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"roman  romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

WAAM Talk 1600

01:54 min | 5 months ago

"roman romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Points today, but the NASDAQ slipped 12 Police abraded Fox News. Dr Michael Singleton offers family dentistry You can trust with over 20 years of experience in all areas of dentistry, multiple ways to enhance your smile from simple whitening to complete veneer. Same day crowns laser cavity detection, preventive restored of an advanced cosmetic dentistry. It's tomorrow's Dentistry today open Monday through Saturday at seven a.m. with late evening hours to fit your schedule, contact Dr Michael Singleton 108. North Ann Arbor Street. Insulin Miss You gonna call 7344297415 or visit them on the Web it singleton smiles dot com E Need somebody Don't miss London, calling the best music of the UK every Saturday night. Wait. I'm Dan Martin. Join me. Saturday nights Attend. Right here on Wham! O again. London calling Roman Roman Roman When Michigan man somewhere along 94 somewhere in harbor or or somewhere there about DJ from us in Michigan, by the name of favor own ex, You know, that's sort of an unusual name. I have to say, Save Rome. Heck, Shop shop shop. This guy Beirut is getting on my nerves. Barrel. Shut up Barrel shit. He's from I guess somewhere in Michigan man somewhere along 94 somewhere in our boat. You're a high maintenance guy. You're applying maintenance guy. You.

"roman  romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

WAAM Talk 1600

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"roman romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Fox News. Your advertising dollar needs to go a long way, and it does with lamb talk 1600. You can't find a more affordable economic bang for your buck. The yellow pages that's covered with dust lost in a closet someplace. Cable television. Nobody watches cable TV during the day. They may watch three hours at night at best music, radio, music radios, background noise, same tired tunes over and over again. Nobody's listening. That's not the case with wind talk 1600. You can't turn off when talk 1600 radio. It's fresh and interesting day or night. People are listening. Around the clock. People listen here, listening right now. Sorry. Your potential customers and we cover all of southeastern Michigan with talk radio on information. People pay attention to this is talking information radio people are talking about your business needs to be heard on Michigan's most exciting talk radio station. Your business seems to be advertising on Wham Talk. 1600 Call 7349711600 today that 734971 1600 for our super affordable rates and super advertising results start advertising today on wham talks. 1600 Roman Roman Roman from I guess somewhere in Michigan man somewhere along 94 somewhere in Harbor or somewhere there about DJ in Michigan by the name of Babe won't X, You know that sort of an unusual name? I have to say favor own hex shop shop shop. This guy they wound is getting on my nerves. Barrel. Shut up barrel shit He's from, I guess somewhere in Michigan man somewhere along 94. Somewhere in our bill. You're a high maintenance guy. You're high maintenance guy. You know that sort of an unusual name. I have to say they groan checks. They groan, hex favor own. That doesn't matter. Happen. Do my thing. E. Here's a story.

Good Friday and virus lockdown empty Manila’s streets

AP News Radio

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Good Friday and virus lockdown empty Manila’s streets

"Filipinos Filipinos are are marking marking Good Good Friday Friday one one of of the the most most solemn solemn holidays holidays in in Asia's Asia's largest largest Roman Roman Catholic Catholic nation nation with with deserted deserted streets streets and and churches churches following following a a strict strict looked looked down down to to slow slow down down the the spread spread of of the the coronavirus coronavirus major major highways highways and and roads roads are are extremely extremely quiet quiet often often religious religious gatherings gatherings were were prohibited prohibited in in metropolitan metropolitan Manila Manila the the full full outline outline provinces provinces the the government government placed placed the the bustling bustling region region of of more more than than twenty twenty five five million million people people back back on on the the lockdown lockdown this this week week as as it it scrambles scrambles to to contain contain an an alarming alarming searching searching could could nineteen nineteen cases cases officials officials say say the the measures measures may may be be extended extended beyond beyond Easter Easter if if the the search search does does not not ease ease nation nation had had started started to to reopen reopen this this back back to to the the economy economy of of the the infections infections began began to to taper taper off off and and allowed allowed the the central central business business is is to to is is you you I'm I'm Charles Charles last last month month

Asia Government Government Manila Charles Charles
"roman  romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

WAAM Talk 1600

02:03 min | 9 months ago

"roman romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Problems. Then I invite you to check out four wins church We meet Sundays at the Marquis Theater. Located at 1 35. East Main Street in downtown Northville. Coffee and Donut Fellowship is a 10 30 worship is 11 a.m.. We love Children, So bring them and your Bible for the way church is supposed to be go to our website at four winds loved out organ. That's four wins love dot org's It's time to push back so I pray you'll join us this Sunday at 11 A.m.. Thanks and God bless Roman Roman Roman from e guess somewhere in Michigan man somewhere along 94 somewhere in Harbor. We're somewhere thereabouts DJ from us in Michigan, by the name of they won't x, You know that sort of an unusual name. I have to say favor own heck. Shop shop shop. This guy Ferrone is getting on my nerves barrel. Shut up barrel shit He's from, I guess somewhere in Michigan man somewhere along night before somewhere in our bill, You're a high maintenance guy. You're a high maintenance guy. You know that sort of an unusual name. I have to sit baby Roman attack. They won't hex They groan at that doesn't matter to get up and do my thing. Welcome back there were next year, won't you please take my electromagnetic hand? You can trust me. Never lie. And I'm always right so glad you could join me on my radio program. Now I say my electromagnetic and because don't you dare even think about touching my real hand. Don't you dare human contact is greatly overrated..

"roman  romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

WAAM Talk 1600

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"roman romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Any time soon. On Lisa Brady, Fox News folks Great News, Operation Freedom and Dave Janet dot com are growing and expanding our freedom based platform. We have launched a new premium service that Dave Janet dot com Premium service includes premium member only 24 7 access to the podcast from every Sunday Operation Freedom Show. Premium members also have exclusive access VR archives to every Operation Freedom show since October 2010 membership Includes an exclusive access to a new Insider Insight show hosted by me, Dr Dave Agenda Every week. Each Insider Insight show includes an opening analysis a deal political events, followed by an in depth interview of a featured guest. Premium members will also have access to our Department of Advanced Research show hosted by Nick Ruiz. This show utilizes Nick's extensive experience and expertise in the world of technology. Bottom line, folks, The monthly cost is less than my favorite deal, a Costco pizza or, In other words, it's the only cost 30 cents a day. The premium service is the big Just information bang for the buck. I hope you will join our freedom Fighter team is a premium member service Subscriber. Please click on the link. A Dave Janet dot com Roman Roman Roman from, I guess somewhere in Michigan Man somewhere along 94 somewhere in Harbor. Somewhere thereabouts DJ from us in Michigan by the name of Bayonne X. You know, that's sort of an unusual name. I have to say favor own ex. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. This guy Ferrone is getting on my nerves. Barrel. Shut up barrels shipped up from, I guess somewhere in Michigan man somewhere along 94 somewhere in our bill. You're a high maintenance guy. You're a high maintenance guy. No, that's sort of an unusual name..

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RAGE Works Network-All Shows

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"roman romans" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"What a what. A war roman roman reigns with with the heel of the year award. What do you think of. Romans run right now. Man i think right now going undefeated and having such a great storyline with his family and closing it out. Kevin owens has been a great great tidy. Something that we've had finally looking when we've been looking forward to and it finally happened. We gotta he'll roman roman roman actually Roman roman actually wanted me to ask you this on stage. What's the one thing that you think is missing from. He'll roman right now. That should be incorporated into the into twenty twenty one more people to sit at the table. That's what we need more of a stable. Let's get that going or the missing pieces. Let's let's talk about jennifer to maybe maybe and You know bring back. Bring back the other russo brother. Let's.

Kevin owens jennifer russo
"roman  romans" Discussed on 850 WFTL

850 WFTL

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"roman romans" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"You would even say it glows. All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names. They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games, then one foggy Christmas Eve Saturday, pages say. Rudolph with your nose so bright Won't you guide my sleigh to then how the reindeer loved him as the shot it out with green Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. You go down in history. Merry Christmas from Sonny 10790. Oh, loud Harley up the tree before my spirit falls again. Look, Starr King. I need him shaking things, but the horse again now, weightlessness right this very minute. About Carol's understand it. Yes, we need Christmas. Right this very minute. Haven't start a single forever. Sanders deal. We're in a hurry Time down the chimney turn on the pride of strain of life I've ever sees the cake. It's time he comes with some contempt solo on the evergreen by how full of gold leader Roman Roman Satur ground the whole order. I need Angel sitting on my shoulder. Need a little Christmas now? Call me a muse Need a little after need a little singing ringing from the restaurant We need slapping back here after I need a little crazy in the best way to spread Christmas cheer is streaming loud for all to hear, Download the sunny one of 79 Mobile app and take his ever Everywhere you go,.

"roman  romans" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

RAGE Works Network-All Shows

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"roman romans" Discussed on RAGE Works Network-All Shows

"The the woman's about roy. Other women's on survivor series roll one. That's four four two and then Roman one roman be drew. So that's four three four three so role one road when raw one and That's what j wanted to deter to hype up but then of course Roman reigns comes out and says that he told him to leave after team. Smackdown were swept in the men's elimination match. Then said he did not ask for help. Beating mcintyre in the main event rains blamed for not controlling his team and said that russo's losses were making the locker room look at his family's failures Basically saying he step up. Otis comes out for a scheduled match and beat the shit out of with chair and returns to ringside to attack. Otis and it and trust approve a roman that he wants to be in the family table. What do you think about. This roman reigns so far. What do you think about his attitude. You think about him walking down the i think he exudes. He'll love a winner. he's a he's a homerun of. I'd take something on facebook and i think it's a good discussion for next week. You said you say. Wwe's making stars. I'm wrong i think. Roman reigns and drew mcintyre. Our the the biggest star since johnson. Batista bro. but that's not even no not that you're saying way too much because it's getting there. Though roman reigns is getting their roman is getting. Their drew needs a lot more A lot more marinating. And i think drew could get there with an audience but roman roman romans romans because it's taken way too long. It took way too long because how the longest time true but is but batista controversial while being evolution everything like that and the fucking deacon batista and shit like that so he took a little while. What's it gonna be that it has to be roman. The he'll man you have to get the finger on the pulse in which it's it's basically How they're doing to promote them universally not only wwe but outside of that could be done. It's great human or great right now. It's working fucking. Which by the way they they. They dropped the ball. I would have bought the head of the table. Share for thanksgiving fucking. Have it in time. So fuck you guys But after that segment we had sent museum defeating. Daniel bryan via count out of bryant was interviewed earlier in the night discussing his feelings. About zane. What he thought about this match. I know we're gonna get another one soon. We probably will get this matching ladder match or a or chairs match or whatever. The deal is but Tlc but So attacked dale brian. Until owens made the save after. I guess we're gonna kevin owens roman that tlc Nets it that's basically it Choose me also want smackdown dolph. Ziggler robert defeated the street profits via pinfall. Good match it. Makes dolph ziggler robert rubin have a chance of the tag titles at a later show probably tlc. Bianca belair defeats the talia via pinfall being the veteran..

Batista bro. Roman Wwe Otis mcintyre owens dolph ziggler Smackdown bryant robert rubin facebook russo roy dale brian Bianca belair Daniel bryan johnson zane talia
"roman  romans" Discussed on 850 WFTL

850 WFTL

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"roman romans" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"I just want you for my own you could ever know. Make my wish time. You. There's nothing in the West. No. What happened, Okay? Baby love. Oh, my God. Back from side who Who Who? Oh, well, allow Harley up the tree before my spirit falls again. Starting. I need you Shane things but the horse again now. Weightlessness, right this very minute Candles and Carol's on the Spanish way. Christmas, right this very minute hasn't started single forever saving deal with Lena, Hurry down the chimney Turn on the bride of straining of life I've ever seen on the case. This time we come to some tenderness over On the evergreen by four. I've been leaving Roman Roman this matter, Greg a little older, and my name is Elaine Angel sitting on my shoulder. Need a little Christmas now. Call me a little music a little need a little singing ringing under arrest way. Crazy way. Need a little bit of Christmas all year Long and 2020. It's Tracy on Sonny, One of 79 with Gene Autry, you know, Dasher and dancer and Prancer and Vixen. Thomas, Cuban Donner and Blitz. But do you recall? Most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph. The red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose on def You ever saw you would even say Go? All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names? They never let poor Rudolph join in and Reindeer games. Then one foggy Christmas. See Saturn came to say, Rudolf with your nose so bright Won't you guide my sleigh tonight? Then how the reindeer loved him as they shot it out with please. Rudolph the red Nosed reindeer, you'll go down in history. Rooth Red nose. Reindeer had a very shiny nose. On. Did you ever song.

"roman  romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

WAAM Talk 1600

01:44 min | 1 year ago

"roman romans" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"To check out four wins church We meet Sundays at the Marquis Theater. Located at 1 35. East Main Street in downtown Northville. Coffee and Donut Fellowship is a 10 30 worship is 11 a.m.. We love Children, So bring them and your Bible for the way church is supposed to be go to our website at four winds loved out organ. That's four wins love dot org's It's time to push back so I pray you will join us this Sunday at 11 A.m.. Thanks God bless Roman Roman Roman from e guess somewhere in Michigan man somewhere along 94 somewhere in Harbor. Or somewhere there about DJ from us in Michigan, by the name of they won't x, You know, that's sort of an unusual name. I have to say favor own hex. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. This guy Beirut is getting on my nerves. Barrel. Shut up barrel shit He's from, I guess somewhere in Michigan there somewhere along 94 somewhere in our bill. You're a high maintenance guy. You're a high maintenance guy. You know that sort of an unusual name. I have to say, babe, grown back. They won't hex favor own heck, that wasn't ready to get up and do my thing next year on the reason them so fixated.

Why Do We Do Good and What is the Role of the Holy Spirit?

Unashamed with Phil Robertson

06:46 min | 1 year ago

Why Do We Do Good and What is the Role of the Holy Spirit?

"An argument has developed over I. Think we. and. You can't be good on the low and you can't be good. Jesus. Either you're saying this both ways can't be exactly Jesus didn't have any effect like, Hey, you character agree one hundred percent wrong. Here. I'll give you four words just for the audience. And this this to me is how you learn. Because we both agree that Jesus. is where salvation occurs right? That's correct. So we're good and we love each other. So everybody were all family. We're all touchy feely today. However. The wording. Is We Zach Anna are on one side and you're on the other I have four words. Four words. To. As. The foundation of my argument and it comes from a letter written to the glacier and who thought. In Synopsis Form here. How will I say this who thought that? They needed salvation in Jesus plus. something. that. They could do. Now, in this case, it was circumcision, but to me, it can be anything. And that was a statement made and I'm getting to the forward. In Gullit relations to twenty. Paul said. I have been. Crucified. With Christ. And here are the forward right after an and. I. No longer. Live. So my point is. You can't do good. If you no longer live. How can that be? Because the next phrase. But Christ lives in me. So that's my whole point. You can't say you so well, how come in I John? On those who do good. Well I'm not sure it is but I'm saying. How can you do good if you no longer live. I John says there's two kinds of people those who do good and those do evil will do good. Why can't do it? So, I Realized that it's no longer I who do it? Where's that verse at? Christ lives in me. The Life I. Live in the body I live by faith and son of God. Who loved me where's that verse that says that it's it's I who no longer had the crucified Christ. Increased by I no longer live. That's a different verse. Maybe Colossians three. Let me say. Maybe. It's Romans. Romans. Romans seven says eighteen to. Yeah. This is this is another one. No seventeen seven seventeen as it is it is no longer on myself who do it, but it has since living I know that nothing good lives in me this Paul with Jesus. Yeah. Right, that is immoral sinful nature for I have the desire. To do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For what I do is not the good I want to do but the evil I do. I do not want to do this I keep on doing. Well, this is this is post. Jesus. So, why why is he wrassling sale? He's going to ask you a question who's going to deliver me from this body of death because he just trying to you once Jesus comes in you say, can you start doing good then sure. But he had but he's in, he's in Jesus I I think that what? He's actually getting semantics well off because he's moving into Romans eight Romans eight is live by the spirit, which is where we get into this conversation last time on. John Fifteen and I think there is a this is a I had a hard time with this up until about twelve years ago because what I kept hearing was do better and be better. At tried it and I tried it and I tried to be yet I thought like Paul that fills here. I felt what a wretched. Man. Am I and every time I tried to do good evil was right there and it's Just I. Felt It. I felt like I couldn't bootstrap myself up and I and I. It's because we grew up in a faith tradition that really didn't have a good doctrine of the Holy Spirit. We didn't talk about the Holy Spirit Yeah. We really if we did it was what will retold he speaks through the written word only what about the inner conviction in my heart that the spirit is my counselor, my helper who's guiding me into all truth. So going back to the do good. I I. Think the Scripture tells us to do our behavior matters but the only way it's less about behavior it's less about works and it's more about what are you desire? What are you want? because. You're going to do what you want most and I think what the spirit is giving us those who submit to the spirit, the spirit as giving us a revelation of the beauty and the wonder of God so that over time my desires can be transformed. You talked about Phil when you are. You back in your sex drugs and rock and roll days like there was a time period. You know 'cause I interviewed you for project work on and when I heard some of the things you're into us man, there was a time period if I came up to you with a with a big fat joint or a scantily clad woman or a bottle. Of Whisky, you would have been tempted to partake in that but if I came to you now that's my point. But now you would not be tempted because the desires of your heart have been transformed over the last forty five years by the spirit because he's revealing to us reality and what it is not right and wrong it's not despair it's not saying. Your neighbors you do An elder must love good. he's got a desire to the older women to teach what is good get the young man set them an example by doing what is good but who is a? Saving you. It's not the already say you're not earning it. It's a free gift. So how do you operate? Well he purified him speak for himself a people who are he's very own and you know what they're eager to do. He. People what is his own and guess what they're eager to do on the PA do good.

Zach Anna Jesus Gullit Paul John Fifteen John Phil PA
"roman  romans" Discussed on Power 105.1 FM

Power 105.1 FM

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"roman romans" Discussed on Power 105.1 FM

"I come into your home today. Or I know those listening to me now are interested in helping people. April Velasco is three years old when her father, Edward, Wayne Edwards, recorded this motivational record. Selling himself to the world is a reformed criminal. My life has certainly been anything but good. Exciting. Yes, Dangerous. Yes, Honest. No. She was 12. When he came home late one night he was muddy, dirty and he had a bloody nose. The cut on his nose. I decided that I would put every effort into my rehabilitation program that I had put previously into my career of crime as she got older April begin to wonder. Why would her father disappear for days at a time? Why were they always packing up and moving in the middle of the night? Everywhere I went. There was people that we knew were associated with there being murdered. The double homicide in one rural community has puzzled investigators for nearly 30 years. And as I was reading the case it already true. I mean, I remember you Power 1051. Roman Roman Roman, You know that rumor report coming up next on the breakfast club room. Don't never like you know, with a little way. Like Do we like to move way she like if you go back I like the way you do. Bye. Come pay up all of my company. My name while I'm in the club. If you need because you don't want a bit of sex is good. Is he put a weapon when I came to bed? She liked you. She liked doing I like the way ability to deal with you. When he really pulls like way. Aye, aye. Morning. Everybody s.

Wayne Edwards Roman Roman Roman April Velasco Edward
"roman  romans" Discussed on Jesus is the Christ

Jesus is the Christ

05:40 min | 1 year ago

"roman romans" Discussed on Jesus is the Christ

"Hello. Hello okay, so I have south, so I'm doing. Unity pulled cost. Or Video. And start to think. Please Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the father. Your whole ball. Please, let me say what you want me to say. The first thing I want to say. Is that baptism in the Holy Spirit. Is. To believe onto righteousness in the heart. Believe. Unto Righteousness in the heart. That is baptism of the Holy Spirit and it's mentioned in Romance. I don't know if things Romans ten ten or something like that. And I find it interesting. Because I've listened to we know that the wages of sin is death okay. So. You can question someone. Who doesn't. Believe that Romans ten. Ten is you know. There are different people. What is the way to salvation Romans ten. This is is one. People were. On Youtube. You have a group called. Brian Dang it end the folders or the people. They have Romans tennis stay. As the. Way to salvation now and. Then there is a guy called Ed fending. Enemies against Romans ten. To Salvation. And then I listened to Jack Smack seven seven. And he said that Baptism in the Holy Spirit is. To believe onto righteousness in the heart. And that's men should enrollments ten? Tatton I think. So, but he also says smack that. You know you have acts think it's acts. Sixteen, twenty, thirty, one or something where it says believe on the Lord Jesus, Christ? Endow shall be saved. He also is for that now. You know the Gospel is that the Jesus Christ died for our sins. been buried in resurrected in the third day. Now. The wages of sin is still death. And I was thinking of defending air who? Has Been Arguing. I think called Romans tends to Romans ten a cancer even. So he's been arguing against. This Roman Romans ten..

Holy Spirit Youtube Brian Dang cancer Ed
Low Country Showdown: Belgium vs. The Netherlands

Travel with Rick Steves

07:19 min | 1 year ago

Low Country Showdown: Belgium vs. The Netherlands

"Days in Europe you hardly know when you've crossed the border but when you get to know each region it's clear. Cultural differences are as distinct and strong. As ever. You're it's fascinating that even as your continues to unite. The differences between the various regions remained so strong the historic nucleus of the European Union. Nyon was a trio of little countries known as Benelux Belgium the Netherlands and Luxembourg and it's very small area. It's fascinating in its complexity lexi. We're joined in the studio by a guide from Belgium and another from the Netherlands to explore the cultural differences between their two countries. Allen Yanji is guide in the Netherlands and Hilbert buys is from Brussels where he teaches at the European School of Communication. He teaches history and politics. And he works as a tour guide. Hilburn Hilburn and Ellen. Thanks for joining us now. Ellen you live in the Netherlands and you work as a guide in Amsterdam. What's your family's history are are you like? Have you been the Dutch forever or what yes. I've been Dutch forever but my grandfather was a German so they came over from Germany to the Netherlands and they settled in brabant. John's which is the south of the Netherlands. And it's a province that was divided when the two nations of the Netherlands and Belgium were created. Rob You have. Yes so so. You have north brabant. which is part of the Netherlands and you have south but album which is in Belgium and so you ended up in the Netherlands? Yes yes that. A blessing or a curse Both we'll talk more about that in just a minute. And he'll bring you Belgium your home. And how did you end up there because you sound like you have an American accent to me well yes. My parents are of Dutch extraction in fact but with NATO We ended up in in bracelets right. Grew up and have have managed to stay so you are European. If you're living in Belgium the Edison near you the cut up there and all the EU excitement. Now when you think about the low countries country's once it was all the same wasn't it The low countries the Spanish Netherlands. The Spanish Netherlands were separate from the Dutch republic but before the Spanish Netherlands became Spanish. Yeah we were all part of the Holy Roman Empire and then what happened because to me. It's kind of a cultural divide between Belgium and Holland today. You've got french-speaking speaking while loons and you've got Germanic speaking Dutch you've got Catholics and Protestants. You've got south facing German facing. Is that a cultural. Divide of some sort ellen. It is the language barrier has been there for a thousand years. It's not a part of Belgium. Belgium created as a nation in eighteen. Thirty it was was not that then. The language barrier started to exist is was already there long before tectonic plates coming together right here from Roman Roman speaking tribes heading east and Germanic speaking tribes heading west and so they joined up so you had these language barrier from Roman speaking and Germanic Manic speaking which is more or less where today's language barrier is in Belgium. So we're kind of talking about between the Netherlands and Belgium but also within Belgium. We've got this split with the north being more culturally and linguistically tied with the Netherlands in the south being more connected with France yes because of the language and of course because his French has always been the dominant language throughout the Middle Ages. When you had people who wanted to be anything in life had to be able to speak French and later on it it stayed the dominant language in the industrial era and Flemish was the local dialect so If the man comes into fix your door he's going to speak Flemish but if the the guy who runs the city the unknowns the bank. He's going to speak French. Yeah he'll burn if you WANNA have historically in the in Belgium has set the case if you want your kid to be made to meet a very important person. They should speak French. That isn't true today. No nineteenth century historically Boulogne. Yes polk were loon. The elite of the nation spoke French French because they were of nobility French has have replaced Latin as the dominant language in much of Europe travel. With Rick Steves. We're talking about the cultural differences between the people in Belgium Belgium and the people in the Netherlands. We're joined by Ellen. Yeah I'm saying from the Netherlands and Hilburn buys from Belgium when we think about we've been talking about or the origins of these countries. But we have this situation today where we've got a the Netherlands which is Dutch. Speaking in the northern half of Belgium which is Flanders Flanders. Right Phlegm is that is that the same language. The language is formerly the same in Belgium. When you go to school you go to a class called Dach- the way that in America when you go to school you don't learn American when no one you go to English when no one was called Nederlands? It's called Nigel why don't they just call it Flemish. Just because it's the vendors we share the lexicon. We share the dictionary if you read the dictionary which is produced for the Netherlands and Belgium collectively the only thing. You'll see his annotations in. The definition conditions will see used regionally or applied in Belgium this way and in the Netherlands Hall that way so what are the Flemish speaking people. The Netherlandish speaking people of Belgium. I'm well how do they relate to the to the Dutch. What is the cliches? What are the jokes saw? Well at the well at the Belgian. Talk here for a minute I okay. I'll preface this by saying I studied in the Netherlands Dutch origin. I really don't have to side with any of this. I have a nice anecdote with two friends who met one was Belgian. Elgin and one of them was touched in the Belgian tells the Dutch when he says do you know upon northern border. That's the end of culture to which the Dutchman responded yes that's true but on our our southern border that's the end of intelligence who we go and Ellen. What about you from the Netherlands How did the Dutch the think of the Belgians? Then what's a joke or a little insight into the cultural differences. Well there are many things that we like. And let's say on the plus side. We love the Belgian sense of Huma among which is kind of surreal. Sometimes we don't even understand it. They definitely have a different sense of humor than the Dutch have. And we sort of admire that because it's subjects are very frank and very straightforward very matter of fact. Yes I've got a Dutchman say I've been with him and he says you know it's it's exhausting I to carry on a conversation. Let's just not talk with each other and not be stressed out about it right so the to me. That was so Dutch a Belgian might be a little more no Belgians and more they like to keep themselves to themselves on more modest and you can experience this when you travel there for instance. You're in American and you're in Belgium and you want to ask something I think it's always polite to us. Do Speak English. When you're in Flanders they will say oh I don't know yes maybe a little bit and then you start a conversation and and you find out that the perfectly perfect well with England when you go to the Netherlands and you ask their Excuse me do you speak English. They so yeah. Of course. That's right so there. You have the difference. Like Belgians are more. Yeah more modest landed dot Chamo- assertive assertive described as self effacing using the Belgians are okay. That's that it's very. It's very nice. Also that in Belgium rules are a little bit less importance. Well it's it's more dramatic in the north breath.

Belgium The Netherlands Belgium Belgium Spanish Netherlands Benelux Belgium Ellen Netherlands Hall European Union Europe Hilburn Hilburn Nyon Flanders Brussels Nato Rob You Allen Yanji Brabant European School Of Communicati Rick Steves Holy Roman Empire
"roman  romans" Discussed on 600 WREC

600 WREC

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"roman romans" Discussed on 600 WREC

"Understand things better you can make changes to this is not a game this is real it's time for you to take back control of those in Washington playing your little games we dismiss you and this site we've got this and together let's try to make a difference if we want to make progress we have to have an argument that's not made for us it is made to reaching out on and we have to change everything that we do the program weekdays at nine AM eastern on the police land that six hundred W. R. E. C. and ninety two point one FM talking about religion and politics that's off limits as you know but you know what going down about nine hundred steps below religion and politics far as desired conversation topics ET nobody wants to talk about E. D. the only person you're you're really talking about you D. with is your doctor right and that's sometimes difficult because you don't to be talking to the same doctor that your kid is going to see for a cold next week it's just kind of awkward well what if there's a way to make that easy because he can be serious well now you have Roman Roman it makes it easy to talk about it with Roman it's simple it's safe it's totally discreet and you have to have one of those awkward face.

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"roman romans" Discussed on X96

"And sent it to all my friends and this is a very good day agents of the adversary do they really use language like that definitely definitely since of the adversary your field is level is a harlot yeah yes Jean it's the deadline the adversary it's you it's not a capping yes it is actually Roman Roman Catholics talk about the ad was never ever watch did you ever see the exorcist those were Roman Catholic St I just have never heard it well yeah you have the Soviets I'm not in charge job for her whatever a harlot that's what I can't yeah really all right well I hope you have a great thanksgiving so like I was a phone definitely this one this one's gonna have some Kevin meaning the turkeys they have a very good time take it up a notch with a little can of me and I think that's what emerald uses those names well let's see one year my aunt who never drinks drank too much wine she fell down the concrete stairs and cracked her head open and don't think thing too here's the one from our consultants from our mystery consultant my current system offered cooker first Turkey one year while preparing the bird she pulled out the long met from inside and someone said oh no you got a male Turkey I cherish her horrified confused face well looking at the Turkey neck in her all yeah that's great all right here's here's one our six month old puppy was seen running down the street with the neighbors Turkey thanksgiving morning they had taken it out of the refrigerator in the garage and left the garage door open the bump this is probably something John is on the phone.

Jean Kevin consultant John one year six month
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"roman romans" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Eyed. Susan, let's go to Jeff blue standing alongside trainer. Dale Roman Romans had the runner up, huge performance by. Your horse today? Big big for big night sorts. Do he was doing good? You know loved us places or third second here. It's just very proud of him. See enough to come back in the race. The Belmont Stakes with him. I would think so we want to talk about it they'll get together and see if they want if they want to go, but I don't know we wouldn't congratulations on a huge run back to you. My they chef. Yeah. Del Romans doesn't meet many grade one races that he doesn't like entered ever fast at the last minute in this race. He said, you know what? We're gonna take a shot yet. His form isn't the greatest. But when he runs huge he runs really huge. Any ran a monster as here today? Just not good enough to hang with war of will he had too much ground to make up the stretch war will was definitely the best worse today. But, you know, Dale Romans is a trainer who's won the Preakness before he wanted with Shackelford a few years ago. Remember, he pulled a memorable upset of American pharaoh when he trained key nice in the Travers takes in New York. So they all to guide has got an impressive resume. And I think we'll be seeing more of ever fast in the future Tyler Gafsa Leone and whoa. Four of will making their way back to the winner's circle now. And they've come back to the applause of a huge crowd in attendance here. Preakness stakes day Tyler dressed in the hot pink silks of owner, Gary barber. Bark, Cassie the trainer would a moment for Mark Cassie somebody who has been pursuing these triple crown races Kurt for a long time. He's been close. He said, so many good horses and here it is were of will giving him win in the Preakness. Remember Mark was runner up with classic empire. Just got caught on the wire, a couple of years ago in the Preakness classic empire did, Mark. Cassie is a guy that grew up in the business. His dad was a racehorse trainer. His father was one of the founders of the Ocala reader sales company in Florida. He was very close to his dad. Mormon Cassie norm passed away in March of two thousand sixteen this will be an emotional day on many levels for Mark Cassie, but winning trainer one ten five three and. Let's see trying to get that fourth place finisher, fifth-place finisher. Can't see it now in the topa, but one ten five three your top four that's worth of will defeating fast-closing ever fast. It was number five Owen del who was third? And number three, warriors charge. Checking in fourth the favourite improbable off the board. Let's head down and check in with John Leach. Bob Baffert with a straighter of the beaten favourite.

Mark Cassie Cassie norm Dale Roman Romans Tyler Gafsa Leone Shackelford Cassie Jeff blue Bob Baffert Owen del Susan Gary barber John Leach Kurt New York Travers Ocala Florida
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"And now, let's get back to that conversation with Alice. Alice you were wise to want to verify am, I truly addicted am I called sexual addiction been his increased? It's almost galloped it it's become a call. It's been called eight an epidemic sexual addiction and part of this is because the of the easy access to erotic material. That was not the case. Years ago. Now, having said that just gone through a self test sexual addictions, self tested, a person can ask and you can ask yourself. Is this true of me were there a number of the points that I I read from our material that would apply to you. Yes. Okay. Well. It's interesting. I'm gonna give you a quick word of hope in this way. An enemy ask do. You believe the bible is actually a thorn Tate of do you think it has a thority? Do you think it's absolutely true or not really? Okay. Well Romans is a book of the bible that is a powerhouse. And it is has to be one of the most significant one of the top three significant books and in the bible, in my opinion. In the book of Romans Romans, six seven sorry. Rohan six fourteen says sin shall noble longer. Be your master. It's in shell. No longer be your master in. It's it's it's not an issue of law. But God gives you the crease to be able. To literally be set free in in that scripture is sin shall no longer. Be your master because you are not under the law but under grace, but grace means giving you a gift you don't deserve. It's something that you can't burn. It is something you're powered with by God himself when you truly yield there will to his will. And I heard even the inflection of your voice, apparently, you have a high view of the word of God is that right? Okay. Now, you were clear when I asked you. About ramifications. I heard you say your first line to me. I think was I've been separated from my husband, and then you mentioned the sexual addiction. So what is happened even married for how long? Two years. More little over two years. Okay. Two years, and what caused the separation in the first place. Well. I was. Seeing someone. So. Is this someone that you had been involved with before you married? Your husband. Know someone random like that. I just met. Okay. So really, you just kind of hooked up with somewhat right? Right. Okay. And. How long would you say in truth? Few just please be candid with me. How long do you believe that you've had the sexual addiction? Probably at age of fifteen. So basically, you know, like nine years. I I mentioned the last point to you in this checklist. I was sexually exploited. When I was young was that true. If you. Okay. That does not surprise me. At all. Almost everyone. I have talked with they can point back something at a. Much younger time of life. So what happened to you? What? How were you sexually? Enticed? Perpetrated. Because. Children. Don't just start out. Millette? You you tell me, but you give me basically the sexual history. How old were you when you were touched sexually? Around. Either six or eight. It was like I was used by my. Not. Few to. You know, I guess massage someone way, okay? Some sometimes. A that can be that can be called and lead to a it's called a foot. Fetish a foot fetish? Are you familiar with that term? He may not have heard that. Oh, yes. Yes. So you know what I mean for Finnish? Okay. And you understand when you are six seven eight. The the mind is so sensitive and. This is when learning is is huge. Children, you know are in school and they're. They're they're a remember my mother one time east to use. The term children are like wet cement. Wet cement in other words. Their professions on them, and they can easily. The good news about with cement is it can be. Changed? In a way from literal standpoint where you can literally. It's like have some a bar that goes over it. But the problem is. When there's something sexual which is by the way, forbidden by God in the Old Testament. You see that no one. Should use. A child. This. This is actually a against the word of God. And so, but but you are innocent of what happened. Tell me something. This is a family member. Someway, apart of church attendance, part of the church. Okay. Approximately how old was that person? Fifties in the fifties. Okay. Now, you'd be in his fifties. You're saying. Okay. So what we're saying is. At least Tebas in adult, right? Okay. Was this an adult someone who's in thority? I would say. Okay. So. Have you ever had guilt feelings about what happened? With that, man. Would you like some good news? A bit. You would really like some goodness sweetheart that is not your guilt. Does not your kilt children don't start out being sexual. They are typically if their sexual activities because they are used it's because there are perpetrators who think you won't tell. I won't get in trouble. Because your child. And this is not what you would have envisioned to do with an adult. Does this make sense? So one thing that is common almost all victims. Of childhood sexual abuse. They blame themselves. But it is false guilt. Even if you were told. You wanted it. Because sometimes that's what a perpetrator will do. Was there anything said to you don't tell or? Author dollar off the dollar. Well. The thing is children are so easy to seduce because they don't even recognize what's going on initially. They don't. That's not where their minds and the brain doesn't even fully develop until age twenty five to twenty eight. So your brain is working at getting fully mature even right now. So are you on do you believe me when I say that is not your guilt? Okay. I want you to hold that that to that truth. This is.

thority Alice thorn Tate Rohan Tebas Two years nine years two years
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"roman romans" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"Four seven FM. Newsradio nine twenty four seven FM. Loan. Flu. Back. Very strong werewolf miss. Romans Roman where we'll stories which sound like they were. They were produced by Hollywood last week. Tactile? Liking. Protect you. Protect you. Now talking about Hicks. The former system movement in helping.

Newsradio Flu Hicks Hollywood
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"So it's like you're seeing an alternate reality or something because he's like a full minute delay. Maybe it was it was neat. And if you looked around it looked like with stadium seating was and again, but I I was I was bamboozled into forgetting where I was standing. Yeah. Because you know, obviously tracks your head motion looking around you could lose yourself in it a little bit. Even though the resolution isn't like super insanely realistic looking like a screen like you're aware that you're looking at. It was really cool. It was very cool. So yeah, any number not funny fans, we're on their please. Let us know that be is urging little I did a thing last night. You guys I went to see Leonid and friends Leonid and friends they are from Russia. Okay. There are YouTube videos. I believe they have over five million. Views. Okay. They are a Chicago tribute band wove from Russia. Oh my God. Wow. And they these videos are they are phenomenal. They are they are eleven top notch musicians him doing Chicago songs. And so they'd had these videos out and they are on their first ever American tour. They did a couple of shows in New York. They did three here in L A, not a huge venue place called the village. It's a recording studio or a lot of your favorite albums were recorded, and it was about three hundred people there. So they they probably got between nine thousand people over the weekend. But Robert land from Chicago is there the first night, Danny Seraphin from Chicago. Is there what are the nights? So like Chicago's embracing these guys will they were. So here's what happened. So I it was sold out all three shows sold out almost instantly. Wow. So I I, you know, I don't do this. I had my people reach out. To see could we get a press tickets, and they were kind enough. Ramon Ramon Roman Roman Roman was kind enough to say, yes, he's their manager. And so, but it was like I had to text him when I got there. So I I texted him because I wasn't going to get there said, I'm texting you now because you'll probably gonna be very busy. I'm not going to get there till right around Showtime. Can you please leave the ticket at the door? My name's Dorian. No problem. No problem Jimmy, which likes to save you a seat. And it was like I've known you don't have to do that. I I'll just stand or sit in the back. Okay. See you. Then let me know when you're here would love to meet you great. So I get there, and and I really walk in as their starting. And there was like a reception earlier like where you got to experience Russian food. No, they did a Russian slash Chicago. The band trivia contest. That I wish I could have gotten therefore, but I couldn't and then the the show. So I get there. Right. Is it starting and they started they just don't phenomenal. They all have Russian accents. So they're singing with accents. Here's the it's one of those things where they were when people sing they kind of lose the exit. But there were certain words like, for instance, like, and this this one makes no sense to me..

Chicago Danny Seraphin Ramon Ramon Roman Roman Roman Russia Jimmy Leonid YouTube New York Robert land Dorian
The appendix is implicated in Parkinson's disease

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The appendix is implicated in Parkinson's disease

"News. Now, there may be a connection between your appendix and your chance of developing Parkinson's. USA radio's Chris Barnes with details. Study finds that proteins believed to cause Parkinson's are present in everyone's appendix. But individuals who get their appendix removed early in life are then nineteen to twenty five percent less likely to develop Parkinson's later. The researchers now say they want to find a way to keep the protein from leaving the appendix and causing the illness. The study finds removing the appendix after the onset of Parkinson's. Doesn't cure it or slow it down. The study was done by the van Andel institute in Grand Rapids. Michigan and the Lund university in Sweden, our retired US army four star general out with a new book and some new ideas on how to bring civility back to politics USA radio's Timberg with the story Stanley mcchrystal's a former US army general he served for over thirty four years in the military. He has a new book out, titled leaders myth and reality. It's funny almost can't give advice to politicians because they're responding to the environment. They learned that if they are civil in the other person's negative the other person wins and the further to the edges that they moved better for them. We've gotta look in the mirror as Americans and say, we're all complaining about it. The only way we. Fix. It is to change things with voting with demanding people more in the center, they may not be as exciting. But the reality is if we're going to make the government work, we've got gotta move it towards the center from both sides for USA radio news. I'm Robin will landscape. This is an urgent health notice for all residents. Suffering from back, neck knee pain. You may qualify for our pain relieving brace at little or no cost to you. But the deadline is fast approaching simply call the health alert hotline. Now you heard right. You may qualify for a pain relieving neck or wrist brace. These items may even be covered by Medicare or your private insurance. The health alert hotline is your brace company, specialized braces have been tested for pain relief. Call us toll for right now to determine your eligibility and to learn how to use your private insurance or Medicare to minimize your out of pocket costs. Don't wait at the deadline passes. You may lose your opportunity to get a pain relieving back neck or wrist brace at little or no cost to you. Eight hundred three zero six one seven six zero eight hundred three zero six one seven six zero eight hundred three oh, six one seven six that's eight hundred three oh, six seventeen. Sixty. This is the best show. What's so funny about investing money? You ask the big show with Russell Sally hope to answer that top rated inciteful financial analysis. If you're looking for insightful, financial perspective on key market strategies. Keep looking this is Michelle. This is Russ and Sally. Television studios and sunny City, California a hundred and ten million broad fat. Don't forget. We're also on the radio. We're talking. Iheartradio. Local updates during the radio. Yeah. The reason we started start tie TV show. Started the top radio shows hammer you with news traffic weather today. Big show dot com. Take a look very quickly. Just once again at the chart of the Dow Jones because I want to spend a little bit of time. Just because sure. So you have a point. You got a two and a half week moving average ten weekly blue line. That you see trending down. Here is a ten day moving average Redline, right? There is a fifty two and a half weeks crossed paths crossed paths. It's a technical indicator saying that the world is going to come to an end. On the bridge, and you should start investing in things like street, Canada's personal turns cryptocurrency, no, I mean, this is this is this is where you see the emotions in the market is to steer ingredients. Fine. No, fundamental reason for the market crash other than a couple companies have bad earnings what it's really top heavy. We we've had. Oh, I don't know. I'm going to say twenty five hundred updates overall. I mean, I know we've we've got a couple of pullbacks. But overall we've been we've been on a town this market and we've hit support levels here. You can see the same support back in may and June a little bit in July. We touched on it for the day. But the problem is is that now every new low is lower than the previous slow. Okay. You only hope you can show is the very bottom. There's so cast the cost later. It's cheap. Now, get the pool. But here's what I have to warn because something is cheap. Doesn't mean. It's not going to get cheaper confirm that with me. Because these are things are now. You gotta be careful. But this is the difference between term investing long term. I mean, I'm new technician. But if I'm looking at a chart like that minds usually a little longer term. I have just a fifty fifty zone. We we looked at. We're looking at a six months. Television. So, but if you look at what are you looking at forty quarters, he'll look at like ten years years, absolutely. Jerry, pull up that one chart that shows when we went from two thousand nine hundred thousand sixteen is exactly what you're talking about. If you take a fifty thousand foot. It's it's not as panicking, smooth Salat. The other part of this thing too. Is that when you see a thousand point drop over two days? Look at that. There's two thousand nine hundred two thousand sixteen you take it back. That's looks pretty good. Start doesn't. To hone in on Twitter. Terrifying. I was to go. So the long story short is Christina zorich. I'm gonna give you a cell phone number. So. We're not gonna do that. Feel scared. So how'd you guys handle in? Your phone's ringing off the hook and days like the last couple of weeks, something they don't because you're drained. Your clients. And the a lot of them have been investing for so long that people understand the elderly with you. I. People understand this is what the market does long-term investors. We say, we're investors not traders for the long term. So well, by the way, stock market corrections. Don't always mean a bear. Mark all bad news. That's a big piece of sometimes it's healthy. You take some money on the table. Sometimes strategically for me, personally, if I don't do a lot of day trading. My individual stocks. Senator I'm gonna take that money off the table. Over the course of several months, if it goes up ten percent of a not a long-term holder or something like that. I usually take everything back to the kospi philosophy because I'm a little more risk than my time. Looking at a computer, that's probably not the philosophy of long-term by and and it's not so explain to us because we haven't talked about the titans. We'll flash now. Talking about the long-term holder versus the trader because there's there's two philosophies long-term holders win every time. Although the traders way more excited about yes. The trader may have a little more fun in the short term is also a lot more agony. I think you know, when the markets are going down, you know, the the long-term investors gonna look at, you know, deep fundamentals of a company, we're going to pick a broader asset allocation fixed income versus equity that we think is appropriate. You know for your stage in life your retirement goals. All those exist is a multi year process. It's not a matter of months or days or weeks. We're looking at really long term. This is the return of volatility. We haven't seen volatility like this for a while exciting since earlier this year it hasn't been that long. October ten months ten months of sleeping giants. Yes. Yes. Philosophy where if you buy today, you keep it if you wouldn't buy today, you pull it out of your portfolio. You do that every technical. Revisit every year, depending on your quarterly. I mean, I'm looking at things more often. Sometimes we do. So we have some tactical equity portfolios where we'll have a specific dividend stocks or whatever, and we'll have a specific allocation for each sector and reach stock, and as they move we we rebalanced so we go back to like, you're saying whatever the initial allocation was. The other thing too is you know, sometimes selling selling because the market runs on these emotions yesterday. Yeah. People get scared and they're going to jump out, and they don't take that fifty thousand foot view. How do you guys do that? By the way is a money manager. Two and the walls are Romans Romans burning and you're sitting. She was a robot. Do they teach your psychological training on how not to jump off the cliff everybody, hold her do study behavioral investing? I mean, we have this incredible incredible research team at UBS. So there we have this constant stream of research, and we're always educating ourselves also about how to manage your emotions as an investor too, much info and not enough gut. You know, I don't think it's ever much info. I think there's so much out there. I think it's all she uses paralysis by analysis, and you're not you're missing. Sure. What are you guys? I don't I don't wanna say what are you guys looking at? But anybody here to talk about specific sector you wanted to him. Yes. So oncology, our research team put together what they call longer term investments team. So they're saying beyond market cycles. Maybe multiple market cycles. Are these mega trends like population growth, aging and longevity the world getting cancer? And the fact that the longer you live in more likely, you are to get cancer muzzle invested your sickness us. Cancer therapy right now is a hundred billion dollar business. Okay. And they're saying that the incidence of cancer is going to outstrip the population growth by factor of three to one. So there's opportunity there and a lot of people that say they want to align their portfolios the misery index. This is like you don't like by shorting stocks betting against anything. Right. Bad for the company. But honestly, you're talking about something that you can actually capitalize you can capitalize. And you can also encourage this. You know, the increase in the excessive ability of these treatments the affordability of these treatments. The cancer trends are going faster and higher in the emerging markets where people don't have access to healthcare like we do. So so my question about those type of companies always look at a million companies that are in clinical trials. Let's say. Clinical trials is getting close. But you're still a couple of years out. Is that is that isn't that still a risk? The fact that they may never hit. So it's definitely risk in this. Pressure medicine. Here's a new protocol Viagra. Hey, I'm not kidding. Sometimes that happens. But that doesn't happen all the time. Clinical trials, and they never ever make. This won't surprise you. When we're putting together a c Matic portfolio like this. We're going to recommend stocks across the spectrum of what stage of clinical trials do they have the FDA approval yet? Are they going to market how how commercialized they become? And as a sector is this is this something new for you guys are always been involved in the biotech, we have. But, but I think just in a broader way, this is more kind of sustainable responsible investing focused on on the team specifically among college. You know, we I met you Christina Guston, by the way from UPS, and she's she's a regular on the program when you first came to us, we did this would be a perfect millennial investment millennials are one of the leaders and asking us for these socially responsible, investing themes. This is something that they call it socially responsible. What they're really saying. Hey, my parents are dying. The big little sales. A little bit more money when they want. I just wanted to go to a doctor right now, they want strategies that are aligned with their values. They wanna have meaning in their investments. So a way to do that is by improving healthcare, Arthur, relentless investing more. They're saving. I'm getting more investors now. Yeah. The top. But they're willing to take. Yeah. Christina. Thank you so much Christine Augusta and UBS bringing that up today. Arcadi wealth management for the company that is under the UBS umbrella through San Diego. So if you're in southern California. Retrieved out yourself from the toll free number right now, she's the tallest one of the office. Christina. It may have been a messy divorce that suddenly cut your income in half. But not your bills. It might have been an injury or illness or your boss, just cutting back your hours. It doesn't really matter. How you got in over your head? It only matters that you are and that we're here to help. If you've got over ten thousand dollars in credit card debt, and you can't ever see breaking free call action and do it now being in over your head is a vicious cycle one day late. They charge. You miss a payment w rate. You just don't think it's fair. And neither do we. This is not bankruptcy or just as simple rate reduction plan. We fight for using our proven experience in the insider programs that credit card companies try to hide if you owe at least ten thousand dollars to the credit card companies, you know, it to yourself to call action debt at eight hundred three eight four seventy nine thousand nine just because you got in over your head doesn't mean you have to stay there forever. Call eight hundred three eight four seventy nine thousand nine today, and we can be on your side tomorrow. Eight hundred three eight four seventy ninety nine eight hundred three eight four seventy nine. Nine I live alone and rarely have visitors. So when I slipped and fell in the kitchen last month and couldn't get to a phone. I knew I was in trouble. I could barely move. I tried calling for help. But no one could hear me as I lay there. I couldn't help. But think of my kids and grandkids having to go on without me. I was terrified it took eight hours for my neighbor to find me it could have been the end of me. That's when I knew I needed life alert with just one press this button. I'm connected to the life alert center where I can get the help I need even when I cannot reach a phone with life alert. I'm never alone. One eight hundred four one four nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight for your free life alert brochure. That's one eight hundred four one four nine thousand nine hundred fifty eight one eight hundred four one four nine thousand nine hundred fifty eight call for your free life alert brochure today at one eight hundred four one four nineteen fifty eight. Greece is cheap. But the airfare costs a fortune Paris not much closer. And again, airfare. What about Puerto Vallarta? Let's face it. Flying anywhere is just too expensive. Wait, what's this low cost airlines with one call to low cost airlines, you'll drastically slash your travel costs. We're talking insanely low airline prices to any of your favorite destinations. Where would you like to go? 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Learn more at dry paychecks dot com. Come on do the math, the IRS dishes out eight million penalties a year make one mistake and you're on the hook on average. You're losing nearly one business day every month doing payroll next time in money, you'll never get back unless you get paychecks more than half a million small businesses already do. Call eight seven seven six four nine fifty three. Twenty four trade payroll pressure for peace of mind. Call now. Eight seven seven six four nine fifty three twenty four. It's eight seven seven six four nine fifty three twenty four too much cholesterol in the blood causes plaque buildup in the fiber has been scientifically proven

United States Parkinson UBS California Usa Radio Medicare Van Andel Institute Knee Pain Grand Rapids Russell Sally Stanley Mcchrystal Christina Lund University Michelle Canada Chris Barnes Paychex Sweden Titans