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Fresh update on "romania" discussed on Invest Like the Best

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Fresh update on "romania" discussed on Invest Like the Best

"To them and therefore actually will have great economic catcher because there's something unappealing about them. What do you think are the best examples of that last concept art digital equivalents of repellent it. I think certainly optical 2017 cooked over that such a strange topic association with things up Mt. Cox and Ford and things just made it slightly sketchy. And then the abstraction, the lack of physical reality of it. I think makes unintuitive people. You can't touch it. Feel it. It's sort of numbers in the sky. Things like that just don't have psychological appeal and that absence psychological appeal is a What do you think the most miss? Valued asset in the world is today. I would say it's probably entrepreneur does in markets. The non of this on I don't mean because the end mocked does not obvious. It's people addressing global problems, but in some secondary city in all mania, because capital markets at that stage was not efficient enough to find them as a famous company. You I pop now with about ten billion that came out. unsubmissive. Example that I think if you were to say well. Is that a cool option? It's probably something in Crypto. It may exist. WHAT MAY NOT EXIST? I think one of the great questions is everything in that space now out of Vista, excitable space, or is it at the Google Amazon stage. That's a Valley Valley. Hard question to answer Info site irritate me obvious in hindsight, but it does seem as a public -bility mass of something being. Being very big because the something about finance way, it's demarcated by nation state, even though it's a pure electron, good and so anything that's just pure numbers in the sky should actually be globally stable, but it isn't because of the existing financing environment and the existing historical Paul's sort of banks when they were physical institutions. That makes me think this globalization of finance has a potential for multiple trillion dollar market cap companies over the next decades. You mentioned Romania which makes me think of Europe more broadly. Speaking I'd be curious. Your relative take on Opportunity in Europe for business and investing when the last decade has been relatively underwhelming, certainly relative to the performance of US companies. It is amazing that if you look at the top ten, maybe even the top twenty by now companies by market CAP, the exclusive us in China is absolutely fascinating staff insist much better less than is. There's valley is dot guide if the which says one of the best things about your is. The you probably have a less geopolitical risk than any other price. The something about holidays of Solomon Vidana Stalingrad that makes it some unimaginable Germany and phones to. To have a conflict, Wella's I think it is much more manageable to have China India us. Those countries have conflict so in some ways one of the things you have in Europe is a sort of absence of systemic risk of White House. Because if you look at what we destroys investing terms, it's conflict. If you cut the collapse of European wealth in.

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