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"roland josh norman" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

The Rich Eisen Show

04:06 min | 1 year ago

"roland josh norman" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Win. I Don early this week and he said we'll forget his name. Once training camps if opened in training camps are open and I'm dropping his name I told him I wouldn't forget him. <hes> he said that <hes> Oklahoma City might just hold onto him for a while but what I have yet to see a press release come out of Houston and or Oklahoma City to say things have been official. That is an APP yet and I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with a trade. I'm just saying that these things take forever. Has it been official yet and I think it just became a fish. Today did really just today standby okay well. We'll see so B._J.. We're going to have him on an hour number three and we'll figure out what in the world going on in he is in agent for the Wasserman Group and he represents Javale McGee on particular reason why I mentioned embassy re-signed with the Lakers and he is back running back with Casey p runner back with Kuzma and Rondo is land Stevenson's still on that roster is he ordered they blow him off. I think he's gone all done right but they run it back with just a handful of individual. They've run it back with <hes> Casey p Lebron that's it. I've heard of him Yep. He's he showed up at Taco Tuesday last night. Anthony Davis will play that video and by the way that video of him around his <hes> his kitchen table screaming Taco Tuesday because it's Tuesday nights. Did you see some of the vista behind behind the scenes. They're the beautiful setting sun in the beautiful southern California night sky. He's not going anywhere Lebron's here to stay. Oh my gosh so that's the way Roland Josh Norman being here. Obviously <hes> one of the questions. I'm GONNA ask him. He knows it to is <hes>. What the hell is he thinking jumping around jumping over bulls in Pamplona Spain the House Donald on Oh my gosh sh I mean going right at the bull and then jumping over good lord and <hes> the jumping over him? I mean there's different garb did he did he have a wardrobe change or this different days because one day it was before he got into into the the white garb with the red kerchief he was wearing red one day right and then there's another day which just looks like he just came off the plane and before check in his bag before dropping his bags over the hotel just went and I just gotta go jump over both then I'll drop off the bags bags. They don't change though I have so many questions and obviously there's the fact that when we'd last spoke with him Vizo on the phone a couple years ago <hes> I mean a couple of months ago pardon me I think it was before the whole pass interference stuff became aim official with instant replay. I might be wrong but we'll ask him about that all again and his competitive juices or already flowing because he walked through the hallways here and we have where we're proud to have <hes> we're coming up on our fifth anniversary in October. We've got photographs of guests guests that appeared here all over the walls and he <hes>. Did you hear how he kind of made note that he's not on the wall. Yeah there was a person that he's fond of absent from the walls himself O- obviously what you're saying yeah. We've got football players. We haven't Gronk stop by here several years Jim Harbaugh but nothing is Josh hasn't been in studio. It's one March Twenty Fifth Twenty Sixteen. Oh my gosh. It's been over three years more than three years okay so so I think what we'll do fresh but we'll do is will you know we're going to give guests what they want. I mean they were kind of to show up here in the middle of July and in either at the beginning inning middle or Josh Norman end of his summer vacation what will put a picture of Josh up on the wall after we take a picture and then Jay Bilas I think when he called in last time he's like he said he wanted to be on our instagram comfy to which I had no idea was aspirational alone for Jay Bilas J..

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