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"roloff enterprises" Discussed on Pull up a pew podcast

"Mental and psychological sexual abuse going on in two thousand ten a fire guts to three story dormitory on the property. Formerly named Bethesda home which is originally of the Roloff enterprises before remodeling was completed in a facility renamed reclamation ranch in two thousand eleven evidence points to Dr Patterson moving to Michigan and reopening reclamation ranch. These people just move around my cockroaches Seriously now we've got Mac Ford the new Bethany home for boys and girls and seventy two MAC. Ford Meets Lester Roloff than funny. All these people keep meeting Lester Roloff. Who Do you really think Lester? Roloff is who do you think he works for? Why do all these people have? These chance encounters. There's always happens to be this one particular person that there's a great documentary. I can't remember the name of it that was on net flicks not too long ago and I can't remember the guy's name but he runs the Christian based part of the government where they have the national prayer breakfast every year and the guy had been doing it for you know decades upon decades decades and his name is brought up all the time but again blurring that line of Church and state that that money keeps rolling in from these televangelists in all of these organizations can that go directly into these politicians pocket. So again they can do whatever they want and the politicians allegedly can do whatever they want with these boys and girls and I have to let you use your own imagination. I unfortunately can't describe any of it but again you can go and look up the different people that have made the claims and hear them yourself word for word. These people are not lying. There are not making up these stories. This all occurred as spoken today by me and as retold in the stories from these kids that you can go and what these kids actually these adults now..

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