. You're exactly right this cowardly people who only have sort of money in one another. I mean the fact that the coke brothers narrow has spent this much money shows profound fear. It's an times logic. That the the reason why they had to go so hard. This regime is because it was. It's on its natural way out. I think and the fight bag is so insane and vigorous because yeah this is like in a certain way that the end is not even near. It's here and they just kicked the can one slat one last time or something like that terrify if we when something like the the teachers striking West Virginia happens or even the La Times like unionization thing. it's amazing. You very quickly start seeing people learning that lesson listen of going. Oh we can make a difference the dream and you just think domino's dominance this could really no I mean just think about Florida fell if felons can fuck and vote vote in Florida that's GonNa be that's GonNa be on the state ballot. I mean if we start really trying to make our democracy stronger amazing things can happen quickly. The people who have consolidated they did power like the fact they've consolidated power doesn't make them powerful in fact it reveals to be deeply fearful and the second. There's anything like stiff opposition. They they're all pushovers. There's and and really remarkable change on a sweeping level could happen. Basically overnight in America is should I like we believe in who would claim the relentless big not believe in America. We believe in America that were saying up to an absurd to get the cause of justice really could start beating the shit it out of these cowardly rich dying fucking idiots and by the way as I saw tweeted during the lead up to the Oklahoma teachers strike when also when the news was Cambridge Analytica and facebook and delete your facebook account. A tweet like look. Obviously lear face mccown if you want but please note. The primary site of Organization for the teacher. Strike is on facebook. So I'll another wrinkle of the story is Oh yeah. The tools of evil being used for good right amidst the manifest evil right facebook is basically a trap for the individual where they'll turn you into tiny bit of data sell you off to literally the most evil creatures they're ever wears he's fucking mercer people for nothing but if you're just being a teacher looking to organize it's fine. It's allegedly about connection in fact it's about atomization right because you WANNA atomised people down to their likelihood to buy certain speaker cables or fucking. Yeah go gee berries or whatever and within that stage atomization. There's the possibility of resisting. It lured you into the to the facebook by saying like looks you can look at photos and play with the fish farms and also like connect in quotes with your friends but really what we're doing is totally atomization. You were selling off all of your data the advertisers but no play with the toys in the meantime while we were like we've played with the toys so hard that we've all gotten together and we have affected change at a state level at the bloodiest of blood red states in the union. This is such an important thing to understand about like facebook spoke using that word connect. Hey guys like WANNA connect and it's the emptying of of relationships and verbs it's the state list of things that's the keys jangling while they pick exactly you are fucking lonely and they're studying you and they even if you're not on facebook. They're building the shadow version of YOU and they're gathering all this fucking information the they basically WanNa build like you know some fucking computer like a I shit. That will just know exactly how to manipulate you. Because you're lonely and predictable. Oh and pathetic but the thing about actual connection what it's like to be a group of Teachers Jangling the fucking keys at the astle. Who made the car comment that that experience experience of actually connecting actually having something social habits that sort of empowerment that feeling of momentum is not is nothing at all that the suck ask any of those fuckers knew anything it makes people unpredictable? They were fascism. Speaks newspeak all the Nazi or fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished. The cab Larry an elementary syntax in order to limit the instruments complex and critical reasoning. But we must be ready to identify other kinds of newspeak. Even if they take the apparently innocent form of a popular talk show or podcast. What is the talk of creeping fascism and the form that this eco? Peace from nineteen ninety-five uptakes which resembles a form that. Masha gessen piece from 2017. Took in other words like look out for the following things colon here right like. Why is this the sneaky leakiest apparently of political encroachments and also so coercive and ham fisted? Dangerous why is it also associated with the kind of sneaky gayness. I think because fascism more than any other political organization or system or saying takes advantage of apathy most successfully apathy was not the thing on the table during the French revolution that was like descent and at fervor right and same thing in the Russian revolution and there was search deep Malays in Germany in the late twenties. And something about what Hitler had to sell was terminally attractive to people under the Sauna. That Malaysia attractive. You're frustrated and your apathetic. There's a kind of darkness in you. I guess I want to say this. The reason it's creeping as they're not warning you about other society they're warning you about how it comes for you. They're wondering you there warning you about you. Which means that you out of out of your prior prior apathy and your willingness to buy what they're selling you or simply ignore it right which is what the vast majority of German Nazis did and your point was that either one is to the advantage managed guys? Yeah obviously if you buy in to their advantage but even if you don't and you just go like nope not for me certainly where staining when you vote you know right yeah it it explodes pithy the best It's so true. Because really apathy and progressivism are very ill-suited bedfellows and if everyone who's like casually progressive is also apathetic there really he is no progressivism. Yeah well and the creepy part is if it doesn't require any of these certain Like symptoms that were familiar with just one to build around and you can keep saying to yourself like all right. I'm into this thing. But we're not fascists. We're the real like Democrats arson critic. Mythology is just yeah exactly right like we don't have this weird traditionalism we're futurists. Do Love Technology at four for its own sake so it literally sneaks up on the fascist too because according to echo fascism it's like an emerging thing and it doesn't hold up to critical thinking yeah to try like assorted out and make sense of it is itself a ill-fated task. Yes not that it will be opposed by the secret police. Although maybe it will it just that it won't get you you to what you're trying to get too far from it. If you will only now it will only make you vulnerable to keep offering arguments because it you're you. It makes it very clear. You're not really one of them. You're right you'll be among the emasculated weak future deaths read. There's yeah there's all kinds of myths we throw around about believes like bullies keep in check decadent little loser kids and bullies will back down. Once you like. Stand up for yourself once you punch them the only thing I would. I wouldn't have read this. You know the secret about about Bose's that's all bullshit bullying group they'll just keep coming in pounding people and eventually like they'll be prison camps and people fucking dying and they'll turn on each other and believe the weakest bully there's no thing that ends it there no arguments so both. Yeah that's that's what you call a death cycle. Yeah and that's exactly what we're talking about is in a lust for an ending. Yeah the urgent need to put yourself on. A course that removes the burden of responsibility for yourself like an like Debbie super clear when you find yourself joining winning a mass movement or like feeling a buzz when you're in a crowd that's a death Dr. Yeah it has Lewis. And that's what a crowd. Yeah crowds which is not to say might it makes right say when this arises. There's just you're gonNA have to fight sometimes When you think about architecture everybody that we know around US assumes assumed to know the definition and? I'm not the first to say that I don't know a lot about -tection but yeah.

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Edward Williams on our relationship with money

The No Limits Selling Podcast

20:40 min | 4 months ago

Edward Williams on our relationship with money

"You. Are you ready to become awesome. Our hello, everyone. This is you meet your host and welcome to the no limit selling podcast where industry leaders shared their tips, strategies and advice on how to make you better stronger faster get ready for another episode. Hello everyone today have the privilege of having Edward Williams the head Honcho at Williams Financial Group Eddie Welcome to the program. Thank you. Thank you. Mark. It's a pleasure being here. Superb. So head Honcho, is that an upgrade or downgrade thing? You ever be too much credit, but I appreciate it. One of the reasons I was excited to talk to you is that you get to do something really amazing, which is you get to help people in their wives in the financial area and you get to sell your services. In the way you do more talk about that how you get appointments but also we're talking about money and people have a lot of baggage around money because we were taught as kids you know not to talk about money. That's kind of like rude. So how do you find that when you engage with people and you get them to get over that hurdle of it's okay to talk about your finances. Yes. So that's the challenge because I don't really look at what we're doing as as being salesman If anything we're we're selling people on belief in themselves. You know we we believe in, and so we're trying to coach them to believe in themselves and and so this is sometimes it can be mine sat challenges and. Calm. So tell me about one of your clients of course, don't name names unless Charles Tucker. In which case you can name that name just cannot. Play or you know he's also mcnabb kid and but think about a particular client that when you first started interacting and I started helping them with what they were doing, and then how you got them to change their way of thinking around money. Like the before and after. Yeah. Yeah. So I. I remember taking care of a client who she was in her sixties early sixties and she hadn't saved. She wanted an opportunity of being able to retire by sixty five and soon have anything You know all she had was was social security. And so when someone comes into our office A, you know we we tried such as layout everything on the table to see what they. where the county are versus where they want to be. Yes, she was defeated before she even came into the office because she led with. You Know Edward is it's no way that you guys are gonna be able to help me. There's there's nothing Mike can be done. I'll just simply have to work until until I die. That's the only option because social security is just not enough. But what we found You know laying out everything that she has is you know well building as it it's a process it's it's not really a a destination you know and so. If you. If you offer someone, you know if someone can save a dollar today, they'll have you know that much more later on in the future and so what we did, we put together a a great plan for her allowing her to have more money in the future than where she currently has antennas day. Now we'll often getting you know letters from her and she would get referrals from her because we we instilled. We instilled hope, which was which was loss. Excellent and I mean that's huge. And when I ask people I, take them through this exercise and I go Kevin the suggest what your annual income should be and I start very low and I start working my way up and get really really high on an annual income and when I asked the audience you and what was that like when the numbers that I was suggesting that? You should earn was a lot lower than you doing right now when I hear back is people go. Well, I totally ignored you because that's not me and other people got angry how dare you suggest I only earned this much and then I get kind of what they're earning right now and most people go so k. right feel comfortable and then when they get when I get. Slightly higher than the earning they get really excited when a lot higher than their earning right now that's when the inner voice comes up. I'll be working all the time my kids turned to drugs I could become a rich asshole I mean all that beliefs that we have and WANNA illustrates is it doesn't matter what their annual income is is that there's a comfort zone around it. and. One of the reasons we don't go beyond that is our beliefs dictate our comfort zone around money, and once we let go of those beliefs and get new beliefs we don't have to work much harder. It just seems to flow more easily. So it's all about beliefs around money around wealth around self worth that determine you know how we show up life absolutely absolutely martin fact. Before, we can even start talking about building wealth it's it's it's enforcing a positive set of beliefs you know and and perception with how you view money. You know because a lot of people do have perception issues and then certainly act you know perception that we go. You know habits and and things such as procrastination and having a certain amount of pride and absolutely just numerous features that that dictates how to how to build wealth in and grow money. What's interesting is you know if you had a friend, it could happen at that was in a really really toxic relationship with their significant other. You can take aside, say you know dude, what are you doing this? Relationship isn't working and it might be difficult to have that conversation. But if they were truly close friends, we would have that conversation with them. You know this is not good for you but people have relationship with money and some relationships are very positive and some. have very toxic and it just seems that we can't. As comfortably, even though talking about somebody else's spouse really uncomfortable but it's one hundred times easier than talking to people about their relationship with money. Yeah. As interesting, you say that because I remember starting out You know I've been doing this a little over twenty three years now and I remember when I was starting out. This was a popular objection. You know just most people saying that you know I'm fine. There's nothing that you can tell me or or or nothing you can offer me that what that I would be interested in. And overcoming that that objection it was it was a it was also. The greatest challenge of of our careers you know but once you think. Once you figure out how to do that. Then it's it's a lot easier afterwards. Because, there's a hopelessness those people they seem like they're trapped in their circumstance and one of the things that people that are truly wealthy and I mean more in a mindset point of view is that many of those people have lost fortunes. But when they lose a fortune is just brush themselves off and go okay. The next time getting it back it's going. To be easier and it's just a mindset shift that is like super important to getting the financial resources we need because money isn't everything, but it gives us the ability to look after our families better look after our communities better figure out the causes that really need help and have the means to help them. Good intentions are nice but caches better. Oh excellent. Mindset, if you know. Is Best to have an abundance mindset at and so were you referred to scarcity? You know it's it's when someone doesn't have You know they start thinking in terms of loss as as opposed to gain. So yeah, we'll Marin, you notice better than than anyone. What's interesting is that in the world, there is more wealth now than ever before in history because we are creating ideas that changed the world, we get commodities or raw materials that we use more efficiently like in the past we needed X. amount of platinum to get a job done. Now can use like a one tenth of it and get a better job done. So this mindset that is zero sum game is not. True that creativity our ingenuity allow us to create new opportunities for wealth and brings wealth into this world that didn't exist before, and if he could only get people to shift, the thinking are rounded that more people would become wealthier and that's the way you changed the world because money isn't everything like I said, but we could cure a lot of problems if we had more cash that's for sure. Yeah, and I'll tell by. It's not hard to accumulate. You know it is something that's difficult. I mean if you if you just take one dollar, you know and you you double one dollar a year. For twenty years. then. You have over a million dollars in you take one dollar you double it every year. For twenty years he got over a million dollars and then you ask yourself. Why isn't everyone millionaire? You know? 'cause at mindset that you're that you're talking about is called had scarcity thanking because it had bulls belief systems. So that's the that's the challenge. Once you get over that then it's just it's it's all downhill from from there. Definitely up was really interesting I used to have a radio show in town as she our mutual friend Charles Tucker not used to host the show and the show ended but about a year after it ended a PR agency that used to send us guests said you know Omar could you do a podcast with this guy? He's doing something interesting and said, sure. I'd be happy to talk to this guy and his name escapes me but I will remember it and put it in the show notes. So this guy calls me up he says, Oh, I'm doing a tour of the US. I'll be coming to Baltimore and he was an Australian any goes armone a budget. Could you put me up at your house on your couch? And my wife, who is a lovely woman said, could this stranger into our house she goes shore and this is what the guy was doing. The governor's a financial planner K. two, thousand, seven, two, thousand, eight, crash. He was in a hotel ballroom with a hundreds of his customers and they were all freaking out and panicking and he was just thinking you know I can't help these. You know sixty seventy year old people out but I could make a difference if I actually helped kids in elementary school out. So that idea gave him an epiphany to write a book and he wrote a book it was a kids book about our relationship with money and saving and investing. REACHED OUT TO WEREN Warren Buffett, and said, you know one of the characters I WanNa do is buffet rabbit you named after you who's in the slow and steady and not know the fancy here and he wrote this Kid's book and his goal was to get a million of these books into the hands of school kids and he was going around the world going to elementary school classes teaching about finances and I thought totally brewing with somebody that saw problem and bigger that can easily help all the you help forty year olds and six year olds. Help people that are eight to understand that they could have a better relationship with money and invest and get the things that they want that it would change the world and that's what he's doing and I was happy to have him on our catch for a couple of days to be my small way of helping the cause out. Right. Well. You know I can't. I. Think they used percents another challenge because the the youth. You don't know what you know. Because, they haven't had. He had been had those encounters. that. Kind of pushes them and say, look you have to save. You have to grow money. You have to make sure you have these things in place. You kind of think that you have forever and you never it's no no heightened sense of urgency and so I guess the the trick is if you could get a you to have a heightened sense of urgency. Oh my gosh disguise the limit the sky's the I love I. Love what which would what he's doing. I wish you can remember his name. Because I would love to reach out tolman and simply just thank him I will put it in the show notes and I'll send you a direct link to it. What's kind of interesting is the reason these kids are our kids don't get the right education is because their parents and the grandparents don't have good relationships with money and so it's hard for them to I'm sure appearance do you know do as I say not as I do of course, kids always go with what they see us doing. But change the direction of our conversation Eddie. Sure sure earning a lot of people that listen to this podcast or sales laters and sales people, and one of the most challenging areas is, how do I get an appointment? How do I get a conversation with? A perspective client and you have many ways to do that. I was hoping you could share some of the ways that you've used in your career to get appointments and I think that would add value to our listeners. Sure. Sure. Certainly. I would philosophy where an I tell my entire staff as low as easier to attract then to then SA-, chase you know when you're chasing a prospect Amina I. Guess That's the phrase they call for targets. It's It's a lot more challenging. You know no one likes to be sold to, and that whole as a starting were staying in the beginning of the Pie. The worm the words selling it typically has negative connotations to it. You know it's it's You know people think about negotiating convincing or manipulating transactional all words that. No one likes to to be a part of you know and I. I guess I just imagine. So me imagine me going up to you and not knowing you and saying. You know Hello. Good Morning. We you know I'm a salesman and I'm going to try to sell you when I have in my bag so that I can profit off a you and you can help me do it. You know. Now I want you to take time out of your your your your busy day and take time away from your family and give me a few hours. So I can continue to try to profit and make money off for you. Now, with that type of lead. You know. No. One's really gonNA WANNA bog from you. You know and and it's and it's the same. I know I was exaggerating with the verbiage but that's basically what happens when you when you go up to someone now, if you I guess if you reverse engineer it and attract versus chasing than probably sounds. A little something like that. So Omar Listen. I really care about you during these trying times right now you know the the subject of of making your money outlive you. It can. It is pretty challenging. You know, and especially when it seems like is not enough to to last for a month y'all in. So I'm going to be teaching this subject at a local church next week and I'm GonNa make sure to my expert team is right there in position ready to be a great resource for you. Is it his ticket for you to come? All Right? You know that that approach is a whole lot more welcoming and so to answer your question how we get how we get prospects is simply that I mean, we do a low of of just educating and and seminar selling and you know coming from a standpoint of helping and is nothing that we do that is that is sally. That's interesting and Eddie one of the things that you have coming out which is pretty exciting is another book tell us about the book? Yes this is the name of the book is called Wealth Building for beginners where we're releasing it October twenty eighth, and it's an insider look on how you can build wealth from any age any starting point. I talk about different experiences up our clients. We talk about you know mindset ships, habits, financial tools. The purpose of the book is just to enforce practical systems. You know for cheating achieving wealth and is pretty interesting because I talk a lot about my experience mar and I. You know I was that guy who never say I was a guy who had absolutely nothing and so I've been able to build and and You know I would I would consider myself to be. You Know Pretty Pretty Lucky and so I jetted down everything that I did and everything that I see successful clients do. A team of people and shaped it up, put it all into this book. So I can be in an instruction manual on achieving wealth. Because there is no secret to it in the grand scheme of things is if you spend less money than you earn, you will get savings. If you invest those wisely, it will grow faster than the interest of the bank gives you but yet is so challenging for many of us. Do you want to hear something shocking that will give you Nightmares Eddy I. Sure So. The next time you're driving in downtown Baltimore and there's a homeless person asking you for money you peered into the cup and the cup that the holding happen have ten dollars in it that homeless person with ten dollars worth of net worth would be richer than fifty percent of all. Americans. Because, we carry so much debt that even though we have equity in our house by the time, you take the credit cards into account and the size. The mortgage most people are negative position. Indeed indeed, and you know that that is scary but it's it's realistic. I've had You know doctors came into my office will have worked with anesthesiologists and heart surgeons who had a negative net worth I've had a a barbara you know a barber. Someone cuts hair. Come into my office who has a positive net worth and enable to build in faster course to achieve that goes of wealth. So yeah, I've seen it. You know it's unfortunate. So leave you with a last quote and I'm GonNa Paraphrase. This is from Charles Dickens. It goes annual income twenty pounds, five pence annual expenditures. Twenty pounds results in happiness with the same income with spending a little bit more is unhappiness. So it doesn't take a lot to build a good life and the reason I'm happy to have you here. Eddie is that you help people with sound simple advice to their lives around so they can actually provide for their families, their education and their retirements Eddie thanks so much for being on the show, we're going to put all the connections to your website and all those other links in the show notes and also a link to your upcoming book. Fantastic fantastic. Thank you. Mark. It's a pleasure I love which doing you know in in keep keep creating great value because you're you're you're doing well. Thanks so much. He'd take care bye now. If. You enjoyed this episode. Please go to choose Neva five star rating, and if you're looking for more tools, go to my website at no limit selling com I've got a free mind training course their desk and teach you some insights from the world of neuro linguistic programming, and that is the fastest way to get better results.

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